Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 15 - Episode #1.15 - full transcript

The emperor tasks Xia Dong and Xia Chun with investigating the New Year's Eve murder case, while Chang Su looks into it on his own.

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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 15

Such a big Palace,

there's bound to be an opening somewhere.

Imperial Guards will be at a disadvantage when

going against martial arts experts.


he's in the light

while I'm in the dark.

From now on,

I will make it

impossible for Meng Zhi to guard effectively.

But no matter what their goal is,

they definitely have more things up their sleeves.

From the current situation,

the most likely goal

is to weaken the Emperor's trust in the Imperial Guards.

Once they weaken the Imperial Guards,

they will have a chance to control the Palace.

The one who wants to control the Palace most,

is the person closest to the central power.

-The Crown Prince and Prince Yu.
-That's right.

It's one of the two.

But right now Prince Yu doesn't have
anyone in the military that he trusts,

even if he brings down brother Meng,

he doesn't have anyone to take his place.

But the Crown Prince has someone.

The Marquis of Ning, Xie Yu.

Xie Yu is a Marquise General of the first class.

He appears to not partake in the fight for the throne,

He has the favor of the emperor.

If the Imperial Guards is weakened

and Brother Meng is brought down.

The positions of Commander General of the Imperial Guards

will naturally be handed to him.


But what?

But the Emperor is not that foolish,

he won't easily move Brother Meng's position.

But if this incident gets related to the fight for the crown.

It will be unacceptable for the emperor.

This won't do.

I need to go to Prince Yu's.


Fei Liu, lets go.

-Your loyal servant Xia Dong greets your Majesty.
-Your loyal servant Xia Chun greets your Majesty.


I summoned the two of you,

on new years day,

because last night,

a mysterious case, that makes me uneasy occurred.

You probably

have already heard

something about it.

If your Majesty is talking about the murder of the eunuch

then I have heard about it.

Although it happened outside the palace walls,

the victim

is an eunuch I personally sent out.

This act,

made a mockery of my power.

I will not let this go.

To kill Imperial Guards and eunuchs

beside the palace walls

is a bold move.

I reason I summoned you here

is so I can hand this case

to the two of you.

But your Majesty, didn't you already
hand the case to Commander Meng

and asked him to investigate it?

While Meng Zhi's duty is to guard the Palace,

a case like this,

he can hardly be absolved of blame.

Of course, I needed to show him some color.

But you know,

although his martial arts is good,

investigating cases like this

is not what he is good at.

I gave him that order

as a facade.

It should make it convenient for the two of you
to investigate covertly.

In the end, whether this case can be solved,

will depend on Xuanjing Bureau.

No matter who is behind this

you must investigate completely.

Yes, your Majesty.

Six imperial guards and one eunuch.

Who is the real target?

What is his motive?

What could it be.

The imperial guards were only acting as body guards,

the real target

should be the emperor's eunuch.

Eunuchs rarely leave the palace,

did he offend someone?

So they used this opportunity to kill him, for revenge?


A normal eunuch,

what kind of enmity can he have with anyone,

such that they'd killed him on new years eve?

Furthermore, they were just beyond the Palace walls,

and protected by imperial guards.

Bestowing dishes on behalf of the emperor

he wouldn't have anything expensive on him,

so it wouldn't be a mugging.

There is another reason for killing someone in the pugilist world,

and that is masters fighting for a name.

But this is killing in the dark


nothing has been left behind.

So it wouldn't be this reason either.

Could it be...

the culprit just wants to kill an eunuch sent by the Emperor?

As for whichever one

its not important.

So what you mean is,

Out of the twelve groups sent

he randomly picked one.


why did he want to kill an eunuch sent by Emperor?

Killing an eunuch on new years ever
outside the palace walls?

What crazy person would do something like that?

I heard that the emperor was mad,

he sentenced Commander Meng to 20 floggings.

Father did that out of anger and shock.

He still believes in

Commander Meng's loyalty

That's natural.

But, the commander general's situation

won't be too good.

Your highness, didn't you want to befriend him?

Why don't you take this chance...

You mean...

Under anger, the Emperor sentenced him to a flogging

but after thinking about it, he should know

that this is not to wholly be blamed on him.


your highness helps Commander Meng out now

you wouldn't offend the emperor

and the commander general would be thankful for it.

That is true.

No matter the reason behind this case,

we cannot let Meng Zhi go,

and we can't let the Eastern Palace take this chance.

I need to go to the Palace.

Attendants, ready the coach.

The culprit must be a sword master.

There aren't many masters

that can leave a would like this

Da Yu's Xuan sect's "Xuan Yi Fei Tian"

Donghai's Jiang brothers' Ta Lang Xing Bo

and Tianquan Manor's Zhuo Dingfeng's Fei Niao Tou Lin.

these sword techniques can all cause this type of wounds.

Neither of us has seen

these 3 sword techniques in person.

Furthermore, the pugilist world is very big,
there might be others out there.

With just this point

we can't make any conclusions.

Before finding conclusive evidences,

we can't say anything in front of the emperor.

We can't even talk about

the people we suspect?

Then who do you suspect?

Who do you suspect?

If we talk about power in the pugilist world

currently in the city, who can beat Jiangzuo Alliance?

But in Prince Yu's hands,

execpt for Mei Changsu

he has no other 'sword'.

If he ordered the Jiangzuo alliance the assassinate the eunuch,

what good is there for him?


Then if it's like this

you are suspicious of people who have 'swords'.

I am only suspecting,

perhaps there are 'swords' in people's hands

that are not obedient to them.

Our majesty's visit to the palace shouldn't
take too long.

he should be on his way back.

Mr. Su, please sit and have some tea.

Mr. Su, you rarely leave home

are you here to wish a happy new year?

The moment I come home
I hear that you have arrived sir.

That's unfortunate.

Sorry for the wait.

Regarding the murder case on new years eve,

have you not handled it too rashly?

What do you mean?

I rushed here

to stop you from going to the Palace.

But I was still too late.

I'm afraid you've just done yourself a disservice.

Going to the Palace to beg for mercy for Commander Meng,

what's wrong with that?

Command Meng heads the Imperial Guards
and protects the Palace,

To put it simply

the Emperor's life is in his hands.

Yet, the moment something happens to him,

you rush to the Palace to beg mercy for him.

What would the Emperor think?

Is it that you are righteous and wish to uphold justice,

or is it that you're great friends?

Obviously it's neither

with the Emperor's suspicious personality

he will think you are using this chance

to strengthen your relationship with Command Meng,

so that you can use him in the future.

This is not a good thing.

What a delightful surprise.

Who would've thought that Prince Yu

would beg for mercy from his Majesty for Meng Zhe.

I heard that after listening to him,

his Majesty was quite irate.

Prince Yu has been in the Court for many years

how can he still be so rash?

Think about it

we removed his Duke Qing,

it means taking out his only supporter from the military.

He really needs a 'sword' like Meng Zhi

So it's understandable

that he makes such a silly move.

In this case, Brother Xie

it'll be much easier for you.

Divine talent,

even a Divine talent

cannot stop him from wanting instant success.

The eunuch murder case has

no current impact on your Highness

But have thought about

what would happen if the situation develops further?

To the point where it's uncontrollable?

Problems keep sprouting up in the Palace,

and the Imperial Guards keep not being able to do anything,

whats the result?

The Emperor will believe that

Meng Zhi cannot control the situation

and has no ability to protect the Palace.

Command Meng does not partake in the fight for the throne,

and is loyal to the Emperor.

If he is removed

you don't have anyone on hand

who can take over that role.

But on the other hand, the Eastern Palace,

Marquise of Ning,

Xie Yu.

The losses in the Ministries can be slowly recovered

Candidates for the replacement Ministers

are still up for grabs.

But if Xie Yu becomes the Imperial Guards Commander General

I doubt your Highness

will have any good times.

Please advise me.

Fei Liu, Fei Liu

that's Young Master Lin Chen's pigeon right?

It might be something import.
Take it to Chief immediately

Don't want to.

How did the Chief

punish you

How did Chief punish you?

How come I cannot remember anything?

Did he make you kneel inside the little black room or

washing the floors,

Fei Liu, Fei Liu, let me down

I've got things to talk to the Chief about,

put me down.


we've already ordered Tianji Hall

to check what martial arts experts

Tianquan Manor has come in contact with in the last few years.

As for the sword masters in the Capital

no matter which sect they're from

Mr. Shisan has already

started tracking their whereabouts.

Set up heavy surveillance around Xie Mansion,

Any news regarding Zhuo Dinfeng and his
son must be relayed to me directly.

Yes, I understand.

Zhen Ping is almost here too.

If Xie Yu dares to plan something similar again,

I'm sure he won't be able to escape unscathed.

That's Young Master Lin Chen's beloved pigeon, don't strangle it.

Don't scold him.

Fei Liu didn't hid the pigeon this time.

Very good.

Little fellow, don't move.

Be good.

Better give it to me.

If you give it to Fei Liu,

he might roast and eat it.


Is everything going smoothly in Southern Chu?

Young Master Lin did the task himself,

how could it be unsuccessful?

So, how do we reply to Young Master Lin?

Tell him to arrive at the Capital before the 12th of April,

so as to not impede our plans.


Fei Liu.

After brother Lin Chen finished his task in Southern Chu,

he may visit you here in capital.

Are you happy?

Alright, Fei Liu, stop being sad.

Would you like to go out with Su-gege?

I'll take you to see the man you can't beat.


Get up quickly!


Get up!

Get up. Fight.

- Get up!
- Don't.

Fei Liu.

Don't make a fuss.

Brother Meng,

you look good.

I was quite worried.

Don't you know me?

This little injury is nothing to me.

This is nothing.

Now, I'm just annoyed.

I have no lead for this case at all.

His Majesty even gave me a deadline.

Oh, I'm so annoyed.

What should I do?

Forget about the case.

You can't solve it anyway.


Based on what you said,

Xie Yu is really evil.

I lost 2 Ministers in quick succession.

So in Court, my power has been greatly reduced.

If Xie Yu takes control of the Imperial guards,

we will not be able to contend with the Eastern Palace.

For your next step,


I have discussed with Mr Su.

General Meng is father's trusted man.

He cannot be removed because of 1 case.

If they want father to lost his trust in the Imperial guards,
they will strike again.

Especially within the Palace.

If there's another accident,

they will blame the Imperial guards.

Mother, you will also be implicated.

I understand.

Don't worry.

I married into the imperial family when I was 16 years old.

Being in charge of the Inner Palace for all these years,

I know how to

tighten the security in this Palace.

I know.

I'm a military man

and cannot do things like solve cases.

But I still have you.

I won't help you.

After your 1 month deadline is up,

you go apologize to His Majesty.

Tell him that you are incapable

and cannot solve this case.

Ask him to remove your position

as an example to others.

- No, no, no...
- What medicine are you using?

I will get them to send you some better medicine.

No, no, no.
Your words are...


Can't bear to step down from your position?

I'm not someone who lingers for high position and power.

If I lost my position,

what about you?

Who will help you?

You are helping me by taking good care of your backside.

Since they dare to touch you,

I won't let them off.

Sounds like

you have a suspect?

The capital may not be peaceful,

there's only a few usual suspects.

I have already checked around.

I'm sure the case's


is Xie Yu.

In the capital, he's the only one

who has the right motive

and the capability.

That means that the case is solved!

It's solved!

Knowing Xie Yu is the mastermind

doesn't mean that the case is solved.

Especially you.

Now, his Majesty is already
suspicious of your connection with Prince Yu.

If you accuse Xie Yu without any proof now,

you will look like you're part of Prince Yu's faction.

Then look for evidences.

Let me ask you.

Murdering his Majesty's appointed envoy,

how big of a crime is this?

If Xie Yu dares to do this,

will he leave any evidence?

Even if you can find any evidence,

this case cannot be solved by you.


You just need to take care of your injury.

If they want to use pugilist power,

Then I will let them know

who's in charge of the pugilist world.


You've helped me check?

His Majesty has indeed asked
Xuanjing Bureau to look into the eunuch murder case.

This case embarrassed the Emperor

even if his Majesty still believes in Brother Meng

he would leave this case

to a Commander who've never solved cases before.

Your hands are so cold,

No problem, I just used some cold water.

This case

was supposed to be taken care off by Xuanjing Bureau.

So Xie Yu already knew that he doesn't need to
deal with Brother Meng, the real person

he needs to deal with is either Xia Chun or Xia Dong.

Xuanjing Bureau is every efficient,

will Xie Yu really take risk?

He must have already made preparations.

Even if Xuanjing Bureau suspects him

they probably can't find any evidence.

Zhuo Dinfeng, fourth on the Langya List of martial arts experts.

It'll probably be hard to find clues on him.

Unless Sister Dong gets a chance to fight him.

And find a link between the victims wounds
and his sword technique.

But at Xia Dong's level, it'll be hard for her

to find the clues off Zhuo Dinfeng.

There's also Brother Meng, he's the best in Da Liang,

Da Liang's champion is currently recovering in bed.

Even if he recovers, what'll happen if Zuo Dinfeng

refuses to show his moves?

If you look at it like this, then even Xuanjing Bureau

won't be able to solve.

That is why I'm not helping Brother Meng with the case.

What do you mean?

A case that's not solvable even by Xuanjing Bureau,

is instead solved by Brother Meng.

How will the Emperor fell?
It wouldn't be surprise,

it would be fear.

Since this case

cannot be solved by Commander Meng

then he may as well not solve anything a tll

Once the deadline is passed,
just go ask the Emperor for a pardon.

You can't ignore it totally

we still need to keep up appearances.

We still need to investigate.
If we can't find anything, we still need to appear worried.

It'll just have no result.

No result?

Correct that's exactly what I want.

Elder brother Qingyao

you just came back?

I thought you've been at home, with Qi-mei
TN. -mei, endearment for younger sister.

Had a quick stroll outside.

On the night of the 2nd of the New Year?

Just a quick walk around.

Did you just come back from Mother's room?

Yes, Mother and I ended up chatting,

and didn't realize it got so late.

I'm going to rest now, you rest early as well.


- Quickly, quickly
- Water!

- Quickly, everyone!

- Fire! Quick!

What's happened outside.

Your Highness

Someone lit a fire in the Palace.

There is no worries, the Imperial Guards
have already executed the culprit

Someone attempting to light a fire in the Inner Palace,

can I not get one peaceful day?

Please be appeased your Majesty.

While the culprit is dead

but he is a eunuch who's been serving in the Palace for 3 years.

Not someone who've just sneaked in.

I ask you, how are you in charge of the Inner Palace!?

I have neglected my duties, I will be more strict in the future.

There will be no more such incidents.

Your Majesty, there are many people in the Inner Palace, there's bound to be a few that are devious.

Her Majesty didn't connived with them on purpose,

don't be angry.

Luckly the Imperial Guards were patrolling tightly

and we didn't end up in a mess.

I won't set any transgression on you.
But you must understand,

the Empress has an Empress's Honor , but also her duties.

If you cannot complete your duties,

then I'll find someone else to do it for you.

My Lady,

his Majesty's words are too harsh,
nothing major happened anyway.

And you've already come to accept your error,
what else does his Majesty want

It's so difficult for my Lady.

No point in complaining,

his Majesty is correct on one point.

Any problems in the Inner Palace will be on my
head as the Lady of the Principle Palace.

Noble Consort Yue, has no responsibility what so ever.

But my Lady,

From today, tighten the Palace duties,

track all comings and goings between the Palaces

I haven't been in charge for all these years for nothing.

I'd like to see who is attempting to stir up trouble.

My Lady,

these servants have all recently transgressed the Palace rules.

2 attempted to poison foods in the Imperial kitchen,

we found fire starting tools in 2 people rooms,

some hid wine in their room and others stole money.

Lastly there are some who've secretly passed messages.
There's concrete evidence for all.

Would myLady please issue their punishment.

Death by flogging for all.

- my Lady!
- Please have mercy, please spare us

Desperate times calls for desperate needs.

Brother Tong,

Miss. Gong Yu

Come, lets talk inside.

Why are you here?

Is there something important you need to see Chief about?

I... Its the 3rd of the New Year,

I haven't wished Chief a happy new year yet.

If I can see him, just once,

Chief, just went to sleep, the doctor said

he needs to rest more.
We're not to wake him up until after noon.

Probably not a good idea just to wake him up for this.

Do you want to wait for a bit?

You can then see him in the afternoon.

Forget about it.
I came here without Mr Shisan knowing

I don't have that much time.

Brother Tong

Please don't tell Chief I came

But didn't you come to see him?
Why not tell him?

I thought that, if I could see Chief,

I wouldn't even mind if he scolded me.

Since I can't see him,

I don't want him to to be angry.

Chief already said,

that without his orders,

I'm not to come here.

I'll go now.

Slowly, Qi mei

Gege, don't you worry

my stomach isn't so big that I can't walk properly.

Where is Brother QingYao?

Why he isn't here with you

We haven't been in town for nearly a year

QingYao wanted to visit some of his friends

He always not around.

Gege - T/N: "-gege" is an endearing term used by females towards older males, or their elder brother.

Do you have something to ask me?

Did you guys have any argument on 2nd night of New Year?

No. Why do you ask?

If no, why Brother said he needed to go out for a stroll

so late at night?

He didn't go out that night.

He said that father wanted to play chess

so he ended up coming back late.

Is that so?

Minister of Ministry of State Revenue Shen Zhui?

Sheng Zhui has been investigating Lou ZhiJing's old cases

and trying to make up fake cases

to harm the Crown Prince

But I heard that Minister Shen is kind, and......

He hides himself well, and has some reputation.

Don't you worry

I have checked.
He is in fact on Prince Yu's side.

Crown Prince has ordered, regardless of what had Shen Zhui obtains from his investigations

all needs be destroyed.

If necessary, destroyed the person too.

Brother Su is recovering well

we should make a day and walk around Luo Shi street.

It's New Year and you ask us to go to brothels,

Can you have some taste?

I am not going, you can bring along Fei Liu.

Are you sure you want me to bring along Fei Liu?

Aren't you afraid that I'll be taking a Fei Liu and bringing home a Casanova?
TN. Fei Liu --> Feng Liu (Casanova)

As if you can bring home a 'Casanova', I think,

we need to pray you don't bring home a lecher.
TN. Fei Liu --> Xia Liu (lecher)

Young Master Xiao, you really are pretentious.

As soon as I mention Luoshi street,
is the only places you can think of brothels?

Really, which one of us is the one without taste.
I want to take Brother Su to listen to some songs.

Brother Su, not even mentioning other things,

the music at Miaoyin House, is a must.

You know music, it would be a shame if

you don't appraise it.

That sounds more interesting.

Well, the new years celebrations are almost over,
it'll be a good chance to visit.

Why don't we meet on the 15th,
the day of the Lantern Festival and join the fun.

Miaoyin House will also be playing the
lastest pieces composed by Mr. Shisan.

It'll be a great day to have fun.

As soon as we talk about having fun you look so happy.

Jingrui, I haven't watch you practice your martial arts for a while,

we have some time today,
I'd like to see how much you've improved.

When we were in Lang Province, you gave me alot advise,

they really benefited me.

Since Brother Su is interested today

how bout we head into the court yard.

Prince Jing your mansion,
clean and concise with no decadent furnishing,

with a martial man flair.

It vastly different compared to the mansions of other Princes.

Minister Shen, your the new favorite of the Ministry of Revenue,

in this season, there must be a lot people wanting to see you.

Instead you've come to this desolate place.

There might be a lot of visitors, but not many worth seeing.

I hope you don't mind that I'm ducking out
at your place your Highness.

Not many people come here, so there's definitely peace.

Please have seat, Minister Shen.

How are you going with the illegal fireworks factory case?

There has been much progress.

If it goes well, after the 16th as soon the Court resumes,

I'll have something to report, if not

it would not be later than January.

You still dare to run around like this?

Don't think that you'll be safe in the Capital. New years eve,

there's still people committing murder near the Palace walls.

Good sword.

Jingrui, you think you're very handsome holding that pose right?

When are you going to start,
me and Brother Su don't have all day.


Looks like Master Zhuo didn't hold back.

He has taught you the TianQuan sword without reserve.

I believe your brother in Zhuo family is even more skillful.

Brother Qingyao's skills are far better than mine.

For example this move
Flying bird into the woods

I never got it right

You are still young, there's always room for improvement.

Zhuo QingYao's reputation

I heard even when I was in Lang Province.

He is also well known in pugilist world.

Family Zhuo will return to Tianquan manor after first month?

It won't be that rushed.

It takes less than 10 days to get from Fengzuo to the Capital,

They normally stay till mid April.
Also this year,

My Sister Qi is pregnant and will deliver in May,

by that time, I'll be a Jiujiu
TN. Jiujiu - maternal uncle

and a Shushu.
TN. Shushu - paternal uncle

The Princess Royal must be worried

And wanted the young Mistress to deliver at home.

That's right.

Jingrui, why don't you tell Brother Su

why your Zhuo Family parents are only leaving in mid April.

Is there big event mid April?

Brother Su take a guess.

Jingrui's birthday?

April 12th

Look at his expression

it's like saying "this has something to do with me, with me"

Seriously, when have you seen expressions talk.

Chief, invite your guests to have some desserts.

Lets go inside.

I'll see if dessert can't stuff your mouth.

You've only brought two retinues, I'm quite worried.

I'll have Zhan Ying to escort you home.

I came on a whim, sorry to trouble you so.

No worries.

It's dependent on you to clean up the mess caused by Lou Zhijing at the Ministry of State Revenue.

The city is not safe as of late.

No harm in being careful.

Although I have troubled you today,
it was great conversing with you.

See you again.

- Zhanying
- This way, Minister Shen.

The sesame dumpling taste great, did you put dried longan?

You can taste that?
Are you a connoisseur now.

Jingrui, how did you celebrate your birthday in the past?

Nothing much to celebrate.

Jingrui's birthday party is massive

Not to mention the amount of presents he received

The Prince Royal hosts a dinner for him every year.

Letting him invites all his friends over.

Jingrui you are celebrating your 25th birthday

it must be especially lively this year..

If Brother Su can come,

it would be even better.

Of course he will

Brother Su will still be in town during that time.

- Are you not going to invite him?
- Of course he is invited.

When Brother Su stay at my house

My family didn't take good care of him

I am unsure whether Brother Su, you are willing to come

You've asked an odd question.

How am I going to attend without your invitation.

You want to come?

You are my friend and we are in the city.

I have no excuse to not coming.

But since I'm a few years older, I won't be so boisterous.

Just don't think I'm too stuffy.

That's a promise then.
I'll await your arrival on the day.

You've certainly gained a profit.

Brother Su will definitely not attend empty handed.

He'll give you something good.

Brother Su,

my birthday is July 7th, don't forget.

You should've just been born a few days later,

on July 15th, that'd be much better.

Hah, you're the mid-July ghost!
TN. 15th July, Mid-July, is the Ghost Festival.

Any boy born on the 7th Eve,
TN. Double Seventh Festival

will hold feeling of loyalty and affection above all else.

I think Yujin is like this.

Yujin is really like this.

Stop, don't praise me, I can't take it.

Brother Su,

I stayed up with Father this year,

he drank a few cups and forgot to give me my allowance.

My hands are a bit tight.
Don't give him something too expensive,

otherwise I'll look bad.
Anyway he has bad taste,

even if you give him something good, he won't know it.

I heard everything.

Jingrui, truth be told

no matter what Brother Su gives you, as long as he comes

it'll definitely be a birthday you won't forget.

Isn't that right Brother Su.


we've verified that there are 9 sword masters
still in contact with Zhuo Dinfeng.

- This is the list.
- Good.


should we have Mr. Shisan send more people to track them?

Didn't your confirm their identity?

What is there to monitor?

Following rules in the Pugilist world,
go ahead and challenge them.

No need to be too hard on them,
just enough to keep them in bed.

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