Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 13 - Episode #1.13 - full transcript

A shipment of tangerines exposes a plot from an unlikely source. More evidence comes up about the fireworks factory, but not enough to shut it down.

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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 13

Greetings My Prince

-My Prince
- What is it?

Performance reviews from all departments,
including transfers requested

due for the Ministry of Personnel has been submitted.

But no approval has been given. Also,

the head counts for promotions and
demotions for the next year have not been budgeted.

Ministry of Personnel is crowded with people everyday.
-Who should see them?

These are all matters of the Ministry of Personnel's.
Why don't you ask Minister He?


Since Minister He's son was sentenced to jail,
he has not been feeling well.

These days, he cannot even leave his bed.

He's sick?

Alright, I know.
Just delay things a bit

and let two assistant officers audit the performance reviews.
I will look at the promotions list.


If there's nothing else, you may go.


Is He Jingzhong really sick?

Or is he just doing a show for me?

I visited Minister He in the morning.
He's really sick.

His son is his precious.

But he's going to be executed, how can he take the blow?

But this is the busiest period for the Ministry of Personnel.
He needs to maintain all the connections.

These cannot be taken lightly.

If the Crown Prince manages to put anyone into the Ministry

then we can all stop laughing at Lou Zhijing's setback.

Getting Minister He to pick himself up, is our top priority.

I afraid that that'd be hopeless. I've spent much energy and attention on that case,

but man proposes, heavens disposes.

Redressing the case is impossible,
but there's always other methods.

Does Miss. Qing
have a good idea?

Count Wenyuan wants a life for a life, then we'll give him a life.

Brother Su?

You look quite good.

I heard that you were gravely ill and even stop receiving guests. Gave me and Jingrui quite a scare.

It's not a small matter to get sick in this weather.

I just got a cold, feeling much better now.

Brother Su, I brought a few
baskets of mandarins freshly delivered from Lingnan.

Since you're sick, they'll be good
to relieve the bitterness in your mouth.


I asked them to bring some inside just now.

- Fei Liu!
- How was your trip to the hot springs?

The hot spring was fantastic, you should have joined us.

It's good for your health too.


It has thin skin and very juicy. I'm sure you will enjoy it.

I even want to keep these seeds
and grow them in my garden next year.

These mandarins, if grown south of Huai, would be called "Ju", if grown north of Huai, would be called "Zhi"

But if you grew them in your house,
I'm sure they end up as bitter gourds.

- As if you'd know.
- These mandarin are quite fresh

are they actually delivered from Lingnan?
Did they come by the official cargo ship?

Yes, they are shipped directly from Lingnan Province by official cargo ships via Fu River, and need not stop for checks.

That's why they get delivered faster than ordinary goods.

Most of the noble households in the capital love them.

There were 10 shipments but they were gone in no time.
Some people didn't even get any.

Luckily my father reserved them early and
that's why we get to eat them now.

I see, so it's all thanks to you.

Don't be so courteous. Just enjoy, I can send more if you want.

- Taoist Master Wen
- Official Bing

Taoist Master Wen your are much wearied.

Official Bing, I have rearranged the sacrificial alter

according to the positions of the stars this year.

The censer's position has been fixed,
there will be no delays on our part.

Master Wen, you are cultivating at Xuantian Temple, that you came early for the year end ceremony preparations.

I'm much obliged.

Ah... Sitting beside a warm fire

eating such fruits, what luxery

Brother Su only ate one,
Fei Liu didn't have any but you ate so many

are you going to eat the whole basket before leaving.

They're delicious!
If Brother Su likes them, I'll send some more later.

Isn't her Majesty the Empress ill? Don't you need to visit her? How do you have time to come visit me?

Her Majesty is ill?
I didn't know.

I need to check then.
If its sever,

I'll need to tell Father and get him to come back quickly.

Is Marquise Yan not in the Captial?

He's gone to Xuantian Taoist Temple for cultivation.
You know what my Father's like.

He has no worldly desires and just want to meditate on Dao.

If it wasn't for me, our house would probably be a Taoist temple already.

Doesn't the Empress censure him?

For brothers and sisters, they're not close.
My Father likes to meditate.

If it wasn't because the family's ancestral temple is in the Capital and we need to look after it, he'd move into the mountains already.

Uncle Yan is ascetic and leisurely, but why are you

always sticking your nose where it's noisiest.

In my opinion your like a wild cat.

Fine, young master Xiao, you have great disposition,
you're a house cat then.

I haven't heard you two joke like this for while.

Brother Su, will there only be these
people at Su Residence over the new years?

On new years eve, it'll pretty much just be these people. I might invite some more on the 3rd or 4th.

Would you like to come then?

Of course we'll come.
But there's not many people here, will it be a bit desolate?

Not cold.

Brother Su is not someone who likes crowds.
I think there's enough people.

Not like my family.
Every time after paying respect to the ancestors

it feels as if there's only me left in the mansion.

What about your Father?

He usually goes back to his room to
continue with making medicine.

- Then you'll have to find some things to occupy yourself with.
- Aha!

Brother Su, do you want to
go to the brothels on Luoshi Road with me?

See, Fei Liu

should be all grown up now right?

Sure, why don't you come over after paying
respects to your ancestors.

We'll have some wine,

then you came take Fei Liu out.

We're not in Lang province this year, and I'm still sick.
Fei Liu must be bored.

Lil Fei Liu, this year, I'll look after you.

Greetings your Highness Prince Jing,


Where is your Highness heading to?

It's the 1st today, according to etiquette,
I can visit my mother today.

Your Highness still cannot enter the Palace at will?

That is the right of a Grand Prince,

I'm still just a Prince, I have no such right.

Who does not know that your
Highness has won many victories for the Empire

to not even award a rank.

Are you still investigating the canal transport issue?

Your subject will take his leave.

I found people smuggling gunpowder.

Black fire!

The former minister Lou Zhijing opened an illegal fireworks factory in west side of the Capital,

it's still operating now.

A fireworks factory?

Lou Zhijing is daring.

But he's been sentenced for so long,
how is the factory still operating.

Naturally it's because there are other beneficiaries

You mean the Crown Prince colluded with
the Ministry of State Revenue?

What kind things are these.

Don't be angry your Highness.
I'm still following up on some evidences,

once I've finalized everything, I will uproot this factory entirely.

my Lady, his Highness Prince Jing is here.


No need for ceremony

Quickly, bring the newly made desserts,


You are just in time, I have something to tell you.

I've listened to you, and have been resting all day.

If you don't stop thinking, it's just another form of toil.

My thoughts are in my heart, I cannot help it.

You are smart, you should understand that over toiling will result in short life.

Yes, I also want to live longer

I can only rely on you for this.

I made a bet with someone when I agreed
to come look after you.

I know

Don't make me lose.

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You are ill, no need to rise.

Don't worry, I came secretly, no one knows.

my Lord came, so there must be something.

Can I not just visit you?

But, there actually is something.

The Empress suddenly took ill,
I'm sure you're interested in the reason as well.

My Lord has some information?

Her Majesty was poisoned by a type of grass called ruanhui.


This type of grass, if ingested will cause dizziness,
loss of strength in the limbs,

and a reduced appetite.
The effects will last for 6-7 days.

How is my Lord so certain.

When the Empress collapsed,
my Mother along with the other consorts

were paying their respect to the Empress at Zhengyang Palace.

She saw the symptoms clearly, and made inquiries afterwards.

So she can confirm.

Who would target the Empress.

And use a poison

that doesn't do any serious damage.

Prince Yu is also investigating in the Palace.

Maybe he can find the culprit soon.

This is a matter of the Inner Palace

It's beyond my reach, just leave it to Prince Yu then

But it doesn't matter if we can't find anything,

the end result is just the Empress missing the year end ceremony

not a big deal.

Mr. Su, when you think about things

you also subconsciously rub at things.

I do that quite often.

Even when I'm not thinking my fingers would move on their own.

I suppose there's a lot of people with this habit.


of the people I know,

there's also someone like this.

Everything has been prepared.

rest assured.

Thank you for helping with this.

Once it's done,
I'm afraid you'll have to hide away in the pugilist world

I understand

Apart from Fei Liu

there must be other martial arts experts in Jiangzuo Alliance.

my Lord requires their service?

Shen Zhui from Ministry of Revenue is investigating a major caes

I think he will be in danger

Shen Zhui even told your Highness about the fireworks factory,

your friendship is coming along nicely.

You know about the factory as well?

Of course,

Shen Zhui is someone you recommended me to befriend.
You'll definitely keep an eye on him.

Are these friends worth while?

You have clarity of view.
They are all good officials

Conversing with them is enjoyable.

A shame I cannot face them with absolute scincerity

I'm uncomfortable with that.

There's nothing we can do about that right now.

Instead we should think about making

some problems for them

so that my Lord can lend them a hand

and shore up on some favors.

If there's nothing sincere what's the point
in being owed so many favors.

When befriending good people, you don't need too much artifices

As long as I am sincere, they will return in kind.

As the saying goes, you can bully a gentleman within reason.
TN: From Wan Zhang" - Part 1, Mencius

If there's only sincerity with out artifices, it would never work

In a fight for the Crown,

if we're just competing with sincerity and good faith,

then why are the historical records so bloody.

You've only just show some edge, it's still easy to hide.

But once the Crown Prince or Prince Yu notice you

there would be no such thing as brotherly love.

I understand what you mean.

I've decided on this path, I would not be so naive.

While it is my belief, things will vary from person to person

Perhaps the more you scheme

the less you'll obtain.

There is no generalized way to work with people.

You have your strategies, I have my methods

You judge on character, I measure on talent

Sometimes character will be considered,

other times their talent is key.

This my Lord will depend on,

when and where you want use this person.

Go have a look at the person in the court yard

His name is Tong Lu

All my communications is handled by him,

I trust him explicitly

but I kept his mother back in Lang Province,

in Jiangzuo Alliance,

I gave him much responsibilities, and use him without suspcion

this is my sincerety

but keeping his family in my control,

this is my artifice.

Must you describe everything you do

in such a cruel manner.

I'm a cruel person.

People can only be betrayed by friends,

enemies would never have the chance to.

This I believe.
But you should know,

people return in kind what they receive.

You are a smart person

you should understand this principle.

I know,

but I don't care.

My Lord can use any method to test me

I wouldn't care one bit,

because in my heart, I know what I'm loyal to

I never thought to betray anyone.


Here, put it here.

Putting it there is wrong.

- No, here, here
- You do it.

- Here
- You do it. As if only you can play.

- Are you playing or am I playing
- okay, okay

Your consort greets your Majesty.


- Rise
- Thank you your Majesty

You've become thinner

in the few days I've not seen you

Your Majesty has been busy with the Court

and her Majesty has been unwell.
I have no competancies

so can only fast and pray for blessings.

You are considerate.


Come, come, sit here.

Thank you, your Majesty

Is there something you needed to see me about today?

The year end ceremony is almost here

if the Empress cannot recover in time,

I would like to recommend Noble Consort Xushu

to assist in the ceremonial rituals.

I hope your Highness would agree.

Noble Consort Xushu?

But you are the Crown Prince's birth mother

- You should
- I might be the Crown Prince's birth mother but

But Noble Consort Xushu has been
in the your Majesty's service much longer

She also has a grown Princess, is both noble and praise worthy,

I would be happy to have her perform the
rites in the Empress' stead

Its good you are so open minded.


It was because of my inappropriate behavioure

that we had to do the Court debate,

causing your Majesty to loose face.

While your majesty doesn't blame me

In my heart

I still feel bad about it.

Never mind

Jinghuan went overboard this time this time.

I not happy either.

But, it was the right thing to do

so I went along with it.

From now on, in front of the Empress

have a sense of proprietry

thank you.

Using official cargo ships to smuggle
gunpowder for the fireworks factory

has been going on for a while.

They always smuggle a fixed amount.

But this year, there's 2 extra shipments.

Those didn't end up at the factory,

but instead, went missing.


Perhaps what?

Somebody else smuggled those 2 shipments of gunpowder.

Are you saying,

there's another batch of gunpowder
hidden somewhere in the capital

and we don't know where it went and what its for.

After smuggling the gunpowder into the capital,

if their intention is not to make fireworks

it means that they want to blow up something.

This person knows how to make use of the official cargo ships.

knows to cover-up their trail,

by making use of the Ministry of Revenue
and the illegal factory.

He's definitely not a pugilist.

Does he want to kill someone or damage something?

Is there something important in the Capital that can be targeted?

The year end ritual ceremony.

Shipped directly from Lingnan Province by official cargo ships

via Fu River, and need not stop for checks.

It seems that Her Majesty's sickness

really has nothing to do with Noble Consort Yue.

Prepare my coach, I need to go out.

Physician Yan.

I really have an urgent matter and need to go out.

See how warmly I'm dressed.


Fei Liu and Li Gang will be going with me.

Don't worry.

See, the snow has stopped.
I'm sure it will be alright.

I will decide if it's alright.

You may only be having a cold but

your body is different from others.

If you came back horizontally

you will destroy my good reputation.

Physician Yan, how about this...

If you let me go out today,

I will follow your instructions when I return.


No means no.

What do you want?

Put me down!

You cannot go out!

Do you hear me?
Put me down!

Don't go!

Brother Su?

Why are you here?

Since I came to the capital,

I have never visited you.

That's impolite of me.

Is Marquis Yan free?

Are you here to see my father?

He won't be back till later.

Are you playing polo?


he even sent the ball outside.

Jingrui, take care of Brother Su,

I will be back soon.

Why haven't you found the ball yet?

Young Master, you can't go out.

Your ball hit the coach of Yeqing's envoy and

he's looking for you!

That's a small matter.

My polo ball is more important.


has Yujin always alone at home?

I think he's always been like this.


I have not seen Marquis Yan for quite some time as well.

Even if he's in the capital,

he will stay at the Taoist temple.

Brother Su, I'm back.

Did anything happen outside?

Nothing important.

Just that my ball frightened one of the horses of
the Yeqing entourage group.

That's alright then.

You guys didn't see that envoy from Yeqing,

he looks so sneaky.

At first he was fierce but then tried to curry favor.

Doesn't look anything like what an envoy is supposed to be.

Yeqing may only be a colony our Great Liang

but at least they have their own government.

Can't they pick someone better?

So, what kind of attributes must an envoy have?

In my heart,

the most inspiering envoy is

the famous Lin Xiangru written in the historical records.

As an envoy sent to enemy territories he didn't show any fear.

He debated and won against their Ministers,

his bravery quelled their Emperor.

He completed his mission without losing the pride of his country.

He really is wise and courageous.

And that is all there is to is.

You have high standards.

You don't have to be envious of the classics.

Actually, our great Liang

also had such an envoy.


37 years ago,

Da Yu, Northern Yan and Eastern Sea formed an alliance and

intended to attack us and split our land.

At that time, the alliance had 5 times the size of our army.

Unbroken stretch of tents pitched right outside our border.

That envoy was only 20 years old at that time.

He only had his imperial envoy staff,

in a silk robe and simple headpiece.

He threaded through the enemy camps,

not retreating even when swords were raised against him.

In the enemy's camp, he debated with their ministers

heart firm as mountains, tongue sharp as knives

An alliance based on interests

is weak.

After the envoy spoke with them

rifts formed.
The alliance teetered on the brink of collapse.

Our forces took the opportunity and fought back

Thus Da Liangs' crisis was resolved.

Such an envoy

should be as good as Lin Xiangru right.

There's actually such a brave person in our country?

Why didn't I know?

That's an old story,

many people have forgotten about it.

I'm a few years older than you

and heard about it

from the elders when I was young.

37 years ago, was 20 then.

He should be 57 years old this year.

Is he still alive?

If so, I want to see him.

Of course, he's alive.

He's your father.

Do you think

your father's title of Marquis

came from the fact that he's the son of Grand Tutor Yan

or being the brother-in-law of His Majesty?

But I...

My father, he...


Your father became a Marquis before he was 40.

He was a famous person at that time.

It's a pity that time is impermanent.

He is only interested in Taoism now

Brother Su, today you came to see my father

for what matter?

Move the things inside.


Marquis Yan is back.


you are back.

Go rest. Don't need to serve me.


the Mr. Su I mentioned before

came to visit you.

I'm Su Zhe, my respect to Marquis Yan.

You are the famous

Divine talent, Sir Mei of Jiangzuo?

An undeserved name not worth mentioning.

How can I be compared to your good name?

Mr. Su has come for what reason?

I have something important

to discuss with you.

Mr. Su you are very popular

but I'm not interested in anything but Taoism.

What can we discuss?

This way please.

The winter is long and difficult to endure

but gunpowder is dangerous.

Even if you are cold, you shouldn't use it to to keep warm.

What did you say?


I really don't know.

Who did it?

Your Highness.

How is it?
Did anyone confess?

We've used all the punishments available

but they said they don't know anything.

I think...


perhaps the her Majesty's poisoning really
doesn't have anything to do with them.

Thinking back on the whole situation

it doesn't look like something perpetrated by Zhaoren Palace.

you may leave.

Yes my Lord.

Not Zhaoren Palace.

Then who could it be.

Marquise you hid the gunpowder under the sacrificial alter.

Is that correct?

You don't have to admit it now.

But I've already sent someone to check.

Conclusive evidence.

Too clever for your own good.

Mr. Su are you not scared that you'll shorten your life

by being too keen.

Only the Heavens knows our time of death.
Why would I worry about it?

Though I would like to ask you, Marquise.

Whether you're sure that your plan has no flaw.

At least before you appeared,
everything had proceeded smoothly.

The gunpowder is hidden in the censer.
Ash will hide the fuse.

When the Emperor burns the sacrificial notes

and toss it in the censer,

the whole alter will go up in flames.

It's indeed as expected.

When the Emperor is burning the offerings,
the Empress must be at his side.

While Marquise you are not close to her

you still held onto family ties.

So you planned her illness, preventing her from attending.

While she is sinnful

she is still my sister.

Did you become suspicious of me

due to her strange illness?

While it's strange that the Empress got ill,

the mandarins that Yujin sent me was more suspicious.


You won't even spend new years eve with your family

but this time,
you actually ordered mandarins for new years celebrations?

Isn't it so that you can smuggle gunpowder into the Capital.

Your timing was very good.

They arrived at the same time as
the gunpowder for the Ministry of State Revenue.

If it had drawn any attention,
all the clues would lead the Crown Prince's illegal factory.

I spent so much trouble on it, yet

you still managed to see through it.

You dare risk your entier family's life
in order to assassinate the Emperor

what do you intend to achieve?

I want him to DIE!

Regicide or what ever the crime, I don't care

as long as he dies

I will do anything, I will commit any sin.

Is it for Noble Consort Chen?


you know about Noble Consort Chen

The Chiyan treason case,

Prince Qi died unjustly,

Noble Consort Chen commited suicide in the Palace

while no one talks about this anymore

it happened only 12 years ago.

why would it be strange for me to know about it.

12 years

12 years is a long time already

Apart from me

who else remembers her.

Since you still feel strongly for her

why did you allow her to enter the Palace all those years ago

Because that person is Da Liang's Emperor

He's the one we desperately helped onto the throne.

I heard that

as the eldest son of Grand Tutor Yan,

you spent much time beside the Emperor when you were young.

Is that correct?

Him and I

and brother Lin Xie

we studied together

trained together

resolved Da Liang's crisis together

We had vowed,

to be together through thick and thin

to live and die together.

But after he ascended the throne

the only thing that's left is

the Emperor and his subjects.

The year after he acsended

he took Yueyao from me.

Yueyao gave birth to Jingyu

and was conferred as Noble Consort Chen

So I told myself

you can let go now,

as long as she's happy in the Palace

but with the Chiyan case, Jingyu was sentenced to death

Yueyao committed suicide, brother Lin Xie's entire family died.

If I hadn't

been cultivating as a Taoist,

I would probably be with them already.

So after all these years of planning

you only want to kill him.

Such a cold-blooded Emperor


What happens after you kill him?

The Emperor is dead, leaving behind a mess

the Crown Prince and Prince Yu will keep infighting, the Court will be in disarray, the borders not guarded

Who will benefit in the end?
Who will end up suffering?

The unjust charges on those people

will still be branded on their names.

Prince Qi, still a treacherous son

the Lin family, still treacherous subjects

and Noble Consort Chen,

she'll still be a wandering ghost.

No memorial tablet, no name, no grave.

You turn the world upside down,

but in the end?

You've only just killed one person.

As if I wouldn't know that this is a terrible idea.

But don't you see

the Court is already a mess,

the whole country

looks nothing like what we wanted all those years ago.

This person,

we helped him onto the throne,

since Brother Lin Xie is no longer here,

this situation,

I will be the one to stop it.


you are not revenging them

you are just venting your anger.

If the Emperor dies,
Xuanjing Bureau will spare no effort to investigate.

You have no enjoyment in living, no care if you die

but have you thought about Yujin?


Yujin's mother died not long after he was born

I never looked after him.

It's hard for him,

to be my son.

Perhaps this is his fate.


While Yujin was not born from the person you love

but he is still your son

are you so hard of heart that you'll let
him be implicated at such a young age as well?

Yujin is a good child.

I am

unable to make it up to him anymore.

If Marquise, you feels any guilt

in regards to Yujin

why not stop when you can.


- Is there anything amiss around the alter?
- Nothing to worry about

The year end ceremony is almost due, everyone is very careful.


I just came to look around, you can carry on


Subbed and Timed by the Lang Ya Bang Team @ Viki