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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 06

Yue was immoral and her actions were evil,

this cannot be allowed by the palace rules.

From today, she has been demoted to a concubine,

all rewards will be deducted

and move to Qingli Court,
confined there to think about her actions.

She cannot leave without permission.

What do you think empress?

Nihuang, this is Yue noble consort's wrong

but this is related to your purity,

it shouldn't be punished openly,

I'm sorry about that.

I will adhere to your actions,

and you, I'm talking about you.

Stay in the palace, you are grounded for
three months, go and study.

Think about the principles of an emperor.

If you are ever involved with these issues,
I will not let you go.

Yes, thank you for your mercy.

Go, go, go away.




Do you know what you did wrong?

Greetings Prince Yu.

How is the situation inside?

Although holding the crown prince hostage,
was because of the situation

It is still wrong, I admit to it.

Then I will ask you, how did you know

that Nihuang was in trouble at Zhaoren Palace
and to go save her?

The palace is big,
you have no relations with Zhaoren Palace

How did you suddenly think to go there?


Reporting to your highness,
Prince Yu wants to see you.

-Let him in.

Let prince Yu in.

Greetings father, mother.

Why are you here?

Father, I was the one who told
Jingyan to enter Zhaoren palace.


Yes, it was me.

Then how did you know that something would
happen in Zhaoren palace?

After the contest, I went to the palace to greet my mother.

To get to Zhengyang Palace,
you have to go past Zhaoren palace.

I saw the crown prince enter with Sima Lei.

You know that the crown prince
has an esteemed identity.

Therefore, I would notice him more.

I thought, it was strange for the crown prince
to bring an outsider to his mother's palace.

So I asked about it, and found out the princess
was there too and thought it was unusual.

You're clever?

If you figured it was unusual,
why didn't you go in?

Why did you call Jingyan over?

Zhaoren palace has many guards,
it would've been difficult to break in with my guards.

When I was troubling over this,
I saw Jingyan come past.

I thought, he's a prince,

if he goes in, it should be alright.

It's better than palace guards breaking in.

If there was nothing wrong inside,
then he can excuse himself with some bowing.

Jingyan, Jinghuan told you to go in
and you really went in?

You've never been such an obedient person.

If it's regarding the princess,
I don't need to think about it.

Thanks to Jingyan, we were able to save the princess.

Now that I think about it
I'm worried.

Who would think that noble consort Yue
would be so devious and daring.

That she would call upon the killing of the prince.

Father, although I don't agree with
Jingyan taking the crown prince hostage,

he did because of me.

If you want to punish him,
I'm willing to be punished too.


You sure are very aware,

of the crown prince's actions.

The crown prince is the heir, and the oldest
I've always admired him

and follow his actions.


You don't need to say this,
I know you well,

but your words are reasonable.

Nothing happened today and

it was all due to your cleverness.

But, Jingyan did wrong,

and took the crown prince as hostage,
that is to bold and reckless.

There should be serious punishment.

-Your highness.

Jingyan's situation arose from me,
please have mercy.

Jingyan might have done wrong,

but as there was a reason
and Jinghuan is willing to take responsibility

and you saved the princess.

It cancels out, there will be no
reward or punishment.

Prince Yu Jinghuan found the oddity,

and was timely, I appreciate that.

I reward you a hundred horses and
one thousand liang (money)

and a pearl.

Thank you for your grace.

Thank you father.

Prince Jing.

You sure left quickly.

I just thanked Prince Yu
and you already disappeared.

Actually I know,

what does the princess know?

I know it wasn't Prince Yu
who told you to save me.

It was Mr. Su right?

How is this related to Mr. Su?
Commander general Meng told me.

Commander general Meng?

He suddenly came to find me

and said that the princess was in trouble
at Zhaoren palace, and told me to save you.

I was suspicious,
but I trust commander general Meng

plus it was a serious matter
so I rushed to Zhaoren palace.

Why did you mention Mr. Su?

I guess there's some things we have to
ask commander general Meng.

Today is a happy day.

Although the emperor protected
the crown prince,

but for the slut Yue to receive such a shock

is something to celebrate.

It's all thanks to mother
for taking this good opportunity.


To be honest, my actions today

wasn't to beg mercy,
but rather to take credit.

Take credit?


Greetings Prince Jing and princess.

It's rare for you both to come here.

Commander general Meng,
can you explain what happened today?

-You can leave first.

I heard from Prince Jing that
I was saved today because of you.

So, I came especially to thank you.

Please don't, that's too much.

I don't understand though,
how did you find out the secrets of the ladies court?

I am the leader of many people in the palace,

how can I not know when an outsider
like Sima Lei has come in.

Is that right?

Just from this fact, you were able to correctly predict

that I would have troubles in Zhaoren palace
you have such good foresight.

But I think the person with foresight is not you.

Looks like I can't keep it from you.

Although this issue was concluded
because you brought the empress dowager

but from the princess' eyes,
the one she is most thankful of may not be you.

That's right, Jingyan didn't care about his life

and took the crown prince hostage to protect her.

The princess would naturally be thankful.

However, I begging for mercy in front of the emperor,

makes it look like I was the one who sent Jingyan.

He know has the crime of taking
the crown prince hostage

but he was saved thanks to me,
so he wouldn't deny me.

Isn't that the case mother?

Yes, yes, you are smart my son.

You didn't see, but the princess
stopped me to thank me.

Having this favour from you,

the no matter how neutral the Yunnan house of Mu is

they would lean towards you.

But in the end, you didn't send Jingyan

how did he happen to appear at Zhaoren palace?

This is a godsend opportunity,

I've already set up the first half of the situation

you need to finish the second half.

From the bit of news that Aunt Liyang princess gave,

and then knowing that Sima Lei
entered the palace from general Meng.

He was able to completely predict
what Zhaoren palace was planning.

This mind, is really not that of a normal person.

I'm asking about Jingyan,
what are you talking about?

I'm talking about what I earnt most from today,
Mei Changsu.

Mei Changsu, was today's incident related to him?

Jingyan is reckless and
doesn't carefully consider his actions.

How could he have done this alone?

He is just a piece of the game,

the real strategist is Mei Changsu.

From this, I've realised that Langya's
prophecy is not fake.

This divine talent,

must be in my hands.

This Mr. Su isn't a god,
just from the empress inviting the princess,

how did he figure out Zhaoren palace's plot?

Of course it wasn't just from that.

When I arrived at Wuying palace today,
he already sent me Liyang princess' words.

That I must be careful of the
actions of the ladies courts.

But the empress invited me first,

so I thought she was the evil one,

so I didn't really guard myself against the noble consort.

But I still have to bring gifts and
my brother to thank Prince Yu tomorrow.

Prince Yu obviously came to take credit.

Why do you still need to thank him?

Although he took the credit,
he prevented Prince Jing's punishment.

Furthermore, Yue noble consort already
protected the crown prince.

As the heir of the eastern palace,
the crown prince is still strong.

I'm worried,

that he will bother Prince Jing in the future.

Not bad.

The more the princess makes it known
that she is thanking Prince Yu,

then the Eastern palace will but the hate on Prince Yu.

This way, they won't have time to bother Prince Jing.

Prince Yu was so happy before,

of course he is happy, the crown prince's
mother was demoted and he was rewarded.

He sold you a favor by protecting you,

and became the hero of the Yunnan house of Mu.

This person who appeared at the end,
did nothing, but with a few words,

became the biggest winner.

Prince Yu was so smart today,

looks like someone helped him.

Without this person, who could disturb the
muddy waters of the palace,

looks like from now on, we won't be able
to avoid the fate this person has planned for us.

A storm is coming,

who knows where this stream of wind will go?

It is raining heavily, today is not a good day to go out

why did your highness summon me?

Mr. Su is a divine talent with precise actions,

to meet me without someone knowing
should be easily done.

You seem to be angry

I invited you to ask you about

princess Nihuang's incident yesterday.

Hasn't this incident been completely solved?

Yes it was complete.

I saved the princess with my life,
she is very thankful.

If there are any battle in the future,
the Yunnan house of Mu would support me.

Was this your goal?

Are you saying are created this
incident intentionally?

That's not what I mean,
what I care about is this result

whether it made you feel satisfied.

Then do you think I should be satisfied?

No matter what advice you gave when
the princess was in danger

I understand that its hard for you to protect her,
I also admire

your timely adaptations and preprations,
but I want to remind you

if something like this happens again,
you should notify me earlier.

I don't want the princess to be hurt by others,

or for you to use them as stones in my path.

I didn't think your highness would
have these thoughts about me.

It's really unexpected.

Since you deny it, then that's good

that means that you know this is wrong.

Please be direct with your words.

The princess is not part of the fights in the palace,

It's her battles on a bloody battlefield

that protect this place where you fight.

For our cooperation in the future,
I do not allow you to use people like her as a chess piece

to move as you whis and sacrifice as you wish.

Or else, I Xiao Jingyan

cannot work with you.

I understand, you came to set rules with me today.

Qi Hong.


Have you changed the people in Qingli court?

Yes, they are all our people.

Yue concubine is here on royal orders,
to be locked here and repent.

Nobody will notify her.

She has strong foundations within the palace,
we must be careful.


The amount of food and water give is
dependent on status.

Do we need to find a way

to make Yue concubine's life tougher?

Even if I prepare for her,
the emperor will not believe it.

Since she has this crime on her,
let her experience her punishment

Watch your limits, don't kill her.

-Don't leave any evidence.

I agreed to work with you,
for me to be your master

Then you need to know my limits.

What are your limits?

I've seen many strategists,

and everything they did

was the most evil and shameless.

The cold arrows they sent out,

could not be blocked by the strongest people.

My brother, my last friend

they all died form this conspiracy.

I cannot allow them to see me

become a ruthless person.

Don't worry your highness,
you will not become that person.

I don't ask you to understand the blood of warriors
and the smoke of battlefields

but there are some people you cannot hurt.

There are things you can't take advantage of.

If you can't respect the warrioirs of bloody battlefields,
I, Xiao Jingyan

will never work with you,

is that clear?

For mother to personally settle Yue concubine,

I feel very guilty.

You grew up in my palace,
I know you are filial.

But is better done early,

we cannot let her have an opportunity
to beg for mercy from the emperor.

Where is Jingyan?

He went back without saying anything.

Then we don't need to worry,
with his temper

if he doesn't speak now,
he won't talk about it later.

Jinghuan, no matter arts or martial arts

Jingxuan is no match for you.

It's a pity I couldn't make you heir

Noble consort Yue has been favored for many years,

for Jingxuan to become the crown prince is natural

however this mother and son will slowly lose favor.

Since the noble consort got demoted,
the Eastern palace would be shaken up.

I understand your ambitions,

We need to carefully plan

the days for the Eastern palace to change
masters is not far off.

Now that we have Mei Changsu,
I have even more of a chance.

Your highness' words, I will follow.

Since today is for making rules,

can I say a few things?

Go ahead.

To fight against the crown prince and prince Yu,

we can't just rely on your passion.

My existence is for their plots not to succeed.

To fight them, we must be more ruthless than them.

Or else our plans will easily fall apart.

You should clearly understand this.

Your highness' limits, i will not touch

and I hope you will not suspect me in the future

and there are some things you don't
need to keep from me.

Like Tingshen.

What secret does Tingshen have?

I'm talking about his birth and background,

to be clearer, his identity.

My actions are always open and clear,

only this issue I cannot bring up.

Then how do you know this?

How I know, I don't need to tell you

just remember, I'm not using this to trouble you.

If you wanted to harm me,

you could have done it with Tingshen's secret.

If you don't have anyone like me beside you,

if anyone finds out about our plans,

and the crown prince and prince Yu
tell the emperor,

what strength do you have to fight them?

Since we are talking about everything,
I hope in the future,

you will have absolute trust in me.

It's just that in our kingdom, in the imperial court

there are still many pure hearted people

who are not involved in these conspiracies,

-For them, I want to ask you...
-The ones who should be used will be used,

but I will try my best not to hurt them.

The storm has begun in Jinling city,

please be resolute.

I still need to thank you, for saving Tingshen.

Sir Yan.

Hey Jingrei,

wasn't that person your brother from Zhuo,
Zhuo Qingyao?

It can't be.

If he came to the capital, I would know.

Whatever, lets go o find Mr. Su at the snow cottage,
I heard he wants to by a house.

Why does he need to move out?

Xiadong is really Xuanjing bureau's chief, it hasn't been long

and she has already found the truth.

The prime minister will not be able to avoid punishment.

If this can cut down one of Prince Yu's arms,

it was all due to father in law's careful preparation.

For the prime minister's incident to be smooth
is a good thing,

But for Xiadong to discover you

is unexpected.

It was my mistake, I thought Xiadong
would only investigate the prime minister's planning.

I didn't expect her to investigate the plaintiff as well.

She quickly found out that Tianquan Manor are responsible for escorting the old couple into the capital.

It's already too late by the time we knew about it.

This matter is a bit troublesome now.

Father-in-law, Xie Bi is serving under Prince Yu

and has always thought that you are neutral to the faction fight.

Should you explain to him first

- to prevent him from...
- No need for that.

But we have exposed ourselves through this event.

When Xia Dong returns to the capital, the secret fact that you supports Eastern Palace will be revealed.

I already said that it's not necessary.

I don't understand.

Xia Dong has not return to the capital, hasn't she?

Father-in-law, you mean that she shouldn't have the chance to return to the capital?

Since she has investigated the case and obtained the evidences,

that's the end of her duty.

Regardless of who, just submit the evidence and case

to the Office, the Prime Minister cannot escape from his crime.

As for whether Xia Dong can return to the capital,

does it matter?

But to harm the Executive Officer for this incident,

it will be a big crime that will shake the court.

I shall see who will bear the crime.

Prime Minister belongs to the
Prince Yu faction and that is a known fact.

Now that His Majesty is investigating Prime Minister,

someone still dares to harm the Executive Officer.

Do you think that Prince Yu can be free from suspicions?


It's late now, are you still going to Prince Yu's residence?


Executive Officer Xia Dong is finally back from Bing Province.

There's nothing more I can do for the Prime Minister case.

But what about the Divine Talent?

How will he resolve this tricky situation?

Father, you wanted to see me?

Yes, take a seat.

Jingrui, is your friend Mr Su

comfortable staying in our house?

Mr Su thinks that it's comfortable.

His Majesty treated him as his guest and

he should also be treated well in our house.

You must take good care of him.

But Mr Su has been talking about buying a house.

Maybe he won't stay in our house for too long.

He isn't a common person.

I think he won't stay in our house for long either.

If he needs anything, you must tell me.

- We must try our best to help him.
- Yes.

Jingrui, we came here to relax but what's up with you?


I just feel troubled.

In such a short span of two months,

it seems that everything has changed.

Brother Su and my father seems to have changed.

Did your father change?

I thought he has always been like that?

As for Brother Su,

I must be frank.

I think Brother Su is a deep person.
We may be sons of noble birth,

but I think in his mind

we aren't good enough to be his real friends.

Must the relations between people be so cold

and be placed on a scale?

You shouldn't be thinking so much.

It's pointless to be bothered by this.

Life is short and one should seek happiness.

Go to Miao Yin Court with me later and enjoy some nice music.

I have not been there for a long time.

I think Miss Gongyu must have missed me.

I heard that Mr Thirteen has arranged some new music scores.

Tonight, we can also cruise the lake and enjoy the lantern display.

What do you say?

Great, if Young Master Yan want my company

can I say no?

I don't think we should cruise the lake and enjoy the lantern display

when you have night blindness.


Who is there?

Your Highness,

Your Excellency, do stand up.

It not that His Highness do not wish to help you. It is that he has already done all that he can to help.

Because of your case,

I have suppressed the Zhou Manor and the investigation unit,

all the constables and their leaders in the city are all fending for you too.

But you,

you could not even control your subordinates and even produced two plaintiffs.

Your Highness, it is all because of the useless leaders in Bin Province

were careless.

Who would have expected that the old couple

would have experts from the pugilist world helping them?

There was an opportunity midway to stop them,

however we entered the Jiangzuo area.

That Jiangzuo Alliance-

Enough, enough, enough. Jiangzuo Alliance has always worked that way.

It can only be blamed on your people being too slow.

But the ones behind the sending of the plaintiffs into the city

we still have to find out who they are.

Have there been any news from your side?

It is still unclear.

Please wait for one more day your highness.

Do we still need to investigate?

After the plaintiff enters the capital, they went straight to the Investigation Bureau.

I'm sure that's the work of Eastern Palace.

Of course I knew it's done by Eastern Palace.

But the main problem here is that the Crown Prince never has any links with the pugilist world.

If I don't investigate this issue, I cannot rest my mind.

But Your Highness,

now that things have become so urgent

I think you should suppress the investigation of my case first

to allow any future discussion.

You were so capable of creating such a big problem

but you cannot deal with a woman like Xia Dong.

How dare you claim Bing Province as your territory?

It has been 2 months since the Executive Officer left to investigate the case.

We don't know what she knows

and what evidence she had.

We don't even know her whereabouts.

Regardless of her whereabouts,

I'm sure she isn't far from the capital.

- It's Sister Dong.
- Sister Dong.

Yujin, come over.

Why are you so scared of her?

You are all grown up now,

I'm sure she won't punish you like when you were young.

Says who? I always obey Sister Xia Dong's order.

Come over!

Sister Dong, I thought you went to Bing Province?

Why are you back so soon?

I thought you still need another 6 months.

I heard that you are going to Miao Yin Court.

Do you think that Miss Gongyu will like you?

Sister Dong, go easy on me.

Help me to the main route, don't make a fuss.

Walk slowly.

Don't be nervous.

Miao Yin Court? I have not been there recently.

Miss Gongyu must have missed me.

Are you alright? Can you ride the horse?

No, I can't. Let's move quickly.

What should we do?

As long as I stay standing, they won't reveal themselves.

Sister Dong.

There's people hiding in the forest and at the river.

Be careful. Let's go.


Our people at the suburb is ready.

Good, we must succeed this time.

Yujin, take Sister Dong away first.


Stop both of them and deal with this one first.


Sister Dong, be careful.

Sister Dong.

Thank both of you for appearing here.

If not, I won't be able to catch this sneaky person.

This man has average fighting skills but has good flying skills.

Let me see, where did you hide the poison?

- Sister Dong, what did you find in Bing Province?
- Open your mouth wide!

What makes these people so anxious

to send these assassins to kill you, the Executive Officer?

You guys always hide the poison behind the teeths.

Don't you guys know how to change the hiding location?

- Sister Dong!

Jingrui, Sister Dong has her own way of investigating.

We cannot interfere.

Tell me, who sent you?

Prince Yu.

Prince Yu?

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