Naked and Afraid (2013–…): Season 12, Episode 1 - Twinning - full transcript

I'm not nervous now, but
anything can happen in 21 days.

So it's going to be pretty
easy to get lost out here.

You could get turned
around pretty easily,

and it's so thick,
full of vegetation,

it's going to be hard to make
a straight line and navigate.

Narrator: Blackwater
swamp, florida,

covering over 6,000 acres of
treacherous wetlands and murky


Only the seminole indians
were able to survive

in this no man's land more
than two centuries ago.

Their neighbors... territorial
wild boar and florida panthers

whose ability to
see in the dark turn

the nights into a killing zone.

Here, the water
is so black it can

fuel six species of
deadly snakes and over

one million alligators.

So I am so excited right now.

I feel incredible.

I'm a native floridian.

My childhood was
definitely not typical.

I was raised naked
and in the woods,

and we lived in a
barn-like structure.

What I learned from
that upbringing

was how to handle the florida
heat and florida bugs,

and how to be comfortable
without a stitch of clothing


I'd say my best skill is my
ability to identify species...

Species to eat,
species to avoid.

I got a degree in natural
resource conservation.

I can name just about
every plant around me

with its scientific name.

Oh, come here.

Oh, come here.


I'm a single mother
of a six-year-old son,

and I look at this
challenge as being

able to show him
that yes, we can do

whatever we put our minds to.

I am so excited right now.

I get to use all
these incredible gifts

that are around us.

Make a two-story wigwam with
a chimney and an elevator.

I'm going to dominate
this challenge.

Narrator: Rose
enters the challenge

with an abundance of experience
in the swamps of florida.

But having to
survive primitively,

even in her own backyard, could
prove harder than she thinks.

Rose begins with a
primitive survival

rating, or psr, of 6.8.

I see food.

I see shelter.

I see fuel.

I see many, many gifts.

I'm absolutely excited to
test myself in this environment

that I haven't really been
exposed to in the past.

I'm hoping this skill set that
I have does translate over well.

I'm as prepared as
I can be for this

and I'm ready to
hit it pretty hard.

Originally I'm from australia.

I was born in sydney.

I've been practicing
outdoor bushcraft ever

since I was about 16 years old.

My strengths as a
survivor would definitely

be hunting and trapping.

I was a department of
defense contractor.

I was training marines.

Most of my training when
I was in the military

was open-water survival.

I'm not nervous.

This is going to be a
different environment

than what I'm used to.

I know this is going to
be a different environment

than what I'm used to.

I went through my tough stuff
when I went through my divorce.

That was a massive thing
for me to overcome.

There's no way I'll ever
tap on this challenge.

Just knowing that
my two daughters

are going to be
watching, there's

no way I'm ever going to quit.

The location's looking
beautiful so far.

I'm excited to see
how it all plays out.

I definitely wouldn't
call myself an alpha male.

The alpha male isn't the
guy that needs to say it.

He's the guy that shows it.

I want to show myself that I
can walk into any environment

and keep myself
[inaudible], , and this is

something that shows you that.

Narrator: Waz's military
background and expert hunting

skills give him a strong
edge, but his lack

of experience in
this environment

could leave him vulnerable.

Waz also begins
with a psr of 6.8.

I'm 100% sure I'm
going to make it 21 days.

I'll be walking out on
day 21 without an issue.

I guess this is it.

Time to get naked on tv.

I've got a bit of a
resting bitch face.

So when I'm sitting back and
listening and I'm not talking,

people think that I'm
angry all the time.

But I'm a friendly guy
once I get to know you.

I'll open up.

All right, guess I'm here.

I'm not nervous about
being in front of a man

naked that I don't know.

Sounds like any other
day of the week.

That's much better.

Waz: I'm hoping
for a partner that

has some really good
complementary skill

sets, someone who's not just
going to sit around and be

lazy and try and ride it out.

Looks like the rain's coming in.

Rose: My biggest worry
going into this challenge

is that I don't get
along with my partner.

probably would bug me.


Narrator: Hello.

How are you doing?

I'm doing well.

How do you like this
florida weather?

It's not too bad.

Stayed in the afternoon shower.

My name's waz. - Hi.

What is it? - Waz.

W-a-z. - Oh, nice.

Rose. Pleasure.

- Nice to meet you, rose.
- You too.

All right.

All right.

You ready to do this?

I am so ready.

I'm over-ready.

21 days in this beautiful place.


We got water falling
from the sky.

I'm excited to
see what's in here.

I am too.

Narrator: Waz and rose each
have one personal item.

My trusty stainless
steel cooking pot!

I brought my machete.


Narrator: And they have
been given a fire starter.


Got a fire starter.
That's perfect.

Oh yeah.

That's going to be really
helpful with this humidity

and this weather, definitely.

Well, let's take
a look at this map.

It looks like we're over
here, but I think we head

towards the water there, yeah?

Oh, it's going to get dark.


Looks a little bit
ominous over there,

but we'll have some water,
which is going to be good.

Gator's good eating.

Gator is good eating.

Watch out for those
bobcats though.

It looks like this
rain is coming in.

We better take off. - All right.

Let's do it.

Look what you just walked by...

Golden orb weaver.

Just barely missed it too.

I've never seen this many
spiders in my entire life,

and I'm from australia.

Where are you from?

I'm from gainesville, florida.

Naked in the woods is
kind of my upbringing.

That's pretty cool.

What would you
say your strongest

skill set is in relation to
what we're doing right now?

Species identification.

Plant nerd... guilty.

That and just being
able to withstand

ridiculous heat, bugs.

So you're just set.

You're good for 21 days.

I'm good, yeah.

I hope you're all right.

This is bit of a walk
in the park for you.


having rose know
her flora so well,

it's an amazing gift for me.

Rose: Pickerelweed,
pontederia cordata.

That's good stuff.

I haven't been in an
area like this before.

So this is some jurassic park
prehistoric jungle swamp land.

Can you get over that?

Oh yeah, I can get over it.

Might not be very
ladylike, but I can do it.

I think we'll work
very well together.

Seems to have a really
good sense of humor.

I think that's
incredibly important.

He's got a really fun
australian accent.

So that's always good.

Because then if
he's complaining,

at least he sounds really neat.

Oh, hang on a second.

Looks like we're got
a cottonmouth in here.

Oh my gosh.

Stay back a little bit.

I don't want you to get bit.

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My heart's racing.

If you don't fight,
you won't make it.

Fight so hard!

Rose: Now that's florida!

How big is it?

He's tucked way back.

So I can't really tell,
to be honest with you.

It sort of disappeared
into the hole.

Cottonmouths are
real territorial.

So as soon as he
feels threatened,

he's going to come out.

Narrator: Water moccasins,
also known as cottonmouths,

can stalk their prey
both on land and in water

and, when threatened, will
stand their ground and attack.

Before he strikes,
he'll open his mouth

and he's going to
want to warn us.

That's where they
get the cottonmouth.

My foot got within about
an inch or two of it.

I was lucky enough
that I saw it.

If I'd trot on that, that could
have been... that could have

been the end of the challenge.

That can definitely
send you home.

So that snake's tucked away
right up the back in this hole.


Moving right along.


A little slippery.

I bet hogs have
been through here.

Who wants bacon?

That'll be good.


Narrator: Wild boar offer
the possibility of protein,

but they're mostly active
at nighttime and capable

of goring animals to death
with their razor-sharp tusks.

Rose: Well, it looks
like we found the water.

Waz: Yeah, so we must
be getting close.

Looks like alligators
live in here.

They probably do.

It is a swamp.

So there's dangers in
a swamp no matter what.

I don't know how close I
really want to be to them.

All right.

Let's wrestle some alligators.

Narrator: The powerful jaw
muscles of american alligators

allow them to bite down
with 3,000 pounds of force.

You couldn't.

Cannot see a thing under there.

No, you can't you can't
see anything under there.

If I was by myself, I
would not get in that water,

because I don't know the
first thing about alligators.

I've seen them at the zoo.

I've never seen
them in real life.

That was an experience.

Rose: Ok, it's getting
a little drier.

That's much nicer.

This is looking promising.

Should we start here?

This seems the driest
we've seen so far.

So we're not too
far from the water.

We've got the palms here.

A lot of our building material's
going to come from that.

We've got some pre-existing
structure here.

So we've got a couple of trees
that we might be able to use.

I want something that...

It doesn't have to
be massive, but I'd

like it to be comfy and have
at least three bedrooms.

I would love to do
something raised platform.


What do you think?

I like it.

This is home?

This looks like home for me.

Narrator: Waz and rise will
build a platform to get them

off the ground with a roof and
two walls made from palm fronds

to protect them from the more
than 100 inches of rain per

year in this area is known for.

We should have a lot of noise
we yell out when we get lost.

Like a bird call?

Bird call is what
comes to my mind.

What bird call you thinking of?

Well, we have bard
owls around here.

That was an amazing...

I thought that was a bard owl.

Well, that's because
I'm really good at it.

Teach me how to do it.

[bard owl call]

that's good.

That's really good.

[bard owl call]

- that'll do.
- All right.

We have a call.

This is a little
bit wet, isn't it?

Everything's a
little bit wet here.

Trying to start
a fire in a swamp,

it's a difficult thing to
do, but pretty important.

Night time there's panthers,
bobcats, wild pigs.

There's so many things
out here that I don't

know how half of them act.

I've not been around
these animals before.

We got a fire going.

Hey, look at that.


[music playing]

my goals coming in
today were always going

to be water, shelter, and fire.

Shelter's not bad.

It just has a few more steps
that we need to complete.

Rose: Well, I think
we'll at least be mostly

dry tonight if it were to rain.

Waz: The little wins.

Rose: Little wins for sure.

I don't want to
scare you, but we're

going to be real personal.


waz: That's survival.

Rose: Yes it is.

Coming in.

Waz: What is it?

Rose: I can't see.

Waz: Whatever it
is, it's not scared.

Rose: What about tracks?

You see any tracks?

What are you going to [bleep]?

Whatever it was.


Talk about getting
your heart pumping.

Man, my stomach jumped.

Waz: We didn't get a
lot of sleep last night.

Rose: No.

It was a very up and
down and adrenaline...

Waz: Here's the question.

Will those animals
be back tonight?

Rose: I don't know.

Waz: We're just going to
have to take turns keeping

our eyes peeled at night.

This thing was literally a
foot away from us in the dark,

and I got a little bit scared.

I'm not going to lie.

This is going to
be a snake stick.

It's just something
that we can...

If we do see a snake, we
can maintain a safe distance

and hold it down.

Yesterday, I just happened to
look down and I saw a snake.

So the fact that I saw that
on day one, it means they're

all over the place.

Bit of a nice little spear that
I can, if we see something,

I'll jam it.

All right.

Rose: All right.

Are we ready?

Waz: Ready enough.

Snakes love hunting around
water, water moccasins


There's got to be a water
moccasin down here somewhere,

sitting on a log,
just stared at us.

Rose: I see some small fish.

Waz: We've got some good places
we can throw some baskets.

Rose: Yeah, fish baskets.

I'm all for making
some fish baskets.

Oh, I think there might
be a snake over there.

I think I heard something.

Oh, yes, I see it.

Where is it?

It's right at the
base of this tree,

and I think it's a cottonmouth.

Waz: Stay back just
in case it moves,

because these things are
pretty fast, a little bit

territorial as well.

Rose: They don't care.

Waz: Can I get my machete?

Rose: Yes, you may.

All right.

Oh, is it pregnant?

Are there eggs in there?

Eggs are good eating.

We got the mother lode.

Look at those eggs.

Oh my gosh, the
babies are coming out.

Waz: You want to see some
babies come out of these?

Rose: Ugh.

Oh, man.

Can we get something
to put them in?

Waz: Yeah, definitely.

We'll take them, because we
could put them in a little pot.

Rose: Oh, thank
you for sacrificing

your next generation for us.

Waz: Some of these are still
in their little egg pouches.

Other ones have
already come out.

Rose: Best partner ever.

I was really hoping those
eggs were going to be

more yolky and less reptiley.

Well, it was a team
effort for sure.

Waz: Yeah.

Rose: Look at that.

Waz: That tastes good.

We'll get some good
protein out of this.

Rose: So excited.

Waz: This is really
going to help get

us through to that next meal.

Are we doing this?

Oh, we're doing this.

All right.

Get the baby there?

It's the baby.

Look, it's all curled up.

It's kind of like fusili pasta,
except totally different.

Energy in, energy out.

That's all it's about.

So much gratitude for all
these wonderful little lives.


A lot of times, I sit
back and think to myself

how much I miss my
girls, how much I

want to have a chat with them.

Hello, tiberius.

Momma misses you so much.

The moon is out and
I thought of you.

Normally we'd be
howling at it together.

Waz: Howl.

Howl at the moon.

Howl at the moon?

Howl at the moon.


rose: I love you.

I miss you.

Good night, kids.

[music playing]

I'm going to get going
on a fishing trip.

Oh, fabulous.

I might make a couple so
we can increase our chances.

Rose: Sounds good.

This is some grape vine
that we got off the tree.

This should be enough for a
couple of fishing baskets.

What I'm going to do...

These are going to weave in and
out, in and out, all the way

around and up.

The fish trap will
have another cone

shape so the fish can swim in,
but they can't get out of it.

I think this is
about as good as we're

going to get for the moment.

That's actually...
This is really good.

That's perfect.

Rose: Thank you, thank you.

All right.

We'll just leave
it in overnight.

Fish traps.

Rose: I think that
calls for a high five.

Since I was eight, I
sort of stopped, but...

What do you prefer?

Not doing high-fives.

My partner is awesome, but
celebration on the outside

is not something that
I really do too much.

It's just not part of who I am.

Rose: We might get some rain.

Waz: That storm sounds
like it's coming.

Rose: Wow.

Steady pours from the
ceiling right where we sleep.

This is all dripping
right onto the fire.

Waz has his own swimming
pool at his feet.

It's going to be a long night.

[music playing]

well, that was an adventure.

The thunder and
lightning last night,

that storm that rolled through,
rolled directly over our heads.

I heard a couple of loud cracks.

And I was concerned
that we were going

to get one directly on top of
us, or a little bit too close.

I think we were just
lucky that that didn't

happen, to be honest with you.

The rainstorm came on quick
and lasted all night long.

We weren't exactly
prepared for it,

but we still stayed warm
in our little place.

So you don't high-five?

I'm going to draw
my own high-five.

I love it.

On the tree.

Waz is not a high-fiver.

Any time it's time to
high-five, I'm just

going to high-five the tree.

Looks bigger than my hand.

Waz: Yeah, high-five.

[inaudible] all right.

We need a plan.

What are we going to do?


We'll go for a walk
to check out our trap.


Primarily, today
is about eating.

We didn't eat yesterday.

So today is definitely going
to be finding some food.

Something in there, but
it's a little small.

It's a beetle.


rose: I woke up groggy
for the first time.

I feel like big food score is
just right around the corner.

I could use some food.

Yeah, let's get food today.

I like food.

Sword fern.

Here you go.

Narrator: The roots
of mature sword ferns

are rich in carbohydrates.

If this had root tubule
things, they're edible.

So oh well.

This one's too young, I guess.

Regardless of how bad it
gets, my partner and I

usually resort back to thinking
about the positive stuff.

This will end.

Waz: We're going to try
something today to see if we

and catch some little minnows.

So what I'm going to do is try
and weave some of this monkey

fur together, stitch the
top into some sort of frame

that I make.

I'm just going to tie
this handle on here,

and then we've just got
a bit of a fish scoop.

Only two tiny ones.

This is so inhumane,
but I'm so hungry.

I don't know how this
is going to work.

No way did I think that it would
be this challenging to find

protein in a florida swamp.

Thank you for your life.

All right.

Here we go.

There's a lot of dirt in there.

I really wish I had found more.

Waz: I feel like someone
of my size putting

two or three calories in
their body with the minnows

is not going to make that
much of a difference.

Let me use this rock to get
some fish hooks out of them.

The [inaudible]
basically small enough.

Like, you wrap your bait around
it, you drop it in the water.

It's small enough that the fish
can swallow it down its throat.

You pull on it, and it's
going to catch on one side

and then catch on
the other side,

and then you're able
to just flick the fish

or pull the fish
out of the water.

See the line?

It's getting nibbled
on a little bit.

I needed it to be swallowed, so.

The little nibbles
aren't going to help.

If it's small fish
picking at it,

they're not going to be able
to swallow that big hook.

Picked clean.

This water is just so dark.

You can't see what's in there.

This is extremely frustrating.

I fished my whole life.

I spear fish.

Like, this is what I do.

But to know that
they're out here

and not be able to see them,
not be able to get them out,

it's a little bit tough.

That fish is taunting me.

Rose: Oh, that hit it.

Taking it slow.

Waz: If you're getting
light-headed from standing up,

we need to get food in you.

Rose: I do not disagree.

Narrator: In the last
14 days, waz and rose

have each consumed less
than 500 calories total

even though they have
been burning more

than 2,000 calories per day.

Not being able to
collect as much protein,

I didn't think that was
going to be an issue.

I thought I'd be
eating like a king

out here, to be honest with you.

Honestly, I'm running
out of options.

I feel like we're trying to
change it up a little bit, but.

We'll go for an
early morning walk

tomorrow in a
different direction

and see what that bodes.

Today do you want
to walk this way?


We haven't gone that way.

A message my eldest
daughter sent me right

before I came out,
she said, dad,

if it gets tough out
there, it gets hard,

I want you to just push.

I've fallen back
on that message,

especially in the last week.

Normally I'm on
2,500-3,000 calories

a day in my normal life.

You know, it makes it tough.

Your mind's not
there all the time.

Simple chores get difficult.
There's an armadillo that's

been through here recently.

Rose: Nice.

Waz: They're digging that
triangle shape under there.

That looks pretty fresh.

Like, that's not been
rained on, right?

Rose: Yeah, that
does look fresh.

I'll tell you what.

If we can get an armadillo,
that's going to be a good day.

Yeah, a very good day.

I see an armadillo.

Where is it?

Straight ahead.

I got it.

You see it?


He's a good size one, too.

I'm going to get up
there slowly as it moves.

You want to be really quiet.


waz: Yeah.

Keep your eyes on it.

Go around.

Stand still.

Make some noise and try to
flush it across this way.


keep your eyes on it.

Make some noise over there.


go back down there.

Hey, bring my spear up.

So it's in this hole right here.

I should have just grabbed it.

This is a big armadillo.

It's a lot of food,
there's a lot of fat,

there's a lot of protein.

If I don't get this
by the end of the day,

it's going to be
extremely disappointing.

I imagine this is not
going to be pretty,

but it's going to happen.

I watched him run in this whole.

Rose: Yeah, but that
hole might have...

Might have a t.

You think it goes off sideways?

I don't see why not.

But the odds of that
being the end of the whole

would be really stupid
for a prey like that.

Any fox could get in
there and just annihilate

it if it didn't have an exit.

Narrator: Armadillos dig burrows
with interconnecting tunnels

and multiple exits to
provide safety from predators

and harsh weather.

Waz: So this tunnel comes
down and comes this way as far

as I can tell.

I just wished it had
a happier ending.

For me, not the armadillo.

That was a huge meal that was
really going to help the team,

and I'm the one that didn't
take that shot and reach out.

It's a tough thing
for me to get past.

I'm not normally like this.

Like, I accept failure.

Everyone's going to fail.

You have to fail to
be successful in life.

This one's a tough
one for me to get at.

How's the energy levels, rose?

They're pretty [muted]
right now, which is very,

very frustrating right now.

I can't go any longer
without protein.

I'm on the desperate level.

This is not sustainable.

If I don't get some
food soon, it's

going to make extraction
a lot more difficult.

Waz: You're going to be
on [inaudible] today.

I don't want you to do too much.

Try and get some...

I'm going to try and get
some food in you before you

do anything strenuous.

You can tell that rose
is declining physically.

She's got less and less
energy pretty much each day.

No dice.

This sums up fish traps for me.

I went through every single
tool in my belt. Like,

I know there's food in
the ground right here.

I don't know how to get it out.

I know that there's
fish down there.

I don't have the tools right now
to get that out of the water.

It gets really frustrating.

Rose: How was your walk.

Oh, I thought you were asleep.

Rose: [inaudible]

I was unsuccessful.

I apologize.

I tried my hardest
to get you some food,

but it did not happen.

It's an interesting
feeling to feel so drained.

Like, there's just no source
to tap into to refuel.

The biggest goal now is
to get as many nutrients...

See how much I'm
getting lightheaded?

Yeah, I might need to sit down.

Hold on.

Waz: You good?

Rose: I'm really lightheaded.

I couldn't stand much longer.

I'm sure it's due
to caloric intake

being in the negative
compared to expenditure.

You can rest up.

I'll go look for food.

I don't want to walk
back empty-handed,

especially while rose couldn't
even finish a sentence

and had to lie down.

If she's feeling like
this now, I don't

know how she makes extraction.

My goal coming in was both
of us walk out of here.

So I've got to do everything
I can to try and fix that.

Surely we're going to
get lucky eventually.

A leaf in the wind right now.

Barely hanging on.

Waz: I just want to scout around
the edge of this ecosystem

and the edge of the next one.

That's where a lot
of animals hang out.

Hang on a second.

I heard something up here.

I don't know what it was,
either a big pig or...


A big pig.

[music playing]

it jumped in the water.


got any jokes, rose?

Polar bear goes into a bar.

Bartender says, well,
what will you have?

He goes, I'll have a...


The bartender says,
why the big pause?

He goes, had them all my life.


That's terrible.

Did you hear about the
scarecrow that won the award?

Oh dear.


For being outstanding
in his field.

Pretty bad.

I think it's funny.

A big [inaudible].

This is nuts.

Sorry, bud.


this is massive for rose
and I. Thanks, buddy.

As you can tell,
I'm just exhausted.

It's bittersweet.

Like, I hate taking the
life of another animal,

but it's just something
we have to do.

This is survival.

And he's given a precious gift.

We get to eat, get
some protein inside us,

get our minds working again.

We're going to get this
back, get this cleaned up,

see if we can't get a bit
of food in our bellies.

[music playing]

no armadillo.

I'm sorry, rose.


Damn it.

But would you settle for bacon?

Oh my god.

Bless all that is holy.

You're kidding.

We get bacon?

We get bacon.

Oh my god.

Lately it's been just barely
getting along, and now...

Oh my god.

What a blessing.

We are going to have so
much energy for extraction.

Oh my goodness.

Waz, you are a blessing.

Lots of thanks
for this little guy.

Oh, so much thanks.

Oh my goodness.

I'm way too overwhelmed.

I'm very grateful.

Thank you so much, waz,
for everything you've done.

You're welcome.

I'll try and make some nice thin
bits so we can cook it faster

and get them in our bellies.

We spent the majority of
this challenge looking for food

unsuccessfully, and now
we have food to last

us the rest of our journey.

So just absolutely amazing.

I am so filled with
gratitude right now.

And then I'm going to
be filled with pork.

Is it glorious?


that tastes good.

That first bite of food
is out of this world.

There should be a name for
I haven't eaten for 16 days.

This food is going to take us
all the way through to the end.

I'm going to say me
and my partner are

going to walk out on day 21.

Rose: It's like I can to feel
energy returning to my body.

Makes such a
difference, doesn't it?

Monumental difference.

So I say the rest of the night,
we just cook pig and eat.

[music playing]

good morning with full bellies
for the first time since we've

been here.

Waz: We got breakfast.

Tastes like christmas ham.

It is absolutely phenomenal.

Rose: I'm going to try
and eat as much of this

as I possibly can.

We are not out of the swamp yet.

All right.

Packing up.

I've got my machete.

Got my snack stick.

You got that stick.

I think we pretty
much got everything.

I think we do too.

All right.

Let's get this map.

Let's have a look
where we've got to go.

Narrator: Waz and rose will
have to travel three miles

through a maze of
black swamp water

until they reach
a deep slough used

as a waterway for the largest
alligators in the area, some as

long as 14 feet.

If they make it
to the other side,

they must then travel another
mile to their extraction point,

keeping their heads on a
swivel for deadly black widow

and brown recluse spiders,
rattlers, and water moccasins.

This is the biggest
concern right here.

We've got to get
across this creek.

Oh, wow.

Let's go.

Rose: Let's do this.

[music playing]

waz: The ground is so soggy.

Rose: Oh my gosh, it's way deep.



Water gets everywhere
as we're walking out.

It makes it quite treacherous.

Every step you take,
you need to make

sure that you're putting your
foot down on stable ground.


Oh my god.

Oh [muted] a bit stuck.

Was not expecting this
deep of mud, very taxing.


Waz: We're sort of running
out of land on this side.

So we might have to cross here.

You're the gator expert.

What do you know about like...
See this little tributary

right here?

Is that where a
gator might hang out?

They could hang
out anywhere here.

No time like the present.

We might as well
just go for it, yeah?


Waz: That's pretty deep.

Rose: Whoa.

Waz: Makes me a bit anxious
feeling things on the bottom.

Rose: Yeah.

There's no telling
what's down there.


that was a little
scarier than I expected.

Waz: This is obviously some
pretty solid water moccasin

territory right
here, lots of logs,

places for them to hide out.

Just be careful with every step.

Rose: I keep thinking that we're
going to get to a big clearing,

and then it's back
into the swamp.

The idea of talking to
my son is definitely

the driving force right now.

Waz: Keep pushing, because we're
going to lose a lot of time

on this.

Rose: I have no idea
how close we are.

Waz: Definitely starting
to feel a bit different,

like it's drying out some.

Watch your feet as you
come through there.

Rose: I'm going to keep pushing.

Waz: One foot in
front of the other.

Hang on a minute, rose.

Rose: What?

Waz: It looks like it's clearing
up up here a little bit.

Oh my gosh.

We're out of the
[inaudible] meadows.

Waz: To the open space.

Rose: Ugh.

Waz: Oh, can you hear that?

Here we go.


Rose: Oh my god.



waz: Thank you [inaudible].

Rose: Waz is a very
thoughtful person,

and I'm very, very
grateful for that.

I really couldn't have
asked for a better partner.


Oh god.

Holy mother of moly.

Was that a high-five?

Waz: Oh yeah.

Rose: We made it!

Waz: Coming out the other side
with my partner next to me,

that sense of accomplishment
for me is a massive thing.

We pushed pretty hard.

I'm pretty proud of that.

The sense of achievement
from finishing this challenge

is absolutely indescribable.

I am most proud for
my son to see my

being able to push
myself and come out

the better on the other side.

At the end of the day, I
learned a lot about myself.

Drop me anywhere in
the world, and I'll

walk out the other end.


We did it.

Narrator: Rose
survived the blackwater

swamp having lost 26 pounds.

Her psr rises from 6.8 to 7.0.

Waz lost 37 pounds.

His psr rises from 6.8 to 7.5.

I'm blessed to have been
able to experience it.

So grateful.

Is a once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity, and I did it,

and it's a badge of honor
that I can wear with

me for the rest of my life.


Rose: Thank you,
black florida swamp!

Waz: Yeah!

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