Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

A prophecy concerning someone named "the Divine Talent" has two princes scrambling to win over Mei Chang Su, a man who is not who he seems. In the capital, the Duke of Qing's family is facing accusations of murder.

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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 1




Lin Shu!


Xiao Shu...

Live on.

For the Chiyan Army,

live on.

Father. Father.


Young Master.

I just received news from the capital of Northern Yan.

Is there something I need to know right now?

Northern Yan has just named Sixth Prince as the Crown Prince.

He's already the Crown Prince?
Lin Chen. Master of Langya Hall.


Should we pass the news on to Jinling?

No need.

The Daliang ambassador is already on his way to Northern Yan.

The Princes in the capital will know at once.

- Go file this away.
- Yes.

He actually did it.

Daliang border.

Minister Xu, your first time coming to
Northern Yan must have been tiring.

Please enter.

Minister Zhu!

I never thought I would meet
Minister Zhu in this remote courier station.

This is such a coincidence, such a coincidence.

Prince Yu, Your Highness.

Xiao Jinghuan. Fifth Prince. Prince Yu.

Reporting, Your Majesty.

The courier has just brought the newest report from Prince Yu's inspection of Jiangzuo.

Bring it here.

This time Jinghuang has worked hard
Queen Yan. Mother of Prince Yu.

in inspecting Jiangzuo for His Majesty.

Perhaps Prince Yu is the only
hardworking one amongst all the Princes.

That may not be true.
Noble Consort Yue. Mother of Crown Prince.

Although His Highness the Crown Prince is in the capital,

he has still helped with many of His Majesty's worries.

Next month is the Empress Dowager's birthday.

It should be time for Prince Yu to come back, right?

He is already on the way back, he won't miss it.

Jinghuan has done a good job this time

in inspecting Jiangzuo.

When he comes back, I will grant him two more royal pearls

as a reward.

His Majesty said he will grant Prince Yu
two more royal beads when he returns.

I've been named Crown Prince for six years,

now there is a prince with seven pearls?
Xiao Jingxuan. Crown Prince of the Eastern Palace.

Father has made these slaps to the face

loud and clear.

I cannot take any steps back.

Is there no news from the person sent to Prince Yu's side?

There has been no reply. We don't know the outcome.

I have found out

what Your Highness wanted to look into.

Among all the adult Princes of Emperor Yan,

only the Sixth Prince had no background.

His strength was the weakest.

However, no one thought that in the end

he was the one to take the position in the Eastern Palace

and become the Crown Prince.

This was outrageous to people.

How did Sixth Prince do it?

Sixth Prince personally went to Langya Hall

and received a pouch.

That so-called omniscient

Langya Hall?


What was written

in the pouch

Sixth Prince received?

To a gifted scholar,

to have knowledge is to have the world.

And then?

Don't tell me there's only this one phrase?

The scholar who will gain the world through knowledge.

Who is it talking about?

This... Sixth Prince would not say the name.

It seems like

I need to personally visit Langya Hall.

Your Highness, dinner has been prepared.

Will you be taking it in the main hall, or-

Let's go to the front hall.

Your Highness, careful!

Seal off the courier station! Track down the assassin!

Forget it. You don't need to investigate to know
it was the Crown Prince's orders.

After I return, Father will reward me again.

I cannot take any more steps forward,

or else there will be only a road to death.

- Your Highness.
- You must find out

who the gifted scholar is.

We leave tomorrow. Our new destination is Langya Hall.

Father, it's confirmed.
Zhuo Qingyao. Eldest son of Zhuo Dingfeng.

Prince Yu is not in the carriage.

He was definitely there when leaving the city. There weren't many forks in the road.
Zhuo Dingfeng. Master of Tianquan Manor.

He wants to escape?

Not so easily.

We'll return to the original site and keep pursuing.


The reputation of Langya Mountain is well deserved.
Your Highness,

it's rare to see such an otherworldly sight.

Lanya Hall is known for examining major events of the realm

and taking stock of worldly heroes.

Naturally it wouldn't be a common place.

Your Highness is right.

Ascend the mountain!

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Sir, did you toll the bell just now?

Langya Hall's name has been known to me for a long time.

I came here especially for help regarding a difficult question.

Sir, no need to be so polite.

Langya Hall is in the business of solving doubts.

Over there, please choose any drawer with a key of your choice.

Write down the question you want to ask

and put it in the drawer.

After three days, there will be a quote from our Hall.

If you think the price is suitable,

then place the payment into the drawer

according to the quote.

Someone will bring the answer to you.

I understand Langya Hall's rules of business.

But every question under the world is different.

There are ones which fit into those small drawers,

and ones which don't.

Isn't that right?

I understand.

Sir, please come with me.

Young Master. Prince Yu of Daliang is here.

Give him the pouch I've prepared.

- Tell him to open it after returning to the capital.
- Yes.

Since Prince Yu is here, the Crown Prince's
people should be almost here too.

When the time comes, give them the same answer.

The thing is...

What do you want to say?

If Langya Hall start to answer issues of the royal court,

I'm afraid we'll end our tranquility.

The problem stems from the royal court,
but the answer is within the Pugilist world.

There's no harm.

Here is the answer you are looking for.

The question I asked is a huge issue outside of the Hall.

Does the Hall not need to consider it further?

Even if the wind and clouds change,

in the end they will retain their essence.

There is no benefit in further consideration.

The price I promised to the Hall

will be offered within three days.

How was it? Did you get it?

Zhuo Dingfeng travelled day and night, Xie Yu. Marquis of Ning.

and returned to Jinling at almost the same time as Prince Yu.

He just brought this pouch to my household.

The first of the Langya List.

The first of the Langya List.

Sir Mei of Jiangzuo.

Sir Mei of Jiangzuo?


who is this person?

One volume of the Langya List,

records the talents of the world.

Any kind of person

will be honoured to be named on the Langya List. Tai Banruo. Advisor to Prince Yu.

This person is

the first name on the Langya List of gifted scholars.

Who is this Sir Mei of Jiangzuo?

The Chief of the Jiangzuo Alliance,

Mei Changsu.

Remotely reflected, cold as snow in manner,

like a dark perfume flutters like a song near the the river.

Knowing the ways of the heroes of this universe,

supporting Jiangzuo is Sir Mei.

Although the Jianzuo Alliance that Mei Changsu rules over

is a pugilist sect,

in his territory

strength is power, and he gets better year after year.

No one can hold a candle to him.

What's more odd is that he personally knows no martial arts,

but he has many experts by his side following his words.

If an accomplisment like this

wasn't due to an unparalled wisdom, then what else could it be?

Mei Changsu.

If you're sure that this volume of the
Langya List is talking about Mei Changsu,

then our movements must be swift.

As long as we seize this divine talent into
the troops of my Eastern Palace,

we wouldn't be repeatedly under Prince Yu's shadow.

If he really is a divine talent,

what's the harm in humbly inviting him?

Banruo, prepare a generous gift right way.

Your Highness, you're about to be granted to seven pearls.

There's no time for you to leave the capital.

We'll go after it's granted.

I'm afraid then...

Why is Your Highness injured? Could it be...?

Besides someone from the Eastern Palace, who else could it be?

Since the Eastern Palace has sent a wayside assassin,

then news of Your Highness' trip to
Langya Hall must have already been exposed.

We should send an aide to leave first thing tomorrow morning.

He must see this person before the Crown Prince does.

Send a secretary to Langzhou immediately.

He must be the first to speak to Mei Changsu.

What is happening with the Duke of Qin?

Rest easy, Your Highness. This time the Zhuo family from Tianquan Manor is undertaking the task.

We will definitely break this arm of Prince Yu.




We're almost at Jiangzuo.

We can't chase anymore.

Stop the boat!

I am Ji Ying. In a moment of recklessness,

accidentally entered into the land of Jiangzuo.

Chief Mei, please forgive me.

The Double Sword Sect has always bordered the Jiangzuo Alliance.
Mei Changsu. Chief of the Jiangzuo Alliance.

Since today the sect leader has come in person,

how can I not come to wait in welcome?

Since you're within the borders of Jianzuo,

everyone is now my friend.

Thankfully the two sides did not start fighting.
There is still some leeway.

If this a private grievance, everyone make their words clear.

The Jianzuo Alliance is willing to mediate.

However, if this is a matter of killing,

Leader Ji should reconsider.

Within the boundaries of Jiangzuo,

this isn't how we do business.

Chief Mei.

Those people are slave servants of
a government post in the country of Qin.

We're capturing our own slaves.

How is this any of your business?

Help me!

Help me! Leader Ji!

Leader Ji needs to be more careful in making friends.

It's been so long

since I've heard words as stupid as those.

Cheif Mei. This person is not of the pugilist world.

He always speaks without thinking. He's insensible.

I understand the rules of the pugilist world.

I hope Chief Mei will treat him with leniency.

The river water is very cold.

Before spring arrives, the brothers at Double Sword Sect shouldn't do anymore business in the water.


Help me, Leader Ji!

Help me!

Go back.

Alright, I'll listen to you.

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Just now, I only gave Jinghuan two extra royal pearls,

Imperial Consort Yue and the
Crown Prince's expressions were sour indeed.

Did you see?

Prince Yu, under your orders,
made rounds in the fourteen states of Jiangzuo

for many months, doing such hard work,

receiving such rewards is much deserved.

These two children

really do make me worry.

I heard these two

both sent out trusted men yesterday

as well as great gifts

to Langzhou.

This, this your servant does not know.

You're cooped up in the palace all the time,
of course you wouldn't know.

They went to contend for some Divine Talent.

It's been said that if they can acquire him,
they can acquire the empire.

He's just a scholar among the pugilists.

My empire

is not something he can so easily get his hands on.

Don't you think this is a joke?

Yes, yes, yes.



Yesterday, the three things that you mentioned,
your servant has already completed.

I arranged for Qiu Zhen to go to Qinzhou.

What do you think?

Very good.

Fei Liu! Fei Liu!

I don't need your directions. I know the place.

When I visited the Jiangzuo Alliance,
who knows where you were!

What is wrong with Fei Liu?

What can be wrong with him? There's someone here.

If it's just any other person, he won't be like that.

I'm afraid it's that man that has arrived.

Where is Fei Liu?

Where did he go?

If it's Lin Young Master that has arrived,
it's obvious he'll hide himself away.

Unless you think he'll wait for you to tease him?

Little Sister, how much is this?

10 wen.


Then, what about this?

20 wen.


Young Master Yan, the way you shop,

when will be able to return to Jinling?

You're ordering me around?

Now it's lunch hour and it's not nice to go visiting. It'll be fine as long as we can see him today.

What's the matter with letting me do a little shopping?

Then what about this?

Black flag.

It is a battle flag, right?



Twelve years ago , SINCE after the Battle of Mai Linhe, Between us and the amount and long time

The relationship between the two countries is much worse.

This time he sent messengers, After all the discussions?

Are you really planning to go to the capital with the two princes of Xiao Jingrei?

Their identities are precious and are not involved in politics

they are the most suitable.

This situation needs a starting point, if I don't go with them

do you really want me to accept the Crown Prince and Prince Yu's invitations

And enter the capital as a strategist?

Xiao Jingrei may not be related to issue

however his father the Marquis of Ning, Xie Yu is.

Isn't it dangerous four you to go directly to the house of Xie?

Don't worry.

The preparations have been planned for a while.

Even if I stay at the Marquis of Ning's house,
it's enough to protect myself


Chief, there's a man outside called Xiao Jingrei,
he says he's your friend.

Tell him to wait for me at the court of Pian.

Hey Jingrei, even though you are part of the pugilist world,
to become friends with the chief of the Jiangzuo Alliance

It mustn't have been easy.

I only met him by luck two days ago.

I heard that he recently became ill.

I thinks it's because of the cold weather of Langzhou

So I sent him letter and invited him to recuperate at the house in Jinling

I didn't think he'd actually agree.

I heard this person does not have the ability to fight,

yet he can order all the heroes.

I've always wondered how that can be,

now I can finally meet him in person.

Can you not always have this expression after feeling my pulse?

Are you here to see me off or to stop me?

Can I stop you?

Twelve years ago, I knew

that there would be a time that you must return to Jinling city.

Since you know that I have to go back,

then help me finish this

while my body is still able.

I didn't say anything after checking your pulse.

How do you know your body is still well?

Then tell me, how long can I go on for?

Then tell me how long you need.

Two years.

Two years is okay,

if you bring ten doctors with you.

When your heart is weak, take one pill

when you have almost finished them

remember to invite me to the capital.

Having you, is better than ten doctors.

Fei Liu.

Your Su gege is about to ditch you to go to Jingling.

Why don't you come play with me at Southern Chu.

No, I need to go.

Go where?


The capital, Jinling City

Princess is here, pedestrians please move.

Princess is here, pedestrians please move.

Move, move.

Move please.

Good day noblemen.

Nihuang jiejie.

Mu Nihuang, Yunnan House of Wang aristocrat.

Are you okay?

Not bad, you can take this already, you've improved a lot.

Nihuang jiejie, I improved more right?

Jingrei's improvement is bigger.

You flatter me.

He has Tian Quan swordsman to teach him,
I only have Xiadong jiejie to teach me

Of course he's better than me.

Both are good, bothe improved a lot.

Jiejie, don't test us the next time you see us.

So many people are watching, if we can't bit you, it's very embarassing.

Ok. Next time I'll test you in private.

You two, where did you go play?

We went to pick up a friend, he has bad health.

I invited him to rest in the capital.

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As expected of the Mansion of the Marquis of Ning.

These words are handwritten by the Emperor.

My father spent half his life on horseback,
fighting for this country

to receive this magnanimity from the Emperor.


His Excellency's military tactics
aren't something just anyone can match up to.

Father should be in his study at this time.

Brother Su, this way.


about my coming to the capital for my health,

if I use a common title from the pugilist world,
it may make things much simpler.

I will use the name Su Zhe from now on.

When you call me, please don't forget.

Brother Su, please rest assured. I will remember this.


Xie Bi, you're back!

This is my second brother, Xie Bi.

This is Su Zhe, Mister Su, my friend.


He has some chronic illnesses and I have asked him to stay in Jinling for a while for his health.

Older Brother's friend is our mansion's honored guest.

Mister Su, please make yourself at home here.

Please, this way.

Father-in-Law, please don't worry.

That old couple has been safely sent to the Imperial Censorate

The plaint has also been submitted.

Good. This way,

with regards to the Duke of Qing's case,

There's no way that Prince Yu can put this off.

We'll just have to see how His Majesty deals with this issue.

Your Excellency, First Master has returned.


They don't know that I have entered the capital.

It's better not to see them now.

I will leave the mansion by the back door.

Brother Su, this way.

Jingrui pays his respects.

This excursion has taken you such a long time,

you have even missed Mid-Autumn festivities.

If you dare to this again, I...

There's a guest.

Your servant Su Zhe,

pays his respects.

A few days ago,

I already gave my orders to the Ministry of Transportation

to build a public martial arts arena

under this Yingfeng Tower.

As long as there are ones of
acceptable age and appearance among the suitors,

they can take part in the martial arts competition.

The first ten of those will enter the Writing Examination.

What do you think?

Will the results of the Writing Examination be the result of Your Majesty's finding me a husband?

I will pick out three for you.

In the end, who will be chosen among the three

is all up to you.

Right now, since Mu Qing has taken over the throne of Yunnan,

why must you stay alone?

Girls, you know, must be given in marriage at some point.

Nihuang understands Your Majesty's care and affection.

Since I promised to pick a husband, I won't turn back on my word.

I'm just wondering if I can change the rules.

How do you want to change it?

These top ten contenders,

according to the results of the Written Examination,
will face me one on one

until there is a winner.

Nihuang, your martial arts skill has made it onto the Langya List.

Who can be your match?

If none of these ten contenders can win,

won't you be unable to marry this time?

Your Majesty, please be assured.

If I do meet the fated one,
no matter if his martial arts skill is high or low,

I will lose to him.

To know when to stop, do you understand?

Don't take my care for you for granted.

Nihuang will remember.

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Your Majesty, the leader of the
Xuanjing Bureau's leader Xiadong has come as you have ordered.

Yes, I did ask her to come.

Let her in.

Your Majesty.

Since you have public matters, I will take my leave.

Ah, it's nothing secret.

You can come with me to see her.


Xia Dong, Leader of the Xuanjing Bureau

Your Servant, Xia Dong of the
Xuanjing Bureau pays her respects.

Get up.


Official Xia Dong.

Today, the Censorate brought a case,

saying that there's an old couple who's
come on a long journey to the capital

to issue a plaint regarding the Duke of Qing and his family,

how they take other people's property as their own in Bingzhou,

murdering people and many other crimes as such.

Could you please head an investigation?

Awaiting Your Majesty's orders.

I give you the title of Special Investigator,

take my secret orders to Bingzhou

to thoroughly investigate this case. - Understood.

I had thought I could stay in the capital to
see the results of your husband selection.

Who knew that His Majesty would pick this time for me to leave.

Don't worry.

His Majesty has already agreed to let me spar
with these contenders.

There can't be much problems.

If His Majesty had not agreed, I was afraid that the results of the selection would not be to your liking.

Yet he agreed.

Now I'm afraid you won't give yourself a chance,

standing by that betrothal back in the day
that should never have been made.

Actually I understand in my heart.

Even though you and I met in the army and are very close,

yet as long as I don't marry,

you will mind my betrothal of with the Lin Family,

and won't treat me completely as a friend.

My husband Nie Feng, under the command of the
Lin Family back in the day

was exemplarily loyal.

Yet during the Battle of Meiling,
he was betrayed by the Commander

and died without hope of the recovery of the body. The hatred against them for killing my husband I will never be able to forget.

This that I hold onto

I hope you understand.

It's just, you are no longer young.

I still hope that you have a good place to belong.

I hope so too.

Actually this time His Majesty ordering a husband selection

has his personal agenda.

If I really am not able to find a worthy man,

it will still be difficult for me to return to Yunnan.

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