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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 03

You've caused trouble again?
Look at that clumsiness.

Today I'm going to beat you to death.

Who told you to cause trouble.

You even dare to steal books.

A child born from the servant prison,
you even want to learn to read?

Let me tell you, don't think that
Prince Jing like you.You will patrol

In this large palace,
there are many sponsors.

Prince Jing is in no power to protect you.

I hit you!
I dare not Eunuch Zheng.-Stop it!

I'm no longer afraid.

Whether I have power or not,
it's not for you has a servant to decide.

I deserve to die, your highness

this bad servant

has always been lazy and talks back,
he also steals books.

This time, I had to punish him.

Price Jing, Yue noble consort told me
to supervise this area.

Please consider the noble consort

and forgive my foul mouth.

Full of rubbish.

You dare to use Yue noble consort's name?

Prince Yu, may be forgiving, but I am not.

Princess, have mercy.

Hurry and leave.

Thank you princess.

Lets go.

Princess, I understand your good intentions

It was only a servant, I can deal with it.

-Does it hurt?

Because of Prince Qi,
you are in a difficult situation.

The other princes treat you as a joke.

These petty people within the palace,
avoid them if you can.

What is your name?


How old are you?

Eleven years old.

Eleven years old.



Xiebi, go find out why they aren't back yet.


Earlier, princess said she had
something to ask Mr. Su.

They might be a while.

Furthermore, Mr. Su's health is poor,
if he's tired

he might have already left and gone back to rest.

-What Yujin said

even if Mr. Su comes back, he might be tired.

We will bother him another day.

Take care your highness.

Who are you?

This is Suzhe, Mr. Su.

Xiao Jingrei's friend,
he's at the capital to rest

I'm but a commoner,
the fact that you don't recognise me is natural.

To be able to come into this palace, and be
accompanied by the princess, how can you be a commoner?

I've probably not heard as I haven't been
in the palace for a long time.

From what the servant said,
you often come to see this child.

Who is he?

His mother is a minister's scroll bearer,

who became a servant because of a crime,
an elegant person who understands words.

He looked pitiful, so I come visit him.

Tingshen, can you understand all of this book?

You can't build a house by just reading,
you need a good foundation.

You have to pick something
simpler at the beginning.

You should first learn the principles of life.

This is a good book, but you are still young,

you might not be able to read it all,
if you don't have someone to explain,

You won't be able to understand its meaning.

I have lots of books at home,
if you want, I can teach you to read.

Mr. Su probably does not know.

Tingshen is from the servant prison.

Even if he is old enough to be let out.

He will be sent to the other places as a servant.

You don't have to think too much,
you just need to tell me

if you are willing for me to teach you.

Go back first today, after a while

I'll find a way to bring you out.

Mr. Su must not know,
servants from the servant prison

are not normal servants.

Unless the emperor allows,
they cannot leave.

Furthermore, the emperor doesn't like people
helping these servants.

Or else, with Prince Jing's identity

he would have already taken this child out.

There are many things,
where you won' know the result until you try.

There's no loss in me trying.

There are many servants like Tingshen in the palace,

what is so special about him,

for you to notice him.

Since you asked Mr. Su, I want to ask you

you looking after this child,

is it really because you pity him?

Prince Jing, is often away fighting,

so it may difficult to deal with things within the palace.

If I can bring Tingshen out,
isn't it good for everyone?

What ideas do you have?

As long as there's a will, there's a way.

Okay, I'll be waiting.

I'll be waiting too.

Prince, this is what I just saw.

A scholar?

You mean, my sister treats him differently to others

and the two of them were strolling
and chatting in the palace?

This I don't know.

But they were there by themselves,
and strolled for a long time.

-Lao Wei.

Since he hasn't left, go see what kind of person he is.

I heard scholar's are the best at lying, if hes not good enough,
don't think about lying to my sister.


Who are you?

To say you don't have the heart for fame,
who would believe it?

-What is your name?

-How old are you?

Xiao Shu

Come to great grandmother.

You are Suzhe.

General Wei, this scholar is here on the Emperor Dowager's

-This is none of your business, leave.


Even though you look like a weakling.

To be summoned by the Empress Dowager,
then you musst have some ability.

If you don't mind, then please introduce yourself.

Don't hurt him.



The palace is a sacred place,
how dare you fight here.

General, it's a misunderstanding.

-I just wanted to.
-Wnated to what?

Muqing is causing trouble,
and you are letting him?

I have no power over him, so?

-Are you going to bring the princess over too?
-No, of course not.

I acted rashly, but I had no ill intentions, please,

you must not tell the princess.

Go. What are you waiting for?


I need to leave soon, I'll send Mr. Su,
you can go back.


Fei Liu. Move away.

Twelve years.

It's been twelve years.

You finally came back.

Yes, I finally came back.

I'm finally back.

I've mentioned many times in my letters,

to not come back.
Why didn't you listen?

If someone finds out who you are,

nobody can help you.

Now that I've become like this,

who would believe

that I'm the criminal from twelve years ago.

Even though you said in your letters,

that your face changed greatly due to your illness.

I would have never thought,

that you would have changed completely.

There are no traces of the past.

But the other day at the Marquis of Ning's house,
you recognised me in one glance.

I am Suzhe.

Why are you staying at the Marquis' home
you know what kind of person Xie Yu is.

If he finds out, there will be trouble,
hurry and move out and move to my house.

You know why I came back to the capital,

to be able to live there, he'll never figure me out.

nobody can know that we know each other.

I understand your determination,

but the two most powerful princes are fighting.

Everyone is too busy picking a side,
who has time to help you?

Who doesn't know, that its a severe crime?

I've planned for many years,

so I have my plans.

If things don't change,
meet me at the snow cottage.

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I didn't do much, I just wanted to test him.

What if he was a weakling?

How many times have I told you?

So rash all the time, do you know what his identity is?

Do you even know why I met him?
Do you have a brain?

What's his identity?
Isn't he Xiao Jingrei's friend?

So you don't want to watch
anymore of the tournament?

I just needed to appear,

if anything interesting happens in the tournament,

you and Yujin will tell me.

That's true, the battle stage is rowdy.

Mr. Su should rest in peace.

You're up tomorrow, so sleep early tonight.

Then Mr. Su, you rest early too.

Jiangzuo Alliance's chief?

So what? The house of Mu and the
Jiangzuo alliance have no relations.

Did you become friend's with him becuase
he was a chief?

Do you remember two years ago,

The Southern Chu army,

the battle at Qingming river.

We could not break the enemy's,
chain of boats technique.

How can I forget?

That time, they had the chain of boats and set camp.

You tried so hard, yet you couldn't solve it.

Sis, if we are forced back anymore
we can't keep the Xingming area.


Princess, there's a man outside,
with the last name Yun

He said he has a way to break the chain of boats.

To break the enemy?

Even you didn't know, the person who gave us the strategy

he used a fake identity.

So, you asked someone to follow him when he left.

I spent a skilled tracker,
he never realized he was being tailed.

I chased him all the way to Jiangzuo border,
and then he suddenly disappeared.

Without a trace.

So you mean...

At that border

without the help of the Jiangzuo Alliance.

who can so cleanly lose our tracker.

However if this person is unrelated to
the Jiangzuo Alliance.

Then why would they help him?

So did Mei Changsu send this person?

This Mei Changsu,

looks like another person of the pugilist world,

who has no relation with the Yunnan House of Mu,

yet helped me solve the danger at the Southern border.

He's appeared here in the middle of
the Princes' fight for the crown.

Yet, he has not chose a side.

This person, is a mystery.

The whole house of Marquis did not realize i was here,
yet you noticed me.

Fei Liu, let him in, he's my guest.

Go, close the door.

It's just getting cold.

You already need a fire for warmth.

Your wounds must be bad.

Why did you return so quickly?

You didn't even tell me you were coming,
I was not prepared at all.

How do you want me to help you?

Meng Da Ge.

You are now the commander general,

you have the love of the people,
don't let yourself be bothered by me.

You just need to pretend to not know me,

that's already a big help.

What are you saying?

What kind of person do you think I am?

Meng Da Ge, your loyalty to me,

I know better than anyone,

but as you said earlier,

I don't have full confidence in what I'm doing,
I don't want to drag you into this.

If I fail, the good reputation of the Meng family

will be ruined.

Loyalty is in the heart, not in reputation.

Although I was only in the Chiyan army for one year,

I completely trust the loyalty of the Lin family
and I trust you.

Tell me, in the war at Meiling.

How many people are still alive?

Apart from me,

there's nobody left.

70 000 people.

Xiao Shu.

What exactly happened twelve years ago?

For the Chiyan army,

live on.

Father, father.


70 000 Chiyan warriors.

Pretty much all died.

Meng Da Ge,

when the time is right,

I'll tell you all the details?

Okay. Okay.

Tell me, what do you want me to do?

You're saying that Mr. Su won't be going
to the Yinfeng Tower, even if we are battling.

Maybe the last day, he will go.

There's already people bringing gifts so early?

If only it was winter, the two princes
personally tending to the fire.

That'd be a great scene.

Brother, you going to fight?

These are the gifts from Prince Yu.


-Hey, what's it to you?

Xiebi, is the Marquis' son in charge.

Lets go.

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The 19th battle, winner is Yan Yujin.

Jingrei, how was it?

You could have won in 58 moves,

you waited till 65 moves to show your
falling petals technique.

-You know me well.



Martial arts is good, but his looks aren't great.

I think after a few days, they'll personally come.

You don't need to worry about this.

Tomorrow is the last day of the tournament.

You and Yujin are in the top ten,
the written exam shouldn't be a problem right?

I have no problems,

but I'm not sure about Yujin.

After tomorrow,
the top ten will be confirmed.

Mostly, they are from Da Liang.

You can be rest assured your highness.


We didn't embarrass ourselves.

Picking a husband for the princess is
important, you aren't the only one worried.

Even the crown prince and I want to find

the best people for the princess to choose.

Yesterday when the crown prince came,
he told me some things.

Apparently, Si Malei from the royal guard

has good background, looks and personality.

He hasn't lost yet.

My advice,

the written exam is not as important,

since you can pick, than kids like Si Malei

can be put at the front for the princess to pick.

I understand what you mean.

It's rare, the empress has the same thoughts as you.

Except the one she's going for,

is Marquis of Zhong Su's Liao Tingjie.

The person the empress is going for
will not be bad.


I am old now, my concentration is not great.

The paper for the written exam,

I didn't plan to look at it.

Then, who are you giving the job to?

The princess has suggested one,

A man with no position, a man of the pugilist world.

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The emperor wants me to look at the
written test for the princess?

The order has been given,
the eunuch bearing the message is on his way.

How does the emperor know about me?

You are famed scholar,
maybe it was Prince Yu's idea.

The 10th battle,
Da Liang's Qin Shangzhi, versus North Yan's Bai Liqi.

Your highness, out of the fighters,
Bai Liqi is the strongest.

When he gets in, will the princess like him?

This one is alright.


Only one move, he's too good.

North Yan's Bai Liqi wins.

He won with one move?

Jingrei, can you bea him?


Unless, we work together.

Even then we can't win.

What did you say?
Say it again.

Yes father, this Bai Liqi was sent by Northern Yan.

His abilities was above our expectation.

These few days, he was hiding hiw real abilities.

I don't think the princess can beat him.

The masters of the Lang Ya list,

how come Bi Liqi is not on it?

Lang Ya Hall had already said,

its ranked according to those who have shown their abilities.

This Bai Liqi has always been hiding,

so the Lang Ya list wouldn't have his name.

During the tournament,
commander general Meng was there too.

Your highness,

I have seen his battles,

his techniques are unique, I don't think

the princess can beat him.

The princess cannot be married to Northern Yan.

Recently we have had good relations with Northern Yan,

it was because we are powerful,
so there were no border fights.

If the princess is married to Northern Yan,

then they will become powerful,
I don't even want to think about the consequences.

You... what ideas do you have?

Jie, how can you still sit here?

That Bai Liqi really defeated Qin Shangzhi in one move.

I even think you can do that.

Bai Liqi has practiced strength martial arts.

Why do I have to fight with him about
who has more strength?

I'm not joking, even commander general Meng
says you might not win.

Lets pretend Bai Liqi is not from a different clan,

even his looks are disgusting.

When did you learn to judge someone on their looks?`

Where has all your studies gone?

I'm serious sis.

Think about it, even if he's last place in the written exam

He'll still be there, if you try to avoid him
you'll have to pick from the top nine.

Even though some in the top nine are alright,

but I don't think anyone is fated for you.

You just became an adult,
do you really know what fate is?

Mr. Su, do you have no ideas either.

If you want me to find a way,
you have to wait till tomorrow

when I meet Bai Liqi at the feast,
before I can start planning.

True, Mr. Su, you haven't met Bai Liqi.

Thanks for notifying me, at the feast tomorrow

My Northern Shang group will arrive early.

That's great, please stay now.

The emperor's feast tomorrow.

In name, it's to meet the top ten.

But really, it's a strategy.

He will find a reason for us to fight each other again.

If I can use my strength and wound this Bai Liqi,

then maybe it'll be easier for the princess.

Jingrei, your name was given by the emperor,
it was chosen frome the prince's names.

Although everyone from the capital knows this,

the Northern Yan are outsiders,
they might not know this

If they know the opponent is a prince,
they might be more careful.

Maybe you can find his weakness, and draw some blood.

It might not be as you hope.

The name of these ten people are not a secret,

won't these Northern Yan people
do some research after seeing Jingrei's name?

There's one thing I don't understand,
and would like to ask you about.

Yes, what is it?

In the top ten from the written exam,

there was one called Xiao Jingrei.

Is he one of the emperor's princes?

I've heard about Jingrei's birth,

but the details, I don't know about.

I know it, I know it the best.

You're younger than me by one year,
how can you know?

Of course I know.

When the Princess gave birth to you,

the capital had a sudden outbreak of the plague.

she had to go to a nunnery on Rei mountain.

That night, Tianquan village's
Lady Zhuo also went up the mountain.

and was pregnant with nowhere to go.
The princess was kind

and let her live next door.

I heard Chief Zhuo had recently taken over the village
and was very busy,

so was not beside his wife.

Not only Chief Zhuo,

The Marquis of Ning was also busy
and outside of the capital.

The princess and Lady Zhuo, lived next door
and had shared feelings.

Both were about to give birth, so they lived together.

But after, that night,

Jiejie, does this look nice?

What's wrong?

I think I'm about to give birth,

I'll call the midwife,

-My lady.
-I think I'm about to give birth too.

Ready the hot water and towels.


So it was like that.

Two newborns in the dark,

if they were put down in the dark,

when you pick them up again,
then you can't tell the difference.

Which one is Zhuo and which one is Xie,

The worse thing is, the next day,
one baby died.

He's the only one left,
than which family does he belong to?

Since it was god's will,
why should we fight it.

The situation was very complicated,
even the emperor couldn't make a decision.

So, bestowed him this name.

For him to be a son of both families.

So the relations between the two families are good.

Two years ago, Zhuo family's eldest son Zhuo Qingyao
married Xie family's daughter Xie Qi.

Now they are even more of a family.

Chief Zhuo is very famous,

he's ranked fourth on the Lang Ya list.

I've also met your brother Zhuo Qingyao.

He is a very taleneted person.

Yes his Tianquan swordsmanship is much better than mine.

-Prince, I'll announce your presence.
-No need.


Jingrei, in the battle

don't force yourself, just do your best.

I know that I can't beat him,
but I'll try to wound him.

-So it gives the princess a chance.


Is this Suzhe, Mr. Su.

-I am Suzhe.
-Ok, no need to be polite.

I want to ask, how are you going to deal with
Bai Liqi, need help?

So are you saying that I have to deal with Bai Liqi.

Of course, you chat with my sis,
and oversaw the written test.

If you won't deal with it, who will?

-If its this way, then I'll
-Ok, ok, okay.

No need to be polite, lets go.

If you can't deal with it,
then I can only get someone to beat him up

Summon Suzhe into the hall.

Greetings your highness.

You are the one that the princess recommended to me?

That is me.

Get up.

The princess' written exam has been appointed to you

Working for the imperial court,
although you have no status

you have honorary respect,

-and no longer a commoner.

Beside the princess,

set up a seat for Su.


Thank you your highness.

I heard that it's very lively in the Wuying hall today.

Too bad we don't get to see it in person.

That Bai Liqi from Nothern Yan,

we don't even know how ugly he is.

It really makes one worried for the princess.

These matters will be dealt by his majesty.

Noble consort, you worry too much.

I heard that the empress advocated for

Liao Tingjie from the Marquis of Zhongsu.

So I thought we could discuss this,

I didn't think that its now an ouside matter.

I'm not too worried about Bai Liqi,
he's just a ruffian.

I'm sure my brother can deal with it.

We only need to think about the princess' dowry.

The princess' heart is too hard to understand.

After painstakingly picking out ten people,

they have to pass another round under her.

What if, the princess doesn't choose any of them?

Then theres's no point thinking about dowry.

From what I see, the princess is a girl

we can't allow her to continue to be capricious.

is that right empress?

Ok . It's okay. Sit down

After three rounds of wine,
just sitting here is boring.

Since these ten are all warriors from miles away,

might as well use this time,

to again have some to learn from each other.

Prince Yu, your words aren't right,

In the imperial court, how can we raise our weapons?

Furthermore, father emperor is here.

I believe that...


Father, I think...

A contest would be most suitable.

My two sons,

your words match what I want.

Everyone, take an opponent.

But remember to watch your actions,

Your highness, I am Xiao Jingrei,

I am willing to contest with warrior Baili.



Your highness, Jingrei normally uses the sword.

Catch the sword.

Hold it!

Change, the swirling wind

A chaotic time

The snowy cliffs and our minds

Burning fire, clears grasslands

Sharp swords, brings red

Unintended words

The enemy is weak, but the prode remains

An ice heart, breaks a long night

fighting for justice, the iron is cold

A scheme in mind, it's hard to see

Our country like gold, like my heart said

The mountains shrink, who can fix the sky

The long sword, yesterday's youth

A lonely shadow, cannot see the smoke

A life saved, for the young ones



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