Nicolas Le Floch (2008–2018): Season 4, Episode 1 - Le dîner de Gueux - full transcript

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Part Two


Mr Marquis:
Pierre-Henri Beaumont de la Garde.

- Lord of Saint-Charles.
- Show him in.

Have a seat Mr Marquis,
have a seat.

What is this honour worth to me?
Twelve hundred pounds?

I'll be damned.

Twelve hundred pounds?

Twelve hundred
for The Claw's capture.

Is it not your name
and your signature

that can be read here?

You still need to bring him to me.

In a moment, sir, in a moment.

If you'll come with me?


impudent and miserable.

1200 pounds for me!
They call me the modern Cartouche.

Or a new Mandrin.

My own nicknames
are infinitely better than yours.

You tight-fisted bastard.

Bourdeau! Bourdeau!
Summon Le Floch at once!


Bourdeau! Do you hear me?



Bound and gagged

like a goose ready to roast.

Well, let's get started.

You will notice
that I don't exceed the rates.

Have you any other secret chests

where you've hidden
your other treasures?

Maybe over there.

Here? There? No? Yes?


Here? Here? Nothing at all!

Am I getting warm? Cold? No?

Warm? Cold? Nothing! Nothing!


Perhaps over here? No?

Perhaps it's here.

Over here?

What have we got here?

The chest!

It's a wonder!
Come on, let's go!

Don't move!

Don't move, will you?

That'll do.

Suffer, Lieutenant General
of Police, now we must part,

respect intact, still friends.

Was your business fruitful?

So-so, Larousse has less money
than one thinks.

And since the old miser
didn't yield to our purposes,

we'll go to Mr de Villerbois

to continue our rounds.

Larousse is there.

Watchmen with officers in tow.

This young commissioner
doesn't lack persistence.

However, he has not realised
quite how popular I am.

Mr de Sartine?

Mr de Sartine?

Sir, the Lieutenant General
has been shut up in there a while.

- It's locked.
- We don't have a key

And we can hear grunting.

We are loathe to say we recognise
them as those of Mr de Sartine.

Spare me my life!
At least spare me my life!

Oh, your life,
whatever it may be worth.

I will gladly spare it.

It is now time,

as is expected of me by the masses,

to show a bit of panache.

My emeralds, rubies, diamonds,

He took everything!

I'm ruined! I'm ruined!

That's mine!

At the window!

- Yes!
- We were waiting elsewhere.

I don't care if you were waiting
for him! I want him now!

Faster than now!
On the wheel!


The bringer of foulness!

Came here to challenge my power!

To attack a magistrate
of my authority in such a way!

Oh my darlings,

the day that thug
who violated you is caught,

I swear that I will stay
seated in the front row,

to enjoy at my leisure
the spectacle of his torture.

Oh yes, what's that?

Thank you!


The book! The book!

As we all know,
people pursuing the police's gold

are putting themselves in danger.

Whip out, driver!
May the devil carry us!

One imagines de Sartine's delight
at knowing the use of his work.

He doesn't need to know.

You saved just the one?

Can we trust you?

Of course Mr Inspector.


Ingested lump!

Full-gorged lout!

Withered shrimp!

Nasty woodlouse!

It's a fact! Hedge-pig!

I didn't know French had so many
words to perfectly describe filth.

I'd suspected it,
although no one ever confirmed it.

Now I know for sure.


- That's enough, madam.
- Mangy dog!

Serpent egg!

Urchin snout!
Cud-chewing beast!


Syphilitic rat!

Syphilitic rat!

Are you quite done, madam?

What do you know about The Claw
that you've hidden,

and didn't tell me last time?


Madam, it'll do little for you
to hold on to your last ammunition.

Well, madam?

I can't breathe for your stench.

It's up to you to regain a decent
expression and your best assets.

Sir, you have the victory,
but by treacherous means!

Saying I smell like piss,
just to sound good!

I was unaware of that, madam.

But you can sense it!

Come on, now.

Well, sir...

I'd have liked to have kept
one last asset.

I'd have liked to throw the couple
onto the street, but The Claw...

I didn't even know their identity.

Under the threat of a weapon,
I was ordered to keep the girl

amongst the protected ones.

There you go.


Suzon works in my house

but not permanently.

She comes and goes as she pleases.

Her hours aren't fixed at all,

just whenever she fancies.

Le Floch!

Le Floch!


Thank you.

Suzon knows me but not you.

Do you know how to approach her
in a suitable way?

Have our friend Semacgus summoned.

For meat stew at Marie's inn.

Gentlemen, I have been entrusted
with a secret mission

which requires your help.

We need to guard some treasure,
a quantity of gold

temporarily kept in one of
the security rooms at Versailles.

- The reason for his presence?
- The game.

The King is besotted,
and certain noble men...

were persuaded to attend
the next duel between Faldoni

- and the knight of St Georges.
- Signor Faldoni?

It will be well-attended.

The King wasn't born yesterday,
you can't trick him like that.

He wouldn't mind seeing
his champion victorious.

- Who is his champion?
- The mulatto.

Would his Majesty know
if the dice were loaded?

Thing is, it's a pretty penny.

The kingdom's finances
are very dilapidated.

Here we go, one poultry in aspic.

I prepared it for a neighbour
who's baptising his first born.

It will make you stronger.

And to cleanse your palette
I have cherries,

the year's first batch,
baked in cinnamon wine.

Another pitcher please.

- What about your neighbour?
- Oh, we'll make do.

What's my part in all this?

One that a married man
cannot decently play.

Alas, three times alas!

It'll be at a place
you wouldn't usually frequent.

You'll flawlessly trick
the indicated lodger into thinking

you are local nobility.

As rich as you are depraved

and endlessly greedy.

- Gentlemen, your pitcher.
- For once, I agree.

From the sounds of it,
the role could fit me like a glove.

So, you will be
a depraved nobleman,

who has come to Paris

to bet a large sum
on an operation you happened upon

through a court gentleman.

If they press you for a name,
the Count of Borde will do fine.

Very well,
but while I'm impersonating him...

The most perilous moment

is when you need to persuade
the Lieutenant his ego's too large.

Come on.

Onto our aspic.

What's that?

A list made by the police

in their endless thirst
for knowledge.

The great fortunes of the kingdom
and its principal establishments.

I want you to see
if any names come back to you.

Madam de Mercueil?
Good. She has a large fortune.

- Is that all?
- Yes.

The Duke of Vintimille?
Very good.


You seem to be
in a really foul mood.

Yours doesn't seem much better.

The creature is wealthy, vicious,
and with a beastly appetite.

Get what you can from him.

And I'll take half.

Don't worry,

your dandy will soon be
skinned, roasted, served,

and grated down to the bone,
or I don't know where.

My little bumble bees.

- Oh, Count!
- "Count", quite right!

Oh Count!

The crowned hand
is the hand of power.

But I'm in heaven!

Well would you look at that.

Well, well...

Like a buttercup, come on then.

- Sir.
- Madam.

It'd seem
three is not too many.

But please, feel free.

It would seem, Mr Commissioner,
that your pal

has been hasty to don the garb
of rich, depraved nobility.

Or rather... to remove it.

By God.

The man seems well cut out
for the role!

Madam Cl?mence Louise Honorine,
Marquise of Villerbois.

Mr Marquis
Pierre Henri Beaumont de Lagarde.

- Lord of Saint-Charles.
- Show them in.

Cl?mence de Villerbois.

Well my friend?
This air of contentment.

It seems you've been transformed
in the cocoon

into a celestial butterfly.

Come closer, come closer.

Thank you, Count.

- My pleasure, Count.
- Thank you ladies.

Well my friend,
these assets of great worth,

the brilliance of your garb...

All these things in such abundance.


The wealth of our encounter
is quite just.

Haven't you let yourself
be undressed

with generosity and talent?

But rich in gold, I mean.

Ah, gold.


I am indeed,

and will soon be richer,
much richer than Croesus.

I don't know
who this Croesus is,

but how does he do it?

Because gold doesn't grow on trees.

Don't fool yourself, fair Hermione.

You can find treasure
among the branches.

Imagine a bet,

a large bet,

that my dealings
with the King's house

assure me that I will win.

- The King's house?
- Yes, the King's house.

We'll take this off you.

We'll take everything.

And this?

It's mine.


Let's go.

Young ladies...

I have only one thing to say:


Wonderful, my friend.

He's surprised me
with a share of the room.

- What a servant!
- Thank you!

What robust obstinacy of action.

Sir, you are lacking neither
in energy nor imagination.

And the organ itself
commands respect.

You noticed...

"Scarso" is worth
as much as "obligato".

And freed in "moderato".

Prompt and lively in "allegro".

To "virtuoso"!

Were you convincing?

I think so.

When the bet caught the interest
of the King's entourage,

the damsel did not rest
until telling The Claw.

Tell me...

I sometimes have tipsy merchants
come from their provinces.

Perhaps you could anonymously
and undercover

give a few shows

meant to arouse
their often very weak senses.

What do you think?

What do you think?




Oh, sorry.

Excuse me madam, I am looking
for Commissioner Le Floch.

Oh, Commissioner...

I won't do it.

I am sorry, Commissioner.

She escaped me
by one of the gates of Hell

which leads
to the maze of catacombs.

And which the underworld

knows much better than we do.

It's not serious.

It would seem our friend Semacgus
has had more luck than you.

So it would seem.

Excuse me.

Come and have a drink.

My wife is waiting, sir,
and I promised the children

that I'd be home...

This is of great value
and interests me.

All of these are fakes.

Terrible fakes.

They're worth nothing to me,
you must have been tricked.

The jewels from your father

- are fakes.
- Fakes?

Did you know?

I'm sure my father promised them
a long time ago.

I thought the matter right.

Perhaps it's time
to get rid of the wench,

who no longer serves a purpose.

Shut up, you slut!

I'm the only one
who makes decisions around here!

Throw him down there.

Enjoy the show.

It might be the last time.

Do you have any idea who I am?

Not the slightest,
and I don't care.

It's strange.

My treasure
and watch are not missing,

might you be Delarousse?


You don't lack audacity.

It's a choice blade
you've got there.

Neither audacity, nor insolence.

You could be dead in an instant,
What do you say?

I've naught to say, apart from...

that's a lovely blade.

- What price would you pay for it?
- I wouldn't buy it.

When the time comes,
I'll borrow it.

- What do you know about me?
- Just enough to keep you alive.

Poor fool, you believe in chance
and risk losing the game?

I heard nothing,
I only know where the treasure is

and how to get at it.

So what do you say
to being a double-act?

I'll give her to you if you want.

I'll give her to you
as a seal of my word.

I'll take her.

It will be finished tomorrow,
won't it?

It may be time
for you to confide in us.

Confide what, Mr Commissioner?

The place where The Claw is hiding.

Don't count on me.

What sort of being could spark
such a love?

That even in dying,

his victim
has already pardoned him.

There are things between Heaven
and Earth which we can't fathom.

I don't think the address would
have been given to you, either.


But I must locate it tomorrow.

An emissary will escort me
from the Tuileries to Versailles.

So the die has been cast.

Gold, diamonds, several items
of jewellery and pearls.

No loss
that can't be compensated for.

On the contrary.

The Princess of Richemont's
letters were taken.

Their contents, if revealed,
could compromise her standing.

Who could the thief be?

The Claw!

Who else?

His swagger
makes no mystery of it.

Nor did he conceal having Cl?mence
de Villerbois under his thumb.

You mean his accomplice.

Regarding the armed duel...

It will take place tomorrow eve.

Would you have time
to capture The Claw before then?

The animal is boastful.


He wouldn't resist a nice pile
of gold guaranteed by his Majesty.

What do you mean, Nicolas?

That it's not before...

but during that the operation
needs to take place.

It's double or nothing.

Just consider,

after all the humiliation
endured by your police,

the glory of a public arrest.

At Versailles.

Are you not a gambler,

Chess, Commissioner. Only chess.

Gambling is illegal.

Well, this location
lacks for nothing.

Its appeals
are certainly numerous.

I agree, but the treasure
awaiting us is no less appealing.

Have no fears.

We are expected and have
nothing to fear from anyone.

Though perhaps
from your friends and thieves.

Those who, I'm sure you agree,
add a certain spice.

Please announce
Henri Charles Semacgus,

Count of Louisville, as well as
my young cousin, the Marquis.

Pierre-Henri Beaumont de Lagarde,
Lord of Saint Charles.

Observe the prejudice
attached to titles and figures.

The peacock will fan out its tail.

"Fan", my cousin. The word repulses
me more than the thing itself.

Come on, old friend,
no point in being ceremonious.

Mr Marquis.

A note from my hand.

It guarantees two spots
in the royal box.

It also gives you access to all
the places you would like to visit.

I think you will find
the stables interesting.

Is he your accomplice?

Your perspicacity pleases me.

Come, cousin.

A mark of gratitude is always
in order before the duel starts.

It might be safer
to stop proceedings

with a group of officials.

Certainly safer, yes.

But devoid of any panache.

The King!

It is him!


Your Majesty.

There will be an armed duel
between the best fencers in Europe.

The foils will be spotted
according to the rules.

Two masters of arms
will go head to head.

The blows of the two men
will naturally be in vain.

Come, friends, we know
it's merely an armed duel,

where the champions appear
and have it out.

His Majesty seems very impatient.

You've noticed.

Everything's set up.

Come, Bourdeau.


Sirs, over to you.

One's experience
against the other's dexterity.

Being on equal footing
means things could go on forever.

Were I the musician,
I'd have slain the baron ten times.

Were I the baron, I'd have
pierced the musician as many times.

Whoever predicts the winner
is a clever man.

If we'd dare to do so.

Well, my cousin...

Well, my cousin...

Is there anything finer?

What can better satisfy
our deepest desires?

Fill your pockets, my cousin!

I doubt it will be enough.

Well, they'll have to do.

Is there anything finer
than royal gold?

Is there anything rounder?

The wheel, my friend.

The wheel.

Dear Marquis,

I'm afraid you have no hope.

I've known
more delicate situations.

I'm alone, this is certain.

You're not willing to go it alone.

But that won't stop me.

Imagine your sword is like a bird.

If you squeeze it too tight,
it dies.

And if you hold it too loosely,

you'll lose it
and it flies off.

So here we are, Commissioner.


That way, behind there.

I'll bet 30 on Ranreuil.

50 on the other.

I'll raise you 25.

I'm in.

Don't forget I owe you my life.

Give him his sword.

Don't expect
such niceties from me, sir.

You don't owe me anything.

If I were you,

I wouldn't do anything, sir.

These irons, these fetters.

Do you not find such precaution
to be redundant?

A forcefulness disproportionate
to the danger I pose.

You have greatly displeased
my boss.


The wigs?

Mr Lieutenant General of Police,
please be kind.

Rather than intending to harm you,

it was the mark of
an impulsive, volatile character,

somewhat inclined to jest.


Volatile? Jesting?

He is mocking us, dear Nicolas,
the rascal is mocking us.

Take him to be interrogated.

Immediately! Interrogate him.

What good is interrogation?

Mr Lieutenant General of Police...

I plead guilty to everything.

I laugh at your confessions,
I couldn't care tuppence.

There is no option but...

First of all, interrogation.

And afterwards, the wheel.

We will have to postpone this.

The King. Of course, the King.

If I was hard on you, sir,

it is only because
this gold somewhat worries me.

The duel did not happen.

Neither a loser,
nor a winner could be declared.

Except for your good self,
Mr Marquis.

This chest contains my wager.

But also everyone else's.

It demands restitution.

I confess
that I would not be opposed,

if he could find
some legal quibble,

some semblance of law...

for authorising this chest
to be left as it is.

If I may be so bold, sir...

The Count of Borde authorised us
to watch over the duel.

The event itself is legal
and fully authorised.

But gambling, your Majesty...

Gambling is banned
throughout the kingdom.


And that goes for everyone.

This gold can rightly be considered

as having aided the Commission
in its offence.

They see it as property from which
they cannot be separated.

I therefore declare this object

and its contents

as confiscated

by his Majesty's police

and thereby sequestrated.

It shall presently be given back
in its entirety

to the Royal Treasury.

Well played!

Well played,
Mr Lieutenant General of Police!

In the end,
this little slight of hand

is indeed legal.

What comes out of one pocket
goes back into the very same!

Well played!

You surprise me, Mr de Sartine.

You really do.

Mr Marquis, you know of my interest
in the charming Canoness of Meudon.

But alas, the wheel is fickle,

and she never did return
the interest.

This Claw,
who, according to popular opinion,

had rather stolen her heart...

The Claw?

He's a real villain, is he not?


I charge you
with having him write

a detailed confession
of his colourful existence,

and the crimes he has committed,
a sort of philosophical testament

which will be addressed to

the very beautiful and pure
Olympe de Beauvoises.

In return,

I pledge,
as soon as he's considered dead,

that he will be taken in secret

with a new identity
to the Port de la Rochelle.

Destined for New France,

where the breadth
and variety of his talents

will soon find opportunity
to be expressed.

To the detriment of our friends,
the English.

It is from the depths of hell,

to where I was cast, breathless,
by a counter-fate,

that I write these lines to you,

intended as much
to appease the torments of my soul

as to testify to my love for you.