Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

Ping Jing exposes Duan Tong Zhou's accomplice and is upset when he learns that the truth was kept from him.

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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 05

You three are already well versed in your sword skills, Fei Liu gege has been singing about your praises to me.

You do not have to be afraid when you see that fat guy later.

Lu Yuan, you're older than them,
you'll be the one that would have to take good care of them.

Mr. Su don't worry.
I'll definitely take care of them.

Your Highness, Prince Jing.

How were you able to free up your time to watch
the match today?

This battle is anticipated by the entire city.
How can I not watch it?

Mr. Su really came early.

Little Prince.

Your Highness.

All the royalties are lax on their stature.

But seeing the three of you together,

my eyes were cleansed.

Prince Jing and I are warriors on the battleground,

Qinger may be young,
but he is adept on the battleground too.

If soldiers like us are lazy as well,

then wouldn't the country and our household fall?

You guaranteed us a win,

if you harm my sister's chances, I won't let you off.


Meng, you saw how the children were in the morning.
What is your conclusion?

Your Highness,
the sword formation they are practising is formidable,

they even managed to trap me for a moment.

Though I am not sure if they are able to win,

but at least, they should be a worthy opponent.

Listening to your words,

this battle today must be worthy to watch.

Father, this is a good thing,

if this Baili Qi loses to these children.

Then he would not dare to challenge the princess any more.

If we can achieve that conclusion
then everybody will be satisfied. But...

But what?

But those who will be entering the written exam, none of them will be able to defeat the princess.

The princess does not seem to be willing to go easy
on them either.

I'm afraid father's love for the princess may go to waste again.

Nihuang this child is really too capricious.

I think that the princess is already a highly skilled warrior,

why would the princess' husband need to be
well versed in martial arts as well?

So what if he is not able to win the princess?

Personality, family background, rank and morals.

This should what father should be putting more of
his thoughts on.

Then according to Prince Yu,
the person who was not even to last ten moves

in a battle with General Meng, Liao Tingjie, is actually not bad?

- At least he is better than the unscrupulous Sima Lei.
- No matter what he is-

Shut up all of you.

We first need to see the results of today

then we can discuss the princess' marriage.

Does Mr. Su want to tell me

the secret to this sword formation?

Grand Princess Li Yang asked me to tell you.

It now seems that the chances of you getting married is slim,

There is someone in the palace who is plotting to
force you to submit.

Force me to submit?

How are they going to do it?

You have to be careful of the schemes
within the ladies court.

If someone wants to invite you, try and get out of it
if you can't

Be careful of what you eat or drink.

You never bring a maid,
that's a bad habit.

How do you know that I never bring a maid?

Mr. Su.

Nihuang jiejie.

Why didn't you tell us when you left?

Can you not tell that my sister is speaking with Mr. Su?
Why are you interrupting? Leave quickly.

You are talking about secrets right?

His Excellency has arrived!

Suzhe, how has the training gone?

There is a little bit of effect.

I hope that your majesty will watch the battle carefully.

Okay. Let it begin then.

The battle will begin shortly,
and the children will definitely not be able to win.

If Brother Su has anything else up his sleeve, please use it now.

You only have to watch the match in peace, princess.

Your Majesty, looking at this..

Look at this!

Great. They won!

Baili Qi, how are you?

You do not have to worry.

We would not injure our guest.

You three, hurry and thank his majesty.

Thank you, your Majesty.

I have not awarded anything and you are already thanking me.

Your Majesty, they are all prison slaves.

They would not be able to enjoy any gold you may award them.

Why don't you lift their prisoner status,

and allow me to take care of them?

Princess, these three children are considered my disciples now,

if his majesty decides to lift the ban,
it should also be me who brings them back.

If Mr, Su wishes to get disciples,
who wouldn't rush to become one?

Unless you are afraid of the sword
formation being made know to me?

These three children, they are definitely mine.

Princess, aren't you making things difficult for me now?

Your Majesty, I requested for these children first.

Your Majesty.

I have not spoken yet,
why have the two of you already started fighting?

I will not be fooled and will not decide for the two of you.

As for the prisoner status of these three children,

can be lifted. As for who should bring them home,

talk it out among yourselves.

Father, how can you only reward these three children?

Mr. Su has been working hard for these 5 days,
if he does not receive any reward,

I would have to speak up because it is unfair.

Prince Yu, you must be too eager.

Father has not said he would not reward Mr. Su.

Father, I think that Mr. Su is the person behind this success,

he should be awarded a status on top
of being an honored guest of the court.

Okay, okay, okay.


Your Majesty.

How is the injury of Warrior Baili?

Why do I think that he looks unwell?

Should you bring him back and let him recuperate?

Your Majesty, Warrior Baili may have failed and was defeated,

but he is still part of the ten contenders,
according to the rules he-

He cannot even win three children and he wishes
to win the princess?

Even if we go according to the rule, and the princess refuses to go into the battle on her own and sends the three children in her stead,

this should not be considered bullying Warrior Baili, isn't it?

Ambassador, the health of Warrior Baili is more important.

You should bring him home and let him recuperate.

It's been hard on you, Mr. Su.

I shall reward you when the written exam is completed.

His Majesty is leaving.

Please leave safely, Your Majesty.


bring the children out of the palace and wait for me.

Brother Su, then Jingrui and I will wait for you outside.

Let's go. Go go.

I may not know a lot of things,

but I can still tell

that this sword formation on its own, can not win Baili Qi.

He lost so unexpectedly, shouldn't Mr. Su explain it?

It is actually a simple explanation.

I only need one sentence.

Baili Qi is part of the Jiangzuo Alliance.

He is part of the Jiangzuo Alliance?

Since I have come to the city,
naturally I have to make some preparations.

I arranged for Baili Qi to enter the competition,

because I was afraid that there
might be someone unexpected with better skills.

If the princess dislikes that person,

then I could send him out to get rid of that person.

I guess it can be considered as gaining a favor from the princess.

A favour?
You worked so hard

what do you wish to receive?

A favor from the Mu Mansion of Yunnan
is not something easy to receive.

Even though the sword formation is interesting,

but if even I am able to see through it,

then General Meng should be able to as well.

Are you not afraid of him raising the question?

General Meng is a steadfast man and
this concerns tha princess as well.

I predicted that he would not not have mentioned it.

Princess, I have been order by the Empress

to send an invitation to you.

The Empress mentioned that she has not seen
the princess in days,

and she misses you.
She has prepared a party today,

she invites you over to her palace.

The empress invited me to the Zhenyang Palace?

Since the empress has invited me, how would I dare to reject?


Luyuan and the other children still ended
up with the Mu Mansion people.

Brother Su should have stopped them.

I am staying as a guest in the Xie Mansion and bringing three children with me is also an inconvenience.

Since the princess likes them, I should let them go.

Does Brother Su have any concern?

Why do you ask?

Brother Su seems distracted from
the moment you walked out of the palace.

How is Brother Su distracted?

How come I don't see it?

It is nothing much.
I am just tired.

Yes, it must not be easy to teach the children to fight.

But the battle today is really entertaining.

I must let Tingjie know when playing horse polo later.

If he knows Baili Qi was defeated,
he would definitely be overjoyed.

Who did you mention?

Liao Tingjie,. The son of the Marquis of Zhong,
Brother Su must have met him.

You will be playing polo with him later?

Yes, we agreed on the meeting yesterday.

- Brother Su, what's wrong?
- Brother Su.

Brother Su, you-

Since the princess does not like the pomelo,

why don't you try the pear cakes?

A new dish from the royal kitchen, it is rather tasty.

Thank you, your highness.

I am not used to this as well.

The princess does not like desserts,
doesn't the empress know that?

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The princess has been in the city for a while,
but we have not hosted you yet.

Why don't you have dinner at the palace today?

Thank you for the invite your highness.

An invitation from the Empress should not be rejected,


But the princess has already agreed to go to the Zhaoren palace,

and chat about the happenings in Yunnan with me.

Your Highness,

its rare that I would get to meet
someone from my hometown in this palace.

I hope you would not fight with me.

The princess is unwilling to drink even a sip
of water as my palace,

I see it's because she is eager to go to Zhaoren Palace.

It is not the princess who is eager, it is me.

The Empress is magnanimous.

Please allow us to bid farewell first.

-Brother Su, are you feeling better?
- Brother Su, you-

- You-
- Do you feel better?

- Mr. Su!
- General Meng. General Meng.

What happened to Mr. Su?

General Meng, your neigong skills are good,

please help me soothe my blood.

Jingrui, summon the royal physician quickly.

Yujin, go. Bring some warm water over.

- Hurry, hurry.
- Okay.


Please sit, princess.

Your Highness inviting me over, I guess it is not just because you wish to chat about your hometown?

If you have something to say, please let me know.

Okay, then I shall not go in circles.

Brother Meng, it seems that I was wrong.

What did you do wrong?

The empress summoned for the princess just now,

I reminded her to be extra careful of the empress.

You've already reminded her.

But Yujin just mentioned to me,

the Liao Tingjie recommended by the Yu mansion,

asked to meet him outside the palace to play horse polo.

That means that the person behind the
plot is not the Empress and Prince Yu.

It cannot be the Crown Prince?

In the competition this time,

There is a contender named Sima Lei,

he is someone the Crown Prince personally picked

after meeting all the eligible men in the city.

This person is skilled in martial arts and literature, and even possesses the looks and manners.

He is definitely the best match for the princess.

You and I are both from the same hometown,

the Crown Prince puts you in high regard.

I hope that the princess

will support the Crown Prince now.

The Crown Prince is the first in line for succession,
how the Mu Mansion of Yunan

serve the Emperor today,

would be how I serve the Crown Prince when he ascends the throne in the future.

Your highness would not have to worry about this.

I already predicted this reply,

but I could not help asking.

The stubbornness of us Yunnan people
cannot be changed easily.

Here, let us have this toast as my apology.

We shall only talk about our hometown the next time we meet,

and not about matters of the court.

You have to be wary of all those backhanded means the people in the palace use.

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We should still be in time now,

Prince Jing should still be in the palace.

Please inform him to head to the Zhaoren Palace,

and find the princess no matter what.

Hang on. Send someone to let the Empress know as well,

she will not miss any opportunities to
go against Royal Consort Yue.

Also, send some troops to Zhaoren Palace as undercover.

If Sima Lei appears, arrest him on the grounds of an external personnel entering the palace.

- Have you remembered all of it?
- Yes.


What about you?

I still have stuff to settle. Hurry!

Reporting to noble consort Gui.

The Crown Prince and Sima want to see you.

What bad memory, I forgot I invited them.

Since you are here princess,
lets meet them together.

I've already met Sima Lei

I won't disturb your meeting.

Princess, princess.

Greetings mother.

Greetings, noble consort, princess.

Princess, are you okay?

Sima Lei, hurry.

-How dare you.

Sima Lei, quick help the princess.





Quick, stop her.



Lets leave empress dowager.

Empress, where are you taking me?

Empress dowager, Nihuang misses you.

I'm taking you to see her.


Hurry, please hurry.

Prince Jing, this is Noble consort Gui's private palace
you can't just go in.

-Prince Jing.


Your highness.

Lets go.

Stop him.

Xiao Jingyan.
I know you never follow rules.

I didn't think you'd dare to act
like this in my private palace.

Are you rebelling?

Xiao Jingyan, how dare you kidnap the princess.

You know what you did.


Prince Jing is a warrior, we can't stop him.

Then what should we do?

Dead people can't speak.
Release the arrows.

But he's a prince, this isn't appropriate.

Good thing the emperor doesn't consider him one.

Since he came and ruined the plans,
then we must not be weak-hearted..

Prince Jing broke into the palace,
attempted to kill my mother and the princess.

Come, shoot and kill now.

Everyone stop.

Xiao Jingyan, how dare you?

Fighting an army and killing their commander
is something I do often.

The crown prince was too close to me.

Jingyan, what do you want to do?

Let the princess and I go.

What if I don't agree,
will you kill the crown prince?

Are you betting the crown prince's life with me?

Mother, save me, mother.

The empress dowager is here.

Hurry leave through the back, remember,
you were never here.

Xiao Jingyan, breaking into Zhaoren palace
and threatening the crown prince is a serious crime.

I won't go down with you, lets take a step back each and
pretend this didn't happen today.

You are a smart person,
you know this is a good deal.

Greetings empress dowager and empress.

Why did you visit today?

Why is princess Nihuang on the ground,
what happened?

I invited the princess to dine with me,

the wine was too strong, Nihuang is drunk.

Nihuang is a strong woman,
and doesn't have a low alcohol tolerance.

How did she get drunk so easily?

Yes, I think it's strange too.

Maybe, she was stressed about todays matters.

Then what are all these palace guards for?

These palace guards...

The crown prince said,

he wanted to show me some sword, arrow technique

he said it could become a dance if done well.

You left Nihuang princess
an esteemed guest on the ground,

while having a show of swords
and arrows with the crown prince?

You can reply to me this way,

but are you going to report to the emperor like this?

How I report to the emperor is my business,

it doesn't concern you.

Whose child is this?

Why is she on the ground?

Come, get up, come to great grandmother.

Empress dowager, don't worry,
Nihuang is just drunk.

But she will wake up soon.

When she wakes up,
I'll definitely tell her,

never to drink such alcohol again.

You bastard, how dare you hurt my sister,
beat him up.

Beat him.

What happened?

What happened for it to come
all the way to the Yangju Palace?

Nihuang, who made you upset?

Please find justice for me.

This child,

why are you being so respectful?

Hurry and get up, tell me slowly.

Yue noble consort used discussing
our hometown as a reason

and invited me to Zhaoren palace
and put something into my drink.

The crown prince and Sima Lei used
this chance to force me to marry.

Please investigate this and bring me justice.

Noble consort,

Crown Prince,

is this true?

Please investigate your highness,
I am innocent.

Today, I invited the princess to dine,

then the princess got drunk,

when the crown prince and I was looking after her,

the empress and the empress dowager came,
and took the princess without a word.

After that, I got a summons

to come here with the crown prince.

Although I am suspicious,

I couldn't refuse the summons.

I didn't think the empress and the
princess would blame such a thing on me.

I don't know where this came from,

maybe the princess thought I didn't care for her well,

thought I took it too lightly.

What powerful wine you have,

I was unconscious after one cup,

is there really such a strong wine?

Furthermore I just drank the wine,

and the crown prince appeared with Sima Lei,
is this really a coincidence?

Today the wine I served to the princess,
was the Qilixiang that your highness gave me.

You can go investigate, there was
no other wine.

Furthermore, the princess was probably drunk,

the only one that came in was the crown prince,
there was no Sima Lei.

You can ask everyone in Zhaoren Palace.

See if anyone elese saw Sima Lei.

Zhaoren palace is all your people,
who would dare to report you?

Please investigae your highness,
although everyone in Zhaoren palace is my people

but everyone is the emperor's servant,
who would dare to lie to you?

You really like to make up things,
can't you admit what you did?

Is the princess using her identity as a daughter
to frame you?

I really don't understand why
the princess would make up a story like this.

Just like how I don't understand how,
the empress without evidence

can trust the princess and not me.

I'd like the empress to be a witness,

in Zhaoren palace's garden,

did you see anyone doing something bad to the princess?

Did you see, something you a scene that
shouldn't have occurred?

That's because they got there in time
to ruin your evil plans.

If the princess continues to think
I had ill intentions, I'm unwilling to argue.

The princess is closer to the empress and
Prince Yu, not the crown prince and I

This is for a reason,

But can I ask you princess,

you said you fell into my trap,
but are you hurt anywhere?

If I really had an evil plan,

how could the empress come and save you in time?

On the battlefield, I have seen thousands of enemies,

in terms of evil, none are as evil as you.

Do you think I would stand here
and let you accuse me?

Reporting to your highness,
Prince Jing wants to see you.

What is he doing here,
I don't want to see him.

Prince Jing said he knows you are investigating
the princess' issue, he can be a witness.

Jingyan was there too?

Brother Su, have things been settled yet?

Then come and watch me play horse polo!

You, must be the most easy going person I know.

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Greetings to His Majesty.

You said you can be a witness,

what witness?

I have been inside the Zhaoren Palace today.

I personally saw that the princess was intoxicated

and Sima Lei was standing beside the princess then.

His actions seem unclean.

- Prince Jing, you-
- The situation was not good then,

I could not not be rude and bring the princess out by force.

In order to stop me, the Crown Prince and the Royal Consort

ordered the army to fire their arrows at me.

Forced by the circumstances, I had no choice but to take the Crown Prince as hostage,

in order to protect ourselves and delay
them till the Grand Empress arrives.

What did you say?

You took the Crown Prince as hostage?

The Royal Consort told me

I cannot bear the crime of holding the Crown Prince as hostage,

but I do not wish to hide the truth from Father because of this,

and agree to this deal with the Royal Consort.

Please think through it, Father.
If the Royal Consort is of clear conscience,

then why would the Crown Prince want to kill me?

You even wanted to kill a prince?

I did not even know that something like that happened today.

Never in my life.

Royal Consort.

Is this true?

Since the Empress, the princes and Prince Jing

all claim that I am guilty.

I do not dare to say anything otherwise or
provide any more evidence.

All of them have aligning statements, how can I fight them?

I can only plead that the Emperor investigate this properly.

If Your Majesty,

thinks that I am guilty as well,

then we...

The Crown Prince can only obey the law

and will not complain.

Mother, you-

Emperor, General Meng wishes to see you.

One more?
Send him in.

Your Majesty, I have patrolled the palace

and outside the Zhaoren Palace,

I caught an external personnel in the palace, Sima Lei.

He is above me in rank,
hence it is not appropriate for me to give any orders.

Please advise, Your Majesty.

Royal Consort,

what else do you have to add?

I'm innocent!

Till this stage, and you are still pleading innocence?

I may not be innocent,
but please do not wrong the Crown Prince.

What are you talking about?

This whole thing, was planned by me.

My plot. The Crown Prince does not know a thing.

He only followed the orders of his mother.

I was the one who wanted him to bring Sima Lei in.

He was only following my orders.

Your Majesty, you know

that the Crown Prince has always been filial,

not only to me, but even more so to you.

If the Crown Prince is completely innocent,

then why from the moment all of you stepped in,

he has not fended for himself?
- Your Majesty,

how do you expect him to fend for himself?

Do you expect him, in front of everybody,

to push all the blame to his own mother?

The Crown Prince has always been filial, he would never have been able to do something like that.

Because he really does not know how to protect himself,

that I did so much for him.

I am afraid that he would be cheated by someone more cunning.

That is why I am always worried for him,

that is why I wish that the people around
him would support him more,

in case he falls into the trap of someone else's.


The Crown Prince is the successor to the throne,

why would anyone plot against him?

As his mother, you should have taught him

to be honest in his ways and responsible for his actions.

He should share my worries and help the people with theirs.

This is the correct way to love him.

But look at what you have done.

You could actually plot such devious and despicable act.

If Nihuang is harmed today

you could not even atone for it,
even if you die a hundred times.

You would have ruined the Crown Prince's name as well.

What a stupid act.
A stupid act.

Meng Zhi,

where is Sima Lei?

He is held in the prison, your majesty.

Get him here.

I think we have to move him in a stretcher.

What happened?

Young Prince Mu heard about the news and

went over to see him.

After that visit, Sima Lei's leg is broken.

Let it be.

He asked for it.

I hereby order that

since Sima Lei had trespassed the inner palace and

he will be removed of his title and banished to Shan Province.

Sima Xu has failed to discipline his son and
will be demoted by one rank

with a fine of 3 years' salary.

Yes, Your Majesty.


Father, father, father.

Please be mercy, father.

Father, I will offer my apologies to the Princess
on behalf of my mother.

Father, do consider the fact that my mother
has been serving you for so many years.

- Please spare her.
- You unfilial son!

When your mother was doing sinful doings,

why didn't you stop her?

Where is your filial duty?


I only have one mother,

if she

is in trouble,

how can I live?

Please have mercy, father.

Yue has no morality

and behaved badly.

That cannot be tolerated by palace rules.

From today onward, she will be stripped of
her Noble Consort title.

She will be reduced to status of Concubine,
all her stipend will also be reduced.

She will be shifted to Qingli Garden for solitary reflection.

She cannot leave that place without my imperial edict.



Do you know your fault?

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