Naked Attraction (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 5 - Katie & James - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Let's face it, when it comes to
looking for love,

we've all been caught out by
fancy filters

and exaggerated online profiles.

But we have a more instinctive
way to find love.

This programme contains strong
language, adult content and

full frontal nudity from the
start and throughout.

Tonight, a charity fundraiser,
an air steward and a barista

are stripping bare to attract the
perfect partner.

This is so mad.

Because we like to start where a
good date ends...


It's a penis and it's in my face.


Hell yeah!

What?! I know.

Can picking a partner based solely
on natural beauty...

Can you give me a twerk?
Oh, my God. you find the one?

Do you look at that and think,
"I want to get the helmet on

"and I want to explore"?

When we're entirely unfiltered...

You've got six penises in your face.

Have you had this before?
Maybe in my dreams.

..what do men and women really
find attractive?

I'm actually still a virgin.

We're looking for a third partner.
This is a Naked Attraction first.

Let's find out by dating in reverse.

You're going to have to say
goodbye to one of them.


Can I take them all, now?
Not on this show.

This is Naked Attraction.

Welcome to Naked Attraction,

the show for modern daters who like
to date caveman style.

Inside each of these six pods,
I've lined up a naked singleton.

Only one of them will be picked
to go on a date,

but who's doing the choosing?

My name's Katie, I'm 20 years old
and I'm from Bristol.

My love life is pretty much

I am a walking dating disaster.

I've tried online dating

and they look nothing like
their pictures.

I have dated some guys that have had

and I found out a couple of months
down the line.

Nothing, at the moment,
is working in my dating life.

# I go on too many dates... #

I hope Naked Attraction will
help me find a man.

I cannot have another bad date.

Katie, welcome to the show,
how are you feeling?

A bit nervous. Are you?
But happy to be here.

Your love life, frankly,
sounds like an absolute disaster.

Yes. How bad has it got for you?

The worst date I ever had was
I got picked up,

he was driving towards a well
known dogging spot,

and he went to pull up

and I was like, "Can you keep
driving, please?"

Hold on, hold on. How do you know it
was a well known dogging spot?

Everybody in Bristol knows the well
known dogging spots

and where to avoid.

Wow. OK, so, you didn't go there?

No, we went to a pub after

and I asked a waitress to help
me slip out the side door.


So, why do you want to choose
somebody naked?

A lot of guys you meet and you get
to know their personality

and then you get them naked

and you're not really attracted to
them. I know.

You spent all that time wasted.

If only I'd just seen the goods
in the first place. Yeah.

So, we're going to get all of that
out of the way now.

Are you ready to play the game?

Ready. Come on, then.

Inside each of these six coloured

I have lined up for you a naked man.

Each of them has an attribute that
you have told us

you find physically attractive.

I'm going to reveal them to
you bit by bit.

All you have to do is whittle them
down from six to one,

based on naked attraction alone.

Are you ready?
Ready as I'll ever be.

That's the spirit, girl. OK.

Can we see the bottom half of
the bodies, please?

Oh, hello.


I don't know where to look.

Who are you drawn to, so far?

Pink's shaking his penis at me.

Pink are you shaking the
penis at Katie?

Yes, so, that's a definite yes.

It's a decent size.

I've had one previously that's as
long as a deodorant can.

I take it we're talking about a
travel size, not the 25% extra free.

25% extra free.

What did that do for you?

Gave me my first ever orgasm.

Really? Anybody else, do you think,
here might have an orgasmic penis?

. How are you feeling about
that package?

Nice. Yeah.

And talk to me about his testicles.

They're quite nice.

I don't like them too saggy
or too tight.

They're looking fairly tight to me.

Blue's look at bit tighter.

Blue, you've got tighter
balls than yellow.

Ooh, yeah, they're very tight.

If guys like them to be in
your mouth,

if they're too tight you
can't put them in.

Do you like balls in your mouth?
Yeah, it's all right.

Did you know, that you can actually
tighten the balls,

using something called scrotox?
Which is botox for the balls.

Not your thing? No.

OK, interesting.

Shall we have a look at orange? Yes.

His penis is probably a little bit
smaller than I like for myself.

OK. His toenails are a little bit
longer than I'd hope for.

I've been cut by someone's
toenails before. I'm sorry?

You're in the bedroom, you're
cuddling or whatever,

they move
their feet and they cut you.

Was it a sort of A&E
emergency situation? No.

No, I just put a plaster on it and
it just put me off feet for life.

Did you see him again?

No. OK.


He's probably a little bit smaller
than I'm used to.

Let's go and have a quick
look at red.

His toenails are quite long.

His balls are very tucked in.


Are we talking travel size
deodorant there?

Or more of a, kind of, roll on?

I just heard it slap.

There's a definite slap,
definite slap.


Katie, it is time to make a

So, based on naked attraction,

you need to decide on just one
guy to lose.


Who would you like to say
goodbye to?

I would like to say goodbye to...


Why red?

I didn't like his toenails

and his balls probably weren't like
the, kind of, thing I would go for.

It was just a no-go for you?

Yeah. OK.

This is Panash and he is a model,
he's 20 and he's from Slough.

Hello, gorgeous boy.

How are you?

So, Panash, based on the toenails
that was a no-go.

So, on this occasion I'm afraid it's
not a date for you.

Thank you so much, nice seeing you.
Thank you, nice to meet you.


She said my toenails were too long,

because I really have like frog

It's good for running, though.

OK, so, we're one down.

This is the round where we get to
reveal bellybuttons, moobs, the lot.

Are you ready? Yes.

OK, let's reveal the middle part of
the bodies, please.



What are you thinking?

was just playing with
his nipples.

Leave your nipples alone, yellow,
for goodness' sake.

Let's go to orange.

He has no hair, whatsoever.

I like them to have a little bit
of hair,

cos it's a little bit manly.

What about the physique?

I like a little bit of cushion

so that, obviously, you can have a
little cuddle, nestle in.

And what about moobs?

As long as they're smaller than
mine then I'm fine.

You're safe, orange.
Who else would you like to look at?


No chest hair, whatsoever.

What about his stomach?
Is he too toned for you?

No, he's not too toned.

So, is it important for you that a
fella looks after himself?

It is, to obviously keep up in the

Really? Why is that, then?

Known to need stamina from a man.

Had a couple of injuries.
What injuries are we talking about?

I've had carpet burn before on my
knees and feet,

to the point that I couldn't really
walk down the stairs.

Oh, God, blimey.

Well, boys, at least you know what
you're in for.

Sex injuries, here we come.

Katie isn't alone,

one survey found carpet burns

are actually the third most
common sex injury,

after pulling a
muscle and putting your back out.

And it seems sex is a risky

with a third of all adults admitting
to suffering an injury

during a bout of passion.

Let's check out green.

I like it that he's got a
bit of hair,

he's got a little bit of
cuddle to him.

Could this man keep up with you
in the bedroom?


Gosh, all right.

Katie, you know the drill.

Based on naked attraction alone you
have to say goodbye

to one of these fellas.

Who's it going to be, please?


I'm going to say goodbye to...

Orange. Why orange?

He's just a bit too smooth for me.

Too smooth?

This is Bailey, he is 19.

He's a retail assistant from

Hi. How are you feeling?

Someone's got to
take one for the team.

Somebody has got to take
on for the team, Bailey

and I'm afraid in this instance
it's you.

So, it's a no-date,
but thank you very much indeed.

Thank you.

Well, I normally shave my chest.

Some people like it really hairy,
some people don't,

but I like it the way I like it.

Coming up...

..Katie bears all before
choosing who to date.

It's a tough one.

And a brand-new singleton gets to
pick a partner

based on naked attraction.

I'm loving this.

Earlier, estate agent Katie whittled
six potential dates down to four

based on Naked Attraction alone.

She can only choose one guy
to go on that date.

So, who will she lose next?

Katie, obviously you've had some
real dating disasters. Yes.

Do you feel that maybe we can turn
that luck around for you?

Hopefully doing it in reverse will
reverse my luck and it'll work.

Let's see. Are you ready to see the
boys' faces? Yes, please.

OK, here we go, fellas.

Put on your best smile.



Who's catching your eye?

Blue. Shall we go and have a look?

He has pretty good eyebrows.

They're just a really nice shape.
I have thing about eyebrows.

Been known to pin someone down
and pluck them.

Really? Yeah.

Do you pluck?

Let's see what you can do with them.


He can do a lot with those.

What do you think about the goatee,
you liking that? Yeah.

. Yellow.

Didn't expect the head
with the body.

He looks very young doesn't he?
He does. OK.

Let's have a look at pink because
pink cannot stand still...

..any longer.

Really good eyebrows. Yeah.

Do you tend to your eyebrows?


Wax. Oh, wax?


He does A LOT with his face.

Meanwhile, green.

I would like to get hold of
his eyebrows.

OK, I think green's saying, "Pin me
down and pluck like a good'un."

Beard is actually quite a good
shape, could work with that.


Take a good look at the boys.

It is time to make a decision.

Who would you like to say
goodbye to?

Tough one.

I'm going to have to say
goodbye to... Blue!

Why blue? I just don't feel that

physically attracted to him.

All right.

This is Leonardo.

He is, of course, from Italy.

He's 25 and he's a barista.

Hello, sir. Hi.

How are you? Sorry.

How are you feeling, you OK?

It's been a beautiful experience.

It's been a beautiful experience?
I love that.

On this occasion, I'm ever so sorry,

but it's not going to be a date.


She liked my balls.

And then after my face

she decided to kick me out.

I am a bit sad about that.

And then there were three.

This is the round where you get to
hear the boys speak.

Do you like a boy to talk to
you in the bedroom?

I do. Do you?

Yeah. OK, so, when you're getting
your carpet burns,

you like a fella to be vocal?

Is there anything in particular that
you don't like a fella to say?

"I love you". Really? Yeah.

Only, obviously, if it's something
serious, if it's not

then just don't say it at all.
Oh, no that's just weird. Yeah.

It might be a turn off during
a one-night stand

but for 75% of people
in a relationship

those three little words increased
their pleasure levels during sex.

It's not only sweet nothings being
whispered in the bedroom.

A survey revealed that most women
like dirty talk,

with around three quarters
saying they enjoy it.

The most popular things that ladies
like to hear

are being asked to call her man

and hearing how much he's
enjoying it.

OK, boys, in the lottery of life

what body part of yours

do you feel blessed
to have been given?

Who do you want to go to first?

I'd definitely have to say
my manly bits. Right.

What is it about your manly bits
that you're keen on?

Well, I like the size of it.
Yeah, it's a good size.

Thought he was going to have a
higher pitched voice. OK, but no,

to go with his manly bits
he's got a good, manly voice.

Pink. Pink.

So, mine's my smile because I've
got loads of compliments, like,

"Oh you've got a really nice smile.
Your smile makes everyone happy."

I'm like, "All right".
"All right."

Quite like that. Do you?
I quite like the voice, yeah.

Not too deep and it's not
too high pitched.

Green? I think my... my arse.

That is a fine specimen.

Do you squat? Yeah.

Go on, give us a squat.
Oh, no, not like this, no!

Yeah come on! No, no, no!
Give us a deep... Oh, oh, my...

..a deep squat.
Oh, my... oh, this is...


Well done. Yeah. Well done.

I mean, it's an all right squat.

I don't know if I'd want it
on my face.

So, Katie, you've heard them speak.

It's time for you to make a

Who are you going to lose?

It gets tougher as you go on.

It - do you know what,
it does get tougher as you go on.

Who are you going to say goodbye to?

I'm going to have to say
goodbye to green.


What was it about green that...

..that in the end you just
couldn't deal with?

I just preferred the other
two's voices.

Be truthful, was it the squat?

A little bit. The plums... Yeah.
..heading down towards the floor.

This is Joe.

He's 21, he's a music student

from Leamington Spa.

Nice to meet you.
It's nice to meet you, too.

How are you feeling? Was that a
little bit too much for you there
with the deep squat?

I mean, this is exactly what my
mates would have probably

wanted me to do.

But thank you so much.

Cheers. See you later.

He's working that bum.

I was just born with this voice.

I have no control over it.

But I can make up for it in arse.

Everyone loves my arse.

We've now got two guys remaining.

One of these fellas

you are definitely going to be going
on a date with.

But not before they get to see you

without your clothes on.

Are you a little bit nervous now?

I'm surprisingly OK.
Are you indeed? Yeah.

Well I like that, take that

and slip out of that red dress,

Based on Naked Attraction, Katie has
whittled six guys down to two.

19-year-old performing arts student

and 20-year-old builder Connor.

But she can only choose one of them
to go on that date

to find out if there's chemistry
when their clothes go on.

Boys, here you are, Charlie, Connor.

Did you think that you were going to
make it this far, Charlie?

A little bit. Really? Little bit.

Yeah, I had a bit of confidence
in myself. You are pretty cocky.

OK, Connor, but what about you?
No, definitely not.

I thought maybe first
or second round.

Are you a little bit worried about
the competition though?

Yeah, he's got a nice body.

Hung like a horse.

He's hung like a horse?

I like his tattoos and his chest.

Think he's got a nice defined chest.

All right, fellas, are you ready to
see Katie in the buff?


OK, here we go.

Come on out, Katie.


Well, madam.

Like a goddess.

Hello, gorgeous girl.

Give us a little bit of a twirl.

Charlie, talk to me about Katie.
What do you like?

Like nipple piercings.

Different, innit?
It's a little bit "whoo".

OK... I mean..

Nice size boobs,
definitely designer vagina.

So, anyway, it is time

for that big decision.

You can only take one on a date.

You have got Charlie

and you've got Connor.

They've both got things that
I like. OK...

Who is the person that you
would like to pick?

The person I would like to pick



Connor, how are you feeling?
Yeah, I'm feeling all right.

Plenty more fish in the sea.
So, Katie, why Charlie?

I think it came down to his voice

and his toenails.

Hang on, you've picked a man for his
voice and toenails?

But do you know what?

There's only person that can go on
that date.

Connor, come on in.

Thank you, fella.
See you later.

I think it was my toenails
that put her off.

I'm a builder. What you see
is what you get.

The experience has been


You're a couple!

Feel free to touch.

Good evening.

But next time you see each other
you're going to be fully clothed.

OK? Have a fantastic night,
thank you so much.

Thank you.


Cute bums!

I am buzzing that I won
and beat everyone.

I think I made the right choice.

Can't wait to see what his
personality is like

now that I've seen his body.

Hi. Good evening.
How are you?

Good thanks, nice to see
you clothed. You too.

Seeing Charlie with his clothes on
for the first time,

I'm very impressed.

I do really fancy Charlie.

Got nice style, I'll give you that.
Oh, thanks.

Seeing Kate on the date when I
walked in, you know when you,

like, you see someone for the first
time you get all, like, tingly,


So, how do you feel about the
Bristolian accent?

I'm not a fan of it, don't know,
don't know why, not going to lie.

It's just one of them accents,
isn't it?

You know, you get them accents
that you like,

and you get the ones you don't like,
it's just like...

He is cocky, like I thought he
was going to be.

But got lots to talk about,
which is great.

I'm a big fan of The Darkness.
Never heard of it.

I've been to see them, like,
five times.

I've only been to one concert.
Who was that?

Justin Bieber.

I'm a big Belieber, big fan.

With me and Katie, I think there is
no spark or chemistry at all.

Right now I would prefer
being at home,

blasting out Bieber.

When I went to the concert he looked
at me square in the face, like...

Nearly cried. I was like "Yes!

"He looked at me, he noticed me".

He does keep banging on about

I don't know if he fancies me.

I hope he does.

So, do you want to go somewhere

No, not really feeling it.

Quite tired, to be fair.
OK, fair enough.

She doesn't tickle my pickle.

As mighty Biebs would say,

it was like baby, baby, baby, no.

# Baby, baby, ooh... #

The fact he doesn't want to go
somewhere else now

is a little bit upsetting
because I did pick him,

but at least this time he didn't
have a girlfriend!

Hiya. Hi.

How you been? Good thanks, you?

Been groovy. Good.
Very groovy. Good.

So, how did the date go?
It went all right.

Went... It was all right.

We didn't exchange numbers,

but I tried to find him on
social media

and I found out about your

Don't have a girlfriend.


# Say something # Say something

# Say something
# Say something... #

There's definitely no-one
else on the scene?

No, like, there's been like..., chit-chat convos.

It's not Charlie and her together.

It's, like, Charlie just talking.

I call bullshit.

Do you think that's the end
of the line?

It's the end of the line for me.

Definitely one to add to the
dating disasters.

# Sometimes the greatest way
of saying something

# Is to say nothing. #

Welcome back to Naked Attraction,
the dating show that lets it

all hang out - bums, boobs,
bell ends, the lot.

Behind me, I've got another six
singletons hoping to get a date,

but who's picking this time?

My name's James, I'm 22 and I
live in London.

I'm a club kid.

On a night out, I'm in my eight-inch
heels, covering myself in glitter.

I strut so hard, I revel in
the attention.

Unfortunately, this type of
confidence hasn't helped me

in the dating scene.

Maybe guys are just too intimidated
and think I look fake and

bitchy, but actually, I'm a
really friendly guy.

In the past six months, I've only
kissed one person.. Really? a

Do you see it as something that
you have to hide?

I'm happy with myself.
I'm discovering myself with that.

And, you know, it's important
to be happy.

Doing Naked Attraction, hopefully
the guys will see the real me.

At least this way, the guys won't
be able to run away.

James, what can I say?
Look at you, welcome to the show.

Thank you. Looking fabulous.

I feel positively dull by

No, you look good,
you look good. Don't worry.

Thank you, darling. Now then, what
is this look called, then?

It's the club kid look. OK.

Originated in the '80s and '90s,

it was people who wanted to be a bit
more rebellious against the whole

"this is how masculinity is, this is
how femininity is", and it's

How often do you actually
dress like this?

Three or four nights a week.

Who's the real James underneath?

The real me is someone who is very
loyal and very kind. Yeah.

But people just don't get
to see that,

cos they see this and assume
that I'm not like that.

So why would you pick a boy naked?

I'm more than happy to strip back.

I like being confident in my naked
body. Yeah.

And I like anyone who is confident,
who they are naturally.

Lovely. Shall we play the game?

Yes. I'm excited. Come on then.

In front of you,
you have six coloured pods.

Inside each of them is a gorgeous
naked man just for you.

Each of them has an attribute that
you've told us you find

physically attractive.

We're going to reveal them to you
bit by bit, best bits first,

and all you have to do is whittle
them down

from six to one to pick your date.

Can you please reveal the bottom
half of the bodies?

Oh, my God.

I'm loving this.

Don't tell me, James, that you
haven't been faced by six cocks

before in your life?

Pop on Grindr in a new city, happens
in five minutes. Yeah.

Who's catching your eye?



It's a really nice size.
Are you a size queen?

It has to be big.

I'm big as well. Are you big?
Of course.

- Depending on how excited I get, it can be somewhere between eight and eight and a half
- .

I mean, I have no way of telling.
I mean you've got to tuck it in.

Yeah, you've got no willy.

I know you have to, like, do a bit
of a squat... Yeah. ..pull it in.


I love a muscular leg. Mm-hm.

Looks like he goes to the gym...

When it comes to a man's legs,

stronger might be better if you're
looking for a long-term partner.

A study has shown more muscle mass
helps process insulin,

which means they'll have a lower
risk of heart disease in later life.

Not only that, some scientists claim
the brain ages more slowly in

people whose legs are fitter.

So if you want to grow old
together, get lunging.


Good size, and there's not much

I don't really like a bush,
not going to lie.

I don't like hair personally.

This is probably the longest I
let my leg hair go.

And let's go over to red. OK.

Nice size, I really like that.

His legs look really long.

Yeah. I like that.

So you could handle a tall guy?

Cos these are six and a half
inch heels, they've got to be tall.

So how tall are you at the
moment then?

These are my smaller heels.

Oh, my God.
I've got eight and half-inch ones.

Really? Yeah.
Wow, so you're a giant?

Of course. Blue?

Ah, OK, so, looks to me like it's

OK. just a bit of
discolouration on the skin.

Can I see his bum?

And that's a really nice bum.

Come back to the middle and have a
look at all the boys' bums. Oh, yes.

Guys, can you all spin round please
so we can see the tush?


Oh, my God. Wow.

Now, let's have a look on...

..oh, good God, look at green,
that landing gear is down.

It's down, it's engaged.

Whose bum are you drawn to?

Pink. Yeah, come on. That's the
biggest one.

That's like some sort of
Nicki Minaj-style.

Are you a big Nicki Minaj fan?

I am.
So, you are an ass guy then, really?

Of course, of course.

Can I ask them to shake their bums?

Can you just all shake the
tushes please?

Ahh! Oh, wow.

Look at that!

Wow, yellow, you've
really got James going.

OK, boys, can you turn back round?

OK, James, it's time to make a

Based on Naked Attraction, which
colour do you want to lose?

The pressure's on. It is on.

Don't know. This is so hard!

I'm going to say...

..I'm going to say red.

Red, why red?

Not being mean, out of the bums,
it wasn't my personal preference.

No problem, shall we find out who
the gorgeous red is? Of course.

This is Reece, a 23-year-old air
steward from Barnsley.

Oh! Hello, Reece.

Hi, sorry.
It's fine, you look fabulous.

Thank you, you're beautiful, I'm
sorry. Thank you.

Your bum just wasn't quite right for
James. I know, never mind.

But it is right for somebody.
Oh, it is, thank you very much.

Off you go. Thank you, bye.

I think the whole club kid
look is fantastic.

He missed out on seeing this because
of my bum, but never mind.

Any regrets at all or...?

Yeah. He was beautiful.

Can we please see the middle part
of the gentlemen?

Huh. Ooh!

Oh, wow.

Oh, my God.

Shall we take a closer look?

Can we go to pink?
Yes, straight away to pink.

I'm loving these tattoos.

What is that saying on his...?

"Amore est vitae essentia."

I have no idea what you're saying.

"Love is essential to life."

What language is that?

It's Latin. Latin, oh, OK.
It sounds sexy.

I like his chest,
he's got some pecs.

The arms are really nice.

Give us a little bit of a flex,
please, pink.

Oh, that's nice.


This is an amazing stomach. I'm
really jealous of how nice

he comes in. And no body hair.

I love that. Lovely and smooth.

I remove all of my chest and snail
trail and everything. I like this.


Yellow. He's got a nice chest.

What about the shoulders?
Are they broad enough for you?

I mean, I couldn't imagine having
my legs on them shoulders.

Let's talk about this.

So what are we saying? Your legs..
I'm on my back with my legs
over the shoulders.

Over the shoulders, little bit of...

I mean, I've had it in the past
where they just slide off.

It kills the mood.
Yeah, well, exactly.

Blue. This is the most cinched-in
waist, and I love this.

Not too keen on this chest hair.

But if you could get some wax strips
onto it... Yes.

OK, well, it is time, James, to
make a decision.

You need to lose one boy.

They've all got such great
qualities. Yeah, they do.

You're making this really
hard for me.

It gets worse.

I think I'm going to say...

..goodbye to blue.


What was it about blue?

I'm sorry, it's the hair.

The hair on the chest.

Yeah. Ah, OK.

You are missing out on Peter,

a 33-year-old administration
officer from Glasgow.

Hello. Love your style, hello.

Lovely to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.

You're so pretty, and you've got
really nice teeth. Think so?

Yeah, they're beautiful.

Can we just talk a little bit
about your vitiligo? Yeah, sure.

So do you get comments about that?

Some people comment
positively on it.

I think it looks marvellous. Thank
you very much. You are unique.

On this occasion, though,
it's not a date.

Goodnight. Ohh.

You see look,
look at that amazing bum. Ohh.

Just a really sweet guy in big,
big heels.

He was certainly very cute.

Coming up...

..James bears all before
choosing who to date.

Oh, I don't know.

Earlier, student James whittled six
potential dates down to four,

based solely on Naked Attraction.

He can only choose one boy to
go on that date.

So who will he lose next?

Now, James, just remind us. Yes.

Why are you here?

I am looking for someone to love me
like this, as well as stripped back.

Maybe you're putting some boys off?


So this is where you get to see the
boys' faces. It's my favourite bit.

But, remember, this is when they
also get to see you.

I know, they're going to run away,
but the good thing is

they can't run away.
No, there's nowhere to go.

All right, can we please see
the boys' faces?

Where were you hiding that? Props.

Love that. Wow.

They look shocked.

I mean, this one looks scared.
Mr Green looks scared.

Green thought he was on Countryfile,
it was like...


OK, be gentle.

I'm liking these brows.
He's got really nice teeth as well.

It's a nice, cute face.

I sort of worry a bit, though,
James, that you'd eat him alive.

Would you like to be eaten alive?

Would you eat him alive?

Ooh, OK, I'm liking that.

Where else? Pink. Pink. Come on,
then. Pink is beautiful.

I love, like, glistening eyes.
They look pretty!

Yeah, he's very pretty. He's, like,
smising a little bit, I like it.

What's smising?
You're smiling with your eyes.


Pink, give us your best smise.

It looks like you need... you need
to go to the optician's.

Anybody else here a smiser?

's really pretty.

I didn't realise that yellow's got
all that amazing glitter all over

I love it. It's like my face has
already been there.

Brows are looking good.

You've got to get them waxed or
threaded or something.

And you've both got the septum
pierced. Yeah.

Shows that he can have a little bit
of pain.

Ooh, what do you mean, shows you can
have a little bit of pain?

Yeah, I like a bit of pain.

Do you? Yeah! What kind of...?
Are we talking spanking?

Yeah, bit of choking,
you never know.


Really nice face,
got beautiful lips.

Got really nice eyes. Are they blue?

Green? Really nice colour.

Oh, amazing. Happy days.

All right.

James, you have to make a decision.

Do I have to?

Can't have them all.

Which colour, please?

I think it's going to have to be
yellow, I'm afraid.


Why yellow?

Because I'm jealous of his brows.

OK, so yellow could be too much
competition for you.

You are saying goodbye to the
gorgeous Marcus,

a 21-year-old student from

Can I just say "yesss"?
Thank you, honey.

So, Marcus, you've got glitter on,
tell us about your look.

I mostly do drag,
like androgynous genderfuck.

We all love a genderfuck.

Love that.
Marcus, thank you so much.

Bye. Bye!


Some people say there's plenty
more fish in the sea,

but I say there's plenty more
dick in the sea.

And then there were three.

This is a round where you get to
hear what they sound like. I'm
excited by this.

What kind of voice would you hate
to hear?

I don't like the Brummie accent.


Any accents you like?

I like a southern accent cos I
can understand them.

So, like... OK.
..I once went to Scotland.

and I couldn't understand a
word anyone said.

Research has found that accents very
different from your own

can affect the brain's ability to
process and store information

properly, making less of an
impression on a potential date,

and it's bad news for people with
strong regional accents like Brummie

and Glaswegian, which are often
placed low on attractiveness polls.

It's no surprise, then, that one in
five Brits admit to changing

their twang to try and impress.

All right. Boys, on a night out
James likes to cover his body in

glitter to make him more confident.

What do you do to your body to make
you more confident?


I cover my body in tattoos. Every
tattoo I've got I has got a meaning,

which makes me more confident.

I like that. That's really lovely. I
thought that's fantastic.

I couldn't really tell the accent.
It's mixed. I'm from Scotland.

Here we go, here we go,
look, I'm over the border.

It's fine, we're good, we're good.
Who do you want to go to now? Pink.

I normally just wear see through
clothes and short shorts

because I've got a great ass.

That's what I do!

What, you've got see-through
clothes? Yeah.

See-through pants? No, not pants.

Where are you from, pink?
Just outside of Birmingham.

God, I'm stepping on some toes
today. This is awks.

OK, green.

I whiten my teeth, so when I go
somewhere, I stand out.

I like that.
I whiten my teeth as well.

I definitely couldn't tell the
accent. I'm from York.

Could you sound southern,
just for James?

No, I've never been down south.

Where's the most south you've been?


Do you dream of the big lights
of London one day?

Oh, yeah, I've been to London,

Ahh! Ahh!

But I thought London was before
Manchester, so...

I'm loving green.

All right, James?

Yeah. It is time to make a decision.

Which colour would you like to lose?

Feel like I've annoyed them all
enough that they don't want to go
out with me.

Who are you going to say goodbye to?

I'm going to have to say
goodbye to...

Orange. I'm sorry!

I like to be silly and fun and I
expect that back,

and I don't think I would get that.

Orange is a little bit too...
Too serious.
..too serious for you.

This is Lee, a 30-year-old pub
manager from Dumfries.

Sorry. That's all right, nice to
meet you. It was lovely to meet you.

Do you think you're a bit of a
serious contender? Sometimes, yes.

Thank you very much indeed, Lee, for
taking part. No worries.

See you later. See you later!

I'm quite chuffed that I got out,
just because I think we're two
different people.

He's more flamboyant where I'm
just more of a...

..a lad's lad, basically.

And then there were two.

The next time these guys see you,
it's completely stripped back.

Yes. Go and get that mesh off!
Thank you.

Based on Naked Attraction,

22-year-old James has whittled six
individuals down to two.

22-year-old retail manager Corey

and 23-year-old charity
fundraiser Shyell.

But only one can go on a date to
find out if there's chemistry

when their clothes go on.

Corey, Shyell, you made it to the
final two!

What do you think of the

I like this bit on you, like I'd
like to be like that size.

Shyell, check Corey out.

The eyes just glisten. My eyes?
Yeah, beautiful. Oh, ta.

This is almost a date! Right, so
this is where you get to see him
without his clothes on.

Are you ready? Yeah.

James, let's see who you really are.

Hello, gorgeous. Hey.

Hi! You see? You're just as
beautiful with nothing on.

Shyell, what do you make of James
without any of the glitz and glamour

Yeah, there's no need.
Seems like a kind and gentle person.

Thank you. Corey, what do you like
about him?

His eyes, and his smile, and he's
got bigger thighs than me.

It's the heels. It's the heels,

So... Yes. is time for you to
make a decision.

Now, this time... Yes.'s for
the boy that you want to take on the

So you have Corey,

you have Shyell.

Who is your Prince Charming
going to be?

Oh, I don't know.

Who's your boy?

I'm going to go on a date with...

..Corey. Corey! Shyell...

I'd love to go out and party with
you. Thank you. Everyone says that.

It's lovely to meet you.
Shyell, thank you so much.

Take that stunning bottom
through the white arch.

There he goes.

Having someone critique you and
getting a lot of positives,

it's pretty awesome, to be honest.

Corey, James. Hi! How are you?
I'm all right, thanks, you?

Good, yeah, I'm all right,
thank you.

You can get a bit closer.

Next time you guys see each other,
it's going to be with the

clothes back on, and then you can go
on that date.

Have an amazing time. Perfect, thank
you. James, thank you so much. Thank
you so much.

And Corey, have fun. You look a bit
shell-shocked at the minute.

You're going to have a really good

See you later, boys. See you in a
bit. Thank you. Thank you!


Oh, you look lovely.

I'm looking forward to going on the
date because I'll get to find

out who the real James is.

I really hope that he sees that I'm
a really nice person,

I've got a big heart and I just want
to find someone to love,

I want someone to love me,
and I really hope it goes well.

Hiya, you all right? Hey, I'm
all right, how are you?

All right, thank you. Good.

With his clothes on, he looks good,

he knows how to, like, work an
outfit, which I'm happy with.

But was it a good experience? It
was. Did you have fun? Yeah.

Well, you looked quite shocked
when it came up. I was like,

"Oh, God, I think I've scared you."

Just not really been in the gay
world. Like, I've been in a

relationship for four years, so it's
all new to me. OK, I get it.

I feel more comfortable being with
him in jeans and T-shirts,

normally what I'm around,
so it's nice.

The club kid thing... Would not have
the confidence to do that at all.

I'm actually quite shy.
Really? Yeah.

Right now, I'm not too sure if there
is a spark or not.

I think I want to get to know him a
bit more, try and understand him a
bit more.

I remember once, like, I wore these
trousers out, like, they were

like pinstripes and everything,
and I really liked them.

And I overheard two straight lads,
like, just being nasty about them.

And I've never worn them since.
Oh, my God, that's so not... Aw!

See, when people are like that with
me I, like, turn around and,

like, scream at them, saying "thank
you" and just walk off. Yeah.

Listening to James go on about his
confidence, it kind of made me

think, "Who cares what anyone
thinks? If he can do it,
why can't I?"

- It's actually really cool because I ended up choosing, like, the prettiest boy, which I rea
- lly liked.

Thanks. You're welcome.
So did you want to head off?

Yeah. Yeah? Tonight's been fun.
I had a good time.

I think it's really cool to try and,
like, understand his world a
bit more.

Hopefully, I can drag him down to
London. We'll see what happens.

Bye! Bye.

Oh, my nails are so dirty...

Hi. Hiya, you all right?

I'm good, how are you? I'm good,
thank you. New additions?

Yeah, I know, obviously. I mean,
I've got to change it up a bit,
haven't I? Definitely.

You look good. Your brows look good
as well. I'm jealous.

Oh, these were a mistake.

Was there any romance?

Er, I don't think there was,
was there? No.

We decided it was better, like,

- Two different people with two different personalities, it's not always going to work out
- .

With me, I'm more, like, down low
because I'm scared

of people's opinions.

That's why I don't like my eyebrows.

I've learnt to be more body
confident, not always putting

myself down and things like that,
which I learnt from you.

You're actually a nice lad.

- If you're going to let me, I'm going to bring you on a night out, so you can explore my side of
- the world.

Maybe I do need to, like, go more
into the gay culture.

You need to do it, honestly. It'll
boost your confidence. Why not?

Yeah. That's nice.
Yeah, that's good.

Would you like to test the power
of Naked Attraction?

If you're single and looking for
love, go to...

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