Naked and Afraid (2013–…): Season 12, Episode 6 - Double Down in the Jungle - full transcript

[sam] I'm over it, joe.

Stop being stubborn.

You need to drink.

Like, I have tried to help you.

-I absolutely do...
-When is the gravity of this situation

gonna hit you?

I'm not bringing
you water anymore.

I'll let you [bleep] die. Like,
I'm done.

-Okay? So either you need to tap out

or get the [bleep]
out of the sun.

I'm questioning whether
or not it was dehydration.

- Okay? Yes, it was a...
- Then give me the [bleep] water.

- Obviously you don't need it.
- Oh, for god's sakes.

Awesome. And
I'll put the fire out

that I just got going, too.

[man 1] there's
nothing easy about this.


[man 2] we got hail.


- [growling] - [yells]

whoo! My heart's racing.

[woman 1] you don't fight,
you won't make it.

Tried so hard!

[woman] I'm stuck in
the woods with the devil.

[joe] I've never been
to montana before.

I am seeing a lot of claw
marks on these trees.

There's definitely
bears out here.

[sam] there have been
grizzly attacks out here before.

One happened two days ago.

So this is the craziest
thing I've ever done.

[narrator] at the
northern tip of the rockies

near the canadian border

lies grizzly mountain, montana.

A steep and rugged landscape

of pine forests and grasslands.

The dramatic
changes in elevation

between the plains
and the mountains

make for unpredictable weather

and temperatures can swing by

as much as 50
degrees in a single day,

going from
scorching to freezing.

I am seeing nothing
but dense forest. [laughs]

[narrator] lumbering
in the pine forest

of grizzly mountain

are the massive bears
the area is named after

as well as black bear
and mountain lions.

But an even bigger threat
out here are the moose.

They can reach seven feet high

and charge at 35 miles per hour

using their antlers and
hooves to injure or kill.

[sam] a moose
attack out here would

probably not just end my challenge,
but could end my life.


[joe] that is unbelievable.

We got snow up here.

You know, no matter how much
research I did before I actually got here,

now looking around,
it's just very overwhelming.

What in the hell
did I get myself into?

Being a survivalist,

I'm not a professional.

I'm not gonna pretend to be.

I don't teach this for a living,

but I'm passionate about it.

I got to learn primitive
survival at a very early age.

It was actually with
scouts with my father.

Between trapping, fire making...

Oh, yeah.

...To shelter building, hunting.

But what was most
important for it?

You know,
it was just a chance for me and my dad

just to be together,
just me and him.

It was at an early age

I found out that I was adopted.

My parents, they just,
they weren't able to have children.

It was difficult growing up.

It really just felt like
I was abandoned.

Then I started to question
my own self worth at that point.


but being a survivalist,

I believe when you finally
strip everything away,

that's where you get to realize

the true content
of your character.

Now, if I can get through this,

if that doesn't say
I'm worth something,

I don't know what the hell does.

[narrator] joe has studied
primitive survival for years,

but most of his knowledge

has not been tested in the wild.

He begins with a psr or
primitive survival rating

of six point five.

[sam] oh, my gosh, the shade

and it gets so cold.

Being naked out here

does not look like it's
gonna be very much fun at all.

I think it's gonna suck,

and I'm really excited about it.

I've been a survivalist
since I was 16

when my dad kicked
me out for being gay.

I was homeless for
quite a few years.

When I was hungry,

I learned the hard
way how to set traps.

This was before
youtube and everything.

So a lot of trial and error,
a lot of hungry nights.

I had to learn how
to make deadfalls.

But snares are
really my strong suit.

I can basically snare
just about any animal.

Spring snares, ground snares.


We have a bobby. [laughs]

it's just from being
forced to rely on yourself

that you learn these things,
uh, the hard way.

That's actually
pretty freaking sharp.

Probably a lot of
people would think that

once you've been forced
out in the nature to survive,

you wouldn't want
to go out again.

But that's where I
really found my peace.

It's really where
I found myself.

Pain and suffering,

I mean,
that's what really makes you feel alive.

You can't experience
the sunshine without rain.

You don't appreciate
those things

until all hell breaks loose

and you've lost it all.

[narrator] sam suffered alone
in the wilderness at a young age.

And while it's given her the
skills to survive on her own,

she's never had to
survive with a partner

in the harsh montana wilderness.

She begins with a
psr of six point eight.

I guess we're here.

Let's do this [bleep].

I'm what they call
a gold star lesbian.

That's right, gold star.

I haven't seen a
naked dude before,

like, ever in my life.

[exhales] oh, here we go.

[sam] like,
how does that all work?

When he walks does
it just swing around?

[laughs] what if I,
like, touch it?

Oh, my god. Oh!

What the [bleep]! Ew!

Oh, uh, whatever.

It's already immediately
colder without clothes.

I'm so nervous.

Oh, hello!

Yeah, so I'm not the only
crazy one out here, huh?

Nope, not at all.

- How are you?
- Pleasure to meet you.

- Okay, joe. - Joe, sam.

I'm really like...

I'm just...

Mind blown?

Doesn't feel real, does it?

Not yet at least.

I'm just so thrilled to actually
see I'm not the only nut out here.

Right? It's 'cause
you know that there's

other crazy people in the world.

looking at a naked guy for the first time.

Not so bad. Just don't
look below the necklace.

It's a quick transition
from necklace to penis,

so just don't...
Just... Necklace is it.

- You ready for this? - Are you?

Let's do this.

- Oh, let's kill it.
- All right.

[narrator] sam
has brought a knife,

and joe has
brought a fire starter

and they have been
given a pot as the elevation

and extreme temperature changes

make dehydration a serious risk.

So I got the map.

-[joe] excellent. What do we got?
-All right.

- So...
- Uh-oh. Boom, we got bears definitely.

[sam] bears.

Snake, elk, moose.

- Looks like this is about where we are.
- All right.

We definitely got
to get to water.

We know that. Look,
there's a game trail.

- Why don't we take that down?
- 100%

- [laughs] - let's rock this.

[sam] all right, let's do it.

[joe] oh,
check it out. There's our first scat.

Good eye.

-[joe] here you got mule deer or elk?
- Yeah.

Any experience, like,
uh, hunting or tracking?

Uh, tracking and trapping.

- Really? - What about yourself?

[joe] oh,
I'm right there with you.

[exhales] this sun is a killer.

Very unexpected coming out here.

- How radical temperature changes.
- It is.

Oh, look at this.

- [joe] oh, hell.
- That looks like bear to me.

[joe] oh, lord.

[sam] like you can actually see,
like, the fingers.

[joe] oh, check it out. Yeah,
we got bears here.

- That is fresh. - Oh, it sucks.

A grizzly, I mean,
you can only do so much,

so, you know,
just lay down and pray

it doesn't tear
your insides open.


yay. Bears.

[joe] how you feel about getting,

some kind of forest protection?

That tree that you
just have your hand on.

You wanna go ahead
and hack that down?

We could probably
fashion a spear fairly quickly.

All right.

I don't think I could
have possibly asked

for a better partner
than what I've got.

You know,
sam is incredibly knowledgeable. Um...

She's... Great personality.

I think it's a really
excellent pairing.

[sam] I feel like we're gonna
make a really good team. [laughs]

- I feel good about this.
- Right?

[sam] my partner is
amped to be out here,

which is awesome.

He's like a kid
in a candy store.

I'll be damned.
Ripe juniper berries.

And if you've ever seen
a kid in a candy store,

they get distracted
pretty easily.

I know we're in a hurry here,
so I'm gonna be quick.

Oh, man,
we're losing a lot of light.

We got a shelter to make,
a fire to make, water to drink.

You're telling a fat
guy to give up food?

- Ah. - [laughs]

I love his attitude,
though. It's gonna be good.

You know what, sam? At any time,

if you think I'm being a little,
uh, pushy

or what not,
just please speak up, you know.

Oh, 100%.

-Don't worry. I am like that person.

And, uh, same to you,

'cause I can be pretty intense.

[joe] I'm sweating
buckets out here.

I can't wait to get
something to drink.

[sam] we definitely
need to get that water

before one of us gets,
uh, dehydrated.


oh, what the front door?

It's funny. Trying
to get ready for this.

I could do hunger.

I could do thirst.

I didn't anticipate pain.

[sam] really?

- Mmm-hmm. - Okay.

-[water rushing] -[joe] oh,
is that what I think it is?

[sam] it is.


Oh, yay!

[joe] I have never been
so happy to see water.

[sam] all right.

I'm gonna go for it.

You think?

I usually

definitely love to sterilize
something before I drink it.

Seeing her choosing to drink
directly from the water source,

I got a lot of reservations here.

I've drank some
pretty gnarly tap water

in third world countries.

So I just feel like
this beautiful creek,

doesn't really pose a threat to me.

[joe] you know what?

Success or fail,
we'll do it as a team.

do you wanna put some usnea in it?

There are some
right there. [chuckles]

[narrator] usnea is a lichen

rich in anti-microbial

that can aid in purifying water.

If this water ends up
not being any good,

I could come down with a
real world of hurt real quick.

But I was already feeling
dehydration coming on.

[sighs] I took a chance.

[sam] we're gonna
boil from here on out.

We're running
out of daylight fast.

What about right here?

Why don't we hack off some
of the bottom layers there?

-Kind of reinforce what's above us and around us,

- but almost like emulate like a boma.
- Yeah.

- All right. - Let's do this.

[sam] so this shelter is called

a "hurry up the [bleep] up

and get it built before
the sun goes down

and you freeze and get
eaten by bears" shelter.

That's the technical name.

[joe] you are something else,

[sam laughs]

does that look
like coyote to you?

It's got hair in it.

So it's a carnivore.

[joe] this fire is gonna be a
little bigger than I had anticipated.

[sam] I have a feeling
that it's not gonna be

too difficult to
get a fire out here.

It's so dry.

[joe] of all the
fires I've made,

this is gonna be the first one

I've actually had to
depend on for survival.

[sam] oh, yeah?

It definitely is, uh,
a little bit more real life.

[joe] nothing.

[sighs] damn.

This is certainly a lot more difficult
than I thought it was gonna be.

I can't figure out what in
the world I'm doing wrong.

- [sam] well, this is soaked.
- You think?

- [sam] oh, yeah.
- It crumbled really easily.

Feel it. There.

I think we're gonna need,
uh, a better

actual tinder bundle.

As far as our skill sets go,
I am concerned.

Joe is struggling with the fire.

[sam] I'm gonna go exploring
for a tinder bundle. [joe] all right.

[sam] without a fire,
we will die. So we need a fire.

This is the baby tinder bundle.

So hopefully it works.

[joe] that is beautiful.

[sighs] here we go.

Come on.

- [joe] fire! - [sam chuckles]

[joe] you're the fire queen.


high five, dude.

We friggin' did it!

Oh, this is just awesome.

[joe sighs]

[sam] this is so
close to boiling.

Haven't talked about how
close we're gonna sleep together.

I will cuddle the [bleep]
out of anything warm.

I don't really care
what's attached.

It doesn't matter.

This is survival.

There's nothing
sexual about this.

[sam] the wind. I can feel it.

I'm absolutely freezing.

From being in the 90s today

and a little sunburnt,

it's making that all
the more unpleasant.

[sam] yeah,
let's try laying down.

I'm gonna get very close.

- [shivering] -
whatever you need.

[sam] oh, my god, I'm so cold.

[sam] it's so cold.

[joe] all I could do was
shiver. It's just horrible.

We did not sleep at all.

The ground was cold.

The wind was cutting
through our shelter.

Most gold star lesbians
have never seen a man naked.

Let alone snuggled.


all throughout the night,
shivering together.

So I wonder if it, like,
demotes me to a silver star.

Gonna work together

to try to insulate all the heat

so that the fire's a
little bit more contained.

And then cover the
ground with grass

so that we don't freeze.

Hey, sam,
I need a minute. I feel sick. [exhales]

[sam] are you okay?

[joe] I just got really
dizzy all of a sudden.

Do you need water?

- Are you okay?
- I'm really feeling nauseous

here all of a sudden.

- [joe exhales] -
probably dehydration

or dysentery from the
unprocessed water.

It's one of the two.

Something's up.



[continues retching]

oh, no.

[joe retching]


[sam] joe drank the
unprocessed water.

He just threw up an awful lot.

It does worry me.

I don't know if he
has dysentery...


...Or if he's just
that dehydrated

that he's struggling
to keep water down.

I really feel like a
level of desperation

for some kind of hydration here.

[sam] all right. I
totally understand.

I'm gonna fill this up full.

And I'm gonna meet you up shore.

All right.

It's gonna be a real issue if
I can't keep anything down.

Stupid mistake.

Lesson learned.

I always have to boil water.

I don't know how sam does it.

I feel completely
useless right now.

I cannot just lay here while
my partner does all sorts of work.

Yeah, I feel much better.

I'm fine.

All right. What
can I help you with?

[sam] we have a
shelter that we need to fix

so that we don't freeze.

I think that if we do the teepee

and bring the fire closer,

smaller equals warmer.

- All right. - Let's do it.

We are making a teepee
directly under the tree.

We're hoping that when we add
more wind protection and bedding

that we will actually
be able to sleep tonight.

[joe] if we're gonna
make this work,

I gotta stack other rocks
behind the fireplace itself

to fill in the backing.

You know,
kind of help as a reflector wall

bouncing back heat on us.

[sam] we need to get some grass.

Try to make
ourselves comfortable.

Just be careful
when you're cutting.

Just don't cut down
any of the water hemlock.

Don't touch. [laughs]

[joe] there's hemlock
everywhere you look.

[narrator] hemlock stalks
contain a highly poisonous sap

that can be fatal within
15 minutes if ingested.

[joe] if I touch this stuff,
I'm gonna get a nasty reaction.

If I ingest it,
I mean, that's fatal.

[sam] everything out here
literally wants you to die.

-[joe] we got shot at sleeping tonight.

actually, that looks way better.

[joe] a lot less holes.

[sam] and that's gonna
keep the wind off of us.

[sam shivering]

oh, my god,
it gets so cold so fast.

It is so cold.

[joe] yeah.

- We're dying. - [both chuckle]


- [sam] did you hear that?
- Yeah. What's that?

What the hell was that?

- [sam] hey! - Hey, little bear.

[sam] here, bear.

Come here,
so I can kill you and take your fur.

[joe] I don't hear it now.

[sam] I don't see anything.

I'm serious. I would
kill a bear right now.

I would go after it
because I'm that cold.

[joe] friggin' 90s
during the day.

[sam] and then at
night we literally freeze.

It feels like temperatures
just drop 20 degrees at least.

It's definitely colder
than last night.

[joe] yeah, I don't understand why more
of this heat isn't staying trapped in here.

[sam] we have to get
shelter with a fireplace.


- Yeah. - No more, no more.

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It's so cold you
can see joe's breath.

[sam] we're gonna have to move.

[joe] do you think so?

[joe speaking]

[sam] but it is.

I mean,
I don't think we have to move far.

I mean,
we could move right there.

So we can get that morning sun.

We wrapped everything

and we tried to make it smaller

to hold more heat,

but it just didn't work.

[thunder rumbling]

[joe] yeah. Here comes the rain.

I got some deep
reservations here.

I think we might be safer in,
like, staying put

just because it's
already in place.

this really could open up on us any time.

Yes, but we already know
it doesn't keep us warm.

I know how to make a
shelter that will keep us warm.

I've done this before.

I even lived in the
woods in the cold

for months in a
natural-built shelter.

just trust me and let me do this.

[joe] I feel like I could
really reinforce this.

- [sam] do you? - Yeah.

I'm gonna bitch to you
all night if it's not good.

[joe sighs] fair enough.

And just like, if we moved here,

I'd expect you to
bitch to me all night.

- All right. - Yeah?

- Yeah. Thank you. - Thank you.

All right, let's do it, though.

'cause we, like, have no time.

- It started sprinkling now.
- All right.

It's just gonna be a big
gamble and a big leap of faith

that I'm putting in
him on this shelter.

Which pole do you want?
This one? This good one?

- Um...
- Or do you want the tree?

- [thunder rumbling] -
we're running out of time,

- so let's go, let's go, let's go.
- I know, I know, I know.

All right, I'll take this one.

- Okay, perfect. - Coming up.

Okay. Perfect. Can
you go up a little bit?

- Uh. - Excellent.

Thank you for giving me
a little bit of faith in this.

[sam] as long as it works.

[joe] I know we're not
gonna have a lot of time,

so the plan is,
I'm gonna fortify the shelter.

Give us a little bit more
barrier from the wind,

sealing all around
the fireplace.

Placing more and more
shingles on the sides

trying to make this as
watertight as possible.

Again, on paper,
it sounds great.

I've never done this in
a quick pinch. This is...

I'm kind of doing this by
the seat of my pants here.

Just not a good idea.

I get you're nervous.

[sam] I mean,
I don't get why you aren't.

He says that he
knows what he's doing.

Now we'll find out. [laughs]

[joe] actually, it sounds like
the storm might have rolled off.

[sam] it just shows how
unpredictable the weather here is.

[joe] oh, yeah. You can yell at
me for the rest of the challenge

if this doesn't work out.

[sam] all right. Well,
hopefully it does.

'cause I don't wanna
be that person.


This shelter is garbage.

That wind is coming
through somewhere.

And it's like... It's killer.

- Oh, my god.
- [joe] oh, that's cold.

[sam] it's so different
when you have clothes.

[joe] it's because we
are not meant to be

in this kind of
environment naked.

[sam] yeah,
we're gonna have to...

...Get clothes.

- [joe] oh, it's cold.
- It's freezing.

[joe] oh, my god.

[both shivering]

it actually got so much worse.

[sam] oh.

[joe] everything is just
numb and tingling right now.

[sam] oh, my god.

[shivering] I'm so cold.

[joe] you wanna try and back up

as much as you can and
get that straw on your legs.

[sam groans]

it's because the shelter...

It's total [bleep]. We're
gonna get hypothermia.

[sam] oh, my god.

I'm freezing.

I'm absolutely freezing.

[joe] oh, my god, it's cold.

[sam] I think
it's colder in this.

I think we need a solid shelter.

It's got to be airtight.

I mean, look,
you're still shivering.

[sam] I don't think you realize
what it's like to actually...

Like, I've lived out

in the woods for months.

My family kicked
me out when I was 16

because I'm gay.

[joe] oh, my god.

[sam] yeah.

[joe] I gotta listen
to you more often.


as far as shelters
are concerned,

we keep doing the same thing

over and over and over
again in the same spot.

And that is not how I survived.

When I lived out in the
woods for eight months,

I moved probably 30 times
because I needed to find a good spot.

And the winter is totally
different than the summer.

I'm not compromising.

We aren't discussing
this anymore.

We're doing it my way.

I want the sun so bad, joe.

Because think about it, if we open
the door and this is what's coming in...

-[joe] yeah.
- We need to just start busting it out.

- All right. - Yay, survival.

- [joe] ah, we go this. - Okay.

[joe] hearing sam's story
about being kicked out,

I can relate to that
feeling of rejection.

I have to make sure I'm a little
more understanding of her feelings.

Uh, she's got a very different
skill set than I, and mine

obviously is a little more study-based,
you know,

and not so much,
you know, hands-on.

So I'm kind of
stepping back a little bit,

and I'm putting my faith in sam.

[sam] all right.

Just like building anything.

It gets more stable

the more you add on.

We are going to make a windproof,
waterproof shelter

with a fireplace that
allows smoke to exit.

This is like my
go-to winter shelter.

What we plan on doing
is four posts and running

a crossbeam across
the whole thing.

We will be mudding the fire pit.

It's basically a
giant debris shelter

and debris shelters are
supposed to be the best in the cold.

We're probably going to
need around 50 trees today.

[sam] super hot out right now.

I'm getting burnt.

Are you thirsty?

-[joe] I am now.
-[sam] you haven't had any water today.

I've had, like, three pots.

I think we just need
to stay out of the sun.

Do you want to take a minute?

[joe] yeah. [exhales]

this environment is
so ridiculously tough.

I mean, during the day,
it's hot enough

for the sun to burn you
and for you to sweat.

And at night it's cold enough
to give you hypothermia.

I just like am so worried 'cause,

if we don't have this done,
we're screwed.

What do you think?

[joe] what I think is we
might have porcupine.

If you look straight
between these two trees,

something big was
moving in those branches.

[sam] great. What
about the shelter?

- Sorry. Right.
- Porcupine means nothing.

- Easily distracted.
- What are we supposed to do with a porcupine?

What is that going to do for us?

Like you're...
You're upsetting me.

I don't understand like,
where your head's at.

We're going to freeze to death.

[joe] this is all
really frustrating.

I know I can do
better than this,

but energy levels are going down

and, well, tempers are going up.

Like, why, dude?

I, like,
have no words for you right now.


When I'm out here, I change.

Everyone should.
You've got to know that

if you don't fight,
you won't make it.

Everything in
nature is a fighter.

You know,
nothing out here is easygoing.

You can't be easygoing
when you're starving.

You can't be easygoing when
you're freezing. You need to fight.

I do appreciate your patience with me.

One hundred percent.
I appreciate the fact

that you've been
so cool with me.

I know that it can't be easy

to have someone to
basically be a bitch.

We just need to get it done.


[dramatic music playing]

we're going to be warm, joe.

[joe] I believe that. You
sure you don't want to wait

till day five and
do our fifth shelter?

[sam] look at that.
Somebody's got jokes.

[sam] it's really not too bad.

I'm definitely warmer
than I was last night.

[joe exhales] I've got a little
bit of sleep last night, thankfully.

I don't know that we'd make it
out here quite as well as we have,

if it wasn't for
sam's experience.

[sam] our shelter
did a decent job.

- [joe] yeah.
- [sam] it's just way too cold.

At night, I mean,
the temperature just drops.

I would say it's a
good 40-50 degrees.

I don't know any human body
that can adapt to that easily.

[water flowing]

it is going to rain.

And it is going to suck.

We're gonna...
We're gonna get wet.

I believe so. Yes.

This rain is coming.

Kind of get as much wood as we
can possibly fit in the shelter and

we're probably going to
hunker down pretty soon.

[thunder rumbling]

do you hear that?

[raindrops pattering]

so here we go.

Ow, what the... [bleep]

[joe] holy [bleep]. We got hail.

- Son of a...
- [sam] oh, my god.

There's ice cubes coming in.

Oh, my [bleep].

[joe] look at how big that is.

[sam] oh, my god.


This is a bad. I mean,
like, look at that.

That is coming
in and hitting us.

Holy... [bleep]

oh, my god.

[joe groans]

[sam] oh, my god.

- Wow! This is a... - Oh.

What the [bleep]?

[sam] oh... [bleep]

look at it.

There's ice all over
the ground out there.

[joe] that just got
so much worse.

[sam] this is so much
worse. I'm like convulsing.

[joe] oh, my god.

[sam] I'm so cold.

I can't get warm. This is bad.

[joe] your skin is like ice.

This is kinda the scary part.

If we were to fall hypothermic,
nobody would know till morning.

[sam] this might be
the end of our challenge.

[sam sighing]

- [joe] oh. - [sam] oh, my god.

Oh, okay.

[sam] from my knees down,
I can't feel...

[joe] I don't know. You
stopped shaking a while ago.

- [sam] did I? - [joe] yeah.

[sam] it's too cold.

[narrator] not
shivering in the cold

is a sign of moderate

which happens when the
body's core temperature

drops below 90 degrees.

With night temperatures threatening
to remain unseasonably low,

the producers send in the
medic to check on the survivalists.

[chris] what's going on?

[joe] cramping is too much,

and s-sam's not shivering
so much anymore.

-[chris] okay.
-[sam groans] I can't move my toes.

-[joe grunts] - [chris]
sam's lower limb numbness

is a first sign to

and I can also see that joe
is shivering uncontrollably.

-[joe] I think we can do this. We still got this.

I know it's been really cold,

but seeing the medic
look that concerned...

[chris] your blood
pressure is a little low.

Kind of uh... kind of
concerning to me...

[sam] ...Is kind of frightening.

[phil] do you have concerns
about the challenge?

[chris] they're right on the
verge of pre-hypothermic.

I'm extremely concerned
about their safety

and their health
and also about them

completing the challenge.

Thank you for letting me know.

-[chris] sure.
-[phil] we take this very seriously.

May I speak with you and sam,

What's going on?

Due to the unexpected
frigid temperatures,

special dispensation
has been made.

We want to give you a chance
to complete this challenge.

[sam] oh, my gosh.

[narrator] joe and sam
are given two bison pelts.

The same type used
by the native blackfeet

to survive in the rockies.

[sam] oh,
my gosh. We may not be cold.

Oh, god.

Just give that a feel.

Oh, this is incredible.


I'm so tired of being cold.

It's just been so hard out here.

It's like we can't even
really start our challenge,

we're just fighting the
cold the whole time.

[sam] oh,
I'm so happy. We have a chance.

We have a chance.

suddenly we can search for food.

These two pelts could
be game changing.

You excited for
some ear warmers?

[joe] I really am.

[sam chuckling]

[sam] you can tell,
it immediately starts warming your head.


[sam] holy crap.

First night with the pelts,

I'm like, totally down to, like,
cry out here 'cause it's like...

I love it.

[joe] today was a beautiful day.

Good morning, montana!


- We're going to kill it, baby.
- Ah!

We got so much rest yesterday.

[joe exhales]

- whoo!
- Well, that's one way to put it.

Today we're getting food.

Oh, look, look, do you see it?

- Chipmunk.
- [joe] I see a chipmunk.

Hey, bud.

We're going to eat you.

Joe said that his
strength is hunting,

so hopefully he can get
some kind of food source.

[joe] never did this after seven days
without food, it's going to be interesting.



my accuracy is certainly
not where it belongs to be.

[sam] it's different when
you're in a survival situation.

All of your capabilities
are cut in half.

- How about instead of throwing another stick...
-[joe] yeah.

Do you want me to show you
how to set up a good deadfall?

- [joe] yeah.
- [sam] and we'll get 'em.

I've got a whole lot of book
knowledge coming into this,

but the practical application of it all,
I'm still trying to learn.

we want to get our hands charred up.

And these too.

I'm charring up all the sticks.

-[joe] why is that?
-So that you can hide your scent

so that the animals will
actually go near the trap.

And we also need
to char up the rocks.

I genuinely feel like we have
two different survival mentalities.

I feel like he's done
this a lot for fun.

The only time I've
ever done anything

like this was when
I absolutely had to.

All right, let's do this.

Got two pieces
of flat long rocks,

these are our guide sticks.

These two will go on either
side of the deadfall rock

so that it kind of guides
it in the right direction.

And this short trigger stick.

He'll come in and eat...

Squish. There's, like,
literally no drop time.

It's immediately killing them.

Trap set.

All right,
let's see how my theory works out

against practical application.

Okay, uh,
looking like a sampson deadfall.

-[sam] sampson post.
-[joe] sampson post. Okay. Sampson post.

Is that yours?

- Yeah. - Okay.

Still trying to figure
out the ratios on it.

I would say it's a little high.

It's like a 70-degree angle.

Mine's maybe a 30 to where
the chipmunk actually has to go in

and the second it
starts moving things,

- it's going to fall.
- All right.

I could certainly
use a few tips.

I'm going based on drawings here.

It very much concerns me
that he doesn't seem like

he really understands
a lot of the basics.

I hope I did right. Most of
the things I've done before

- up to this point were all...
- [chittering]

did you just knock over my trap?

I did. I will set
it right back up.

It was completely my stupid
mistake. Me being careless.

It's a little hard to stay
focused. We are very deprived.

What's wrong with my
original trigger stick?

It's super, super sensitive and I
keep knocking against the post.

- I don't want to destroy it.
- I know. It's supposed to be very, very sensitive.

All right. I'll still try
to work with that then.

Just leave my trap
alone. It's sensitive

so that it would trip when
a chipmunk touched it.

Aren't we going for a chipmunk?

Don't we want it to
be really sensitive?

Like, how violent do you think a
chipmunk's going to come in here?

There's just so many things
that you do that just like...

You're not lacking in knowledge,

you're lacking in
basic common sense.

So I can't handle that.

I understand sam's
frustration with me,

but you know, to be called out

on your overall knowledge
and what you're capable of

that really hurts.
Survival's hard enough.

I don't want to be
questioning my own self-worth.

[sam] and then the char. You
didn't know how to hide your scent.

a very different world we're coming from.

-It's just, a lot of the stuff just doesn't...
-in every world

that you set a trap
you cover your scent.

- You don't touch anything.
- Oh, god.

does that not make common sense

that you should cover
your scent when you trap?

I don't know what
to tell you right now.

- Oh, my god.
- You are so heated and pissed.

I am so heated and
pissed. You're right.

I am out here with somebody
who doesn't know anything!

You don't know anything!

[sam] you're a grown-ass man

who decided to come
on a survival challenge,

who doesn't know
[bleep] about survival.

All you keep saying are excuses like,
"it was cold.

I couldn't think."
what about me?

I'm cold,
and I can think. I cannot...

- Let's just take some time off.
-...Be partner with you.


[sam speaking]

like, I'm done.

[joe] after yesterday,
I'm looking to prove my worth out here.

I can't be all
talk. Bottom line...

I really just want to show
sam that I can do this.

I am capable.

I want her to be able
to see us as equals.

I'm gonna find something to eat.

- Good luck. - Thanks.

I think I'm going to
explore a little bit.

While I have any kind
of energy whatsoever.

I am so hungry.

We've gone days now
without really eating.

I can tell my coordination's
not quite as good.

Tensions are high just
because I'm stressed.

It's definitely affecting
thought processes.

Kind of makes you emotional.

There's gotta be food.

[narrator] joe and sam have been
burning up to 4,000 calories a day

and have consumed nothing.

Lack of food reduces
the amount of glucose

in the brain,
causing changes in brain chemistry

that can lead to increased
mood fluctuations

and intense negative
emotional reactions.

[joe] sam,
she may try to act tough,

but I know she's
extremely hungry.

She's getting a little weaker,
definitely a lot more snappy.

I really think that
sam's a good person.

This environment is just...
It brings out the worst in you.

[sam] ooh! Strawberries.

Berry hunting is
officially a forte of mine.

I feel like sometimes
you just forget

I've actually had
to do this to live.

Oh, there's some more.

Man, I'm on a roll.


Absolutely nothing.

That was a lot of energy wasted.

Feel like if I can get a
decent amount in my bag,

I can patty them, dry them

and have food for the
next couple of days.

Just getting some clover
just so that I can use it

as kind of a filler in my cakes.

Oh, god, that sun.

My back is just on fire.

strawberry mashy time.

I have to get these
mashed a soon as possible

because I need
them to be sun dried.

Clover just kind of
helps hold it all together.

This will actually
be really good.

All right. Gonna let that dry.

God. How does my shoulder look?

[joe] you have
bubbling going on.

[sam] oh, good.

Her skin is just like
peeling off. It looks horrible.

Look at my boobs. Shoulder...

Yeah. I'm gonna
climb in the shelter.

I just got to get
out of the sun.

It's like destroying my back.

Please. You have
well-earned that rest.

Don't worry about it, all right?

gotta fortify our shelter more.

Don't overdo yourself.

I'm not. I'm good.

I'm going at a nice slow pace.



I shouldn't have
let myself get burnt.


- There you go. - Thank you.

Joe has been so awesome today.

He's really stepped
it up and I love it.

I just feel like I need to open up to
him more instead of being such a bitch.


Some grasshoppers.

Nice little light snack.

Pop their heads right off.

Pull out all that goop.

Pop them right in the bag.

I scored four little grasshoppers,
you want to have one today?

They're good.

If I see you eat one,
I'll eat one.

Okay. Happily. Let
me get a fire going.

[sam] have you ever
eaten a grasshopper?

[joe] I have. Just
picture burnt popcorn.

- Cheers. - Cheers.

- I was really hoping he wouldn't go through with it.
- Mm.


Here you go, joe. I can't.

Certainly won't give it up.

Uh... Joe is crushing it today.

He's finding grasshoppers,
and it looks like

he's really starting
to enjoy himself.

And I have a berry cake.

He deserves it.

It's not fair of me
to be an... [bleep]

I just felt like this was
a nice peace offering.

Thank you.

Mmm, that is nice.

It's a mix of raspberry strawberry,

- I would buy that in a store.
- It's pretty good.

[joe] so she offers
me up a little cake.

You know,
it was a beautiful peace offering.

I think that's what we needed.

This was something
kind of special.

It was very special. It
was actually really nice.

We should do it more.

Here's to hoping
it's the first of many.

[sam] oh, sun!

- Are you thirsty? - I'm good.

-[sam] just remember, you haven't drank since...
- Yeah, yesterday.

[sam] yesterday evening.

[sam] if you can get some berries,
I can mash them into cakes,

and we'll have berry
cakes for a while.

We could have, like a big lunch.

[joe] I love that idea.

It's kind of nice now that we've
been able to divide up duties.

We kind of stay out
of each other's hair,

so she doesn't have to worry
about what I'm doing and vice versa.

It really works
out for the better.

I need a minute. [exhales heavily]

I really need
something to drink.

Oh, yeah. I need to sit down.

I'm feeling really,
really light-headed.


[sighs] oh, wow,
that came on suddenly.

- [sam] joe, do you need help?
- Mmm-hmm.

Oh, my. I got to...

[grunts and retches]

I need to sit down. I'm feeling really,
really light-headed.


[sam] joe, do you need help?

[sighs] oh, wow,
that came on suddenly.

[narrator] scorching days, freezing nights,
and heated disagreements

have left sam and joe's
partnership on the brink.


[narrator] having forgotten
to drink since the night before,

joe has suddenly collapsed.

Oh, I feel dizzy.

I need something
to drink immediately.

I figured.


- [sam] you need some water?
- [joe groans]

[sam] this whole day,
he hasn't drank anything.

I'm really worried about him.

[joe] oh, this doesn't feel right
at all. Something's really wrong.

Something's really wrong?

I feel super dehydrated.
It came on really quick.

Do you? I need
to call the medic.

No, I just need water.

[sam] I don't understand
why he can't hydrate himself

when there's a flowing
water source right there.

You need to drink.
You're dehydrated.

-And the longer you take to take that first drink,

the more dehydrated you're gonna get,

I told him multiple times
that he hadn't drank water.

It's just really odd for me to
have to tell a 40-year-old survivalist

how to survive.

This is the second time you've
gotten like this in ten days.

I got it. Yep.

I just had to get past
that first little wave.

No, the feeling's passing.

Nothing out here takes
more priority than water.

- Yup.
- You'll die fastest without that.

Yeah, you're right.

I got careless. I need
to rehydrate a lot.

When you went hiking,
you were gone all day.

What if this would
have happened?

- I wouldn't be able to help you.
- No.

And then what?

I just have to rest and just
wait for my body to recover.

You don't recover like that.

You don't know how
dehydration works.

That's not how it works.

Once you've hit the point
where you're on the ground,

you're hours away from
things starting to shut down.

Like, joe, you can die.

I feel like it was just a
combination of a bunch of things.

Maybe it's just
the nutrition factor.

I mean,
I'm not really taking in a whole lot.

Stop being stubborn.

You need to drink
if you don't drink...

I'm not bringing you water
anymore. I'll let you [bleep] die.

- Fine.
- Like, I'm over it, joe.

Like, I have tried to help you.

When is the gravity of
this situation gonna hit you?

Can you please
get out of the sun?

Either that or tap out, joe,
'cause you don't belong here.

Like, I'm done, okay?

So either you need to tap out
or get the [bleep] out of the sun.

Going back through how it happened,
in the sequence,

I'm questioning whether or
not it was dehydration, okay?

Then give me the [bleep] water.

- Yes, it was... for god's sakes.
- Obviously you don't need it.

Awesome. And I'll put the
fire out that I just got going, too.

I've tried so many things to get
through to him, and I don't know how.

All right. [sighs]

look, you're standing up
now after getting some water.

So was it dehydration?

Sam, I don't want to
argue with you. I don't know.

I have no idea.

Admit that I'm right,
and that you were dehydrated.

I was dehydrated.

Okay, I needed water.

I'm literally babysitting
a 40-year-old man.

You're an adult.

You're thirsty? Get
some [bleep] water.

All right, sam.

I'm just really,
really just tired of arguing with you.

For god's sakes.

[sam] what a [bleep] idiot.

[joe] there's no sense
in arguing with her,

so I told her exactly
what she wanted to hear.

[sam] oh,
suddenly I'm not dehydrated.

I only drank a pot of
water and feel great.

I hate conflict.

And that just makes
it even worse out here.

Can you just do me a
favor and listen to me?

- Yeah. - Thank you.

Get out of the sun.

Like I'm not being
nice about it anymore.

I'm giving you orders.

Until either you
break and go home,

or you break and
get good at this.

It would be easier
for me if he left.

[sam] he's so stubborn
and denies logic.

I really struggle being
around people like that.

In fact, I don't even know if
I've ever met anyone like that,

except for 16-year-old me,
and my father, like that's it.

I'm not boiling your water anymore,

You're just standing in the sun.

[joe] I keep pacing
back and forth.

- It's too cold to just stand...
- You're so right.

You're always right, joe.

What, do I just hang out in the
shade just to appease her now?

That seems really childish.

I don't know where in
the world her head is.

At this point, I just need to remove
myself from the situation completely.

Just take a walk.

I absolutely hate who I am as a
person when I'm around this man.

That's not who I am.

That's never been who I am.

But I can't be around him.

I just can't.


[joe] not finding a whole
ton of berries right now,

so I may have to move on
to a little different ground.

She has such a
negative attitude.

Comparing this to babysitting?
It's absolutely delusional.


Oh, my god. [laughs]

that's the most raspberries
I think I've ever seen.

Oh, this is beautiful.

I stumbled on the side of a frigging
raspberry mountain, for all I know.

There are easily thousands upon
thousands of raspberries up here.

Okay, my little quest for some
peace and quiet ended up...

let's just say it's been very fruitful.

This has given me one
hell of a moral dilemma.

You know, after this morning,

do I really want to share these?

I mean, I'd be set

if this is all I wanted
for the rest of the time.

But I'm not going
to change who I am.

I'm at least gonna offer.

- You awake, sam? - What's up?

Well, I found something.

I figured it would interest you.

I have half to three quarters
of a pint of raspberries,

and I got a whole
bunch of leaves.

I was gonna brew up
some tea in a little bit.

- If you would like something.
- I don't want anything.

If I eat those berries,
he's gonna think that everything's fine,

and it's not.

I know I'm being
prideful right now,

but his actions remind me
of how my dad used to be,

where he had it in his head,

what was right
and what was wrong

because in his mind,
he knows best.

This is one of the reasons
why I ended up homeless,

because I refuse to bow
to anyone's ignorance.

Like, you guys don't
understand how exhausting it is,

mentally and emotionally,
to be in this position

with somebody who doesn't
think further than his nose.

I came back with a huge,
huge quart of raspberries,

but somehow a kind
gesture just turned into,

"now you're taking all my food."

[joe] I don't know what
to do with this woman.

Ten days of non-stop argument.

That's what I get
to look forward to.

[joe speaking]

no, I don't.

I really just kind of want to do
our own thing from here on out.

[joe speaking]

come on in.

[sam] what you doing?
You're like literally straddling me

with your arms. Get off me, bro.

[joe] I could not get over.

[joe] all right, last question,

- and I'll leave you alone.
-[sam] I literally don't want to speak to you.

[joe] how do you want
to split the blankets?

I don't give a
[bleep] what you do.

I 'm gonna make sure I'm warm.

[joe] all right, well,
I'm going to grab the bottom of it.

You're on half of my blanket.

I don't give a [bleep]

I really don't know how
to approach this right now,

- 'cause you're so angry.
- Yeah.

I am angry, and you don't
understand why. Isn't that crazy?

So when are you tapping out?

[joe speaking]

he sounds like a wounded puppy.

And if you want to split resources,
joe, this is my shelter.

Get the [bleep]
out of my shelter.

[sam] this is my shelter.

Joe, get out.

[joe] I helped build some of this,

What, like ten branches
and the mud you put on it?

Bro, I'll kick down this fireplace
and you can have a good night.

If you'll let me use the machete tomorrow,
I will start building my own.

[sam] honestly, I don't feel like you
did very much soul-searching today.

I heard you get, like... You
were literally over there, laughing.

You didn't think at all
about what happened earlier.

[joe speaking]

[sam speaking]

[joe] but that's not
how it ended up being.

You're actually a really
awful human being.

[joe scoffs]

you really are a terrible person,

- Like I knew I couldn't trust you.
- Okay.

[sam sobs] like I can't believe I'm
stuck here with such an evil human being.

I'm literally stuck in the
woods with the devil. [sobbing]

[sam] all right. Sunlight's
in the shelter. Get out.

[joe] happily.

[sam] when you're out,
exposed like this,

you really find out who the real you is,
and fast.

And sometimes that scares you.


But would you rather be
in denial or know the truth?

[joe] now,
I've got to make my own shelter.


I'm getting some rocks
together right now to try

and make at least
a small little fire pit.

[joe] after last night,
I have no sympathy left.

It was just horrible.

Sam has absolutely
lost her mind.

Like, how do I deal with this?

Everything she's doing
is so [bleep] malicious.

I feel at this point she's just trying to
set me up for failure or to be removed.

There's no way
in hell I'm leaving.

It makes me want to
finish this even more.

[sam] I begged joe
to tap out last night.

Begged [laughs]

he didn't [laughs]

it's just very
frustrating to me.

'cause survival's
definitely not my problem.

It's people.

This is where I belong.


the fresh air,
the beautiful breeze,

the sun, the stars,
this is it for me.

I don't know.

He's, uh,

his refusal to tap has, uh,
basically brought me to tap.

I know I can do this alone,
but not with him.

[sam] all right, joe.

- So you win, bro. - I win?

Yeah, I'm tapping out today.

[sam] still as a teammate,
he can't talk to me.

Last night was
absolutely horrific.

I mean,
what do you want me to tell you?

You still don't get it.

And that's why I
have to get out.

And it is mentally
destroying me.

At least I set you up for success,

You don't have to
do anything else.

Just know,
when you finally complete this challenge,

you still didn't
do it on your own.

[joe speaking]

I'll know I did this.

And I earned this,
despite what anyone else says.

[crying softly]

what's going on, sam?

Uh, I need to tap out.

I need to leave this challenge.

Working with him is like,
really damaging me, mentally.

It's literally the
exact same feeling

when I got kicked out,

because the person I was supposed to be
able to trust, no matter what, let me down.

And here I am again,

with the only person I'm
supposed to be able to trust,

letting me down.

You understand,
by leaving, that's final,

your challenge will be over?

There's no coming
back from this.

I do.

My mental health means more
than the challenge, unfortunately.

[narrator] the harsh conditions
of the montana wilderness

and sam's inability to
work with her partner

have forced her to
leave the challenge.

Her psr drops from 6.8 to 5.4.

[sam] my first
survival experience,

I don't have anyone to trust.

I don't have anyone to
let me down but myself.

In a way, that made me an
incredibly strong person out here.

My survival skills are on point,
but that's a long time

to rely on yourself
at a very young age.

I almost wonder if maybe being
alone for eight months in the woods

affected my ability to
work well with people,

or to just let things go.

This isn't the first time somebody
just straight-up left and abandoned me.

This time it's a little different,

It really would kind of taste of a lie
if I didn't say I wasn't happy about it.

Deep down,
I still believe sam's a good person.

I really hope she
finds some peace.

Nobody needs to
be that high-strung.

All right.

[joe speaking]

nine more nights of this.

There's no way around
it. Being out here alone,

I got one hell of a
task ahead of me.

I got to figure out how
to source my own food,

I got to be able
to get firewood,

I got to be able
to process water.

It's just me. I don't
need anything this big.

It's time for new beginnings.

And I have absolutely no intent on
ever getting back in this damn thing.

There's a lot of bad
mojo in this shelter.

Burn the [bleep] to the ground.

Time to build a home.

It's definitely gonna
work out better.

Just do with a basic lean-to.

I found a nice cluster
of rocks in the area.

So that's gonna end up being
my reflector wall for the fire pit.

Have the frame behind it,

keeping as much heat as I can,

I think between the
fire and the pelts,

I got a good chance
of staying warm tonight.

[sam] it's my night one,
uh, of going solo.

Got that lovely
little rock back there.

It's kicking heat at
me. It is pretty cool.

I don't know what to expect
tonight. It's gonna be cold.

I won't have anyone here,

no one to help keep me warm,

no one to help
ward off predators.

And no one to call
me stupid. [laughs]

hey. Hey.

[joe speaking]

[joe] it is the morning
of day 12. I'm still here.

I'm still very much in this.

I just,
I can't quit. Cannot quit.

The survivalist gave up.

And the backyard
camper is still here.

I may not be as skilled as some.

But I definitely pride
myself on the mental game.

You know, despite what sam felt,
I should be here.

It's just really what I've
been kinda dreaming of.

You know, proving my own worth.

They're not pretty, but...

I think they're
gonna be functional.

Oh, cool.

It doesn't hurt to walk.

I got shoes. [laughs]

oh, this is so cool.

I probably look
absolutely ridiculous.

I don't even care. [laughs]

oh, my god.


morning of day 14.

Uh, wow,
my hair's doing something funky.

[sighs] a week to
go in the challenge.

I got a lot of work to do today.

Oh, [bleep].

What is that?

We got scratch marks.

Whatever this might be is...

Bigger than me.

Fifty yards from camp,

we got big old bear
scratches into the wood.

Ooh, that is wicked.

I knew there were
bears out here,

but nothing quite hits home

like actually seeing claw marks

that close to camp
where you sleep.

Great. Uh...

Got a really
blonde looking hair.

Uh, that means grizzlies.

It's really unnerving.

It's one of those times

I really,
really wish I had a partner.

As good as I feel
about my shelter,

if something really
wants to get in there,

they're just branches.

You know, it'll tear right in.

It doesn't matter.

my best defense has got to be the fire.

I have to have it keep going.

I have to get a lot more firewood

than I've had before

and really prepare
for a long night.

I'll have to keep
the fire extra high.

Doing whatever I can

just kind of keep
predators away.

Holy [bleep].

The shelter's on fire.

Oh, god.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

Don't you do that.

Oh, [bleep].

Come on.

Oh, no.

No, no, no, no.


Come on. [bleep]

holy [bleep].

Oh, hell, the shelter's on fire.

Oh, no. No, no,
no, no, no, no, no.

Don't you do that.

Oh, god. [bleep]

come on. One little ember.

It's getting borderline
out of control.

No, no, no, no.

This wood is so dry now.

That ought to get
the blood pumping.

Oh, what a [bleep] night.

That was truly terrifying.

This challenge really takes

everything out of you.

One thing after another.

I just,
I don't feel like I can win. [laughs]

this place will just
keep beating you down.

It's crazy.

Absolutely crazy.

I gotta go check out my trap.

[sighs] ah, not so lucky.

Oh, don't stop.

Don't stop.

You know you need food.

Energy levels are really down.

I don't ever recall ever
feeling quite this weak.

Ow! Ow, ow, ow!

The lack of nutrition really,
really is...

It's awful.

Now that he fat
reserves are gone,

now my body's gonna start

breaking out some muscle tissue.

This current bush is
just about picked clean.

[sighs] this sucks.

Food is dwindling,

and I need it.

Extraction's coming
up so quickly.

Oh, crap.

More raspberry plants...

With no raspberries.

I know there's a bear out here,

at least one.

And... Frankly,

I think he's in the same
competition for food that I am.

[thunder rumbling]

oh, [bleep].


it really is terrifying

thinking about
hypothermia out here.


oh, no.

No, no, no, no, no.

No rain, please.

Please, no rain.

If that means rain,

I'm in such trouble.


I need to find some
more firewood.

Oh, that's chilly.

I hope it sure as hell
doesn't hail again.

Frozen temperatures, ice balls,

getting wet,

I've never been that cold.

I don't ever want to
be at that state again.

[thunder rumbling]

oh, no.

Oh, my god, that is so cold.

Hah. [breathing heavily]

I can't take the cold.

Since sam's left,

being out here alone

without being able to
snuggle up to somebody

without their body heat...


...It's truly terrifying.



it's so cold.

The fire has went completely out

this place is trying
to break me down.

I know it is.

I just... I can't quit.

I won't quit.

[breathing heavily]

you hear me, I won't quit.

Last night was horrendous.

Montana has not
been a nice place.

This cold is crippling.

But it's nice how fast
these rocks heat up.

They really do radiate a lot.

Last night,
I had some really, really...

[grunts] ...Concerning moments.


But I'm here.

This place didn't beat me yet.

All right. The fire might go out

but I got to get food.

It's absolutely a
mental game out here.

When you get
inside your own head,

I think that's where
you start to fail.

I hate to say it,

but I feel like

maybe that is what
happened to my partner.

What the hell is that?

Oh, wow.

Nice little froggies.

Oh, there's a bigun.

[gasps] this is gonna be cold,

but you know what?

Any opportunity for food.

That's just where I am.

[breathing heavily]

it's cold.

I just gotta be careful.

Really, really have to be
mindful of the hemlock out here.

Okay, here we go. Here we go.

[breathing heavily]

I see a few already.


Oh, don't loose them, please.

All right, you know what,

that's not gonna work.


come on, you little bastards.

[grunts] it's cold.

Oh, you know what? No, I can't.

I'm not chasing
him in a hemlock.

Absolutely not worth the risk.

[exhales] I see you.


You are not getting away.

I'm gonna eat the
[bleep] out of you.

Okay, so,

what I came back with is..

Seven frogs.

I guess this is, this is...

I'm gonna call this my
first real meal out here.

It's pretty cool.

Sam insisted I couldn't
do anything out here.



Yeah, the old guy still got it.

These are completely gutted.

Let's flip these little guys.

It tastes like victory. [laughs]

yeah, dude.

You know...

It remind me of seaweed.



Definitely don't
taste like chicken.

I needed this so badly.

It's like with every bite,
it just...

It feels like just a touch
of life returning to me.

Cleaned my plate,

bones and all.

Holy [bleep].

An adolescent bull moose.


thirty, thirty five feet away.

- [moose bellows] - [yells] get!



Definitely getting close,

and I'm full on panic mode.

Get! Go!

Aggressive bull like that,

you know,
just packed full of testosterone...


...Could kill me effortlessly.

I see you.

Get out of here!

- Hah! Come on! Get!
- [moose bellows]

[samantha] oh, my gosh.

[joe] wow, that pelt is huge.

I basically feel like a pimp.

Yeah, I just need a cane now.

Uh, stop.

Feel like working?


I just want you to know

that I always keep an open mind,

and I'm struggling
with a naked man...

On bear pelts. [laughs]


Don't worry,
mom. I'll make you proud. [laughs]

- mm... - [both laugh]

[overlapping chatter]

- I wanna flip. - [sighs]

[joe yells]

- [moose bellows] - [yells]

yah! Get!



yah! Get!

Get the [bleep] out of here.

This is my camp! Stay out!

Damn right.

Woo, my heart's racing.

I don't think I've
made that much noise

since I've been here.

That was insane.

He must have been a good

1,000 to 1,200 pounds.

He's a really,
really big animal.


ah, okay, I gotta...

I gotta breathe.

[laughs] that was nuts.


Here he is.

Look how deep that is.

I can only hope I don't
encounter him again.

Just for a moment,

while I stood up...

Just a little, little dizzy.

[narrator] over
the past 18 days,

joe has burned well
over 70,000 calories

and consumed barely 1,000.

My energy has
really just sapped.

I know extraction's coming.

I need something
substantial to eat

all right,
let's see what we got today.

This seems pretty... Inactive.

There's nothing
at the frog pond,

so things are starting to feel

a little dire right now.

- [low growl] - [joe] hey.


That was definitely a cat.


get me out of here, please.

[clanging continues]

it is extraction day.

Can you believe that?

As soon as I get out of here...

I know that I am
worth something.

I did this and I
did it on my own.

I'm ready to go.

It's just...

I don't know if
you could see this.

It is quite cold out here,

and I'm not gonna have my pelt

when I do my extraction.

That's extra weight
I just don't need.

I know this extraction hike's

really gonna be tough.

The montana wilderness,

this is really intimidating.

I still that bear's
still in the area.

That's it, time to go.

All right. [sighs]

I can't go up on the banks,

there's hemlock
everywhere you look.

Looks like...

I got to get in the water.

[narrator] in order to complete

his 21-day challenge,

joe faces a grueling
two mile hike

down river through frigid waters

surrounded by poisonous hemlock.

Once clear of the river,

he must travel three miles

through pine forests
and grasslands,

staying vigilant to avoid

venomous prairie rattlesnakes

and grizzlies who's
paws are powerful enough

to kill a human
with a single strike.

Finally, he will have to ascend

another tortuous mile

over razor sharp thistle

without any protection

from the intense sun

to reach his extraction point.

[exhales] okay.

Here we go.

Ooh, that's chilly.

Oh, that is really painful.


I got this.

A couple hours.

A couple hours.



everything's so darn slippery.

Everything's just
covered in green moss.

[low growl]

I hope that's not a bear.

A big mountain lion,
I don't know.

Oh, god.

It doesn't look like
I have a safe way

to get back on the bank

without getting all
sorts of hemlock.

It's forcing me in here.

I gotta keep pushing on.


I'm moving...

[grunts] ...About
a mile an hour.

Every little thing,
every little step is just...

Oh, it just makes my toes numb.

The sun's beating
down on my back,

I'm freezing and I'm burning.

I need to get out of this water.

This looks clear enough.


oh, baby. Dry land.

Very excited to get
my shoes back on.

I'm so glad I made these.

Now, unfortunately,

I'm in the area of
predators again.

Hey, bear...

Person coming through.

Keep being loud.

Do not surprise an animal.

Hey, bear.

I've never been this far away from camp.

All sorts of fun stuff

hiding in the grass.

I'm now into venomous
snake territory.

A snake bite at this point,

I could very well lose a limb,
if not my life.

This makes me really,
really uncomfortable.

Oh, [bleep].

I gotta get out of this grass.

I kind of hope that's the hill.

Feels like I've been
walking forever.


this is...

Absolutely brutal.

I don't have a lot
of energy right now,

but I can't quit.

I don't care if I have
to crawl up this hill.

I gotta get to extraction...

And that... That's something

no one...

No one can ever
take away from me.

[panting] I have to...

I'm so grateful for
shoes right now.

I feel so weak.


[low growl]

I still got his.

I still got this.

Oh, montana,
you're a son of a bitch.

You're not gonna
beat me. [pants]

the cold... Blistering sun...

Ice balls...

[bleep] ah!


son of a bitch.

Yeah, screw you, too, montana.

[grunting, panting]

there's nothing stopping me.

I think I hear something.

- [horn beeping] - oh, dear god.

Oh, there it is.

[grunts, pants]



[laughs] oh.


oh, thank you, lord.

Thank you, lord. [pants]

oh, my god.

I'm going home.

Oh, lord.

Don't ever...

Ever let anyone tell you...

That something
you love is stupid.

Or that it's a bad idea.

Twenty-one amazing days.

I did this.


No one can ever take
that away from me.

When I first
started this journey,

I was a very,
very different person.

I was completely clueless,

but I kept pushing

just to try and find a solution.

I never stopped.

I've proved my
worth 10 times over,

as far as I'm concerned.

I know my self-worth.

I know my value.

[narrator] after
20 freezing nights

and 21 scorching days

in the mountains of montana,

joe lost a total of 30 pounds.

Despite his lack of
practical experience,

he displayed extreme
mental toughness.

His primitive survival rating

rises from a 6.5 to a 7.0.

[joe] oh, sam,
I wish you were here,

I do.

This is every bit
part of your moment.

Sam taught me quite
a lot about myself.

I'm leaving this challenge

confident, I'm proud of myself

and I've got a great
feeling of self-worth.

So, I thank her for it.

I just did 21 days!

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