Naked and Afraid (2013–…): Season 12, Episode 2 - Little Person, Big Challenge - full transcript


It is hot out here already.

I bet the sand is
going to be cooking.

This is no joke.

Probably the harshest
environment I've

ever stepped into.

In the southern
tip of namibia is

an unforgiving wasteland,
where temperatures can

reach more than 115 degrees.

The only source of water
for more than 120 miles

in either direction
is the orange river,

which carves a
thin strip of life

through the middle of
this desolate desert.

This looks like
exactly some place

that snakes are
going to call home.

I definitely need to
be careful because I'm

just on the appetizer menu.

Inhabitants of this
barren landscape

are rare, but often deadly.

Leopards, hyena, and
puff adder vipers,

whose potent venom make
them one of the deadliest

snakes in all of africa.

I'm feeling good.

I'm feeling ready to do this.

But I'd be lying if I said
I wasn't bloody nervous.

My name's adam.

I'm from queensland, australia.

I used to be a coal miner.

After working in the mines
for a very long time,

I realized that wasn't for me.

Since then, I've just
been traveling australia.

I'm definitely in australia
what we call a bushie.

A bushie in australia is someone
who doesn't mind living remote.

They're usually
allergic to cities.

I'm pretty confident my skills.

I've currently been
eating only the meat

that I've been bow hunting.

I love making fire.

Hand drill is my
preferred method.

I grew up catching animals,
and small lizards, and bugs.

In the australian
bush, you have to know

what you're doing
because we have so many

animals that will kill you.

There's not many signs of life.

There's no water.

This is going to be brutal.

For about four years, I've
been in the bush the whole time

spending a lot of time with
the indigenous people there.

I'm doing this challenge
because, for me, this

is a rite of passage
to find my whole self.

I'm feeling pretty confident.

I'm ready to get out
there and get into this.

My name is samantha.

I'm from roanoke, virginia.

And I'm a biologist.

Understanding a lot of the
animal behavior as a biologist

is going to be helpful
in this situation.

I've been a survivalist
my whole life.

I have learned my survival
skills basically on my own.

I would research something,
and I'd go out and do it.

Do not underestimate me.

I may appear small,
but I can lift twice

my body weight in a squat.

I know how to hunt.

I know how to fish.

I know how to build traps
for fish, build dead falls.

I feel like I can
get through anything.

I'm getting a
little bit nervous.

21 days out here seems like
a very long time right now.

Part of what has really
driven me in my life

is being told that I
wasn't good enough.

And that has a lot to do with
why I prefer to work alone.

A lot of the times,
I don't always

communicate in the best way.

So coming out here, one of the
things that I'm really hoping

to learn from and grow from
is working with somebody else

and being able to compromise and
get things done constructively.

All righty, this must be it.

Time to get naked.

The ground is hot.


Sweet lord.

Here we go.

No turning back now.

There's nothing easy about this.

We got hail.

Woo, my heart's racing.

If you don't fight,
you won't make it.

It's so hard!

This is going to
be bloody brutal.

I cannot see any signs of water.

After spending the
last four years living

within the australian bush,
adam enters the challenge

confident in his skills.

But the harsh
african desert could

be more than he bargained for.

Adam begins with a psr, or
primitive survival rating,

of 7.1.

Samantha's self-taught
survival skills complement

her strong physical fitness.

But her tendency to work
alone could complicate

her partnership
during this challenge,

earning her an
initial psr of 6.2.

Hello, naked man.

Good day.

How's it going?

It's nice to meet you.

I'm samantha.


So this is killing
my feet already.

Bloody hot.

It's so cold back in virginia
where I'm from right now.

So this quite
a shock to my system.

Where are you from?


Yeah, you've come a long way.

As you can tell.

Yeah, you're a
little pink already.

Yeah, I know.

I'm kind of used to
it from australia.

But, yeah, it's still
pretty warm I guess.

Adam seems like a
strong, capable guy.

I mean, what girl doesn't
like the australian accent.

Well, are you ready?

I'm ready for this.

Let's see what we have.

Samantha seems pretty nice, down
to earth, pretty strong, fit.

And, yeah, you know, I think
that's going to help out here.

Samantha and adam have been
given a pot to boil water,

and each brought
along a personal item.

A knife and a fire starter.

Looks like I have the map.



Oh, there's heaps of water.

I'm really happy to see that.

But, geez, probably about
right up here by this tree.

That is a long way to
our extraction point,

and it's in the desert.

We're probably going
to have to break

that up, move every
five or six days

to make it there in 21 days.

Yeah, and probably
stick close to the river

instead of going straight
through the desert

because that has to
be, like, 20 miles.


To reach their extraction point,
samantha and adam will need

to cover 21 miles in 21 days.

The first 2 miles
of their journey

will take them over scorching
sand to the closest section

of the orange river,
which will serve

as their lifeline and passage
way out of the barren land.

But the river also attracts
dangerous wildlife...

Venomous water snakes,
jackals that communicate

with high pitched towers
and yelps before attacking

their prey, and
territorial baboons

who use their sharp canine
teeth and powerful limbs

to defend their troop.

Oh, look at all the babboons.

Yeah, can we stay as far
away from them as possible?


All right, it looks like
the water's down there.


Yeah, let's...

Let's hit the road.

...Head towards all
the green stuff.

This ground is bloody?


Yeah, this is so hot.


Oh, that's hot.


The surface temperature has got
to be upwards of 120 degrees.

Yeah, this is way
more harsh than I

thought it was going to be.


Oh, my gosh.


I'll climb up here and see
if I can see something.

I'm seeing trees.

That's a long way to go.

Oh, my gosh.

I really hope there's
some shade because...


...Walking on the sand...

I'm not going to be
able to do it for long.


But, I mean, we...
We have no choice.


Where is the river?

How are your feet going?

They're rough.

They hurt.

Oh, lord.

I hope I don't end
up with blisters.

Yeah, it's hot.

Oh, my gosh.

I think we need to just
make a run for the trees

and get some shade.

It's pretty rough on my feet.

I think I'm just
going to go for it.

All right, you ready? Let's go.

Are you ready?

Let's do it.


I've never done anything
like that before.

I didn't even think
australia was that hot.

Well, virginia is
definitely not this hot.

Good job, man.

I wasn't prepared for that.

I can hear water.

And it looks pretty
thick, but can't imagine

it might be the easier path.

It definitely opens
up to the river.

Good. Come on.

Let's go.

What are you seeing?

I can see water.


I'm so excited right now.


They're everywhere.

We need to go.




That was crazy.

The baboons are pretty pissed.


Yeah, I mean, like,
the baboons right

there must be, like, coming
down here to roost at nighttime.


And it looks like a good place
for them to come for a drink,


Like, there are poos
everywhere here.

Yeah, it is.

I think we'd be in
trouble if we stayed

here tonight because
those baboons

are just way too close for me.

I'm thinking, like, on the map
kind of has this little bit

of a sandy area.

And swim the river
instead of the desert.

The desert is too hot.

Yeah, with the baboons
here, I think it might

be better to go for a swim.

All right, let's do it.

This place that we came in seems
like we could make a shelter

and stay here for the night,
but there's way too much baboon

activity, and I don't want to
be anywhere near that at night

to get attacked.

So we need to get out of here.

Let's get as far away from those
baboons as we possibly can.

They definitely know we're here.

They're not happy.

It's so thick.

Not good.

Keep both eyes open.

There are leopards and
baboons around here.


I'm hoping to find
a good camp spot

soon because I don't know if
we have much time left today.


We've got a lot of
work still to do.


I can see a sandy spot.


I'm hopeful we can
make camp there.


Well, this looks a bit better.

Yeah, looks better than
where we came from.


Should we go to
have a look around?

Let's see what we can find.

Oh, these are hot too, though.

This doesn't look
too bad in here.

If we build the boma, we
can chop this out as well.

So, like, it won't be so
bad to walk back down here.

Let's do it.

To protect themselves
against predators,

samantha and adam are building
a thorny enclosure, known

in southern africa as a boma.


This is all thorny.

We'll be able to build
a decent shelter,

and not have to actually
build very much to cut down

on the energy we're
using because a lot of it

is just already built for us.

It's coming together
pretty well.

I mean, it's
looking pretty good.

I think it's time we
move on to fire and...

Get some water.

Yeah, I'm starting to
get pretty thirsty.

Yeah, me, too.

Fire is absolutely
crucial out here.

Yay, so excited.


Because we need to
boil water and we

need to keep predators
away from us.

We've got shelter.

We've got fire.

We'll have water tonight.

This is definitely better
than where we came in.

I'm so glad that we're
away from those babboons.


We're resting in the nice
little shelter that we've made.

Day one has been a massive day.

I'm really proud of us.

We are about to go to bed.

So tired.

Good night.

What are you doing
up in the tree?

Trying to get some of this
willow to make the fish basket.

Do you need a hand?

I think that's enough for now.


Very graceful.

It's not pretty, but
it's... it will function.

I just don't feel like I'm
very helpful with the...

Getting warm.

The fish seem to be hanging
around right about there.

Good job.

Already got a fish
trapped in the water.

Best partner ever.


I'm about to put some
ash on and get hunting.

To stop me from getting sunburn.

I think my nose is a
little bit sunburned

because I didn't put ash on it.

Yesterday, I was a
bit down on the fact

that I didn't feel like
I was pulling my weight.

So I'm going to try harder
today to try to make amends.

Time to go hunting.

The plan is to head
out to the desert

for potential new food sources.

Find some scorpions, or
snakes, or anything really.

I'm seeing plenty of...
Plenty of animal tracks,

but I just can't believe
I'm not seeing anything.

I finally made it up to the
desert, and rocks, and hills.

Hopefully, I'll find some
scorpions and snakes.

Fingers crossed.


That wasn't me.

So I can hear a bit of a hum.

It's definitely up here.

Yeah, you could
hear them so loud.

Yes, definitely here.

Oh, yeah, I can see them.

Don't know how to walk past it.

This is a pretty
large cave actually.

I don't know how keen I am to
mess around with these guys.

I don't know if
getting stung to crap's

worth getting a bit of honey.

Well, that is a
lot of comb there.

They're really, really active.

These lowland honey bees are
ancestors of the killer bee.

Although their venom
is less lethal,

a large number of stings
can still be fatal.

This is one of those risk
versus reward scenarios.

Things to think about.

The sun's starting
to pick up now.

I think that's my
cue to head back.

Catch anything?

No, I found a beehive.

Honey would be amazing.

It would be a lot of energy.


We've got to make it a
long way down this river.

Is it worth it?

It's just the bees
are the issue.

As long as we smoke them really
well, they get really docile.


We could potentially take
up a big piece of coal

put it down, and just,
like, really start a fire.

That'd be good.

Yeah, I'm ok with it.

If I get stung too
bad, like, I'm out.


I think I can hear them.

Yeah, I hear a faint buzz.

Man, I hope this is worth it.

The risk is pretty high.

And we're not sure if we're
going to get any reward.

But we have a lot of
distance to still travel

and we need some calories.

So I'm hoping for the best.

I'm thinking maybe I'll get a
bit of a fire going in the pot,

and then I'll empty it out.

So we've got the pot of fire.

The plan is to
smoke the bees out,

and hopefully they'll
calm down enough so we can

reach in and get some honey.

The smoke masks the
effect of alarm pheromones

that are released by guard
bees to alert the hive.

The threat of fire
also encourages

the bees to focus on feeding
before they are forced to flee.

This disrupts the entire defense
response of the bee hive.


Did you get stung?

No, there was a bee in my hair.

I don't know if
it's still there.

It's absolutely
full of smoke now.

Oh, you've got one on you.

Please don't let it sting you.

Where is it?

There are a couple of them.

Don't make any sudden movement.

This is intense.

Oh, god.

Oh, they're swarming.

This is intense.

Oh, god.

Oh, they're swarming that stuff.

You ok?


These bees, they gone crazy.

That is so amazing.


I think I might have been stung.


My chest.

Oh, lord.

Be careful.

I'm going to push through.

I want this honey.

I'm getting stung.

Please, be careful.

Samantha, can you
pass me the pot?

Ugh, I'm coming.

I'm coming.

Here's the pot.

Thank you.

We're running out of smoke.


Ok, I'm done.


I'm done.

How about that?

I'd say this is a win.

Oh, my god, that's so good.

Adam is wild.

I don't know what I would
do out here without him.

I definitely wouldn't
have been able to get

the honey by myself.

So worth it.

This is the craziest
thing I've ever done.

I never thought I'd be in africa
stirring up bees for honey.

Let's get home.

Sorry, bees.

We went and raided a honey nest.

What a crazy bloody day.

But that's a lot of reward.

A mountain of that.

And there's still...
Look at all this honey.

Like, dripping.

That's how much honey we have.

I don't even know how we're
going to eat all this.

But I feel freaking
fantastic right now.

Ooff. Yeah.

We did it.

Now we get to enjoy the
sunset while eating honey.

Who gets to do that?

Who gets honey and
a sunset like this?

Anyway, see you later.

We got some honey to enjoy.


Nothing today.




I can hear baboons
down the river a bit.

Not seeing them, but
they sound close.

Baboons can be pretty
dangerous, like, if provoked.

I'm definitely
concerned that it looks

like they're moving into camp.

Something's stirring
those baboons up.

Yeah, maybe they're
after our honey.

I think that's a good
motivation to get out of here.

Yeah, I don't it.

I think it's just time to make
a little raft to carry our gear.

And tomorrow we leave, head
further down the river.

We've got a long way to go.

We need a way to float.

I'm trying to make some
rough cordage to just

bundle up all these reeds.

And the reeds float.

We want to take the
fish basket with us.

We want to try to carry
some honey from our pot.

We need that honey
for the energy.

We cannot afford to lose our pot
because we need to boil water.

So it all needs
to make it there.

We also have a really
long way to extraction.

We have our main raft, and
then we have our outrigger.

This outrigger will just keep
the raft upright so stuff

doesn't fall off the raft.

Should we test it out,
get it in the water?

All right.

I think it'll be
enough for the gear.

Yeah, I think it'll be good.

This raft does not look
pretty, but it's going to work.

Go on.

We're hearing something kind
of walk around the boma.


But our boma is pretty thick.

I guess we'll see in
the morning, hopefully.

Where's the knife?

Over there.

You better be careful.

That's not good.

The, like, baboons
are right there.

These baboons, they just
keep getting closer.

And they can tear a human apart.

How far is that?

Like, not even probably
30 meters from our boma.

Sounds like a grunt
there as well.

We should get out of here.

We've got our honey.

Yeah, this pot has to
be tied down so good.

Yeah, I'm going to tie it down.

Let's hope that holds.

There you go.

Let's go.

We're up.

What is that?

Look at that.

Baboons in the tree.

Thought we were getting
away from the baboons.

It's looking right at us.

He is pissed off.

Well, I think the further we get
away from that guy the better.

Fleeing the encroaching
baboons, adam and samantha

will have to navigate dangerous
currents until they reach

a calmer section of the river
where deadly black mambas

are known to cross.

You see anything
promising up ahead yet?

Not yet.

Like, that's the problem,
that the sides are safe.

I think there's no way we can
get out of the river here.

To swim down the river, the
amount of energy we have to use

is intense.

Possibly might be some
open areas up here.

Well, I'm seeing
something up ahead.


I can see a bit of, like,
rocks, or sand, or something.


I don't know, but the
water is picking up.

Well, yeah, you might really
feel it picking up now.

Those are real rapids.

Hold on to the honey.

Hold on.

Down they go.

Hold on to the honey.

This river is brutal.

After that long
trek down the river,

we pretty much stopped,
really, the first place

that we could get into.

But I've never put my body
in a position to be this weak

and feel this depleted.

Thankfully, we have honey.

All right.

A little bit?

Yeah, that's not good.

How did that much get in there?


It's not safe to eat.

I'd hate to risk it.

Yeah, we don't know what
kind of feces and urine

and bacteria and everything
else is in this water.


This is going to be tough.

It's going to be real tough.

It's ok.

This place is not forgiving.

And I don't think it's
going to get any easier.

So I'm definitely struggling.

We definitely needed
a lot of the calories

we got from the honey.

So tomorrow I've got to
figure out other resources

and how to utilize them.

I'm hungry.


Today's been pretty brutal.

I would agree with
that statement.

I concur.

Time to explore, see
what food we can find,

because we're going to need it.

Food is the number one
priority at the moment,

but the sun's really going to
kick our butts here with trying

to be able to get food.

There's heaps of
fish in this one.


Might be a good place
to put a fish basket.


If you chase them right up
this end, once they're in this,

it's going to be pretty
easy to grab them.

Sounds good.


Decent size fish in here.

Yeah, they're coming
to the surface now.

Yeah, I think this
is going to work.

Do you just want to stand
here just to make sure they

don't come back this way?

My plan is, when
the fish swim over,

I'll lift the basket out and
hopefully scoop up some fish.

I see the cheeky buggers
still swimming around.

Cheeky buggers.

You got any?

Nah, nothing.

I thought we were going
to be eating fish today.

This place is unpredictable.

I'm actually starting to get
pretty worried right now.

I thought these fish in here
were going to be easy to catch,

but, yeah, it's
getting serious now.

Like, it's getting
really bloody serious.

We need food.

I definitely don't feel
like I'm pulling my weight.

In the past seven
days, adam and samantha

have consumed less
than 500 calories

and burned over 40,000.

Triple digit heat is also
causing them to lose more water

than they can take in,
putting them at risk

of heatstroke and dehydration.


I don't think I've
ever felt like this

before, no energy left.

I'm just hoping
we get a win soon

and we get some food
because, I mean,

I'm absolutely zapped today.

Like, I have zero
fuel in my tank.

Yeah, I'm really
starting to feel it.

I can see samantha's
hurting right now,

and that's what's pushing me on
to try to do everything I can

to get us some food,
because we still

have miles to go to extraction.

I'm tired, hungry.

My body is slowing down.

Everything feels like this
massive task at this point

just because my
mind is like, oh,

you need to do so many
things and my body

is just like, nothing left.

Samantha, samantha.

No energy.

It'll pass.

We can do it.

We're getting to 21 together.

No energy.

We can do it.

We're getting to 21 together.

I don't know.

What if I don't get any energy?

How am I going to do stuff?

A little tough, I know.

You have it in you.

You got this.

Do you want to
that last bit of water and I'll

go grab some fresh stuff?


She's struggling.

And I hope things change.

I'm really hoping she recovers
because it's not good.

Bloody... bloody worried.

How are you feeling
this morning?

Very tired.

This area is just not providing
what we need to make it

to the end of this challenge.

So it's going to suck, but
I think we need to move.

It's definitely time
to move on from here.

I'm a little worried.

Very low on energy.


I think we should be good.

We'll just hold onto the raft.

Try not to use too
much energy and just

let the river float us down.


If we could get a decent meal,
I know that I could bounce back.

So I'm just trying
to stay positive

and hope that the next location
brings some easier food.

All right, it's time for
this ship to set sail.

Fingers crossed
where we find down

the river is better than here.

Samantha and adam
are now heading

into a narrow, fast moving
section of the orange river,

where monitor lizards
roam the shores,

defending themselves with
large tails and sharp claws.

The first area where they
might be able to make camp

is 3 and 1/2 miles down river.

It is pretty hard
to steer this thing.

No energy.

Whoa, this stuff's serious.

It's so hard to get
around these reeds.

They're everywhere.

You get tangled up in them.

And there's not much you can
do when you're in the current

with zero energy.

It looks like an all right area,
so this might be a good stop.

It's definitely a lot
different than where we were.

I feel like we're going to
wake up with some bruises.


We're halfway now.

Let's have a little look around.


Oh, god, that hurts.

The ground looks
not so bad in here.

Pretty thick, so I don't think
it'd be too hard to build

a bit of a boma around this.

There's a bit of sand, actually.

I'm good with it.


How you holding up?

So tired.

I'm dizzy and disoriented.

I don't know if my body
can make it to day 21.

This is crazy.

So exhausted.

I'm worried that
I'll be attempting

this challenge alone.

I'm really concerned.

I don't know if she
can keep this up.

I've never really had somebody
take care of me the way

adam has, and that
makes me feel terrible.

I just don't know
what else to do.

I think we scared it off.

We made a heck of
a lot of noise.


I think we'll be all right.


I hope so.

Heaps of jackal
footprints around here.

Last night, there was definitely
a jackal around the camp.

There's plenty of jackal tracks.

So they're checking us out.

It's been pretty tough so far.

We still have 12 miles
to go to extraction.

We are definitely in
need of some food.

There's fish in some
ponds not far from here.

So I'm thinking I'm going to try
to work out how to catch them.

Found three pretty
straight reeds.

See if I can make
some kind of spear.

Acacia spine seem to
be just the right size.

So you're just going to put
the thorns in the end of it?

Yeah, that's the idea.

There's no shortage of
spines on this tree.

That's how it works.

That one.

See if I can make
something happen.

Good luck.

I have been having a lot
of self-doubt in my skills.

I've used so much
energy and still haven't

really received any reward yet.

There's fish.

Even one small fish would
be so much for me right now.


This is like trying to hit
a needle in a haystack.

You're joking.

You know, my barbs are
starting to fall apart.

I feel like crap.

We need protein badly.

I feel that it was my
job to provide food,

and I've really struggled.

I went fishing this morning
with no luck, unfortunately,

but I might jump in the water
and try to find some clams.

Something primal
has clicked in me.

My vision has tunneled, animal
instinct, primal caveman thing.

And alls I'm thinking
about is food and to get

us both across the line.

Found a couple clams.

Got a good little
collection going now.

The much needed protein
that I've needed so bad.

What you doing?

Oh, my god.

50 clams.

I am so happy.


Holy crap.

Every time I turn around, there
you go doing something awesome.

It's definitely
going to help us,

considering we're
moving in a couple days.

Yeah, this could just not
have come at a better time.



I don't know what I would
do without adam out here.

I really appreciate his work
ethic and his persistence.

I didn't have much energy going
into the stretch, not sure

how much longer I would
have been able to go.

So good.

I'm thinking I might go grab
the raft this morning so we

can patch it up because it got
pretty banged up on the way


So I think we definitely
need another stop

along the way for extraction.

Yeah, definitely.

I just... I want to make
shoes for extraction.

Definitely have
been feeling better

because of the food source.

Yeah, like, another
day of clams is...

I'm not going to say no to that.

We will have to
move because we've

still got a fair way to go.

And we're going to need a break,
definitely, before extraction.

So we're just making the
most of this location

before we move on.

Sounds good.

This thing's pretty beat up now.

Definitely seen better days.

I think we'll be able to tie
it up and it'll live again.

There's a ton of bark on
a lot of these dead trees

that are perfect for shoes.

These shoes are pretty crucial.

There is no way we can
walk through the desert

with bare feet.

I learned that on insertion day.

I'm hoping that the shoes will
help show how much I appreciate

everything he's doing.

I hope that, you know,
it helps with the fact

that I haven't been able to
contribute quite like he has.

I'm pretty happy about that.

I have finally
completed the shoes.

Adam's big feet to the right,
my little feet to the left.

Might head back into the shade.

It's already pretty
hot out here.

So... all right.

I've heard something
in the reeds over here.


A water monitor.

I'm going to try and catch it.


Hey, samantha, get over here.


A water monitor.


Hey, samantha, get over here.

Ah, damn it.

So close.

Damn it.

I almost got one of
the water monitors,

but I bloody slipped and
tripped just at the last minute.

Damn lizard.

It's super frustrating to know
that he's, like, right there

and we can't grab him.

It was a big one, too.

It would've been a lot of food.

Damn it.

I can't believe I missed it.

I was so close.

Those baboons are back.

It's really hard
to sleep right now.

Something's got the
baboons worked up.

They are not happy.

So yeah, that's
probably not good.

Keep both eyes open
for the moment.

Pretty rough.

We found some tracks.

A big baboon.

So that doesn't make us
feel better that they're

on this side of the river also.

Not very happy about that.

We're probably better
off starting to move

sooner rather than later.

Sounds good.

I think we're pretty good.

The plan is to head about
another 4 or 5 miles.

We've got a lot of
ground to cover.

With 4 days left and
10 miles to cover

to reach their extraction
point, samantha and adam

continue their journey west.

As they get into
higher elevations,

the currents will get stronger,
aiding them in their journey,

but the river and
air temperatures

will get significantly cooler.

Today is the longest
we've traveled so far.

So I'm definitely feeling it.

We're headed straight
for this big rock.

Yeah, kick, kick,
kick, kick, kick.

Let's bail around the...

The other side, yeah.

What the...

It's starting to open up.

It looks like there could
be some good resources here.


Plus, you know, I don't think
I have much more left in me.

Let's see what's up
on this little island.

These baboons
sound pretty close.

We definitely want to stay
on this side of the river.

I'm not making camp
over there with them.

I hope they stay
over there then.

There's a lot of game trails.

We might be in a pretty
prime spot as far as getting

something to eat, hopefully.


Feeling pretty exhausted.

All the days of exerting
myself pretty hard

previously caught up with me.

And my body's just
giving up on me.

He's feeling really tired today.

So I'm trying to collect
firewood, boil water.

I know he's struggling.

And I know exactly what that's
like because I was there

already in this challenge.

It sucks.

What I noticed
sitting by the river

that these fish are
really attracted to acacia

beans falling from the trees.

So I've chummed the water
around the basket hoping

that they will go
after it and I'll

be able to catch a few fish.

There's like four of them,
that it would be pretty good.

Oh, he got away.

Feeling, like, definitely
low energy now.

Like, everything seems like
a massive job just to...

Just to get up even.

We both need a bit more
energy than what we've got.

The extraction's
going to be tough.

It is.

Africa is kicking our butts.

Day 20.

Today is the last
day for extraction.

Running on no sleep
and no energy.

So this is going to be
so bloody tough tomorrow.

I caught a fish!

Adam, I caught one!

Stop stabbing me.

That's a decent one, too.

Holy crap.

Oh, yes!

It's freaking incredible.

To see, like, adam light
up about this tiny fish

just made me so excited.

Well, that is so cool.

I'm so happy.

It seems like whenever one of us
is struggling the other person

seems to fix it somehow,
and we're just constantly

there for each other.

And so it makes me feel really
good to get him some protein

because I know he's
been struggling.

I think I'm more happy about
the smile on your face.

Yeah, like, I can't hold it in..

Day 20, and we got protein.

It's a little bit, but it'll do.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Well, I needed
that pretty badly,

that little bit
of a protein hit.

And to witness samantha
catch that fish just...

It's just made my day.


They're good when you
don't burn them to a crisp.


There's a bit of a thunderstorm
going on in the background,

but hopefully we don't get wet.

Fingers crossed.


It is very early on day 21.

I was really hoping for
a good night's sleep,

but it's been
super cold tonight.

Really, really,
really windy now.

And it's starting to rain.

I was not expecting
that this morning.

There's a lot of thunder
and lightning going on.

So our extraction is today.

So hopefully keep my fire
going a little bit longer,

keep warm, and get
some more sleep.

I'm freezing my butt off.

Holy crap.

If you could be any character in
"star wars," who would you be?

I'm a big han solo fan.

Who would you be?

It's obvious, chewbacca.


See, that's why we're
perfect together.

Chewy and han.

Oh, yeah.


So it's extraction day.

I'm cold still.

Last night was terrible.

This is going to be our last
chance to warm up before we

get in the water right now.

Not looking forward
to that at all.

So we're about here.


We're going to have to be
in the water for a while,

so this is going to be a test.

Here we go.

Didn't get a lot of
sleep last night.

It was super cold.

But I'm running on a lot
of excitement right now.

Hopefully I can use that all the
way to the end because I know

it's going to be rough today.

Set to go.

Oh, it's cold.

In order to reach
their extraction,

samantha and adam
will first need

to endure 3 miles on the
river in 62 degree water,

then they'll need to
trek 2 miles by foot

through the barren desert
over scalding terrain

with no source of shade
or water until they reach

the top of a lone hill where
they'll be able to spot

their extraction vehicle.

I don't think I've
ever been this cold.

Oh, it's a nightmare.

I'm losing feeling in my hands.

Even under the hot
desert sun, cold water

draws heat from
the body 25 times

faster than air,
dangerously accelerating

the risk of hypothermia.

I don't know how much
longer I can do it.

I'm cold.

I think I'm worried
about hypothermia.

Holy crap.

I think I can see some rocks.

The rock formation on the map?


I think we can
climb up that log.


Are you good?

Oh, time to get out.

Of here.

Holy crap.

Oh, it's freezing.

I can't even feel my hands.

I can my feel my
teeth chattering.

Oh, that's insane to
go from the cold water.

To this.

To leave the
greenery of the river

and back into the harsh
dry heat of the desert

is just such a massive
shock to the body.

Holy, , that water was called.

I'm still shaking.

Baboons again.

Maybe it's a good idea to get
going sooner rather than later.

All right, into the desert.

Oh, it's getting hot already.

Freezing to scorching.

In a matter of minutes.


Oh, my legs are so
tired from that swim.

I'm glad we have
these shoes because I

don't think this would
be good to walk on otherwise.


The farther you get away from
the river, it's just sheer,

open area, no shade.

My whole body's in agony.

Holy cow.

I don't know how much
longer I can be out here.

I can see the hill up here.

Yeah, I think this is it.

Man, my mouth is dry.

I am completely exhausted.

I have nothing left in the tank.

We're going to have a look
around and see what we can say.

Got to be able to see
something from there.

Oh, my gosh.

Is that a car?


Oh, my god, there's a car.



We did it!


I was just happy.

Got me so pumped.

I am exploding with emotion.

And it's a relief.

Like, it is honestly a relief.

We did it!

Made it!



Let's get out of here.

Getting into this vehicle
with adam is kind of surreal.

It's almost like a dream.

We finished this challenge,
21 days on the orange river

in africa.

And I could not be
more proud of us.

Oh, my god.

Thank you, africa.

I've learned that it is
ok to open up to someone.

I've never really
relied on somebody.

I've never asked for help.

That's never been easy for me.

So what got me through
was that I had adam there

to support me and motivate me.

I made a lifelong friend.

We actually did it.

We did it.

We really did it.

Best thing I've ever
done in my life,

to come out and
survive and build

a friendship along the way.

There's nothing like
a challenge this hard

to really open your
eyes and make you

realize your full potential.

I'm just completely humbled
by this whole experience.

This has pushed me beyond
the edges of my limitations,

I believe.

And to know that in the
hardest moments of my life

I found a way and
made it to the end.

So I'm really happy about that.

During this 21 day nomadic
journey, adam lost 22 pounds.

His psr increases to 7.5.

Samantha lost 19 pounds.

Her primitive survival
rating rises to 7.0.

Adam, we did it!