New Amsterdam (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 16 - Perspectives - full transcript

Max, Bloom and Reynolds frantically recount a patient's past encounter that could throw them into a massive lawsuit. Meanwhile, Iggy confronts a local middle school about its teaching policies, and Kapoor lets his superstitions take over.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I can't believe
they're still sleeping.

I know.

I think they actually
sleep better with company.

- ♪ In the morning when I wake ♪
- Me too.

♪ And the sun
is coming through ♪

♪ Oh, you fill
my lungs with sweetness ♪

♪ And fill my head with you

♪ Shall I write it
in a letter? ♪

- ♪ Shall I try to get it down? ♪
- This okay?



♪ Of a song
I can't get out ♪

♪ Can I get close to you? ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

Wait, wait...
I haven't done...

- Not since...
- Me either.



Wait, wait, wait.
Do I take this off?

♪ Where the fields
are painted gold ♪

No, you don't have to.

I don't think I'm ready.

You don't have to be.

I'm not.

♪ When the evening
pulls the sun down ♪

Do you still...


♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Can I be close to you? ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ♪
Season 02 Episode 16

Oh, you must want
to kill her.

I knew Castro
was up to something,

but making her patients tumors
look worse

than they actually are
so that when they get better

it makes her trial
look more effective?

So her trial's a sham.

I don't know the extent
of it.

I only know that
she's falsifying her data.

- You have to take this to Max.
- I can't.

Max made it policy to go public
with our mistakes.

To own them.

If this gets out, New Amsterdam
will lose our NIH funding,

and that is millions
of dollars.

What about Brantley?

She'd just sweep it
under the rug

to avoid a PR nightmare.

Well, then what are you
gonna do?

Blow up her trial.

I'd read about
pituitary veinous sampling.

I've never
actually seen it done.

Many less experienced

fear this procedure because
it requires a precise localization

and sturdy hands,
which in my case is not...

Give me a moment, please.

Ella, I don't think
you should touch that.

Oh, that is a she,
and her name is Calliope.

We'll call her Callie
for short.

I didn't think I'd ever
be ready for another pet

- after Gertie died.
- Pet?

- To live with us?
- Yeah.

Well, Dr. Frome thought
it might be a good idea

if I had an emotional support
animal to help manage my OCD.

And she's pretty much
the cutest, isn't she?

Yes, she's cute.
Very cute.

I should be going.

Oh, okay.
Well, we'll see you at home.


- Cancel the veinous sampling.
- Wait-what?

Will you do that, Agnes,

I can't.

Mr. Bagey's is already
being prepped!

Okay, you are more
than welcome

to sit down if you want.

Anywhere you like.

So, you are aware

of why your parents sent you
here to see me, right?

Uh, it's for refusing
to go to school.

And, uh, your parents say you
came back about two weeks ago

a different kid.

Won't come out of your room,
easily upset.

I can't be in my room?

Well, not if it means
skipping school, no.

Danica, why do you keep looking
at the door?

Do you... do you feel unsafe
right now?

Do you feel that way a lot?

Did something happen at school?

Danica, why are you afraid
to go to school?

Because I can't stop
seeing Megan

lying on the floor
with a hole in her head.

That's why.

I think you guys
seriously buried the lede.

How could you not tell me

Danica was in
a school shooting?

- What... what school shooting?
- I think we'd know

if there was a shooting
at our daughter's school.

There wasn't.

- How was dinner with mom?
- Oh, it was great.

After 20 years,
I finally told her

what a nightmare it was

being raised
by such a raging alcoholic.

But instead of apologizing
and accepting responsibility,

she said she didn't
remember it.

She tried to gaslight you?

That's messed up.

Guess I'll add that to her
list of irredeemable qualities.

- Dr. Lauren Bloom?
- Yes?

You've been served.

Why did you tell your mother
that our wedding

might not be in San Francisco

when you know
it definitely will be?

It's called
"stepping out the truth."

- Mmm, it's called "lying."
- I just heard.

And my one question is: how big
a going away party do you want?

Oh, no, no, no, no.

No thank you.

Um, I'm trying to keep this
all low key.

- Not gonna happen.
- Of course.

You were saying?

Well, look, my sisters and I
learned early that with Mama,

you gotta roll
the truth out gradually

- so she has time to acclimate.
- Mmm.

Dr. Reynolds?

Oh, no going away cards,

You've been served.

You have an administrative
meeting at 2:00.

- Great.
- And dermatology wants to know

if you could touch base
about new exam lights.

Sounds like a plan.

Have you been replaced
by a pod person?

I don't think so.

You hate meetings,
and these are the worst.

Well, I'm just in
a very good mood,

and nothing gonna change that.

- Hospital's being sued.
- Okay, that didn't last long.

High profile case... we're
talking community backlash,

media circus, and a ridiculous
amount of money on the table.

HCC and the mayor's office
have already called

to make sure
we don't screw it up.

- Who is it?
- George Whitney's family's

accusing us of malpractice
and wrongful death.

Every doctor involved
in his care

is being sued,

- Dr. Max Goodwin?
- Yes?

You've been served.

Okay, why are you stressed?
You're out of here, aren't you?


A patient died,
and we're being blamed for it.

We didn't do anything wrong.

So all we can do now
is tell the truth,

and we're gonna be fine.

Deposition prep
isn't about the truth.

It's about finding weak spots
in our stories.

So we see how strong

the opposition's case is
against us.

- Thank you, Dr. Optimism.
- He's right.

Hospitals go down
because of cases like this.

I'm ready for you.

To gain access to the tumor,

we first locate
the internal jugular vein.

BP normative,
respiration spontaneous.

I'm not getting flash-back.

Abscess in the airway.

The needle broke.

How did it break?
Needles don't just break.

Well, this one just did.

There's ectopy
on the monitor.

The needle may be lodged
in his right ventricle.

If we don't get it out,
he will get a heart attack.

Page cardiothoracic.

- You get him to an O.R.
- Where are you going?

Dr. Kapoor, what's happening?

This is all happening
because of that cat.


Nurse supervisor
to main floor.

Nurse supervisor
to main floor.


Ready to go.

I'll check back
in a couple minutes.


Uh, would you be able to get

a couple of extra blankets for
the chairs in there, please?

- It's freezing.
- Sure.

Thank you.

- Here you go, Dr. Sharpe.
- Thank you so much.

Uh, everyone
will appreciate this.

We were in Mr. Marks'
history class

when there was this bang.

Mr. Marks started screaming.
Telling us to get down.

I looked out into the hall

and there was this man there
with a gun.

He was shooting into the class
across from us

over and over again.

Then I saw Megan coming back
from the bathroom.

And my brain was like,
"Go help her!"

But I couldn't move.

And then he shot her.

Mr. Marks was shoving a table
against the door.

Everyone was crying.

And I was just standing there,
staring at Megan on the ground.

Then the bell rang,

and the man stopped shooting,

and Megan got up.

And they told us
it was just a drill.

A stupid drill.

Megan was part of it?

So was the man firing blanks.

But it all felt real.

Her school didn't tell us
that there would be

anything like this.

No one knew.
Not even the teachers.

I know it wasn't real.

But I feel scared all the time.

I can't go back there.

Four weeks ago, a patient
named George Whitney

entered the ED.
Do you remember this patient?

Of course I remember him.
He was, uh...

Lauren, don't give more
information than was asked.



Do you remember
George Whitney?


Can you describe
Mr. Whitney's condition

when he entered your care?

George Whitney,
30-year-old man,

collapsed at a street fair

with blurred vision, shortness
of breath, and hemiparesis.

Tachy, hypotensive, and
tachypneic in the field.

Any allergies, Mr. Whitney?

- You taking any medications?
- No.

Okay, let's get him
to trauma one,

and hook him up to a monitor
on O-2.

What do we got here?

How many patients were
admitted that day

to the best of
your recollection?

Eight patients,

all presenting
with the same symptoms.

And what did the police say
happened to these people?

Some sort of smoke device
went off

at a Middle Eastern
Street Fair.

They were exposed
to more than just smoke.

People complain of
a weird smell at the scene.

Double vision, descending
paralysis, diaphoresis.

- Botulism toxin.
- This was a terror attack?

Casey, dilute one vile
of anti-toxin

in 100 cc's normal saline
and infuse as slow IV drip

with close
hemodynamic monitoring.

Copy that.

But that's not what
the patient received.

Well, that's what I told
Casey to give them.

Casey wasn't working
that day.

Of course he was.

Nurse's schedule.
Casey's not on it.

But I thought...

I don't...

Would you care to revise
your statement, Dr. Bloom?

All right, you're up.

All right, let's see
what we got.

Hey, doc.

Tell me I'm crazy.
Did you sabotage my trial?

You didn't give me a choice.

What the hell
were you thinking?

Switching my patient's meds?

Everyone got their chemo.
Everyone's safe.

- That's all that matters.
- Oh, that's all that matters?

There's no control group

Everyone's been dosed
with the trial additive.

I guess you'll just have to
start your trial over again.

Are you really that jealous
that you have to kill it?

I know what you did
with your patients' baselines.

I only did that because
the preliminary data

showed the drug was not working
well enough on this protocol.

Then you report that.

If the drug doesn't work,
it doesn't work.

It will work,
when I have more time

to get the parameters
of the trial right,

and I will once it gets
to phase three.

You have to shut
this down now.

The entire trial
has been compromised.

The trial, yes,
but not the drug.

I am bringing it
to phase three.

Then I am taking this to Max.

If you were willing
to do that,

you would have done
so already.

That's what I thought.

These are the best active
shooter drills available.

These drills could save
our students' lives.

Okay, if I showed you an MRI

from a kid
that was in your drill,

or an MRI from a kid
that was in an actual shooting,

do you know what you'd see?

- They would be similar?
- They would be identical.

Right down to
the long-term problems,

from the fear, the depression,
the anger, the anxiety.

The full PTSD buffet.

Trauma doesn't happen
because you're in danger,

- it's because you think you are.
- So what would you have me do?

Pretend school shootings
don't exist?


- Ignore the law?
- No.

God forbid a real shooting
happens here.

I'll be damned if my kids
aren't prepared.

Okay, look,
I recognize that you are in

an impossible situation here,
but there are alternatives.

There are desktop
training programs.

One where the kids don't have
to act out traumatizing events.

Because all that does
is make them believe

that they've already
been through one, like Danica.

Well, I'm sorry about Danica,

but I haven't heard
any other complaints.

Well, how many students
have checked in

with the school's counselors?

With all the budget cuts,
we don't have any.

Well, you do now.

I'm not seeing patients

Um, I just...

Okay, how much can substance
abuse affect someone's memory?

Depends on substance and the
degree to which it was abused.

Genetics can also be a factor.
Why are you asking?

Um, I abused Adderall
for a while.

Now I'm forgetting things.

What kind of things?

Details about a day

that I should've remembered
everything about.

And my alcoholic mother says

she can't remember
the last 15 years, so,

I don't know, given my stellar
gene pool and my own issues,

- maybe I'm just...
- Lauren, there's a significant difference

between the type of memory loss

associated with a lifetime
of substance abuse

and your situation.

Are you sure?

I see you every day.
I work with you every day.

There is nothing
that concerns me.


Your mother's condition,
on the other hand,

is much more serious.

And very real.
She may never remember.

Dr. Goodwin, isn't it unusual
for you to dedicate

your entire day to the ED
given the scope of your duties?

Uh, yes, but because this
was such a high profile case,

the mayor asked me to monitor
the victims personally.

So you were there in your
capacity as medical director?

That's right.

Double vision, descending
paralysis, diaphoresis.

Botulism toxin.

- This was a terror attack?
- Brunstetter.

Dilute one vial of anti-toxin
in 100 cc's normal saline

and infuse as a slow IV drip

with close
hemodynamic monitoring.

- Copy that.
- Technician to X-ray one.

Lab technician to X-ray one.

Forget the dilution.

Push anti-toxin in a
a single IV injection.

I have to clear that
with Dr. Bloom.

No, there isn't enough time,

Patients could die
unless you push the full dose

of anti-toxin now.

So you countermanded
Dr. Bloom's order?


Then she wasn't at fault
for giving an order

that was never carried out?

I don't know if we should be
assigning blame, I think...

Did all eight patients

respond to your treatment,
Dr. Goodwin?

All but one.

Kay, I got it.
It's weak, but it's there.

- What do you got?
- V-fib arrest.

A tachy hypotensive.

We're in the middle of an echo
when he arrested.

Global left ventricular

We gotta to get him
to the O.R. now.

Would you say the decision

to treat with a full dose of
anti-toxin was made in haste?

During an emergency,

doctors have to make
a lot of decisions in haste.

But you weren't there
as a doctor.

To your own admission, you were
there as medical director.

I have to wear multiple hats
every day.

Which hat were you wearing

when you countermanded
Dr. Bloom's order

to follow
the dilution protocol?

My doctor hat.

But obviously,
Nurse Brunstetter saw you

- as the medical director.
- While that may be true,

I don't know what affected
their decision...

Which may have meant
Nurse Brunstetter

may have felt unable
to contradict your directive...

I have no idea

what Nurse Brunstetter
may or may not have felt...

A directive that may have led

to George Whitney's
cardiac arrest.

From where I sit,

because you wear multiple hats,

one of your patients died.

Okay, um, hi, everybody.
My name is Dr. Iggy Frome.

You can just call me Iggy.

Um, first of all, I'd like
to thank Principal Colvin

for allowing me
to speak to you all today.

Bet you're all pretty pumped
to be missing some class, huh?


They're missing gym.

Uh, okay.

So I promise you that I'm here
for a good reason, guys.

I'm here to talk to you
about the shooting drill

that happened
a couple weeks ago.

I want to talk to you about how
that made you feel.

Yeah, okay, all right.
Yeah, fair enough.

I hear you loud and clear.

Talking about our feelings
is not your favorite subject.

I don't blame you.

Why don't we try something
a little different.

Try something easier.
You guys like easy?

- Yeah.
- Yeah, good, me too.

Um, I'm gonna say something,

and if you agree,
clap your hands twice.

That's it.
Can you handle it?

- Yes.
- Of course you can.

All right, this assembly
seems crazy boring.

Wow, all of you.

Okay, step two.

I'm gonna say something,
and again, if you agree,

uh, this time just come walk
down onto the court with me.


I sometimes feel scared
about guns.

I do.
I'm scared about guns.

I'm the only one?

I find that a little hard
to believe, but okay.

I have had a dream

about the shooting drill
since it happened.

It doesn't need to be
a nightmare necessarily.

Just a dream.
Any kind of dream.


Good, thank you.
Come on down here.

Yeah, come on down.
Take a spot.

Anywhere on the floor with me,
okay, guys?

Thank you.

Here's another.

I avoid going to where I was

where the shooting drill

Yeah, I would too.

I sometimes have a hard time
concentrating in class

because I'm thinking about
someone charging in with a gun.

Yeah, that would make it hard
to concentrate, wouldn't it?

All right, one last one.

When I have felt scared
since the drill,

I thought that
I was the only one.

Find somewhere around me.
Make sure you can all hear me.

Make room for everybody.

We're all here.
Take a look around.

Look at your classmates.

Your feelings are not weird
or wrong

because we've all got them.
You've all got them, okay?

But those feelings,
they're not...

They're not gonna
just go away.

They are going to find
somewhere inside of you

and make a home, all right?

The only way to avoid that
is by talking.

We have to talk to each other.

You have to talk
to your parents.

Talk to your counselors.

So let's start talking.

You look how I feel.

You first.

So, I'm gonna
tell you something,

and I need you to not react
like "Max the Revolutionary."

- Which Max do you need?
- The sane medical director.

Really want me
to pick a lane today.

Did something happen
at deposition prep?

I don't know.

Starting to wonder if maybe
I'm doing this wrong.

Doing what wrong?

I wear these scrubs
so I can actually help

people, but what if
I'm not helping?

What if I'm just
making things...


I mean, maybe I should
just wear a suit.

You know?

And actually sit at my desk
like a sane medical director.

Maybe it's time

I stopped trying to be
all things to all people.

The Max who is all things
to all people

is the Max that we all need.

I need.

How can I help?


I don't need you to.

I have to handle this one.

Dr. Flores was able
to remove the needle

from Mr. Bagey's heart
with no damage.

- He should make a full recovery.
- Good.

Then I'm staying right here
for the rest of the day

to avoid doing more harm.

Is there something going on
with you today?

There is nothing wrong
with me.


The problem is the cat.

Why do you keep bringing up
this cat?

Ella's cat.

The harbinger of bad luck.

From the time it has showed up,

my entire day
has been disastrous.

And now it's going
to live with me

to destroy my life.
No, no, no, no, no.

I have to get rid of this cat.

Hey, did you reorder
any of those...

Kapoor says
it's probably true.

Did I miss part of
this conversation?

He said those 15 years
are probably gone.

From my mom.

- Completely?
- Could be.

It just pisses me off,
you know?

I mean, if I have to remember

every brutal detail
about my childhood

then she should have to
remember it too.


I know you're hurt,

I know you've been carrying
around these feelings

for a lot of years,

but maybe it's time
to stop looking backward.

You know,
start looking forward.

- I don't see Max with you.
- You were right.

- I do need Max.
- Hmm.

This entire hospital
needs Max.

And six months ago he was dying,
and I couldn't save him.

But you did.

You knew precision oncology
was the future

long before anyone else.

But if I could figure out
that you falsified your data,

then NIH will too,
and that kind of scandal...

You expect me to believe
you're worried about me?

Not you.

Your work.

It's the only reason
that Max is alive.

Then, what are you gonna do?

I'm gonna help you
get away with it.

Dr. Floyd Reynolds,

can you describe for me
in detail

what happened in your O.R.

during George Whitney's
LVAD operation?

- Bypass is ready when you are.
- Ah, rib spreader.

Why were you placing the left
ventricular assist device?

Mr. Whitney suffered
from Acute Coronary Syndrome

from a blockage in his left
main coronary artery.

Did this have anything to do

with Dr. Goodwin's
administration of anti-toxin?

No, no.
Max had nothing to do with it.

It was
a pre-existing condition,

most likely exacerbated
by the events of the day.

Once you decided an LVAD
was necessary,

you made a second choice.

To install it via
a full median sternotomy

rather than the less invasive
catheter introduced LVAD.


Well, he was unstable

and needed immediate help
stabilizing his blood pressure.

And a sternotomy
was the fastest way.

So why weren't you able
to stabilize Mr. Whitney?

- TF on one.
- He's stoking out.

The embolism in the MCA
is not responding to TPA.

Then we need to go
with plan B: embolectomy.

We need to go in there
and suck it out.

Advancing through
the internal carotid

and through and into
the middle cerebral artery.

You're right there.

Performing embolectomy.

The brain should be
re-perfusing now.

D-fib arrest!

Intrathorvacic paddles.


He died on the table.

What was the cause of death?

Embolic stroke.

And what caused the embolism
to his brain?

Sometimes they just happen.

You don't think it was
because you just performed

an incredibly invasive
procedure on Mr. Whitney?


Uh, sometimes embolisms
just happen.

You know, they're a risk
for any surgery.

Did you make the decision
to go more invasive,

before or after

you learned George Whitney
was a white nationalist.

Did you make the decision
to go more invasive

before or after you learned
George Whitney was the one

who released the botulism toxin

at the Middle Eastern
Street Fair?

Next question.

Dr. Nottingham,
thanks for coming in.

Please take a seat.

I'm not recording this.

No one's gonna get in trouble,

I just need you to tell me
the truth.

The truth?

I need you to tell me exactly
what happened in the O.R.

during George Whitney's
LVAD surgery.

Chest is open.

- Lab results are back.
- And?

White count 5.2.
Hematocrit 39.

Botulism anti-toxin
276 micrograms...

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

- 276?
- Correct.

That's twice
the expected level.

Did he get a double dose?

Maybe he predosed himself
assuming he'd be exposed.

Why would he do that?

Maintain paralysis
through a sternotomy.

Because he's
a white supremacist.

This racist son of a...

He almost killed seven people

and now we have to
save his life.

Dr. Nottingham, we do not
judge the people on this table,

we just treat them.

So you realized
George Whitney

was the perpetrator
after you made the decision

to perform the more invasive
LVAD procedure?


Dr. Reynolds had already
cracked the chest

when I saw the tattoo.

Thank you, Dr. Nottingham.

Uh, you can go.

Evie, I'm impressed.

You're even interviewing
the residents.

So, what's
the hospital's liability?

Dr. Goodwin, Dr. Bloom,
and Dr. Reynolds...

None of them caused
George Whitney's death.

That's good to hear.

But if I put any of them
on the stand,

the plaintiff's attorney
will rip them to shreds.


They all made choices that
would appear suspect to a jury.

I know this will be
a big pay out,

but to avoid a bigger one,
we need to settle.

Oh, he's coming in hot.

Forgive me, Ella,

but your cat cannot enter
our home.

- Why?
- You know me.

I'm... I'm educated,
and reasonable,

and modern, but to a point.

But black cats... wherever
they go, bad luck follows.

So you're superstitious.

Yes, and I'm ashamed
to admit it.

Because for you it may be
a silly superstition,

but for me it's real.

The stress this cat
has caused me is unbearable.

I understand completely.

You do?

Unbearable stress
over irrational fears?

That's pretty much how my OCD
makes me feel every single day.

Like, sometimes I think
I'm losing it,

and I would never want you
to feel that way too.

Does this cat
really help your OCD?

Yeah, uh, so, um.

Like, if I'm obsessing
over something,

and I can't stop.

Like my pregnancy or what kind
of mom I'm gonna be.

Callie does this little thing
where she flips belly up

and then she tucks her head
under my hand.

It just gives me something else
to focus on.

It... she brings me back
to Earth.

Then you must keep this cat.

Are you sure?

That's my final decision.

But there's one thing
you must do.

Change its name.

What's wrong with Callie?

Kali is a sacred
Hindu goddess.

Often associated with
the bloody death of demons.

- I didn't help Megan.
- I didn't help Megan.

- I was scared like a baby.
- I was scared like a baby.

Got it?
Okay, now you mirror me.

I wanted to run to Megan.

I wanted to run to Megan.

But I was doing
what the teacher said.

But I was doing
what the teacher said.

I did the best that I could.

It's okay.
You can say it.

I did the best I could.

Yeah, you did.

You see?

The story itself
is less powerful

than the way we tell it,
isn't it?

I'm just...

I'm really sorry.

For what?

For all us adults making you
kids deal with this problem

rather than fixing it

- That's not fair.
- Yeah.

We've received your
thoughts and prayers, thanks.

But you know
what gives me hope?

- What?
- You.

You and your whole generation.
You've blown me away.

You're already taking on the
big issues way better than us.

No pressure.

Yeah, no pressure.

So for now, your only job
is to do the exercises,

and I promise you,
the fear will subside.

You will feel safe again.

We all will.

I didn't think
I'd ever hear from you again.

I didn't think
you would either.

So why did you wanna
meet here?

I thought maybe we could try
and make some new memories.

I'm here to tender
my resignation.

Why... why would you resign?

My study's been compromised.


It's entirely my fault,

but my duties as chair
compromised my focus.

Things fell through the cracks.


Listen, we can
work something out, okay?

You can start your trial over.

Thank you.

I need to be centered
on my research right now,

and I cannot do that here.

Castro needs to go

where she can be more vigilant
about her process.

It's an important trial.
People will be watching.

With more scrutiny than ever.

She's right.

Then, um,

I guess I accept
your resignation,

- effective...
- Immediately.

I'll help her get her things.

After you.

Be well, Max.

Why didn't you just tell me
the truth about George Whitney?

Well, I thought...

You thought you could just
step out the truth?

Didn't you?

Whatever you think you know,
you don't.

TF on one.

He's the terrorist?

You're just now
figuring that out?

Pre-dosed himself
with the anti-toxin,

in the event that
he'd be exposed.

It doesn't look like
it worked too well.

Racist son of a...

Tried to kill seven people,
now we have to save his life.

Sorry, I...

I don't know why, uh...

Just do what we do,
and do it well.

Why didn't you
just tell me that?

You didn't do anything wrong.

But I did.

As a role model,
as a leader,

I never should have said
those words.

Not in my O.R.

You know, I remember
the first time knowing

I wanted to be a doctor.

I was learning
about Bessie Smith.

- Empress of Blues.
- Yep.

Died after
being refused service

in an all-white hospital.

Buried in an unmarked grave.

I knew right then that I wanted
to become a doctor,

without prejudice.

And I hate that you or anyone

had to see that
I couldn't do that.

But you are that.

You live that every day.

That's one of the many reasons
why I'm marrying you.

But let me tell you one thing,
Dr. Reynolds.

If you ever step out the truth
with me...

I will seriously mess you up.

Okay, what was that?

Exactly what you saw.

What I saw
was pure theatrics.

Max, I handled the situation.

I can see that, but what
exactly is the situation?

Well, let's just say that

Castro hasn't changed since
I fired her the last time.

She is a very talented doctor,

but she's always gonna let
ambition get in her way.

Then why did you
bring her back?

Why did you give her
half your department?

You have a good night, Max.

- I wanna know.
- I think you already do.

Then just tell me.

For God's sake, Max.

- ♪ Can I forget you? ♪
- I did it for you.

Everything I have done,
I have done for you.

♪ I never used to ♪

♪ How did I get to ♪

♪ Ever get used to ♪

♪ Sleeping alone ♪

♪ Tomorrow is a long time ♪

♪ Forgetting so long ♪

♪ I loved you a lifetime ♪

♪ I loved you long ♪

♪ Someday, somehow ♪

♪ Somewhere down the line ♪

♪ If you save your heart
for mine ♪

♪ We'll meet again ♪

♪ We'll meet again ♪

♪ Someday, somehow ♪

You okay?

♪ Somewhere down the line

I don't know.


- ♪ We'll meet again ♪
- Um...

I don't know.

♪ Some love wait
till its time ♪

Well, at least
we're both messed up.


♪ Ah, we'll meet again ♪

♪ We'll meet again ♪

♪ We'll meet again ♪

♪ We'll meet again ♪
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