Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 19 - Episode #1.19 - full transcript

Envoys from Southern Chu arrive in the capital. The emperor decides to send Princess Ni Huang back to Yunnan.

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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 19

Your highness, General Meng found your secret passage

Your Highness

Looks like I didn't put the bow in the right place.

I am very sorry

I accidentally found your room's secret passage

I thought it was placed in the outer room,

how did Commander Meng end up in the inner room?

Actually, it's not strange for a Princes' room to
have a secret chamber.

But the weird thing is...

What is it?

Not long ago, Mr Su was renovating his house. When he finished,

I was lucky enough to be invited, so I had a look around.

He also has a secret chamber just like this.

The overall layouts resembles your one.

Is this a coincidence? or is it?

What are you trying to say Commander Meng?

I helped Mr. Su choose his house.

I know that the location very well

Your palace is on Qizheng Street,
Su Residence is on Changzhi Street.

Both of the places seem quite far from each other


It looks like you are here today,

not to visit your old subordinates,

but to look for slip ups.

No, No...

I just have suspicions

and wanted to verify them.

And what are you going to do after you verify them?

You have already started to make your move?

To fight for the throne

Even if I said no,

I suppose you won't believe it right?

If the answer is yes,

I am willing to support you.


Maybe it's because Sir Mei of Jiangzuo has chosen you,

I feel that you will have a better chance at winning.

Maybe it's because

compare to the Crown Prince and Prince Yu

Many of my friends

whether dead or alive,

All hope that you will win.

So, you want to stand with

- your friends.
- Yes

Your Highness, please believe in my sincerity.

Consort Jing, you have entered the palace for many years

But your rooms still have nothing extravagant and expensive

I feel it's unique and lovely.

Your highness, your face looks weary,

You must be tired.

Let's take off your outer garment

And let me massage you?

Alright, you are a doctor,

I always loved your massages.

Your were not in the Chiyan army for long,

I remember it was only a year.

- Then you were transferred to the Imperial Guards.
- Yes

12 Years ago,

No... the new year has passed

It should be 13 years now

When it happened, I at Donghai, training the army.

When I left, everything was still peaceful.

When I returned, everything was turned up side down

Until now, I am still not sure what had happened.

Meng-qing, at that time you were part of the army,

Do you know anything?

All I know is that Xie Yu was supposed to have been taking reinforcements to the Chiyan army.

But later he found that,

Prince Qi and Commander General of the Chiyan army, Lin Xie,

wanted to collude with Da Yu in order to stage a rebellion.

Xie Yu reported it to the Emperor and received the order to execute all involved.
Then at Meiling,

he massacred the entire Chiyan army.

At that time, Xuanjing Bureau had verified the evidences.

Prince Qi was sentenced to death.

His mother, Noble Consort Chen, committed suicide

Lin Manor was also searched and seized.

Wasn't there someone who defended them?

In the Court's eyes

who dares to speak up against,

an Imperial edict for the death sentence?

Within a night, Prince Qi

Nobel Consort Chen, the Lin Family

all became forbidden words.

Apart from you questioning the case a few times

after you returned,

there was no one else who dared to speak up.


No one dares to mention it

No one dares to remember them

But you remember

And a lot of other people remember

I will not believe that Prince Qi and the Chiyan
army was rebellious.

No matter how long, I will investigate it thoroughly

And prove their innocence

General Meng, the path that we are taking will be dangrous

No one knows what will happen

Are you willing to follow me?

No matter what happens,

Even in death, I will not give up.

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Your Majesty,

Your Majesty, this tea will help you sleep.

Please have some.

Consort Jing, these past years, I haven't attend you as much

In an instance, I've already grown old

There is nothing much I can do to make it up to you.

But, Jingyan is a filial son

You'll still have good fortune in the future.

You are right your Majesty,

I am already satisfied as long as there's Jingyan,


is a very filial and loyal.

If he is in the capital, on the days when he can enter the Palace,

he'll always come visit me.

As long as I get to see him, I will be happy

Jingyan is a very loyal person.

But his personality,

He is just too stubborn

In order to temper him, I didn't give him a lot of opportunities

But don't worry

He is still my son

I'll still look after him

The battle fields are dangerous,

In the future, I won't send him anymore.

Your Majesty, as long as the Court needs him

If he needs to go, he should still go

I'm not familiar with the outside world

but as a Prince, it's Jingyan's duty

to support and protect the country.

Even though, Jingyan doesn't like to publicize

But in his heart, he cares about you

If you were to shield him because of love,

and let him say unemployed in the capital and rest leisurely,

He might think you don't think highly of him

You are right

Jingyan is guileless.

No matter how much he's wrong, he won't trouble me.

While the relation of the Emperor
and his officials comes before father and son

He feels too estrange from me.

His personality is kind of similar to yours

The Dragon bore 9 nine sons, each is different.

All of your children, will not all be the same

Concubine Jing, what do you think

of Prince Yu?

I think..

Prince Yu's is very handsome and carries himself well,

He is a very dignified Prince

I am not asking about

his appearance

Please forgive me

I don't really know much about Prince Yu

I have only heard what people have said

That he is a virtuous prince

What do women of the Inner Palace know of virtuousness.

All those words are from the outside

Everyone is looking to his lead

in the Court discussions.

He really is 'virtuous'.

That is all due to your love toward him

When the crown prince was there, wasn't it the same?

Your highness, please drink

Even though your words had no intention

But it made me realize

Prince Yu's influence on the Court,

compared to the Crown Prince,

is much more powerful.

Concubine Jing,

You are open-minded and don't worry about anything.

I should learn from you.

Take a break,

and we lets rest.


Consort Jing, is dutiful, respectful and mindful

You are now conferred as Consort Jing. That is all.
(Fei: high rank lady of the palace).

I thank your Majesty.

Since the Crown Prince has been grounded in Guijia Palace,

you have reflected and done much self improvement.

You may move back to the Eastern Palace and
reflect on your mistakes.

To see how it goes.
That is all.

I thank your Majesty.

The Crown Prince has return to the Eastern Palace

Is the Emperor really not going to pursue

the illegal fireworks factory case?

In our Emperor's heart

it's more important to control the officials in the court

The mass's life isn't as important

- The envoys from Southern Chu should be arriving soon?
- Yes

Jingrui's birthday after all is almost here

The envoy from Southern Chu will arrive soon.
Intermarriage between two contries

is a blessing

Special command to 5th Prince of Yu be the representative

to welcome the Envoy and entourage.

I accept the task.

I am here to present the emperor's
command and cannot make the salute.

I will come and pay my respects on another day.

Please take care Gong-gong
TN. Gong-gong, title for eunuchs.

Please take care Gong-gong

Lately, it is difficult to tell what Father is thinking.

What's the deeper meaning behind these last few edicts.

Concubine Jing entered the palace for many years,

It's normal for her to rise to be a
Fei (consort) with a son who is already an adult.

Don't think too much

It doesn't matter if she is Jing Pin of Jing Fei

I won't think about it too much

But father has only sentence him to reflect in the Eastern Palace

looks like want to favor him, at the mean time he still grounded.

Now command me to handle the intermarriage with Nan Chu

but it said to represent the King

I have no idea what does it mean.

Be the King's representative

Not every Prince can do it.

It means you are still loved

This time Nan Chu enter to the city

it looks like to discuss their princess' marriage next year

but the King has made up the mind to arrange
Prince of Ning to marry the Princess

What is else is there to talk about.

All relevant matters are in accordance to rules

We should think from the rules

Nan Chu's prince is coming along

if follow Da Liang's rules,

it's the highest honor of welcoming

Crown of prince should be the one welcoming them

That is true. This coincidence,

The King hasn't even let the Crown Prince out yet.

He is yet to be forgiven.

In my opinion, this command

is showing your identity

that you are more honor than other princes.

Brother Xian, have we arrived to Jin Ling

Yes we have arrived. Right in front is Jin Ling.

So this is Jin Ling.

Brother Xuan, Do you think this time will we be able to...

Don't worry, when we get there didn't Priest Chen already say

Your wish will come true.

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This is the list of present from Nan Chu Country

Nan Chu take the initiative befriend with us.
It is a fortune or misfortune?

How long has Nihuang been here?

Not even a year yet.

Not Yet

Maybe half a year

She left Yun Nan too long

That's right. Southwest area is important

Nan Chu has wild ambition to that area

The duchess hasn't return to take care of things

The officials of the court are concern

It's time for her to go back.

But, I can't just let two people

Go back home.

Your majesty is wise

Nan Chu's envoy just recently arrived to the Palace

The King wants me to return to Yun Nan

Since Nan Chu's envoy has arrived to the capital

The King must be suspicious

If you are not in Nan Jing, he won't be assured

The decree states, Mu Qing just inherited the title

The Grand Dowager Empress can't bare to let him go

So he wants me to go but leave Mu Qing here.

So he is using Mu Qing as a hostage

In our King's heart

There is no one he can trust

Qing'er was so angry

At the Mu Manor, there are people waiting and upset

If it was me, I would be so cold

Compare to him, I can still stay firm and calm still.

You stood alone taking care of the Mu Manor for many years

Of course you can endure and stay calm

But you are still concern of Xiao Qing, right?

I won't let anything happen to him.

Don't worry.

Brother/Mr. Su

I will be going

I don't know when I will see you again

In the capital, the mu family has other family ties

This yellow ridge jade was given to me by my father

As long as one have this, Qing'er must abide the orders

Today, I am giving this to you

I do not know,

The King only wants to control

He doesn't mean to do anything else

Xiao Qing is a very smart child

When you arrive back to Yun Nan

You have to take care of yourself

Don't miss him to much.

Lin Shu Ge Ge, (Ge Ge = Brother, or endearment of a male)

Don't you know who I will miss the most?

Of course I know.

I want to grab onto your hand and leave this place

Leave the capital, leave everyone behind

Together, we can go to Yun Nan

Live carefee among the mountains and rivers

I'm tired of being a duchess

I also don't want you to be Mei Chang Su

I just want

You are only my Lin Shu Ge Ge

Winds blowing from the West in this cold
rainy night on the mountain

My home and my country still present in
my fragmented dreams

Missing you so much.
And not seeing you is causing me to miss you more.

Separation is so difficult to bear,
but I am still suffering our separation.

When will the smoke and fires from the war end?

Battles for thrones and boundary conflicts
kept flowing to the East

I've also been looking forward to this day.

I couldn't stop the tear

Imagine that I can be Lin Shu

River and mountain remain the same but
beauty has turned old

Couldn't bear the separation

Separation is so difficult to bear,
but I am still suffering our separation.

Couldn't bear the separation

Hurry and take a look


Miss Gong Yu

Miss are you alright

Hurry and bring her into the room


Chief, everything has progress well according to plan

How is he/she?

Are you asking about Xie Yu? He isn't dead yet.

I'm asking about Gong Yu's injury?

Her injury isn't deep.
Don't worry, Chief.

Then please have Mr. 13 take care of her.


Sister, I can't bare to let you go. Why don't you just stay.

Your already all grown up, why are you speaking like a child.

You already have become an adult

There are some things, I don't need to say anymore

I'm sorry for having everyone see me off.
Thank you very much.

Take care sister Ni Huang...

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Family Mu has guarded the South area for generations.

Has been in grudge with Nan Chu for hundred year.

This is Duke Ling who at this time dares to come here

He has a lot of courage

Nan Chu's Yu Wen Xian is nice to meet you Duchess

Duke Ling are you heading out of the capital?

I came personally to greet you and send you off.

You already have greeted her off, you can go now.

This is...?

So this is Duke Mu. I have not seen yet.

The people of Chu, only knows Duchess Ni Huang.

We don't know any Duke Mu

You already have your sister to battle in the war.

Duke Mu is very bless

What do you like to do most?
Sewing right?

You also look unfamiliar to me.

I have been on the battle grounds, I have never seen you before

You must not fight in battle and probably

You are sewing flowers too.

I've always been a lay low prince

But the young prince Mu

has never appeared at the war field.

If this isn't blessing, then what is it?

I am very envious of him.

After I have ranked my sister can leave the job with me

If you are really a man, lets us meet each other in battle

You're already angry.
Right now Chu and Liang is at peace with each other.

Where will we have the opportunity to fight each other?

Even if we don't have a ware

I already said, I won't go into battle

So this only applies to you Duke Mu.

Prince Ling Wang

Young Prince Mu just turned adult and be ranked

he will definitely appear at war field

You have said that you won't lead any army

When young prince is leading an army to war

you will still be stay at home.

If think this way

you should be envious of him.

That's right.

Let's compete now.

If you can't do it, get your men down.

I can fight with your men.

Our style is different with yours

we prefer act than talk

You better follow our rules and talk less

Let's compete.

Dang Liang's men are distinguished and admirable

you two looks like a gentleman

why being so rough like Northern people

Keep want fighting when in disagreement

I dare you!

We are here to say goodbye to Duchess.

It will bring disrespect to Duchess if we fight.

You should talk less

Sis, let's go to the pavilion

and ignore this fella that only talks but a coward.

First son of Xiao family

I have a friend very admire of you.

Would like to have a match with you.

Prince Ling Wang is weird. He keep changing target.

Unsure who is main target.

I am waiting here.

Thank you.

Nian Nian, Mr Xiao has agreed.

Your turn.

Prince, have you met the Nan Chu's duchess?

It was fortunate father asking me to welcome the
Nan Chu ambassadors

It would be awkward if I greet the lady.

What do you think?

I think from her appearance

the news from Nan Chu's merchants said are true

How about the Empress?

She still remember.

Many years ago the Nan Chu's ambassador

did have feeling towards to aunt Li Yang

After he left

aunt Li Yang begged the Empress that time

let her leave with him

But dunno why shen then married to Xie Yu.

Mother has not idea why.


I have another news.

What kind of news?

Last night, I rescued a person at Hong Xiu Zhao


Gong Yu from Miao Ying Fang

You wouldn't know

what's her true identity.


With these hidden secrets

we can overturn Xie Yu.

We should tell Mei Chang Su

so that he can help me plan.


You have lose 3 times. You can't have melon today.

Xiao Su

Brother Meng, are you looking for me?

Duchess is return home to Yun Nan.

I am here to see you.

Chief, have a look at this.

This is the bottle that carved by Master Huo
that rarely be seen in palace.

- Inside are the care pills that you asked
-10 pills.


What do you need this for?

This is Jin Rui's birthday present.

You have decided

to destroy Xie Yu at Jin Rui's birthday party?

I have plan this

everyone is at the designated place.

We need to destroy Xie Yu

I shouldn't hesitate.

Why are you in hesitation?

Someone will be hurt

To destroy him, the innocents will be hurt.

I can't think of any better plan.

There's no perfection in this world.

Don't think too much.

Fei Liu

Brother Meng

Jin Rui is the most innocent person in this.

Too bad

that the best medicine in the world can only save lives

I am Xiao Jin Rui.

Nan Chu's duchess Yu Wen Nian.

- Please.

That is Yue Nan Jian.

She is the deciple of Yue Xiu Ze

Yue Xiu Ze is one of the ambassadors?

I am not aware of that.

Yue Xiu Ze is not ordinary master hand in pugilist world.

He is one of the Commanders in the Nan Chu's palace.

Noble identity

If he is in the team, his name should appear on the list.

But his name is not on the list, mean he is not here.

Yue Xiu Ze rank the 6th of Lang Ya Bang this year.

I heard he defeated the 5th.

His next target must be the Tianquan manor

Zhuo Ding Feng.

I am sure he is here.

Thank you.

Sir Xiao is adept in the Tian Quand sword style

whilst I'm still unfamiliar with the E Yun sword style

Today, I lost to you

not that my sword style lost to yours.

Please tell your father don't forget the promise.

My master has arrived Jin Ling and will visit him soon.

I will pass the message.

Mr Xiao.

Nian Nian, let's go.

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Jin Rui,

What promise?

Father Zhuo and Yue Xiuzhe

have fought twice.

Even if there is a promise to fight again

it's not strange.

Yue Xiuzhe is a high rank minister of Nanchu

He entered with the party but did not show himself

which means he didn't come for work.

He just wants to challenge those ranked higher
on the Langya list.

Considering Chief Zhuo has been a part of the puglist
world for many years

receiving many challenge letters

is not unusual.

I'm not worried, E Yun and Tian Quan style
are very different

Furthermore, Yue Xiuzhe may have improved,

but Father Zhuo has been practicing too.

I just think Nian Nian is strange, why did she come here

to battle me?

Why is that weird, she's E Yun sword style's inheritor

and you are Tian Quan sword's inheritor

Her master has always wanted to fight Chief Zhuo

Coming to see Tian Quan's sword techniques

is reasonable.

A pity I'm leaving today

and can't watch the Tian Quan versus E Yun battle

Please send me a letter about the results.

Of course.

Don't worry sis, it won't be long

before the emperor lets me go back,
no need to miss me.

Yunnan is not the edge of the world,
we will see each other soon.

Everyone, thank you.

-Dong jie.

I heard that you invited Commander General Meng
to your birthday.

Yes, we were chatting about it at the Su house

Commander General Meng said he wanted to come

so I had to send him an invitation.

Since you are inviting him, what about me?

Dong jie, you want to go to?

Dong jie!

Can't i go?

You can.

Of course you can.

Master, Prince Yu is here.

After planning so long, we've finally got him to come.

Invite him to the study.

Sir Yan, you are her.

Is Lady Gong ready?

The Lady is already prepared.

Please sir.

-SIr Yan.
-Lady Gong.

You are a trustworthy person,
to have you as a guest for Jingrui's birthday

would make half the city envious.

You flatter me.

Thank you very much for coming personally to pick me up.

No no, to be a cavalier is a rare chance.

Anyway, Jingrui and Xiebi cannot beat me.

Sir Yan, you are always so witty.

The cart is ready, please.