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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 04


That's enough.

Thank you for the contest.

Warrior Bai Li, you have exceptional skills.

Thank you for the flattering your highness.

Warrior Bai Li is our Fourth Prince's favorite.

The fourth prince ordered me to pay our respects.

When our country marries the Princess

These words are a bit early.

Isn't that right?

You have not fought the Princess and you
are speaking such words.

Your words are a little weird,
are you the messenger from Nothern Yan.

-or are you the fourth prince's messenger.

Nihuang, what are you discussing with Mr. Su?

Mr. Su made some comments
about the fight earlier, nothing much.

Su is not only well versed in arts

but in martial arts

are you also skilled?

Your highness,

Mr. Su said although Warrior Bai Li is very strong,

He is too strength driven.
If someone can find his weakness,

Even a few children can defeat him.

A couple kids can make him fall?

If Mr. Su is indeed well versed in martial arts,
please show us

My words were thoughtless,

for Warrior Bai Li to train his martial arts this well is not easy.

How can I ruin his future.

Please don't take these words to heart.

For you to speak such nonsense in front of the emperor.

How can we pretend not to hear it.

Actions speak louder than words,

you can get someone to try.

Our warrior Bai Li may be tired from the fight,

however he would be willing to test your words.

How can it be so quick,
even if I can find a few children

I'd need a few days to teach them.

Okay, please pretend I was speaking thoughtlessly.

You are both guests, lets not break the peace.

Minister, you can listen to these words,

but I can't.

Okay, sir if you'd like to teach someone

we wouldn't mind a few days,
your highness, choose a day and we will be there.

But I have just recently arrived too

and am unfamiliar with the place,
where would I find these children?

How is that hard? I heard your
country's martial arts school

has many young disciples.

The kids in the school are too strong.

It'll be disadvantageous to warrior Bai Li.

You are so thoughtful princess.

It'll be unfair to use kids who know martial arts.

Actually, the palace has some weak children.

Aren't there many children in
the servant's prison?

The children in the servant prison,
are indeed more suitable than normal kids.

Will you allow it your highness?

Meng, what do you think?

Your highness, Suzhe's words have reason,

I think its doable, if they can win, it'll be good.

If they lose,

it can lower Bai Liqi's energy.

There will be no loss to us.

Your highness, you should allow it.

I allow it.


Go to the servant prison and bring a few kids.

Your highness, we need to look at the build
to determine warriors.

-I'll go.

Go kneel down.

Raise your heads.

Raise some more.

Mr. Su, do you think these kids are fine?

If they are personally chosen by
commander general Meng, they can't be bad.

I'll need to bring them home and
teach them for five days.

Please allow this.

I allow it. If you can win in five days,

you'll be heavily rewarded.

Although, you are well meaning,
these children all have crimes on them.

Money and jewels will be useless to them.

Mr. Su, you have misunderstood.

I mean, that you will be rewarded.

I'd feel guilty,

they are the ones using their strength,
please reward them.

Your highness, isn't it to early to

discuss rewards?

That's true, five days later.

We will see Mr. Su's ability.

Mr. Su, how certain are you?

I just tried them, these kids don't
know any martial arts.

Have you heard of the Linxu sword style?

Are you talking about the Linxu mirage,
that mysterious sword style?

I've only heard rumors,
but I thought it had been lost.

Do you not trust me?

Mr. Su you know much about the world,
how can I not trust you?

But these kids have no foundations.

Hey, if Mr. Su has decided,
then he must know.

If these three kids can win Bai Liqi.

I'll see what face he has to verse Nihuang jiejie.

Meng, you are our most powerful master.

In martial arts, I can only trust you.

Do you think what Suzhe said today

was said purposely to anger the Yan people,
or is it really possible?

Your highness, he says Bai Liqi's
training is not correct

that it's too strength driven.
That is true.

From what I know,
there are some strange techniques around

that people with no skills can learn well.

There's no harm in waiting for the
results in five days.

Even if we lose,
the situation won't be any worse than now.

Huifei jiejie.

Jingping meimei.

What's wrong?

Your eyes are all red.

What else could it be?

Is it the empress again.

The empress said I didn't copy the texts well.

Calling me to scold me should be enough,

but she wants me to go to the previous empress' palace

and burn thirty incense sticks to sure sincerity.

The empress passed away many years ago.

The palace has been locked and secluded.

You have always been timid,

I shall accompany you.

Wu mama

Young lady Zhen

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Jiejie, is your right arm sore okay?

Come, we go out.

Jiejie, your servants are waiting for you at the southern door.

Go in from the side recently.

They sure are free.

But there is your worker sister

That work hard to accompany you like this.

Jiejie should know that I was born a medic,

this cannot be said as tough.

The item the Lady has requested for previously,

has it been found yet?

I've found it. I've found it.

In this entire palace now, I am the only one

who has a bottle of this left.

Are you sure that this is the thing that

the deceased Empress Dowager used on Grand Princess Liyang?

Yes this is Qing Si Rao.

- When you need to use it,
- They are talking about Qing Si Rao?

just half a cup would be enough.

- Let me listen longer.
- Please stay here for now, I will arrange for you to leave the palace and meet your family in a few days.

But you giving the Lady this,

should not be made known to anyone.

Yes, I understand.

Let me tell you, this wine Qing Si Rao,

I have heard of it before.
It works like an aphrodisiac.

And when a woman drinks a cup of it, she will immediately feel weak in her limps and lose consciousness.

If they say the deceased Empress Dowager used it?

I have no idea why the palace still has something like this.

But if someone wishes to use it,
it definitely is not for something good.

Meimei, what do you think we should do now?

In this palace,

it would be best to protect yourself first.
Pretend you did not hear it.

Let us leave.

Fei Liu,

you have to train them to be as fast as you are.

That would be the only way Su gege can be assured of winning.

You have to be faster!

What great skills.

This way, princess.

What brings you here?

Mr Su.

You training these children to fight Baili Qi,

is related to me.

Coming here should not come as a surprise right?

It is just that training these children has not
produced anything yet.

I'm afraid to show it to the princess.

Thank you for sending me here.

You are most welcomed.

I shall not intrude any longer.

If you do not mind,

would you let these children reenact the formation?

Your formation is indeed unique,

but it is obviously not aggressive enough.

Baili Qi practises strength.

It would not be easy to defeat him.

Don't we have a few more days?

This cannot be rushed.

I'm afraid a few more days would not change the situation.

Unless, you have something up your sleeve?

I am in a sticky situation now.

I have no other alternatives.

I hope that you would put all your efforts into this.

Rest assure princess,

I will definitely settle the situation appropriately.

I do not know why

but I actually believe you.

Xiao Xin, take it over.

Lady, it is already so late,

you should rest.

It would not matter if this silk pouch is
completed a couple of days late.

Why do you have ti rush it out tonight?

The earlier I finish it, the earlier I can present it to
the Grand Empress.

You do not need to accompany me.

Return and rest.


I like this smell.

- Let me smell it.
- How is it?

The smell and embroidery are excellent.
Who made this?

- I believe it is Consort Jing.
- Consort Jing?

I have not seen the child in ages.

Consort Jing is not of a high rank.
Even when paying respects, she can only stay outside.

If she is not specially summoned,
she does not have the honor to see the Grand Empress.

Consort Jing is outside?

Hurry, ask her to come in.



It smells nice right?

Consort Jing pays her respect to the Grand Empress.

I wish the Grand Empress to be healthy and to have longevity.

Okay. That's enough, that's enough.

Grandmother really likes the silk pouch you have made.

I saw it, it is definitely a lot better than the
ones sewn by the royal tailors.

I have no other strengths, so I can only put my heart and body into making something small

to present to the Grand Empress and the ladies of the court.

It is a small gesture from me.

Your highness,

this is made for you.

I have one too?

The embroidery is not good,

I hope you would like it.

Grandmother, grandmother.


Consort Jing, come here.

I know your heart is pure and your hands are nifty.

Are you used to life in the palace?

Thank you Grand Empress for the concern.

Everything is fine and I am used to it.

Consort Chen has always been unwell

after giving birth.

You are a medic.

Since the Lins sent you into the palace,
you have to take care of her well.

I guess the Grand Empress must be tired.

There is no more Consort Chen.

Consort Chen is the mother of a rebel, she has already died.

Consort Chen is dead?

Then what about Jingyu, my adorable grandson?

Where is he?

Why is he not here?

- Hurry, hurry, summon him here.
- Grandmother, grandmother.

- Leave now. We should not have let you in.
- Yes.

Grand Empress, are you okay?

Grand Empress.

Where is my grandson?

Lady, the Grand Princess of Liyang is here.

Grand Princess.

Recently, I have been feeling an itch on my back.

It is not appropriate to seek an imperial doctor.

And the medics in palace cannot seem to treat it as well.

I passed by here by chance,

I hope you would have a look at it.

I see.

All of you can standby outside.


Consort Jing put in so much effort,

to send a letter asking to meet you using the silk pouch.

What is the matter?

I am of low rank and hence have no chance to
speak with the grand princess usually.

I hope the grand princess understands.

Your personality has always been steadfast,

you must have a reason.
Say it.

I request the grand princess here

because of a type of wine.

A type of wine called Qing Si Rao.

I think, in this world,

the grand princess would be the only one who understands

what kind of wine it is.

Liyang, listen to mother.

Here, drink this wine.

It has been said that the Grand Princess and the Marquis of Ning

were the dream couple and meant for each other.

But the pain of the Grand Princess suffered these few years,

who can really understand it?

It has already been over twenty years.

Why are you bringing it up again today?

I did not bring it up deliberately to upset the grand princess.

I only knew of it by accident.

There is someone in this palace,
replicating what the Empress Dowager has done

using Qing Si Rao again.

What are you saying?
Who is it?

Who will it be used on?

I am not sure of who is behind it.

But who would it be used on?

Looking at the happenings in the palace recently,

is the grand princess unable to guess it?

The princess.

Nihuang Princess.

Mu Mansion of Yunnan owns an army of a hundred thousand. Their power is formidable.

Everyone is trying to get the princess on
their side while she is in the city.

Why would they let her return to Yunnan easily?

The women in the palace are best at using unscrupulous means to get what they want.

Grand Princess,

I have nowhere else to turn to,

the only person who can save the princess now is you.

It has only been two days and you are already so versed in the skills. Very good.

Fei Liu has taught well too.

Mr Su, the Prince Jing is here.

Bring them to play.

Let's go!

It seems that Prince Jing is still not assured.

You have to personally check on Ting Shen's situation.

You must have predicted my arrival.

I have heard of your impressive act in the palace a few days ago.

- I have also found out about your background.
- Okay.

Then what have you heard?

I have always been on the battle ground and away from the palace, hence am slow to receive news.

I did not know that you have relations with the
Crown Prince and Prince Yu as well.

I have been impolite.

The Crown Prince and Prince Yu are not my friends.

They only wish to engage me to become their advisor.

I heard from the princess that Mei of the
Jiangzuo Alliance posess many talents.

I did not expect that you were willing to become a conspirator.

Why is being a strategist not good?

Working and being rewarded.

If successful, may even be enshrined and have his name made known.

Then do you intend to choose the
Crown Prince or the Prince of Yu?

I wish to choose you.

Prince Jing.

Choose me?

Choose me.

Then you must not have much farsight.

My mother is only a low-rank consort in the palace and she does not have much connections.

I am 31 and have yet to be named as an heir.

I have only been able to interact with the army generals usually.

I have no connections to speak of in the palace.

What can you do by choosing me?

I know that you are in an unfortunate situation.

But I have no other choice.

Apologies for the lateness.
We did not know the grand princess would come.

But the princess and her brother are not in.

They will only return tomorrow.
Is the Grand Princess here for something?

Return tomorrow?

It is nothing much. I just happened to pass by.

In this city of Jinling, who does not know of the Crown Prince of the East Palace and the Prince of Second Rank?

Who does not know that the throne will definitely
end up with one of the two?

The most definite things in this world,

are the least interesting to do.

If I am able to send an unexpected person to the throne

with my abilities.

Doesn't it show that I am more capable that way?

So all scholars in the pugilist world have such weird thinking.

Prince Jing, to be honest.

Can you really take it lying down,

to see the thrown end up in hands of either of them?

Since you are already here to stir things up,

I guess you already already equipped.
The things about me,

you must have investigated them already.

Of course!

How can the Divine Talent be blind?
I most certainly investigated.

The throne being mine.
Is as farfetched as the clouds and not worth much thoughts.

But if you are able to block the road to the throne of the
Crown Prince and Prince Yu,

I am willing to pay any price for it.

Saving Tingsheng, was a gift I prepared for you.

If you are satisfied, then let us agree on the alliance today.

- You saved Tingsheng because of this?
- Yes

Since you have done your investigation, you should know

that the person I hate most in my life. Are people like you. People who plot their every move.

Even if you help me ascend the throne in the future, you will probably not receive much appreciation from me.

Are you not bothered by it?

We have a long way to go, I have endless opportunities to negotiate the terms with you.

What I appreciate

is your morals. Which are different from the two.

We have never met each other.
How I am as a person, how would you know?

Just treat it as a bet of mine.

The princes who are living now, the Third Prince is handicapped,

the Sixth Prince has no ambitions,

the Ninth Prince is of a young age.

I have already said,

although your circumstances are not well,

but I have no other choice.

You say that the grand princess made a trip out of the palace

to specially pay a visit to the Mu Mansion?

But the princess and prince of Mansion Mu were not it.

The Grand Princess did not enter as well.

You can leave now.

Can you really be sure that Tingsheng is the posthumous child of Prince Qi (the deceased Crown Prince)?

Then, the children in Prince Qi's mansion,
the boys were all sentenced to death,

and the girls were all sent to the prison.

Tingsheng's age is appropriate and
Prince Jing seems to care so much about him.

I think I can confirm it.

But from what I know, the girls from the Qi mansion were all known,

and hence in a year, they were all forced to death.

An orphan who has to fend for his life, must not be easy.

I am not able to guess the details that went on as well.

But the Crown Princess was a woman with wits.

Using the chaotic situation at that time,

it is possible that she risked her life to save the only bloodline of Jingyu gege.

Looking at the appearance of the child,

there is some resemblance.

No matter what it is, the Heaven has eyes.

To be honest, five years ago, when you sent someone to contact me, I could not believe it too.

Xiao Shu, what happened then

you were always unwilling to tell me. But I know,

if you had not endured more pain than a normal human can, your appearance

will not have become like now too.

Since I managed to survive,

I will not waste my life.

Sis, I've finished studying.

Anything else I need to do?

No, go wash up and sleep.

That... I'm still really worried.

Can Suzhe really defeat Bai Liqi with three kids?

Say something, didn't you go see them?

Does the sword style really work?

No matter what sword style.

for three kids to defeat Bai Liqi.

I don't know where his confidence comes from.

That's not good.

If he can't defeat him, then you''ll have to go up.

-I'll go ask him.
-Come back.

Why you always so brash.

-Don't worry.

Even if I have to fight Bai Liqi,

I might not lose.

So you want to assist Prince Jing?

Prince JIng is not a strategist,

and hates the fight for the throne.

Furthermore, he has a very stubborn temper.

Fighting for the throne is a dangerous thing.

With his personality, how can he win the ruthlessness

and power that Prince Yu and the Crown Prince possess?

He has me.

Those evil, bloody deeds, I'll do them.

To defeat the evil, innocent will be hurt.

Sometimes we might have to be the ones to do it.

This pain and crime,

Prince Jing can't take it,

then I will bear this burden.

Where's Xiebi?

Prince Yu has a night feast,
he's not back yet.

If my sons come to greet me,

tell them I've already slept.

Who's this?

Please excuse me for disturbing you so late,

can I come in and talk to you?

What you have said does make one worry,

but theres one point I don't understand.

With your identity, you should
have many ways to deal with this

Why did you come find me?

Many ways?

That's not true.

I have no evidence, so cannot accuse anyone,

and I can't tell the emperor,

and I will not involve my husband and sons.

To enter the palace to prevent it,

how would I know when they will act.

My identity as the grand princess,

is really quite useless.

I understand, what would you like me to do?

Your five day promise with the Northern Yan
is tomorrow.

You will meet the princess in the palace.

Please tell the princess about this.

To be careful when interacting with
other noble women.

With the princess' intelligence,

she should be alright.

Zhixi jiejie, what do we do?

The grand princess says the
marquis can't know she went out.

The marquis doesn't normally leave the study this early.

You are really too young,

Qi mumu

So nervous after meeting some trouble.

In a moment, I'll meet with the marquis.


Is the grand princess asleep?

Marquis, please stay here.

What are you doing?

Please be considerate.

The grand princess is not feeling well today.

She doesn't want to see anyone.

Not even me?

Please excuse my words,

the person the grand princess
doesn't want to see most,

-is you.
-How dare you.

What are you saying?

I deserve to die.

Today when the grand princess went
to visit the empress dowager,

She went past the deceased empress' palace,

and thought about the past and is very upset.

You should understand what I mean.

Please be assured,

I will send your message.

Then thank you very much.

Good bye.

Since the grand princess is resting,

take good care of her.

Who is it?

To prepare something so evil.

If it's not the empress, than it's
noble consort Yue.

We'll see tomorrow,

who'll invite the princess to the palace.

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Change, the swirling wind

A chaotic time

The snowy cliffs and our minds

Burning fire, clears grasslands

Sharp swords, brings red

Unintended words

The enemy is weak, but the pride remains

An ice heart, breaks a long night

fighting for justice, the iron is cold

A scheme in mind, it's hard to see

Our country like gold, like my heart said

The mountains shrink, who can fix the sky

The long sword, yesterday's youth

A lonely shadow, cannot see the smoke

A life saved, for the young ones



Subbed and Timer by the Lang Ya Bang Team @ Viki