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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 32

We will arrive at the capital soon. Since you are returning again,

I expect you must be a bit emotional, General Wei.

Your friends are pretty patient.

The city gates is their only chance,

hopefully they won't miss it. I know

you don't want them to come right?

The problem is, you made the mistake of plotting treason

otherwise you wouldn't have to live like a rat now.

So much for looking after the nation and leading the Inner Palace!

I left the Palace for only 5 days

Is this how you look after the Inner Palace?

Maybe I'm slow-witted, but I don't understand why Your Majesty specifically called me here to take me to task.

Stop playing innocent!

As soon as I left, you locked Zhiluo Palace.

Consort Jing has been in the palace for over 20 years and raised a prince to adulthood.

I made her a Consort of the Third Rank.

Yet you, for no reason, dragged her to Zhengyang Palace and questioned her under torture. Do you still have any respect for me?

Your Majesty is overstating the problem.

I would never have the audacity to disrespect Your Majesty.

I don't know what Consort Jing said to you,

but I had good reason.

- It was physician Zheng --
- Stop your quibbling!

Do not involve Consort Jing in this!
In order to protect you

she said nothing to me about it.

If I didn't notice her discomfort, then discreetly asked Consort Hui

I would not have known it was you

who had done this "good deed".

What is this "assessed by the Royal physicians Office"?

One physician with an ulterior motive spouted some nonsense!

You should have found more
physicians to verify!

They've calculated, to poison me with huange grass,

then she would need to boil an entire room full
of herbs for me to drink on a daily basis

I am but an ignorant woman and cannot
compare to the wisdom of Your Majesty.

All I heard was that someone wanted to harm Your Majesty, and my heart became tumultuous.

Amidst my desperation I lost my reason.

But even in that state, I still adhered to the palace rules.

I was only questioned Consort Jing,
and did nothing else.

Unless your highness thinks that after
hearing those words from the Imperial physicians

I shouldn't make an effort
to investigate it?

You, after having done this

you still fiercely defend yourself without a shred of remorse.

- I am--
- Your highness, Consort Jing requests your audience.

Let her in immediately.

Summon Consort Jing.

I humbly greet Your Majesty.

Please, rise.

Greetings, your Majesty.

I had heard that Your Majesty was questioning the Empress

and since this incident involves myself

I presume there are questions you would ask of me.

So I came here immediately.

Please forgive my intrusion, Your Majesty.

Consort Jing, don't worry

I will not have you suffer for naught.

Thank you, your highness for your
kindness. It is just that

the Empress has authority
to rule over the Inner Palace.

It was not wrong of her to
investigate Zhiluo Palace.

What ever misunderstanding that may arise,

we just need to explain it.

It is not a big issue. There has always been a difference between higher and lower ranks,

If the Empress receives punishment
for admonishing a Consort

people will start to talk. I fear

this will affect Your Majesty's reputation
and question your wisdom.

Please reconsider, Your Majesty.

Consort Jing, the fact that you are able to think this way

proves that you are wise.

Take a look. In vain you are the mistress of the Inner Palace

you do not even have one-half of Consort Jing's compassion.

It is fortunate that Consort Jing was not hurt.

I'm letting you go this time, but you should understand
, this is because I'm giving face

to your position as Empress,

to Prince Yu and to the Yan Family.
It is not for your sake!

If you become so confused again, I will not be so forgiving. grateful for your kindness, Your Majesty.

Hold on a second!
Fine, go.

Hey! What do you have here?
-Just some food. Please feel free to inspect.

- Fine, go!
- Yes.

- What's in the cart?
-Just some textiles.


Make way! Make way!

Everyone move aside!

Official Xi Qi.

Sir, there might be an ambush up ahead.

Hmph. Let's go.

When we get to Xuanjing Bureau,
you guys really won't have a chance.

Do you all want to have a go at it?

-Come out now

Get on the prisoner carriage!

Kiddo! Up top!

-General Wei!
-Go, quickly leave!

Go quickly!

Brothers! Retreat!


This isn't fun.

Have some men continue the transport of the criminal.
The rest of you follow me!

What's wrong? Didn't you go out to have fun?

They lied. It wasn't fun.

-Who lied to you?
-Enough, you should not mind so much. Go back to sleep.

Who are you? Don't you watch where
you are going? Do you know who I am?!

- I will have you guys caught! Do you hear!
- Young Master Yan?

What are you doing here?

- Brother Qiu, you've returned!
-Yes I just came back. What happened here?

A crazy person came out of nowhere

and he stepped on the roof of my carriage!
Look at what he did to it!

- This is a new one! My father will be so mad!
- Which way did he go?

- Over there!

-Let's go

Brother Qiu, when you find him
have him compensate me for the damages!

- How much further to Jinling city?
- More than half a day's journey left, Master.

We won't rest tonight and ride until we reach Jinling city.

- Officer Xia Qiu
- You guys didn't see the masked person?

No. He should've come from your direction.

Hold on a second Officer Xia Qiu.

Minister Xia, the Capital patrols has received news.

Xuanjing Bureau was transferring a prison cart into the City, and became embroiled in a conflict at the Western Gate.

I came over to ask Officer Xia what has happened.

You are...

Lieutenant under Prince Jing, Lie Zhanying.

So you are Prince Jing's subordinate.

Xuanjing Bureau has arrested a convict
and brought him back to the Capital.

The convict's accomplices attempted to rescue him at the Western Gate, and were driven away successfully.

The convict has been safely transferred to the dungeon.

Convict? What convict?

An escapee from the Chiyan case thirteen years ago,

former lieutenant of the Chiyu Regiment, Wei Zheng.

Slowly, come.

How is it, Zhen Ping?

The ambush at the city gates
was too hasty. We couldn't save General Wei.

But General Wei has now been transferred
to Xuanjing Bureau's dungeons.

If we want to rescue him it will be even more difficult.

Yes, Xuanjing Bureau's dungeon has many guards
and is difficult to attack.

It is more heavily guarded than the Celestial Prison. If we force an attack, I'm afraid the consequences will be much...

Due to Tong Lu's betrayal, all our sources of information have been cut off.

Even without General Wei's matter, we are in turbulent times.

But I still can't believe that Tong Lu actually betrayed us.

He was the Chief's most trusted person!

Hold on for a bit, I'll get you medicine.

I always dream of her lately.

It's different from your dreams

there's no plum blossoms, and no smiles.

She's just hanging there... swaying...

Her face...

Your Majesty's meridians are obstructed. If it is painful when pressure is applied,

then it means that your mind is not at peace.

You can feel such things?

Your Majesty you miss the deceased, but you must also take care of yourself.

Consort Chen has risen to the Heavens.

I presume that she no longer wants to
remain in the mortal world.

That Your Majesty dreams of her

is because you still can't let go.

What if she really doesn't want to leave?

Why wouldn't she want to leave?
In this world

Consort Chen has no memorial tablet nor shrine,

and does not receive any incense or joss paper.

What's the point of her staying?

Maybe what you're saying is right.

There is no shrine, and no one pays their respects to her.

This is why she is so resentful,

and remains in the mortal world,

reluctant to leave.

Your Majesty

You, help me take care of something.

Don't let anyone know.

The prisoner is locked in the dungeon
and we've doubled the guards.

I'll go patrol every morning and evening.
Please rest assured Shifu.

No need.

Just patrol as usual. Go when you have time.

You don't have to go every day.

Shifu. The convict's accomplices are highly capable.

and I am no match against one of their martial arts expert.

If we loosen our guard, I'm afraid there will be a chance for them to attack.

There is no use in guarding him tightly.

His purpose is for others to come save him.

If our defense is too strong and no one comes to save him, what use do I have in keeping him captive?

It's easier to just kill him.

Wei Zheng has long been convicted.
If he wasn't our bait, he'd be dead already.

Then Shifu, you want to...

Since we have our bait, there is no need to worry about the fish.

If the first time is unsuccessful, we can cast the net multiple times.

It's so late, Fourth sister is still awake?

Banruo, the thing you asked me to do

I've already accomplished. Tong Lu is no longer useful to you.

Let him go.

How is he not useful?

Didn't you already thoroughly question him?
The only thing he knows

is Mr. Shisan and a store in the west markets.

In the end, he's just a messenger for the Jiangzuo Alliance.

There is a limit to the number of secrets he knows.

If you question further, you'll only get
more details on how Mei Changsu

strategies for Prince Jing.

According to Fourth sister,
he really does not have any use left.

But in other areas, he's still particularly useful.

Other areas?

At least, as long as Tong Lu is in my hands

Fourth sister will not leave my side so easily.

Isn't it?


Old Master Su even in your old age you still rushed
to the Captial for General Wei,

it must be tiring.

You are too courteous. Before enlisting
Zheng-er was already my disciple.

And after that, called me
foster father for so many years.

How is he any different from my biological son?

What pains me is the number of men from your side
who were wounded in the attempt to rescue him.

General Wei is also our paoze-brother, its our duty.
Did Xuanjin Bureau also target Yaowang Valley?
T/N: paoze - mutual loyalty between soldiers; esprit de corps.

Though my surname is Su but I am not someone you can mess with easily.
T/N: word play, 'chi su' can mean pushover

Western Yue area is a miasma of poison
with countless towering mountains.

I am not someone who doesn't have power base.

If I step forth, I can defend my innocence in court.
If I step back, I can hide within the rainforests.

I'm afraid Xuanjing Bureau doesn't have enough power

to seal the boundaries of Yaowang Valley.

The most they can do is block the path I use to ship my goods,

and lay a siege upon the valley.

It wouldn't bode well if they succeeded in sealing the valley.

You do not need to worry about that.

Yaowang Valley didn't get on the Langya's
'List of the Most Wealthy' for nothing.

Xuanjing Bureau can only do so much manipulation behind the scenes.

There is no way he can seal the valley without investing a large number of troops and silver.

- General. General Qi. Are you okay?
- I'm fine. Fine.

- General, where have you been these few days?
- How can I tell you that?

You've finally returned. I told you to send a message to Weiling. Why have you returned just now? The Emperor is already back in the Palace.

You made me quite worried, and I sent over a dozen men after you. Where did you run off to?

Did you think I didn't want to return?
It's all Sir Su's subordinates fault.

Sir Su's subordinates?

One of his subordinates stopped me halfway,
and forbade me from going to Weiling.

He said they had a better plan, and knocked me unconscious.

- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.

Go back and rest. Consort Jing is well.
I have more important matters to attend to.

- What important matters?
- They've captured Wei Zheng.

- Prepare a horse.
- Yes.

Wei Zheng?




Okay, if you are like this, even I want
to sleep, I can't.

Help me up.

Where are the others?

They are discussing things,
you should sleep.

Discussing things?

- Old grandfather.
- What?

An old grandfather.

- Which old grandfather? How do they
address him?


Old Master Su?

- Do you know Su Xuan-gege?
- Yes.

Did he come?

Quickly, bring Li Gang and Zhen Ping
here now.

-They want you to sleep.
-Go quickly!

- Asking for you.
- Who is he asking for?

You guys.

Mr. Su, Mr. Su!

General Lei.

Please inform Mr. Su that I have important matters to discuss with him.

I am sorry, our Chief is gravely ill.
Master Li said that he'll not be able to meet anyone.

Mr. Su has not yet recovered from his illness?

After taking his medication, he has
not awoken yet.

Please inform me then once
Mr. Su is awake and is able to meet guests.


Your Highness! Your Highness!

Even if we rush it, we will not
make it to the capital today.

Up ahead is Chisang town. Its the last curior station
one before reaching the capital

If we pass this one, there will not
another resting point.

What do you think your Highness?

Since that is the case and everyone is tired

we don't need to rush to get there in one night.

Let's head to Chisang courier station,
and continue to the capital tomorrow.

I know what you did was for my benefit.

The last few days I have been in and out of conscious,
there was no way you could have told me anyway.

Thank you for taking care of things.

Is there anything else that has happened?

Previously we mentioned to you how Tong Lu acted oddly.

But Chief please rest assured.
Mr Shisan has evacuted

to a safer place.

That is good then.

Back then Chiyan Army has many talented people and generals

Wei Zheng probably is the most reputable
of the people remaining.

Of course he is easy to recognize.

To fend against all possibilities,

contact all former members in Lang Zhou
regardless of their original ranks,

to stop all operations and lay low.


As for the two of you,


We are orphans.
Grew up in the Chiyan Army

no family nor relatives.

We were just a sergeant back then.

It has been over 10 years
our voice and facial features have been changed dramatically.

No one will recognized us at all.

Please don't ask us

to leave at this time Chief.

All right.

If I removed the two of you, I can't think of anyone to take over anyway.

Both of you need to be careful.

Yes Chief.

Where is Master Su?

He is awaiting at the antechamber.

Help me change.
I have to see him.

Niangniang, Prince Jing should be back soon.

That is right. At latest by tomorrow.

Niangniang you've suffered so much.

You should tell Prince Jing when he returns.

I just got questioned by the Empress.

There's nothing to tell.

That won't do. Luckily his Majesty helped us vent some anger.

I heard that, that Imperial physician has been
put to death already.


I... I heard it from others.

Your Highness is dressed very handsomely,
are you heading to the Palace?

Perhaps, perhaps not.

It all depends on the travel plans of my good brother.

Is Prince Jing returning to the Capital today?

Should be arriving today.

He'll definitely be entering via the North Gate.

I'll go wait nearby first and receive him.

Your Highness, are you sure that Mei Changsu won't be able to

stop Prince Jing in regards to Wei Zheng?

Xia Jiang is correct.

Prince Jing's personality had never changed.

We all know what he cares about the most.

The events in the Inner Palace were specifically designed to anger him.

While Prince Jing is enraged, it'd be better if Mei Changsu doesn't try to stop him.

But if he does, it'll be like pouring oil onto a fire.

Your Highness, you are determined to win.

I will return in kind,

several times over how they treated me.

As long as we have a concerted effort
we'll be able to break through.

Old Master you are correct.

Chief, message from the City gates.
Prince Jing has returned.

Did Lie Zhanying head over?

He head over early and has been waiting.

Just let him send the message to Prince Jing,

at least be prepared before entering the Palace.

Lest he won't lose his sense of proportion.

Your Highness! I have an important matter to report.

What is it?

- Xuanjing Bureau...
- Jingyan! You are finally back.

You must be tired.

Brother Yu.

Tsk, look at that, even your face is tanned,

you've also gotten thinner.

When Consort Jing sees you she'll be heart broken.

Why are you here Brother Yu?

For the relief effort this time you are the most meritorious

your good name has spread all throughout the Court.

Father ask that I accompany you to the Palace, how could I sloppy?

I came early and waited here.

You need to report back right?
Let me accompany you.

- Your Highness
- Father is still waiting in the Palace

we should go.

Whatever it is, just tell me after I return.

What? Lie Zhanying didn't get a chance say anything?

Yes, I was right beside them, selling firewood.

Prince Yu intercepted Prince Jing
as soon as he entered the city.

General Lie couldn't talk about General Wei's
issue in front of Prince Yu.

So he could only watch as Prince Jing left for the Palace.

So that means,

Prince Jing entered the Palace without knowing anything.

I greet your Majesty.

- Rise.
- Thank you Father.

By your orders, I was in charge of disaster relief for 5 states including state of Yue.

We have completed initial relief efforts,

this is the summary report for your perusal.

Detailed reports will be sent together with report from the Ministry of State Revenue tomorrow.

You have complete this task very well.

I know that you have worked hard this past month.

Take a rest. No need to rush the reports.

Thank you Father.

Jingyan returning is a good thing Father,
but why do you look so dispirited?

Were you discussing some difficult task?

Am I able to help bear the burden Father?

It's almost the New Years,

what difficult task can there be.

That's correct.

The new year is upon us,

what difficult issues can there be?

Things like capturing escaped criminals of an old treason case

should be considered good luck before the new year.

Criminal charged with treason? Did we have a treason cases recently? How come I didn't know?

Of course you wouldn't know your Highness,

it's not a recent case.

It's one from 13 years ago.

13 years... Director Xia are you referring to...

What other treason case is there, 13 years ago.

Naturally it's the Chiyan treason case.

The charges of treason and sedition on the Chiyan army have long been finalized.

Just that back then when we were eliminating them on Mei cliff, a snow storm arrived.

There were a few bodies of commanding officers that we couldn't find.

We weren't sure if they'd managed to escape or was their corpse buried too deep.

For this reason Xuanjing Bureau had not dared to loosen our guard all these years.

And by his Majesty's magnanimous fortune
we were able to

capture one of the escaped convicts 13 years later.

Who is it?

Former Chiyu battalion's Lieutenant, Wei Zheng.

This is indeed good new!
I must congratulate Father.

To be able to capture a convict who's been on the run for over a decade,

this can really show off our Empire's eminence.

This Wei Zheng, he must be punished severely,

in order to quell all insubordinate hearts.

Prince Yu you are certainly agile of thought.

It's certainly this reasoning if you think it over.

No matter how much you try to educate these treacherous criminals it's of no use,

you need to make an example out of one them,
only then will the rest be quelled.

Wei Zheng has been on the run for over a decade, it shows he has no sense of remorse.

I believe punishment by yaozhan and then public display is appropriate.
T/N: yaozhan - cut in half at the waist.

Your Highness, it's almost the new years and we're in mourning.

It's an inappropriate time for such cruel punishments.

Commander Meng you are wrong.

Treason cannot be pardoned what does it have to do with national mourning.

Treating traitors harshly, treating patriots compassionately.

Following that the Empire will prosper,
going against it will doom the Empire.

This is a universal truth.

Prince Jing, am I correct?

Director Xia, what do you mean by this series of questions.

His Majesty will have his own ideas
on how the criminal shall be punished,

Prince Jing would not have objections to it.


Father I have objections.

What objections do you have?

I believe no matter the exact circumstances of the case back then,

it was painful for the Royal family and a great loss for the Court.

It was a disaster not a blessing.
How can we talk about it with such relish and

without one ounce of regret.
I admire that Director Xia

handles cases with an iron first and ruthless efficiency.

But under Father's rule we are in a peaceful era.
How can we use methods such as 'making an example'.

As for the ways to flourish or doom the nation,

if we look afar, there are treatise and books written by the great philosophers,

and before us, there is Father who is a wise Emperor.

Why do you only ask me whether things are appropriate or not?

How would I dare answer?

It's natural to have differing views and opinions when discussing matters before his Majesty.

If your Highness does not agree with my opinion, you can just reject it.

There is no need for such impassioned words.

Unless I said something that struck a nerve your Highness,

and made you unhappy?
Then I shall say my apologies now.

That's right Jingyan, you are...

Not a big deal,

you just have a bad temper, Director Xia please don't be offended.

You know that Jingyan's personality is like this.

He has no other meaning behind his words.

Whether Prince Jing has any other meaning, I cannot tell.


what did you say just now?

"no matter the exact circumstances of the case back then"?

This I'm afraid I don't understand.

The case was verified personally by his Majesty.

There was nothing wrong with it.

Could it be that even till now, your Highness still hasn't made clear the nature of the case?

It's true that I'm unaware of the exact
sequence of events of the case back then.

I only know that, when I left the Capital as an envoy to the Eastern Seas,

Prince Qi was still a Noble Prince, revered by the people.

General Lin was still meritorious General, a pillar of strength in the Court.

The Chiyan Army was still our greatest force, who guarded the northern borders of Da Liang.

But when I returned, I was told,

that they had become a treacherous son, treacherous subjects, criminals,

and are all dead.

Apart from hastily dug graves and memorial tablets,

I didn't see even one of their remains.

I see, so that's the case.

In your Highness's view,

as long as you are known as a noble prince, have merits that rival the Emperor, have the support of a mighty army then

you are allowed to over throw the Emperor?

Director Xia you are over thinking things, that is not what Prince Jing meant.

There was not concrete evidence against their charges.

The only things I saw,

was just a report from you Director Xia.


You only saw a report from Director Xia?


didn't see the Imperial decrees that Father made?

Nothing? Really?


You have some objects to the way

I dealt with the Chiyan case?

I dare not Father.

- It's just that I believe brother Prince Qi...
- Shut it!

What is this Prince Qi?
It's the peasant Xiao Jingyu!

And this General Lin.

That's treacherous criminal Lin Xie!

Haven't you learned

how to talk to an Emperor?

Your Majesty. The New Year has almost arrived.

Please keep your anger in check

so the people will be blessed. T/N: The Emperor is the Son of Heaven, and it is believed his rule influences the harvests.

Jingyan, you would do well to keep quiet.

How can you disrespect father like this in front of a minister and myself?

This isn't appropriate.

Your Majesty.

It is almost lunch hour.

Consort Jing often says that one must not fret before eating.

Moreover, you promised Her Highness this morning.

Don't argue anymore.

Jingyan. You should go pay respects to your mother.

Yes, father.

You may leave now.

I take my leave.

We take our leave.

Jingyan. Jingyan!

Director Xia, look at him.

Even the Crown Prince has
never dared to ignore me like this.

Prince Jing hasn't lost his impulsivity.

-Greetings Mother
-Please, rise!

You must have suffered much in your travels

Thankfully you are healthy and robust.

I am not worried.

Come, please sit and rest.

I made some duck broth. Drink some
to warm your body.

Come, sit.


Your Highness, please have some soup. Madame
spent a long time making it.

I finally returned after such a long time, and should stay with mother for a while longer.

It is just that there is some urgent
matters I need to attend to.

I cannot stay long, I hope Mother understands.

Urgent matters?
What has happened?

You don't need to worry,
I can manage it.

I will give you details about it later.

Your Highness, Madame suffered so much

Your Highness is finally back. Why must you leave after a simple conversation?

What did you say?

Don't spout nonsense.

Mother, are you keeping something from me?

Xiao Xin, tell me.

What happened?

Your Highness, madame was almost not able to see you again.

What in the world happened?

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