Naked and Afraid (2013–…): Season 12, Episode 3 - Two Tarzans, One Jane - full transcript

When a third survivalist is added to the mix, romantic complications make surviving the Colombian jungle's poisonous dart frogs and deadly jaguars much more complicated. Feeling left out, a...

This is not going
to be pleasant.

Oh, god.

Here we go.




It's gonna hurt.

Stay with me, man.


Ow, ow!

There's nothing easy about this.

We got hail.

Whew, my heart's racing.

You don't
fight, you won't make it.

I tried so hard!

Africa is so mean.

Right now, I am freaking out.

I'm excited.

I'm pumped up.

I'm certainly nervous.

But I am definitely
ready for an adventure.

Africa is absolutely

Nothing here is like back home.

The trees are different,
the grass is different.

The sky looks like
it's further away.

My biggest concern is probably
the crocodiles, that we

are on their food chain.

They are everywhere here, and
they are massive creatures.

In the western cape of south

africa is the ancient
region of vygeboom.

This remote area is overrun with
14-foot long nile crocodiles,

stealthy leopards that hunt
their prey in the cover

of night, and
aggressive buffalo.

But some of the smaller
critters here can be just as

deadly as the large predators.

The dense bush is crawling
with bloodsucking ticks,

more than 150
species of scorpions,

including the south
african thicktail, whose

neurotoxic venom can
be fatal, and venomous

snakes like the black
mamba, whose bite

can kill within 30 minutes.

This time of year, temperatures
reach over 100 degrees,

making heat exhaustion
and severe dehydration

a major threat.

This is going to be tough,

and I think I'm
prepared for that.

So I'm ready for all the
good and all the bad.

Name is andrew.

I've been told I'm charismatic.

Also been called
obnoxiously optimistic,

which I think
that's a good thing.


I was the first male cheerleader
in all of the high schools

in lexington, kentucky.

Cheerleading was not
just shaking pom-poms.

It was a brutal sport.

I've broken both my hands.

And honestly,
cheerleading may have

prepped me for this, because
I know what pain feels like.

There is not one thing
comparable from kentucky

to africa.

The animals are bigger.

They're scarier.

They have more teeth.

And that's intimidating
for a little kentucky guy.

So I grew up baptist, in a
very conservative family.

I came out as gay,
and upbringing

was a little bit more difficult.
I never felt like I belonged.

But I think that
just made me strong,

and I use that to my advantage.

I started getting into
survivalism when I was little.

Growing up camping
and being outdoors

was just my happy place.

I'm very confident in my skills.

I love hunting with a
spear, whether that's

land prey or fishing.

Set snare traps, deadfalls
are easy to set up.

It's always fun hunting
back home with my dad.

My dad and I are different
as night and day.

He's a republican,
I'm a democrat.

He's straight, I'm gay.

He's baptist, I'm not.

I want him to be proud that
nothing out here stopped me.

There's a stereotype
placed on gay men

that we're not tough enough.

That's not true, and
we can do anything

just as tough as anybody else.

With a
background in cheerleading,

andrew brings a positive
attitude, and is a team player.

But his high energy levels could
cause him to overexert himself.

He begins with a psr of 6.8.

I think this is going to be

one of the most
challenging things

I've ever done in my life.

There's a lot of
predators out here.

And it's going to
take everything I know

and all of my wits
to get through this.

My name is elizabeth.

I'm a cowgirl.

I'm rough and tumble.

I get thrown off, I get back on.

Primitive hunting is
probably my best skill.

I've hand-caught rabbits.

I've plucked birds out of trees.

I've skinned and gutted
almost every animal

that anybody's ever eaten.

Oh, being around
animals all my life,

I can smell it when
I get close to them.

And back there,
it really hit me.

I smelled it on the air.

It's probably a
predator scent marking.

When I was growing up, after
my parents got divorced,

I spent a lot of time in
the woods with my mom.

She taught me how to fish
for your food every day.

She taught me how to
look down at the tracks

and see where
animals were going.

So I am here to prove
my mother raised a very

strong, independent woman.

And when she sees
this, I know she's

going to appreciate
the fact that I

learned so much from her.

Elizabeth's off-grid upbringing

has taught her primitive
skills and practical knowledge.

But her no-nonsense
attitude could

be a challenge for her partner.

She starts with a psr of 7.0.

This is it.

This is the adventure of a
lifetime starts right now.

All right, this is my stop.

When it comes to being
naked, free for all.

I'd go to a nude beach
any day of the week.

Being naked out here...

I think it's going to be
weird for about an hour,

and then I think my brain
is just going to kick

right into survival mode.

All right, let's go find
that other naked person.

Hello, other naked person.


Good to meet you.

Hi, nice to finally meet you.

I'm andrew.

I'm elizabeth.

Elizabeth, nice to meet you.

All right.

Do you like drew
or andrew or andy?

- Usually andrew.
- Andrew?

But anything...

- I'm an elizabeth person too.
- Elizabeth.

I don't like shortened versions.

I know. Good deal.


Sweet, sweet, I like it.

I love that when we met, like...

As a man, I was like, I'll
just go for the handshake.

I always want to make sure that
the woman feels comfortable.

And she like, just pulled me in
for the hug, and I love that.

So that was like,
instant connection,

and I like that about her.


This is going to be
the awesomest three

weeks of our life. - Yes, it is.

- I'm so pumped.
- Me too.

I was a cheerleader for
like, most of my life.


So I'm like, upbeat, peppy.

I want us to have fun out here.

Positive attitude is
what we need out here.

Hell yeah.

Hearing of that he is
a cheerleader is pretty great.

Being athletic, being
agile, being nimble out here

is going to benefit us.

I like you already!

I like you!

All right, so let's
go get our bags.


Andrew has brought a knife.

I have a little bit of security.

And elizabeth
has brought a firestarter.

They've also been given a pot.

I boil water for
a good 20 minutes.


And what else we got in here?


Oh, the map.

- I got a map.
- The map!

What do you think?

I've been waiting to like,
hold and touch our map.

There it is.

Oh my gosh.

Snakes, snakes.

Oh, my gosh!


There are so
many deadly animals on here.

All right, looks like
this is where we are.

We got our giant
termite mound here.

Looks like a
giant body of water here.

Definitely food there,
there's fish everywhere.

I don't think we're
going to want to stay down

there with the leopards,
the crocodiles,

but we'll definitely be hunting
down here and setting traps.


Maybe if we found kind of our
residence right in this area?


We need to set up
shop real quick.


The ravine's down this way.

- You want to head there?
- Yep, yep.

Ok. - You got it.

I can't believe this is real!

I know!

It is intimidating,
knowing that you don't

know what's behind every tree.

The thing that makes me nervous
out here in the tall grass

is snakes.

In general, the
snakes will move away from you.

It's the scorpions
that are, you know,

going to stand their
ground, or not realize

you're stepping on them.

Oh, now I feel so much better.

Ooh, ow, ee, ah!



Yeah, here is the tough ground.

Yep, here it is.

And it's scorching hot.

So where are you from?

My family has a
farm in new york.

I was born on the farm, really.

My mother... she
taught me everything

about being a survivalist.

Mom sounds like a badass.

She... my mom is a badass.

What do you do?

I write comic books.

You do?

Yeah, and love being outdoors.

Does this smell
like mint to you?

That is absolutely mint.

I love, love a
good strong woman,

and elizabeth is
definitely one of those.

I'm really like, kind of
lighthearted and making jokes,

and she's very like,
science-based, like this plant

does this, and this does this.

And honestly, that's
perfect for out here.

This will be great for when
our breath gets really bad.

That sun's feeling hot.

Sun is peeking out
from behind the clouds now.


I'm telling you, nothing
comes before water.

Because dehydration is
a big deal out here.



That has to be...

That's it.

...Our ravine.

I can barely walk on this.

There's no way we can...

I know.

I'm losing the... -... hunt or...

to walk on this quick.

Yep, it's just like walking

through barrels of legos.

Oh, ow, ow, ow, ow!

I actually know
how to make some shoes.

You are the goddess
of "naked and afraid."

My partner, andrew, is exactly

what I needed him to be.

He's got a very
positive mindset.

So I think that we're going
to work very well together.

Well, my feet have been
adequately exfoliated.

Oh, I see a whole lot of water.

Oh yeah, there it is.

That is crocodile
heaven right there.

I see slide marks here.

Yeah, I do too.

All over the place.

Watch for bubbles and
beady little eyes.

Welcome to crocodile beach, the
hottest resort in south africa.

This area is like the hunting
zone, so I'm a little nervous.

I feel like I'd rather push on.

I mean, today is brutal.

But you're right.

This hike is awful, and we're

going to run out of daylight.

But my thought is, we got
a body of water there.

We know we can drink
from it if we boil it.

So maybe if we just
build a boma inland, back

where the ground's
a little softer,

and we can build a
path to the water?

All right.

Sounds good.



The walk is certainly
brutal on our feet.

But right now, we're just
focused on finding home.

That's a big deal.

I want to be
within a fair walking

distance of the water.

It's right there.

This could be
the back of a boma.

It's flat. - Yeah.

We can carve all this
out, fortify the back,

build some serious walls.

We both know that it's
dangerous in africa,

and that we're going to
need a boma, or, you know,

a corral of spikes and
thorns and everything

to keep us safe at night.

If you want to start collecting
materials and bring them in,

I'll get the fire going.

It's perfect. - Ok.

Best plan ever, I love it.


It's spiked.

That's ideal.

If my dad could
see me right now,

he'd be like, good
job, boy, working hard.

Why are you naked?

My material is not dry enough.

I'm willing to burn
my hair at this point.

It'll light.

Heat of the day...

Man, it'll kick your ass.

Oh, gosh.

Trying to get my heartbeat down.

Oh, come on, come on, come on,..

Come on!

My whole foot is cramping bad.

Never had that before.

Definitely from dehydration.

Yeah, dehydration's setting in.

I'm feeling nauseous.

It's certainly hot.

I know I'm dehydrated.

My legs are cramping up,
and that is scaring me.

That's something that'll
put you down out here.

That is not a deal with
that later kind of issue

out here in africa.

Come on!

It's a lot of frustration.

It's ok.

Frustration's going to get us.

It's got me right now too.

Day one's the worst, right?

God, I hope that's true.

In dry triple-digit heat,

dehydration can occur
in less than one hour.

If andrew does not drink
soon, he runs the risk

of seizures and kidney failure.

I'm afraid to run out
of strikes on this thing.

There we go.

- Give me that.
- What do you need?

Get in it, get in it.

Don't smother, don't smother.

Little sticks, yes.

No, no, no, no, come on.

It's beautiful.

More stuff?



Good job.

It's a little warm, but
I sipped it, and it's ok.

We need to get as much
of that down as possible.

Well, my cramp's feeling
a little bit better.

I think just kind of slowing
my heart rate down a little bit

has helped, and a little
water goes a long way.

Yeah, it does.

Like your body goes
out of a panic.


Today was a brutal day.

It was so brutal.

This is going to be
interesting sleeping

out here our first night.

We're probably
not going to sleep.

Let's not kid ourselves.



I am single, ready to mingle.

I'm gay.

I knew.

I know.

She was like, you are gayer than
a toucan out here in africa.

Yeah, so...



Something bit me.

I felt it in my hand.


I'll go stoke this
fire a little bit.


Ooh! yeah, this sucks.

I'm just glad we haven't had
anything circling us here yet.

My feet are shot today.

It doesn't get better, it hurts
worse and worse and worse.

Got to be very careful with
the crocodiles in here.



It's like walking
over broken glass.

Every step takes every
ounce of just sucking it up.

And I'm like, if my mobility
is 10 feet outside of my boma,

I'm not going to
make it to day 21.

There's no way.

We can't hunt, we
can barely get water,

because our feet hurt so bad.

I cannot walk and
bleed every step.

I'm not going to make it.

Well, I'm going to spend
the day working on the shoes.

That would be amazing!

We are on day two
of our challenge,

and we're going to
need shoes to survive.

So I am taking the
palm frond stem.

I'm weaving it
over, under, over,

under into the shoe frame, so
that I have a sturdy platform

for his flip-flop.

I'm going to spread
the ash around inside the boma,

just give us a little ash floor.

It just helps with the bugs.

Got a lot of bunch of little
nips and stings last night.

So bugs don't like
walking on ash.

Because they have little
mucus in their feet,

and they don't like
walking on the ash.

It dries it up,
and they can die.

Your shoes are done, andrew.


Let's see if
you can walk in them.


This has changed the 21 days.


The shoes elizabeth
made are brilliant.

Now I'm like, all badass
cocky again, so I'm

going to go tackle a leopard.

These shoes worked.


The shoe works!


Look how fast we're moving.


We're doing so good
on shelter, fire, water.

Oh my god!

Oh, the sand!

Oh, my butt is full of sand!

All right.

- Front or back first?
- All right, back first.

Ok, ready?

One, two, three!


Now you can see all the cuts.

They were hidden
in all the dirt.

Is that smoke?


Oh, oh, oh, smoke, smoke, smoke!

We have a fire.

We have to get up there.
Let's go!

Oh, god!

Oh, our house!

Oh, god, go, go, go, go!

Is that smoke?

Oh. Oh, god!

Go, go, go, go!

What the hell?

I got it.

What's the damage?

Not much.

It was just starting
to flare up.

I think we caught it in time.


How did it
catch over here from here?

That's my fault, I'm sorry.

I started spreading ash around,
and part of this caught.


We need to wait till it's
completely out before we

spread the ash around.


Andrew had spread out the ashes,

and he thought, you know, he
had just the stuff from the edge

that was cool enough.

But with ash, if you give
it something to light,

it'll light it up.


Man, is this a freaking
learning lesson.


We'll have to build
that boma part back up.


We're not alone.

What is it?

Think it might be a baboon.

In the river bed?

No, like, right next to us.

My heart just started pounding.

I'm sure he's peeking
in here, wondering what we are.

We need to build up the fires.

Palm frond on the fires just

kind of gives it this quick
burst of big, bright fire

and crackle sound.

We're hoping it just
kind of scares him away,

but you best believe I
got that blade ready.

This is my house.

Last night, the baboon
scared the tar out of me.

Baboons... they can definitely
be a little furry jerks.

But he can bark all he wants,
just don't come to my house.

My stomach's just
growling and growling.

Do we want to send out a scout?

I could run over there...
- And just see what see?

...And just see if
there's anything close by...

Bag full of fruit, maybe.

...That stands out, yeah.

All right.

We'll start there.

And then when you're ready,
we'll scout a different area.


That way, we're not both
burning all the energy...


...To do the scouting.

We'll take turns.

So our plan today
is to find food.

Elizabeth's going to
stay back and take

care of kind of our boma work...

Water, fire.

And I'm going to go on
a little adventure trek.

I'm going to see
what we can find.

Hopefully, more resources.

You just be careful,
because you're going

to be out there by yourself.

I will.

Not going to eat that.

I'm covered in bug
bites, cuts, sores.

My body is ravaged.

It's brutal being
without clothes

in the direct african sun.

I'm a little nervous.

Open, tall grass is
exactly where lions hunt.

Bones everywhere, ugh.

Holy crap.

I think that's a hippo.

It's huge.

Now what kills a hippo?

Mopane worms.

I can eat those.

Mopane worms feed
off the leaves of mopane trees.

The worms are high in
protein, and also contain

significant amounts of calcium.


That's a ton.

I read that you have to squeeze
the guts out and let them dry.

Never in a million years
would I eat worms at home.

I'm just going to have
to pretend they're like...

I don't know... mini corn
dog bites or something.

I found the skull
of a hippopotamus.

It was huge.

Bones everywhere.

How close was that?

Half a mile, maybe.

I did get us some mopane worms.


You found them?


I'm going to have to
squeeze their gunk out.

Andrew found mopane worms.

I'm excited and un-excited.

I know that they're full of
protein and super good for us.

But I also know
that they are worms.

We can roast them, I think.


Mopane worms.

Kind of taste like
crispy burnt toast.

Oh, they do...

They smell like burnt toast.

You may have cooked
them just enough.

Well, they're not miserable.

What's wrong?

Something hurts like,
right at the top of my butt,

and I think I've been
bitten by something.


All right, this
bite on my butt...

It hurts.

We've got to get a medic.

With the pain from
the insect bite on andrew's

backside increasing by the
hour, the medic is called

in to evaluate the situation.

Right here.

- It's a tick?
- Mm-hmm.



I have a butt tick.

And just because it's somewhere
we can't really get to,

the medical team is
going to get it out,

just to make sure it doesn't
lead to infection or anything



I have more than
one tick in my butt.

There's another one.


Ok, yeah.

All righty.

Thank you.


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

All right, sleep well.

Right, we'll check it again.

If there's any
issue, let us know.

Are there a lot of tick
diseases around here?

We do have some, but
we'll keep an eye on things.

Just let us know how
you're feeling, all right?

- Ok.
- Ok.

I'm very concerned that andrew

will have to be sleeping in
the dirt with that open wound.

And I would hate for him to
have to go through this again.

I'm going to go
out on a limb and say

that was a territorial leopard.

I'll bring a stick.

It's not much, but
I want something.

We have the blade here too.

I even packed a few
rocks in the boma,

just in case we needed
to scare something away.

Oh, my god.


Get out of here!

It's scary when
something comes this close

to your boma at night.

Because then you're
heart's racing,

it's almost impossible
to go back to sleep.

I don't hear him anymore.

I slept for maybe five minutes.


After we heard that rustle
in the woods, though,

I could not sleep.

Yeah, that freaked me out.

My brain is constantly confused.

Lack of calories doesn't help.

Thought takes calories.

We're tired, but we
need to keep putting

something in our stomach.

I'm going to go clam hunting.

I'm not sure if I'll find
any, but it might be worth it.

Yep, got to be super careful.

Can't get overzealous,
or I'll stab myself.

Because there are thorns
in the mud too, apparently.

Oh, the wood is disheartening.

Oh, I got one!


I might find some more.

Ooh, I found another one!

My partner is
going to love this!

We're having clam
chowder tonight.

You won't believe what I found.


Shut up!

Those were in our
scummy little water?


I'm going to throw them
on the boil right away.



Man, africa provided.

Ready to try some clams?

So nervous.

I've actually
never eaten a clam.

And I don't eat seafood
at all back home.

I will admit they're
the worst clams I've ever had.

They taste like
chewy, chewy fish.



Suck it up, dude, suck it up.

Don't throw up.

Don't do it.

Don't say that word.

Don't talk.

Just don't talk.

Just let me do this alone.

Maybe I'll acquire a taste.

Every calorie counts out here.

Oh my god, you're about to cry.

I am crying.

How'd my life get here?

How did I get here?

I've been trying to sleep, and
it is not happening out here.

There's just this constant
fear in the back of your head

that our fire is
going to go out,

so you just can never relax.

We are not doing good on sleep.


That is our weakness out here.

It's definitely the one thing
I never thought about, though.

Like, I was prepared to like,
push through hunger pains

and all that. But...

- I was.
- ...I guess I...

I guess I just didn't stop
and think about not sleeping.

Yeah, just being exhausted.


You know, when you
don't sleep well,

the chemicals in
your brain get off.

So I'm just kind of like
feeling low, unmotivated.

But we still have to gather
firewood and get water.

And I'm trying to get a bunch
of chores done in the morning

before the sun really
starts roasting us.

It's brutal.

So it's the morning of day 10.

I did not sleep at
all, not a wink.

And I don't think andrew
slept at all either.

So we're very tired.

It's messing with our
heads a little bit.

I laid down in the sand.

I just closed my eyes and
put my bag over my head,

so the sun wasn't hurting my
face, and I said, hi, mom.

I heard her voice.

I told her I can't sleep.

She said, make your bed.

I said, I can't,
there's nothing here.

She said, are you
comfortable now?

I said, yeah.

She said, what's under you?

I told her I'm
laying in the sand.

She said, take it in there.

I told her, I can't, it
would take three hours.

I only have two hands.

Baby girl, you're wearing a bag.

I hope she's proud.

Elizabeth, is
your sand bag comfy?


I know, babe.

We're both there today.

But we're together.

Mom gave you some good advice,
to lay down in the sand.

She knew it'd help you.

My mom could survive anything.

So can her daughter.

I couldn't ask for
a better partner than andrew.

He is there for me
emotionally 100%.

Just 11 days.


There is a two-foot snake.

He's right there.

Get the knife, get the knife.

Where is it? Where is it?

Grab it. Grab it.

- Come over here.
- Grab it.

- Over here!
- Grab it.

Get it, get it, get it, get.

Right here.

I got it!

I got it, I got it!

Ah, ah!

Right there.

The eastern
stripe-bellied sand snake

is venomous, but the
venom of the snake

is mild, and has no
effect on humans.

Do you know how to skin a snake?


Do you want to do it?


Ok, it's all yours.

The snake is pretty good.


You know what it has
that we were missing?


Tastes like chicken, really.

So this is the snake
huntress of south africa.


Show me your superhero face.





Ugh, this tick
bite is killing me.

Ah, ugh!

Ow, I definitely got
stung by something.


Add something to
the fire, please.


It was probably a scorpion.

So I just got stung by a
scorpion on my middle finger.

It just burns in waves.

It is awful.

Oh, my god, there it goes again.

Oh, I can't even explain
how much this hurts.


It just gets worse!

So that bird that we thought
was getting eaten last night?


That's just what it
sounds like all the time.


The dramatic bird.

Yes, dramatic bird.

And there's a
bird down by the water,

and it sounds like
it's saying, hurray!


Stop talking
to the birds, andrew.

It's the loudest
place I've ever heard.

It sounds like a
drunk frat party.


It just gets worse!

I don't see him.

If the pain
from the scorpion sting

doesn't subside by
morning, it could

be a sign of a potentially
fatal allergic reaction.

That is the last thing I want
to do is be sleeping in here

with a scorpion.

Well, just keep an eye on it.

At sunrise, elizabeth
is still experiencing pain

from her scorpion
sting, so the medic

is called in to evaluate her.

Please tell me what happened.

I laid down, and I got a prick

in the side of my finger.
- Yeah?

And at first, I was
like, I think I got stung.

And then it started to really
hurt, and started to like,

spread to my wrist.

I'm pretty sure it
was a scorpion bite.

I see a definite puncture wound.


I treated it more
like a bee sting,

and just kind of let it go.

And then it just like,
progressively got worse.

So future notice, if you
get stung by a scorpion,

call the medic immediately.

After examining elizabeth,

the medic checks on
andrew's tick bites.

Your skin has broken down,
lost a dermal layer here.

Yeah, it's really
pus-y in there.

Andrew's tick bites
have become severely infected,

and are showing signs of mrsa,
a dangerous bacterial infection.

If mrsa enters the bloodstream,
it can cause organ failure.

This is not going
to be pleasant.

Oh god!

The medic must
drain the wound immediately.

And andrew will not
receive any anesthetic.

It's going to hurt.

Stay with me, man.


Ow, ow!

Ah, stop right there, stop!

Ah, that hurts!

When I first saw
andrew's injury, the infection

that had already set in there...

If he went without treatment,
it could prove to be fatal.

I'm also not sure what kind of
scorpion has stung elizabeth.

This also has me concerned.

With both survivalists
in potentially dangerous

conditions, the medical
staff and producer

meet to assess the situation.

Considering everything
that we found out today...

In andrew's condition, he
already has an infection.

So to be clear, he
has high temperature,

he's running a fever?

Yes, with a pulse rate of 104.

It's not ideal.

This is not how we wanted
the challenge to go for them,

but let's go talk to them.

So the results
from the med check

were cause for serious concern.

Riann can explain.

I think for your
well-being, which I

think is compromised,
I think we need

to medically tap both of you.


I think I thought
of every scenario.

But being medically tapped for
a bug just wasn't one of them.

I just...

I don't know, I don't
have words for it.

But I'm so glad that
I got to be here.

After 13 days of
working closely together

to secure food, ward off
predators, and survive

in the inhospitable
african bush,

andrew and elizabeth's
challenge was

abruptly cut short
by two of africa's

small but deadly threats.

The grueling experience
caused elizabeth

to lose a total of 23 pounds.

Her psr drops from 7.0 to 6.6.

Andrew's psr lowers
from 6.8 to 6.4.

He leaves the
challenge 22 pounds

lighter than when he began.

No one will know
what this was but us,

so we'll have to
share that forever.

Your mom's going to be proud.

You know that.

And my dad will be proud.

Some people didn't
even make it this far.

Well, I love you, africa,
despite all these...

The thorns and the pus

and the bugs and the scorpions.

It was worth it.

We're coming back.

I don't think I couldn't

have asked for a better
partner than andrew.

And I think we will
be lifelong friends.