Nicolas Le Floch (2008–2018): Season 3, Episode 1 - La larme de Varsovie - full transcript

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Madam was no longer
expecting you, sir.


Let me surprise her.

-Over there?

Part Two

To what do I owe this honor?

To my upfront ambition

of combining
business with pleasure.

You speak the truth
when you say you are upfront...

I am honored by your ambition,

Perhaps we should
discuss business first.

Later, madam, later...


Have you noticed, Nicolas,

that you treat me like a hussy.

And would you be complaining
about it, madam?

It is strange...

This sudden mark of affection
from your part.


following the victory,

and yet another victory,

you do not linger
on the battlefield.

I actually have a favor to ask,

And what could that be
that you have yet obtained?

For you to pretend to come back
to your old ways.

I need you, madam...

in a mission that requires

as much daring and know-how,

as veracity.

And where is this set to happen?

In the gardens of Versailles.

You've given the broad outline.

I'm all ears for the details.

The details imply that,

if it's feasible,

you start stinking out,

and making yourself
look considerably ugglier.

But that shouldn't be
too difficult.

Gee up!

Gee up!

My master asks for you
to return the object.

Did your master provide you
with the sum we agreed on?


Your master is an idiot.

And you, a fool.

Sir, your emissary wishes to
speak to you right this moment.

-Slept well, Bourdeau?
-Very well, thank you.

Though comparing isn't knowing,

observe the wounds on the guard
killed in Versailles:

three dagger-inflicted wounds
close to one another.

And now look.

Follow me.

Three wounds.

They're identical.

And one more... the lethal one.

The assassin aimed for the heart

and succeeded quite easily.

Notice the angle.

In both cases,

the stabs came from below.

Both victims
aren't exactly giants,

so we deduct their common
assassin is rather short.

Could they have
other points in common

aside from their assassin?

-Where did they find him?
-In Place de l'Arsenal.

The guards took him
from the hands of looters.

He wasn't wearing
any distinctive clothing.

All I can say is that
he was a neat and well-fed man,

whose hands indicate

he wasn't a man
of fastidious chores.

Would you be new?

Would you be unaware that you
just don't do as you wish here?

I'm not.
Just trying to make a living.

"Make a living"?
That's going a bit far!

You need our approval first.

-And then you pay your share.
-I'm not paying anyone!

Take her.

Would you be waiting for these
obscure objects to lead the way?

That's not it.

It is strange that we didn't
find anything else...

when we carried out the search
at Miss de Clairvois' place.

I actually
didn't carry out that search.

You were in a rush
to transport the body...

Pardon me?

I roughly
skimmed through that step.

"Skimmed through"?

Here she is!

So, pretty girl?

You didn't think our Police
measured up to the Royal Police?

I'm told you're new.

You didn't know you had
to deal with me first?

And that in order to practice

you first need
to prove your talent?

These men

will try you out,

and decide whether you can stay.

Hi, lovely...

You can't go very far.

Stay where you are!

Do not make me, Lady Chouette!




You weren't back yet,
so I came for you.

What happened?

Someone wanted to prevent me
from finding this...

-Thank you, sir.


The Rosy Cross!

And a Templar's ring...

She was a very cruel mistress.

She ordered to beat me
because I couldn't work anymore.

This sort of ornament
tends to repulse people.

-How did it happen?
-With a dagger.

A creature I thought humane,

and whose dandy I accosted.

Did you see
where they went next?

Towards the canal...

where I saw them
talking with a guard.

Then they disappeared, all 3
of them, in the undergrounds.

Are you certain about that?


There weren't many people
in the alleys,

and they weren't left unnoticed.

This blow is the only thing
I got that night,

with this handful
of phony money.

I need to get to Paris.

Put on your best attires,
because you're coming with me.

-Where can I get a mount?
-In the King's stables.

I know how to get there.

Not so much for the horses
than for the knights.

Miss Clothilde de Clairvois was
Counselor Dumas' granddaughter.

It's quite instructive.

And this...

is the plan of
Counselor Dumas' residence...

The crypt...

Count de Saint-Germain
knew Miss de Clairvois...

who must have known
the Dumas residence.

She must have informed him,
and the trickery is solved.

The trickery is one thing.
What about the crime?

Why would Saint-Germain want
to kill the one who helped him?

I do not know.

But I will soon find out.

Now, sir?
You look like the living dead.

Precisely! Even more so.

Follow me!

How decadent!

You fill my eyes
with shame and disgrace.

We knew you as prosperous,

and now find you
bathed in corruption.

Destiny seems
to have given up on you.

And you seem very knowledgeable.

I know everything
my mistress knows.

It's only normal if you want
to be fit to fill in.

Was it destiny being cruel
or rather a man?

Would our beloved Nicolas
have ceased to provide for you?

-He never did.

You could have at least,
once your disgrace consummated,

turned to this house.

Madam wouldn't have failed
to find you some work here.

Work of the same caliber...

as you.

But now, it'll be hard.

I don't need work.
Mine suffices.

Lady Chouette is dead?

What do you want from me?

What do you want from me?

For you to facilitate
my introduction at Mrs. d'Urf?

by keeping the majordomo busy,

and by...

and for you
to previously announce my death.

You are a very resourceful man.

Nothing seems to stop you.

The stratagem is quite amusing.

And your current state
makes it even more real.

Don't move.

The suffering
will only get worse.

It's a herb decoction
from my housekeepers' province.

Leave your collar undone,

so we can cover yourself up

in verisimilitude.

-Is it them?
-Without a doubt.

We need to find out
where they're staying.

Ask and you shall receive.

That's always been my motto.

They call themselves
Baron and Baroness of H?ricourt.

My friend was right!

You don't seem
the least bit surprised...


It's because I am familiar
with this sort of business,

and because there's less
to worry about with ghosts

than with those alive.

Why didn't you tell me

about Miss de Clairvois' death?

She saw everything, Mr. Spirit.

-Is that what caused her death?
-Why not ask her?

She doesn't know, madam.

What I do know,

is that shortly after she left
with Mrs. de Crequy,

we played music,

and at the time of leaving...

an exceptionally violent quarrel
erupted between

Count de Saint-Germain
and Knight d'Aumont.

"Knight d'Aumont"?

Knight d'Aumont is one of
the most imminent dignitaries

of the Order of the Temple.

So he's an acquaintance
of Mr. de Saint-Germain?

They complete each other.

The count...

is the amiable face
of the Order,

whereas the knight
is the dark face.

One pleases himself appearing,

while the other
pleases in punishment.

And the motive of their quarrel?

Miss de Clairvois...


a secret that she let out.

And where can we find
Knight d'Aumont, madam?

He attends mass

three times a week,
at Saint-Eustache church.

I urge you not to follow me,

Do not worry, Mr. Spirit.

There had to be
literature on divination!

And we should
elucidate its mystery.

Though you must begin

with a most delicate search...

to know who is Knight d'Aumont.

It's a shame,
you were a convincing dead.

I'm just glad I convinced her.

-How did you...?
-I was given the key.

Along with a very accurate
description of this place.

You don't seem troubled at all.

Nor preoccupied.

So you were sent here?

It was highly risky, I admit it.

And there was nothing in it
for you?

Not as much as
there will be with you.

You are said to have
a fortune of phenomenal jewels,

which makes the envy
of the King.

And I know they're not here.

Your most beautiful diamonds,

for the Tear.

Or else...

Some well sharpened blade
may just prematurely interrupt

the course of your immortality.

I am not a monster, sir.

So I give you till tomorrow
to make up your mind.


Two creatures have come for you.

Allow them in.

It's just that

their only smell
disturbs our men.

They're in the dungeon,

where the most enraged of them
is creating quite some turmoil.


Nicolas! Nicolas! Nicolas!

Le Floch!

Le Floch!

Le Floch!


Open up.

-He's a spy?

And the worst there is.

To come to your assistance
I committed homicide, sir.

Do you know what it means...

to hold a life in your hands
that you must end?

Spare me your pity.


Aren't you dying to know
what you were after?


Please, I'm with them.

Let go, you're hurting me!

How dare you?

Let me go!

Let me go!

Could you have been sulking
these past few days?

You would have been wrong to.

See for yourself!
See that I have nothing to hide.

Mr. de Choiseul!


Mr. de Choiseul...

-has come to confess...
-A blunder.

A big blunder.

But isn't it human nature

to commit big blunders?

With the intent of ruining
Count de Saint-Germain's

whose mission he knew of,

Mr. de Choiseul
thought it clever

to have
the Tear of Warsaw stolen...

by 2 characters...

in which he had utmost trust.

I did,

but I learnt my lesson.

Because at the time
of exchanging the pearl

for a lump sum of money,

the thefts failed to return it.

And the emissary disappeared.

Was the meeting set...
by Place de l'Arsenal?

Would you also be a soothsayer
or are you simply well informed?


It took place near Marie Bridge,
as it had been agreed.

As for the emissary, I am afraid

he finds himself at the morgue,

reduced to the state of corpse.

Mr. de Choiseul
lost 10,000 louis.

Money doesn't matter
when it's not a necessity.

Money doesn't matter
in the eyes of disrepute

if this issue is publicized, if

His Majesty is told about and if
Madame de Pompadour is notified.

I would find myself
in a very ugly mess.

Duke Choiseul therefore wishes
for this unfortunate situation

to end soon.

To do so, he did not hesitate

to disclose the identity...

of his 2...


The Baron and Baroness
of H?ricourt.

By Jove!

It's already out.

I know their names,

and where they can be found.

But then...

what are you waiting for?

Without overstepping
Mr. de Sartine's instructions,

once the object recovered,

I'd ask, commissioner,
that you ensure

that the looters remain silent.

I can count on you,
I'm assuming.

A coin, please.

A coin, for a poor man.

A coin!

A prompt comparison

will show...

that this blade took the life

of the Royal guard...

as well as
Mr. de Choiseul's emissary.

From this end,
things are becoming clear.

Those crimes were purely
perpetrated by thirsty thieves.


from this end...

the mystery prevails.


With the same instrument
that almost took my life.

At least, this news dissipates
Mr. de Choiseul's fears.

So the thieves
would have been robbed.

So it seems.

To solve a difficult case

does going back
to its origin help?

Hasn't it been solved already?

And there was not
the least bit of mystery

-or hermetism!
-You're wrong, sir!

This case
is rooted in hermetism.

Police lieutenant general!

What do you know about...

Knight d'Aumont?

About Knight d'Aumont,

only Count de Saint-Germain
can help you.

Were you expecting someone?

Indeed. But not you.

They won't be coming anymore.

What business
were you going to do...

with such a treasure?

Buy back the pearl.

Why buy it back?

And why at such a high price?

The price doesn't matter.

My reputation is at stake,
and so is Royalty's fate.

Neither one of these reasons
satisfies me, sir.

You will have to talk...


And without any excuses,
including the Rosy Cross.

A sealed letter?

You visited Miss de Clairvois

shortly before she was killed.


I needed a blood sample

to prepare the decoction

meant to revive the Tear.

I wouldn't recommend you
claiming false motives, sir.

I am speaking the truth.

It had to be the blood
of a virgin,

a common alchemical procedure.

But I do have a question, sir...

What happened to the thieves?

They're dead, sir.

The same way
Miss de Clairvois was killed.

The same way that
I was almost killed.

Hurry, sir!

We need to go to Paris.

Stay close

while I report back.

The pearl is in the hands
of Knight d'Aumont,

and I know what he intends
to do with it.

Which is?

Destroying it with fire,
as the ritual wants it,

to set the malediction
in motion.

And why is that?

How much am I entailed to tell,

As much as I say so.

Knight d'Aumont is a follower
of the Order of the Temple.

He claims to be the descendant
of Knight d'Aumont,

put in charge by the last
master of the Templars

shortly before dying.

His mission? To avenge
the fall of his Empire,

destroyed under Philippe Lebel.

What about the Rosy Cross?

I ask for the utmost discretion.

You can take our word for it.

It's a secret order

born in the 17th century,

with alchemy
as center of interest.

Its adepts promote humanity

via the intellectual and moral
development of its members,

amongst which I am part of.

There exists a certain amount

of rival chapels...

sometimes antagonistic.

This is how some claim to be
members of the Rosicrucian Order

and try to seek vengeance

and reply with the same violence

we used against their order.


Message for
Commissioner Le Floch.

Being master freemason yourself,

this is common knowledge,
isn't it?

Some of it is.

Knight d'Aumont was seen
near Rue Hirondelle,

going into an underground door
adorned with a strange figure.





we can go back in time...



Miserable traitor.

Hand it back!

In the name of the Holy Cross,
hand it back!

The Temple was disbanded,
and you know it!


May Royalty also perish.

Relinquish, knight.


The end has come, d'Aumont.

Not quite yet.

The Tear of Warsaw is saved,

There's only left
to revive its brilliance.


After removing the bodies,

I participated
in meticulous findings.

On the floor,
amongst the cold embers,

and the crucible's ashes,

I found this,

which resembles the remains
of a half-consumed pearl.

-What do you say, sir?
-It was substituted.

By Saint-Germain.

"Death to the pearl,
and vengeance will be triggered.

"The collapse of the monarchy
will be inevitable."

I don't believe in maledictions.

we cannot let anyone know.

It's the same...

with these,

which detail

the grievous visions
of Miss de Clairvois.

Madam d'Urf?
confusedly complains

that a specter...

pillaged her.

Obviously, your positive spirit
would know nothing of specters.

It wouldn't be of any service
to publicize its content.

I feel it hovering...
throughout the kingdom...

a bad omen.


among which Mr. Voltaire,

speak more and more openly...

of a revolution...

that others...

wish would occur.

For the time being,

there's no need
to alarm the King,

before which we must now appear.

Dear friend, you have succeeded!

The pearl has found
its brilliance again.

You were doubtful, Majesty?

Never, my friend.

Madam Queen
would have liked to be here,

to manifest her gratitude.

But she's
at the Dauphin's bedside,

struck by fever,

which has got doctors alarmed.

Please return
the case to the Queen.

In these instances,

the Tear will be
of utmost consolation to her.


I am grateful

for your assistance
to Count de Saint-Germain.

I also wish

to have you amongst us at
a dinner hosted by Pompadour.

Your exploits
are always of utmost pleasure,

mostly because they're not
dimmed by the shadow of secrecy,

which Mr. de Sartine,

in the intent of

sparing his King,

has often done with
a severe lack of judgment,

whenever he can't
speak the truth.

Bye for now, Mr. de Ranreuil.

Bye for now.

Dear friend,

I intend to entrust you,
behind Choiseul's back,

with a diplomatic mission
with the Queen of Austria.

"A diplomatic mission
behind Choiseul's back."

His Majesty
is truly incorrigible!

Translation: Maria Angelica Noel
TV5 Qu?bec Canada