Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 20 - Episode #1.20 - full transcript

Jing Rui's birthday party is interrupted with a challenge and a revelation that will sever ties between the Xie and Zhuo families.

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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 20

The banquet is going be held at Linglin Hall.
Please be careful when placing the dishes.

- Right, did you finish setting up the fruit platter?
- It's done.

Alright, continue your work then.

Oh, on what basis is that during your birthday
you can roam around freely?

And I have to work so hard.

No, that can't be right. Half of your presents
should be shared with me.

No need for only a half of my presents,

whichever that second brother likes, just take it.

It's so rare to see you in such clothes.
Look at this new garment, embroidered in swirling patterns.

It's even threaded with gold! It must be made by Aunt Zhuo.


Big brother, nothing else needed to be said,
just on how you are willing to wear it.

You really, really are more filial than I am.

That's enough from you for now!
My mother does make clothes that are a bit too frivolous.

But, its not as bad as what you said.

Young Master,

The Princes Royal and Mrs Zhuo is requesting for your presence.

Alright, I know.

Remember, when I come back, give me half of your presents.

- I won't forget.
- I'm leaving.

Elder young master,

Young Master Yan and Miss. Gong has arrived.

Today, I really benefited from your presence.

Or else when has this person ever come out to receive me.

It was always me going in to find him by myself.

Miss. Gong, as a lady arriving,
I am sorry for not receiving you earlier.

- Please come in.
- Oi, did you see me?

-You are invited in as well.
- You didn't even say sorry for not receiving me earlier.


Young Master Yan, I am sorry for not receiving you earlier.

The two of you really have a good relationship.

Aiyah, it's always me tolerating him.

If we weren't friends, it would have come to blows already.

Are you sure you can beat me in a fight?

Alright already, let us allow Miss.
Gong inside quickly.

-Mocking me?
-So what?

Then I'll go and play with Xiebi.

Miss Gong, please.

The dinner banquet is still some time away.

so I'd like to invite Miss Gong to the inner courtyard
to meet my mother.

I may have been officially invited,

but I am still just a yiji*, here for the night's entertainment
TN. yiji - hostess, entertainer

The Princess royal is a noblewoman,
how dare I meet her?

Although mother is a bit aloof to other people,
she is not an arrogant person.

In addition, she loves music,
and have heard about your reputation.

Mother had said: "Today when Miss Gong arrives,
you must led inside, to let me see her."

Since it is so, I will respectfully meet her.


Your highness, it is already the hour of You (5pm-7pm).

Mei Changsu should have departed for the
house of the Marquis of Ning.

Then let us also bolster our spirits, and be well prepared.

Commander Meng has arrived!

My son's small banquet had brought the arrival of
the Commander,

this humble abode has really been graced.

No, not really. Marquis you are too kind.

- This is..., this should be Master Zhuo.
- Ah

It is nice to meet you, Commander Meng.

Although Master Zhuo frequents the Capital,

but the Marquis is a Nobleman and we have little interactions.

Such that we are only officially acquainted with each other today.

I have long admired your grace and demeanor,

today's meeting is a great fortune in my life.


Commander Meng.

Marquis. Commander Meng.

When did Officer Xia Dong arrive?

I didn't even know about it!

Jingrui, you didn't even inform us.

-Marquis, you really know how to joke.

I obviously went directly to the inner courtyard
to greet the Prince Royal.

Unless the marquis does not think I am a female guest?

Officer Xia Dong really knows how to joke around.

Su Zhe, Mr. Su has arrived.

Mr Su has arrived.

Present from Commander Meng.


Yujin, what are you looking at?

I am looking at what present Brother Su has given to Jingrui.

Aiyah, come out quickly.

unless you want people to wait for us.

Yujin, Xiebi.
Be quick, we're all waiting for the two of you. Let's go.


What is this?

What goodies have you found this time?
Jingrui is always getting pushed around.

Every time there's something good, if it's not taken by Xiebi,

then it's snatched by you.

Does that need to be said?
Sister Dong your small ornament is really stingy.

Yujin, you are babbling again.
Sister Dong willingness to come is already quite gracious of her.

We of the Xuanjing Bureau are impecunious,
so our gifts cannot be compared to other nobles.

The set of horse tack you gave is equivalent to
one month of my pay.

Brother Su, what is this?

It smells like medicine.

I left in quite a hurry, so I just brought
10 heart-protecting pills with me.

Heart-protecting pills?

Mr Su, you are actually giving him heart-protecting pills?

And you even gave him 10?

This gift seems to be too valuable isn't it?

- Brother Su...
- Is this that valuable?

No, no, no. Brother Su, you are too biased.

Giving Jingrui such a valuable present, what a waste.

You never gave me any gifts.
You clearly like me the best right?

What are you ranting about?
Your mid-July birthday is not even here yet.

What mid-July...
It's 7th day of July. 7th of July, sister Dong.

Mid-July and 7th day of July is not a big difference.

It is a significant difference.

Okay, okay. Yujin, you can stop your arguments now.

Regardless of everything, Jingru is also part of the Pugilist world,

he's often out and about.

You are a person who stays in the capital city often.

These heart-protection pills are, really not useful to you.

-That's right. Give it to me.

-Jingrui ah.

- Why are you letting the guests stand,

- Quickly offer them seats, and pour wine.

-Come on.
-Commander, please take your seat.

Brother Su, Yujin, please sit down too.

My son's hour of birth is graciously attended by everyone here.

I am really humbled by your presence.

This cupful of wine represents respect and appreciation.
I will drink it first to show my respect.


Since it is a private banquet, everyone please don't be too formal.

I must admit I'm not good at accommodating guests.

So everyone, please help yourselves, like as if you're at home.

Commander, this first cup of wine,

I would like to toast it to you.

Marquis Xie.

Marquis you said, to treat this place like our own house.

Is that correct?

Those words are naturally true.

What was the intention behind that question, Officer Xia Dong?

I would like to say that,
in my house I am usually reckless and uncouth.

So if there is any rude behavior,

I hope marquis you will not take it to heart.

Officer Xia Dong is straightforward like a man,

- how could I be offended?
- Well then,

I have long admired Master Zhuo's impressive
skills in martial arts

Today I have the fortune to meet you,
I hope you can enlighten me.

That was really spectacular.

Both of you please take a seat.

Thank you.

That was definitely interesting.

Although both only deflected few moves,

but each have their own unique quality.

Strength or swordplay, both are worthy of praise.

I can consider what I have witnessed to be truly remarkable.

Striking out in front of Commander Meng,

is really like showing off to the experts.
I hope I haven't incurred ridicule.

Certainly not.

Officer Xia Dong went easy on me.

Had we exchanged a few more moves I will have
to beg for mercy.

Experts meeting each other, how can there be no wine?

Here, a toast to the two of you!

Today I have the fortune to spare with Officer Xia Dong,

I will borrow this moment for a toast to you.


Officer Xia Dong you are magnanimous.
I would like to toast you as well.

When traveling the Pugilist world I hope that you will guide me.


Are they making Sister Dong drink a lot?

Should we help Sister Dong fend off some wine?

I am not going.
If SIster Dong drinks too much,

the first one to suffer will be you.

Everyone, an elegant banquet can not be deprived of music.

We have Miaoyin court's Miss Gong Yu with us today.

Why not we ask her to perform us a tune,
to cleanse us of our boorish customs?

Good, good, good.

Marquis you have over complimented me.

Although I am not that talented,
I am still willing to provide entertainment for everyone.

Officer Xia, please.

Don't be too hasty.
We'll wait for another opportunity to test him again.

You and I are both ordered by his Majesty, to investigate the homicide outside the palace walls.

Zhuo Dinfeng must have made precautions.

These opportunities will not be too frequent.

I will perform the song 'Phoenix Courtship'. Everyone please enjoy.
TN. composed by Sima Xiangru, 179-117BC


Go knock.

Miss. Gong's rendition of "Phoenix Courtship"

is really emotional and moving.

Miss Gong really is talented,

but today is happy occasion.
Please play a livelier and joyous song.



- Informing the Marquis, we have guests outside.
- What guests?

Why are you so flustered.
Watch your manners.

Did I not instruct to refuse all visitors today?

We couldn't stop them.
They have entered.

We have agreed upon the date before,

Brother Zhuo, why are you refusing guests?

You are hiding inside Manor of the Marquis of Ning

to avoid my challenge?

Minister Yue

are you aware that this is my private residence?

Who do you think I am such that you can barge
in and act so disrespectfully.

Are you also this dismissive of etiquette in Southern Chu's Court?

Wrong accusation.

Yue Xiuze has resigned from his post as
the Court Speaker a fortnight ago.

He is just a layman in pugilist world

If you are not happy with him, do deal with him directly,

but, don't involve the imperial court of Southern Chu.

Prince Ling,

aren't you from imperial court of Southern Chu?

You also entered without notice, do you also not know etiquette?

I didn't barge in.

Let me make it clear.
We are not with Yue Xiuze.

I heard that it's young master Xiao's birthday today,

seeing it's someone I know,
I prepared a small gift and came to celebrate,

and to pay court to marquis at the same time.

We do not welcome uninvited guests,

please leave immediately before

I take any action.

Challenging you face on is the rule in the Pugilist world.

I even resigned from my post at the imperial court for this.

If you want to evade this

you should say something.

Hiding behind someone

This is not the Brother Zhuo I know.

Is it possible that after you and marquis became a family

you are no longer in pugilist world?

Zhuo Dinfeng is prepared for you,

that's why he is hid his sword art purposely.

But to fight with Yue Xiuze,

A fights between experts, there's no margin for error.

He won't be able to hide anymore once they start.

Brother Zhuo, please.

Looking at Xie Yu's reaction, he must be hiding something.

Yue Xiuze was just rude to barge in like that,

but he is not wrong in asking for a challenge.

Just a sparring match, there is no danger for either party.

But you are costing your reputation if you avoid the challenger.

Is there any reason for Marquise Xie,

to stop them today.

Brother Yue, today is my son's birthday

can we meet another day?

- No.
- Why?

My Emperor only allowed me 6 months away from the Court.

I can look for challengers during this time.

How about tomorrow?

You are not in such rush, right?

A long night brings many dreams.

Who knows what would happen tonight.

Who knows if there is tomorrow?

Since we have met today, why not we do it now.

Sparring is not that risky.

Is it clashing with your son's birthday?

Do you mean

we have to finish it this moment?

That's right!

You have gone too far.
There are many guests here to celebrate my son's birthday.

How dare you!

Marquis Xie,

this is rare opportunity to see a match been
Tian Quan and E Yun.

I don't mind.
Others can watch as well.

Officer Xia, what do you think.

I am pleased to be here too.

Of course you two don't mind.

But there are ladies here and it is not
suitable to show weapon in front of them.

- Attendants!
- Yes!

Brother Zhuo, you should know the best if I am here to challenge you or make a scene.

Accept or not, please give an answer.

Take them out!

Brother Zhuo, this is between you and me.
Nothing to do with the others!


My apology, Brother Xie

I am from pugilist world.
Brother Yue and I are on the Langya list.

I can't ignore his challenge.

But today...

Don't you worry.

I can handle it.

Ok, Brother Zhuo, please be careful.

Qing Yao!
- Father.

Bring my Tianquan sword.
- Yes.

You still refuse to fight?

Bird flying into the forest stance


Brother Zhuo, why did you do this?

Don't bother. I wasn't focus in the last act.

How's the cut?
-Why torture yourself?

Someone please get a doctor.

No need doctor. Merely a flesh wound.

Qing Yao, bring me the Jingchuang cream.
- Ok

Minister Xia, did you watch clearer?

He stop the main act

and now cut himself.

To link between Manor of the Marquis of
Ning and the murder of eunuch case

is now gone.

Brother Zhuo, I lost this time.
I will stop now.

I will wait for your challenge in future.

I have told Brother Yue that he can come to
challenge me anytime.

That is why he is here to make the scene.

Please accept my apology.

Don't mention it, Brother Zhuo.

I understand about the rules at pugilist world.

You have hurt yourself, please go inside and rest.

- Hold on.

Prince Ling Wang, what do you want again?

Report to prince, our army are on standby.

Anything over there yet?
- Nothing at the moment?

When did Yu Wenxuan entered the Manor of the Marquis of Ning.

1 hour ago.

Won't be that quick then.

-Let's wait for a while.

I am sorry to disturb everyone.

Uncle Yue, I have let you completed the wish
by completing the challenge.

It is my turn now.

My dad is hurt now.
Are you taking advantage?

I will do it!

Misunderstanding, misunderstanding.

I am not talking about any contest.

I can't fight with anyone here with my limited skill.

What I mean is,

Master Zhuo better stay here and watch.


Brother Zhuo, don't bother him.
It is better you go inside and rest.

Jing Rui,

let your dad has one care pills.

-It's with me.

He lost all his skill, the pain is in his heart not body.

He would feel the pain and injustice.

The night has not finished.
Master Zhuo should look after yourself.

Nian Nian, aren't you here for him?

Go ahead. Don't you worry. I will be here.

Gege, I am Nian Nian.

Father miss you alot.

Will you follow me return to Nan Chu?

Gege, you are my brother.

Look at me.
Look at my face.

Have a closer look.

They do look alike.

Grand Princess.
Grand Princess

Grand Princess

Follow me.

Grand Princess, Your Majesty.

This is my cousin sister Yu Wennian, duchess of Xiandai.

She is my uncle King Yu Wenlin's daughter.

Twenty years ago,
when my uncle was the ambassador in Jin Ling

Grand Princess looked after him well.

Grand Prince was pregnant that time.

My uncle didn't want to leave initially.

But couldn't stand the deceased Empress Dowager's power

All these year, my uncle couldn't forget Grand Princess.

Couldn't forget the child that you carried.

Nian Nian, you are younger generation

hurry Kow tow greeting to Grand Princess.

Nian Nian kow tow to Grand Princess

thank you for looking after my father in those years.

Your majesty Grand Princess,

You have another son.
Will you give me back my brother

so that I can bring him back to Nan Chu.

Mother, are they telling the truth?

Xiao Jinrui is the son of King Yu Wenlin in Nan Chu.

Your majesty Grand Princess,
are you going to keep the secret forever?


is that true of what they said?


Jinrui, Jinrui

Don't be afraid, Jinrui.

-I am sorry.

Can you stop talking?


Miss Gong, what is wrong with you?

Now I know the murder of my family at that time

is because of this.

What are you talking about?

Marquis Xie!

Your highness, still nothing.

Yue Xiu Zhe hasn't come out since?


It is almost the time as agreed.

Once the time is up,
we go ahead regardless whether or not anything happen.

We will hide in the alley outside the
Manor of Marquis of Ning first.

-Don't act without my instruction.

I couldn't understand why you want my father dead.

I now know.
All because my father didn't complete the job.

He was asked to killed the adulterine child.

But he killed the family Zhuo's son instead.

He didn't complete the task that you asked!

What did you say?

Good skill.

-Let her finish. Who kill my son actually?

Calm down first.

Brother Xie, let Miss Gong finish what she wants to say.

I won't let her go if she talks nonsense.

There were no scars nor bruise on the deceased baby,

except a red dot between eyebrows.
Am I right?

If Master Zhuo wants to know the details,

you should ask Your majesty Grand Princess.

Your Majesty well aware her husband was going to
kill her own son

but couldn't question him.

It was full of torment.

Fortunately there was a momo beside her at that time.

-What a nonsense! Messengers!

Qing Yao.

Brother Qing.

Eagle team stay still, calling assistant from crossbowman.

-Kill the witch here now.


Brother Xie, what are you doing!

She is spreading fallacies to deceive people.
Beheaded as per law.

Brother Zhuo, if you are protecting her

I have to act businesslike.

Brother Xie, you know what I want is

to let her tell the true story and investigate the matter.
I am not protecting her.

You are being vicious if you do this to her.

Brother Zhuo, don't force me.


Marquis Xie, have you forgotten
that Commander Meng and I are still here?

That's right.

Minister Xia, you should consider Marquis Xie's position.

Of cours he knows it is not wise for him to kill in front of you two.

But he has not other choices.


It is destined that both family will fall out tonight.

If he doesn't act now,

he won't have any chance to kill anymore in future.

Marquis Xie, do you want to kill the girl

or me?

According to federal law those involve in spreading fallacies to deceive people, kill on spot.

This lady using her music to deceive people in my manor

Brother Zhuo, this is my manor

I have responsibility to destroy her.

Commander Meng, Minister Xia

please don't get involve tonight.

Finally there is something.

They must have been fall out inside there.

He killed his son. Of course they are going to fall out.

Even Zhuo Ding Feng is too generous to hold it.

There is always a knot between them.

Xue Yu will not believe in him anymore.

Marquis Xie, let's talk peacefully.

It is not necessary to see blood today.

Minister Xia and I won't stand here and watch.

Hopefully you can think twice.

Commander Meng, Minister Xia

I won't hurt you two.

If this case brought to the Emperor

you have your own side of story, I will have my own.

We will bet who would Emperor believe in.

She and her team,

you two can't save them tonight.

He is not wrong.

A first rank marquis's household has eight
hundred regular soldiers.

That's already hard to deal with.

If the crossbowmen arrive and shoot at us,

I only can save myself. As for the Zhuo family...

I wouldn't be able to save them, even if I want to.

Li Yang, don't get involve in this.

Don't worry, I won't harm Jinrui.

If I truly wanted him dead, I would have killed him by now.

I want you to know.

I do all this for you.

Prince Ling Wang

Marquis Xie, Nian Nian is just worried about her brother.

If you don't touch him, I'll stay out of this mess.

I won't say a thing in front of your emperor in the future either.

After all, this has nothing to do with Nan Chu.

Good. I appreciate Prince Ling's favor.

The Marquis has finally remembered me?

Looks like tonight,

the Marquis wants to push me through the gates of Hell too.

That's right. Where's Fei Liu?

I wonder where Fei Liu is.

Someone finally remembered Fei Liu.

Marquis, I've been waiting for you to ask me about that.

Did Marquis not notice that I had
a personal guard when I first entered the courtyard?

Marquis! Marquis! Bad news!

Someone cut all the crossbowmen's bowstrings!



Fei Liu?
Was it fun?

It was fun!

Su Zhe, did you think that, without the crossbowmen,

I wouldn't be able to keep you all here?

The Divine Talent seems to have underestimated
this first rank marquis.


But there is a reason for everything in this world.

No matter how much Marquis struggles, everything that happens tonight is fair retribution for your actions.

You can only accept the consequences.

I don't believe in divine beings.

I've persevered through bigger storms than this.

Did you think tonight's situation could scare me?

I know Marquis is someone who doesn't respect higher powers

and lacks benevolence and honor.
What don't you dare to do?

I'm not like Marquis.
I try to avoid trouble.

Since I dared to come here tonight,
of course I made some preparations.

Prince Yu's soldiers should be waiting outside by now.

If he doesn't see me leave and hears fighting
from within your household,

he might not be able to resist storming in here to rescue me.

Do you really think I'll believe

that Prince Yu will storm a first rank Marquis's household for a mere tactician like you?

For a mere tactician like me, of course he won't.

But if by doing so he can kick Marquis from the court,

what do you think Prince Yu will do?


Go check to see if he's telling the truth. Also...

Yes, sir.