Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 14 - Episode #1.14 - full transcript

The plan to help Minister He's son escape prison fails. Yu Jin makes progress with his relationship with his father.

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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 14

If you feel any guilt towards Yujin

why not turn back now?

The sword has been drawn, the arrow has been strung,

how do you expect me to turn back?

The ceremony hasn't started.

The Emperor's sacrificial notes have not been
tossed into the censer.

Why can't you turn back?

Didn't you come here today

to bring me down?

If I wanted to bring you down,

I should be at the Xuanjing Bureau,

instead of discussing this secretly with you now.

You've got me in your hands,

yet you want to let me go?

How do you want me to repay you?

Please continue to mediate and cultivate on Dao,

and wait and observe the happenings of the Court.

Mr. Su

there is no kindness without reason in this world.

Letting me go today without asking for repayment,

I want to know your intentions.

You not forgetting Nobel Consort Chen, this is devotion.

Not forgetting Commander Lin, is loyalty.

Nowadays, there are not many people with devotion and loyalty.

I will save as many as I can.

You just need to remember that I helped you today
and don't act rashly.

I will deal with the gunpowder in the ritual alter.

I'm afraid,

this is not Prince Yu's idea.

Prince Yu does not know about this.

What virtues does Prince Yu have,

to have a person like you.

I'm afraid that soon,

the Empire will be his.

You are siblings with the Empress,

if Prince Yu becomes Emperor,

what's so bad about it?

You are insightful

can you not see?

Out of all the princes, Prince Yu

is the one most like the Emperor.

He is the same as his Majesty before he became Emperor.

Although he looks righteous,

his heart is just as cruel

just as cold.

Its hard to tell the difference between the two.

You know I am on Prince Yu's side,

to talk like this, isn't it inappropriate?

Being afraid ins't going to help.

Sitting here today

you are the butcher's knife, and I'm the fish and meat,

If you want to ruin me it's very easy,

however if you want to control me...

No need think too much,

Just a simple question.

As long as you don't take action in the future,

I will not bring up this incident.

Mr. Su.

I have one more thing to say.

If anything happens to me,

can you consider your friendship with my son

and save him.

Brother Su,

I've already discussed it with your father.

After the rituals of new years eve,

you can wait for the new year together.

Thank you very much.

Tomorrow will be a good day.

Mother's health is already looking much better,

yesterday the Imperial doctors came and gave some medicine

and said her pulse reading is good.

But she will still have to wait till
after new years before she can get up.


Mother's illness probably made Noble Consort Yue happy.

She can even suggested to Father,

to allow Noble Consort Xushu to take on the
Empress' role in the ritual.

Taking the opportunity to look good.

As long as Mother is healthy,

then it's all good.

These days, looking after Mother,

has been hard on you.

Your Highness,

Minister He's situation has already been resolved.

Did you find a suitable person?

Yes, it's a tramp.
He looks about eighty percent similarity with He Wenxin.

Throw him in prison for two days,
and with some disguises,

Count Wenyuan will not be able to tell the difference.

Your Highness, are we really going to swap them?

What else can we do?

Minister He treasures his useless son so much.

I've already done all I can to help.

Take the man to Qi Min.

Do it cleanly.

Alike, very much alike.

Minister He, please.

- You may leave.
- Yes.

Minister He, although he doesn't look exactly the
same as your son,

but it's enough to deceive most people.

Thank you very much Minister Qi.

Minister He, what are you doing?

We are partners, there is no need for this.

You saving my son,

is like my son's parents.

This incident must be kept a secret,

we can't let anything slip out.

I know that it's the new years in two days,

But, you can't let your son be at home for the new years.

Hurry and send him away.
The further the better.

Yes I will do that.

- We must stay on top of this.
- I understand

It's near the end of the year, the expenditures

Did He Jinzhong get better?

Already working again?

The Ministry of Personnel is busiest at the end of the year.

Prince Yu probably forced him up.

His illness is of the heart,

to force him up, you'll need a remedy for his heart.

You're saying He Jinzhong is completely well?

And already working for Prince Yu?


A few days ago he was still bedridden.

Then suddenly he's up and running.

At the end of each year, the Ministery of Personnel
becomes Prince Yu's money bag.

In such a short time, he can't find
someone to replace He Jinzhong

perhaps out of desparation

he may have let the Ministry of Justice do
something for He Wenxin.

Did they put in a fake

and swap out the real He Wenxin?

Did the Ministry of Justice really do that?

He Jinzhong wouldn't get well for no reason.

Go investigate for me.

If Qi Min really did this,Badge: Ministry of Justice

then both these MinistersBadge: Ministry of Personnel

I don't need to worry about anymore.

As long as we leak the news to Xie Yu.

The Eastern Palace will do the rest.

For the Minister of Personnel,

Prince Yu actually swapped prisonners, such silly plan.

In this case,

it's his fault that he should also lose the Minister of Justice,

Qi Min did this in secret,

the fact that we figured it out was pure luck.

Right now, He Jinzhong

has already brought his son out,

to be on the safe side,

he should leave immediately

but for some reason,

he took him back to his home secretly.

He Jinzhong's mother

loves this grandson very much.

They probably want to see him again.

That's perfect,

gives us some time

to call Count Wenyuan.

As long as we an catch them at the house of He

Prince Yu will not have a happy new year.

Go, hurry and go.

Father, I don't want to leave.

There's a few day till the new years,
where do you want to send me?

To save you, you must go.

Minister Qi has repeatedly told me that
you can't stay here for new years.

Leave while it dark, hurry.

Minister He.

- You, you, what are you doing?
- Don't move- Let me go.

Where are you planning to send your son tonight?

Marquis, your excellency.

Count Wenyuan, do you see,

now do you believe the audacity of the Ministry of Justice.

Thank you Marquis, without your help

my son's death would not have been avenged.

Count Wenyuan

Go, come with me to see the Emperor.

-Count Wenyuan, lets discuss this.

Save me father!

- Jingrui, did you hear?
- Yunjin

- Hear what?
- Do you remember the He Wenxin who killed someone at Yang Liu Xin?

Yes, he got the death penalty and is in prison.

His father He Jinzhong is audacious,
he conspired with the ministry of justice Qi Min

and got someone who looked
like He Wenxin and swapped him out.

-This... it's impossible.
-How is it impossible?

Qi Min is quite daring, I wonder if he's done it before.

Yujin, this is a secret matter, how do you know about it?

Thanks to your father, not just me
the whole Capital knows about it.


It's Xie Yu.

This was top secret, how did he know about it?

It's not important how he found out.

Your highness, Count Wenyuan dragged
He JInzhong to the Palace.

Right now, the Crown Prince's ministers

are all compiling charges against me.

Your Highness, you have to save me.

Marquis Xie was very decisive.

Count Wenyuan dragged He Jinzhong into the palace overnight,

even if the emperor wants to be bias, he won't have an excuse.

They are ministers of the six ministries

but everything they do is so sordid,
what's wrong with these ministers?

How can day support the emperor to rule the empire?

Is this all the fault of the ministers?

An Emperor, is the source.

Clear springs begets clear flows, turbid springs begets turbid waters.
TN: From "A Gentlemans' Way" by Xun-zhi

Right now in the Court, treating others
with sincerity is considered naivety.

If you don't scheme, you are immature,
the social vogue is as such. Whose fault is it?

You are a surprising person,

You usually don't care about Court affairs
yet to have such insight,

please accept my respect.

Don't tease me, I didn't say these things.

Was it Brother Su?

When we were in the Lang Province
we would talk about these all night.

If brother Su has such ideals,
why did he choose Prince Yu?

Maybe because he has no choice,
what is the difference between Prince Yu and the Crown Prince?

Brother Su once said, choosing a ruler is to choose virtues.

When the Emperor is wise, the officials just,
it is a serendipitous governance.

I think for Brother Su, his biggest grief,

is not being able to support a ruler
whose morals he agrees with.

Jingrui, do you think Brother Su isn't actually


No, I'm thinking too much,

You're making no sense.

I don't think he's actually helping Prince Yu.

Why do you think that?

A feeling.

Just after winning the debate, Prince Yu was so happy.

Who would think that Xie Yu would cut off two
of his limbs with He Wenxin.

It must hurt a lot.

This will not be a happy new year for Prince Yu.

The fight to find someone to replace these ministers,
will be even more lively.

But with this, isn't the Eastern palace greatly ahead?

Really, the greatest power in the Crown Prince's hand

is just Xie Yu.

Brother, are you planning to take down Xie Yu.

I planned this a long time ago.

A prosperous year, the Emperor bestows gifts.

Calling the Crown Prince and princes
to enter and receive your gifts,

and comestibles.

Thank you for the magnanimity Imperial Father.

Reporting to my lady, the gifts have already been bestowed.

How much was given to each Prince?

Similar to last year, the crown prince
obviously received the most.

However, our Prince Yu didn't have much less.

Compared to the other princes, it's a lot more.

We can see how much the emperor favors him.

Jinghuan is a prince of seven pearls,
of course he is different.

This year, Prince Jing also had and an extra gift.

Since the emperor gifted Prince Jing,
then I must follow through.

When you are free, find my Danyang Diewu hairpin
and gift it to Consort Jing


My lady is the best in the Inner palace,
the most impressive.

The empress will not be able to attend the feast tonight.

My lady, do you want to wear the five phoenix hairpin?

What are you saying?

-My lady.
-Our lady is naturally beautiful, even if her accesories are simple

the emperor's eyes will still only be on her.

Also, the crown prince is here,
there's nothing to worry about.

In the future, my Lady can wear whatever hairpin you wants.

You are the most understanding, lets go.

Father, mother, dad, mom, happy new year.

Okay, hurry and get up.

-Thank you mom.

Mother, you favor Jingrui too much,
he not only gets red envelopes,

on his birthday, you made clothes for him.

Thank you for the trouble mom.

Brother, happy new year to you too.

-I don't have any red envelops for you.
-No need, no need.

You don't have red envelops for him,
but what about the Hanxue stallion you spent so much trouble bringing?TN: Hanxue: Ferghana horse.

I was going to show it to you tomorrow,
but she just revealed it.

Really? Thank you brother Qingyao.

You are obviously showing off to me
as long as brother is here, nobody can see me.

My things, as long as you like it, you can take it.

Look, he's always like this,
making it hard for me to be jealous.

Younger brother, you just like to bully brother.

When did we ever forget your gifts.
Its your turn to pay respects.

It's great that there is such harmony between the brothers.

Father, Mother, Uncle Zhuo, Aunt Zhuo, happy new year.

Noble ancestors

the Yan Clan as a scholastic family

has seen three Imperial Tutors, two Empresses,
two Prime Ministers.

We are dedicated to the Empires affairs.


do you think our Yan family can be considered as loyal subjects?

Of course we are.

But with all these generations of loyalty

how did we end up as we are?


what do you mean?

The rites have been completed.



are you going to head back to your room or
check on the medicine making?

It's the new years eve.

Go prepare some food, we'll wait for the new year together.

Okay, I'll go right now!

Happy new year.


Here you go.

Fei Liu needs to be good this year.

Come, I would like to give a toast,

to safe and joyous new year.

Thank you Chief.

Physician Yan

Physician Yan, I pay my respect to you for the new year.

Physician Yan, it's the new years eve

couldn't you reward me with a smile.


you only know to admonish others.
The person that really needs to be good is you.

Yes, yes, yes.
This year, I listen to what ever you say.

Your word is the rule.

Better than nothing.

Time for dumplings

I'll help

- Here
- Okay

Auntie Ji, happy new year.

Alright, thank you Chief

Lets start!

Come on

Physician Yan, here

- Delicious
- Hot

Slow down

It's nice right

Come here

Li Gang come,

- Your Highness, its the new years eve, you should drink more
- Okay

I wish for your Highness to be ageless.

Good, good

- Good, good

Your Highness

it's almost midnight

Oh yes,

just follow the list I repared previously

and send out the New Year comestibles

the eh

eh, the quail eggs, give them to Mu Qing

Your Highess,

the Mu Palace is already in the list

I know

this year, give Mu Palace an extra dish,

As you wish.

- Command Meng,
- Imperial Eunuch

Every year on new years eve,
Commander you must guard the Palace

you are much troubled.

It's my duty, there's no trouble.

This year, his Majesty bestowed 13 dishes

to 12 important official households.

I thank the Imperial guards for escorting

13 dishes?

His Majesty's special edict

bestow two dishes to Mu Palace.

It's time

Imperial Eunuch, please.

The night grows late without our notice

should the 4 of us old people leave

so the young ones can enjoy themselves?

True, it's been festive the whole day

I'm actually a bit tiered.

Lets go.


Father, are you going now?

It's still early.
The Royal dish has yet to arrive.

Didn't we always wait for the new year together?

Jingrui, we're not going to sleep now

your Dad and I will play a game of Go,

your Mother will definitely have a lot to talk to Mrs. Zhuo

More over,

once the 4 of us old people head off

then you young ones can be more free.

Father-in-law is quite right, come

lets go see the new horse I brought your.

- Now?
- Yes, now.

- Come,
- Me too, I'll come as well

- Brother Zhuo, please
- Please

Sister, lets go.

You're here early,

Where's Jingrui?


we friends of the same generation

this courtesy is too much for the new years greeting.

Brother Su should know that this is not for the new years

What is it?

Last night, Father stayed up with me.

He told me everything.

All these years, although Father neglected me,

but as a son, not being able to understand his grief,

where are my filial pieties!

It is a good thing

that the two of your can achieve an understanding.

I thank you Brother Su, for saving the Yan family.

This kindness,

I shall take to heart.

You are taking it too seriously,

there is too much turbulence in the Court lately

I just don't want further troubles to crop up,

and add to the mayhem.

No matter what you say, Brother Su

I believe there is friendship in this.

To tell you the truth,

even now, Father does not regret his decision

but he's still glad that you stopped him.

This might sound conflicting

but I think Brother Su, you understand what I mean.


people's hearts are always this difficult

it's not just black and white or right and wrong,

split so cleanly in two.

No matter what,
the peace at the Yan Household has been preserved.

I just need to remember your kindness

as for the deeper meanings

what have they to do with me?

Yujin, you are very bright and insightful.

Court affairs are hard to judge,

our fates are also hard to predict

the only thing we can control

is this heart.

Well said. It's worthy of a toast.

You're still sick.

Lets use tea instead of wine, and I'll toast you.

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Deputy Commander Zhu, is it?

It's the team that didn't return.

Meng Zhi!
What kind of job is this!

I gave you the responsibility of protecting the Palace walls,

but in your oversight,
you allowed murders to happen right outside the Palace walls!

I failed my duties, I accept my transgression.

Accept transgression?
New years eve, eunuchs I sent personally

dying under the protection of Imperial Guards!

How can I trust that you can protect this Palace!

Your subject has no excuse, please be appeased your Majesty.

Meng Zhi, failed in his duty, inexcusable.

Flog him 20 times.

Thank your Majesty.

Meng Zhi, I'll give you 30 days to investigate this case.

If you cannot find the culprit

I will take you to task.

Yes your Majesty.

Fei Liu, did you go pick plumb blossoms from
Prince Jing's palace again?

After breakfast I'll take you to Mu Palace,
they have better flower.

Do tell people that I taught you this.

Ah what.

Duchess, Duke Mu,

I'm sorry Mr. Su, to have you wait so long.

No worries, it's just a short while.

It's the new years, I am quite free.

- Please.
- Okay

I heard that Duke Mu likes to eat desserts
from Yongfang House, so I had some prepared

Fei Liu

Fei Liu likes this place, is it okay if he plays around for a bit?

No problem, no problem at all.

Fei Liu is not much younger than me,
but his martial arts is really good

Oh now you know, whenever I told you to
practice all you do is slack off.

Its not slacking off Sis, I'm just a slow study.

Hard work makes up for talent.
If you are not talented then you should work harder.

Enough Sis, we've got visitors.

My Lady really has the airs of an elder sister now.


The southern border has been peaceful, Duke Mu does not need to head to battle. Leaving martial studies aside for a while is no big worry.

But you should work on military arts and
strategies and land governance.

Did you hear what Mr. Su said?

It means that I need to listen to you and now

I need to listen to Mr. Su as well.

You need to listen to anything that's good for you.

Duke Mu, it's the first year that you've inherited
the Dukedom, you must be busy.

Is it not,
I never thought about it before

but now I'm doing it myself,
I realize Sister that you've had a hard time.

It's good that you realize.
I've been worried that you'd not be steady enough.

Always acting like a kid.

My Lady need not worry, Duke Mu just needs more practice.
He still has the airs of a General.

It's a good time to transfer some responsibilities to him

- and soon he'll be a great leader.
- Aha

See Sis, even Mr. Su says that.
Stop worrying.

My Lady,

What is it?

We've just received new.
There was a murder outside the Palace walls last night.

Murder? Last night?
It was new years eve last night.

According to traditions, his Majesty sent dishes to Officials

12 groups were sent, but only 11 groups returned in time.

The Imperial Guards and Capital Patrols searched all night and found 7 corpse not far outside the Palace walls.


The Imperial guards were all elites and
fought hard but in the end they were all killed.

It must have been done by an expert.

Is there any clues at the scene?

Don't worry about the details for now.
What about Commander Meng?

Slowly, slowly

- Come on, be careful
- Why aren't we there yet.

Almost, almost

- Slowly, slowly

I'll go get some water

Slowly, slowly

Command you are loyal

and guarded the Palace faithfully all these years.

Even if the Imperial Guards are at fault in this case,
his Majesty can't vent all his fury on you.

This case, even though it happened outside the Palace walls

the crime scene is very close.

It still is included in the areas covered by the Imperial Guards.

His Majesty is not wrong

what is there to complain about.

At least this issue is over,

I'll increasing the patrols over the next few days.
You have a good rest Commander.

Over? If only it was that good.
His Majesty commanded that I solve the case in 30 days.

Otherwise there'll be further punishments.

Flogged 20 times?

And to resolve the case in 30 days,
otherwise there'll be further punishments.

Still so harsh and cold-hearted

lao-Wei, report and further new to me immediately.
TN: lao- title for someone older than you


Qing-er, this news will spread very quickly

I don't want anyone from Mu Palace to gossip about it.


Command Meng's situation must be difficult.
Do you need me to help as for mercy from his Majesty?

Brother Zhuo,

- Brother Xie, you are back.
- It's as we predicted.

Meng Zhi was flogged 20 times,
and tasked with solving the case in 30 days.

I prepared thoroughly for this,
there's definitely no clues at the scene and no witnesses.

Don't worry, Meng Zhi will never suspect us.

Meng Zhi will not be able find out.
The people we need to look out for is not Meng Zhi

What do you mean?

No matter what the Emperor says,
Meng Zhi wouldn't be the only one investigating this case.

I believe his Majesty will in fact be relying on

Xuanjing Bureau to investigate this case.

There's no witnesses or evidences,

even if it's Xuanjing Bureau, what can they do.

Correct, in this situation

any kind of baseless accucations

will be considered as slander.

There's no need to beg for mercy at the moment.
I'm not worried about Brother Mengs current situation.

I'm more worried about how this case will develop
in the coming days.

- How it'll develop?
- Correct

His Majesty will not suspect the Imperial Guards

ability based on 1 case.

Are you worried that if Brother Meng does
not solve the case in 30 days,

he'll incur more transgressions?

If new cases come before the old one is solved,

his Majesty's confidence in Brother Meng will slowly be eroded away. That's what I'm more worried about.

What does the murder want to do?

It's hard to figure out the motive just yet.

Perhaps its to challenge the Imperial power?

Or may test the Imperial Guards
ability as preparations for further attacks?

Or may it's directed at Commander Meng.

This round has started.
Brother Xie what further moves have you planned.

Last night, there was 6 imperial guards with the eunuch.

And it was just outside the Palace walls.
It be able to take them out cleanly

it was all dependent on your excellent help.

But the relationship between our two families is too tight

so Brother Zhuo you need not do more for the next moves

Ah so half a year ago,
you asked me to find martial arts experts from the pugilist world

was all for this purpose.

While this case did shake his Majesty's trust in Meng Zhi

but it was limited.

I can't let this fire I just lit

die off.

But from now on,

Meng Zhi will definitely increase the patrols

if you want to cause further trouble in
the Imperial Guards control area

it'll be more difficult.

Such a large Palace, there's bound to be an opening somewhere.

Imperial Guards will be at a disadvantage when

going against martial arts experts

Moreover, he's in the light while I'm in the dark.

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