Naked Attraction (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 1 - Charles & Lee - full transcript

The naked dating show returns. Student Charles hopes to turn his disastrous love life round. And non-binary pan-sexual Lee is open to all genders as well as seeking acceptance from a lover.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
We've all been caught out by fancy
filters and exaggerated online

But we have a more instinctive
way to find love.

Tonight, a bartender,
a community worker,

and a retail manager are stripping
bare to attract the perfect partner.

All right, all right, all right.

Because we like to start where a
good date ends.


It's a penis and it's in my face.


Hell yeah!

What?! I know.

Can picking a partner based solely
on natural beauty...

Give me a little wiggle?

Oh, blimey. you find The One?

Do you look at that and think
"I want to get the helmet on
and I want to explore"?

When we're entirely unfiltered.

What do you do with a gooch
piercing? I think you just lick it.

What do men and women really
find attractive?

I'm actually still a virgin.

We're looking for a third partner.

This is a Naked Attraction first.

Let's find out by dating in reverse.

You're going to have to say
goodbye to one of them.


Ooh. Can I take them both? No,
I can't take them both.

This is Naked Attraction.

Welcome to Naked Attraction,

the dating show with more
baps than Greggs.

Inside each of these six pods,
I've lined up a naked singleton.

Only one of them will be picked
to go on a date.

But who's doing the choosing?

I'm Charles, I'm 20,
and I'm currently studying in Leeds.

I love student life.

But, I've been single now
for about 18 months.

Things never end up going
right for me.

Dating apps aren't all they're
cracked up to be.

I met this girl online and we
organised to go on a double date.

So, I brought my mate
and she brought her mate.

My mate's date turned around,
she was stunning.

like really, really nice.

And mine turned around and she
wasn't who she said she was.

Got catfished.

- When I do end up speaking to girls, I scare them off with my weird conversation starter
- s.

Like... excuse me,
do you like spells?

I don't know why it doesn't work.

Do you like spells? What's that all
about? He's like Harry Potter.

It gets them Harry Potter fans.

Cheers. Cheers.

I am an idiot, just a lovely idiot.

So, I'd like to meet someone
who is a fun weirdo too.

So, Charles, hello. Hi.

Welcome to Naked Attraction.
Thank you.

You are a little bit of a dating
disaster, aren't you?

I am, yes.
Bit of a, kind of, lovable doofus.

Yeah, yeah. Why have you decided
to pick a girl naked?

Well, who doesn't want to see
a girl naked, really?

And I get like six of them,
so it's ideal.

- For me to go on the show, it just shows that I'm a bit outgoing... Yeah. ..bit adventurous
- .

And I feel the girls are going
to be exactly the same.

Someone who's, like, got a bit of
something about them,

not afraid to try new things,
and just be a bit different.

It's not too much to ask for, is it?
It's not at all.

No, it's not at all,
but I'm struggling.

Are you ready to play the game,
Charles? I think so, yeah.

Let's do this. Come on, man.

In front of you, you have got six
coloured pods.

Inside each of them is a stunning
naked girl. Just for you, Charles.

Each of them has an attribute that
you've told us you find physically

We're going to reveal them
to you bit by bit.

All you've got to do is,
based on naked attraction alone,

whittle them down from six to one,
and that girl will go on a date
with you. Perfect.

Can we please reveal the lower
half of the bodies?

This is so mad.
That's one word for it.

This is so...

Have you ever had six vaginas
staring you in the face?
I can't even speak.

No, no, never had six.

I've tried. Don't get me wrong,
I've tried. Yeah.

Shall we take a closer look?
Can we go red?

Let's go red. Yeah.
All right. OK. What do you like?

Tidy, nice, small.

The vagina? Yeah, yeah, the vagina,

Hang on, have you seen like a
massive vagina before?

Yeah, and it's surprising.
Very surprising.

Well, it would be. Oh, yeah, yeah.
She was quite a small, petite girl.

But with a massive growler?
Yeah. A growler, I love that word.

What did you do? You still
went there? Did my thing.

Yes, yes. Of course I did.

I'm not one to judge about them
really, you know, what I mean?

- We're all different, aren't we? It's like your fingerprint, isn't it? True. Isn't it? Yea
- h.

Where else? Green. Yeah.

Like green. Similar to red.

Her labia a little larger.

Yeah, true. That's not a problem.

Liking the labia. Them nails
are nice.

Do you like that?
I mean, they're going to be... Yeah.

..pretty scratchy on the old backs.

You've got to get the oven gloves
out if that starts happening.

Right. Don't get me wrong,
I love rough play.

Rough play you're up for, but...
Yeah. ..just scratching, no. Yeah.

Shall we have a quick look at pink?

I like the hair.

Oh, do you? So you... Don't mind the
hair. like pubic hair?

I don't mind it. I'm not like one to
shy off from it. I just love women.

Like women are my favourite.

Yeah, they're so good. Yeah.

You're so good. You're so good.

Yellow. Yes.

More labia.

Don't mind that, though. Still nice,
still together.

Still together. Still together,

Shall we get the girls... to show us
their bums?

That would be lovely.

Girls, can we see your bums, please?

I'm all about a bum.
Oh, are you? I love a bum.

Oh, fantastic.

What do you like about a bum,

I'm all about an under bum.

Your under bum? Yes, it's like
when girls wear, like,

them crop tops and
you've got under boob.

Oh, I like red again.

It's got the lines under the bum.

's got a good under bum.
It's like a smile, isn't it?

It is like a smile. Like it's a
happy bum.

Orange has got a good bum.

Bigger the better.

But if you've got, like,
a big old arse,

what are you going to do to it?

Oh, you don't want to know that,
do you? I do want to know that.
That's disgusting.

It's just nice.
Nice to see yourself behind.

- So are you, kind of, like looking in the mirror? Oh, if there's a mirror going, yeah, yeah,
- yeah.

Does sound a little bit
American Psycho, but OK.

So, you're just there, sort of,
like, looking at yourself in the

Now you've said that, that's so
American Psycho. Look at me. Isn't
it, right?

Need to stop saying that!

But you like a big, old bum.
Yeah, of course.

Oh, blue. This is great. Great.

Well, you like a big bum, Charles.
Yeah, I love a big bum.

Bums are appreciated
all around the world,

but nowhere more so than in Brazil.

The booty-loving country hold an
annual Miss Bumbum competition,

to decide who has the best asset.

2016 saw 17 million votes cast.

That's around the same number
who voted for Brexit.

So, girls, can you spin back round,
please? Thank you.

Charles? Yeah.
You need to make a decision.

Right, OK.

Based on naked attraction,

you do need to say goodbye
to one of the girls. Oh, sad.

This is hard.

Who are you going to say goodbye to?

I think I'm going to say
goodbye... pink.

Why pink? The under bum for me.

Lovely bum, but the under bum wasn't
as present as I'd like it to be.

OK. This is Emylou,

a 29 year old community worker from
Brighton and she's gorgeous.

She is!

Hello, nice to see you.
Nice to meet you. You all right?

Is he your kind of man?

You sound lovely. Aww, thank you.
You really do. Aww.

But on this occasion,
it's not a date.

Thank you. Thank you, love.
Now, that's a bum.

He did say I had a good under
bum, just wasn't the one
he was looking for.

But, definitely a looker,
definitely a lovely guy, and I wish
him the best of luck.

You are left with five
gorgeous girls.

We are. Yeah.

Can we reveal, please,

the middle part of the bodies?


That's awesome.

These boobs are immense.

How good are boobs?

I again really like red.

That is a perfect handful. If you go
over a handful, that's a total

Real, fake, what's going on?

We saying fake? Yeah. Yes. OK.

Have you had fake boobs before?
I've had one.

And what were they like?
Brilliant. Yeah, great.

Why were they brilliant? Cos when
you're laid on your back
they stay up.

Yeah, lovely. Where next?

Blue are nice. Small, nice.

Nice, small breasts. Yeah.

Hips are nice, wide, which is good.
We always like that.

So, lovely feminine shape.

Great tat, great boobs,
nipples pierced.

Do you like that? Yeah, just adds a
bit more to the boob. Do you know
what I mean?

Yeah, and you mentioned hips? Yes.

Like, if you've got big hips
you've got a big bum. So you're
loving orange.

There you go, look.

What is it exactly then
about a girl's hips?

When I'm out, I like to see
them moving. Right.

The hip... Love a good dance myself.
..hips don't lie. Oh, exactly.

Shakira, wise woman. Erm...

I'm there with my pint and I'm
looking around and I'm like, "Wow."

Yeah. I'm a bit of a... What a

Yeah, that's the reaction I'm
hoping for. That's what I want.

Girls... need to impress Charles
with the way you move your hips.

Go for it.


's going for it.

Look at blue! Yeah, blue's doing...
Blue can do the whole belly butt

Wow... oh. Orange, yeah.

Orange is nice. Can do that as well.

Very nice, ladies, thank you.

What are you learning about
the girls?

I really like hips.

OK, well, I'm afraid you have
to make a decision. OK.

Well... Who do you think you're
going to have to lose?

I think it's going to have
to be... Blue?!

What was it about blue? Well the
boobs, just a tiny bit smaller.

Just a little too small for you?
Yeah, little too small for me.

Yeah, yeah. It's a personal
preference. OK, this is Sapphire.

She's a 19-year-old barmaid
from Liverpool.

Sapphire, come and say hi.

How are you? Fine.

Boy, can you work it. Yeah, great

Are you disappointed? Yeah.

Aww, I'm sorry, but it's not
going to be a date tonight.

But thank you, Sapphire.
OK, thank you. See you later.

Nice to meet you, love. Bye.
Thank you.

Look at the bum! Yeah, great bum, I

I like me boobs,
they're a pretty good handful,

but me bum is the biggest, so, you
can't have both, can you?

Coming up... Charles bares all
before choosing who to date.

This is right hard.

And a brand-new singleton
gets to pick a partner

based on naked attraction.

Oh, my God. Where do we start?

Earlier, student Charles whittled
six potential dates down to four,

based solely on naked attraction.

He can only choose one girl to go on
that date.

So, who will he lose next?

Charles, just remind us all again
why are you here.

Struggling with the dating world.

Need someone funny, intelligent,

And adventurous? And adventurous,

OK, well, can we please reveal the
girls' faces?

Now I've got right nervous.

They know what they're dealing with
now. I know, yeah.

You've gone a little bit red! Gone a
bit sheepish now, haven't I?

Yeah, you have.

First impressions?

All of them are really, really nice
looking. Yeah.

Intrigued by green because of her
hair. Intrigued by green? OK. Yeah.

I do like the hair, green. It's

Walk into a club with your
girlfriend and people look at her.

It's different, yeah.

Moving on. Red's nice, attractive,
like her lips.

Like the hair. Talk to me about

Would you go for long, short, curly?
I like wavy hair.

Wavy. That's nice, yeah. Tick.

Like yellow, very attractive. Yeah.

Tall. How do you feel about...

I am 5 foot 9 or 10, on a good day!

Going to chuck you round the bed.
There you go.

There you go! Yeah, probably.

But, my dad told that we're all the
same when we're laid down.

So, some really good Yorkshire
advice there.

Oh, yeah. Proper solid Yorkshire
advice. "Son...

"..we're all the same when we're
lying down!" Exactly!

25% of men said they would be happy
if their date was taller than them.

However, women are much pickier.

Only 4% are OK with dating a shorter

But walking out might be a mistake,
as research has shown

that short men not only live longer
than taller men,

they also have sex more frequently
and do more housework.

Sounds like perfect husband

Orange? Big eyes are always good.

Long hair. Right. Tick, tick, tick.

Nice smile. Nose ring.

In my experience, bit more
adventurous girls tend to have

nose rings. Ooh!

Have you had an adventure with a
girl with a pierced nose?

Definitely, yeah, yeah. She was a

What do you mean?


Tell me!

My mum's watching this show!

I'm sorry, Charles' mum, I want to
know more. Oh!

Did she go up your bum? No, no, not
me. No!

Right. It was all about her. Tiring.

Oh, exhausting. OK.

Charles, it is decision time.

Um... Right.

Really made it hard, this.

Who's it going to be?

Really, really, really, really,
really sorry.



Why yellow?

All the other girls are, like,
my height.

Yellow's an Amazonian, isn't she?
She's a tall girl.

That's one way of putting it, yeah.

This is Renee,

a 24-year-old accounts clerk from
New Zealand.


Hello. Hi. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.

How you doing? Good. Renee, you are
definitely taller than Charles.

Yeah. I kind of relate with your

Everyone's the same lying down.

Well, I mean we can give your
dad a ring, I mean... Yeah, sure.

But tonight, it's not going to be a
date with Charles,

I'm afraid, Renee, but thank you so
much. Thank you.

See you later. See you later.

I don't mind being this tall.

I'm walking away feeling pretty

You are left with three stunners.

Yeah. Now, we're going to hear what
they sound like.

Brilliant. How important is a
woman's voice to you?

I'm from, like, Sheffield, so

That accent's... It's not the best.

Northern, uh-uh! Yeah.

Girls, Charles has often been told
that he looks like

Jamie Laing from Made in Chelsea.

Which celebrity have you been told
you look like?

Do you want to start with green?

Someone told me I look like Iggy
Azalea, cos of my eyes.

Iggy Azalea the singer? Yeah.


You're northern.

Yeah. Charming. Northern.
So, that's tricky.

OK! We'll go red.

I've been told I look like
Cameron Diaz,

because of my eyes.

Nice. Do you fancy Cameron Diaz?


What do you think about her voice?

I really like the voice. OK.


Lea Michele, who plays Rachel in

I am from Derbyshire, but I do have
a Yorkshire accent. Ooh. Ooh!

It's not a bad thing, but it's not a
good thing.

Now, it is decision time, Charles.


Which colour are you going to lose?

This is right hard.

Who are you going to say goodbye to?

I'm going to lose green.


Why green?!

The accent swayed me a little bit.

The accent swayed you.
Yeah, it did.

Ms Green is Zara,

a 21-year-old care worker from

Hiya, love. Hi, how are you?
Nice to meet you. Yeah, you? Yeah.

MIMICS HIS ACCENT: "Hiya, love!"
Hiya, love.

Are you a little bit disappointed? A
little bit, but... win some you lose some.

Thank you very much indeed for
taking part. Thank you. Thank you.

Goodbye! Great bod!

It's nice to be complimented on your

Makes you appreciate what you've

Two stunning girls remaining.

This is where the girls get to see
you without your clothes on.

Off you go, get that double denim
off. Brilliant!

Based on naked attraction,

20-year-old Charles has whittled six
girls down to two.

22-year-old administrator, Melissa,

and 23-year-old retail manager,

But only one can go on a date,

to find if there's chemistry when
the clothes go on.

Melissa, Jordan, you're down to the
final two.

Jordan, what do you think of the
competition there?

She's got amazing teeth
and blue eyes.

Check out Jordan! What we saying?

She's got really nice skin.


So, this is the moment where you get
to see him with no clothes on.

Woo! Are you ready? Yeah. Yeah.


Come on then, Charles.

Here we go!

# Diddly, diddly, diddly, diddly...

Hello, fella!

# Yeah!

# Diddly, diddly, diddly, diddly...#

Hiya. Yeah, right nervous now!


Just girls. Yeah, yeah.

Jordan, check out Charles.

What do you like about him?
I like your hair. Thank you.

And you've got nice teeth. Thanks.
Nice and toned.

And a decent size penis.

Not that it matters, cos it's how
you use it!

And can you use it well, Charles?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, not bad.

Melissa, what do you make of Charles
and his body?

It's nice. In proportion.

Balls are quite big.

They're hanging there, aren't they?
Oh, yeah, yeah - they're hangers!

What's... What have you got on your
toe? Oh, don't!

What is it? I've got a camel on my

I nearly had the same one.

You nearly also got a camel on your

Almost. You two - camel toe!

I know, yeah. Yeah, it's...

OK, Charles. Yeah.

It is decision time.

This is the moment where you get to
pick the girl

you want to go on a date with.

This is right hard.

We have the lovely Melissa.

We have the gorgeous Jordan.

This is awful.

Who would you like to take on a

It's going to have to be...

..Jordan! Jordan!

Melissa, I'm sorry about that.

Here we go, nice to meet you.

Why did you go for Jordan over
Melissa in the end?

I rate the camel toe idea. The camel

So, in the end, the camel toe
did it for you? Yeah!

The camel toe story!

Thank you very much indeed, Melissa.


It's been a nice experience.

But if I went on a date with

all's I would have in my head is
them big turkey balls!

You two are a loving camel toe

Yeah, how weird's that?

Do you want a hug? We'll do a hug.
Let's hug.

Nice to meet you, love.
Nice to meet you too!

So, listen you two. Yeah.

Next time you see each other,
it's going to be

with your clothes back on.

Have a fantastic date.

Thanks ever so much. Thank you.
Thank you.

See you later! Bye. See you later.

All the little bits that I don't
like about my body,

he pointed out that he liked.

That makes me feel so good.

The girl is lovely. So happy, yeah.

I love the body. She seems like a
very funny girl.

I'm really excited about the date.

Hiya, love, you all right?
Hi. You like nice! Nice to see you.

Yeah, thank you. You look well nice.
Thank you.

How you doing, all right?
I'm all right.

Very attractive girl.

Love the dress style.

She looked good in clothes, thank

I mean you do look a bit like Jamie
Laing. Do you think? Mmm.

Really fancy Jamie Laing.

Oh, I'm going bits then, aren't I?
Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

I do really like him.

Oh, I feel like a child!

It's nice to meet someone so crazy.

Like, on a night out, I don't care
about looking a little bit silly

and dancing like an idiot. Yeah.

We're going to get along just fine.

Love the fact that she's a bit
weird, just like myself,

which is brilliant.

Do you like spells?

My favourite? Yeah.

Obliviate. What does that do?
I don't even know!

Obliviates people's memories.

Oh, my God, you've gone so deep into
this. I know.

What I thought you were going to
say... Go on.

Is, do you like spells?

And if I said yes, I thought you
were going to put on the typical,

do you want to see my wand?

Oh, my God, why don't I use that?

You should. No, in fact, don't!

I do fancy Jordan.

I think she's nice.

I feel like I want to get to know
her a bit better.

Do you want to go for another drink?
Yes. Yeah?

I'd really like that. Brilliant.

I am fancying him that little bit
more and more.

A cheeky kiss might be on the cards,
but we'll see who makes

the first move.

Your bum looks good in that. Aww,
thank you.

Charles has definitely got a few
dance moves in there.

Think I might out-dance him a
couple of times,

but he's definitely impressed.

I really hope you do want
to see me again,

cos I really want to see you for a
second date. Good.

I'd like to see you again.

Got on like a house on fire, fancy
her quite a lot.

Yeah. Yeah, she's nice, really nice.

Thank you. No worries.


Hi. How are you? I'm good, thank

Give us a hug. How are you? You can
have a hug. Thanks. Cheers.

Yeah. You all right? I'll let you
have a hug.

Good, good. Nice.


Nice to be able to speak to you.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Never replied.

Oh, no, I do reply sometimes.
No, you don't!

I do reply sometimes. No, you don't.

It's fine...

So, I've been trying to message
Charles quite often.

Not very often do I get a reply.

I get better.

Is that a promise? Are you going to
get better?

Yeah, I can get better.
Is that like a...

Aww. I forgive you.

How was the date?

I loved the date. The date was good.

Good, so did I.

What happened at the hotel?

Yeah, we didn't sleep together,
sleep together.

But, yeah, no that was fun.
It was good. It was nice. Yeah.

Have you see each other since the

Yeah, I came to his house.

We did spend the night together.
Hey, yeah, there she goes!

I'll leave it there.


I want to see you again. I have
missed you.

Aww, that's really nice.
I have missed you. I've missed you.

A peck on the cheek is fine.

There we go.

Thanks! It's OK. Yeah.

Welcome back to Naked Attraction.

The dating show that's always
up for the crack.

Behind me I've got another six
singletons hoping to get a date.

But who's picking this time?

My name is Lee, I'm 21 years old,
and I'm originally from Germany.

And I identify as non-binary.

Non-binary is a term that
encapsulates loads of

identities that are beyond the
confines of male and female.

I don't identify with either of
those categories.

Around age 18 I started to have
mixed feelings about my

gender and started presenting as
male, which was fine for a while

but then I was missing some of
the more feminine parts of me.

And started to consider whether
maybe I could have both.

Also, I identify as
pansexual as well.

Pansexual means that I'm
attracted to all genders.

So, it doesn't matter if they're
male, female, trans, or non-binary.

I feel like Naked Attraction will be
the perfect open minded space

where I can find a partner whilst
being completely myself.

So, Lee, hello. Hello.
Welcome to the show. Thank you.

Now, you identify as a
non-binary pansexual.

So, explain non-binary.

I don't really identify with the
labels of man and woman.

I'm just sort of in-between and it
always depends, like, how I feel.

I flip flop a bit in-between.

And you don't use the pronoun he or
she, is that right?

I do, actually. I'm kind of
comfortable with whichever pronoun.

- So is it OK if I call you she? How would you prefer to be referred to? Yeah, that's fin
- e.

So why do you want to pick
a date naked?

I'm quite comfortable with my body
and I tend to see people naked

on the first date anyway.
So, I figured... Do you?

..why not skip the other steps? OK.

Shall we start? Yes, please.

In front of you, you have six
coloured pods.

Inside each of them is a completely
naked individual just for you. OK.

Each of them has an attribute that
you have told us

you find attractive. OK.

We're going to reveal them to
you bit by bit,

and all you have to do is
whittle them down

from six to one. Yes.

Let's reveal the bottom half of
the bodies, please.

Oh, wow.

Oh, my God.

Where do we start?

We have a total smorgasbord of
gender identities. Amazing. The lot.

OK. OK, who would you like to go
and look at?

Uhm, green. OK.

What do you think of the penis?

Kind of average.

I actually prefer that.

I'm a bit intimidated if
they're too big.

Foreskin. Yeah.
Are you a fan?

I've never been with someone
who had foreskin.

I've only been with circumcised
people. Really? Yeah.

I mean that's extraordinary,
because only 15% of guys in the UK

are actually circumcised. Oh, wow.

So you've managed to get them all.

I lived in Korea for a year,

and that was sort of when I had most
of my sexual exploration phase.

There I think almost like 90%
are circumcised.


Shall we have a look at pink? Yes.

And pink was born with a vagina
but identifies as male.

OK, awesome.

I prefer people who are curvy
rather than very skinny.

So, I like that there's some shape
to the legs, you know?

Yeah, sure. If that makes sense.

Just so you know as well, pink is
transitioning to male. Mm-hm.

Have you had experiences or
relationships with anybody

that's transitioning?
No, I actually haven't.

I used to identify as male for a
very short time

until I realised that wasn't really
the right word for what I am.

I did look into transitioning. OK.

I'm very interested in the process.

The process of transitioning to male
takes several years,

and begins with taking the
hormone testosterone,

which makes the body look and
feel more masculine.

Including increasing muscle

increasing body and facial hair,
and deepening the voice.

The hormone also enlarges the
clitoris by one or two inches.

It grows to be more like a penis,
and the size can vary between

flaccid and erect in exactly
the same way.

Let's have a look at red.

Red identifies as non-binary.

Hey! Makes two of us. Yeah, there
you go. Awesome.

Where do you stand on pubes?

I like to give oral, and obviously
if someone's very hairy

it can get in the way... Get in the
way... a little bit.

So, I prefer a little bit less. OK.


I like the skin tone.

I generally prefer darker skin

Uncircumcised. Uh-huh.

So, I'm sort of intrigued
by that as well.

Blue... Hello. ..was born with a
vagina but identifies as male.

Blue, you are transitioning,
thumbs up?

Oh, my God, great. That's the
second one now.

Am I right in saying that this is
the shortest person?

I would say so.

Been with a few people who are
shorter than me, men and women.

And that doesn't bother you
in terms of feeling

more dominant for example
or overpowering?

I don't mind being more
dominant sometimes. Ahhh.

All right, so, orange.

Incredible colourful tats.

Give us a spin then, orange.
Oh, wow.

Nice bum. I like a bit of
a round bum.

So, Lee - it is time to make a

Oh, no. Which colour are you
going to lose?



I guess I'd have to say...

..probably green.

Why green?

They skew more skinny.

And it's sexually not my preference.

OK. This is Gary.

A 26-year-old customer assistant
from Stoke-on-Trent.

Hi. So... Sorry. are you feeling?

I'm sure I'll cry myself to
sleep later, maybe. Oh!

I'm ever so sorry.
Sorry about that.

Goodbye. Not a prob.
Take care.

I'm very comfortable with my body.

The part of me I'm most proud of,
it's always been my tongue.

My tongue's always been huge.

The only part of me that is!

OK, you have got five gorgeous
people remaining.


Could you please reveal the middle
part of the bodies.

Oh, wow. Ah-ha.

Wow. OK. Yeah.

I can't wait to find out more. Where
do you want to go? I think pink.

Now, very, very clearly
transitioning to male.

And, I mean, pink has just
pointed out the obvious.

Where are your nipples, pink?


Are you going to get your
nipples back? Oh, tattooed on?

Ah. No! No? You're going to have a
tattoo all the way over?

Ah, and cover the chest as well.
Got you. Brilliant idea.

That's really cool. Let's move
onto yellow.

So, pretty muscular here.

Good strong chest.
Nice overall shape.

Quite narrow in the hip, but then
like, a lot of shoulder,

which is nice. Well it's that
classic V, isn't it? Yeah.

On a man that's very attractive.
Very V-shaped. Yeah. OK.


So, shall we move onto blue?

As we know, born with a vagina and
as you can see

is transitioning to male. Mm-hm.

I guess you'd had your top surgery.

I think it's keyhole surgery, right?

That is amazing... Yeah. I like that.

What do you make of blue's stance?
I think quite confident.

Quite solid as well.
Talk of a stance.

Speaking of confidence.
Check out orange.

I have not had a partner before who
had a nipple piercing.

So, I like it from the looks of it.

Yeah. But I've never gotten a
chance to touch before.

Oh, this could be your lucky night.

So, it is time to make a decision.

Oh, my God.

Even more indecisive this round.
No, this is really hard.

I think orange.

Why orange?

I don't like the tattoos that much.

We have very different tastes,
I can tell from that. Sure.

So, Lee. Yes.

You are saying goodbye to Kyle,
a 22-year-old waiter from Luton.

Hi, Kyle. Hi.

I'm sorry. No, it's OK.

Are you a little bit disappointed?
I am, I am.

I've got a penis piercing too.
Have you?

Oh, my God! Where's the penis
piercing? It's hidden.

Oh, my God! Oh, that's really cool.
Ahh. I've never seen that before.

So, like the nipple you could have
had that, but...

Pop it back into its sleeping bag.
What a shame. Tuck it in.

Well, I mean I'm really sorry, Kyle,
but take that pierced penis off.

I think if they would have seen my
penis piercing

at the earlier stage I could have
lasted longer.

Coming up - Lee bares all before
choosing who to date.

This is really hard.

Earlier, 21-year-old pansexual Lee
whittled six potential dates

down to four, based on
naked attraction alone.

She can only choose one singleton
to go on that date.

So, who will she lose next?

So, Lee. OK. Yes.

Just remind us, why are you here?

Being pansexual and non-binary

I thought maybe I could get a chance
to meet more people like me here.

Well, too right! Yeah.
So you basically date all genders.

Yes. And identify as neither
male nor female.

Yeah, exactly. Yes. So we have got
a real smorgasbord for you.

Indeed. All right.

Now is the time to see the faces.

Are you ready? I think so, yeah.

Here we go.


Who do you want to go and take a
closer look at? I think Pink again.

As we know, born with a vagina,
identifying as male.

Well, very smiley, which I like.

I really like the haircut.
Excellent! I used to have the same.

Did you?
Yeah. For, like, three years.

Let's go and look at Red. Yes.

Red is non-binary, like yourself.


I've only known a handful of
non-binary people across my life,

and I've only dated cis people
in the past. So...

Which is kind of a shame.

Now, explain cis people to me.

So cis people just means that

you identify as the gender
you were assigned at birth.

So born a girl, so I identify
as a woman, that's cis?

Yeah. Yeah, that's cis gender.

Terms like cis gender are becoming
more widely used

as the traditional view of gender,

being just male or female,
is changing.

Around a quarter of a million people
in the

UK are believed to identify as

And non-binary is just one
of 71 gender identity options

currently available on Facebook.

It's believed the next UK census
in 2021

may adopt a more non-binary
approach, too.

What kind of character
do you think Red is?

Bold. At least, bold style choices.

Nice jawline, as well.

I bet Red's a bit like,
"Yeah, I do. Thanks very much."

OK. Yellow.

Really cute smile.

Very pretty eyes.
I quite like dark eyes.

What colour are yours?
Sort of similar to yours, I think.

Blue, greyish. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Greenish. Yeah. Bluey-grey.

Sort of wishy-washy.
So... In between.

Oh, no! Sorry.

I mean mine. Moving on.


Born with a vagina, transitioning.

Now obviously identifying as male.

Good-looking man? Yeah, definitely.

I feel like there's a lot of eye
contact happening. Yes.

Which is good.

So one of these people has to go.

Oh, my God, this is really hard.

I would probably have to say... Red.

Why Red?

Out of all of them,
the least expressive in their face.

Maybe a bit more mysterious.

This is Emerson, a 24-year-old
student from New York.

Hi! Hello. I'm so sorry.

No, it's all right. Don't worry.
You look great, though.

So, Emerson, how long have been
identifying as non-binary?

As soon as I realised what it was
to be non-binary,

I was, like, yeah, that's me.

Are you a little bit disappointed
that you didn't...

Yeah. She seems lovely, so, yeah.

I'm afraid, Emerson,
on this occasion, it's not a date.

Oh, well, you know...

Physically, Lee was gorgeous.

I do get tired of explaining what it
is to be non-binary

to everyone I go on a date with,

and it would have been nice not to
have to this time around,

but, you know, it didn't work.

So, Lee, you've got three
magnificent people remaining.

Now, this is where you get to hear
what they sound like. Yes.

So, for Lee, being unique
is really important.

What is unique about your body,
and why?

Let's start with Blue this time.

My bum. Because the shape of my bum,
I like.

Show us the shape of your bum.
Turn around. Turn around?

For reference. OK, very good.
That's very nice.

Thank you very much, Blue.
He has a very nice bum.

What about the voice?
I like the voice, as well, yeah.

So, Yellow.

Well, not many people
are double-jointed,

and I'm double-jointed in my elbows.

Oh, my God, I daren't.
Go on, show us.

Oh, I see that! OK.


Never mind the double-jointed
elbows, what about the voice?

Quite a pleasant voice, as well.
OK. Pink.

I was going to say my nips, but
obviously, you've brought that up.

I paid for my dimples.
They were piercings.

Oh! They are great dimples.

Yeah. Quite a nice voice, as well.
Yeah. Yeah.

A bit deeper than I expected,

And is that the testosterone? Yeah.

I had a very high voice beforehand.

Did you really? Oh, really?

I've got an identical twin.

Her voice is lower than mine was,
but still really high.

Wow! What does your identical twin
make of your journey?

She loves it. She gets to see
what she'd look like as a dude.


Brilliant! OK.

So it is time to make a decision.

Oh, my God! Um...

I think Blue.

He was just the quietest
out of all of them. Yeah.

And I think I'm quite talkative,

so I'm best matched to a person
who's also very talkative.

Well, this is Justin, a 30-year-old
event worker from London.

Hi! I'm so sorry. It's OK.

You look amazing, I've got to say.
Thank you.

It isn't going to be a date tonight.

Take care. Bye. Nice to meet you.

See you later.

There was, like, six
good-looking people there.

Getting this far is an achievement
for me.

So, yeah, I'm pretty much happy.

Well, you have two people remaining.

Up until now, you've seen them
with their clothes off,

but it's your turn.
Get those dungas off.

Based on naked attraction, Lee has
whittled six singletons down to two.

20-year-old bartender Cameron,

and 21-year-old lyricist Dan.

But Lee can only choose one of them
to go on that date

to find out if there's chemistry
when the clothes go on.

OK, so, Cameron, Dan, you've made it
through to the very end.

Dan, how do you feel?

Didn't expect it, but here I am.

And, Cameron, how about for you?
Did you expect to get here?

I really didn't.
And everything she was saying
that she liked about my body

were things that I never even
thought of before could be a reason.

So it was nice.

Now, up until this point,

you have only seen Lee
with her clothes on.

All of that is about to change.

Come on out, Lee!

Look at you and your perfect bod!

Thank you. Hi!

Hi. What a great body.

Thank you.
What a great pair of bangers!

Give us a twirl, Lee.
Let's have a look.

what do you make of Lee's body?

You've got a really good body.
Thank you.

Tits, yeah. I mean, boobs.

There's not really an eloquent way
of saying that, is there?

No! Exactly! Dan.

One thing I did like before you got
naked was your eyes.
I liked your eyes.

Oh, thank you. So, Lee,

it is time to make a decision.

You have Cameron. Mm-hm.

You have Dan.

This is really hard.
You both seem really cool.


I would have to say Cameron.

Cameron! OK!

So, Dan, it was so nearly a date.

It was really close.

But I'm afraid, Dan, it is not going
to be a date for you tonight.

It was lovely to meet you.
See you later, Dan.

I find the fact that she identified
herself as non-binary
is very intriguing,

and I would have loved to learn
more about it.

But I can still Google it.

You guys are a couple!

A naked hug. Hug it out.


Cameron, come on,
you must be absolutely buzzing.

I am so shocked!
Until two weeks ago, I'd never been
topless in public.

Oh, wow! OK. And now I'm naked on
TV, and I have a date.

Exactly! So, how far along
your journey are you?

About three years. I don't know if
I'm going to go any further yet.

OK. So, guys, next time
you see each other,

it's going to be with your clothes
back on!

Have an amazing date. Let's go.

This actually is my first date
as a man!

Oh, shit!

I did not realise that.

Argh! What do men do on dates?


# So give me your love

# Give me your love

# Give me your love...#

Hey, you all right? Hi!

How are you? I'm good.

Good to see you again. You, too.

This time, with clothes on. Yes.

Seeing him fully clothed was more
nerve-racking than I expected,

but, yeah, I really like him
with his clothes on.
I like what he's wearing.

How often have you dated recently?

I was in a relationship for almost
two years until about a month ago.

That makes me feel better.
I was engaged for four years
until, like, two months ago.

Oh, really? Oh, my God engaged. Wow!

So we're both, like, really
new to that. Very new. Yeah.

So, are you only attracted to women?
Yeah, mostly women.

Like, I've never been with
a cis man,

but my ex-fiancee was non-binary.

It's going pretty well so far.

It's really easy to talk to him

and I feel like we have a lot
in common already.

I think I do fancy her a little bit,
yeah. Yeah.

How come you chose to not have
your nipple reattached, or whatever?

It cost more and it was longer

so I just couldn't be bothered.
Oh, right.

You're just, like, I'm not...
Fuck it. Not that fussed about
my nipples.

Yeah. I spent so long not even
being topless by myself,

I had, no, like, connection to them.

Fair enough.
I was, like, "Get rid of it".

I don't usually meet people
as interesting as Cameron.

Usually, there's not as much

Yeah, I just think we're so similar
and it really helps.

Hormones have helped me so much.

Changes a lot of weird stuff
you wouldn't think of.

It changes orgasms.

Really? Yeah.
Oh, my God! Is it better?

Same as a guy's. So you go from
wanting a long period of sex

to suddenly, "I'm done! Oh, God!"

Sleep. How amazing.

Coming into this today,
I was so nervous.

Like, I didn't know what to expect.

But surprisingly, we get on
so well as people.

I do think that there could be

some sort of sexual relationship
from the end of this.

Definitely one of the best
first dates I've ever had.

I'm definitely planning to meet
Cameron again.

I think it would be a shame if we
didn't, and I hope he agrees.

# Oh, all my nights
taste like gold...#

Hey! Hey!

How are you?
I'm good. How are you? I'm good.

How did the date go? Really well.

I mean, despite choosing each other
based on like physical attributes...

Yeah. ..we ended up having so much
more in common personality-wise

than I usually do with people
that I talk to first.

And what happened after the date?

We realised we were both
going back to London,

so we ended up getting the same
train and... On the quiet carriage.

Essentially, yeah. Getting
in trouble. Oh, God, yeah!

So, do you guys hope to see
each other again?

Yeah, definitely.

Yeah, definitely, I could
probably see Lee again. Yay!

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