Naked and Afraid (2013–…): Season 12, Episode 4 - Naked and Ghosted - full transcript

All-star survivalists Trent and Sarah take on their toughest challenge yet in a brutal jungle of Mexico a place locals believe to be haunted by Mayan spirits. From Day One, the torrential ...

Last, uh, sunset in san diego,

hanging out with the crew,

the girlfriend, the dog.

I'll be heading out tomorrow.

[rebecca] I am gonna miss you.

You're already starting to cry.

[chuckling] I know.


[holly] this is our trail run.
I am naked.


I don't know.
Just take my word for it.


I hate it. [laughs]

[intense music playing]

[holly] this forest
is crazy-looking.

I'm not used to anything

that's going on out here.

All kinds of poisonous things.

[jake] it's absolutely
gorgeous here.

Coming from san diego,

it's pretty brown.
It's super green.

It's gonna be rainy.
Just sitting there naked,

it's gonna be really hard
to ignore,

so that's probably the thing
I'm most nervous about.

[narrator] on the southern
tip of the appalachians

is sand mountain, georgia.

Hidden under
the dense green canopy

are 480-million-year-old cliffs

of sandstone and sharp slate.

One of only four
temperate rainforest

of the united states,

it gets pounded by 66 inches

of rain per year.

[holly] I think I'm most
nervous about trying

to sleep in a wet
and cold situation.

And then we're gonna have
to really be on the lookout

for poisonous snakes.

sand mountain's rocky terrain

is home to nine kinds
of venomous snakes,

including copperheads
and rattlesnakes,

while black bears
and mountain lions

use the thick brush
to stalk their prey.

[intense music playing]

[jake] there's a lot of thoughts

going through my mind.

Excited, nervous,
anxious, everything,

all wrapped up into one.
It's a lot of emotions

to process right now.

Growing up in iowa, I've
always been around hunting,

with traps, with snares,

Did a lot of camping trips.

One of my favorite things to do

is make my own tree house,

or my own shelter,
or my own lean-to.

Become an eagle scout
when I was 14.

It was the first time
I ever survived alone

out in the wilderness.

I'd like to approach
everything in my life

knowing that I have control
of the situation.

High school went
without drinking alcohol

when everybody else
started drinking.

Got to college.

Went abstinence for sex
for almost two years

because the more you can push
yourself and stretch yourself,

the more than you can grow
and understand yourself.

You know, coming in here,

it's just gonna be
a mental game.

And, mentally,

I think I can fight
through anything.

Lots of wood,

a lot of resources
available to me,

so there's gonna be
a lot to do out here.

I've lived in san diego

for 16 years now.

I have a great job.

I have an amazing girlfriend.

Live a great life.

It kind of makes things
a little boring at times.

Hopefully, coming out of this,

I could figure out
if where I'm at

and what I'm doing
is what's right for me,

and if there's another
opportunity or passion

that could drive me
to something better.

[narrator] jake comes
into the challenge confident

and looking to shake up
his comfortable life.

But his need to control
his environment

may hinder his ability to adapt.

He begins with a primitive
survival rating

of 7. 0.

[holly] my name is holly.
I'm from mccall, idaho.

And I'm
an environmental educator.

This environment is really
different from where I live.

It's a lot denser, a lot wetter.

Really wet. [chuckles]

I describe myself as just a
regular old mountain man.

Any opportunity that I can
to be outside, I'll take it.

Where I live, it gets
below zero pretty often,

like negative twenties,
six feet of snow.

So I'm like extreme

really good at fire-building.

Just doing like a little
tiny fire in here.

Get it nice and warm.

I've been working on.

And then plant identification,

I've been doing my whole life.

I think my biggest weakness
that I'm looking to overcome

is my self-doubt.

I didn't think to describe
myself as a survivalist

until probably this year.

But I've been practicing
and training

the hard survival skills
my whole life.

I'm here to conquer the voice
of doubt in my head.

I wanna prove to myself
that I can do anything

because, more often than not,

it's me in the back
of my own mind saying,

"you can't do this."

[narrator] holly's extensive
knowledge of plants

and fire-building

will be her greatest asset
in a brutal environment,

but her insecurities
may paralyze her ability

to make quick decisions.

Her primitive survival rating
is 6. 8.

[holly] I'm nervous
and I think that

it's just gonna be a matter

of putting one foot
in front of the other

and recognizing that things
are out of my comfort zone

but being okay with it.

[intense music playing]

here we are.

Game on. [chuckles]

I don't like the idea
of tapping out in any regard.

If my partner doesn't make it,

I have the fortitude
to make it through on my own.

I am confident I'm gonna
survive this challenge.

It's getting real.

[holly] I'm definitely
feeling nervous

about being naked
in front of a stranger.

I'm just gonna do my best
to keep my eyes

in appropriate spot.

But I think I might throw up.

Maybe. A little bit.

A little bit of throw up.

all right.

Let's do this thing.

Georgia, here I come.

[intense music playing]

[man screams]

there's nothing easy about this.

[woman screams]

[man] we got hail.

[thunder rumbles]


get out.

[man sighs] my heart's racing.

[woman] you don't fight,
you won't make it.

[woman groans]

life's so hard.

[man] this is insane.

[intense music playing]

[jake] look at this place.
It's absolutely amazing.

Wow. It's gorgeous.


- [jake] hello.
- [holly] oh.

- Hello, naked man.
- [laughter]

- I'm jake.
- Jake, I'm holly. Hi.

- Nice to meet you.
- [holly] nice to meet you.

He's pretty cute, so, um,
it won't be bad to look at.

- Where you from?
- [holly] I'm from idaho.

- [jake] idaho.
- I'm from idaho.

- Where you from?
- [jake] I'm iowa.

So I'm sure,
uh, confusion all the time.

[holly] it's true. It's true.

- Tell me about your skills.
- [jake] my skillset?

So really know about...

A lot of woodworking, crafting,

so stuff like that.
How about you?

Those are actually
my weak points,

so that's my awesome.

And, um, I'm really
good with fire

'cause I have lived
in a snowy environment

- for my whole life.
- Awesome.

[holly] and then plant
identification and foraging.

[holly] I heard that's hard.

So we will be the yin and yang.

[holly] sounds like
we're gonna mash well.

[jake] yes. I agree. I agree.

[jake] awesome.
Let's check out the bags.

[narrator] holly and jack have
each brought a personal item,

a machete and a fire starter,

and they have been given
a pot to boil water.

- I also have a map...
- [jake] all right.

...Here that we could look at.


So it looks like
we're starting up here.

[holly] yup. And then,
um, looks like

there's some good resources
down here.

We got some fish.
We got some plants.

We definitely wanna avoid
the dangers

of the hilly mountainside.

- Looks like that's poison ivy.
- Yeah.

[jake] some mountain lions
and bobcats.

So look for that cool
little waterfall.

Yeah. And then we're starting
from right here,

so let's just take
the river down.

[jake] okay. Shall we head out
'cause we're burning daylight?

- [holly] yeah. Let's hit it.
- All right. Let's go.

Look at all the...

- Some sharp rocks.
- Yeah. Some very sharp rocks.

[jake] after meeting my partner,

I'll tell you, the 21 days
seem extremely doable.

She's very energetic.
She seems ready to go.

I think we can make this
a really good situation.

Tell you what,

you're just all about
just going for it.

It's pretty impressive.

Just bright, young thing.

um, are you married? Kids?

I am not married
and I do not have kids,

but I've been
with my girlfriend, rebecca,

for almost two years now, so...

[holly] nice.
That's a long time.

[jake] yeah. I'm gonna miss her.

She's definitely my best friend

so it's gonna be hard
not to say,

"hey, guess what we did today."

right? Watch out for snakes.

[jake] oh, yeah.
I guess I should...

camouflaged in the brush

is the world's
largest rattlesnake,

the eastern diamondback,

which can draw up
to eight feet long.

Its fangs can inject four times

the dose of venom
needed to kill a human.

[intense music playing]

[holly] so looks like we're
coming up on that waterfall

- that we're looking...
- Oh, from the map? Right.



How do you wanna attack it?

Let's just jump. Yeah.

[jake] yeah.
I don't know about...

Let's jump. Let's do it.

I don't know, man.

I think I might have
to pass on that one.

You're a little more
courageous than me.

Let's test the waters
a little bit here.

See how deep it is, yeah.

Toss some rock.

I mean, I think we're all
right. I don't see anything.

- [holly] I'm gonna do it.
- You are? I am.

- [holly] yeah.
- You first? Me first?

- Same time?
- Go at the same time?

Yeah. Just live for the moment.

One, two, three.

[water splashes]

[jake speaking]

[jake] holly's really cool.

Jumping in the water

was definitely really good

Gave us that opportunity
to do something together

as a... As a unit.
So it's a great start.

Really good start.

That was awesome.

Definitely don't wanna drink
this water

- without purifying it, but...
- [holly] right.

I think this is it.

- Oh, the bend to the left?
- Yeah.

We gotta find a place to...

Put up camp.

Maybe more in the woods here.

I think maybe like a sunny spot.

Yeah, 'cause
if it starts to rain,

I don't know if I wanna
right next to this water.

[holly] right.

[jake] I hate to have water
come in on us.

Holly, right over there
to your right, nice barren,

- quite open area.
- Oh, hey. Look at that.

Yeah. It's looking good.

[jake] I think
that is a great spot.

No trees to cut down.

There is potential for rain
over the next few weeks,

so I'll definitely
need something

that's gonna be waterproof,

something that's gonna be
on higher elevation.

- This could be home.
- [holly] yeah.

I'm into it.

- All right. So, - let's do it.

[holly] I got some rocks.

So I was thinking
it'd be a good idea

to elevate our fire

so when it does rain,

it's gonna get wet quick

so I wanna make sure

that our fire is pretty safe.

[jake] I like it, holly.

So this is gonna be...

Uh, the top part of the a-frame,

start to get something

just maybe a little
lean-to tonight.

[holly] I think that might do
us for tonight.

- Oh, that's beautiful.
- [holly] good forest.

You wanna think
about starting that fire?

- [holly] yeah, I am.
- Full faith in you.



[holly] just a little wet.

[jake] and it is definitely
a little damp.

[holly] perfect. Got it.

All right. [bleep] yeah.


- [bleep] yeah.
- [laughs]

[jake] setup camp,
we get fire started,

a great partner,
knowledgeable, resourceful.

If this isn't a
picture-perfect great start.

Feeling awesome
about our first day?

Pretty successful so far

so let's see
how the nighttime goes.

[thunder rumbles]

[intense music playing]

[jake] [bleep] the rain!

[jake speaking]

night one, I'm disappointed
in myself

for not making a more
of an elaborate structure.

The fire pit got a little wet

but we are able to move it,

now it is in this structure
with us, dry.

- [holly speaking]
- [jake] burning.

Now, the wood is gonna be
wetter out here.

[thunder rumbles]

[jake speaking]

I'm tired.

Shelter is flooded.

[holly speaking]

[jake] I'm completely soaked.

[jake speaking]

[jake speaking]

[thunder rumbles]

[jake speaking]

[holly] yeah. Look at that.


[jake speaking]

- [holly] [bleep] the state.
- [jake] [bleep] georgia.

[holly speaking]

we were sitting
in an inch of water

in our shelter last night

and it's just been a struggle
to keep the fire

and I did not sleep
at all last night.

So it keeps going like this,

I don't think we're gonna
get a lot of sleep.

[jake] no way is that possible.

I mean, it's almost torture

just laying and having these
drips fall on you

- every few seconds.
- [holly] yeah.

[jake] last night was much
harder than what I expected.

The agony of sitting
there for nine, ten hours,

soaking wet and shivering.

I realize that I had
no control over anything.

And my expectations
of coming in here

and just kicking ass
and taking names

went out the window.

Figure we'll make a little
spot on the side for the fire,

- cover that up.
- [holly] yeah.

[jake] what do you think, uh,
what else we could put

on there to reinforce it so
the rain doesn't come through?

Let's see what those
moss mats do, maybe.

Oh, yeah. We should probably
dig up some moss.

Kind of looking out
like a a-frame structure

with some debris shingling,
if you will.

The idea is that the water
settles on the leaves

condenses to a droplet
that hits the woods

and then runs down
the wood and not on us.

[holly] I'm collecting moss,

to plugs on the holes
on our ceiling right now,

just trying to keep
the fire safe,

keep the fire going. I mean

I think, like,
my worst fear right now

is to have the fire go out

and for it to be the middle
of the night

while it's still doing
that [bleep]

21 days

with rain pouring in,

wet, cold, like, that
seems absolutely daunting.

I feel fear and I feel stressed,

but all those emotions
have to be in a little box

because I'm not
gonna think about that.

[jake] if you own that
little area right there,

it's... That's like
right above the fire.

So, that's perfect.

- Is it helping?
- [jake] yeah, it is.

- It is for sure.
- Cool.

[holly] if we don't get
this live poplar

to dry out and burn for us,

we might be looking at

a real firewood shortage here.

I don't think this
is gonna light up at all.

This might just be our 21 days.

- It could.
- It could.

[thunder rumbles]

[narrator] in wet conditions,
hypothermia can begin

to set in even
in 60-degree weather.

[holly speaking]

[jake speaking]

this is crazy.
It's crazy amount of rain.

It's just gotten really
flipping cold.

[jake speaking]

fire is the most important
thing right now.

We stay awake but, um,

[jake speaking]


[jake speaking]

I just don't
wanna get like hypothermia

or just have to sit here
shivering cold

and wet all night.

[holly speaking]

[jake speaking]

[holly speaking]

[jake] you are a tougher person.

Dude, you've done so much.

You helped me build
this shelter.

You built a fire.

You're a tougher person,
trust me.

[holly] I don't
wanna do this on my own.

Can you just try to stay
till the morning?

[thunder claps]

literally, last night
was the worse night

I've ever had in my entire life.

[holly speaking]

[jake] I mean I agree with
you. There's a certain triumph

in struggle, but
at the same time it's, like,

you got to enjoy the process
and everything.

I miss my girlfriend more
than anything.

I'm filled with regret
for leaving her.

I don't like being

I don't like people watching me

try something
if there's a possibility

that I'm gonna fail.

Everything in me is
just saying, like, go home.

There's so much more comfort,

so much more security,

but holly is so determined.

I know how much it means to her.

Even talking about...

Quitting last night,
she started crying.

She said she wouldn't be able
to do without me.

I know she would.

[holly] I appreciate you
being here.

That means the absolute
world to me.

I'm very committed
to finishing the 21 days

and, like,
I don't wanna be alone.

I am putting
so much effort right now

into helping him
maintain an emotional state.

I'm trying to convince
him to stay

because, you know, I need him.

I need the team.

[holly speaking]

yeah, for sure.

And I think ultimately,

seeing how much
this means to her

and how much
it would just destroy her

for me to walk away, it's, like,

I might as well hang in there
as much as I can.

Oh, yeah.

Should we, uh...

Maybe try to find
some breakfast?

Yeah. Let's check out that pond.

I came in here thinking
what having survival skills

was what makes or breaks you,
but, really,

it's just like mental toughness.

[holly] holy [bleep].

[jake] what did you say?


- [jake] oh, my [bleep].
- I know.

[narrator] one bite
from a cottonmouth snake

releases enough hemotoxic
venom to kill a human.

I need to go split a stick.

- Yeah.
- Try to pin that thing down.

I don't know
if we chop its head off.

Shall we?

That is a meaty young guy.

There, you see its head?

His head's right there.

To the right. To the right.

[suspenseful music playing]

oh, man.

[suspenseful music playing]

[jake] holly. You see its head?

His head's right there.

To the right. To the right.

There's the head.

[suspenseful music playing]

[jake] now, get it.
Hold it down.

You got it? Good.

Good. Hold it. Hold it.

Hold it.

Got it.

Got it.

Hell, yeah.

Yes, holly.

Good eyes.

Head is off.

[holly] thank you, snake.

thank you for sleeping
right here, snake.

Okay. Breakfast?

[jake] let's do it.

Team work for the win.

Snake breakfast.

[jake] I know it's snake
but in my mind,

I'm hearing two pieces
of bacon hitting the hot pan.

[holly] oh, my god.

Don't talk about bacon.

[jake] I couldn't imagine

having a better
prepared mentally,

physically, psychologically
partner than holly.

She's been... She's been
killing it.

Cheers? [laughs]


[tense music playing]

very good.

Yeah. It's very,
very mild fishy.

[holly] yeah.

[jake] after such a rough night,

this was just a blessing.

That was so amazing.

I'm feeling a little
more confident,

feeling more focused.

I need to step up
and be a team player.

I'm in it to win it now.

[indistinct] another bottle
of red, please.

[holly laughing]

[intense music playing]

[jake] the rain has stopped.

So today's focus

will be the, uh, structure.

Rebuild it,

make it flatter
and put more moss on,

put these sticks close together.

Rain is the biggest hurdle

because it prevents us
from sleeping.

And if you're not sleeping well,

everything else goes [bleep]

so... What we'll end up doing

is bark underneath,

then moss, and a little bit
of like mud and dirt

will help kind of hopefully
solidify it a bit more

as to the overarching plan.

[intense music playing]

[holly] I think
we're killing it as a team.

We're getting good
at the divide and conquer.

We're playing to our strengths.

And my strength is forging

and jake is usually working
on the structure.


I found chanterelles.

[tense music playing]

oh, my god.

There's so many.

Mushroom being started for me

when I was a little kid
and I would go out

with my grandpa
and look for morel mushrooms.

That's how I got into it.

And then, from there,
I just started branching out.


there's only, like, four or five

that I can positively id

and tell you that
they're safe to eat

but it's enough.

I accidentally found
more food. [chuckles]

[tense music playing]

[jake] enhance the shelter.

Try to cover up
as all the holes as possible.

Uh, did a shelter doorway

to prevent wind from blowing in.

So now, it is really
warm in there.

We'll see how it feels tonight

but it should be pretty good.

You can get a little doorway.

It works. That's cool.

[intense music playing]

so I'm moving these rocks,

I'm seeing something
kind of shiny and I think...

Check this guy out.


I mean, I think,
this is a big chunk of coal.

Yeah. Yeah.

I mean, look at that break off.

That's stick,
that's got to be cool.

That's a big one.

[narrator] the limestone
cliffs and rocks in the area

contained veins
of compressed organic matter

which over hundreds
of millions of years

have turned into coal.

Because it is denser than wood,

coal will burn much longer.

[holly] oh, my gosh.
There's a bunch over here.

We are kind of struggling
for firewood right now.

So if we have this coal,
it's just a...

It's an alternate resource

and then will make it easier
for us to stay warm.

Yes. Coal.

[tense music playing]

[jake speaking]


[jake] what are those for?

This is edible mushroom.

And I've got some coal.

[jake] dude, that is sick.


sometimes it's good
knowing stuff about mushrooms.

[tense music playing]

[holly] all right.


Tonight we are dining

on one of the most...

Sought after mushrooms
in the world.

Remember the number one rule

when you are eating
wild mushrooms

is to never eat anything
that is not cooked.

Really good.

- [jake] this is really good.
- Yeah [laughs].

I can only imagine
it with butter and garlic.

[holly] yeah. They are delicacy

and they're very expensive.

[jake] we make a good team.
We both work hard,

we both do what we need to do
to help each other out.

Good, huh?

- Not good, huh.
- [chuckles]

that is incredible.

[suspenseful music playing]

[thunder rolls]

[jake] the rain is coming down.

They're coming down
for a few minutes now.

But, uh, we only have, like,

I mean, half a dozen drops.

Nothing really
coming through heavy.

you really brought your a-game

with the structure.

Fire looks good,

the coal is awesome,

it burns super hard.

Smells like gasoline at first

but it's not going down.

I'm pretty contented with it.

- I mean...
- [holly] yeah.

...It's really helped
much as raining.

[holly] I feel really good.

[tense music playing]

[jake] I love your mushrooms.

They're good and all but...

Yeah. Not a lot
of substance too.

Yeah. Not a lot.

I figured...

If we can go look around

in the area
for something else to eat

besides mushrooms.

Get some protein, hopefully.

We have water, we have fire.

We have a great shelter.

My concerns are only
calories in, calories out.

- [holly] you're good?
- [indistinct]

- yup.
- Good enough.

Let's see what we can find.

[tense music playing]

hopefully, we find something.

[tense music playing]

[jake] I think,
I see something up here.

It's an armadillo.

[suspenseful music playing]

[jake] you see it?

Watch it coming down.

Come on.

Oh, my god. It's so hard.

[bleep] ow.

[jake] it's an armadillo.

Come on, holly. Let's do this.


[holly] it went under the rock.

Come on.

[suspenseful music playing]

[bleep] ow.

Oh, my god. It's so hard.

You see it?

[holly] it's going right.

Got it.

[jake] oh, my god.
That was such work.

[holly] pull back, pull back.

All right. Watch out.

I got him.

Oh, my god. It's so hard.

I got him.

- Yeah.
- Armadillo. [chuckles]

this is...


[holly] jake threw himself
at this thing.

I think, as a hunting team,

jake and I
are phenomenal together.

Like, that synergy

is just incredible.

Oh, my god.

- Yes.
- Look at that.

[jake] armadillo for dinner.

[tense music playing]

is this your first time
eating armadillo?

Yeah. They've been known
to carry leprosy.

Chicken and salmonella,
can't you cook it out?

There's trichinosis in pork

- and salmonella in chicken.
- Okay.

And that can just be cooked out,

so maybe if we just cook it

really thoroughly.

All right.

[narrator] while some
armadillos can carry leprosy,

cooking the meat
to an internal temperature

of 160 degrees

will make it safe to eat.

[intense music playing]

[jake] all right.

We've been cooking this thing
for a long time

and we actually ended up

taking it out
of the shell completely.

Smells amazing.


See the fat and oil
was dripping off of him.

Let's go.


Kind of taste like smoked ham.


Such a good gift.
Such a great day.


Yeah. Down the notch.

[jake] get it girl.


That's so good.

[jake] yeah.

[intense music playing]

[jake] much as I enjoyed
eating yesterday

and how much energy it gave me,

it's like I almost feel
worse today because of it.

I'm, like, hungrier

than I normally am
in the morning.

It's like I'm going
through withdrawals almost.

I burned so many calories
chasing after that thing

and it just took a toll on me


[intense music playing]

[jake] I think there's some
decent-sized fish in here,


Oh, there we go.
That's a big guy right there.

[suspenseful music playing]

[holly] what?

[bleep] yeah, baby.

Oh [bleep].

[water splashes]


That slippery devil, you.

Damn it.

[bleep] they're so slippery.

I can't believe I caught it
with my [bleep] hands.

Should've [indistinct] away.

[intense music playing]

[jake] I think I know what a
hung over 80-year-old

feels like.

Drained physically,

not really eating.

I'm missing my girlfriend

and my dog... Every day.

It's noticeably colder today?

[jake] oh, my gosh. Absolutely.

[holly] mmm-hmm.

last night was just freezing.

So we're gonna mud
up these walls

to help prevent
wind from coming in.

And then vertical boards in

to make the door.

Holy moly, you're awesome.

I don't wanna take
the energy and effort

to build something
elaborate right now.

My energy levels
are so sparse to begin with.

Holly, you know
what this is again?

- [holly] what?
- This is great teamwork

once again.

I may have said it before
but it really makes

the dream work.

[holly] teamwork.

[intense music playing]

check out this fishing hole,

trying to find some protein.

Might have to stay
a couple extra days

after extraction.

I gotta catch
those [bleep] fish.

All right. So what I did was...

I took the saw brier

and the hook is on the bark.

So I took three hooks,

put them back to back
and tied them together.

And I put the worm
on each three hook.

Hopefully they bite down
hard enough

or gets deep enough,

lodges in there and
I can catch one of these


Oh, that did not work at all.

Because they just pulled
the worm right off.


So close.

[intense music playing]

[jake] so hungry.

[suspenseful music playing]

[jake] where did you see that?
I don't even see it.

Because I...

[suspenseful music playing]

[grunts] got one.

- Did you really?
- Yup.

Ow, ow.

- It's hot.
- Let me see.

[jake] wow. Look at that.

Good job, holly. [bleep] yeah.

I'm like, "great.

I've been working
on my fishing thing

for days now

and you just see a crawfish

and catch it within 30 seconds."

[intense music playing]


that's the big one.

I got the one
I was looking for. [chuckles]

[jake] good job, holly.
You're a boss.

[holly] this is exactly
what I needed,

these challenges,

helping me...

To believe in myself.

I think that I underestimate
myself a lot

but I definitely feel
like I am proving myself

to myself right now.

[jake] I'm grabbing
and you pull him out.

[intense music playing]

[jake] oh, this is huge.

It's a cool thing
to have somebody

have your back.

Now I realize that

that's exactly
the person I wanna be.

Someone that supports
somebody else

and being out here realizing

how much I love my girlfriend,

how much I want her in my life

and, uh, and how much

this experience would've
been better with her.

Yeah. I think there's

huge life changes
for me after this.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

[intense music playing]

[holly] feels awesome
to contribute to the meal.

It's not a lot of protein
but it is definitely

gonna boost us
through the extraction.

I'mma eat the tail.
Because it looks small.

[holly laughs]

[intense music playing]

the night before extraction.

Extraction [indistinct]

and it's a perfect night.

So excited to get out of here

and pack up the hell tomorrow,

two weeks [indistinct] can die,

just have one night's sleep
and go then.

[intense music playing]

[mountain lion growls]

[suspenseful music playing]

[mountain lion growls]

[mountain lion growls]

[dramatic music playing]

I haven't seen my hair
in a while.

It's crazy.

[holly] the funny thing
about jake's hair

is that it manages to stay

perfectly in place

even though we have
been sleeping in the mud.

- [bleep] haircut, man.
- [laughs]

it's amazing.

[holly] it's still
doing the same, like,

arc thing that it was
when we first met.


[jake] see, I have no idea

why my hair's standing
the way it is.

I think it gets
all this natural mud

and dirt and crap.

I should bottle it up.

Crud by j.

- [laughs]
- [laughs]

[mountain lion growls]

[jake speaking]

[mountain lion growls]

[suspenseful music playing]

[jake speaking]

[jake speaking]

I think it's gone.

[jake speaking]

[intense music playing]

[jake] sun's coming up but we
made it through the night.

You asleep?

[holly] no.

Me either.

[holly] scary as hell.

[jake] definitely hearing
some wild animals out here.

It's rise and shine [bleep].

[intense music playing]

so judging by the map,

we are right here.

[holly] so here's
that waterfall we passed,

here's the fish pond.

So it looks like if we just

head up at a 45-degree angle,

we're gonna hit these cliffs.

- [jake] mmm-hmm.
- [holly] and once we do,

that's when we'll know
to go right

and go around.

Love it.

I love it.

It's pretty straight up, man.

[intense music playing]

[narrator] holly and jake
will have to scale

four miles up a steep
mountain side

full of sharp slate,

saw brier thorns,

deadly snakes,

and mountain lions that
attack their prey from above.

They will then have
to ascend a sheer cliff face,

a hundred and fifty feet high

to a road where
they will be rescued.

[jake] goodbye, sweet, sweet
little friend.

[holly] dude,
you did such a great job.

I'll have dreams of it.

- Vamanos.
- So long.

[intense music playing]

[jake] dig in deep, girlfriend.

Let's do this.

[holly] dig deep.

Rocky rocks.

- [jake] oh, okay.
- [holly] oh [bleep]

so muddy.

[jake] ow, man,

this [bleep] sharp [bleep].

[holly] it's all right.

[jake] ripping up my thighs.

[holly] nice.
Just how I like it.

I walked into this challenge

as a person who experiences
a lot of self-doubt.

But I'm gonna walk out
of this challenge

a complete badass.

- [jake exhales]
- holy [bleep].

- Oh, wow.
- [jake] what?

[holly] it sounded like
something big.

Hopefully it was just a tree.

[tense music playing]

[holly] what do you think?

keep going up to the right.

Seems to be the safest...

I think this is the cliff
that was in the map.

[holly] yeah,
that's looking right.

[jake] that cliff separates
us from the car.

So let's go right around it

and get home.

I almost wanna jog this
little bit here.

[holly] please don't jog.

[jake] ow, watch out, there's
some sharp rocks in there.

It's a heck of a climb.

I believe we can do it though.


I think this is gonna be
our best option.

All right. Walking stick.

- We're doing great.
- Looking good.

So I'm thinking is

this is gonna be the scariest
climb of my life.

The rocks are loose,

it's hard to find handholds,

definitely dangerous

but we're almost there

and I know that I can do it.

[jake] man, this is literally...

Bear crawling this thing.

This is, uh, it's pretty
steep here, holly.


feeling the fatigue yet?

[holly] oh, yeah.

[jake] yeah, me too.

Before I got out here,

my life fit into a box.

And being out here destroyed
that box

and made...
And freed me, honestly.

I had to let go of control.

I can't wait for becca
to see who I've become.

I'll have to grab on here
so be careful.

[intense music playing]

[holly] oh, my god.

Holy [bleep].

[jake] whoa [bleep]
so exhausted.

[holly laughs]

[jake] yes.

[bleep] I'm dizzy
but that's amazing.

[holly] oh, god.

Made it up.

Oh, we made it up to
somewhere near the top.

Wow, look how far.

[jake] conquered that climb
like a boss.

[holly] we did it.

[jake] let's go.

- [jake] holy [bleep].
- [holly] I see it.

- [jake] yes.
- [holly] yes.

I hear [indistinct]

- [jake] yes.
- Oh, my god.

- It's a badass truck.
- [jake] woo.

[holly laughs] [bleep] did it.

- [jake] we did it.
- [holly] we did it.

- [jake] yes.
- [holly] yes.

[jake] honestly, that's
the most beautiful truck

I've ever seen.

[holly] oh, my god.

- Oh, my god. We're moving.
- We're moving.


[jake speaking]

I feel absolutely amazing,

five, ten, fifteen years down
the road, this is the kind

of experience
that I can hold from,

I just learned so much out here.

I can't [bleep] we did it, man.

So [bleep] cool.

What a journey.

[jake] yeah. After this,

I don't have
a comfort box anymore.

I see the true benefit

of being uncomfortable in
coming out on the other side.

[holly] I think to see
that growth in you

is really amazing, too.

[jake] thank you very much.
I really appreciate that.

Holly's everything to me, man.

Without her, we would've gone

almost nine days without food.

Because of her, the mushrooms,

because of her, the crawdads,

she was an ultimate team player

and I owe her my hunger,

my servitude, my honor,

like, she just kicked ass.

And your growth
for the last three weeks

has been incredible.

You're so much more confident.

Yeah, I feel like
a stronger person now.

I feel like I can take charge

and not have to second guess
myself all the time.

[holly] I've overcome

probably one of the most
difficult 21 days

anybody can do.

It makes it a lot harder
for me to doubt myself

because I can look back and say,

"no, you're not worthless.

You've done all these things."

[narrator] over the course
of 21 days,

holly lost 24 pounds.

Her psr goes from 6.8

to 8.2.

When I start to feel
uncomfortable and pushed back,

then I'm gonna be like, "nope.

Look what happens when you
push through that uncomfort."

- yeah.
- You get this

moment right here.

[narrator] jake lost 29 pounds.

His psr goes from 7.0

to 8.1.

[jake] I've had some
amazing realizations

since I've been here
about who I wanna be,

what I wanna do.

What I wanna do with,

so probably the very
first thing I do

after I get home
is propose to my girlfriend

who we've been together
for almost two years now

and I'm just extremely excited

to have the love of my life
be with me forever

and experience all these
types of joys together.

Oh, my god.

- This was amazing.
- [holly] oh, my god.

- Whee.
- [jake] yeah, baby.

[holly] woo, we did it.

[intense music playing]

[jake] you were my saving grace

through that whole challenge.

The only thing I thought about
was you.

And I realize that,

like, you're my everything,

I wanna spend the rest
of my life with you, you know?

So that's why I was thinking
that maybe...

Oh, my god.

You wanna marry me?

Oh, my god.

[indistinct] a lot.

- [becca] oh, my god.
- [jake] I didn't officially

- hear it.
- [becca] yes.

[jake] oh, good.

I love you.

[dramatic music playing]

I don't wanna do any other
challenges without you, baby.

God, no.

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