Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 17 - Episode #1.17 - full transcript

Jing Rui confronts Xie Yu about Qing Yao's injury. Ban Ruo advises Prince Yu to make the best of the fireworks factory case.

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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 17

You've sent off Mr. Su?

Summon some members of the Exchequer,
I need to discus how to help Shen Zhui.

Are you satisfied with just that, your Highness?

This is a rare opportunity.

Are you only going to secretly help Shui Zhui with the case?

So you think?

Shen Zhui is the new Minister of State Revenue,

making a case of the previous Minister,
no matter how complete his evidences are

it is still just an embezzlement case.

Also Mr. Su said, the Eastern Palace has started
to close down the factory as well.

No matter how you turn it, it's just old issues.

The Crown Prince is the next in line to the throne.
No matter how much the Emperor admonishes him,

the punishment will not be sever.

How can it compare to the pain of your
Highness loosing two Ministers?

So your idea is,

before the factory is closed,

make it a bigger issue.

Correct, your Highness.


Qi-mei, come out with me for a bit.

Tell me truthfully, how did elder brother get injured.

Qing-ge is just sick.

The whole room smells like blood,
and you're telling me that he's just sick!?

Did he go out again no the night of the Lantern Festival?

Did Father ask him to go?

Brother, stop asking.

You are pregnant

And Father lets brother do such dangerous thing

Brother, don't go to talk to father.

Qing-ge willingly got involved in these things,

You cannot blame my father-in-law or father.




Who let you barge in like this?

No manners at all.

I have a thing to ask your advise on.

What thing?
Say it

Following rules of filial piety, I should not question and elder,

but I am more than confused by the things
that Father is doing these days,

so I cannot remain quiet anymore.

What do you want to say?

To be an honorable man in this world,
he should place importance on home and country.

I would like to ask Father, just because you hold different views in the political struggles of the Princes,

you order Zhuo Father to assassinate Ministers of the Court,

how can this be considered loyalty to the Empire.

The new year has just past, Qi-mei is pregnant,

yet you again sent Brother Qingyao to a dangerous place,

resulting in him getting seriously injured.

As a Father, how is that benevolence.


Where have you heard these words from.

Zhuo Father considers you as his family,
that's why he trusts you so much,

why he listens to your orders, Father.

Some methods, really should not be used.

Please stop before it's too late,

and not lead both families go down the wrong path!


How old do you think you are!
You dare to question your Father!?

You are always running around the pugilist world,

how would you know the situations of the Court.

Do you really think I can continue to sit on the wall?

Do you really think that as Marquise General I
can stay clear of faction fights?

What nonsense!

I have much power in my hands, everyone want's to curry favor,

but do you know who's power this is?

It must be the power of the future Emperor!

If in this fight for the Crown,

I cannot take the upper hand,
once Prince Yu takes the Crown

the Xie and Zhuo family will defiantly be driven out
of the Capital.

Wrong path.

In political battles, which path is the wrong path!?

- The ones who win will be the ones who're correct.
- Father!

Shut up!

Get out!

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we just didn't want to involve him,

but from now on, we need to keep it from him.

Why don't we let him roam more in the pugilist world with friends.

It'll give him some experience,

and it'll keep him away from us.

But he didn't make those friends

for nothing.

From now on, everything that we do,

do not let him know.


- Did you hear as well?
- Yes I heard.

Even the ground shook.

Quick, send some people to check what happened.

Your Highness,

I heard.

Everything proceeded according to plans.

Nothing went out of place.

While it might kill some people,

this is the only way

can we get the most out of this illegal factory case.

- The illegal fireworks factory exploded!?
- Yes

They're saying it was caused by sparks.
It's been dry with no snow.

The factory was completely destroyed in the explosion.

About 90 houses close by were also damaged.

The whole street was burnt down.

How about the injuries,

About 10 died in the factory

plus the people who were nearby,
should be at least a hundred seriously injured.

There should be another hundred or so with light injuries.

Has the fire been controlled.

Luckily there's no wind today,
the fire did not expand to the next street,

it has already been put out.

- It still burnt down a whole street...
- Yes..

The fire was uncontrollable at the time,

people from the Capital Magistrate office came first,
but they were few,

even with the help from the people nearby,
they couldn't handle the fire.

Was there any riots?

There were some hoodlums who started stealing things,

even the Capital Patrols couldn't stop them.

Luckily, Prince Jing arrived with his troops,

and the situation was finally controlled.

Jingyan went as as well?

Prince Jing even sent some tents from the army stores,

for the injured and victims.

The Imperial doctors couldn't be sent out in time,

so his Highness also allocated funds for the local doctors.

I've already ordered all the people we have in
hospitals in the Capital,

to go help as well.

Very good.

The New Years's celebrations are almost over,

there's less and less people buying fireworks,

the most dangerous period for the factory should be over.

But to have an accident happen now...

Chief, are you suspecting that someone had a hand in this?

Do you want me to investigate Prince Yu?

To see if we can find anything?

We can't let all those people die for nothing.

If you find anything, report it to me.


What are you saying? The factory exploded?

Didn't I tell you to close it already?

Yes, since receiving your Highness' message

informing us of Shen Zhui's investion,

I've not dared to delay.

I immediately sent people to finish of everything,

hoping to close off more thing before its seized.

We worked all last night and it was fine,
but who know this morning,

How did it explode?

I'm not sure either, perhaps it's because we moved too quickly

or maybe there was sparks.
It is gunpowder,

as soon as it sees fire, it'll explode.

Go find Xie Yu immediately and send the Capital Patrols over.

Surround the whole scene and don't let anyone in.

The Capital Patrols have already gone over,

but the people from the Magistrate office go their first,

and even Prince Jings' people arrived as well.

Even if we force them away now,

your Highness

- we can't keep this under wraps anymore.
- Can't hide it anymore...

Attendants, prepare the carriage!

Your Highness, your Highness!


My child...



Unauthorized people are not to enter.

What do you do?

I'm here to look for him.

General Lie,

go in.

Mr. Su,

General Lie, where is Prince Jing

He's inside. He's still checking over the exploded factory.

Your Highness.

- Your Highness
- Duchess

Mr. Su

The Mu Palace has sent some things that could be of use.

Go receive it.

Come over here!

Your Highness.


Prince Jing

Over here, there's someone, help

You came very quickly Mr. Su

looks like nothing in the Capital can escape your eyes.

To see such a scene

in the Capital of Da Liang, is tragic.

They were all hard working people,

who would've thought

that there was an illegal gunpowder store next door?

Such is the times and fate.

Living day by day.

as it comes,

what is that good for.

Minister Shen, told me yesterday,
that he has reported this to the Court,

and asked his Majesty to have the Magistrate's office

assist in seizing this place.

He told me confidently,

that the approvals should come in a day or two.

Who would've thought an accident like will happen

only 1 day after the report was delivered.

My Lord, do you really think this was an accident?

What are you implying Mr. Su.

This used to just be an embezzlement case,

but with this explosion,

this case is no longer only in the Court.

It involves a few hundred lives,

the people anger will boil over.

With that, the punishment on the Eastern Palace
will be more sever.

Prince Jing, think about it,
if this issue is made bigger, who'll benefit?

Who'll get the most out of it?

How can they kill so indiscrinminantly

just to increase the punishment on the Crown Prince.

Is this something Mr. Su suggested to Prince Yu?

Xiao Jingyan
what do you mean by this.

Mr. Su you deducted the details of the case so clearly

I thought

No matter what, you cannot just accuse
someone of such heinous crimes.

Since Mr. Su came to the Capital,
where has he crossed you?

Why must you insult him so.


Why, is it that off the battle field,

you do not know to apologies for your erroneous words?

Duchess, his Highness did not do that on purpose.

No matter who says such things, there's bound to be no good intentions,
including him!


Your Highness is mistaken.

It was not my idea.

It was my fault, please don't take offense.

You are the Crown Prince, how can you still be so rapacious.

You can't blame me for being greedy,

if 5th Brother wasn't pressing so hard.
To fend against him,

I've got too many places I need to spend money on.

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I remember that you planted a few members of the Exchequer

that are currently working for Prince Yu

There are a few...

Contact them.
Tell them to impeach you infront of the Emperor immediately,

get them to accuse you, the bigger the crime the better.

Even asking to abolish you will do.

Are they really going to abolish me?

On this case you have no defense,

you can only admit your crime!

But his Majesty has a suspicious nature,

the harder Prince Yu's people are attacking you,

the more he'll think this is related to the faction fights.

Mother you mean...

As long as his Majesty thinks that this was caused

by faction fights,

then, no matter how angry, or how much punishment is set,

he'll leave a breathing space.

To avoid Prince Yu taking the upper hand

and loose the balance of the Court.

I understand.
I'll go organize immediately.

Prince Jing.

What is it.

My Lord, I have completed the survey.

Apart from the goods taken from our own stores,

200 tents and 450 quilts

were borrowed from the army stores,

These are all army provisions,
should we report it to the Ministry of Defense?

If you didn't ask, I would've forgot.
It's not a big deal

- but it's still better to report it.
- Yes my Lord.


There's no need to report these provisions.


Don't ask so much.
If Mr. Su say so, then don't report it.

Just pretend Prince Jing forgot and you forgot as well.

Don't report it now.

Do as the Duchess says.

Yes my Lord.

Mr. Su, while these provisions have been given to me,

to give them to the victims, is still misappropriating.

According to policies, I do need to report this to the Ministry.

Why did you stop me?

You followed my instructions without knowing why

are you not scared that I've just come up with
another devious plan?

My words were inappropriate, please don't take offence.

The goods from Mu Palace have arrived.

My Lady should go check.

I should, please excuse me.

Are we in a time of war?

Of course not.

Are the tents and quilts a large amount of provisions?

From the numbers, practically nothing.

Can they be recovered after use?

Of course they can be.

Since it's not a time of war, lending a couple of tents and quilts,

is not a big deal.

It may not be a big deal,
but we still need to work according to protocol.

So what if we don't follow?

You should know,
that the Ministry of Defense supports the Crown Prince.

This oversight might be small but if the Ministry cottons on to it

they can still impeach me.

That's what I want.

Your Highness is kind hearted.
Sending help to the victims,

is this a bad thing?

Of course not.

Since it's a good thing and the oversight no such a big deal,

then why should the Ministry make a fuss?

If they impeach you,

will the Emperor and other Ministers think
that you made a mistake or

will they think that the Crown Prince is

using the Ministry to quash you?

The Crown Prince is no longer able

to control everything on the Court.

When the Ministry tries to impeach you,
just admit your oversight,

there will naturally be righteous Ministers
standing out to help you.

What is there to worry about.

I'm not worried about what the Ministry will do to me.

No matter how sever Father is, this is just a small issue,

I wouldn't care that much.

But, it's easy to avoid such oversight,

why are we doing this?

I want to make this a big deal.

All the eyes of the Courts are concentrated on

the Crown Prince and Prince Yu

No one notices the things you are doing.

Didn't you advise to,

talk less and do more?

You shouldn't talk, but others should.

As soon as the Ministry accuses you,
the Emperor and Ministers will realize that when,

the Crown Prince and Prince Yu is tearing each other apart,

it is you who kept things in order and under control,

who soothed the people rage,

who blatantly got accused even if you didn't join the fight.

There's a balance in everyone's heart.

People will know what is right and wrong.

On the other hand, if my Lord
reports the used provisions to the Ministry now,

while you've done everything by the books,

it will hide your good deeds.

I didn't do these things for other to see.

If you did things for others to see,

then it's a problem of your moral character,

but if no one knew of your good deeds,

then it's a failure on my part as your adviser.

Summoning, the Prince of Yu,
Minister of State Revenue, Shen Zhui,

Capital Magistrate, Gao Shen,
to an audience with his Majestry the Emperor

I summoned the the 3 of you,

to discuses how to deal with the issues of the
illegal fireworks factory.

TN. -qing, A lord referring to a subject he favors

you first reported this case,

tell me what you know of the situation.

Since becoming the Minister of State Revenue,

I discovered the smuggled gunpowder when

going through the old ledgers.

From there, I found the illegal fireworks factory.

at the time Lou Zhijing has already been sentenced

but the factory was still in operation.

So in the end I found that the Eastern Palace is involved as well.

In the submitted report,

I have attached an account of how the profit was split between Lou Zhijing and the Eastern Palace.

It is signed and received by a clerk,
Han Li, at the Crown Prince's palace.

Where is this Han Li,

He is currently imprisoned at the ministry of Justice.

Crown Prince,

what have you to say?

I have not censured by retainers.

this Han Li is ridiculous,

I cannot believe he'd ignore the law to such a degree

to not have noticed earlier

I cannot be absolved of blame.

Shen-qing, do you have any evidence that can prove

that the Crown Prince is directly involved in this case?

Your Majesty, in the account books we've seized

me did not find any thing from the Crown Prince.

So, if this case was instigated by Han Li himself,

and the Crown Prince didn't know

that is also possible?

Lou Zhijing was Minister of State Revenue,
an official of the second rank,

was the head of a Ministry,

but Han Li was just a clerk in the Crown Prince's palace

a secretary, an official of the sub 4th rank.

What do you mean

by these words, Shen-qing?

From the split of profit every year,

for 5 years, Lou Zhijing always got 2 tenths,

Han Li got 8 tenths.

I just think that this Han Li must be quiet extraordinary,

a clerk employed by the Crown Prince,

a small sub 4th rank official,

is able to reduce the profit of a 2nd rank official,

a Minister of State Revenue, to such a degree.

- Capital Magistrate,
- Here

what are the loses at the scene of the explosion.

Till today, 64 houses were burnt down

121 people died, 29 seriously injured,

about 100 with slight injuries.
Other financial loses have yet to be tallied.

How are the masses feeling?

We have done our best to sooth them

but the scene is tragic and there are too many victims,

so it's still unstable and likely to boil over.

Prince Yu


What do you think the Crown Princes' punishement

should be in this case?

When I heard about this case yesterday, I was much surprised

but, since the Crown Prince says he did not know,

I dare not presume otherwise.

I hope Father you will investigate and not wrong him.

You found out yesterday?

Mother only just recovered from her illness.
So I have been fasting at home

since the 10th.
So I heard about it a bit late.

The case happend 3 days ago.

And already I have 17 impeachment reports

from the members of the Exchequer.

Some of them believe that the
Crown Prince has committed serious crimes,

and have lost his morals

hence should be abolished.

The Crown Prince's position is related to the
stability of the Empire,

how can anyone talk of abolishment so lightly.

You also don't know about the opinions of the Exchequers.

I have just heard about it now.

The what do you think is the appropriate punishment.

The dead and injured should be well compensated,

the people affected by the fire should be related appropriately,

as for the Crown Prince,

while he has failed to censure his subordinates,

seeing as he is the next in line to the throne,
please leave him some face.

He did such a sordid immoral thing,

he's already lost all of my face for me,

and I should save him some face?

- My lord Father, please be appeased.
- Your Majesty please be appeased.

Pass on my decree,

the Crown Prince has committed moral disconduct,

and will be ordered to move to Guijia Palace to
think on his errors.

During which he is not to partake in matters of the Court.

The investigation of illegal fireworks factory case
will be lead by the Ministry of Justice,

all officials involved, not matter the rank

are to be punished severely.

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Your Highness, you should eat something,

your title is still there, Noble Consort Yue is there as well.

It might be a bit difficult now,
but once the Emperor has calmed down,

everything will get better.

Xiao Jinghuan,

Shen Zhui,

don't think I'll let this go so easily.

Once I get over this, I'll show you.

Your Highness,

They will all die.

All of them.

When I succeed the throne, they will all die.

And Prince Jing, when did father ever care about you,

now you're going against me as well.

What is Li Lin from the Ministry of Defense doing,
did he say he found an issues with Prince Jing,

why hasn't he impeached Prince Jing yet!

Your Highness, he's already reported the matter,

Why wasn't there any punishment?

Prince Jing said he used the army provisions as it was an emergency, and will take all responsibility of any misconduct.

But Shen Zhui defended him on the Court,

and said the Ministry of Defense is making a fuss of a minor issue and accusing out of spite.

Most of the officials sided with him,
and few still stood on the Ministry's side.

Even the Emperor didn't admonish Prince Jing, instead

he praised him for being decisive,

and just asked that he report it at a later date.

The Ministry took a hit this time,

and Prince Jing managed to look good in front of the Emperor.

Your Highness are we sending all of these?

Correct, all of it, and be quick.

- These, are extremely import.
- Okay

- Slowly, carefully
- Your Highness is certainly very gracious to this Divine Talent

He always sends back everything you give him,

but it hasn't stopped you from collecting gifts,

and attempting to send.

Whether he takes it is his issue,

whether I send I my manners.

Since the Duke of Qing case to,
stopping me from attacking the Crown Prince,

he hasn't given me much advise but each time its been vital.

Divine Talent, this name is not for naught.

If we tally up the credit, even you may not beat him.

So there should be some expression on my part.

So what have you gifted him this time?

It's almost Chunfeng, the weather gets warmer by the day
TN. one of the solar terms, usually on March 21st.

I heard that he has been renovating his place,

I've sent some tasteful ornaments,

neither gaudy or expensive,

all things that he can use at the moment

so perhaps he'll accept it.

This Mr. Su isn't ordinary.

The gardens that he designed himself must be most splendid.

Unfortunately it'll be hard for me to invite myself over,

and so will miss this great view.

This is not difficult.

Once he's finished, you can come with me for a visit.

Your Highness will keep your words?

It's only been 2 months, you completely changed this place

I almost didn't realize that this was the place
I recommended you.

I included the garden next this place,

Fei Liu will be happier with a larger place to play in.

This is the first time you're hosting a
gathering since coming the Capital right?

Yes, a newly renovated garden.
It's a good time to bring everyone for a bit of fun.

To be able to get an invite from Sir Mei of Jiangzuo Alliance

what a great honor.

Command Meng, the guests have yet to arrive,

are you already acting?

Did I say something wrong?

How many people are you inviting today?

Naturally there'll be the Jingru and Yujin,
the Duchess and Xia Dong.

So including me, that'll only be 5 people.

The Duchess will bring Mu Qing, Xia Dong will bring her eldest Shixiong,
TN. Shixiong - elder male under the same tutelage

Xia Chun is coming as well.

And there's one more person I didn't invite,

but I predict that he'll come uninvited.


This is the kind of place that
Sir Mei of Jiangzuo should be living in.

Just now from the entrance,

it's a different view at each step.

Most definitely designed by you Mr. Su.

Just a small renovation,

not something big like moving, so I didn't inform your Highness.

But your Highness came anyway.

Luckily you only invited some mutual acquaintances today,

otherwise with an uninvited guest like me,

no one will be able to enjoy themselves.

Who was invited today?

Commander Meng recommended me this house,
so he's first on the list.

Jingrui and Yujin has also arrived,

they're drinking tea in the side pavilion.

- Chief, the guests have all arrived.
- Okay.

- Your Highness, please.
- Okay

This way.

This is the 7th kind of wine right?

Not mentioning the food here,

the best thing is that every dish is accompanied
with a different wine,

it's such a unique flavor.

Yujin, you are a connoisseur of wine,

can you name all of the wine Mr. Su served us?

This is Qiu Yue Bai right?

Yujin is a connoisseur, it's not strange that he could name them.

Jingrui, how many can you name.

I'm not good, I could only recognize Zhao Dian Hong.

Really, you could recognize Zhao Dian Hong

Over the New Years, Brother Qingyao gave Xie Bi a bottle

I tasted some, so I can remember.

You were drinking Zhao Dian Hong and you didn't invite me?

I'm not going to talk to Xie Bi ever again, including you.

Yujin, how old are you?

You're so childish.


I heard that your Brother Qingyao is sick,

and hasn't been well for over a month, is he better now?

He's much better now.

Many people from the pugilist world will not be used to

staying in the Capital. It's better to be more careful.

We've had several rounds of wine,
sitting like this is will be quite boring.

Last night, I came up with a game,

I wonder if you'll all be interested?

A game from Sir Mei of Jiangzuo,

even if we don't play, we have to know what it is.

Go ahead Mr. Su.


Previously, I was lucky enough to find a
music score written on a bamboo scroll,

I spent a lot of time deciphering it,

I believe it is the long lost scores of the ancient music piece Guang Ling San
TN. composed by Ji Kang 224263AD

It is really Guang Ling San?

Last night, I hid the score somewhere within this house.

Everyone can search anywhere,

who ever finds it first, I will gift this score to the person.

Mr. Su, you'll be heart broken,

my Brother Chun is infatuated with music,

since he know this music score is hidden in your house,

he'll turn this place upside down to look for it.

Before it's found, who wins or lose is not certain,

Jingrui, young Duke Mu, lets form a team


Yujin you certainly know how to find help,
both of them are not music enthusiasts

even if they found it, Yujin will definitely take the score.

Officer Xia, you don't have a helper yet, Sister Dong I'll help you.

Sister Dong I'll help you.

- Where, where?
- More to the left.

No, nothing,

Why are you so heavy?

- Here, here
- Where?


- Hurry up, my back's killing me.
- Just a bit more

No, nothing, over here, here

Didn't you check here already?

Jingrui did you find anything?


Lets go over there.

Lets go.

Higher, higher

- Higher
- Hurry up, I can't hold it anymore.

- let me see
- Is there anything?

- Anything?

No, no,

Looks like we're the only ones

willing to sit still,

Just look at the imposing manner in which Xia Chun left,

seems like he'll find it no matter what.

Officer Xia Chun likes these things the most.

Last time, he even argued with his Majesty

for another ancient music score.

I've often heard that in Xuanjing Buearu,

Officer Xia Chun is the best at finding hidden mechanisms.

I'm sure he'll see through my little tricks.

It's seems that Yujin will have to be disappointed today.

It's hard to be sure.
Your garden isn't that small.

It'll depend on luck if he chose the correct direction at the start.

Miss Qin, you seem interested as well,

why don't you head off and try your luck as well?

Mr. Su you are very thoughtful.

You may go as well.

Thank you your Highness, thank you Sir.

Commander Meng,


Mr. Su, please.

I know, I know!

We're too stupid!
Brother Su loves music,

how could he place such a precious music score outside?

We need to go look for it inside.

Come, come, quickly.

- Why didn't you say this earlier! Got my hands all muddy.
- Lets go.

What kind of friend is this?

Brother Chun, are you going turn this house inside out?

What if it's outside?

No, he must have stored the scroll carefully.

It needs to be kept dry.

Mr. Su said he hid it outsdie.

Not even considering the rain we had 2 days ago,

just the dew we get in the
early mornings and evenings is enough to ruin it.

How could he have hid it outside.

Keep looking, it's definitely inside.

I'll go have a look in the inner room.

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