Naked Attraction (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 6 - Rose & Clarissa - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
from the start and throughout.

When it comes to looking for love,

we've all been caught out by fancy
filters and exaggerated profiles.

But we have a more
instinctive way to find love.

Tonight, a business consultant,
a flight attendant and a

lifeguard are stripping bare to
attract the perfect partner.

This is so mad.

Because we like to start where a
good date ends.


It's a penis and it's in my face.


Hell yeah!

What!? I know.

Can picking a partner, based solely
on natural beauty...

Can you give me a twerk?
Oh, my god. you find the one?

Do you look at that and think,

I want to get the helmet on and
I want to explore?

VOICEOVER: When we're entirely

You've got six penises in your face.
Have you had this before?
Maybe in my dreams.

VOICEOVER: ..what do men and women
really find attractive?

I'm actually still a virgin. We're
looking for a third partner.

This is a Naked Attraction first.

VOICEOVER: Let's find out by dating
in reverse.

You're going to have to say
goodbye to one of them. Um.

Can I take them all, now?

Not on this show.

This is Naked Attraction.

Welcome to Naked Attraction,

the show where you can find love

in your birthday suit

any day of the year.

Inside each of these six pods behind
me, I've lined up a brave,

naked singleton.

Only one of them will be picked
to go on a date,

but who's doing the choosing?

I'm Rose, I'm 24 and I was born
and bred in Bristol.

I've never really had a serious

and I've never been in love.

I've been single for what
feels like forever.

My life revolves around keeping fit
and keeping in shape,

and, at the moment, I'm
doing 100 squats a day.

The problem I'm having is I'm
stronger than most guys I meet.

Most guys want a girl they
can look after,

not one that can bench press them.

I spent a lot of time with
my male friends,

but when it comes to dating,
it's just really hard to flirt.

I want to find a man that can see me
for the girl I am underneath

all my muscles.

Rose, welcome to the show! Hello.

Now, come on, 100 squats a day?

Yeah, I love it when you get right
into it, right deep,

got to go really deep, though.

So, listen, what are you looking for
in your perfect fella?

Man that's, like, a manly man.

Bit of a workman so he can do
things round the house.

So, you want a bloke to be a bloke?

But also to be able to, like, look
after you at the same time.

So, why on Earth would you
choose a date naked?

You've got to have balls to do it.
Quite literally.

I think, with me, I'm quite

..they're naked on TV. Exactly.

If they can do that, they must have
a little bit of outgoingness.

So, if they can do this with
millions of people

watching, that's a fella for you.
Yeah, yeah.

OK. Shall we start the game?

Yeah, come on, then. Come on.

Let's get ready to rumble.

Inside these six coloured pods
I've lined up for you six

totally starkers fellas.


Each of them has an attribute that
you have said you find

physically attractive. OK.

We are going to reveal them bit by
bit to you, all you have to

do is whittle them down from six to
one, based on naked
attraction alone.

Yeah? OK, let's reveal the lower
half of the bodies, please.

We're doing it. We're doing it!
We're doing it.

We are really doing it.



Hello, lads.

Now, Rose, suck it all up.

All right, careful there.

Which willy? Orange.

Oh, what are you attracted
to about orange?

Got a bit more girth.

Girth is important?

What about blue?
Not too bad.

Girth and length! Tick, tick.

Needs a bit of a tidy-up.

I don't mind hair on a man, I like
hair, but a little bit of a trim?

Yeah. Let's have a look at pink.

I'm looking at the legs first.

What is it about pink's legs that
you really like?

Got a bit more shape in them,
and a bit more thickness.

Do you think pink works out?

What about bums, are you into bums?

Oh, I love bums, I love a good...
Do you? Mmm!

All right, boys, can you give me
a turn around, please, so we can

inspect your bum.

Cheeky, here we go.

Ooh. 's.
Shall we have a look at yellow?

It's quite nice, know what I
mean? It's smooth.

Yeah, so is smoothness an
important thing?

Yeah, I love to bite a bum.

It's juicy, like, grrr, bum.

Liking a bite on the bum, or another
part of the body during sex,

is more popular than you
might expect,

with one survey finding a surprising
56% of people who've tried it.

There's even a word for arousal
through biting, odaxelagnia.

Now, that's a mouthful.

Could you sink your gnashers into
any of these bums?

Green looks like he does some
squats, don't he? Pale, but...

..quite firm.
He's not sagging, is he?

He's not sagging, but he's a bit
pale for you, is he? Yeah...

All right. Red's got the hairy
legs, which I like.

Yeah. All right bum.

What would you like to see improved
on that? Bit more oomph.

Yeah, but you could train him in
that, couldn't you?

Yeah, could do some squats together.
A few more squats and lunges.

Could do some...
Look at that bum go.

Fellas, can you turn round to face
the front, please?

Well, Rose, based on naked

you need to decide on one guy that
you are going to lose.

This is really hard.

I really don't know.

They've all got individual little
bits that I like.

Who would you like to say
goodbye to?

It's gonna have to be... Sorry. Blue!

Why blue?

Maybe a bit too much hair.

OK, this is Bob. He is a 30-year-old
account assistant from Leeds.

Ohh. Come and join us here in the
middle here, my love.

Meet Rose.
Nice to meet you, Rose.

I'm so sorry! It's all right.

How does it feel to be first out?

A little bit disappointed, but I
guess I probably didn't trim

it down enough, did I?

I'm so sorry it's not a date.

Thank you very much.
See you later.

Look at that bum go.

I'm a little bit disappointed to be
out just based on my bush.

Maybe just an extra inch off
the top might help.

We are now down to five guys. Are
you ready to see a little bit more?

This is what I'm looking forward to.
Is it?

Strength in your core, do you know
what I mean? Technical.

How's your core strength?

It's tough. That really is, isn't

It's like a piece of steel.

I need some tips from you. Right.

Let's reveal the middle part of the

Let's see them tummies.

Ooh. Ooh.

Don't think they're going to look
like that, do you?

That is completely different
to what I expected.

Who surprised you the most, then?

Green, then.
Why did Mr Green surprise you, then?

I actually thought he was going to
be a little bit more slender here.

Bit more ripped around the middle?

I don't care if he's got a six pack
or, like, a little bit of... you
know. Uh-huh.

That actually shocked me.

We do have a six pack over here,
if we look at red.

I didn't expect that.

Go on, give us a flex, red. Ohh.

What I noticed about red, as well,
is he's got that lovely v-shape

going down to the willy.

It's called an Adonis belt.

Hey, you're all right, mate.

The Adonis belt, or victory V line,
is a defining crease where two

muscles, the obliques and lower abs,

We actually all have it, but it only
becomes evident with minimal

body fat, so you've got to
work hard to get one.

And, with celebs like David Beckham
and Chris Hemsworth proudly

showing their V lines off,
it's no wonder many women claim this

is their favourite part of
a man's body.

Look, look, pink's really trying to
flex there.

Yeah, I suppose.

Do you like a back? Yes.

Pink, show us your back, please.

Your thoughts, please.

Too much hair on the
shoulder and back.

But do you know what? Women,
if their dad is hairy,

they're more likely to find a
hairy man attractive.

Exactly, but you like a smooth boy?

I'd like a bit of hair. OK.

Pink, turn around, please.
Take one last look, Rose.

You're gonna have to make
a decision.

You're going to have to lose one of
these boys based on naked

attraction alone.

It's a hard one.

It's gonna have to be pink.

Pink! Why pink?

The stomach wasn't doing it for me.

This is Harman, 24-year-old
psychology student from Glasgow.

Hello. Sorry, darling.
Nah, that's no worries.

You've got great legs, though. Yeah,
I can squat for days, by the way.

Can you?

Thank you so much for taking part.

See you later, lovely.

So, being naked was quite
liberating. Felt like a superhero.

Probably a superhero that'll get
arrested if I went about the


Coming up...

Rose bares all before

choosing who to date.

It's hard.

And a brand new singleton

gets to pick a partner based on

naked attraction.

Bit of a selection going on.

Earlier, fitness fanatic Rose
whittled six potential dates

down to four. Based on
Naked Attraction alone.

She can only choose one guy
to go on that date,

so, who will she lose next?

So, Rose remind us again -
why are you here?

I like a big muscly man,
but a man that's like a manly man.

So, you want a bloke to be a bloke?

Mm. Obviously doesn't have to be big
and muscly, you know,

but when I'm training, my
arms get massive

and when I'm laid next to a guy...

You don't want to look bigger than
they do. I don't want to look

bigger than them, cos then I
feel like I'm the man. OK.

We have four men left.

We now need to put the face
to the bodies.

Let's reveal the faces.



I didn't expect them to look like
that. Who are you thrown by?

You a little bit. What, red? Yeah.

Why? Smaller head, no offence,
a smaller head than I expected.

Red's got a smaller head than you
thought he was going to have.

Shall we go a bit closer?
I think that we need, definitely,

we're coming in. I'm sweating!

No, he's got a good jawline,
manly jawline, it's, like, defined.

Good manly jawline, that's good.

Let's have a look at green.

Ooh, hello.

Lovely teeth.

Got good teeth. Beautiful eyes.

You've got, like, really
sparkly eyes.

They're really sparkly, aren't they?
Yeah, very much so.

Approved. Tick.


He's got lovely lips.

He's got good eyes.

Oh, orange.

They've all got blue eyes,
haven't they. Yeah.

Ooh, hello.

Seen enough? Yeah.

So, Rose... Ohh.

..somebody else is going to be sent
home, who's it going to be?

Who are you going to go with?

Sorry, orange, I'm going to
have to go with you.

Why orange?


Arms? Like, I'd have to bulk you up.

You'd have to work-out.
You'd be knackered.

This is Chris, he is a 33-year-old
business consultant from Kent.

How are you, darling? Hiya.

On the plus side, Chris. Mm. Rose
admired your girth.


Yeah. On this occasion, it's a
no date.

No problem.

He's got a really cool
walk, hasn't he?

She complimented me on the
girth of my penis.

I've heard it before.

All right, three men remain, Rose.

What kind of voice do you like?

Soft, deep.

So, you don't like a voice
that's too high-pitched?

Oh, like, my name's Keith and I'm... you know what I mean?
All right, fellas.

Rose is rightly proud of her
hard-earned muscles.

So, which part of your body are you
most proud of and why?

So, Rose, who do you want to
speak first?

I'm going to go with yellow.

You want yellow to speak first.

So, which part of your body are you
most proud of and why, yellow?

I'm most proud of my tattoos,

cos it makes us feel like a bit of a
walking art gallery,

stand out a bit. A Geordie.
That's quite nice.

I think so. I think a Geordie accent
and the West Country goes together,

quite a nice mash up.

Bit of north and south divide.

Who would you like to hear
from next?

Let's do in order, shall we, red.
Let's have red.

I used to be quite a big lad, so
I've worked very, very hard

over the years to get in good shape.

But I'm most pleased about my boobs.

And, in fact, do you want to see a
little trick, Rose?

A trick? Yeah.
I want to see a trick.

See if I can still do this.

To be fair, I can do that.

Very impressive but what
about the voice?

He sounds a bit more south.

Got a weird accent, if you're
trying to work it out.

You're sort of up, like, moved
about, have you?

Yeah, yeah, I was brought up
overseas so...

Hold on, hold on, this is like a
whole conversation going on,

it's as though you're on a date..

Right. Right, thank you, red.
Thank you.

Shall we move on to green?
Come on, green.

I like my eyes.

You know what? Because these eyes,
they are magical.

Magical eyes. I like that,

But what about his voice? I think my
accent's, well, obviously, come on.

I was going to say, I mean... fairness. West Country galore.

OK. Rose, it is time for you to
make a decision.

Who's it going to be, Rose? Oh, I
don't know, I don't know,

I don't know, I don't know.

Who's going to go home, please?


Green! Why green?

I like a deep, sort of, you know,
like, manly voice.

Deep. They could tell me a
bedtime story. OK.

This is David, he is a 31-year-old
flight attendant from Spain.


Come and stand here..
You all right?

David, are you sad to be going?
I mean you've made it this far.

You know, I am still in the market.

Well, fair enough.
Just put it on there.

We are here to enjoy, you know?

You've got lovely eyes. Thank you.

But this time, they weren't quite
magical enough, David.

Bye-bye, now. See you later, love.

If I be brave to be naked,

I can do whatever you want, yeah?

Whatever you want.

Just two gorgeous guys remain.

Now, this is a round where you have
to get your kit off

and we'll finally see the benefit
of all those squats.

I hope so. I think I've let myself
go recently.

You think you've let yourself
go recently?

What, 100 squats a day - you've
let yourself go?

Yeah. Off you go.

See you in a minute.

Based on Naked Attraction, Rose has
whittled six guys down to two.

31-year-old business development
manager Aaron,

and 23-year-old barman Mark.

But she can only choose one of them
to go on that date,

to find out if there's chemistry
when the clothes go on.

Aaron, Mark.

You made it down here, you made it
to the final, how are you feeling?

Well done, lad. Amazing.

Brilliant. Yeah, happy?
Yeah, very.

What are you making of the

Yeah, no, he's a good-looking lad,
I think either,

either of us could win.

Mark, what do you reckon about

It's definition going on, there.

Up until now, you have seen Rose

All that is about to change.

You ready? Come on in, Rose.

Hey, gorgeous.


So, Aaron you've just gone, "ooft".

We've done good.

Wow. Fantastic.

I didn't see that,
let's have a look again.

Give us a spin. Nice.

What is it you were liking about
this magnificent body?

There's nothing I'm not
liking, to be honest.

Like, you quite clearly take good
care of yourself,

you present really, really well.

Nice all-over tan.

Wonderful bottom.

Yeah, just awesome. Well done.

So, she's gorgeous?
Thanks, mate. Yeah.

Mark, I mean, you're literally

Yeah, you can, you can definitely
tell she squats.

OK, Rose.

I'm afraid it's time to make
that big decision.

You have seen literally everything
there is to see.

Who do you want to take on that
all-important date?

It's hard. It's really difficult.

Is it going to be Aaron or Mark?

Have you made up your mind?

It's going to have to be Mark.

He seems a bit more down-to-earth,

no offence, you seemed a bit
bolshie, do you know what I mean?


How do you feel?

I think you were thinking you
were going to win.

I was hoping, obviously,
I mean, look at her.

Are you a little bit,
secretly a bit disappointed?

A little bit, now that I've seen,
you know, the prize, if you like.

The goods. Yeah, absolutely.

Are you surprised that
you've won, Mark?

Little bit, yeah. OK.

Aaron, I'm so sorry. Give each other
a naked hug, come on.

Ah, good work,
lovely to meet you, Rose.

All right, aww. Take care.

Oh, he's, he's, I tell you what,

he's eking it out isn't he?
He's eking,

he's eking that out.

Been a fantastic experience,
and to top it all off

I got to see a hot naked chick.

What else do you want in
life? Winner.

Listen, you two, you're together.

Yes, get your clothes on,
enjoy your date.

See you, later. Thank you.

I'm over the moon.

I never thought I would get
that far in it, nah.

I've got to go on a date now,

He seems, like, quite fun.

I'm really, really excited.

Hello! Hi, you all right?
You all right?

How are you?

I'm good, how are you?
Yeah, not too bad.

You look nice.
Thank you, you too.

Very nervous.

Obviously, I've seen your cock
already, that's quite funny.

He's quite a nice-looking guy,
actually, with his clothes on, yeah.

So, we'll see how it goes.
It's exciting.

Cheers. Woo!

Yeah, I think Rose is
very attractive.

Fingers crossed she likes us.

What do you normally do, like, on
the weekends and stuff?

So far, it's been working
all the time.

So, um... where you going
on holiday to?

Um, so what, um...

..don't know, I feel like I'm asking
you just questions, I'm like,

"So, uh... yeah."

I feel like I'm having to ask
all the questions.

I know a lot more about him,

and I don't think he knows anything
about me.

That's quite interesting.
I still fancy Rose.

The chemistry is getting
there, I'd say.

I wouldn't say it's there at the

but it's definitely getting there.


Awkward silences, isn't it? Like, I
don't like that, it's like, "uhh".

Would like any desserts or...?

Can we get the bill,
is that all right?

The bill?

So, I'm just going to have
to, like, go.

Let's leave it for tonight.

Keep in contact, though.
Yes, definitely. Keep in contact.

I'm a little bit disappointed how it
ended, but if the chemistry

wasn't there for her, then there's
not much we can do about it.

Right, so, it was lovely to
meet you, darling. You too.

It was just so awkward,
pausing and..

Goodnight. Bye!

Oh, hi. All right? How are you?

Good. Yeah?

How much did you like seeing
each other naked?

It was the least awkward part of the
whole thing, I think, wasn't it?

It was.

It was, yeah, it was less awkward
than the date, wasn't it?

How did the date go?

It was, a bit of conversation, but a
bit awkward, at the same time.

I don't like that awkwardness.

It's the awkwardness of sat there

with a complete stranger,
it's like.., weird.

It was nice sushi, though.

Oh, it was good sushi, weren't it?
It was quite good, yeah.

Welcome back to Naked Attraction,

the dating show
that's simply the breast.

Behind me, I've got another six
singletons hoping to get a date,

but who's picking this time?

I'm Clarissa, I'm 22-years-old,
from Basingstoke

and I'm looking for my dream woman.

My dating life is
kind of non-existent.

I think I'm very much
married to my job.

I work between 50 to 60 hours a week
in a coffee shop, so when I do

get the opportunity to date I don't
really read the signals very well.

My colleagues at work will always be

like, "Oh, she was
flirting with you."

How comes you didn't even realise

that she was checking you out?

I thought she liked the coffee
I was giving her. Really?

I just don't know when girls
are interested.

At least on Naked Attraction

I'll know that all the girls
are up for a date.

So, Clarissa, welcome to the show.

So, tell me first of all,
why are you single?

Because I'm basically
married to my job.

I'm there for, like,
50, 60 hours a week so... Ugh.

And I'm very terrible at telling
when someone's flirting with me.

What do you think people are
doing if they're...

I dunno. ..eyeing you up?
They're just being polite?

But if they talk to me about
eyeliner or glitter, I just

think, "Oh, they're into
make-up, they're not flirting."

You just don't pick up the signals?
I'm like, "Hm, no, definitely not."

All right, are you ready
to play the game?

Always. Come on, then.

In front of you, you have got
six coloured pods. Inside each of

them is a gorgeous, totally naked
woman just for you, Clarissa!

Each of them has got an attribute

that you've told us you find
physically attractive.

We're going to reveal them
to you, bit by bit.

All you have to do is whittle
them down from six to one.

Shall we reveal the bottom half
of the bodies? Let's go for it.

OK, can we please see
the bottom half of the girls?


Bit of a selection going on.

Does any, erm,
catch your eye in particular?

Can we have a look at pink,

Yeah. Why pink?

She has nice toned legs,
which is always a bonus.

Ah, OK, so toned legs,
are they important to you?

Yeah, cos I work out quite a bit.
I like it if someone has toned legs.

Vagina. Talk to me.

A very nice vagina,
I'd say, actually.

It's very neat and doesn't
have any form of pubes.

So, pubic hair... Mm.
..are you a fan?

If it's well trimmed then maybe
I can give it a little slide.

A slide?
Yeah, it's all about being smooth.

Oh, right, OK, so you've
got to have a, sort of...

..the groove, it's got to be..

It's like a smooth entrance,
if that makes sense, yeah.

OK, good.
Where would you like to go?

Let's go straight to green,
as they're next door. Yes.

I mean, that's a smooth glide,
isn't it?

That is a smooth glide, definitely.

It looks likes she might be
a red haired girl.

You know what? I've never seen
ginger pubes before in my life.

Do you like it, attractive?

You know what? I'm not opposed
to it. Well done, green.

So, red?

I like that tattoo. Yeah.
So, "friends don't lie" tattoo.

Friends don't lie. Loyal girl?

Sounds it. Very, very slender.

Very cute and slender, definitely.

Now, yellow.

She has a very neat vagina.
So, you want it to be neat?

You don't really know
what you're gonna get

until you normally
get into the bedroom.

Are you an oral sex kind of girl?

I love giving oral sex, yeah.
OK, I love that!

OK, so, you're happy with yellow?
Yeah, very cute.

Let's go to blue.

Can you deal with that hair or would
you worry about that with oral?

Erm, I'd have to give that a go,
really, to give an opinion.

Don't know until you try. Yeah,
try before you buy. OK, orange?

Very confident... Very much so.

..posture with this one,
as well. Definitely like it.

I'd say the toenails
are a little bit longer

than what I would expect,

OK, so you would have liked those
to have been groomed a bit more?

Just trimmed a bit more and maybe

with, like, a bit of see-through
nail varnish or something.

All right, Clarissa.

It is time to make a decision.

Oh no.
So, one of them has to go.

I think... I would have to say...

Which colour?

Now, why orange?

Just her toenails were just
not my cup of tea, really. OK.

So, Clarissa, you are saying
goodbye to Antonella,

the 21-year-old waitress
from Croatia.

Hello, gorgeous. Wow.

Hello, how are you?

Nice to meet you. I'm good.
Nice to meet you too.

A beautiful girl. Yeah, you are.

But you hadn't done your feet!

I'm so sorry, Antonella, it's a no.

It's OK.
You're gonna have to go!

She didn't like my toes,

but I'm not sure, like, in the bed
you're going to look at your toes.

You're going to look at
something else, right?

You've still got
five girls remaining.

Yes. Are you a fan of boobs?

Come on, you've got to love boobs.

Can we see, please,
the middle part of the girls?

Very different to what
I previously expected, actually.

There's, like,
a very varied selection.


Where would you like to go first?

Can we have a look at red?

How do you feel about
pierced nipples?

Mine are pierced. Are they?

Yeah, so we can be
the pierced nipple crew.

Does it make your nipples
more sensitive?

Yes. There you go. OK.

Where else do you want to go?

Let's go to green.
Green stands very, erm, broad.

So, what does this kind of
stance say to you?

Cos she's clearly in great shape.

Maybe the more masculine side?
OK. Just by the posture.

OK. Let's visit pink. Nice boobs.
I'd say they're quite perky.

What do you like?

Because all the girls here
are quite small-breasted. Yeah.

And is that something
that you go for?

As long as it looks
in proportion with their body,

and there's a good boob-to-nipple
ratio, then.. Ah.

Right, the boob-to-nipple ratio.
It's a thing.

For example, if someone has, like,
a B-size cup but then they have

very big nipples... Yeah. just looks disproportionate.

Yes. Like, it just looks odd.

A study claims to have found the
magic nipple-to-boob ratio, with

the most attractive being nipples
that occupy 25-30% of the breast.

Visually, these smaller-sized nips
are commonly associated with youth,

which could be why designer nipples
are set to be a new cosmetic trend.

Surgeons have noted a 30% increase

in patients looking to change

their shape or size.

Let's go to blue. Yeah.

Blue has very relaxed shoulders.

And the stomach, toned enough
for you? Cos you're a gym bunny.

I don't necessarily look
for that in my partner.

So, you're not going for that
sort of six pack look?

I don't mind if they have
that, obviously,

but if not, it's not a dealbreaker.

Do you know, 10% of people claim

that they can orgasm
while exercising?

It's called a coregasm.
Have you ever had one?

I've never had a coregasm.

Blue, have you ever had a coregasm?

No. Well, I know I'd love that.

OK. It is time to make
a decision, Clarissa.

One of these girls has to go.

Oh, no. This is getting more
difficult as the rounds go on.

I would have to say...

So, why blue?

I feel like her posture is not
quite as confident as everyone else.

So, she wasn't working it as much?

Yeah, she just seems a bit...
maybe a bit too shy for me.

OK, this is Eleanor, a 20-year-old
illustrator from Gillingham.


Oh, you're so cute.

I love your hair colour, as well.
Oh, thank you, I love your hair.

So, you are totally
a confident girl, aren't you?

I am, absolutely.
Oh. Really sorry, Eleanor.

It's not gonna be a date.

Thank you.

I'm usually quite confident,
quite happy to talk, quite loud,

bubbly, so she got it
very wrong, really,

but I am a little bit gutted that I
didn't get to go on a date with her.

Coming up...

..Clarissa bares all before

choosing who to date.

I'm gonna have to say...

Earlier, barista Clarissa whittled
six potential dates down to

four based solely on
naked attraction.

She can only choose one girl
to go on that date,

so who will she lose next?

So, Clarissa, just remind us again,
why are you here?

To meet someone and I'm very
terrible at telling when someone's
flirting with me.

And you just don't pick up the
signals? Yeah. OK.

You need to learn. You need to
learn, and we're here to teach you.

Yeah. So, we've got four girls

this next round becomes trickier
because this is where you get to

see what they look like but, don't
forget, they also get to see you.

Let's see the girls' faces, please.

Oh, it's even more difficult to
make decisions now.

Were you expecting to see those
faces on those bodies?

No. But I'm loving it.

Who do you want to go for first?

Let's go green.

You're very natural. Nice eyes.

She's natural. Definite ginger, as
well. Love it. Yes, she's...

..she's definitely ginger.

Collars and cuffs.

So, do you think that green is

I don't know. You need to learn
these signals, don't you?

She's gone so shy, it's insane.

All right, Clarissa, come round to

I love how big her smile is,

it's like POW! It's like a power
smile, that one. OK.

A powerful smile not only helps us
attract a partner,

it can also make us live longer.

When you smile, mood-boosting
endorphins are released, as well as

stress-busting neuropeptides, which

can help to lower your heart rate.

So, get flashing that power smile,
as a study suggests this can add

as much as seven years on to your

OK. Yellow. What kind of signals is
she giving you?

She's smiling, so that's a positive.

Yeah. A little bit shy.

Are you a little bit shy, yellow?
No, OK, she's just cool. Lovely.

So, Clarissa, we do know that you're
not good at picking up signs,

all your colleagues are always

"Clarissa, she was so flirting with
you but you just have no idea."

Have you picked up any signs here
from the girls so far?

Well, there's been the odd, like,
bit of jiggling here and there,

or the odd thumbs up, so I guess
that's something.

Any in particular that you've

Red and yellow.

Well, there you go, now this is

Oh, you're teaching me these things.
These girls are trying. Maybe. OK.

So, Clarissa, you've seen what they
look like,

there's nothing more they can show
you. No.

It's time to make a decision,
Clarissa - which colour?

I think I'm gonna have to say...


OK, why green, cos you went
straight to green first?

Yeah, no, green is beautiful, but
not quite feminine enough for me.

OK. Clarissa, you are saying goodbye
to Margaret, who is a 28-year-old

lifeguard from Blyth.

Hello, how are you, hun?

Hello, I'm fine. But you do have
wonderful eyes. Thank you.

You must do so much swimming, do
you? Yes.

Could you grab Clarissa out
of the waves?

She would never be in danger,
definitely not.

Oh, she'd never be in

But unfortunately, it isn't
going to be a date.

Goodbye. Thank you, good luck, bye.

She thought I wasn't feminine
enough, so, she was right,

I'm more of a tomboy at heart.

So, Clarissa, you have been left
with three stunning women.

You've seen what they look like,
you've seen their faces.

Now, it's the time to hear what
they sound like.

Are accents important to you at all?

Not necessarily the accent, it's the
energy behind what they're saying.

So, if you're passionate about what
you're saying,

I'm interested. If not...

So, it's more about the kind of
vigour behind the voice... Yeah.

..rather than the actual, sort of,

All right, so, girls, Clarissa
really struggles to read the signals

from women when they're
interested in her,

so what do you do with your body to
signify that you are flirting?


It would be eye contact,
I think, is the key.

It's purely in the eyes,
it's just eyes. OK.

She's definitely giving you eyes

What do you think of pink and her
voice and her answer?

Soft, but cute, voice.

It's nice, though.

It's a lot of, like, leaning up
against bars and eye contact

and bit of...

..flirtatious movements.

A little bit of the old shoulder
action. Feminine voice?

Yeah. Definitely. OK.

Finally, yellow, what do you do with
your body to show a girl that,

actually, you're interested?

I kind of like the personal touch,

so, like, the touch of an arm or
something whilst I'm talking.

Come with me. So what kind of touch
would it be, yellow?

So, I might...

Get closer, get closer.

Just, like, when I'm talking,
a touch of the arm or... you know.
Make it personal.

Just the little things in life isn't
it, extra touch helps.

Little touch of the arm. Ooh!

Thank you, yellow.

Right, Clarissa. You've seen what
the girls look like, you've heard

what they sound like,
it's time to make a decision.

Which colour are you saying goodbye

They're all so good for different

I think I'd have to say pink.


It was just the hair, I prefer it if
it's longer. OK.

Clarissa, you are saying goodbye to
the very gorgeous Skye,

who is a 32-year-old insurance
consultant from Southampton.

Come in for a hug.

Do you think you guys could have
made it on a date or...?
I think so, yeah.

Skye, thank you so much,
and I'm sorry it's not a date.

Thank you. Thank you.


Great bod.

My hair was too short.

I can understand that,
everybody has a preference,

but I'm growing it, which is
just typical.

Maybe I'll come back next time
and make the final round.

Clarissa, you have two
stunning girls remaining.

They have seen you with your clothes
on up until this point.

It's only fair, Clarissa, you're
going to have to get your kit off

because, next time they see you,
you're gonna be naked.

Get your Converse off. See you

Well, let's go then.

Based on naked attraction,

22-year-old Clarissa has whittled
six girls down to two.

19-year-old animation student

and 21-year-old dancer Jasmine.

But only one can go on a date,

to find out if there's chemistry
when the clothes go on.

Shannon, Jasmine, hello.

Are you pleased that you've got
to the final two? I am, yes.

OK, what about you, Jasmine?

I'm a little bit surprised, but..

I wasn't, obviously, sure what type
of girl she went for,

because there was such a variety.
Oh, yeah. So, Jasmine, if you were
to check Shannon out,

she is your competition,
what do you admire about her?

She's got nice breasts.

Yeah, she has got really good
boobs, hasn't she? And she's got a
really nice smile.

OK, so, Shannon, what about Jasmine?
What do you admire about her?

Just, like, her body, like, her
stomach, it's gorgeous.

Well, I mean, I have to say, you're
both very, very similar,

you're both the same kind
of body type and shape.

Now, the last time we saw Clarissa,
it was with her clothes on.

Shall we see her with her kit off?

Yes. Go on, then. I think it's only
fair. Come on then, Clarissa, out
you come.


Hello, gorgeous. Hello.

Look at you! You look amazing.

Shannon, what do you think of
Clarissa's body?

I love the tattoos. Straight away.

Oh, give us a spin, actually I
want to see the whole... Oh, wow.

Oh, that's incredible.

It's gorgeous.

You've got a very nice body.
You can tell that you go to the gym.

Oh, thanks, babe. Shannon, you know
you just did that... that shoulder

The shoulder's coming into play.
There was a slight, sort of, like,

flirtatious twitch. Jasmine,
what do you think of Clarissa's

I love her, she's got long legs,
like me. Yeah, yeah.

So, long toned legs, boobs good?

All right.

Clarissa, you have Shannon and
you have Jasmine.

Now, this time you have to pick a
girl that you want to go out

with this evening.



Which girl do you want to take on
your date?

I think I'm going to have to



What clinched it with Shannon? The
shoulder shrug's growing on me.

Yeah, definitely. Learning to pick
up the signals, Clarissa.

Yeah! Thanks to you.

So, Jasmine, I'm so sorry, it's not
going to be a date.

Are you a little bit gutted?
Erm, yeah.

Oh, come on, come in for a hug,
let's do this.

Aw, sorry, babe.
That's all right.

Sorry, Jasmine, my love, but
thank you so much.

OK, thank you. Goodbye.

I'm happy I got to the final two.

I think Shannon did really
fancy Clarissa,

they'll have a really good night

It's good, I suppose.

OK, let's have a hug.

You guys! You look amazing together.

So, Shannon, are you pleased that
you've been picked?

Very pleased. Are you looking
forward to this date?

I'm very excited.

Well, that's good!

So, girls, next time you see
each other is with your

clothes back on, let's see if
there's gonna be chemistry there.

Enjoy yourselves, can't wait to hear
how it's gone.

See you later, girls.

Apparently I kept giving her a bit
of shoulder. I was

obviously doing it subconsciously
because she's very attractive.

I think I made the right choice,
she seems really fun.

I'll have to put some work
into this date

because then, maybe, I'll get to
see her naked again.

Heya. You all right?
Yeah, I'm good.

Good, I love your outfit.
It's really cute.

I love yours. Thank you.

When Shannon first walked in, I
thought she was cute like a doll.

She's good-looking,
I'd say she's a sore spot.

Did you think you was going
to get chosen?

At the beginning, I didn't.
Why not?

Until it came up to about here, and
you saw the piercings and the

tattoos, and made a comment about
that, and I was like,
all right, I'll be fine.

I hope she likes me, I think...

She's laughing a lot, which
is a good thing.

Why do you think you're
single now, then?

Is it work, by chance?

I think that may be a big factor.
Why do you think you are?

It's, like, hard to get a read
of a person when it's just Tinder,

or Her, or whatever.

Are you on Her? And Tinder?

Ooh, I'm on Tinder.
I'm covering all the grounds.

I think we're like kind of warming
up to each other and getting

to know each other a lot more,
which is really nice.

Would you like to go for
another drink?

I would, yes.

I'm enjoying Shannon's company, I'm
loving getting to learn more

about her and I feel like we
have a good vibe.


We've had a few more drinks,
and I think the...

..the date's going pretty well.

I've got a train at half seven. Half
seven. Or I can get the one

Right, I've got a hotel room
overnight so you can stay with me.

Let's do that. Yeah.

I can't make it more obvious that I
like her than inviting her

back to my hotel room.

There's not Netflix at a hotel,
is there?

So you kind of know what's going to

Heya. Hi.

How are you? Not too shabby?

No, not too shabby.

Oh good, good. How are you?

Good, you know. Good.

I think the date went pretty well.

So, what's happened since the date?

Have you been in touch with
each other?

So, since the date we haven't
actually been in

correspondence because Shannon
is currently in a relationship.

Hmm. Hmm.

Me and Jenny, it's going great. Oh.

But, then, we were just kind of,
like, casually seeing each other

before the show. Oh, OK.


Personally, if I was seeing someone,
I wouldn't have gone on the show,

to be brutally honest, but everyone
has their own way and now

you're in a happy relationship,
so... Yeah.

There you go.

Clarissa, are you a bit disappointed
that it hasn't worked out with you
and Shannon?


Would you like to test the power
of Naked Attraction?