New Amsterdam (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Every Last Minute - full transcript

Reynolds begins to build his department as Dr. Sharpe battles skepticism from a patient's parents. Meanwhile, Max helps Bloom find a solution for a pregnant patient in a tough spot, all the while continuing to avoid the reality of his diagnosis.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

Is that how many
times the Dean called?

According to my Fitbit,
that's how many steps

it's taken to keep up with you.

Here. I don't want
another apple.

Also Dean of Medicine needs you.

Tell him I'm eating an apple.
You can tell him yourself.

I need to sustain my energy.

He's in your office.



You're fired.


You're fired. Okay.

I said you're fired.

And I said okay.

What do you mean, "Okay"?

Two months ago you were
practically begging me for this job.

A lot's changed in two months.

Two months ago this
country had health insurance.

Two months ago I was
still living with my wife.

Please don't tell me that you're
having a nervous breakdown,

because that's what
this sounds like to me.

Nope, this is just me
trying to help this hospital.

How can you say that
when you've eliminated

the cardiac surgery program,

you have gutted the
highest source of revenue

that this hospital produces...

Either I shut it down or the New
York Department of Health would have.

Max, you hired 50
new attendings. Fifty!

You cut the balls off my
residents, my training program.

Some of those
residents have ovaries.

And when people come to this
hospital, you know what they never say?

"I'm sick and dying, so
let me train your residents."

This is a job of
a lifetime, son.

This is the big leagues. And
you're just throwing it away.

You hired me to make changes.
That's right. My changes.

Your changes aren't working.

They haven't worked for
20 years. And you know that.

You must, otherwise you
wouldn't have hired me.

But you chose me,

because deep down, you care
about this place as much as I do.

When I hired you, I thought
that you would be grateful.

I am grateful.

I thought that you would be
compliant. I'm not compliant.

Yeah, that's for sure.

Well, I'm not gonna
make that mistake again.

And why are you wearing scrubs?

Because I'm a doctor.

If you fire me, you will
help save my marriage

and I will be
eternally grateful.

If you let me stay, I
will do everything I can

to save this hospital, and
you will get all the credit.

You have six months.
Give me three.

Maddy, I need to see you.

I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

Maddy, I need you back.

I need to be with you.



What time's the prisoner
coming in? Any minute.

Guys, we got a patient
from Rikers coming in,

so let's clear this area.


And let's lose any equipment
that might be weaponized.

Is a toothbrush weaponizable?

Oh, yeah, yeah, especially
in the war on tartar.

That's not the prisoner.

Cops found him in a
cemetery digging up a grave.

His vitals are normal,
but nothing else is.

Hey, what's your name, sir? Ray.

Hey, Ray. I'm Dr. Bloom. Would
you mind just, uh, looking at me?

I wasn't, uh, doing
anything wrong.

I've lost her.



My fiancée.

She's gone.

Everything's gone.

Let's, uh...

Let's clean him up
and run a tox screen.

And get psych down here.

Let's clear that
bay for the prisoner.




Dr. Bloom? That's me.

Where do you want her?




Max? I need you to sign these.

Wow. Am I being sued?

Every time you change
a rule, you need to sign.

Remind me to change that rule.

Wait. Where are you going?
The staff meeting's that way.

Right, but my wife is this way.

Max. Dr. Sharpe.

Max, we need to talk
about your treatment.

Not here, we don't.

How long do you think
you can keep this a secret?

Public hallway, Sharpe.

Before you even start chemo,
we have to take out your molars,

PEG insertion, IV ports
all over your body...

I know the drill. But
you're the patient now.

Exactly. "Physician,
heal thyself."

You do realize that
phrase is about a physician

who helps others
but not himself, right?

All right, bad example.

But I don't need you to be
my doctor because, you know,

I am a doctor.

I just need you to bounce
ideas off of, like a guide.

Or a Sherpa. A Sherpa?

Yeah. All right,
another bad example.

But just come on.
Roll with me here.

Have you told your wife? Uh, no.

Max. I couldn't.
She's on bed rest.

But as soon as she
feels better, I will tell her.

Hey, Max. Dr. Reynolds.

How's the department
search coming?

Excellent. We got three new
attendings coming in today.

Thank you. All great hires.

Hey, this is gonna be the most innovative
cardiac surgery department in the country.

That's what I wanna hear.

Just for the record, I
don't agree with this plan,

if you can even call it that.

Noted. Food for thought. See,
this dynamic is working already.

Morning. Perfect timing.

Really? What do you
need? Breakfast? Water?

My clothes.

They're releasing
me today. What?

That's good news, Max.

Uh, yeah. Yeah.

That's good.

That's good. It's just so soon.

Well, Suzanne says I'm ready.

Well, you can't go back
to the apartment alone.

I'm not.

I'm gonna go stay
at my folks' place.

In Connecticut?

I'm never gonna see you.

My mom is there.
And I need the help.

What? What, you
want me to stay here?



Max, you are the only person in
the world who actually likes hospitals.


Sorry to intrude. I know
I'm late for the staff meeting.

Actually, the Dean
just started without you.

FULTON: Arthur
Ryland was a great friend.

He was a wonderful friend.

And not just to me,
but to this institution.

And I'm happy to report
that in his will he pledged

$10 million to our
network of hospitals.

But per his widow,

only one will get the money.

I gave Mrs. Ryland a tour
of University yesterday,

and she was very impressed,

but she still wants to
visit New Amsterdam.

As a teaching hospital, I
suspect she wants to see

how you make the sausage.


It's a figure of speech, Max.

She wants you to take her around.
So be charming. Just not too charming.

Right, because you've earmarked
her money for University?


I'm aware of your
budgetary needs,

so if you go with me here,
the love will trickle down.

Is that clear? Crystal.


So who wants $10 million?


Uh, you missed
an important call?


I was expecting one, but I'm
beginning to think it won't come.

Oh. Ghosted. That sucks.

Is that why it's
chocolate croissant day?

Like a furrowed brow
pick-me-up? (CHUCKLES)

I was not aware that I furrowed.

Well, we're always
the last to know.

Are you new here?

Two weeks. But I notice things.

Thank you. Bye.

(SIGHS) Okay. Janelle, your
blood pressure is way too high.

You may be developing a
condition known as preeclampsia.

We're gonna send out for
some more tests to confirm, but...

What about my baby?

The baby's fine for now,
but we need to stay on this.

Hang one bag normal saline
and start magnesium sulfate

and a hydralazine drip
titrated to systolic under 140,

and send for a U/A ASAP.

NURSE: You got it,
Dr. Bloom. (GROANS)

Hey, uh, can we
take those off her?

Not in an unsecure area.

Well, look, the more she pulls,

the higher her blood
pressure's gonna go.

They're for your safety
as well as hers, ma'am.

(SCOFFS) Okay, look. I
don't really see a threat here.

I mean, what was her
crime? Felony robbery.

So, shoplifting?

I'll take responsibility, okay?

This is my ED. She's my
patient. But she's my prisoner.

FROME: Ray DeMarco?

I'm Dr. Iggy Frome.

So, I hear you've been
doing a little grave digging.


I'm not judging.
Just, uh... Just asking.

I didn't wanna ruin the clothes.

Okay. Got it.

All right. (CLEARS THROAT)
Why don't you tell me about Maddy?

She was my fiancée.

My best friend.

We were gonna get
married in a month.

um, to lose her like this...

All right, I'm sorry.

Your toxicology report
came back clean,

but you've been putting
something in your body, right?

The tracks on your arm?

What arm?

You feel that? No.

How about there?

Why would I feel anything?

I'm invisible.


Mrs. Ryland. Max Goodwin.

How do you do?
Thank you for coming.

I'm so sorry to hear
about your husband.

So, how much time do we
have? I've cleared the day.

Great, because I wanna introduce
you to all of our department heads.

When my husband
had his first heart attack,

the people here saved him.


The Dean wants Arthur's
money to go elsewhere, of course,

but the ultimate
decision is mine, so...

Lead on and we'll see
where providence takes us.

We're better than
Providence, too.

Well, if you spent
any time here,

you know that the
Dam is like a small city.

We have our own school, our
own court room, a medical library.

And you're new, correct?
(CHUCKLING) Well, yeah. Five days.

So maybe I know more
about the place than you do.

Well, maybe more about where it's
been, but I can tell you where it's going.

Dr. Sharpe. This is Mrs. Ryland.

This is Dr. Sharpe,
our head of oncology.

Pleasure. What a radiant smile.

How do you keep it up?

Excuse me?

Billions of dollars spent on
cancer research and still no cure.


Well, we've made
lots of strides.

But you're right.
Cancer is relentless.

And expensive.

Especially in this
new era of cost control.

We're constantly under water caring
for patients who can hardly afford it.

That's a Birkin, isn't it?


If you're having trouble
keeping your head above water,

that bag ought
to help you float.

(CHUCKLES) There's a lot to see.

BLOOM: My shift is up.
What's going on? Candelario.

Okay, tell him we've
got a bleeder in bay two

and we've got a hip fracture awaiting
ortho consult for an ORIF in three.

Dr. Bloom, Janelle's
urine came back.

Protein's sky-high and her arm's
bruised where we took the blood pressure.

That's more than preeclampsia.
Okay, test her for HELLPS.

If we find it, then the baby's
gonna have to come out now.

BLOOM: Blood not clotting.

She's terrified.
Candelario can handle it.

Candelario can handle
the ED. I'll stick with Janelle.

You've been on for
12. You're not allowed.

This is my own time.
And I need an OB.

On it.

You know, at first I thought
it was a schizophrenic break

triggered by the
death of his fiancée.

Certainly possible.
MAN: Excuse me.

Yeah, of course, but, uh,
now I'm super confused

because he can't feel his arms.

Any drugs in his system?

He's got tracks, but the tests
came back completely clean.

No ketamine, no PCP, nothing.

You know, there was a bit
of an odd anion gap in there,

so I ordered some more labs.

He needs an MRI. Agreed, Doctor.

But, uh, that is not
the weirdest part.

He thinks that he's invisible.


That's why he can't feel anything.
There's nothing there to feel.

Invisible? Invisible.


Man might have a point.

He can't have gone too far. If
he's invisible, how would we know?

Oh, get it out of your
system. You done?

Hey, uh, Mason.

Listen, we got a runner.
Male, average build, mid-30s.

You want all exits covered? And
notification the minute you see him.

Assuming that's possible.

Would you stop?

What about Max's $10 million
woman? What about her?

Do you really want her to know there's
an escaped psych patient on the loose?

Uh, yeah, Mason, hey,
hold off on the PA, all right?

Let's go walkies only.
Old school. All right?

Thought we would swing through
pediatrics and then maybe stop by the ICU.

Can I get you a
water or a coffee?

I'm fine.

Some of our patients'
artwork. (CHUCKLES) Kids?

Mmm-hmm. Our psych
department is second to none.

Some very interesting people
have come through those...


(EXHALES) Never know
what you're gonna see.

Mind if we record this?

We're meeting with
lots of potential doctors,

so we want to
remember everything.

Of course. Dr. Helen
doesn't mind cameras.

You're used to
it from TV, right?

So, Dr. Lalani recommended
you. Yeah, she thinks you're great.

Nasreen is a good friend.

And one of the best
internists in the city.

We've both seen you
on television, of course.

You're great there, too.

But we were both wondering
what your actual qualifications are.

My qualifications?
To practice for real.

Well... (CHUCKLES)


Cambridge School
of Clinical Medicine.

Foundation Doctor
and Specialty Registrar

at King's College
Hospital, London.

Additional residencies and fellowships
here at Columbia-Presbyterian.

Board-certified in adult and
pediatric hematology and oncology.

Wow. No wonder
she's so busy. Sorry?

We had a difficult time
getting an appointment.

Almost three weeks.

I apologize.

I've had a number of
outside commitments.

Dr. Lalani said your work was
going to be more patient-focused now.

My patients have
always come first.

But raising awareness for New
Amsterdam is a big part of my job as well.


I'm gonna be
cutting back on press.

I'm sorry, Dr. Sharpe.
We're gonna need someone

who will put Anna's
needs first. Not the camera.

And how did your
husband end up here?

He was on his way to a meeting
downtown and had chest pains.

The driver brought him in.

And any issues after?

Besides having
another heart attack?

It wasn't the hospital's fault.

Arthur's mistresses were
steaks and cigars. Ah.

And money, of course.

Dr. Reynolds, I'd like
you to meet someone.

Mrs. Ryland, I presume.

Dr. Reynolds is our new
Chair of Cardiothoracic Surgery.

Ah. And you ladies are?

Dr. Hastings, Dr. Flores
and Dr. Jessup.

My new attendings.
Building the dream team.

You're all so...

Young? Uh... No, I
was going to say...

Excellent surgeons?

Because they all come with
glowing recommendations.

Yes, I'm sure. Is
Dr. Merritt around?

He's the one who
saved Arthur's life.

Dr. Merritt is actually
no longer working here.

Did he retire?

Well, he was let go.

By whom?

Uh, me.

Max, you're not
answering your pager.

Dr. Bloom, this
is... We need to talk.

Okay. Excuse me.

Right this way...

MAX: I am with... BLOOM:
I know, the money lady.

Yeah. I'm sorry.

I've got a pregnant
woman up in Corrections

who's got HELLP Syndrome
complicated by maternal seizures.

She needs to deliver her baby
ASAP or both are going to die.

How many weeks? Thirty-two.

Okay, so do it. Deliver.
She won't let us.

Excuse me. I have
to deal with something.

You got anything in your
pockets, put it on the belt.

Now, this might still be the
hospital, but these are real prisoners.

So keep your distance
for your own protection.

Yeah. Yeah, I keep hearing that.



I've got someone here
who wants to talk to you.

JANELLE: I don't need a shrink.

That's good, 'cause I'm not a
shrink. Just the medical director.


Dr. Bloom tells me
you're refusing treatment.

Janelle, your red blood
cells are breaking down.

And your liver is
barely functioning.

If you don't deliver this baby
now, you are both going to die.

I won't have her in prison.

I know what'll happen. The
same thing that happened to me.

Foster care.

Do you have anyone who could
take care of her until you're released?

Do you have any family?


I get out in six weeks.

Can't you just do something
to keep her inside of me

for just six weeks, please?

You won't... You won't make it.

I gotta try. For
her. I'm gonna try.

Janelle, if you don't give
consent to deliver this baby,

the court is gonna
make you deliver.

And I don't wanna
put you through that.

So she loses either way?

No. I won't let that happen.

What does that mean?

It means

I will find a way to
take care of you both.


There's always a way.

I'll, uh, call the OB.

We need blood. Two
units type and cross.

And FFP in case her
platelets bottom out.

I just don't know how much more
description you could possibly need.

Three people have seen the guy
running naked through the halls.

He's... (LAUGHS) He's a
naked man, for God's sake.

He's naked and he's
probably very distraught.

He just lost his
fiancée, so... Dr. Frome?

Yeah, what? I'm Maddy
Gianni. Ray DeMarco's fiancée.

Make yourself comfortable,
okay? Just sit tight. It's okay.

She looks quite healthy
for a dead person.

I mean, she's pretty upset,
but yeah, she's definitely alive.

So, why was Mr. DeMarco in
that cemetery? I have no idea.

She said a week ago
everything was fine, you know?

The love of her
life, and then boom.

He just drops out, stops taking
her calls, stops going to work...

Disappears? Oh, my God.

So, when did she last see him?

You asking me
genuinely? Two days ago.

The only reason she
even knew he was here

was 'cause the cops found
his wallet and they called her.

Did you happen to mention that
the love of her life has gone missing?

Uh, I was kinda hoping
that you might cover that.




Okay, Mr. DeMarco's
tox labs are in.

Did the woman say
anything about drug use?

Mmm-mmm. She swears he was
clean, but Ray definitely had track marks.

He injected something.

Indeed. Trace amounts
of glutaraldehyde.

Mmm. Glutaraldehyde.

I don't know what that is.

Did the man actually say
that his fiancée was dead?

Well, I don't know if he
used that word exactly,

but he was going on
about her in past tense,

and how he lost her, and he was
digging up a grave, let's not forget.

The common name for
glutaraldehyde is embalming fluid.

Oh, holy hell.

He wasn't digging up her
grave. He was digging his own.

Yeah, because he doesn't
think that his fiancée is dead but...

He thinks he is.

I think I know where he is.


Okay, out you get.

You're killing me, Ray.

Yeah, Dr. Max Goodwin.

I'm the Medical Director at
New Amsterdam Hospital.

You're dressed.

I'm leaving. Now?


I need to talk to the
Mayor about a patient

in the corrections
ward. Yes, a prisoner.

Were you even gonna
say goodbye? Of course.

And my folks said you can come
up every weekend if you want.

don't. I don't want.

Yes, the Mayor can call me back.

Just please tell him it has
to be very soon. Thank you.


You're talking to the Mayor?

I'm very powerful.

Please don't go.

I would need a bigger room.

We have the President's suite.
For the, you know, President.

Max, you belong here, not me.

I belong with you.

We tried that. And I
messed it up. I know.

But I broke a lot of promises, and
I'm just trying not to break any more.

I know.

And I do love you.

To my core.

But this is what has to
happen, and I'm okay with it now.

And Luna will be, too.

And when you come to
Connecticut, we'll all be together.

I hate Connecticut.

Yeah. Yes.

Go. Go.

Mr. Mayor, um, sorry to
bother you, but this is important.

Uh, if you just have...

Hey. Hi.

Nice bag. You want it?

Rough day?

Just the ongoing discovery
that the world thinks I'm a fraud.

Well, I kinda doubt that.

Seems my outside commitments
have relieved me of all credibility.

This was a gift, by the way.

Hey, look, I get that you're
upset, but you're amazing.

You're an excellent physician and you've
raised a ton of money for this place.

Patients don't care about
that. Nor should they.

They just want a
doctor they can trust,

and right now, Dr. Helen
isn't worth trusting.

Then tell them why they should.


Oh, hey, uh, can I
really have that bag?

Piss off. (CHUCKLES)

Embalming fluid?

Yeah, we believe that Ray
is suffering from something

called Cotard's syndrome.

It's a rare disease where the victim
actually believes that they've passed on.

Sometimes as a result, they can
imagine that they can't be seen.

Like a ghost.

Ray thinks he's dead?

But he's talking.
Dead people don't talk.

It's not logical.

It's delusional.

Well, why can't
he feel his arms?

Well, we don't know yet,
but Dr. Kapoor is giving him

an MRI as we speak,
so he's in good hands.



You know...

You know, the, um,
the good news is,

um, that lack of feeling
could be neurological.

Cotard's wouldn't cause that,
and neither would embalming fluid.

I think you and I have a very
different idea of good news.

Okay, what do we got?


The pressure from which
is causing him delusions.

Out-of-body feeling.


So, while Mr. DeMarco
is certainly not dead,

he may well be soon.



Doctor. Doctor.

Where are you racing to?

Correctional ward. I've
got a baby on the way.

Oh, nice. Hopefully.

I see you're putting
together quite the team.

Uh-huh. Any future
wives in the mix?

(CHUCKLES) Oh, man. What?

All these women have
better resumes than we do.

I'd expect nothing less. I
just... I couldn't help but notice...

Right, right.

Everybody notices something,

but nobody says anything.

So please, just say it.

I was gonna say how
attractive they all are.

Didn't stop you
from getting hired.

Don't make this about me.

No, but it is.

Look, you ought to
know more than anyone

how often women are
overlooked for surgical positions.

A lot.

Only 19% of the surgeons
in this country are women.

I mean, I didn't know
the exact statistic.

You wanna hear the
stats for women of color?

I'm scared to ask.

They don't exist.

So, while I intend to hire folks

of every ethnicity and
gender for my staff,

I'm hiring women of color first.


I believe this is you.

Mr. Mayor, I understand.

I was just hoping that
in this particular case,

you might make an exception
for a pregnant young woman

six weeks from being...

Thank you for calling back.


Mrs. Ryland. Hello, Max.

I'm surprised you're still here.

I told you I cleared the day.

Yeah, but...

The Dean sent a copy of
some plans he had drawn.

Would you like to
see them? Why not?

Oh, wow.


"Arthur Ryland Heart Institute."

At University Hospital.

State-of-the-art facility.
Arthur's name in big gold letters.

(EXHALES) Tell me something,
Max. Why did you fire Dr. Merritt?

'Cause he only
cared about money.

Just like my husband.

I think the gold letters
are garish and vulgar.

But it's exactly what
Arthur would have wanted.

Mrs. Ryland, what do you want?

BLOOM: Fresh bag normal
saline, running open wide.

DOCTOR 1: Okay, cephalic
presentation. Anterior position.

DOCTOR 2: Crowning
now. I can't feel anything.

DOCTOR 1: Okay, gotta
get through to the neck.

Now, nuchal cord.
Just hold my hand.

DOCTOR 2: Excellent.

DOCTOR 1: And clear.
DOCTOR 2: Easy now.

Shoulders in position.
DOCTOR 1: Right, right.

Just a little twist.

And we have a newborn

Baby girl.

DOCTOR 2: Moving
all four extremities.

BLOOM: She looks really good.

They're just gonna
take her over there.

Gonna wash her up. How
are you feeling? Are you okay?


Okay? I'm tired.


Look how beautiful she is.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Your friend said that
he would find a way

for us to be together
and to take care of us.

He's working on it.

No, no, no,

but my baby's already
here. She's already here.

(SOBS) I just can't...

Just hold her. No one's
taking her right now.

I can't. She's already
here. Where is he?

Janelle, no one's
gonna take her right now.

No, no, no, but
I can't. I can't.

I can't take her.
Janelle, listen to me.

No, I have to
give her up. I can't.

I can't. I won't.


We never had
children, Arthur and I.

I wanted them, of
course. He said he did, too.

But after we got married,
he changed his mind.

I shouldn't have
let that happen.

What is this?

We call it Kangaroo Care.

Instead of
traditional incubators,

these volunteers provide low
birthweight premies with human contact.


And, um, I think
that one right there

was just born.

She's so small. Yeah.

Will she be all right?

Mrs. Ryland, what
if... What if instead of

giving your husband's money
to University or New Amsterdam,

you gave it to someplace
else altogether?

There wouldn't be a fancy building
with your husband's name on it,

but your contribution could potentially
change the course of hundreds,

if not thousands, of lives.

FULTON: Rikers Island?

You wanna give $10
million to Rikers Island?

The Ryland Endowment would
be used to convert unused space

to a nursery and
Kangaroo Care unit.

This would allow incarcerated
mothers to keep their newborns close

while they complete
their sentence.

And even though the unit
itself won't be ready for weeks,

they can designate a room
and start the program today.

With Janelle Mason. Max...

I've already spoken to the warden,
and there is no law against doing this.

The only thing
required is... Is money.

Unlike us, Rikers needs money.

Do you really believe that
Arthur would want this?

No. But I do.

Isn't our job to provide our
patients with the best possible care?

I know very well
what our job is.

But isn't it also to help people out
in the world not become patients?

Even if the system is broken,
we can offer them a path.

Because if we don't,
we are just gonna see

each generation back
here again and again.

Babies returning with
obesity before the age of six.

Foster kids coming back as psych
patients before they can even vote.

So we need to break the chain.

But we can only help people if we
ourselves are willing to take risks.

'Cause change
is always possible.

I'm sorry, Peter. I know you
wanted a different outcome.

And Max tried to honor
that. But this was all me.

Yeah, well, thank you
for your contribution.


When you go back, your
baby's going with you.

night to be confused

One night to speed up truth

We had a promise made

Four hands and then away

Both under influence

We're starting Ray
on a steroid to relieve

the pressure from the tumor,

and by tomorrow, his
delusion should be gone.

And the tumor itself?
With time, treatable.

To call for hands of above

To lean on

Wouldn't be good enough

For me no

What did they say?

That tomorrow, they're
gonna bring you back to life.

The start, a simple touch

One night to push and scream

And then relief

Ten days of perfect tunes

The colors red and blue


We had a promise made

Excuse me.

We were in love

What does "ghosted" mean?

Oh, that's when someone, uh, that
you love disappears from your life.

Who ghosted you?

My son.

But I think I ghosted him first.

And you, you knew
the hand of the devil

And you

To call for hands of above

To lean on

Wouldn't be good enough

For me no

To call for hands of above

To lean on

Wouldn't be good enough

Dr. Sharpe, I need you to...

Do you have any idea how long people
wait to get an appointment with me?

Sorry, what?

I'm an excellent
physician. Yeah.

An extraordinary physician.

And I have a radiant smile.

Okay, can you let me finish?

No, can you let me finish?

If you don't have
faith in my abilities,

if you can't say, "I need
you to be my doctor,"

then you're making a mistake
that could cost you your life.

I need you to be my doctor.

I wanna be a father.

And I wanna be a husband.

So I'm putting my life

in your hands.

I won't bargain with you, Max.

I know. I won't negotiate.

I'm all in.

Whatever you say, I'll do
it. Just please, be my doctor.

How much time do I have before
the, uh, chemo and radiation?

Three weeks.

And is there any way
that we could kind of...

Max. I'm just kidding.

Three weeks.


If you'll excuse me, I
don't have a lot of time.

Where's Georgia? Discharged.

Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait.

I'm not letting
you do this, okay?

You're not going to Connecticut.

We're not there yet.

I know, but she is,
Georgia. She's there. Here.

Our daughter is almost here.

And the first thing that she's gonna
see in this world is your beautiful face.

She's gonna love
you like I love you,

and then maybe after
a really, really long look,

she is gonna turn
and look for me.

And if I'm not there, she is
gonna wonder where I am.

Where did I go?

She knows my voice.

Georgia, she knows my voice.

I have to be there.

I have to be here.

Let me... Let me take you home.

Let me take care
of you both, please.

In our house. Let me help you.

Because if I can't help

my wife and my daughter, then...

And... And if it's
really not working,

say the word and I promise

I will drive you to
Connecticut myself.

Okay. Great.

Okay. Okay.

I'm gonna be a father.
I'm gonna be a father!

That's my wife.

It's all right.

I'm gonna be a father!