Nicolas Le Floch (2008–2018): Season 6, Episode 2 - Le noyé du Grand Canal - full transcript

A new libel against the queen.

No one stole the necklace.

She gave it to you.


And I fathered her child.

I can't imagine what they'll write

when they learn of your arrest and
subsequent liberation.

Freed thanks to Renard. What a joke!

Chartres and Renard are the cats,

and you're the mouse.

Write a fable about it.

You would have gained a lot
from selling the Key,

enough to buy your mistress' jewel.

Just prove it,

Don't take it that way.
I'm on your side.

Don't be.

The Renards are tied to
the Duke of Chartres.

Confronting them is signing
your death warrant.

Speak of the devil...

Leave us. Don't stray too far.

Don't thank me.

You fomented this machination?

No doubt.

- You work for Chartres.
- You work for Sartine.

I work only for the king.

A king's favor is changeable
and quite fickle.

Perhaps in a better world
there's a Renard

who is a good officer and man.

But in this corrupt kingdom
I did not create,

one must survive,

and I intend to survive well.

It's true I sought to have
you killed

by order of the Duke.

That was a mistake.

You're none the worse for wear.

I chose the wrong camp

and will earn your trust
with my actions.

I'm sorry to have burdened you,

and for being overwhelmed
with a futile joy.

You couldn't know,
and it was not futile.

I'm sorry.

I'd have stolen the Skeleton Key
to offer you that jewel!

I know! I know...

The Court is talking about it,

and Chartres wants you hung.

My father says the duke is
after Sartine, who he despises.

Chartres is after
the king himself.

So you're in the wrong place
at the wrong time.

Is that why, America?

You didn't say anything
about Lafayette's call on your desk.

The marquis needs
idealistic men of action.

You're losing faith in this kingdom.

Let's not talk about it.

I won't abandon you.

I gave myself to you,
I don't intend to take that back.

But you'll have to,
if things turn sour, my love.

At this rate, your pretty body
will be a crippled memory.

What will I do then?

While we have time,

let's savor the present.

Che palle. Che palle!

It's all shit!

You're wrong. It's magnificent.

You think so?

Prince by blood and the kingdom's
peer, do you think I err?

Your opera must be shown, Balbo.

You really think so?

As sure as I planned the theft
of the Skeleton Key.

Commissioner Renard is my lackey.

Your role of a fishmonger
was well acted.

The necklace...

do you have it?

Not here.

Do you have the money?

Not so fast, my friend.

I want to help you.


are you prepared to help me
in turn?

See you later, Nicolas.

The night could be long.

Is this all?

Gold flows into
undeserving pockets

and the police force's mission
is to turn a blind eye

rather than fight crime.

Spoken expertly.

Attach that.

We are what we are made.

With good officers
I'd make a good force.

You first.

You two, there.

You two will close access to the

Your military fervor impresses them.

Since we're working together,

I suggest we each command one
end of the trap

so the specter, the thief, whatever,

won't be able to escape.

The devil! It's the devil!

Help me!

The specter!

Stop! Stop!

Get out of the way!

The specter! The devil!

The devil!

- Run!
- Help!


He killed my husband.

He killed my husband!

He killed my husband.
I saw it with my own eyes!

In the king's name,

I place you under arrest.

- Alarm!
- Get him! Hurry, to the rooftops!

Public notice!

Nicolas le Floch, also known
as the Marquis of Ranreuil,

is wanted for triple homicide.

A reward to whomever
may find him!

Public notice!

Nicolas le Floch, also known
as the Marquis of Ranreuil,

is wanted for triple homicide.

A reward to whomever may find him!

Parliamentary Arrest

Public notice!

Nicolas le Floch, also known
as the Marquis of Ranreuil...

This must stop!

It's a death knell!

For 3 days people
have hunted for le Floch.

- Stop these searches.
- Sit down.

You'll recover a body
dismembered by the crowd.

Sit down!

I asked for the greatest

But what can I do?

Everything is beyond my power.

A policeman kills another
and the dogs are loosed.

It's beyond my control.

How much do you trust le Floch?

As much as one may decently trust
a king's policeman.

Have you inherited from your boss
the taste for obfuscation

and the instinctive distaste

for precisely informing
your superior?


I am just uncertain.

The drowned man, Jean Lutin,

the queen's necklace,
and now Renard,

that seems too much for one man
and is unbelievable.

Very well. Then prove it.

What do you have that's tangible
to report?

Commissioner le Floch
was following a trail

that led from Renard
to the Duke of Chartres.

Blah-blah-blah. Tangible, Bourdeau!

Tangible proof!


At least I'm awake now.

But the nightmare persists.


Forgive me, sir.

An urgent investigation of
the highest importance.



You aren't one of ours.

Or, only recently.

How do you know?

By your smell.

You smell clean, commissioner.

You've passed by me

so many times before
without seeing me.

Some of the kingdom's greats

trouble me for supporting
the American insurgents.

They fear a republican contagion.

What do you think, Sartine?

What they say about love,
Your Majesty,

the more you fear it,
the more exposed to it you are.

There's no greater feat

than to provoke what you know
is inevitable.

This is true of a republic.


Soon you may not enjoy
such small consolation.

How can I thank you?

If you survive this trap,
and return to your world,

come back and take care of
my sweet little Lison.

She deserves better than the street

and the trembling hand of an old man.

I give you my word.
I will find her work.

Why don't you denounce me?

No goodness on my part.

If I got the reward,
someone would steal it.

What about

the sad affair implicating
the Marquis of Ranreuil?

Despite the police lieutenant
general's best efforts,

I regret to tell Your Majesty

that the suspect remains at large.

Too bad...

Don't overdo it.

Tell me forthwith:

do you believe him guilty?

Not at all, Your Majesty.

Else I would be obliged to believe
in my own duplicity.

Pigheaded and stubborn, certainly,

more than a little undisciplined,

and frank to the point of brutality.

But the Marquis of Ranreuil
is neither the corrupt criminal

nor the bloodthirsty killer
the pamphlets describe.

But the people are grumbling.

When they're not mocking
the police's incompetence,

they accuse us of complicity.

The streets think that once again,
nobility protects its own.

Public notice!

Nicolas le Floch, also known
as the Marquis of Ranreuil,

is wanted for triple homicide.

A reward to whomever finds him!

Run, commissioner,
while you still have time.

Stay, Sartine.



La Motte-Picquet was right,

I still have much to learn in
naval matters.

But, properly surrounded,

none doubts that the prince by blood
that I am is capable.

You should know, cousin,

that I don't appreciate it when
others try to influence me.

Far be it from my intention,

I simply wait for you
to change your mind.

You're wrong.

I'm not a coward, Sire.

Can you really believe a thief,

a killer on the run,

who has too long enjoyed indecent

Get out of my sight.

Get out of my sight!

Ranreuil may not be a criminal,

but we may have to make
an example of him.

Or punish the real guilty party.

We could never deliver a prince of
royal blood to the executioner,

and you know it, Sartine.

It's your decision.

However, if you render justice,

the people will stop grumbling
and applaud you.

Find Ranreuil.

Find him quickly.

And justice will be done.


- Death to Ranreuil!
- Thief!


Thief, killer. The street wants
to take it out on you.

When the streets are stricken with
fever, nothing can stop them.

I couldn't go back to
Mr. de Noblecourt

or the Arranet manse.

Thank you, my friend.

Before tripping over
Renard's body,

I saw the specter.

It was covered in flames.

Did it smell like piss?

A violent smell of piss filled
the halls, yes.


Phosphorous derives from urine.

You filter and dry it

to extract a paste called
"cold fire"

used in the theater and opera
for dramatic effect.

- The opera?
- Yes.

The artist appears to burn
but in no way suffers.

That would explain the thefts
of piss pots.

In large quantities, yes.


Balbo could have killed Renard

with the help of Mrs. Renard.

His mistress, perhaps. No doubt.

Which would explain
the dry music score

in the drowned man's mouth.

Renard, as the cuckold
of that crowd,

may have tried to make his rival
the scapegoat,

but the castrate was cleverer.

The repeated killings,

the libelous pamphlets,

the jewel from Faucillon,
my fall from grace...

It's all linked.

Chartres is all over it.

He sacrifices pawns to advance

How do you transform urine
into phosphorous?

You need the appropriate tools
and instruments.

- And a room, a place?
- Yes, certainly.

Would you help me again, my friend?


Could you come see me tomorrow
evening at la Paulet's

and loan me some clothes?

I have plenty.

The convicts go to hell in the
simplest garb.

Open up! In the name of the king!

Of course, even here. Come.

In here.

My kids love this hiding place.

Let me congratulate you

on the swiftness and verve of
your execution.

I imagine that...

the animal didn't suffer?

Renard thought himself my ally,
but Balbo is...


Now, your gold, Prince.

I'd like to see its color.

I'd like to see the Skeleton Key.

You can't have sold it.
The jewel is too well-known.

Vicente Balbo wasn't born yesterday.

First you must pay.

Once you have the jewel,

what would keep you from making me

Keeping the jewel in your possession,
you run a mortal risk.

You could be denounced.
That would mean the scaffold.

As for me,

I've nothing to worry about.

Impunity is mine by birth.

Where I'm from, they say even God
isn't safe

if he angers a Neapolitan.

But I'm not angry, sir.

Not yet.

Bring the money,
you'll get the necklace.

"Mr. Vicente Balbo, for the care

"of Mrs. Renard.

Louis Edouard Faucillon,
the son of Faucillon, jeweler.

Jeweler and goldsmith, eldest
son of my father, Faucillon.

We've been around for 3 centuries

and serve the greatest houses.

Better a shack filled with laughter
than a palace filled with tears.

What can I do for you, sir?

The diamond ring returned to us

by Miss Arranet

couldn't have been purchased
by her suitor.

How can you be sure?

The object, very expensive and
very well-made,

was among those stolen from us

by a miscreant that commissioner

quickly apprehended.

Commissioner Renard?

Yes. In his expert hands,

the thief quickly admitted

and confessed his crime.

Unfortunately, he died

before agreeing to tell where
he'd hidden his loot.

Which means...

That commissioner le Floch
couldn't have purchased

an object not in our possession.

Whomever tries to say so
is a shameful liar.

In that case, le Floch is innocent.
But what about the rest?

I'll take care of the rest,
with your permission.

May I have another?


You only want to fire once
between these thighs?

Ma'am, aren't you satisfied?


Oh no! Not again!
Decidedly, sir!

Leave it! Simon...

So he can fuck you again?
No, not this time.

I seek only a refuge from
the streets.

Ma'am, we have the choice between
reward and complicity.

My choice is made.

He's right.
Aiding me is a risk.

Are you kidding?
This house is yours.

And if someone decides to
denounce you,

I'd start by gouging his eyes out.

Very well.

With your permission.


Can you give me pen and paper?


Here you are.

Your note didn't explain the reason
for this rendezvous.

But I'm about to tell you, ma'am.

Well, speak. I'm listening.

I know who you are
and what you've done.

I come from the redhead,
as did your husband.

What are you thinking of, Nicolas?

The friends I have left,

those I shouldn't see any longer,

all of you whom I endanger.

Don't play the victim.
It doesn't suit you.

My emotion, probably.


What do you know about America?

What the traveling clients tell me.

From this war a new, young,
powerful, and unscrupulous

country will be born,

that will get along famously
with the English.

- Why? Are you thinking of going?
- No.

You could join Dr. Scemacgus.

There's also your friend Naganda.

I know you well,

let me confirm that feathers
suit you well.

You deserve protection.
I can give it to you.

At what cost?

Half the value of the Skeleton Key,

or 400,000 pounds.

Sure. Why not?

I'm a head of family.

5 children and an expensive wife.

Otherwise, I'd be an honest man,

but times are hard,
and I'm tempted.

Goodbye, sir.

Don't be fooled by appearances.

I know how to be cruel,

unworthy of a gentleman, which
really, I'm not.

I am Aim?e Louise,
countess of Arranet,

daughter of the Count of Arranet,

knight of the order of

Against which ill news is the
display of your titles

meant to warn me?

This isn't a matter of warning,
only dissuasion.

And from what, pray tell?

To proceed to arrest me,

as the accomplice to my lover,
commissioner le Floch,

lieutenant general,

who your police, under your orders,

are searching the entire kingdom

I act in the king's name

and not in my own,
trust me.

So the king is dropping Nicolas?

The virtuous man who stumbles
attracts more ire than the scoundrel.

It's become a matter of State.

The people, the Court, all are aware
of the Marquis of Ranreuil's fall.

He gave me this for you.

Forgive me for being late, Nicolas,

I had to lose several tails.

Rendezvous in the Sevres glassworks.
Get a delivery address.

The bill is in Mrs. Renard's name,

but the materials were
delivered to Balbo.

- Alright.
- Hurry, please.

You see, it fits.

Balbo is at the center of
a machination

fomented by de Chartres.


Miss, le Floch did good work,

Get me inspector Bourdeau

I'm afraid that's impossible.

You're losing it, my friend.

I don't think so.

Inspector Bourdeau
didn't come into work today.

If you turn around, sir,
I could also...

Shut up and go to work. Go on!

Nicolas, you have a visitor.

Obviously, only the police ignore
your presence here.

Come in, Miss.

The marquis' skin is soft,
despite his scars.

Don't take it the wrong way, ma'am.
It was a compliment.

Go on!

Bourdeau's disappeared.

Lenoir authorized him to
approach Mrs. Renard,

and now he's disappeared.

Balbo, has also disappeared
and Mrs. Renard too.



Poor innocent...

How could you believe
that Mrs. Renard would share?

- I don't share, ever.
- Never?

With no one?


Not even me?


While I had to endure Renard
for years?

Not with you or anyone.

I'll take my share and leave.


I don't share either.

Vicente Balbo has only one lover,


Music, and nothing else.

The gold from the necklace
will go to music.

It's ridiculous to wait here
dressed like this...

You get used to it.

If you love me, never return
to that place.

It was my only refuge.

I don't care. Don't go back there.

- La Paulet is a friend.
- She's a whore.

- La Paulet is a whore.
- There he is!

There, gentlemen. Go on.

Get back.

Go on, don't be afraid.

Well, stud, here you are, trapped!

What if we traded?

Keep the ugly one,
I'll take the cute one!

You're cute, dressed as a whore.

You might tempt me.

Go fetch Sanson
and give me your umbrella.

The Sevres glassworks delivered
an order to Vincent Balbo.

And the delivery address?

The directions are very specific.

Thank you, my friend.

You're in good hands.

This is la Paulet's lover.

How many children do you have,


Cinque bambini orphans.

I'm sorry.

Balbo! Balbo!

- Nicolas!
- Balbo!

- What do you want, marquis?
- Free your prisoner.

I'm unarmed!

I suggest an exchange.

My life for my inspector's.


I'm the one you want,
me, the wanted criminal,

not that anonymous inspector!

Who will tell

the world of your actions?

Who will make you a hero?

Glory will only open its doors

if you let him go to
tell the Court of your bravery.


You spoke well,

but I think I'll keep you both.

This man will never sing
my praises.

But if he tells the truth,
Chartres will protect you.

No. You killed him, as well
as my mistress.

With the weapon used to cut
Renard's throat?

Yes. And I arrived too late
to save them.

That's even more heroic, right?

Yes, but it's a mistake.


Me, kill my best friend?

Even Chartres
couldn't tell that lie.

Perhaps my mistress killed him,
and then...


If you kill this policeman,

I assure you none of your operas
will ever show in Europe.


Leave, Pierre.

Go on!

You only have one shot. Choose.

Advance, slowly, Mr. policeman.

Avanti! Avanti!

No, this won't work!

That won't work at all!

A bit of dignity, sir, please.

Your music!

Listen to yourself, good God!
You're repeating yourself!

Ah, Bourdeau!

Ranreuil was wrong to take
his old boss

for a seated pipsqueak.

I left the police, the police never
left me.

While Lenoir was treading water,

my tails never lost le Floch
for long.

Sir, we must hurry.

Come, gentlemen.

It's time to move.

This part doesn't work.
You repeat "I will consume myself."

You have to sing higher, fly.

Loudly. With me.

That's magnificent! It's magnificent!

Nobody move!

Don't tell me you were fine without
my help.

The murderer was killed,
not the guilty man.

That's the image of our times
falling apart,

of our institutions
decaying day by day.

Everyone knows we're dancing
on the volcano.

With this republic rising in America,

our world is disappearing.

When a republic rises in France,

Chartres will pay for his crimes.

I wouldn't bet my life on it.

The king!

Your Majesty...

The queen's Skeleton Key.

Ah yes, the Skeleton Key.

Do not doubt that the queen

to thank you herself,

but she is prevented from doing so
by her birthing pains.

You had me trembling, Ranreuil,

which is unforgivable.

I was wrong to lavish you
so meagerly with my trust.

The castrate's trial found you...


I pardon you for the trembling.

Will you forgive me for the lack
of trust?

Mr. Marquis,
do you accept we are even?

I'll only hold on to
the good memories

of these past few days, Sire.

Heaven or something else

allowed you to win this hand.

But the game isn't over.

Always at your service, general
of the light horses.

Chartres wanted the navy

But only gained the horses

Only the light horses, my love

Only the light horses, too bad


- The queen is birthing.
- The queen is birthing!

Aren't you going? The queen...

The queen is having a child.


Will you leave?


For America?


Will you return?


Promise me,

only if you feel the need
and the desire...

- To be with you?
- Yes.

I promise.

Make our old world new.

We'll need men like you, Nicolas.


Who am I, truly?

The queen is birthing!

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