Naked and Afraid (2013–…): Season 12, Episode 5 - In Too Deep - full transcript

On the edge of the Bermuda Triangle, an Army veteran dive master and a Cajun boat captain take on relentless thunderstorms and battle dehydration as they try navigate more than 20 miles of ...

[hailey] this altitude is
kicking my butt.


you feeling all right?

- You really...
- [hailey] excuse me for a second.


[coughs, retching]

[hailey] I don't even have
anything left to throw up.


damn it!

[retching and coughing]


there's nothing easy about this.


we got hail!

[animal growling]

whew! My heart's racing!

You don't fight,
you won't make it.

I tried so hard!

[hailey] I cannot take
another minute of this.

As we get higher and
higher in elevation.

The air is thinner.

Gonna get colder

and that's making me
a little bit nervous here.

[hailey] rocks! Rocks,
rocks, rocks.

I hope I don't slip and
fall down this mountain.

[narrator] the colorado rockies

are 79,000 square
miles of rugged,

high altitude terrain.

With peaks rising nearly
three miles above sea level.

The dry mountain air
contains 40% less oxygen

at these extreme elevations

which can result in
labored breathing,

and accelerated dehydration.

Some of the trees out here have
got claw marks running down them.

Towards the base.

That's normally a sign that
bears are pawing at the tree.

A little bit nerve racking
in these situations.

[narrator] in the late summer,
black bears search for up to

20,000 calories a day,

as they prepare
for the long winter.

These aggressive omnivores
can grow up to 700 pounds.

And can run 30 miles per hour.

It's another trail that looks like
it's been struck by lightning maybe.

that's definitely charred wood.

[narrator] this time of year
is also monsoon season,

unpredictable weather
produces an endless assault

of violent lightning
and hail storms.

And temperatures can
plummet into the low 40s at night.

I'm seeing a lot of
beautiful things here,

but I'm also a little nervous,
I'm not gonna lie.

[danny] my name is danny
and I'm from portland, oregon.

Right now I live in the high
deserts of south central washington.

I would describe
myself as a goofball.

Welcome to my hillbilly bathtub!

You think you have room
for one more in there?

Oh, yeah! The water's fine,
come on in.


I home stead with my
girlfriend sarah bartell.

One of the naked
and afraid all stars.

She survived not only a
21-day challenge in ecuador.



But the 40-day
challenge in africa.

Ah. That's catfish.

- It's gonna be cold at night,
- probably.

Are you gonna have to cuddle?

- Yeah. - Okay.

- We're gonna have to.
- [laughs]

[danny] I'm a homesteader
and in that lifestyle,

there's a lot of
work to be done.

All right,
who's ready to feed some critters?

Time to play with fire!

Many things that I do
in my daily life at home

have prepared me
for this challenge.

This right here is the
long bow that I made.

I don't have all these luxuries

that the modern world is used to

and I think those
aspects of my daily life

have given me a huge advantage,

on how I'm going to
take this challenge.

[narrator] danny knows what
it takes to survive off the grid.

But the region's unpredictable weather could
seriously test his confidence and skills.

Danny starts his challenge with
a primitive survival rating of 7.0.

[danny] I think what drives
me to put myself in this situation

is the desire to go out in the woods,
only a few basic tools

and get what I need
to survive and thrive.

[hailey] I can reach on top.

Every time I think that it
keeps going somehow.

Elevation is going to
be horrible out here!

[hailey] my name is hailey,
I'm from roanoke rapids, north carolina.

I'm a single mom,
I have two kids.

Sitting here, thinking about all the things
I'm gonna miss the most while I'm out.

What do you think about me
going on naked and afraid?

I'm supporting you.

I've been a survivalist as
long as I can remember.

I would run behind my
dad the second I saw him

getting together his
hunting or his fishing gear.

I was always raised
out in the woods.

I definitely found my,
my peace and happiness

out among the trees.

Oh my gosh! I'm so on the
edge of a mountain right now.

I consider myself creative
as far as trying to figure out

different ways to acquire food.

And we just found a
tomato caesar mushroom.

I'm gonna eat it!

I'm confident in
hunting and trapping,

and finding fresh water.

I've been underestimated my whole
life by some of the men in my family.

I'm doing this challenge just to
prove to my dad and to my family

that I'm a lot tougher
than they think I am

and it's not just a man's
job that I can handle

but it's all around
aspects of anything.

Just want to push myself
further than I could ever imagine.

[narrator] hailey's
connection with nature

and her ability to overcome
adversity is a proven asset.

But she's never
attempted to survive

outside of her hometown

and lacks experience
with high altitude.

She begins the challenge

with a psr of 6.0.

I'm ready to rock
this challenge out.

All right.

This is where the trail ends.

I guess it's my time to shine.

I'm completely
comfortable with being nude.

I sleep nude every night.

I don't wear underwear.

But when I started stripping,
it set in.

I was a lot more nervous
than I thought I would be.

All right. Let's get started.

[danny] I take this kilt
with me lots of places.

It's just really liberating
to wear no underwear.

Here we are! Back
in my birthday suit.

Time to get rolling.


I'm already noticing the
air is much thinner up here.

Can't wait to see who I've got

with me on this...
This wild ride!

Hello there, traveler!


[danny] I see you've
lost your clothes too.

Yeah, they're somewhere out here,
maybe you can help me find them.

We'll see.

- Good to meet you. My name is danny.
- Good to meet you too.

My name is hailey.

Pleasure to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Where are you from?

Uh, I'm originally from portland,


And where were you from exactly?

I'm from north carolina.

I noticed you had an accent.

Yeah, well,
I get that a lot even at home. [chuckles]

hopefully you can
teach me about some of

the trees around this way.

We don't have these
in north carolina.

Yeah, absolutely, I've got a pretty
good idea of most of the plants here.

I'm also a little nervous.
I'm not gonna lie.

[hailey] I am too.


Now, let's get started,
shall we?


[danny] we've got a lot
of wind picking up now.

I do hope it's not gonna
be this windy tonight.

[hailey] oh, yeah.

[danny] I think
that one is yours.

- [hailey] thank you.
- This one's mine.

Ah! I'm so glad we got a pot!

Stoked about that.

[narrator] at high altitude,
the body loses water twice as fast.

So, hailey and danny have
been given a pot to boil water

and each brought
along a personal item.

A knife and a fire starter.

Oh! Beautiful!

[hailey] so,
we'll be able to get fire pretty quickly

I also brought my glasses
because I'm blind as a bat

of course.

Then we have the map.

[danny] ooh!

[hailey] let's check it out.

Oh, it looks like we're
at this great big tree here.

[danny] looks like we've got a game
trail following down that at tree too.

I bet that'll lead us right
to the watering hole.

Ooh! We got some predators
in the area. I see bear.

[hailey] yeah,
I see some snakes.

Definitely gonna wanna
steer clear of those.

All right, let's check it out.

- Cool. Let's rock this challenge.
- Follow it down.

[hailey] keep your eyes
peeled for rattle snakes.

They will blend
right into the scene.

They love this timber too.

[danny] yeah, they do.

The young ones don't
always warn you either.

[narrator] juvenile rattle
snakes are highly venomous.

But are born without a rattle.

New rattles develop every
time they shed their skin

[hailey] look,
this is baneberry.

They get that black spot at
the bottom. That's how you know

ah, where I come from,
they grow red,

but, you're right,
they can be white as well.

I just remember reading and
learning about these white ones.

In fact, for general hygiene
if we need to was our hands

after dropping a dump,
that's going to be our go-to.


[hailey] danny
is a little quirky,

but I'm extremely
grateful to have a partner

that's so knowledged in herbs.

What I don't know, he will.

And I feel like it's really
going to help us as a team.

[danny] when I was
about 20 years old,

I took a solo backpacking
trip to australia.

that's awesome. I've never been...

I-I'd actually never been
out of north carolina until now.



I couldn't imagine going
to a whole another country,

that must have been
an amazing experience.

[danny] kind of questionable that
she's never left her state before,

but hailey is easy to talk to

and she knows a lot about plants

which I'm really stoked about.

[danny] look at this.

I'm noticing a lot of
these trees around here

are blown up by
lightning strikes.

[hailey] oh, yeah. They're dead.

[hailey] oh,
that thunder is rolling in quick.

We're gonna have
to find a shelter soon.

I hate to get stuck
out in the storm.

[hailey] it's
hailing. It's so cold!

[danny] I expected
some extreme situations,

but I did not think I was
gonna get thunder storms,

and hail all coming down on me

before I can even find camp.

[hailey] slippery!

- [danny] this is really insane.
- [hailey sighs]

[danny] ow!

[breathes heavily]

[danny] we need to find a
place to make shelter soon.

[hailey] this is
not north carolina.

[danny] ooh!

[hailey] take me home.

[exhales heavily]

[hailey] I'm starting
to get worried.

[danny] right now,
we really need to focus

on fire and shelter.

[hailey] that wind just
got so much worse.

[hailey] whew! It's getting cold,

[both gasp]

[danny] the clouds
are starting break.

Thank god.


[hailey] yeah, we get another hail storm,
might be a little

getting on the
risk of hypothermia

ooh! Look! I think this
our pool that's on our map.

[danny] it looks clear.

[hailey] yeah, and it looks like

it's running all the way up there,
so I bet these are our two pools.

I can't complain about
clear water. We've got a pot.

We'll boil it.

We'll be in business.

[hailey] I agree.

[danny] I've got a good
feeling about hailey.

She's the kind of
person you can really

work with.

[danny] what do you think
of this spot for our shelter?

[hailey] it's got
a good flat area.

It's got some good
trees to build off of.

I wouldn't be opposed to it.

[danny] a really thick
walled debris shelter

is gonna be our
best bet to stay warm.

In a debris shelter you
get surrounded by leaves.

That is how your body
is going to hold its heat.

[hailey] I would
rather do an a-frame.

That way we could actually
have fire in the shelter.

[danny] what we could do
is heat up rocks from our fire

and line the inside
every single night.

[hailey] or we could do two shelters
in between both of these trees

and put our fire
in the middle of us.

[danny] let's build one of those
debris shelters and focus on that.

Just so we'll have a
place to sleep tonight.


[hailey] he wants to
do a debris shelter.

He seems to be okay
with just leaves on us.

I don't think a debris shelter is
going to be best in this cold situation.

[danny] we also have
to get as much elevation

off the cold ground as we can.

[hailey] yeah, the earth will steal three
degrees of body heat from you every hour.

[danny] good to know.

Let's get started, shall we?

All right, sounds good.

[danny] timber!


[danny] I'm gathering
medium sized branches

to build the
horizontal framework.

[narrator] a debris shelter relies
on packing it full of dry leaves

and other highly combustible
material that act as

insulation from the cold.

But leaves no room to
safely build a fire inside.


You feeling all right?

I'm trying to catch my breath.

Cutting them limbs down
this altitude is kicking my butt.

[danny] yeah, yeah.

she does not have much experience being in

alpine environments like this.

I'm really hoping that she does
not end up getting altitude sickness

because that could be a
huge issue and I really wanna

work with my partner and not
carry them through this challenge.

[hailey] I'm gonna try
to get this fire because

it's starting to
get pretty cold.

Fire is dire out here,
it is a 100% necessity.

I don't trust the water
here so we need this fire,

so we can boil the
water and stay hydrated.

Elevation sickness isn't really
something you can combat

other than just
drinking a lot of water.


it's extremely frustrating,
this is so frustrating

I feel like I am pulling
all the the magnesium

off of the starter
at this point.

[danny] how are you feeling?

[hailey] ugh,
I'm all right. Still pretty nauseous.

Oh, I hate nausea.

I feel like death.

Which is really not what I
wanted for this challenge.

Not once did it cross my mind that
the altitude is going to bother me.

[hailey] it's not
working out too well.

I mean it literally hailed and
stormed before we got here.

Us having difficulties getting
fire going doesn't surprise me.

So, let's focus on getting
this shelter completed

and hopefully if we
have a little bit of daylight,

we can try to get a
fire going after that.

[hailey] okay.

[hailey] I really wanna get a fire tonight
and danny is really not worried about it.

This is colorado and
it's gonna get cold.

[danny speaking]

[hailey speaking]


- [hailey] oh my gosh! Yes!
- [danny] yes!




[bleep] yeah! We got fire!

- High five, dude. Good job!
- [danny] thank you so much.

Oh, man.

[danny] we've got
our debris hut made.

We've got our fire on.

[hailey] now we get
some water boiling.

[danny] yes.

[hailey] we've
got fire! [laughs]

I'm not going to
freeze to death tonight.

But, it'd be a christmas miracle
if we ain't cold out here. [laughs]

[danny speaking]

[hailey] the rocks are hot,
be careful.

[danny] oh, yeah. That's hot.

I'm really proud with how far
we've gotten on the first day.

I am too. We've made
a good team so far.

Yeah, we absolutely have.

[danny] oh! That was looking
dark for a second there.



[hailey] the rocks
aren't working.

[danny] I don't mind if
your arm is around me.

It'll keep... [shivers] keep
us both a little warmer.

[hailey] oh,
my god! It is so cold.

[danny] tomorrow
will be much better.

[narrator] weather patterns
and temperatures in the area

are largely controlled
by elevation.

At night, the colder air from the
peaks above come rushing down

dropping summer
temperatures into the 40s.

[hailey] maybe we
should go lay by the fire.

[danny speaking] [bleep]

[hailey speaking]

[hailey exhales and sniffles]

[hailey coughs and retches]

[hailey puking]

[hailey] last night was
the longest night of my life.

I though I was
gonna die any minute,

just go to sleep and not
wake back up. [sniffles]

I was up shivering and puking.

The numbness
is hard to get over.

I've had some [bleep]
nights in the wild

and that was one of the tops.

[hailey] nothing
prepares you for this cold.

And it's only gonna get colder.

I don't wanna leave,
but I cannot take another minute of this.

[danny] we could relocate.

All the cold air comes
down from the hills

and focuses into
this valley here.

But do you think it's practical,
we could scout out another area

and build a whole shelter
in the time before it would be

storming or getting cold again?

[danny] it won't, probably won't be
till noon when it gets really warm here

[hailey] I'mma try to stay
out here a little bit longer.

See if I can't warm up some.

[danny] got it.

I'm gonna see if I can find an oak grove,
get some acorns.

I'm gonna see if I can find
a spot for a better shelter.

[danny] I believe my partner
is considering tapping out.

But I think it is within everybody
to push themselves further.

Even in desperate
situations like this.

[hailey] good luck.

[danny] thank you and I
hope you feel better soon.

[danny] I do not want to spend another
night the way that we did last night.

That was brutal.

You don't want to be on top of a hill,
but you don't want to be in the valley.

You want to find somewhere
right in between where

the cold air doesn't sink but the
harsh winds don't blow on you all night.

However, we still need to
be close to our water source,

which of course is at
the bottom of that valley.

[hailey puking]

[puking and coughing]

I'm not ready to give up.


I don't get to give
up in my mom life

and I'm not gonna
give up out here either.

I can't afford to lose any more fluids.

[danny] I got a surprise for us.

Oh, yeah?

Whole bunch of acorns.

unfortunately I've been throwing up, so...

Damn it!

Elevation sickness
is kicking my ass

a little bit worse today
than it was yesterday.

[danny] that's bad news.

I didn't see any good
locations on my hike either.

[hailey] so that means we're in for
another cold night and I'm already sick.

This elevations sickness is
something to be reckoned with.

I'm so nauseous,
that I keep throwing up.

My stomach's upset.

My head feels like
it's gonna explode

and my eyeballs are just
gonna pop out of my head.

But, gotta keep pushing, it's the only
way you're gonna get anything done.

[danny] I think I'm gonna pop
a couple of these, right now,

just to put something
in my stomach.

How are you doing?

[hailey] I could not
imagine eating right now.

I can't even take water
without throwing back up.

- [danny] [bleep], really?
- [hailey] excuse me for second.




that's bad.

[narrator] at elevations above 8000 feet
there are fewer oxygen molecules in the air.

This results in less oxygen flow
throughout the body, affecting muscles,

cognitive functions and
the body's ability to hydrate.

[danny] it seems like her
symptoms have gotten worse

and it's hard when your
partner is suffering and there

is nothing you
can do it about it.

I don't even have
anything left to throw up.

[breathing heavily]

[narrator] with hailey's
condition worsening,

the medic arrives to
asses her situation.

[medic] how many times
would you say you've vomited?

Total I've vomited
over 20 times today.

I'm gonna run some vital signs on you.

[medic] your heart rate is
pretty elevated right now.

She looks really bad right now.

Blood pressure was really elevated,
nausea, vomiting.

This is a good indication
of severe dehydration.

She can end up with kidney failure,
neurological deficits.

Do you have a little bit of
concern with the altitude sickness?

I don't feel like this is a safe
environment for you right now.

It's only gonna keep progressing
and become deadly for you.

For that I'm gonna have
to tap you out. Okay?

- [sobs] -yeah,
I'm sorry I have to do this.


[danny] you should be proud
that you've toughed it out this long.

If I had altitude sickness and
I-I knew it was altitude sickness.

I probably would
have tapped myself out.

You're a tough chick.

[hailey] it just really sucks.

Well, I know you're gonna
make it the full 21, so...

I'm gonna try my best.

- [hailey] be safe. - I will.

- [danny] feel better soon. Me
too -[hailey] I'm glad I met you.

- [medic] you feeling okay?
- I feel like I'm gonna puke again.

If you need to puke,
we can stop.

[narrator] only two days in,
hailey is unable to adapt to the altitude.

She is medically removed
from the challenge.

Her psr drops to 4.2.

- You need to take a second?
- Yeah.

Okay, take a second.

[hailey] I came out here
to take some peace home.

And I'm not leaving with any.

I'm leaving with more,
um, regret.

Now, I'm gonna be alone tonight.

To lose a good partner...

I mean the
loneliness is one thing.

But, the work load,

I've got firewood to process,
I've got water to boil.

I've got shelters to reinforce
I've got all sorts of tasks

I need to do just to stay alive.

And what's worse is,
it's going to be freezing temperatures.

[danny] I really don't want to,

even attempt lying
down and sleeping

without some heat
source near me.

I'll be using more
of those stones,

the thicker ones this time,

to give myself much more heat in
the shelter than we had last night.

Here you go.

Okay, I got all my stones.

Wish me luck.


Oh, now,
it's [bleep] cold again.

[danny] it is so cold right now,
I had to start a fire again.

'cause once those stones got cold,
it really just wasn't worth it

staying in there.

I really hope I don't have to
subject my body to this... Again.

Because it's clear,
it's gonna be another sleepless night.

I really don't... [bleep]

it's absolutely freezing.

I can't keep on doing this.

[danny] so, last night,
didn't sleep at all.

I feel horrible.

My first night alone
without my partner hailey

here with me.

Missing the body heat was rough.

So, I need to go get some really dry,
fluffy oak leaves.

To insulate my shelter with.

Kind of material I'm looking for

my plan is to stuff the
entire thing like a burrito.

No air spaces,
all those leaves surrounding my body

are gonna give me the best
insulation I could hope for out here.

'cause that is what
makes the difference

might not be comfortable,
but you will survive.

[danny] ugh, that's much better.

It's starting to
warm up in here.

[danny] my shelter was quite
a bit better than last night.

It's very efficient,
especially once it's stuffed with leaves.

I think my girlfriend, sarah,
would be really proud of me for...

This badass shelter,
staying positive,

thinking things
through logically.


Oh, man.

Now I miss home.


on my big toe,
I've got a huge crack in the skin.

From all this dry weather
and not having any shoes on

and that can be a
big problem later on.

[narrator] at this elevation,
the mountain air is colder and drier,

making skin more susceptible
to cracking and infection.

[danny] I'm going to use some sap
from conifer trees to clean up my wound.

The sap, which is not only anti-bacterial,
but it's also very tacky.

So it helps the
wound stay sealed

and it also prevent things like dust or
grit from really getting into the wound.

If you don't have your feet,
you can't survive.

Especially alone.

So, now I can focus on food.

[danny] acorns are the majority
of what my diet's consisted of

since coming out here.


But I definitely need to
supplement with something better.

Worms, fry them up,
have a nice little snack before nap time.

just like mommy used to make.

It's like a potato chip.



[danny] the cut on my toe keeps opening,
so I really need to make some sandals

if I wanna make good
progress out here.

To make those sandals,
I'm gonna need

a couple willow rods,
about six foot each

and I will need some courtage.

And away we go!



[snake hissing]

it's not a rattlesnake.

Hell yeah!

That is protein on the table

oh, look at that.

I'm imagining
this is a rat snake.

[narrator] rat snakes
are constrictors,

coiling around their
prey to subdue them.

Some do have small traces of venom,
but are not harmful to humans.



so, I'm excited for this.

[danny] snake
for dinner tonight.

I'm so stoked about this.

And you know what the
best part about snakes is,

tastes just like chicken.


I feel like this snake could not have
come at a more perfect time for me.

Every bit of protein and fat
carved out of this landscape

is gonna give me that much more
advantage to making it 21 days.

I am gonna weave
this bundle of fibers

up into some braided cord.

I feel good right now,
I feel good.

I feel capable.

[danny] I think I'm
gonna put this on hold

since I see some
rough weather coming in.

And I will save this for later.

Getting some
nesting for my shelter.

I'm gonna cut this trip short.

[danny] my make-shift fireplace
is working pretty good right now.

I've got a full pot of water

I've covered these logs
to minimize absorption.

Worst case scenario,

I've got a bomb proof shelter that I
can just hide in and wait out the storm.

All right, sounds like the
rain is just starting to kick in.

I just have to accept I'm
stuck in the shelter all day.

I really, really hope this does
not continue into the night.

[narrator] a massive
storm has rolled in

from the 14,000 foot
peak above danny's camp.

Bringing with it below
freezing temperatures.

[danny] I am a little
disappointed in myself.

I don't have enough nesting in my
shelter to keep me properly warm.


and the wind and
rain has continued.

I've just been shelled
up in my shelter here.

My hands are cold,
my feet are always cold.

I just have to [inhales] wait.

It's horrible.

This [bleep] is hard.

My girlfriend, sarah, warned me.

Things are a little
soaked right now

and it started leaking on my head,
leaking on my torso.

I just had to keep
digging into my shelter

and piling up more
and more leaves.

It's [bleep] miserable.

[narrator] without a fire,
danny has been confined to his shelter,

as temperatures continue to drop,
hypothermia could quickly set in,

so the medic checks
on him every few hours.

[medic] hey, danny,
how you doing, bud?

[danny] uh,
it's gotten a bit colder.

[medic] are you staying warm?

[danny] my feet are cold, my body is sore,
my tendons are sore and tight.

But I'm not tapping out.

[medic] I'm concerned.

If it's to a point,
where it's unbearable cold,

will you promise
to just let me know?

[danny] yeah.

[danny] it's been three
days since the storm started.

Can't be in here much longer.

But it's too cold to go
out right now. [sniffles]

I need the sun,

I desperately need the sun.

[danny chuckles]

[danny] I just had an
ant bite my scrotum.

[hailey chuckles]

like right on the
taint. [laughs]


Now we're camping.

[hailey] ooh,
do you like that? [laughs]

[danny] oh,
and there's that sap on my butt.

Terrible roommate.

I'm glad it was just a tiny
little ant. [exhales sharply]

poor little thing.

Thank you for you life.

[narrator] for three days, freezing
temperatures brought on by a freak storm

have held danny captive
inside his debris shelter.

The medic has been
checking on him regularly.

[medic] hey, danny.

Is there a way I
can take a look?

I wanna make sure that you're not
getting any frost bite or anything, okay?

[danny] why?

Just come on out.

[danny] okay.

My feet are frozen now.

[medic] all right.

[narrator] the producers
provide a blanket,

so that the medic can examine
danny outside his shelter.

In cases of moderate hypothermia,
the body starts shutting down,

shivering stops and
consciousness becomes impaired.

[medic] pressure is low,
it's about 90 over 60.

His oxygen saturation
right now is low also.

It's about 92.

Current temperature
right now is 93.1.

[narrator] body temperature below
95 degrees is considered hypothermic

and if left untreated,
can lead to brain damage

and cardiac failure.

So these are all indications and
signs of moderate hypothermia.

[danny] but,
I'm not tapping out.

[medic] your feet are really,
really cold right now.

You need to get that fire going,

otherwise, I'm telling you,
it's not gonna be good.

All right,
can you do that for me?

I can do that.

[medic] all right.

[danny] if I don't get a fire,

then I will be
medically tapped out.

This is a tinder bundle

that I hid from the storm.

Very last of my bird's
nests that I have.

I'm really fighting
the clock here.

And I'm fighting my own...

Dropping body temperature.

Everything rests on this moment.

My hands are so unsteady.

[breathing heavily]



No, no, no.

I can do this.

I can do this.

Come on.

That's it.


[danny] everything
is absolutely soaked.

I tried so hard
to make this fire.

I suffered in that [bleep]
hobbit hole for three days

just lying there
waiting for the sun co...

To come out.

I saved dry wood,
I saved tinder.

[inhales deeply]

I tried so hard.

Tried so hard!

Hey, danny?

We have a medical update.

[medic] how do
you feel right now?

[danny] still can't
shake the cold.

Feet are still going numb.

I've used up all my good tinder,

nests and...

There's no material
nearby to replace it.

Please don't tap me out.

[medic] it looks like you've
got some hypothermia going on.

Heart rate's really low.

[danny] I don't wanna fail.

Tonight the weather is
supposed to be getting a lot worse,

it's gonna be colder than it has
been since your whole time out here.

And with the stage of
hypothermia that you're in right now,

it's serious enough to not wanna
wait till it progresses any further.

'cause if it does,
it could kill you.

Are you forcing me to... Tap?

[medic] you need to get
warm. You need reheating.

- I tried so hard. - You did...

Danny, danny,
this isn't the end of the road for you.

[chris] you've proven yourself,
you've proven yourself

beyond what is normal.

This is not about your skills.
This is about your safety.

This is it.

This is the end of the
road for this challenge.


[narrator] after surviving 12 days
naked in near freezing temperatures,

eleven of them alone.

Danny is forced
from the challenge.

But his psr remains a 7.0.

[danny] this challenge has changed
me in a way that has made me more

mentally resilient.

I pushed my body

and my mind to the point where
it almost put my life on the line.

Even though my girlfriend was
able to complete her challenges.

It looks like mother nature
had different plans for me.

This storm's gotten
the best of me.

But I didn't tap.

Given the chance,
I bet I can do 21 on the next round

'cause I'm not gonna
give up that easily.



[danny] the rocky
mountains are a wild place.

And I had no idea just how
bad it could get out here.

We all have our limits...


now I've learned mine.