Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Episode #1.10 - full transcript

A noble asks Prince Yu for help when his son commits murder. Prince Jing concludes the Duke's case.

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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 10

Your Majesty

The Minister of Revenue is a second rank official

As to the replacement of Lou Zi Jing's position

It is royal responsibilties

The Princes are right in offering an opinion on this

Your majesty, you don't have to worry

Look at all these documents

There is a lot of people to choose from

But none is satisfying

If this keep going

Then the Department of Revenue will be a mess

Shen Zhui is currently overseeing the Ministry of Revenue.

It won't hurt in the short time

Shen Zhui

Princess QingHe's Shen Zhui


Asistant Minister of Revenue, Shen Zhui

Prince already met him

The letter from Mr. Su

Asked me to visit Ji Yuan Restaurant

Why wouldn't I go

Since I went

How can I not notice Shen Zhui

The Department of Finance is in charge of the nation's money

which affects the well being of the people

but Luo Zhijing has messed up the system.

The person that can do the task diligently is

Shen Zhui only

Me and Shen Zhui

Get along fairly well


He is not from eastern palace

But not from Prince Yu either

If he wants to become the Minister,

it may be difficult.

When a snipe and a clam fought with each other,

the fisherman benefited.

That's right.

He is a third rank official

I did not think of him at the time

From a scholar family

It is difficult to have someone smart like Shen Zhui

I praised him before

Since Shen Zhui

Is currently in charge of the department

Why on the list of people for the Minister position

Why did no one recommend him?

Perhaps, no one has thought of it yet.

You old sly

You think I'm stupid?

He is not from the eastern palace

And not from Prince Yu

Shen Zhui came from a precious background

He is a bit introverted

He just like to do things and not converse with others

So with the two princes

He is not close

If so,

that is good

Shen Zhui is sure lucky
to be a part of your plans

This is...

The king wanted you to choose 3 jurors

From what I know

You only chose one main juror, right?

I am not familiar with politics

So I am not clear

So you might need to help me

Please look at this list.

If something is wrong, we can discuss again

Duke Qing's case

will be overseen by Prince Jing and 3 judicial department.

I am the main judge from Justice department.

Prince Jing sent me here to

collect all evidences regarding the case.

For this important case

he won't even appear

But only someone small like you to get document

My Investigation Bureau's door

shouldn't be so easy to enter, right?

Officer Xia,

you aren't right to say that.

Prince Jing is the main juror for this case

He is in charge of collating all information about the case
and co-ordination between the 3 judicial department.

All evidence must be recorded and kept safety.

That's my scope of duty.

I am only 1/2 rank lower than you but

even if I'm just a junior officer today;
as long as I'm the appointed officer for this trial

I can collect the evidences.

You are quite good with your words.

Where did Prince Jing find you?

What you just asked has nothing to do with the case.

Sorry that I cannot answer you.

What is I don't want to hand over the evidence?

You won't.


The Investigation Bureau's name

is so glorified and respected by all

due to it's

strict laws.

It's strange.


In the 6 ministries,

I don't know anyone there.

After I returned to the capital,

I happened to know a few but

most of them is inside the list.

Isn't that strange?

Those officers on the list

are suitable to be your acquaintances

but it's still early to keep them under your wing.

Your words

are different from other strategist.

If you started to build your faction,

the Crown Prince and Prince Yu will notice you too prematurely.

Currently, you need to find real officers.

The more real officers,

the less scheming will happen.

If you want to keep things simple,

it will be easier.

But these people

will find it difficult to gain higher positions.

It's difficult if they follow Crown Prince or Prince Yu.

But I hope your Highness

will change the current situation.

They don't lack intelligence or capability

but they lack a chance.

With their character,

they may not want to follow any faction.

But they will surely appreciate you in recognizing their talent.

Just relax and befriend them.

As for the future scheming,

just leave it to me.

- Your Highness, Mr Su.
- Where's Fei Liu?- At the drilling field.

That's right.

Where else can he go besides the drilling field?

Let's go and take a look too.


I thought General Lei had some military issues,
have you finished the discussions?

It's not some military issue,
it's a tricky case from Lantai Province.

Capital Magistrate came to seek our help.

Gao Sheng's luck is not too bad this year.
What tricky case is that?

This time it has nothing to do with me.

It's nothing huge.

There's a beast disturbing the villagers at the Eastern suburban.

Those constables has limited skills and cannot catch that beast.

That's why they came to me to borrow some soldiers.

Why bother to discuss something so simple?

Actually it's not difficult to destroy this beast

but they wanted to catch it alive to study it.

It's consider a strange incident to have a beast near the capital.

Do let me take a look if you catch it.


It's rare to see Fei Liu so happy.

It seems that he's interested in that saber.

You have noticed.

If he's not interested in that saber,
Qimeng cannot fight more than 3 strokes with him.

Fei Liu!

I'm sorry to have erred.

Literary scholars like you don't normally see
these swords or saber.

I'm sure you had a fright.


I'm a rash person, I'm sorry.

Don't blame me as I'm a rough man.

Don't be sorry towards me.

Your Highness is the one who's embarrassed, not me.

I have always admired your tactics in training your army

but I'm disappointed by what I see today.

Your army discipline is so relax,
how can His Majesty think greatly of you?

Your Highness control over your army

can't even be compared to me, a pugilist Chief.

Please punish me.

Today I have expanded my knowledge. I shall go now.

Your Highness, they have acknowledged their mistake.
Please don't be angry.

Qimeng has ignored the army rules and will be given 50 beatings

and demoted a rank.

- You will supervise the punishment.
- Yes.

Prince Jing aka Jingyan shall

be in-charge of the Bing Province case.

All 3 judicial department shall assist him.

Pass your judgement after you have finished
the trial without any prejudice, end of the edict.

I shall follow the order.

We shall follow the order.

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Minister Qi.

Minister Qian.

Minister Zhu.

His Majesty is very concern about this case.

Since he has assigned me to this case, I won't dare to delay.

Hope that all 3 Ministers can support me well.

His Majesty has ordered all 3 departments to assist you.

We will naturally do our best

to help you and follow your order.

Tell them the name list of the helpers.

Prince Jing need the following people from your departments:

- Chai Quan.
- Yes.

- Han Zhiyi.
- Yes.

- Zhang Jianzhen.
- Yes.

- Wei Yuan.
- Yes.

- Yuan Shiying.
- Yes.

- Qin Yue.
- Yes.

These officers need to start their duty by tomorrow.

All criminals related to this case will
be remanded in Justice Ministry's jail.

The main trial hall will be here as well.

Minister Qi, do you have any problem with that?

Prince Jing, the main hall and the eastern side hall has been emptied for you. There's 5 big rooms

and the necessary equipment are also ready. Please let me know if you aren't happy with the arrangement.

You have worked hard, Minister Qi.

Newly appointed Minister of Revenue,
Shen Zhui are summoned by His Majesty.

Maybe me and 5th brother has been fighting too fiercely.

That's why His Majesty did not give us any face.

That Shen Zhui is really lucky this time.

Your Highness lost Luo Zhijing and

Prince Yu also lost his Duke Qing.

That's considered a tie.

How can that be a tie?

Duke Qing cannot be compared to
Luo Zhijing in terms of capability.

For this matter, 5th brother is really firm.

He just dropped his man without any feelings.

I always felt that the idea came

from Mei Changsu.

Frankly speaking, why can't you remove that
weak and frail Mei Changsu?

Mei Changsu may be weak and frail but

he is always surrounded by highly skilled pugilists.

Don't we have people from the pugilist world too?

Your Highness, Tianquan Manor and Jiangzuo Alliance

is still not on par.

See, I have lost to 5th brother in this area again.

He has Jiangzuo Alliance but I only have Tianquan Manor.

- The vegetables are really fresh today.
- Yes, I harvested it this morning.

- Vegetable deliveryman, come over.
- Yes.

Chief, Tonglu is here.

- Tonglu pays his respects to Chief.
- Get up.

In future, you shall be in-charge of the
communication between me and Mr Thirteen.

I will not disappoint Chief and Mr Thirteen's task.

Luo Zhijing is already in jail, I'm sure he cannot escape death.

You may write a letter home to tell your mother about this news.

Thank you for redressing my late sister's grievance.

Luo Zhijing has the protection of the Crown Prince.

If not for our Chief's plan,

I'm afraid that this case will never be redressed.

Yes, I never expect Luo Zhijing to be punished so quickly.

We also cannot help it to let this case drag for so long.

We need to wait for the right time before we strike.

I hope your family don't blame me.

Chief, you shouldn't say that.
My family is grateful for your help.

Chief, are you looking for me?

Mansion Lan's case is closed now.

I believe the Capital Magistrate must be quite free.

It's about time to send a new case to Gao Sheng.

Chief, do you mean...

Flip one of these.

Flip one of these?

Flip one of these.

Ministry of Personnel.
Prince Yu's Ministry of Personnel.

Ask Mr Thirteen and Gongyu to get ready.


Both of you have been preparing for a long time

and tonight is the best time to activate our plan.
Are you gals ready?

If you hesitated in the process, it's okay.

We can stop the plan.

I won't stop.
Even if others found out the plan,

I will shoulder all blames but I won't stop the plan.

My poor brother was beaten to death by Qiuzhe
at a tender age of 13.

One is the son of a performer
while the other is the son of a Duke.

The government officers will never give us a fair judgement.
For justice,

we need to seek revenge ourselves.

Young Master He,
Xinliu and Xinyang cannot serve customers now due to sickness.

Who are you lying to?
I'm not a greenhorn.

I will beat the hell out of anybody who displease me.

- Yes, yes, yes.
- Do you want to try me?

They are sick?
Both at the same time?

Young Master, when did I lied to you?

- They are really sick.
- Cut the crap.

- Young Master He.
- Oh, Miss Gongyu.

Why are you here instead of your own Miao Yin Court?

Sister Xinyang and Xinliu are sick, I'm here to see them.

- Really?
- Yes.

Miss Gongyu, we must be fated to meet here.

Why don't we enjoy some wine under the moon?

Alright. If we need to enjoy wine under the moon,

please wait here for a while.

I need to change my attire.

Alright, I shall wait here for you.

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Sister, I heard that Miss Xinliu and Xinyang

are just entertaining Young Master Qiu in one of the rooms.

Yes, Young Master Qiu is handsome and suave.

He is compatible with both sisters, I'm really happy for them.

What are you happy about?
Young Master Qiu and both Missy

are having fun here

but why must you make yourself serve
that knave Young Master He.

We are sisters and should help each other.

That Young Master He always fight with Young Master Qiu

but he didn't know his status.
If Miss Xinyang wasn't scared of trouble

and always advice against Young Master Qiu from retaliation.
I'm sure Young Master He is long died.

- Qiu Zhe is here, find him.
- Yes.

Qiu Zhe, come out here.

What's up?

Who's there?

Qiu Zhe, don't hide. Come out.

Qiu Zhe, come out.

- What's up?
- Nothing here, let's go there.

Search for him.

Qiu Zhe, come out.

Qiu Zhe!

Who are you?
What do you want?

Nothing to do with you.
Let's continue our search.

How can you behave like this?
So unlawful.

Nothing to do with you.
Let's try that side.

Continue to search.
Qiu Zhe!

Young Master He, they aren't inside.

- They aren't inside.
- Step aside, don't be a busybody.

He Wenxin?

Qiu, you are really here.

Young Master He!

Mind your own business.

What are you doing?

Young Master Qiu, stop fighting.

- What should we do?
- Stop fighting.

- Stop fighting and talk over nicely.
- Stop it.

Stop it.

- Young Master He, stop fighting.
- Don't break anything here.

I shall compensate for any damage.

Stop fighting, stop them.

Stop it.

Young Master He, you killed someone.
Oh no!

He killed someone!

Let's run.

Young Master He, stop.

Chase after him.

What should we do?
It's murder.

- It's still early morning, what's so urgent?
- I don't know either.

Your Highness, I beg you.

My He family has been having a single heir for 3 generations.

I only have this only son, Your Highness.

What's up? Tell me everything. Help Minister He up.

Your Highness, save me.

What's the matter?

I know that I've erred in educating my son.

My son really got into deep trouble.

But please

take my loyalty into consideration.

I am already past 50 years old and his my only son.

My old mother love him dearly

and if anything bad should happen to him

I'm afraid my old mother

will not take the shock.

You are too lax with your son.

This is the city capital where His Majesty is,
how can your son act so rashly?

If the victim is a commoner, it will be easy.
But he killed the son of Count Wen Yuan!

He may not be holding a government position

but their ancestor's merit is till there.

But your Highness, your status...

I may be of higher status than him but

I cannot cover your case like this.

Not to mention the petition of any Minister,

Count Wen Yuan can also submit his petition himself.

If this matter went to His Majesty, both of us will suffer.

Your Highness, I know that this is difficult for you.

But if my son killed a commoner,

I won't even dare to disturb you.

I knew that I don't have much power

that's why I'm here to seek your help.

Your Highness, you also know that

Count Wen Yuan is always scared of trouble.

How can you say that?
Is this a small matter?

Your son is a son but his dead son isn't his son?

In his anger, he can do anything.

Alright, don't be anxious.

Your son won't be sentenced to death tomorrow, why panic?

I'm worried that once the Capital Magistrate pass judgement,

I cannot save the situation.

Capital Magistrate?

Do you think they like to handle your case?

They just pass over the Mansion Lan
case and here's a new brothel murder case.

Gao Sheng must be troubled by this case too.

But the Capital Magistrate has already sent their
men to capture my son this morning.

They don't save me any embarrassment.

Open the door.

Constable Zhang, we have been knocking the door for 1 hr but nobody bother to answer us.

This is the mansion of a second rank Minister
and we cannot force our way inside.

Gao Sheng did brilliantly to send his men to your mansion.

This case is between you and Count Wen Yuan.

This is a case that will go all the way to His Majesty.

Moreover, the case is clear cut and there's
no reason for any delay.

That's why he must act fast to catch the criminal.

If he's a tat slower and you sent your son away.
Will this responsibility be yours or his?

How can he answer to Count Wen Yuan?

But if I handed my son to him,

I'm worried that...

They will take your son and investigate it slowly accordingly.

If...what if.

If they really sentenced your son to a death penalty,

he won't bother to offend you now.

But if he's not sentenced to death?
He would have done you a big favor,

I'm sure you won't go after him for catching your son now.

That's why, don't think that

it's easy to be the Magistrate,
compared to a Minister like yourself.

You are quick thinking.

- I'm foolish.
- Alright.

Don't do boot-licking now.
Your case is very tricky.

- Someone come.
- Yes, your Highness.

Ask Advisor Ji over.

We are here to catch criminal He Wenxin who escaped after committing murder at Yangliu brothel last night.

Please open the door and hand the criminal over.

We are here to catch criminal He Wenxin who escaped after committing murder at Yangliu brothel last night.

Please open the door and hand the criminal over.

We are here to catch criminal He Wenxin

who escaped after committing murder at Yangliu brothel last night. Please open the door.

For the murder charge,

you may ask your son to admit it first.

How can he?

Your Excellency, don't panic first.

It's not scary if the Capital Magistrate concluded the case.

Your Excellency should give way now and
Gao Sheng will repay you too.

The case may be a murder charge but

the evidence can be blurred

and the statements can also have loopholes.

But regardless of the report,

I'm worry as the charge is still murder.

Your Excellency,

after the Capital Magistrate concluded the case they will submit to the Ministry of Justice.

The Ministry can also request for a retrial.

After the case reach the Ministry, it will be different.

With Prince Yu around,

do you think Minister Qi will do less than Gao Sheng?

Advisor Ji is brilliant, thank you your Highness.

We are here to catch criminal He Wenxin

who escaped after committing murder at
Yangliu brothel last night.

Please open the door and hand the criminal over.

We are here to catch criminal He Wenxin

who escaped after committing murder at
Yangliu brothel last night.

We are here to catch criminal He Wenxin...

Your Excellency.

We have already capture He Wenxin who committed murder at Yangliu brothel. Please issue your order.

My order?

What can I do?
Luo Zhijing is Crown Prince's man.

He Jingzhong is Prince Yu's arm.

These 2 big cases

caused me to offend the 2 strongest Prince in court.

It seems that I

cannot stay in this posiiton for too long.

Your Excellency, what are you saying?
We are only a month away from the New Year.

Your luck next year might be better.

Are you trying to console me?

Minister Qi.

It's Count Wen Yuan.

The case about my son being killed by He Wenxin has been dragging for more that 1/2 month.

I have been here for more than a dozen time

but this is the first time I see you.

Have you conducted the trial for the case yet?

Yes, we are but there are many other big cases here.

Duke Qing's case needed a lot of time for documentation.
Please understand my difficulty.

Mansion Lan's case is far more complicated

but you could conclude the case within days.

My son's case is a simple fighting and murder case,
why drag your feet on it?

Your son's case isn't so simple,

it's chaotic at that time and it could be manslaughter too.

I'm busy and shall leave first.

Good zither.


Is Jingrui always so unhappy these days?

That's right.

It's a pity that it's winter now

and there's nowhere fun

for young people like you to relax.

Brother Su, you have reminded me.

This is the best season for visiting hot spring.

We have a few good hot spring in the suburban area.

The biggest one belongs to Grand Prince Ji.

He did mentioned that I may bring my friend along at any time.

Brother Su, do go with us?

Count me out.

The Grand Prince Ji is His Majesty's youngest brother

and the Prince's uncle?

Yes, that's him.

He's a man who likes to have fun.

He's a real man

with carefree character.

Brother Su, you should get to know him.

Prince Jing aka Jingyan and his group of officers are
summoned by His Majesty.

My respects to father.

Our respects to your Majesty.

Raise up.

Thank you.

Since you came here,

does that mean

that you have concluded your task?

Upon your order,

I'm in-charge of the Duke Qing case and

have just concluded the case.

Duke Qing aka Boye and

his relatives, a total of 17 members,

usurps other's properties, committed murder,

destroy evidence and bribe officers.

They are found to be guilty of all charges

and was sentenced to death by end of autumn.
Their household properties will be confiscated.

Please give your permission.

Your Excellency, Count Wen Yuan is waiting for you again.

Prepare my sedan at the side door, I shall go by that way.

Who wrote this report?

The main judge, Chai Quan.

Greetings, your Majesty.

You did a good job with the report.

You have clear structure and used firm words.

I'm flattered,

thank you.


you also did well.

But you must take care of the ending,


must be stable.

Yes, your Majesty.

This case is beautifully handled.

Your Majesty have selected the right person for the job.

This is a big case but

all due respects to Jingyan.

If this case is handled by others,

it may still be unresolved yet.

You are also very sensible this time.

I haven't being worried about you.

Do you know that

among my Princes

you are the most stable and cares about the overall situation.

I heard that you

even assisted Jingyan with some matters.

Is that right?

I'm worried as Jingyan seldom deals with Ministry of Justice

and he will be unfamiliar,

that's why I helped him handle some minor works.

You are being magnanimous.

I'm glad.

Get some golden bead, silk and precious stones

as reward for Prince Yu.

Thank you.

It's alright.

What's this?

Prince Jing worked so hard and concluded the case beautifully

but he only received some words of praise.

As for Prince Yu,

he just didn't interfere and

was rewarded handsomely.

I cannot understand this.

It's alright, Officer Chai. Don't be angry.


Jingyan, wait for me.

Don't feel down.

Father is pretty pleased with your job.

He intended to wait till you finish everything

to reward you altogether.

I just ride on your merits and
received those rewards for doing nothing.

If you don't mind,

I will send those rewards to your residence.

You are being too polite, brother.

I'm only concern with my military works,
I don't need those stuff.

They aren't for you.

They are more useful for your wives.

I'm just a Prince,

I only have a consort and
we don't deserve to have such luxury items.

Thanks for your offer.

You and your temper.

But with your capability,
I'm sure you will be promoted soon.

There shouldn't be any problem.

Do you have any other things?

The first lunar month is coming.

I have a banquet dinner on the 5th day.

Do join me this year.
You never come previously.

Did you invite me previously?

Didn't you receive the invites?

Those servants, I must discipline them.

Tell you what, I will personally send you the invites this year.

You must come.


I should also send my regards to you and sister-in-law.

- I shall go now.
- Alright.


Sister, I heard about something.

It's regarding He Wenxin's case.

I'm sure you will be interested.

Little Yujin.

I was really bored at home

and you actually came to join me for a drink.

Good boy.



Be at ease here.

Don't be so restrained.

- Drink the wine.
- Yes.

Drink the wine.

Look at the pipa player's hand,

that hand,

her techniques is really good.

Still below Miss Gongyu's skill.

Of course she cannot be compared to Miss Gongyu.

But your entertaining girls

are always superior too.

Grand Prince, look at that dancer.

I think she look a bit like Xinliu.

Yes, Miao Yin Court's music

Yang Liuxin's dance

and Hong Xiuzhao's understanding girls.

They are all beautiful.

It's a pity

that the murder case is still unresolved.

Miss Xinliu and Xinyang

cannot resume their dance for the moment.

Grand Prince, don't be sad.

Yes, don't be sad.

Don't be sad. But isn't it strange

that case haven't being concluded yet?

Did He Wenxin kill anyone?

Yes he did.


I am the eye witness.

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