Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

Chang Su searches for a new manor to purchase. Xia Dong questions Chang Su about his intentions with Princess Ni Huang.

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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 07

Tell me who sent you here?

Prince Yu.

Prince Yu?

I have already shake off Prince Yu's people.

Try another story.

Tell me who's the real instigator?

The Prime Minister case will create a big chaos in the court.


What did he say before he died?

The voice is too soft, I didn't hear him properly.

Who could have sent them?

Actually, I knew who could it be.

But I just need to confirm my suspicion.

Shit, it's a shame that he died so easily.

Sister Dong, you are a woman.
It's too uncivilized of you to say dirty word.


Since someone miss me,

I shouldn't disappoint them.

Let's go into the capital together.

Greetings, Prince Mu.
I will announce your arrival.

No need, I'm here to see Mr Su. Is he in?

Young Prince Mu.

Grand Princess, why must you add the word 'Young'?
Why am I still young?

You have just come to age, of course you are young.

Yes, Grand Princess.

Grand Princess, I will never forget your help to my sister.

It's just a word, that isn't much help.

Since the Princess is unharmed, I'm glad.

Why are you here today?

Oh, nothing.
I just want to go house viewing with Mr Su.

I did want to look for a house but I'm not so urgent.

Young Prince, just tell me the address and I can
view the house myself on another day.

This place is great but only for guest. I think you will feel more relaxed if you have your own house.

Alright, let's go.
We can choose again if you don't like it.

Young Prince!

- Fei Liu!
- Mr Su!

Put him down quickly.

Fei Liu, put him down slowly.

Don't throw him down.

Put me down.

Young Prince, we are sorry.

I have heard about Fei Liu's good skills,
but never expect him to be so good.

How did you train yourself?

Young Prince.
Since you want to go house viewing with me, I shall go.

Let's go.

Fei Liu, get my cloak.

I thought you wanted to go to Miao Yin Court?

Go quickly, I shouldn't hinder your fun.

Sister Dong, it's not a small matter to have assassins after you.

We should escort you to the Investigation Bureau.

Relax, we are already in the capital.
It's not so easy for them to strike here.

Moreover, if I need protection from both of you

I don't qualify as His Majesty's Executive Officer.

Alright, go and enjoy your music.

- Sister Dong.
- Jingrui, Sister Dong is right.

We might even hinder Sister Dong if we follows.

- Sister Dong, we shall go first.
- Go ahead.

Sister Dong, be careful.

Let's go.

How could it be Xie Yu?

Since he had the Jingrui, the son with 2 surnames

the link between Tianquan Manor and Marquis Ning house is set.

Zhuo Dingfeng sent his elder son to protect the plaintiff.

The reason is obvious.

Xie Yu. The two-faced Xie Yu.

He sent his son Xie Bi to me but

also supports the Eastern Palace in the sly.

How cunning of him.

I actually didn't see through his scheme.

We cannot protect the Prime Minister anymore

and Eastern Palace has the support of
the top military Minister, Xie Yu.

Prince, we had a lot to lose.

Mr Su, this way please.

Greetings, Princess.

Mr Su.

For my escape at Zhaoren Palace,

I have yet to thank you.

It's my fault to make the
wrong judgement and caused you to fall into the trap.

I'm just glad that you didn't blame me.

It's human to err, nothing is perfect.

I'm sure you didn't placed me in danger on purpose.

I have just met you on a few occasions, why did you trust me?

In this turbulence capital,

you shouldn't trust others so easily.

You are right but I

always felt that I knew you from a long time.

I have an unknown sense of trust in you.

If everyone is like you, it will be so much easier for me.

Why? With regards to my incident,

did someone think that you did wrong?

I think it must be Xiao Jingyan.

You should know the character of Prince Jing.

He is not flexible at all.

He always want to comment on things that he don't approve.

You don't have to be bothered by him.

Princess, you must be joking.
How can I know Prince Jing's character?

Your Majesty.
Princess Ninghuang has submitted an apology report.

I spent so much effort to select a husband for her

just to ensure that she is more stable after marriage.

But she didn't appreciate my effort at all.
After the written test,

she beat all the candidates in the competition.

She is obviously rejecting my plan.

She even send this apology report now.

That's will end my plan.

Princess must have known that she disappointed
Your Majesty's kindness.

That's why she submitted this apology report.

It's all due to your love for her.

No matter what, you still have to

carry out your 'concern' for her.

Who are you speaking for?
You seems to know a lot.

Mansion Yunnan has an important position.

Although I didn't manage to keep Nihuang married to the capital,

but I cannot allow her to be so free-willed and

return to Yunnan so easily.

That's it, there's 5 courtyard and 2 gardens.

I wonder if this fits your need?

This is a nice house.

But it's a bit too big for me.

Let's look again.

We have a few nice houses like this in capital.

I shouldn't bother you with a such a small matter.

I don't have much to do in the capital, it doesn't bother me.

It's getting late, let's go back.

- Please.
- Please.

Mr Su.

If we leave by this exit, we can reach the main street faster.


Do you know where are we?

I don't know.

This is the Mansion of General Chiyan.

I used to play around here when I'm young.

Can you go in with me?

This is the Mansion of a criminal, can we enter at will?

By right, this is a confiscated Mansion.

The government should give this Mansion to someone else.

But I don't know why

His Majesty seems to have
forgotten about this place for the past 12 years.

He never give this Mansion to anyone
and allow nature to take over.

He seems to be waiting for

this Mansion to sliently

disappear on its own.

Since it has been abandoned for years,
it has already lost its previous shine.

Why must you enter the Mansion and recall the past?

The people may have left and things may have changed.

But it doesn't meant that everything is gone too.

Whatever needs to remain will still stay.

May it be a person or an incident,

they will stay in the heart

and won't be erased by time.

Your Highness is a person who values feelings.

But this case was a big issue for the court

and it still gathers much interest even now.

I want to advice your
Highness against lingering around here for too long.

Mr Su, are you really

not going inside to take a look?

This is just an old case from 12 years ago.

This has nothing to do with my plan now.

I shall go now.

- Father.
- Xiao Shu.

Xiao Shu!


For our Chiyan Army, stay alive.


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What's wrong with you?
You have not been talking or going out these 2 days.

Do you know that mother is worried about you?

Why, are you sick or did you get into any trouble?

Tell me about it and I will help you.

Do you think I'm Yujin?
I don't need you to help.

Since you aren't sick or get into any trouble,
why are you like that?

I know that you aren't in the
mood to handle our household issues these days.

Big brother, what do you think I meant to father?

Why are you asking?

You are the heir to Mansion Ning,
I'm sure father has high hopes for you

although he may be strict some times.

Big brother, the fact that I worked for Prince Yu

was actually supported by father.
Do you know that?

I don't.

I always thought that he just didn't object.

For the past 2 years, under his order

I worked for Prince Yu.

2 days ago, father told me that

he was actually a supporter of Eastern Palace. He even want me to stop working with Prince Yu.

Father works for Eastern Palace?

What am I to our father?

Am I just a pawn?

He just used me to confuse Prince Yu.

When I'm useless, he just took me back?

Second brother, don't be so sad.

He is still our father.
Since you knew the truth now,

that's not a bad thing.

Since the news of my intention to buy a house has spread,

I received so many title deeds in such a short time.

There's a lot of kind soul here in capital.

- Is that right?
- No.

Look at this, this is known as Mansion Lan.
It has a good location

and is valued at a good price.
Take a look for me.

If you like it, we will buy this.


You, name?

I cannot enter if I don't tell you my name?

You are a guest if you have a name.

What if I want to enter no matter what?

I also want to spar with someone who could fight
with General Meng.

Fei Liu, stop.

Fei Liu may have won on unfair grounds.

Officer Xia has prior injury.

That's right but I'm also not his match.

I believe you must be Mr Su.

For the Executive Office of Investigation Bureau to come here,

are you doing some investigation?

Father, the Executive Officer has returned to
capital for some time.

But why aren't there any judgement on Prime Minister's case?

All court members are debating on this issue.

I thought Crown Prince should be studying in your palace,

why are you so clear about the court affair?

Father only wanted me to study but never stop me from been involved in politics. What do you mean?

- Do you want me to stay inside Eastern Palace only?
- Stop it!

Both of you are fighting to supervisor the Prime Minister case.

Do you think I don't know your plans?

If you are in-charge,

I'm sure you will cover the crimes.

You will try to implicate as many people as you can.

- Father.
- Shut up!

Both of you better take your hands off this case.

Too much.

Get out.

The moment I return to the capital,

I heard many rumors about you.

some say- you are a gentleman who appreciate the finer art

but some also say, you are a strategist with immense influence and resources

it appears that you are not someone who can be see through easily, so it is hard for me not to be concerned

concerned for whom?


The princess is a very influential figure in court,
and the ruler of the Southern region

What could cause Leader Xia to worry?

I'm just worried about the rampant rumors within the capitol

all say that the reason the princess
did not choose a suitor is because of you

My relationship with the princess is
purely platonic, and without motive

His majesty has long been concerned with Nihuang

after the marriage arrangement fell through,
based on his majesty's personality,

it is certain he would not allow her to return south easily.

As a dear friend, I cannot watch her stuck in a bind

thus, if you don't mind me rudely ask you a question:

Do you truly want to keep your relationship
with the princess platonic?

The princess has exceptional beauty and poise

How could I not have feelings of admiration towards her? However,

being ridden with illness,
I fear I do not have much more time in this world

Fearing becoming a burden, it is the reason
I have yet created a family

Also, the personality of the princess

is like a phoenix soar above the wind

If not a man of great strength and ambition

who else could truly be suitable and worthy of her

Your Majesty, it is late.

Let me escort your back to the palace.

These two children,

it's okay if they fight occasionally.

But this case,

it concerns how I govern the country.

They dare to be so immature.

The Prime Minister is someone with the status and power.

Even if his case goes through the proper channels,

there still needs to be someone from
the royal family to overlook the investigation.

Your Highness, please talk to the both of them and request one of them to take a step back.

Your Highness, did I say something wrong?

You reminded me,

that this case has to be judged by someone from the royal family.

But it does not have to be either of them,

isn't Jingyan in the city as well?

Prince Jing?

Yes, his stubbornness

will come into good use.

Gao Zhan, summon Prince Jing into the palace tomorrow.


From what I know, you've sent someone to help the princess with the battle strategy against Southern Chu.

Indeed. In my heart,

I only admired the princess, I have no other intentions.

But Jiangzuo and Northern Chu are miles apart,
why would you send someone to help her?

Did I ask something wrong?

As a citizen of Daliang, I helped our army defend against external invasion, but had to be ask why I did so.

Has the state of politics in Jinling
become this bad these few years?

What Mr Su said is right,

I did ask the wrong thing.

With my circumstances in the city now

it is indeed impossible for me to be innocent on all charges.

But the incident that you are asking about today

I have nothing to hide.

I hope you can convey my apologies to the princess as well.

Matters between a man and a woman have always been about two willing parties, why talk about apologies.

I am only worried that Nihuang and
you will miss this fate if no one was direct.

I hope Mr Su will not mind. I apologise for my acts today.

I will represent the princess as well in thanking you.

With such a good friend, the princess is indeed blessed.

This trip really showed me the truth behind the rumors in the city.

It is definitely worth getting to know you.

- Thank you.
- Farewell.

Safe trip.

Marquis, if there is something, please come out and ask.

Oh the Executive Office is here.

I heard you were coming to my place, but no one accompany you.

You sending the Tianquan Sect
to protect the plaintiff of the Prime Minister's case,

I did not leak it to Prince Yu.

You were scared of this so you sent men to kill me.


Xia Dong, where did this conversation start from?

- I never-
-You don't have to say anymore.

I never plan to leak your secret.

It's just that the Marquis did not seem to give up

and kept sending Tianyuan Sect members to get rid of me,

and left evidence.

Finally let Prince Yu solved it.

You can't blame me for this.

Since you have no reasons to,

why are you hiding this incident for me, Xia Dong?

My husband, Nie Feng, died tragically at the Northern boundaries

and you were the one who brought his body back for me.

I will not forget your kindness.

But you forgot it yourself, not me.

Now that you said it, I guess it is a misunderstanding.

- I have always admired you...
- For the fact that you sent assassins after me,

I will not report it to the Investigation unit and I will not investigate it on my own too.

But we owe each other nothing from now on.

Marquis, mind yourself.

Xia Dong, I-

Brother Su, if we cannot see the Chongying pagoda tip

I won't even realize our current location.

How could such a desolate house exist in our capital city?
How did you find this place?

The trade store recommended this place to me and even claimed that this place is great.


Those traders are full of golden teeth, you should have viewed the place before you paid for this house.

Fei Liu viewed the place for me and he liked it too.

Fei Liu seems to like this place.

Alright, it's not so bad.

The location is good and the size is just right.

It was empty for so many years,
it's not surprising to be in this state.

Just renovate this place and it will be just as good.

Most importantly, Fei Liu liked this place.

I think you shouldn't renovate,

just rebuild again.

Brother Su, just think that you have bought a piece of land.

But this place should be quite a nice place previously.

At least the landscape and layout

are arranged in an orderly manner.

Brother Su, let's go to the other side.


- Yujin.
- Jingrui.

Help pull me up, Jing Rui

Yujin, don't move.

Fei Liu.

Are you alright?

No problem?

It's a dry well and the surrounding wall has collapsed,
no wonder we missed the opening.

Don't know how deep is this well,
lucky I managed to grab the well opening.

Thank goodness you fell in. If it was Su,
he wouldn't hold on to anything.

And will fall straight to the bottom

Why is lucky that I fell in?
Are you happy that I did?

Okay okay---you aren't hurt, right?

No no, a master like me will not be easily wound.

Su, this garden is creepy.
Not comfortable here.

Let's go quickly.

Yujin, let's not move forward.
We should re-track back.

Alright, let's go.

Brother Su, I think you should return this house.

You are right, we need to rebuilt this place if
we want to stay here.

I wonder how much time is required.

Brother Su, aren't you comfortable at my house?

I have to stay here for another period of time,

I shouldn't bother your household so much.

It's good to move out.
That will be closer to me.

For me to visit you here

is better than going to Mansion Ning.

Oh, my jade pendant is gone.

It was there just now, what happened?

Is that very important?

It's from Yujin's late grandfather.

- Did you dropped it inside the well?
- That's possible.

Yes, let's return to search for it.

Fei Liu, go find a rope.

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Mr Thirteen.

- Qin Bangruo went out again?
- Yes.

Recently she has been going to Mansion of Prince Yu.

I am worried about our Chief.

What is there to worry?

Everything is under his control.

Chief is still staying at Mansion Ning and that place is

not too safe.

With Fei Liu inside and Li Gang outside

everything should be fine.

Mr Thirteen,

I did request to visit Chief previously.

Have you asked Chief on my behalf?

I did it through Li Gang.
Chief asked that you don't go.

You are too obvious in this capital.

Others can recognize you too easily.
It's better that you don't go.

I understand.
Thank you.

Even if there's no water,
I'm sure there's a thick layer of mud inside.

It's okay, this is just a dry well.
I will go inside and find your stuff.

It's okay, my attire is already dirty anyway.

With your night blindness

can you see anything?

Thank you, Brother Xiao.


- Jingrui, be careful.
- I'm fine.

Release a bit more.

Lessen the grip.

A bit more.

I'm almost at the bottom.

I'm at the bottom now.



The mud is very thick, it won't be easy.

This is a rare chance for you to suck up to me.

Look carefully.

Nonsense, I will go up and touch you with my muddy hand now.

- What happened?
- Jingrui, what happened?

- Pull him up quickly!
- Stop.

It's okay, I'm fine.

Why did you scream like that?
Are you trying to scare me?

Pull me up.

Quick, pull him up.

- Did you find it?
- Here.

Great, you did it.

Jingrui, go and wash up.

I'm afraid not.
Brother Su, we need to go to the Capital Magistrate now.

I just received a news.

Father has reached a decision for the Prime Minister case.

Oh, this fast?

Father called Prince Jing to the palace.

And want him to solve this case.

Within these few days, the imperial edict will be issued.

Take a seat.

Then this is a good news for you.

I'm thinking about the incident at Zhaoren Palace where Prince Jing held me at ransom.

Prince Yu helped him and freed him from punishment.

Do you think Prince Jing

will give him any dues?

If Xiao Jingyan is so flexible,

he won't be without any support in the capital.

Your Highness, just relax.
With his temper,

he won't change overnight.

Since you said that, I can relax now.

Your Highness, regarding the Princess incident

I've heard something else.

What is that?

I heard that the mastermind behind that incident

isn't the Queen or Prince Yu.

It's Mei Changsu.

Mr Xiao, Mr. Yan

Mr. Gao

This gentleman must be the plaintiff.

I am not the plaintiff.
I am the one who reported the case.

Person who reported and plaintiff are different.

Mr. Gao, there's bone in the dry well.

Some skeletons are missing, but has 7 of them.

I don't know if there is more at the bottom but based on first investigation, it is all female body.

Female body?

Not to mention both Young Masters. Even myself, as an officer for so many years, I've never seen such a big case.

This is the city capital under the governance of His Majesty himself. When the news spread tomorrow,

I'm sure the city will be in shock.

It's a shame that I cannot help. I just bought this house from the trade store. Today is my first visit here too.

Maybe you can check with the trader with regards
to the original owner of this house.

These corpses were buried here for years already,

I'm sure it's not easy to investigate.

Your Excellency, since we have reported the case to you.
Can we leave now?

Of course, but...

I'm staying in Mansion Ning currently.

If you need to question me,

just ask me to go over.

Mr Su, you are being nice.
This place is spooky,

please leave if you want.

- Farewell.
- Please.

Brother Zhuo, you are here just in time.

Do you have any problem?

Our Crown Prince just gave me an order.
There's a person

we need to remove.


Mei Changsu.

But didn't Langya Hall predicted that...

If we cannot have the Divine Talent, we have to destroy it.

Brother Xie.
He is the Chief of Jiangzuo Alliance.

My Tianquan Manor is also from the pugilist world too.

I know.

I just want you to test if his guard is

only that Fei Liu kid.

Relax, I will deal with the rest.

I won't make things difficult for you, Brother Zhuo.

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