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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 02

In addition to this today
with the Northern Yan credentials

Almost all countries surrounding
have expressed their intention.

To seek marriage to Princess Nihuang.


Except for Southern Chu.

Nihuang is the general in charge of
Yunnan palace's hundred thousand troops

who have threatened Southern Chu for ten years.

Even if we lend them a hundred pieces of courage

They wouldn't dare come to Jinling

to try and marry the princess.

Of course.

Princess is not only the best general by you,

Her name has made it onto the Langya List.

This type of personality, how can a normal person match it?

So your highness, you have to worry more for her.

Nihuang has been in Nanjing for ten years
and it's been peaceful

The hundred thousand troops are loyal to her

I'm worried if we wait too long

Nanjing's general will only know Prince Mu

and not Prince Liang

This Nanjing

will become a part of the southern countryl

Mu Qing is already old enough, it's time for him to

take over the the palace of Yunnan for his sister.

It's time for Nihuang to rest.

Mengshi, Chu Army Commander..


Meng General, you are really the best fighter in the empire.


These two gentleman are special amongst the youngsters.

Even though they worked together

they couldn't make more than fifty moves against you.

Prince Yu, Marquis, you flatter me.

I did not make it hard on them on purpose,

It's because the princess is choosing a husband.

The other countries brought many masters.

My empire's disciples must stand strong.

General you are right.

Since it is a public competition, the result will affect
the face of our empire, so we must be careful.

Recently the suitors from the other countries
haven't stopped coming.

The defensive coordination between the capital and the royal palace must need adjustments.

If the Commander has time, how about coming to my residence to discuss this matter?

His Majesty has also given me orders

to communicate more with Your Excellency's patrol troops.

If so, please excuse the trouble.

Since you have business to discuss, feel free to leave.

I have to pay respects to Father as well.

Your Highness, please excuse me.

- Please excuse me.
- Go ahead.

Princess Nihuang only lost to
Commander Meng after a hundred moves.

Look at you two.
Even together, you can't make it past fifty moves.

It's a pipe dream to count on you winning the
Princess' hand in marriage.

His Majesty has already sent
Xia Dong from the Xuanjing Bureau to Bingzhou.

It's unclear if the Duke of Qing can remove
himself from this investigation.

If my trusted aid can become Nihuang's husband,

then I will gain another arm in the military.

Didn't Your Highness say that His Majesty is hasty to select a husband for the Princess

because he was afraid of her?

What do you know?

Since His Majesty is uneasy about the Princess controlling the military power in the South,

then who wouldn't consider the weight of being
the Princess' husband

when she remains in the capital after marrying?

Even the surrounding countries are
hastily sending envoys to seek marriage.

Of course the Crown Prince and I would
not let this opportunity pass by.

So that's how it is.
I am slow-witted.

Is there no news yet regarding Mei Changsu?

Mei Changsu has already left Langzhou.
Fei Changshi is working to find out his whereabouts.

He wouldn't have gone with the Crown Prince already?

Likely not. The Crown Prince's troops
arrive at Langzhou City after us.

Vanished into thin air?

Go out and play.

Go ahead.

I'm not going.

You can go yourself.
Don't go too far.

Brother Su!
Brother Su!

You're here alone?
Where's Fei Liu?

He went out to play.

You- You let him go out alone?

Even though our Fei Liu isn't high in wisdom,

his temper is good.
He'll be fine.

Brother, do you really think Fei Liu has a good temper?

This way.

Who dares to behave badly in the Marquis Manor?

Where do you think you're going?

Fei Liu, stop it.


- Commander Meng.
- Fei Liu, don't be unruly.

Jing Rui, what is going on?

Please forgive us, Marquis.

This is one of my guards.
He has always behaved badly.

He doesn't follow rules.
I will discipline him more strictly.

Mr. Su is an esteemed guest.
My household will graciously receive you.

However, we might have to change our customs a little.

Otherwise, a misunderstanding like today

might be unavoidable in the future.

Your Excellency, thank you for your generosity.

I apologize for startling the Commander
into personally stepping in.

No matter. I just saw that this young lad's moves were peculiar,

and was fooling around in your home,

while the bodyguards around your home
were completely unaware.

That's why I couldn't help but step in on behalf of Your Excellency.

Since this is a misunderstanding,
let's see today as a learning experience.

This here is...?

I am Su Zhe.
I met Young Master Xiao in the pugilist world.

By the grace of his invitation, I came to stay in the capital.

This young lad of yours has exceptional skills.

I wouldn't dare to say I would have won within a hundred moves.

To have his protection, you must be exceptional yourself.

I am nothing exceptional.

I just happened to help Fei Liu when he was in need.

He stays by my side out of gratitude.

I see.

There really are hidden dragons and
crouching tigers in the pugilist world.

I am much obliged.

Commander, this way.

Please, Commander.

Brother Su.

Even though I've heard that Fei Liu's
martial arts skills were good,

but I never thought he would be this good!

-Who was that outside?
-Commander Meng.

A first class general in charge of over
50,000 imperial guards.

On the Lanya List, only Xuan Bu from Da Yu can beat him.

Our Fei Liu was able to fight him to a standstill.

Stop exaggerating.
What standstill?

Commander Meng didn't even use his full strength,

and he already suppressed Fei Liu to the point of no escape.

No matter what, Fei Liu's skill is too shocking.

I'm afraid Father won't be able to believe that
Brother Su is a normal man of the pugilist world.

If it really can't be hidden, there's nothing we can do.

I'm not a criminal of the royal court.

Taking the name Su Zhe was to lessen the inconvenience.

From the mess that happened today,
I'm afraid we'll have our share of inconveniences.


Exactly, that Commander Meng is annoying.

What did you say?

Mei Changsu staying at your Xue Lu?

Came from Langzhou, of the pugilist world,

and knows no martial arts.

Jing Rui also calls him Brother Su.

It must be him.

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We ran in circles with people from the
Eastern Palace trying to find him,

and it turns out he already entered the city.

His style and behaviour really is far from normal.

What does he mean by doing this?

This isn't hard to understand.

Both Your Highness and the
Eastern Palace are determined to win him over.

As a sect from the pugilist world, how is he to resist?

Instead of being forced to accept an offer,

why wouldn't he enter the city first and win an opportunity?

Mei Changsu must have his own plans for doing this.

It's best to inquire further about this.

Here, make arrangements.

I will invite the Empress to see him first.

This person entered the city at a crucial time,

and overtly but quietly made residence at my household.

It's hard for one to determine if

this move was deliberate or accidental.

If it was deliberate, then that means

he already knows you're of my party,

and intentially made his alliance. If it was accidental,

then it's possible he'll turn to Prince Yu.

He harbours ill intentions,

and is backed with pugilist influence.

If this person turns to Prince Yu,

will Your Highness and I be confident in handling him?

You're meaning is...?

If not a friend, then must be an enemy.

If we can't have this person,
we cannot let him fall into the hands of Prince Yu.

He must be immediately eliminated

to prevent future troubles.

On the trip to Bing Zhou, everything is dangerous.

You're also used to doing things alone.
Be careful.

When investigators at Xuanjing Bureau are on a case,
it's always under secret orders.

This time it seems like the entire city know.
It's quite lively.

It might be a little dangerous out there,

but you can't rest easy either inside the city.

The Mu Mansion of Yunnan and the feudal princes have been observed for a long time.

How can you ignore others and preserve
your own integrity in this disturbance?

At 17 years of age, I've worn war gowns and
entered the battlefiend.

After ten years of iron and blood,
I've already lost my female heart.

No matter what kind of disturbance,

I have to bear it.

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Prince Jing looks travel-worn.

- Are you returning back to camp after changing guards?
- Yes.

During these years, you seem like you were banished.

Living in the barracks, campaigning in all directions.
It's been hard on you.

Princess, are you going on a trip?
Xiao Jingyan. Seventh Prince. Prince Jing.

Xuanjing Bureau has received royal orders

to investigate a case in Bing Zhou.
I'm here to see Sister Dong off.

Investigate a case?

This wouldn't be another big conspiracy case, would it?

I'm in a hurry to meet the Emperor.

It's been 10 years.
You're still not speaking with Prince Jing?

You saw how he was.

When the Xuanjing Bureau was investigating the Chiyan case, the evidence was undeniable.

Still now he wouldn't believe in the conspiracy with Lin.

And even now, he still doesn't believe that
Lin Xie killed my husband Nie Feng.

What would I have to say to him?

You don't believe me either.

I know you trust your Lin Shu gege.
[T/N: "-gege" is an endearing term used by females towards older males]

But when the case happened he was only 19 years old.

He had to follow his father.

It is a shame that it ruined your marriage.

No matter what,

Prince Jing has his strength of character.

If not, based on his contributions

through fighting bloody battles all these years,

he more than deserves the titles of Prince.

It's late, I should get going.

Take care.

Without a badge bestowed by the Emperor,
Your Highness cannot enter the palace.

I have already sent someone to report back to His Majesty.

- Please wait here.
- I understand.

Father, look. These words are bold and powerful.
Even though it's a work of the folk,

it has an air of excellence.
It's a worthwhile collection.

Your Majesty, His Highness Prince Jing is
requesting an audience.

What are you yelling about?

Don't you see His Majesty is busy?
Tell Prince Jing to wait outside.

It's already been an hour.

Must Your Highness see His Majesty today?

The last time we returned to the capital,

because we went home before coming to the palace,

His Highness was punished.
He knelt in front of the Imperial Tombs for three months.

Your Majesty.

Prince Jing is still waiting outside the palace.

Will you not summon him?

See, I forgot about this.
Tell him to come in.

Summoning Prince Jing into the palace hall.

Summoning His Highness Prince Jing into the palace hall.

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I am returning from the West Mountain camp.

Here is the latest military report.


Why are you so travel-worn,

and entered the palace wearing your armour?

Didn't you know you were seeing Father today?

Why didn't you return home and clean up first?

Do you consider Father at all?

I received Father's orders at the West Mountain camp

to return to the city within three days.

I rushed back and have yet to fix my appearance.

Xiao Jingyan, I am asking you a question.

I'm disciplining you for your own good,

and you dare to argue back?
Are you justified?

Jinyan has always had this temper.

Why would brother argue with him in front of Father?

Okay, okay, okay.

What are you fighting afor?

The job was well done,

but why hasn't the temper improved at all?

You haven't changed your habit on contradicting elders at will.

I'm too lazy to discipline you.
Alright, go back to your home.

I will take my leave.

What a shame. How did Jingyan missed the time to enter the palace when he returned?

It's the first of the lunar month in five days.
As always, Prince Jing

will be able to come in the palace and see you.

Still five more days.

Your Highness, bear with it.
Prince Jing has always been filial.

When it's time, he'll come to the palace for sure.

- Xiao Xin.
- Yes? Concubine Jing. Mother of Prince Jing.

The hazelnut pastry for Jingyan is ready,

find someone to bring it to him.

- Brother Su, are you tired?
- I'm fine.

Young Master and Sir are finally back.

Mister, esteemed guests have been waiting
for half an hour in the front hall to see you.

What esteemed guests?

Her Highness the Empress and
Princess Nihuang came bringing flowers.

Her Highness Princess Zhang kept
them company, and mentioned Mister.

They all want to meet him.
Mister, please come this way.

Sir, please.

Did you arrange this?

These guests were invited by Mother.
What does it have to do with me?

Mother has never even see Brother Su's face.
Why would she bring him up?

You're asking me. How would I know?

Brother Su, I'll acompany you back to Xue Lu to rest.

Tell the esteemed guests that Mister Su
has an old illness and cannot meet them.

Elder Brother, what are you doing?

The people sitting in the main hall aren't normal people.
How can you meet them at will,

or deny a meeting at will?
- I invited Brother Su to the city

to rest his body.

Ensuring that his mind is at ease was my promise.

I know Second Brother normally takes care of
the household alone.

It's hard work, and I haven't helped you much.

But no matter what, I can't treat a friend this way.

Elder Brother, you're being too serious.

The Empress simply wants to meet Mister Su.

There's no other meaning to it.

Meet him?

If it weren't for Brother Su's identify as Sir Mei of Jiangzuo,

why would the Empress want to meet him for no reason?

Also, if during the meeting the Empress drums
up the graces of Prince Yu,

how should Brother Su handle that?

Again, if the Empress presents an
unusually large reward to earn his favor,

should Brother Su accept it or not?

There is nothing moral about needlessly placing a friend

between a rock and a hard place.

Brother Xie, I cannot help you today.

- Elder Brother!
- This way.

Brother Su, please don't blame Xie Bi

He was related to the Ning imperial

it is unavoidable for him to be involved.

So, Xie Bi is working for Prince (of) Yu?

The Crown Prince and Prince Yu's fight has been
going on for many years.

Even though father is in position of high power

but he is always standing on the neutral grounds.

What's weird is that Xie Bi sided Prince Yu

and he never stopped it.

The state of the capital is chaotic

even the son's of Xie have been caught up in it,
yet the Marquis can remain neutral?

Really rare.

Yes, it's lucky that father is neutral.

I am pleased with it.

Li Yang Princess's guests are sure arrogant.

I'm sorry about that.

It seems we can't meet him.
I don't care much about this Mr. Su.

I'm more interested in his bodyguard who
was able to hold himself against general Meng.

No matter what, they are just people of the pugilist world.

It's fine not to meet them.

Nihuang princess' suitor tournament,

first round begins now.

Reporting to your highness, he/she is not here yet.

This one doesn't look good, Fei Liu, try this one.

Hey you guys, I've waited outside for you until my legs are sore

and you're here dressing Fei Liu?!

Today is the tournament's first day
the emperor will appear at Yinfeng tower.

Going early means we will be there for the bowing ceremony
what's the point.


Furthermore, the people fighting on the first day aren't that good.

We can go after midday.

I guess.

Next round. Donghai's Ye Bingkun

versus Yeqin's Gong Sunmo.



What is this?!

Lao Wei, wasn't there preliminary rounds?

Hurry, go down and get rid of these randoms.

Your highness, calm down. This is the first day
there's bound to be some that are bad.

Yujin, who is that?

He is the one who has recntly been crowned at Yunnan,
Prince Mu, Muqing

The one who is most worried about
Nihuang jiejie's suitor tournament

is not herself, but rather this little prince.

The siblings of Mu have such a good relationship,

I guess it's reasonable/

Crown Prince if you are bored,

do you want to go for a walk?

I guess, you can't sit still either

Greetings Crown Prince, Prince Yu.

Jingrei, since you have a guest,
why don't you introduce us

-This is---
-Do we still need to be introduced?

This must be Mr. Su.

-Styled and refined as expected.

For the fourteen states of Jiangzuo
to be peaceful and prosperous,

it's all thanks to your care of the place.

I've always wanted to report this to the emperor,
so he can reward you.

However, you are proud people and
have not accepted,

and we have not been able to persuade you.

I Suzhe, came to the capital with friends.

It is unrelated to the Jiangzuo Alliance,
you have misunderstood Prince Yu.

What direct words.

Mr. Su is Mr. Su, why'd you talk about all that?

I heard you have a weak body, lets not stand.

Mr. Su, please sit.

Mr. Su came to the capital to rest and relax,

where have you been to?

We've been to all the fun places,

Luosi street, the music theatre, Shangxu city, where else?

Those are all places you like to play at,

Mr. Su has more refined interests.

Why would he go to these lowly, busy places?

Mr. Su. Jinling has lots of nice scenery.

It's a pity, most have been built into the palace.

If you are interested,

please accept this token

then travelling in the future will be more convenient.

-This is.
-Oh, this is.

This is a token with the jade seal,

what are generous gift, Crown Prince.

That's good.

Then it'll be convenient for my bodyguard to move around.

I heard that Mr. Su has studied under the
previous high scholar Lichong.

I have preserved some of his drafts,

are you interested?

Which ones are they, do you have the Non-suspecting Theory?

Yes, I do, it's in my library.

If you are interested, please come to my place.

Nobody will block your entry.

Jinghuan, aren't you a bit selfish?

It's only a few books, if Mr. Su likes them,
than gift it to him.

You're making Mr. Su go all the way to your place?

If you are really much are they worth?

Give me a price, Ill buy them

and gift them to Mr. Su.

I'm worried Mr. Su will not accept, if he is willing

then I will gift them to him.

Since its your highness' collection,
I don't dare to take them from you.

Of course not, with your wisdom

if scholar Li was still alive, you'd be his first disciple.

For his drafts to be in your hands,

is the most suitable.

However, for people who respect Scholar LI, these books

are all priceless treasures.

Brother, your words about giving a price

is shameful to Scholar Li's legacy.

You... how can you talk to your brother like this?

You are too rude.

Crown Prince.

What's the matter?

The Empress Dowager wants to see you.

Empress Dowager, you're favorite children
are all here to greet you, shall we let them in?

They are all good children, let them in.


Gentleman, please wait.

We will go see an old grandma,
if she speaks to you, then answer

if she pulls your arm, you cannot shy away,
if she gives you food, then take it.

She is the most peaceful grandama on earth.

You have to be good and listen to her.

Please go in.


Greetings Empress Dowager,
may you live in peace and longevity.

Good, good, please get up.

Whose children are you?

Great grandmother, I came to see you two days ago.

I'm so handsome, have you forgotten me?

You were here two days ago?
What about you, who's child are you?

Great Grandma.

Grandma, this is my child Jingrei.

The Jingrei that was born on the Rei Mountain.

Oh, it's little Rei.

Have you married yet?

Not yet.

You must hurry.


Great grandmother, do you remember me now?

Grandma, this is my brother's child, Yujin.

He's always been impolite.

Oh, it's little Jin.

Have you married?

Yes, I have.

Good very good, do you have children?

Not yet.

-You must hurry.

What about you, who's child are you?

This must be Suzhe, Mr. Su.

I am Suzhe.

Get up, please get up.

Come over here.

Xiao Shu, come.

Come to great grandmother.


Xiao Shu, you've gotten skinnier.

Mr. Su is a famous scholar,
only you Empress Dowager

can call him Xiao Su.

Even Mr. Su is surprised.

Come, Xiao Shu.

Eat this, this is your favorite.


You come here too.


Empress Dowager.

You are both good children.

When are you getting married?

It's all our fault, we have confused the Empress.

Princess' husband hasn't been chosen yet.

It's not this child in front of you.

It hasn't been chosen?

You two, didn't you get engaged long ago.

Empress, you don't have to explain it.

The Empress Dowager will forget it in a moment.

As long as our grandmother is happy,
that's most important. guys...

Grandmother has been up all day,
she must be tired.

Get her a pillow.

Empress Dowager, Empress then we shall leave first.

Mr. Su.


Are you all going?

It's good that we came here,
the Crown Prince and Prince Yu

wouldn't still be waiting there right?

-Hope it's quiet when we get back.

Where are we? Be careful with your words.


Mr. Su please stay.

-Nihuang jiejie.

Then we will go first.

Jingrei, lets go.
Fei Liu, lets go.

Walk properly.

What can I do for you princess?

The pavilion is too boring,
it's not suitable for travelling warriors like me.

The weather is good, if Mr. Su doesn't mind,

could you walk with me?

Just then, in the pavilion.

I was considering the elders feelings,
princess please excuse my actions.

To be honest, I didn't mind.

Mr. Su migh think that as the princess

that I am so frivolous.


If it was a normal day,
your hand would have been cut off.

Mister, you are a patient man.

You are willing to just stroll leisurely with me.

Aren't you worried that the Crown Prince
and Prince Yu will be worried?

I'm here to rest and heal,
I will not be leaving anytime soon.

Teaching them some patience is not a bad thing.

The world is big and wide.

You've chosen the busiest and

the most chaotic place to rest.

To say that you don't have the heart to chase fame.

Who would believe it?

Birds will find a good tree,
people will a good leader.

I am also a traditional person.

What is it if I do have that mindset?

If it's like this, then out of the two trees

which one will you pick?

The house of Mu has always guarded the southern border

and never ask about the political matters of the capital.

Why are you interested in my future princess?

You caused trouble again didn't you.

Look at your clumsiness.

Today, I must beat you to death.

Who told you to cause trouble?

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