Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 18 - Episode #1.18 - full transcript

Chang Su convinces Princess Ni Huang and Commander Meng to back Prince Jing. Minister He's son's case throws the Ministries of Justice and Personnel into shambles.

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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 18

Ministry of Personnel...

Ah, so it is indeed you who found it.

Mr. Su thank you for such a precious gift.

Just a small game, you are welcome.

Where are the others?
Are they still looking?

Of course, I was going to call them,

but Brother Chun didn't allow it.
So we came back secretly.

Oh, I didn't know Brother Chun has such a youthful heart.

The young lady that came with your
Highness does not seem like an ordinary person.

Why, did she affront you Duchess.

On the way back, we saw her looking
for the treasure in the south wing.

Every movement was precise.
Brother Chun had one look

and said that she knows the art of hidden mechanisms.

She won't be able to find the music score,

but perhaps she can find some other treasures.

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Brother Chun, cheers,

Thank you Mr. Su.

Sis, you are so unkind.
You didn't tell us when you found it.

If that Brother Li Gang didn't come tell us,
we'd still be running around.

That is mine.

See, I knew Yujin would be unhappy

Looks like it.

What is it?

This is Fei Liu's collection, it's his treasures.


What happened to this eagle?

Who found it?

It's all my fault, I broke Fei Liu's treasures.

How bout this, I'll go find some interesting toys,

and send a whole box over to Fei Liu?

No need, no need.

It's my fault, I've spoiled him too much.

I hope your Highness would not mind.

Of course not, my subordinate was not careful.

Su Residence

Brother Su, it's April,

Brother Su, it's April, the flowers are in full bloom,

Jingrui and I will be going on a Spring outing tomorrow,
do you want to come?

My body gets weak and sluggish in the Spring,
and I won't feel like moving.

Alright, then I shall bring back a sprig of Spring for you to enjoy.

- Good bye
- Take care

Chief, you've been with guests all morning.

- you should rest inside.
- You think every one has left?

Who's left?

The two of you left from the front door
and came back by the back pretty quickly.

I can't believe you played this game in front of
Qin banruo and Xia Chun.

You scared me half to death!

Qin Banruo and Xia Chun are both experts at
hidden mechanisms.

And you just let them search anywhere in the house.

This game was specifically designed for them.

If both Qin Banruo and Xia Chun couldn't find the secret passage, then it's really a secret passage.

This secret passage leads the Prince Jing's palace.

You need to be careful.

I redid the whole secrete passage.
Even if Xia Chun discovered it,

he'll only see a secret room,

If I wasn't certain, I wouldn't risk it.

You are thoughtful so there should be no problem.

Brother Meng,

the secret passage has been built, do you want to come with me,

to visit Prince Jing?

Okay. The secret passage is cold

Take this, lets go.

What is it?

Commander, are you just going to accompany Brother like this?

What if Prince Jing asks you why you're with Mr. Su

How are you going to answer?

He doesn't know? I thought he knew.

He knows that we are acquaintances but not how well we know each other.

If I came with you, from this secret passage,

if you were Prince Jing, wouldn't you want to check and figure out the reason?

Then, I'll say,

you've helped me before. I'm repaying your kindness.


Oh how bout this.
You threatened me and I have no choice.

Do you think he's you? So easy to trick.

- I
- You're the Commander of the Imperial Guards,

the strongest warrior in Da Liang, commanding 50,000 Imperial Guards.

Are you going to just obey an 'adviser'?

If you weren't someone I trust completely

how could I have told you about this secret passage?



You should just tell him everything.

You should just tell him that you're

That's what I'm most worried about.

There will be more and more interactions with Jingyan from now on.

I implore the two of you,

no matter what the situation, do not tell him

who I am.

When you asked the other day, I thought you were

actually interested in seeing what his garden looks like.

I can't believe you went to look for secrets in their house.

Why didn't you tell me earlier.

I just feel that Mei Changsu wouldn't

just be renovating to get a prettier garden.

So what if it wasn't for a better garden.

He makes a few secret chambers and compartments,

how's that going to affect us?

Are they able to hide soldiers in there?

I was truly only going to congratulate him on the new place,

but with the way you acted, it seems like I had other intentions.

What is Mr. Su going to think.

I was wrong your Highness,

I will serve any punishment.

Never mind,

Mei Changsu came up with the game himself and you never said you wanted to play.

Thinking back on it, this game

it's really about testing me, and avoiding suspicion.

If I had realized it then, I wouldn't have let you wander off as well.

I am small minded and have troubled your Highness.

You went out for about an hour, did you find anything in the house?

Your Highness is correct. I found several secret chambers and compartments.

There was a lot of detailed information on the officials in the Court.

From this, it seems that Mei Changsu has prepared for a long time,

to partake in the matters of the Court.
And was not forced by assertions of Langya Hall.

Naturally so.

Langya Hall's assertion is a 'review' not a 'prediction'

If Mei Changsu did not have the intention,

or the talent to control the Court's sway,

Langya Hall would not list him.

Your Highness's experienced is unparalleled.

I hope you'll advise me.

You, you are smart.
Just need to look at the big picture.

Then there's isn't much that I can advise you on.


Why must you carry the burden by yourself!

If you tell everything to Prince Jing, I'm sure he'll

He'll ruin things.

How can that be.
He's co-operating very well already.


Prince Jing's determination to take the Crown is still strong.

No matter what I say, he'll still listen.

Even though some plans might go against his nature,

he hasn't refused.
Do you know why?


Because he has no distractions.

He only has consider whether the things I say are

beneficial to his goal. That is all.

As for how these things will affect Mei Changsu,

he does not have to care.

But has soon as he realizes that Mei Changsu is Lin Shu

before he does anything,

he'll try to protect me.

If he has all sorts of concerns, how is he to succeed?

You should know what I mean.

After knowing who I am,

there are many things that you can't help but be concerned.

Isn't that right?

Brother, I never wanted to cause trouble.

By not telling him,

I will also feel a bit more relaxed.

I grew up with him together, we know each other too well.

I'll be more free to scheme as Mei Changsu.

But that day, you were clearly angry as well.

Which day?

The day the factory exploded.
Prine Jing actually thought,

that Brother gave Prince Yu the idea.
I got angry as soon as I heard it.

I know you were annoyed but just didn't show it


Of course you'll be angry with the way he's looking at you.

There's nothing wrong with the way he's looking at Mei Changsu.

The fight for the Crown will be dangerous.
If we are emotional,

then we'll make mistakes. When that happens,

do you know how many people will die?

I understand.

I'll be more careful in the future.

It won't matter if Prince Jing knows or not,

as long as I'm around, I won't let you be hurt.

That right, doesn't matter if Prince Jing knows,

you've got us! We'll look after you.

Your Highness, have you ever heard about her
Majesty talk about,

the Prince from Southern Chu

who was sent as a hostage to Jinling over 20 years ago?

A hostage from Southern Chu?

Yes, I've heard.

It happened over 20 years ago,

why did you ask about it suddenly

Recently a trades man from Southern Chu arrived,

when he was chatting to the girls in Hongxiuzhao about the past,

there were things which were related to the Marquise of Ning.

There was an issue.

At the time, Aunt Liyang fell in love with

that hostage Prince.

At the time, this cause quite a scandal

in the Capital.

It really happened.


But no one knew why, that as soon as the hostage Prince left

Aunt Liyang suddenly married Xie Yu,

who was only a low ranking officer in the army at the time.

After which, this Official Xie,

rose quickly through the ranks,
and became Marquise General of the 1st rank.

He used his status as his Majesty's brother-in-law,

and the Chiyan case

to become a trusted adviser to the Emperor.

This Marquise Xie really has some abilities.

No one ever talks about this anymore?

Just past stories of the older generation,

who has the nerve to bring it up?

Xie Yu is the Eastern Palaces' most trusted adviser,

and your Highness' strongest enemy.

We need to find his weakness.

Aunt definitely didn't marry Xie Yu willingly

But no matter the exact circumstances,

they've been married for over 20 years,

and have 3 children.

It'll be hard to get to Xie Yu through her.

It's not that easy

to bring down Xie Yu.

The trader from Southern Chu

said some interesting things.


your Highness would like to listen?

Tell me.

Xiao Jingrui!?

While Brother might admonish me,

I still want to say it.

Prince Jing not good at power play or autoschediasm.

It'll be very hard to help him onto the throne.

These shortcoming will become his valuable qualities

once he ascends the throne.

Da Liang had never feared for
Emperors who are harsh or suspicious by nature

or those who only knew power play?

Some of the things his Majesty did these years,

really could not bear watching.

His Majesty is suspicious by nature

but never to this degree.

The worst is the Crown Prince and Prince Yu,

they didn't pick up anything good,

instead they think playing with people hearts,

is the canon of governance.

The two of you are in the Court often so you should know.

In these years, the Civil Ministers do not think of governance,

the Civil Ministers do not think of governance,

the Martial Officers do not think of battle.

Everyone is trying to guess what his Majesty's intentions are,

to consolidate and keep their powers.

It's only because Da Liang had deep foundations

that we are able to sustain it.

But if the next Emperor is like this as well,

the nations' power will drain away,

and crumble into chaos.

When you talk about these things,

my heart feels as if it's been scaled by fire.

When Prince Qi was still alive,

ordering the Court,

castigating the bad and extoling the good.

The Court was nothing like what it is today.


after Meiling

all the good people under Prince Qi were dispersed.

Those that managed to survive,

some lost their morals,

some never got a chance to speak out.

The only one who've managed to
perpetuate Prince Qi's strength of character,

is Prince Jing.

Jingyan grew up with Prince Qi and learnt alot from him.

He is naturally different from others.

With the state of the Court,

it's a bit difficult to help him onto the Throne,

but once he succeeds,

with his firm will, his strength of character,

he will become a wise Emperor

If Brother believes in him, then I believe in him as well.

Prince Jing will be a good Emperor.

With you watching over him, there's no way he won't be good.

Because of this, I cannot share

the burden of somethings with him.

I am someone who has crawled out of hell,

poison has seeped deep into my bones,

just let me be the one to do those insidious and vicious deeds.

I must preserve Jingyans' heart.

Sister Hui, you need to continue the same prescription as before.

We are not young,

you must be careful with problems in your waist.

I have no intentions of distressing myself,

but her Majesty is at the height of rectifying the Inner Palace,

I dare not slight her in the least.

Have you heard?

Next month, an envoy from Southern Chu
will be coming to seek a marriage alliance.

Southern Chu?

They want to form a marriage alliance with Da Liang?

But there is no Princess of an appropriate age.

We have Princes

I heard that Southern Chu will like to marry one of their Princess.

I wonder which one of our Princes will be chosen.

Does his Majesty have a perference?

No, not yet.

I've never heard this, Princess of an enemy state,
to be any where as good as Duchess Nihuang.

Marrying her,

might not necessarily be a good thing.

The Crown Prince, Prince Yu, they have the favor of his Majesty,

of course they won't be considered.

Then the only ones left will be yours and my son.

Perhaps it's my son Jingting, or Jingli,

or it could be your son Jingyan.

His Majesty will obviously decide on the marriage alliance.

Then again,

they need to have the Royal Diviner match their date of birth.

That also true.

There isn't much hope for our sons.

Just let his Majesty decide on this.

Su-gege, Su-gege, Su-gege

What is it?

Someone's knocking.


Quick, help me up.

Mr. Su, please excuse the late hour,

My Lord.

It's before dawn and still dark,
I wouldn't have visited if I had time.


I'm a light sleeper, it's no matter.

Father ordered me to oversee the defense rotations at Xishan.

We'll be leaving at dawn and return in 3 days.

So I can only disturb your rest.

Answering your summons is my duty,

there is no disturbance.

What is the urgent matter?

Yesterday, when I visited my mother in Palace, I heard that

Southern Chu wanted to form a marriage alliance.

I see, Consort Jing does not want you to be chosen.

You are correct.

Is there some way to avoid it?

Chu people believe in divination. Prior to settling on a marriage, they'll want the Royal Diviners to check the birth dates.

As long as your birthday is not a good match to their Princess

even if his Majesty chose you,

the Chu envoy will not allow it.

Are there people in the Ministry of Worship that
takes orders from you as well?

Not taking orders,

but there's just some things I can influence.

When Mr. Su first came to the city,

you gave people the impression that you were
forced by your fame,

and by the Crown Prince and Prince Yu.
But looking back on it now,

you planned ahead and came well prepared.

It's a goal of many people to help their home and country,

I have the talent and am unwilling to waste it in
the Pugilist world.

If I hadn't prepared well, I wouldn't have given up on the shortcut that was Prince Yu and the Crown Prince,

and instead, help you wholeheartedly.

This is something I never understood,

What do you not understand?

You are one of the smartest people,

why have you so ardently chose me?

Is it really because by supporting an unfavored Prince

you'll be relied on more and get more status?

Why not?

You care about Tingsheng so much,

so I've always wanted to ask you,

did you know my eldest brother?

His Highness Prince Qi?

When I was young, I wanted to work under Prince Qi,

but it's a shame that this wish,

will never come true.


Sis? Sister, Sister~

Stop calling, can't you be more civilized.
Always so brash.

What are you doing?

I don't have a chance at learning that, your sister might.

What is it, tell me.

The edict for the prisoner exchange case has been finalized,

this is the draft, do you want to know what the sentence was?

How were they sentenced, quick read.

You were never interested in Court issues,

why do you want to know now?

Previously it's because we weren't in the Capital,

Now, we need to know what we need to know.

Read quickly.

He Jingzhong, Minister of the Ministry of Personnel is charged with forming cliques to seek personal gain, and will be removed as Minister.

Considering that the crimes were committed for his son, he is to be demoted to a clerk and sent to Yue province.

His son He Wenxin will remain in prison.
Original verdicts to be upheld.

Qi Ming, Minister of the Ministry of Justice is charged with disregarding human life and malfeasance, will be dismissed and imprisoned. He will be sentenced to exile.

15 official from the Ministry of Justice
implicated will serve the same sentence.

Of the 6 Ministries, these two were the most handy
for Prince Yu.

Xie Yu used one stone to kill with two birds,

He is lethal

Sister, You often say that I'm lazy and don't use my brain

So I tallied up the recent happenings in the Court,

and I think it's some what weird.

So Duke Mu can inventory the situations in the Court now.

So tell us, where is it weird?

See, the Crown Prince for starters, lost the court debate,

he also lost the Minister of Rites and Minister of State Revenue. Now he's grounded in Guijia Palace himself.

On Prince Yu side, the land grab case cost him Duke Qing,

The Empress is getting the cold shoulder. Lastly he just lost both the Minister of Justice and Personnel.

People say that power might shift, but it seems that the more they fight the less power they have

Isn't it? Don't you think it's weird?

I didn't notice, you have grown up.
Not bad.

But what a pity, that the Crown Prince and Prince Yu

Isn't as free as you are to calculate their loses.

Quite right, they'll be fighting over
openings in the Ministry of Personnel and Justice.

At worst, they'll let anyone take as long
as it's not someone in the other party.

Right now, I think his Majesty is the one who
has the biggest headache.

Your Highness, Prince Jing has asked to come see you

to report on the task you gave him.

Let him in

Summon Prince Jing.

My Lord Father,


In reply father, I went to Xi Shan to monitor the army's activity

Everything is good, nothing is abnormal

Here is the report

Alright, you have worked hard

Father, you look a bit tired, have you not rested?

You just don't know,

Because of the exchange of the prisoners,

Now the Bureau of Punishment and Civil Office is a mess.

It is giving me a headache

There is a vacancy in Civil Office,
the daily activities will be affected

If you select new officials, everything will be good

It's not that easy like what you said

Civil officer is easy to deal with,
but we only just fired an officer He Jing Zhong

The Bureau is fine for now

But the Bureau of Punishment involves a lot of
people in that crime

If we do this, half of them will be punished

This is such a mess because people are foolish

Then father, you should choose someone to take
over the position

That is the problem that I have a hard time deciding

Jing Xuan and Jing Huan has create a
problem that cannot reach a solution.

It's making having a difficult time making a decision

Jing Yan, who do you think should be the official
for Bureau of Punishment?

Father, you know that in terms of the 6 bureau,
I have never got involved before

If it wasn't for the decree to examine an invasion case

I wouldn't have known any of them

How would I know who is best to fit as an official
of Bureau of Punishment

The invasion case?

I remember now

At that time the person who wrote up the case wrote it well.

The person's name is...? What is his name?

The manager of Bureau of Punishment, Minister Cai Quan

Yes that is right, Cai Quan.

I had a good impression of him

Could he be involved with the exchange prisoner case?

That I don't know. But...

From what I know about manager Cai,

He isn't someone who would bend the law for his family or friend, he probably has nothing to do with it.

Great, his name is not listed in the case.

Good... Gao Zhai

Go and tell Cai Quan to enter the palace to meet me


You did you say?
Cai Quan

Yes, the people in the palace just brought us some news

The King has made Cai Quan a third rank offical

He will be the acting official.

And he must learn to be able to have the
ability of an Official of Bureau of Punishment.

Where he is capable and able to deal with affairs.

Who is Cai Quan?

How can he suddenly appear?

Is he apart of the Eastern Palace?

I already checked thoroughly

Cai Quan is a manager of Bureau of Punishment

He is a bit stubborn and weird, and doesn't know a lot of people

He doesn't work for the Eastern Palace

This person has neither us or other supporting him

He doesn't depend on either of our sides

Maybe this is father's only choice

Choosing someone who is on neither said to judge

Since the King has already decided

This is probably won't be the worst outcome.

No matter what, it's better than having
the people at the Eastern Palace oversee this.

Continue to investigate on Cai Quan, and see if there is a way

To pull him onto our side.

In the future,

We might have to visit Mr. Su more often

I made a mistake changing the two people

We should discuss this with Mr. Su

Look at how this is turning out

We're lucky the crown prince is locked down at
the Eastern Palace

He is not allowed to participate in the court meetings

The officials of the court still support you

The exchanging prisoners is very clear

The King hasn't blamed you

The officials have always gone with your decisions

Now the court is in chaos

If the eastern palace doesn't rise back up again,

Prince Yu, soon you will be the Crown Prince.

What is the use of talking...

If father really had intended that,
he wouldn't have chosen Cai Quan.

I really don't understand

Jing Xuan easily became the crown prince,

Why is it so difficult for me?

It looks like the Eastern Palace has lost it's power

All the court officials support me but father...

The more I move a step closer,
the more father distance himself

Meng Qing

Have you heard of all the rumors?

Saying that I will dethrone the Crown Prince

and give it to Prince Yu?

What do you think?

The Eastern Palace is the Crown prince of the country, whether abolish him or keep him

Is important because it will affect the country's fate

It is not something that can be taken lightly as rumors...

So even I have heard it, so what...

I have no thoughts on it.

Prince Yu's kind name is well know outside

I also weigh his opinion a lot

Comparing the two prince, do you think
Prince Yu is more similar to me?

I don't think so.

The crown prince and you are also very similar.

You, you have always view it as an outsider

Never mind then

Gao Zhai, lets go back.

Your Highness, should we go to Yang Ju palace

Or go to another lady's palace?

Why don't we go to the flower garden of the Empress

Lets just go take a walk

Let's go.

General Meng, you can now go back


Shou Chuan is a little bit introvert when he is with me

he is getting even more depress when he is implicated in this case as he has been demoted

Who would have know,
now that he has come to yours, Prince Jing's house

He seems to be much happier

Here, no one cares or questions.
Everyone care be free.

If you talk about horse riding and archery

We can't compare to the northern intruders

They are much better

It is true, the whole northern country are apart of the army

I heard about you Prince Jing,

Several years ago, we intercepted a bow

It's quite delicate

I hope that today I would be able to see it.

Why not? Zhan Ying.
- Your Highness

Go to my room, and bring the bow here

- No need

Your highness, there is so many people here,
if we brought the bow here

Everyone is going ask to practice with it

At that time, it will be difficult to manage

Why don't I go see it by myself?

That is true.

Then I will go with you to see it.

Oh no. This is such a small matter

Just let Zhan Ying go with me.

Alright. Zhan Ying

Please come with me Commander

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Gao Zhai, Did you smell

a very fresh herb smell

I can smell it too

Your Highness

Over there is Jing Ping's palace

There is a medicine garden

The scent must be

from there that floated here

Jing Ping

Your Highness,
Commander Meng discovered your secret passage

Gao Zhai


Jing Ping has entered the palace for over 20 years right?


I remember Yue Yao gave birth to Jin Yu, she was often sick

For two years, she didn't get better

The Lin family was concern and sent a female
doctor to the palace

To care for her

I remember Yue Yao treated her

As if she was her sister

Why are you so far away?

Come here. Come Here.

Are you this scared?


I know you, all of you

Don't dare to speak of Chen Fei and Prince Qi

Because you are all afraid of offending me.

Go and let Jing Ping know

to get ready and receive me