Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 16 - Episode #1.16 - full transcript

Chang Su sends a skilled swordsman to the capital to take on Xie Yu's men. The anticipated Lantern Festival arrives.

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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 16


we've verified that there are 9 sword masters
still in contact with Zhuo Dinfeng.

Should we have Mr. Shisan send more people to track them?

Didn't your confirm their identity?

What is there to monitor?

Chief, you mean...

Following rules in the Pugilist world,
go ahead and challenge them.

No need to be too hard on them

just enough to keep them in bed.

That's right.

The New Year's Eve case should be counted
as provocation from them.

Talking about power in the Pugilist world,

Jiangzuo Alliance would not loose to Tianquan Manor.

Who knows if it's because of loyalty or personal gains,

that Zhuo Dinfeng keeps allowing Xie Yu to exploit him.

While he can be considered a heroic man in
the pugilist world, in chaos of the Capital

he is at a disadvantage.

And now, with the bonds between their children

it will be hard

for him to withdraw.

That's his own choice.

What ever the result, he will have to accept.

But, Young Master Xiao,

what a shame.

Such a good-natured boy.
He will be implicated by his father.


this child,

there's not enough words.

Who are you?

I've long heard that Qing-daxia is a renowned sword master.
TN. -daxia, martial arts hero in the pugilist world

I'm a newcomer who would like to earn some fame.

So I came to visit, Qing-daxia, please make your move.

You're here to challenge me?

So much tripe.

I've got lots to do today.
If you're scared then get back to your room and stay there.

Who are you!

I forgot to think of a name for myself.

What a failure.

Who is it!?

All the experts you brought to the Captial

have been injured in 1 day?

When comparing power in the Pugilist world,
Jiangzuo Alliance has the upper hand.

Once he made sure of the list of people,

Mei Changsu sent a sword master to challenge
each and every one,

and managed to injure all of them.

From now on, if we want to stir up trouble in the Capital,

there are no more reliable people.

Our plan to weaken the Imperial Guards

might need to be delayed.

Mei Changsu.

Brother Zhuo

you are the second best martial arts expert in Da Liang.

Mei Changsu does not have anyone

who can do anything to you.

Even though our families have a close relation,

unless it's desperate, you don't have to do anything

But in the future, when it comes to the crucial moment

I will need to rely on you, Brother Zhuo.

The Xie and Zhuo families is already one family.

Brother Xie need not thank me.

Book title: Records of the Land of Xiang

Chief, Zhen Ping has personally seen to the 9
sword masters associated with Zhuo Dinfeng.

They won't be able to do anything for a least a month.

What about Zhuo Dinfeng?

Zhuo Dinfeng is one of the strongest masters in Da Liang, bested only by Commander Meng.
We dare not follow too closely.

He seems to have noticed, so he's not done anything lately.

As long as he quiet, I'll be satisfied.

Sister Dong,

Sister Dong, wait.

It's cold on the lonely mountain, you should at least take a cloak.

I'm use to the cold, can't get any colder anyway.

You always go pay homage to General Nie's grave on the 5th.

It's rare to find people like you.

Every year, if you are in the Capital, you'll come see me off.

This kindness, I also remember.

I can't go with you,

so I can only see you off.

Another year has passed.

When I married you

I was still young

but just like this year after year,

when you next see me

will you recognize me?

Who's there!?

I told you to take the main road and not take footpaths.

Are you okay Chief, can you make it?

No problem.

Footpaths are nice,

the foliage is rich

you get a different feeling.

If Physician Yan found out

he wouldn't let you be this willful.

Mr. Su,

What a coincidence,

Officer Xia.

You have just recovered Mr. Su

are you sure this is not too much?

My doctor told me to do bush walking, to help
recover my strength.

Its like a kind of treatment.

This lonely mountain is the closet to the Capital,

I came on a whim.

I hope I haven't disturbed you Officer Xia.

This mountain is not mine, anyone can come anytime.

That this is my late husbands grave,
not many people come here.

So I was just a bit surprised.

So this is where General Nie is buried.

the Jifeng General was famous in his time.

I have always admired him.

Since it's fate that I came here today,
may I pay my respect to him,

and express my reverence?

I am much obliged, please.

- Li Gang, give me the wine.
- Chief



General Nie

if your spirit is willing to befriend me,

please drink with me.

Let me clear out the left flank and rejoin you.

Left Vanguard!


Mrs. Nie, he is in a better place.

you must also take care.

Mr. Su, your friendship, the living will remember.

Please accept my thanks.

It is also my wish, no need for this.
It's windy here,

Mrs. Nie, you did not wear much, you should head back soon.

General Nie's spirit will not want to see you be
so hard on yourself either.

Mr. Su are you heading back to the city?

It's not even noon yet, a bit early to head back to town.

I heard that there's splendid sculptures in one of
the nearby townships,

so I wanted to head over to have look.

Chixia town's sculptures are worth a look,

unfortunately I still have work to do,
so I cannot accompany you.

That is no problem Officer Xia.

The eunuch murder case is definately hard to solve.

You should take care not to over work yourself.

Mr. Su what do you mean by this?

Was this case not given to Xuanjing Bureau?

This case is certainly wiered.

Perhaps Xuanjing Bureau will be interested in the future.

The murders' technique is clean and precise. It must have been done by a master from the Pugilist world.

What insight does Mr. Su have for this?

There are many experts and masters in the Pugilist world.

Even the Langya List needs to be renewed every year,

I would not dare to presume.

Then again, Xuanjing Bureau's knowledge of the Pugilist world

is not any less than Jiangzuo Alliance.

But in the Capital at the moment the most noticeable person

would the Chief of Jiangzuo Alliance, you, Mr. Su.

Where do you think I should start?

Jiangzuo Alliance has always been clean,

Officer Xia can investigate as required.

But what other masters of Pugilist world is in
the Captial at the moment

I'm sure you know better than me.

So what you're saying Mr. Su is that Jiangzuo Alliance and Prince Yu has nothing to do with case,

- and it was Tianquan Manor...
- Ah.

We are just chatting, don't take it too seriously Officer Xia.

Xuanjing Bureau does not participate in clique fights. We focus only on executing his Majesty's orders.

Since Mr. Su is Prince Yu's adviser,

then I'll be careful with what I say.

Since I came to the Capital many things have changed.

Looking back on it all,

the only people who continue to treat
me as friends would be Jingrui and Yujin

Xiao Jingrui is a good child.

He always treats others with absolute sincerity and earnestness.

I just hope that this innocence,

is preserved.

Who there!?

There really is a savage.

About this tall.

brown fur all over, with a ferocious strength and runs very fast

It also drinks blood.
A lot of people have seen it.

It's been disturbing the villagers in the mountains,
so that's why were chasing it.

Didn't you start the hunt before the new years?
You still haven't caught it yet?

Mr. Su you have no idea,

in this area, there lots of mountains with thick forests.

The savage is also very cunning,

and we can't stand guard here every day

The last few times we came, we didn't see anything.

This time at least we found some traces,

but Officer Xia scared it off.

This area is vast and mountainous,

to capture a savage here is like looking for a needle
in a hay stack.

No wonder you have yet to succeed.

The issue is reported by villagers in this areas, shouldn't it be taken care of by the Capital Magistrate's office?

That's because

this savage is formidable.

The Magistrate's guards tried to capture it once

50 people, half got injured and they still couldn't capture it.

Magistrate Gao ran out of ideas,
so he begged our Lord for assistance

this type thankless job, only our Lord would do it.

Your lord Prince, does alot of these types of jobs.

Mr Su, I'll be leaving now.

Officer Xia.


why did you glare at me before,

I, did I say something wrong again?

Not bad, you know how to reflect on your mistakes now.

Looks like Prince Jing did a good job.

The words you said in front of Officer Xia,

while there's no big issues,

try not to say it anymore.
Prince Jing needs to talk less and do more work.

As his retainers, you need to understand this as well.

Okay, please don't worry, I'll remembered that.

Go check with the villagers what this savage likes to eat

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Chief, I found that Zhuo Qingyao is always following Shen Zui.

Not sure what his intention is.

The Crown Prince must have found out that Shen Zhui is investigating the fireworks factory.

Shen Zhui will become Prince Jing's right hand man,
do not let anything happen to him.

- Keep a close watch.
- Yes

While it's Zhuo Qingyao following Shen Zhui, I'm worried that Zhuo Dinfeng will still be the one to strike.

Xie Yu is ruthless,

if Zhuo Dinfeng really attacks

it'll be hard for anyone to defend against.

Zhen Ping, for the next couple of days, you must personally follow and protect Shen Zhui.


Young master, are you going out to practice?


Sir... Sir I've tried to tell you several times,

if you head out undercover,
can you please bring some more people.

I've brought 4, still not enough?

It's the Capital, in broad daylight, what can happen?

-Ok, ok.

Sir, what are you here for?

I heard that there are many illegal money lenders here.

Illegal money lenders?

And you only came here with just these few guards?

I didn't say that I wanted to go inside.

This place is near the main street, I shall have a look from here.

If you just want to spy, you can always send someone else.

That informer only wanted to see me.
He won't reveal himself if I send others.

You really came just because of his request?

The information is alarming,

I won't be at ease if I don't check.

After he comes and gives us the information,
we will leave immediately

What are you worrying about?

Move aside.

Who is fighting there?

The officers are here.

Let's go.

Young Master Xiao.

- Minister Shen, are you alright?

It's a close shave if not for Young Master Xiao.

Thank you for saving me.

What did you say?
You were unsuccessful?

I underestimated the guards around Shen Zhui.

Coincidentally, Prince Jing's men also passed by.

I can only return empty handed.

Did you leave any evidence at the scene?

We manage to leave in time and didn't leave any evidence.

This Shen Zhui

has really good luck.

Why must the Crown Prince kill this Shen Zhui?

The illegal fireworks factory

was originally managed by the former Minister of Revenue.
The Crown Prince has nothing to do with that.

Shen Zhui keeps harping on about this matter is
an attempt to frame the Crown Prince.

He's intentions are truly evil and must be instigated by Prince Yu.

After the 15th day of the New year, the Court will resume duty.

He will report this case to His Majesty.

Brother Zhuo,

the time left for us to settle this matter is running out.

Are you saying that Prince Yu is backing Shen Zhui?

Brother Zhuo,

do you not believe me?

Brother Xie, that's not what I meant.

Since it's the arrangement of the Crown Prince,

I will definitely do my best.


This is the layout of Shen Zhui's Mansion.

Brother Zhuo,

you must be successful this time.

I'm counting on you.


Jingrui, do you know what you did today?

I only know that since Minister Shen
become Minister for the Revenue,

I've never heard anything bad about him.
Why do you want to kill him?

I'm sure you can guess who wanted this even if I
don't say anything.

Is this something I can control?

I don't know about the faction fights.

To live in this world,

we must differentiate between right and wrong.

Father, do you really want the good name of Tianquan Manor

to be stained by the blood of the innocent?


What me and your father planned is for the future
of both families.

We have always pampered you and didn't want to involve you.

But you cannot help the outsiders and act so recklessly.

If your father finds out about this, even I cannot protect you.

Do you understand?


If anything like this happen again, I won't let you off so lightly.

How's your injury?
Is it okay?

It's fine.

TN. Shimei - refers to younger female who studied under the same master.

Shifu sent us a letter.

He finally sent some news?
When is he coming back?

He will return 2 months later than scheduled.

This time, his training at Eastern Sea is already long.

Why did he extend again?

That...that is not mentioned in the letter.

But he asked Xia Qiu over as well,

I think he must have some urgent matters to settle.

No wonder, my brother didn't return home for the new year.

So, he went to see our Shifu.

During Shifu's absence, the capital has seen major changes.

After he returns,

I'm sure he will get a scare.

We still don't have a clue for

the murder case from His Majesty.

Shixiong, how can you still be in the mood to joke about?

Speaking of this case,

I heard that a highly skilled sword man surfaced in
the capital recently.

His swordplay is good.
Do you think its connected to this case?

I have already checked on him.
His style is purely that of a pugilist.

I think he's not the culprit.

Also, he challenged those people after the case.

If he's the culprit, he would be admitting his crime himself.

You are right.

So, do you still suspect Zhuo Dinfeng?

This is not the work of ordinary assassins.

At this moment, the powers in the
pugilist world most involved in our political struggles,

would be Jiangzuo Alliance and Tianquan Manor.

Then why don't you suspect Mei Changsu?

It's not that I don't suspect him,

If the Imperial Army is not stable, the first people to benefit would be Xie Yu and Crown Prince.

That's why Mei Changsu is behind them in my list of suspects.

If that's the case, I shall meet that Zhuo Dinfeng.

Shixiong, are you forcing me to make my move?

If you could help, I'm sure we can win.

We can keep mum about the investigation for now.

Let him loosen his guard and once we have the opportunity,

we could hit the bull's eye.

You've remembered everything?

This cup is for Chief's tea.

This is for wine, don't mix with other people's.


The water for tea will be in this teapot.

I have already prepared the right amount of tea leaves here.

You must place 2 soft cushions where Chief will be sitting.

Remember it must be 2 cushions for him.
His hand warmer must be prepared with hot coal.

Chief does not like the cold, make sure you put this there.


Chief is here for work, not for your music.

Why did you prepare all these?

Furthermore, he may not notice your effort.

Even if Chief doesn't notice,

as long as he's comfortable, I'll be happy.



It's not in the center, move it to the left.

That's good.
Hang it there.

Be careful.

Lin Shu-gege, does it look pretty?

It's pretty.

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Brother, are you going out?

Yes, I need to visit Miao Yin Court.

Miao Yin Court?

I have something to do there.

I understand.

It's the Lantern Festival today

I just...

wanted to see you suddenly.

Jingrui, look there. Isn't that pretty?

Brother Su, Branch Master Li.

Many people came out to view the lanterns today.

Luckily we came by the small lane.

If we walked from the main street,

I'm sure we cannot come here so quickly.

The route I told you is easy, right?

I'm familiar with this area.

You are 'really' familiar.
I'm sure you want to come everyday.


I'm not ashamed to come here everyday.

This is the desire of a real man.

It's rightful for a gentlemen to do that.

Your fathers are too stern so

you have become too stiff.

Isn't that right?

Let's go inside.

After you, Brother Su.


Sir Su, this is your seat.

Xiao-Jian, you are really observant,

you know who the distinguished guests are.

Previously, when I came here

I never got such a reception.

That's because you come too often,

why would they need to give you a reception.

Miss Gong.

Young Master Yan,

Young Master Xiao.

Brother Su,

she is the lady I always mentioned.

Gongyu, Miss Gong.

I believe

this must be Su Zhe, Mr. Su.

Where is your eldest Young Master?

He went out to see the lanterns.

Are you looking for him?

I'm not looking for him, I was just asking.

-You may leave.


Why did you come out?

It's stuffy inside.

Accompany me for a walk.

Although we cannot see the lanterns outside.

It's pretty inside the house too.

What is it?

Do you have something to do tonight?

I have some business.

Father-in-law wanted me to do some networking.

Are you angry?

I will tell father-in-law.

Forget it.

Since my father wanted you to go.

Then you should go.

I'll take you back inside.

No, I want to watch you leave.


There's a lot of people outside, do be careful.

Young Master Yan often says that

Sir Su is an expert on music.

I have prepared a new tune by Mr. Shisan

Please enjoy.

A new tune by Mr. Shisan?

We must hear this.

I never thought

you look so delicate but

the music you play is so full of power and strength.

Jingrui may not show it but

you are also a music lover as well.

For your birthday feast in April,

why don't you invite Miss Gong to perform for you?


Brother Su may not know this.

Miss Gong seldom leave Miao Yin Court and

never attends any banquet.

I'm was rash.

Sir Su, don't be sorry.

Young Master Xiao is a music lover and

he's different from the common man.

If he can agree to one condition,

I can attend his banquet.

If you can come, I'm sure we can agree to any condition.

Please tell me.

I heard that Grand Princess has

the Jiaowei guqin.
TN. guqin - instrument, like a zither

If I can play with that...

You can, you can!
Of course you can!

Jingrui, she can right?

Miss Gong,

My mother is also a music lover.

But she cannot come here.

If you can come to my house,

I will be very happy.


Since we agreed, on 12th day of April

we'll await Miss Gong at the Manor of the Marquis of Ning.

They must come to the capital before 12th day of April

to ensure that our plan works.

If Brother Su can join us,

I'm sure it will be an unforgettable birthday for you.

Put down your weapons and surrender.


Release the arrows.

Let's go!

Minister Shen.

Those assassins have been injured and have escaped.

Please rest without any worry.

Thank Prince Jing and Sir Su on my behalf.

Both of you have worked hard too.





What happened?

There was armored soldiers guarding the Shen Mansion.

Brother Xie, you are right.

I'm sure Prince Yu is his backing him.

Since we failed this time,

I'm afraid that Shen Mansion is off-limits now.

Xie Yu created havoc in the palace

is for the position of the Commander General
of the Imperial Guards.

He's the top supporter of the Crown Prince.

You cannot allow him to succeed.

Luckily Commander Meng isn't a simple person either.

The Imperial Guard is on high alert.

These days, Xie Yu hadn't been able to create extra trouble.

It's not wise to stay defensive.

The Crown Prince used only He Wenxing to

remove two Ministers from your side.

Now he's move directly on the Palace.

Your highness,

you must fight back too.

I'm waiting for your word.

Xie Yu has a strong foundation.

If we cannot remove him in one shot, that will mean trouble.


how can we do that?

Your Highness, do you know that Crown Prince and Luo Zhijing opened an illegal fireworks factory?

An illegal fireworks factory?

The new year may be over and

the Eastern Palace has started to close the factory.

But the current Minister of Revenue, Shen Zhui

has collected all the evidence and

has submitted his petition to His Majesty.

But he just took office,

his support in the court is not strong.

Since he is accusing the Eastern Palace in his petition.

I'm worried that those people in the palace
may not dare to take on this case.

This is a rare chance to turn the table on Crown Prince.

I hope that Your Highness can help Shen Zhui on the sly.

And no let the Crown Prince get away easily.

Mr Su, you are really well informed.


Let me handle this matter.

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