Naked Attraction (2016–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - Richard & David - full transcript

Richard is a singer in a Take That tribute act and is a big hit with the ladies, but it is a man he is looking for. Divorcee David seeks love with a new lease of life.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
and full frontal nudity from
the start and throughout

Let's face it, when it
comes to looking for love,

we've all been caught out by filters
and exaggerated online profiles.

But we have a more instinctive
way to find love.

Tonight, an HR manager, an artist,

and a builder are stripping bare
to attract the perfect partner.

All right, all right, all right.

Because we like to start
where a good date ends...


It's a penis and it's in my face.


Hell yeah!


I know.

Can picking a partner based solely
on natural beauty...

Give me a little wiggle.

Oh, blimey. you find the one?

Do you look at that and think,

"I want to get the helmet on
and I want to explore"?

When we're entirely unfiltered...

Nice ball to willy ratio.

Think everything in life
should have a balance.

..what do men and women
really find attractive?

I'm actually still a virgin.

We're looking for a third partner.

This is a Naked Attraction first.

Let's find out by dating in reverse.

You're going to have to say goodbye
to one of them.

Um... Ooh.

Can I take them...?
No, I can't take them both.

This is Naked Attraction.

Welcome to Naked Attraction,

the dating show with more balls
than Wimbledon.

Inside each of these six pods, I've
lined up a brave naked singleton.

Only one of them will be picked
to go on a date.

But who's doing the choosing?

I'm Richard, I'm 27, I live in
Darlington and I'm a singer.

I perform in a band called The Boyz
and we do a tribute to Take That.

# Never... #

We've got Mark, we've got Howard,
and I'm Gary Barlow.

I love performing with The Boyz,
and the women love it.

Screaming, trying to touch me.

All that attention would be great
if I was straight,

but I'm not.

I'm gay.

I want to meet a man.

# Could it be magic now? #

I've been single 18 months.

I've tried dating apps.

I'm hoping to find the love
of my life on Naked Attraction.

And if my knight in shining armour
has a big weapon,

that's a bonus.

Richard, welcome
to Naked Attraction. Thank you.

So, listen, you are used to getting

an awful lot of attention,
aren't you?

The girls go mad for you,
don't they? They go mental, yeah.

But you are a gay man. I am, yes.
Are you?

What kind of fella
are you looking for?

Would be good to have one.

Basically hot, hung and sexy.
I love that.

All right, Richard.
Let's relight your fire.

In front of us here, we have got
six coloured pods. OK.

Behind each of those screens

is a gorgeous naked man
just for you. Mm-hm.

Each of them has an attribute

that you've told us
you find physically attractive.

We're going to reveal them
bit by bit.

The only thing you have to do is
whittle them down from six to one.

Are you ready? I'm ready.

OK. Let's reveal the bottom half
of the bodies, please.

Oh, my God!

What you thinking? I don't know.

Oh, wow.

There's a lot of penises there.

Is there anybody
that you're drawn to?

Um... yellow.

What is it about yellow?

It's a good size.

Mm-hm. So, we're going straight
for cock, aren't we?

Is it possible for a fella
to ever be too big?

No. Not at all.

Bigger the better. Massive length.

Do you want girth as well?

If both's there then it's a bonus.

Really? Yes.


Orange has got good size.

Can probably do the helicopter.

Can you do the helicopter,
then, orange?

Right. Right.

Spin it. You've got to use the hips.

Nearly but not quite.

OK. Can anybody do a helicopter
in here?

Helicopter, fellas?


No, not quite.

OK, no-one's taking off here.

You've gone a little bit flushed.
I have. OK.

Who else shall we look at?

I'm looking at red.

Average-sized penis is good.
Mm-hm. Nice legs.

Is it important to you
for a guy to work out

and take care of themselves?
Well, I go the gym.

So, like, if I can find a gym buddy
that would be even better.

Do you know, a quarter of Brits
have said that they've hooked up

with somebody in the gym
after a workout?

Really? Oh, yeah.
Hot and sweaty. Absolutely.

Anybody else?


Do you like a circumcised willy?

I prefer them not to be.

Why? Because they just
look like a mushroom.


Who next?

Um... blue.

What do you admire about him?
I quite like his tattoo.

That's amazing, isn't it?
Give us a little spin, blue.

Let's have a look at your tush.

He's got a nice arse.
He has got a nice arse.

Shall we ask them all to turn round?
I think that's a very good idea.

Can everybody just spin round
so we can see your bums, please?


I don't know where to start.

Wow. Bit hot.


Is it fair to say that
you are a bit of an arse guy?

Um... I am, yes.

Can you give me a twerk?

Work it! Work the twerk.

Right. Keep... keep going.

Can you fan me down? I'm really hot.

Fantastic, fellas. Thank you.

Oh, hey,
let's go and have a look at pink.

What is going on with his... Just
bend forward ever so slightly, pink.

Oh, he's got a piercing
on the gooch.

Ooh. What's a gooch?

It's in-between the balls
and the bumhole.

That's a gooch? Yeah.

What do you do
with a gooch piercing?

I think you just lick it.

OK. Have you ever licked a gooch?

Probably, yes.

Whilst the gooch piercing
is growing in popularity,

it's still not as popular
as the Prince Albert.

Not just there for aesthetics,

the Prince Albert is said to
increase pleasure,

With 67% of men saying it
helps hit the spot

for their partner in the bedroom

and, for gay couples, stimulating
the prostate during anal sex.

OK, fellas, spin back round.

Richard, you've got a big smile
on your face.

I have got a smile on my face.

You know the game, though.

You've got lose one person. OK.

Who would you like
to say goodbye to?

I'm not too sure.
You're not too sure.

I think...'s going to be green.


OK. Why?

It's just a bit too like...

Was it just the mushroom?

The mushroom, yeah.

Well, this is Camil, a 40-year-old
stylist from Brentford.


Hi. Hi.

Are you OK? Good.

Nice to meet you.

Handsome man.

Yeah, very handsome man. Good luck.

Thank you. So sorry. All right.
Thank you, Camil.

All right. Bye-bye.
Bye. Goodnight.

Nice little wiggle.

He called my penis a mushroom,
but, you know, he's missing out,

because maybe it's a mushroom
but I'm a FUN GUY.

Do you think that
you've made the right decision?

I've been... I need to see more.

Oh, you need to see more.
Oh, God, getting right in there.

OK, fellas,
Richard is keen to see more.

Can we please see the middle
part of the bodies?

Oh, God.

This is really exciting.

This is, like,
the best part, I think.


There's a good mixture there.

I quite like red.

Really nice, toned body. Yeah.

Are you into nipples?

Netball? Yeah.

I used to play it in school
I think but...

No, not netball, nipples!

Nipples. Um...

I do like nipples, yeah.
Do you like to play with them?

Do you like yours being played with?

Everything, yeah. Bit of everything.

As long as they're not too hairy,
it's always good.

What do you like about pink's?

He's got a nice chest,
nice arms as well.

I quite like an older guy. OK.

So you're thinking this guy
is possibly a little bit older?

A little bit older, yes.

I like from probably
about 28 up to 40, 45.

Not that old. It's not that old.

OK. Anybody else...

Yes, yellow. want to take
a closer look at?

Really, really good body.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Give us a flex.

Oh. Just perfect.

He could definitely slam you around
the bedroom, couldn't he?

He definitely could, yes. Oh, yeah.

What about orange? Orange.

A bit skinny, but he's got really
good little nipples.


OK. It is time to make a decision.

Who do you want to lose
at this stage?

Going to have to go with...


Why orange?

Bit too slim for me, I'm afraid.

Just too slim. Shall we find out...

Yes, let's do this.

..who orange is? This is Daniel.

He's 29 and he's a customer service
worker from Huyton.

Daniel, come and say hi.

Hey, you all right? You all right?

Nice to meet you. Hello, gorgeous.

So sorry.
It's not happening tonight.

Thank you, Anna.
Nice to meet you anyway. Good luck.

See you later.

He was really handsome.

I know. You don't know
until you see the face.

He said I was a bit too slim,
but I'm quite proud of my body.

Coming up, Richard bares all
before choosing who to date.

God, it's so hard.

And a brand-new singleton

gets to pick a partner
based on naked attraction.

Phew. Slow down.

Earlier, singer Richard whittled
six potential dates down to four,

based solely on naked attraction.

He can only choose one man to go on
that date, so who will he lose next?

So, just remind us all again,
why are you here, Richard?

I'm in a Take That tribute, get the
girls throwing themselves at me,

and it's just like, "Darling,
you're barking up the wrong tree."

Yeah. So you're looking for...
I'm looking for my man.

..your knight in shining armour.

Are you ready to see the faces?

I am, yes.

Gets really intense now, doesn't it?

Are you a little bit speechless?
I am. I'm really shocked.

Who would you like to go
and look at first?

I'm going with Pink.

What are you liking about Pink?
His eyes.

Like, you've just got to,
like, have that connection. Mm.

Pink is...
He shocked me, actually.

You've gone a little bit coy,
haven't you?

OK, who else shall we look at? Red?
Red. OK.

He's really handsome.
So, handsome boy. Handsome boy.

And you did say, "I want my fella
to be good looking." Yes. OK.

Also, a smile is really important.

Well, you've got amazing teeth,
so yours are lovely and white.
Thank you. Yeah.

Oral hygiene is an important thing.
It is, yes.

Is breath a big thing for you?
It is, yeah.

There's no point in kissing
someone and just going, "Sorry..."

Yeah, and then having a gip.
And then like, "Bleugh!"

Shall we try the breath?
Yeah, let's do it. OK.

Yes. Who do you want to start with?


Yellow. OK.

OK. Acceptable, fragrant?
Yeah, yeah.

Manly, strong breath. Lovely.
Well done, Yellow.

Who next? Blue.

Oh, it's a blow.

A soft blow. Yeah.
Gentle. Kind of wispy.

Acceptable? Yes.

OK. Moving on.

I'm going to go Pink.

He's really going for it there.
He's like... All good.

Lovely. Red, finally.


Nice. Just nice and average breath.

Thank you for doing that, fellas.
Thank you.

Because here's
a very interesting fact for you.

A quarter of people who think they
have bad breath have halitophobia.

Right. OK, which is a
fear of having bad breath.

Oh, really? They don't at all,
they just think they do. OK.

Bad breath tops the list
of predate worries for Brits,

with a third of people saying
it's their biggest concern

before a saucy rendezvous.

And with as many as 75% of people
saying that bad breath would

put them off a second date,

perhaps that's more of a reason
to visit your dentist.

Richard, you've had
a look at the boys' faces. Mm.

You're going to have
to make a decision.

And it's difficult, cos now
they're staring at you.

I know. OK.
Stop staring at me.

Who are you going to lose
based on naked attraction?

Right, I'm sorry, but...


Blue. Why?

He's just a bit too young for me.

Let's find out who Blue is.

He's Will.

He's 22 and he's a warehouse
operative from Longridge.

Will, come down.

Oh, love. Hiya. Hi.
You all right? Nice to meet you.

Sorry. You, as well.
No, you're all right.

And here's me thinking
I was being all cute.

Well, do you know what,
you're definitely cute.

Do you know what, Will,

take that beautiful little bottom
and off you go.

See you later.
See you later, love. Bye!

He went round to everyone
and did a quick breath check.

The reason that I didn't breath
as hard as the other guys is

because I really didn't want to see
any spit flying out my mouth

and onto his face,
or, even worse, in his mouth.

OK, this is the round where you
get to hear what they sound like.


So, boys, when Richard does
his Gary Barlow impersonation,

he can wow people
with his beautiful voice.

What part of your body
can wow people?

Who do you want to go with?

Probably my thighs and my bum
because I've got a big bum.

Makes people go, "Wow."

Wow. Uh-huh.

He's quite posh, isn't he?
What is that accent?

I'm from Hertfordshire originally.

OK. He's quite posh.

who do you want to go with next?

I'm going to go with Pink.

I normally wow people
with my piercing blue eyes.

Can you imagine that whispering
sweet nothings into your ear?

Yeah, he's quite soft,
but like manly.

Do you know what I mean?

My arms, cos I'm good at cuddling.

Do you like a little bit
of a Cockney?

I do, yeah. Lovely.

You know what's going to come now,
don't you?

Richard, you're going
to have to make a decision.

One of them's going to have to go.

Who would you like to lose?

I'm going to go with...


Pink? Oh, it's so hard.
You can't go back.

You can't go back now.
Why Pink?

The other two have
got slightly better bodies,

but like it was so hard.

This is the gorgeous John.

He's 46.
He's a salon owner from Blackpool.

Come join us, John.

Hi. Hi. You all right?
Sorry. No worries.

He's really handsome.
His eyes are just amazing.

And you liked his pierced gooch.


So sorry, cos it's not going
to be a date for you tonight.

All right, my love.
Enjoy your date. So sorry.

See you later. Bye.
Oh, come on.

Look at those legs!

I did fancy Richard.
I thought he was a really nice guy.

He really liked my pierced gooch,

but I'm just going to have to save
it for someone else, I guess.

So, you know what's
going to happen now.

You've seen these
two with no clothes on.

It's your turn, my friend.

OK, how are you feeling about that?

I'm all right.
OK, you've got this, deep breath.

Yes. Off you go.

Get them jeans off.

Based on naked attraction,

27-year-old Richard has
whittled six guys down to two -

22-year-old waiter Dougie,
and 44-year-old builder Steve.

But only one can go on that date
to find out if there's chemistry

when their clothes go on.

Fellas, congratulations,
you've made it to the final two.

Dougie, how you feeling?

I'm feeling really good, actually.
I didn't think I'd get this far.

Steve, how about you?
Were you expecting it?

No, not at all,
but I'm glad to get this far.

Just out of interest,
Steve, what do you make of Dougie?

He's got a great arse.

Good legs, as well.
Legs... Amazing legs. Yeah.

So, Dougie, how about Steve?

I'd probably go for his upper body.

I don't think my upper body's that
big, so I'd like to be like that.

I mean, are you each other's types?

Yeah, he's a good looking bloke.
A little bit. Yeah. Yeah.

OK! Shall we get him out?
Yeah. Yeah, definitely.

Do you want to have a look?
Definitely. All right.

Come on then, Richard, the boys want
to see what you've got.

MUSIC: Relight My Fire ft Lulu
by Take That

Hello, sir.

Hi. Hi!

How are you, sweetie?
I'm good.

Steve, what do you think?

He's got a good build on him.

Yeah, really like everything. OK.

So you're kind of like going,
"Really like everything,"

looking directly at his penis.

Is it what you were expecting?

A little bit, yeah.

I mean, the broad shoulders
and stuff you can kind of see

in the T-shirt, but... Yeah,
Richard's well built, isn't he?

Steve, what about for you?
Were you expecting that?
Yeah, you can see that he trains

at the gym, so that's good.
Give us a twirl.

Think he should twerk
for us as well. Yeah.

Do you know what,
I think it's only fair.

Yeah, only fair.
Come on, let's have a twerk.


Is that twerking? I don't know.

I couldn't twerk either.

Can't even do it myself.

You got us to do it.

Now, you've got
two gorgeous men here.

I do, yes.

You can only take one on a date,
and I tell you, you're going to

have to, otherwise they're going
to be dating each other.

All right.
So, who's the man that you are

going to walk down
that dating aisle -

Dougie or Steve?

God, it's so hard.

I'm going to go with...



I'm so sorry.
How are you feeling?

I'm feeling, yeah, all right.

He's a good man,
so will be a good date.

Sorry. That's all right.

Good luck, anyway.

Thank you.

Goodbye. Thank you.

I feel a little bit gutted.

Obviously he's an attractive guy, it
would've been fun to go on a date.

But at the end of the day,
some win, some lose.

Meanwhile, you two are a couple.

Hi. You all right?

You all right?

Aww! All good.

Do you know what,
he could probably take...

Yeah, a proper cuddle, yeah.

Oh, listen, boys,
next time you see each other

it's going to be with
your kit back on.

Have a fantastic day.

Cheers. Have fun!

I thought it was good.

He's just my type.
He's got a good build on him.

Could be a good date.

I've got the man.

He's just ticked all the boxes.

Can't wait for the date.

You all right?
Yeah, how you doing? You good?


He is looking fit.

Like, he's amazing.

When did you get into singing, then?

Well, I've done it all my life,

Someone that can sing is
just like... That's a big tick.

What kind of music do you like?
Bit of Take That.

Do you?
Do you actually like Take That?

No, no, I used to listen
to Take That all the time.

It's going really well,
and I think we can build on that.

We can just see where
the attraction goes from there.

How old are you? 44.
You don't actually look 44, though.

You look younger.

Tick. Yeah, tick.

I like everything about him.

I can't stop smiling.

Boyfriend material.

Husband material, I think.

Do you want to
go somewhere else after this?

I'm up for that.
There's definitely potential there.

We're gonna have another drink,
so we're gonna see where it

goes from there.
So, yeah, I'm excited.

Richard's a lovely guy.
I've had an awesome day.

I am attracted to him.

Always nice to end a date
with a smile.

There was
a little cheeky kiss got in there.

Today has been the
best day of my life.

Like, he just ticks every box.

Hi. Hiya.

You all right?
You all right? Yeah.

Are you? Yeah, I'm good.

How have you been? Yeah, good.

You look buff.


INTERVIEWER: Have you been
in contact since the date?

Yeah. Yeah we've been talking every
couple of days, really.

Yeah. The odd day.

He's a real gentleman, and that's
what I'm looking for, really.

Anna spotted that there
might have been a bit of flirting

going on between Steve and Dougie.

Nobody's told me about that.
Yeah, yeah.

I mean, are you each other's types?

Yeah, he's a good looking guy.
A little bit. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah, we all went out for a drink
that night and something

did happen between
me and Dougie then, but I respected

you completely and said, "I'm going
on my date in the morning and it's

"a clean slate from there," because
I was having a date with you.

I hope you still think that
I was the best choice, though.

So will you see each other again?

We're still going
to make the effort to be...

Yeah, of course. ..friends and...
We'll still meet up.

..and meet each other. Definitely.

the lover and the soulmate
and the best friend.

Everything rolled into one,
that's what I'd like.

So, David,
hello and welcome to the show.

Thank you very much.
How are you feeling?

I am nervous,
but I'm also so excited.

After 20 years of marriage,

you're now looking
for something different

in the next stage of your life.

Yeah, absolutely.
I mean it started off brilliantly,

but it became clear very early on
that we were best friends.

Now it's time to get out, have fun,
to find out who I am.

There are so many adventures
yet to be had.

Why do you want to meet
a woman naked?

I have a great passion
for body positivity.

And here I've got the opportunity
to date someone

who has so much body positivity,

that they're willing
to share it with the nation.

OK. Let's play the game
on that note.

In front of you,
you have six coloured pods.

Inside each of them
is a stunning naked woman.

Each of them
has a physical attribute

that you've told us
you find really attractive.

We're going to
reveal them to you bit by bit.

And all you have to do is
whittle them down from six to one.

Are you ready? I'm ready.
Oh, well, in that case, I think,

let's reveal the bottom half
of the bodies, please.


Oh, wow.

Slow down.

Take it all in. Yeah.

Let me know
who you'd like to look at first.


What's drawn you to pink?

Pink has a piercing there.

That's interesting.
I've only ever been with one person

who had the clit piercing before,
and it was great fun.

Just a little bit of lips
showing as well.

OK. So who shall we look at next?

Oh, well, let's go around clockwise,
shall we? OK, why not?

Now red has got more hair there.

I do like either very trimmed
or no hair.

Why is that? I absolutely adore
doing oral sex.

You don't like to go down on a woman
with more pubic hair?

Well, it's not too bad, but I did
have a bit of a bad experience.

She had the most incredible bush.

Going down, my nose
was doing a lot of rubbing.


I actually found
I had friction burns on my nose.

A carpet burn from her rug,
basically. Exactly.

I mean, in fairness, with red
I don't think it's that bad, David.

No, actually that is
nothing like the one I had. OK.

That's really nice.

The goods news is, is the more
oral sex that you give to a woman,

the more you pleasure her,
the more likely she is to be loyal.

Fantastic. Lovely. Mm.
So moving onto yellow. .

Just to explain why this lady's
sitting on a stool.

Yeah. She does have ME. Yeah.
She gets very, very tired. Yes.

And we just don't want her standing
in the pod for too long. Absolutely.

The first thing that strikes me
is the lovely shape of her legs.

The thighs are not too big
and the calves are not too big,

and it's sort of all in proportion.
Yeah. Which I really like.

OK. Moving on.

Blue's very, very similar.
We've got lovely legs.

Strong, muscular but
not in a masculine way,

and that's what I like.

Now orange - it's neat
and very tucked in.

It's not coming out as we had
with... I think it was yellow.

Well, the only pod
we've not looked at is green.

Yes, so green.

Strong thighs and very
strong calves there. Yeah.

Almost as though green does
a lot of walking. I love walking.

So green could be a walker.
Green could be a walker.

Obviously a little bit more
sort of pubic hair there. Yes.

But very, very light
and the vulva's very neat.

OK. Now, David, I'm afraid
it is time for a decision.

Which colour do you want to
say goodbye to?


Boy, is it tricky.

Every single one of these
is appealing.


Orange. Orange.

Why orange?

The vulva just isn't there. It's
just all tucked.

So it's too tucked away?

I like to have a little bit more
in your face.

OK. So, you are about to see Katie,

and she is a 42-year-old
warehouse operative from Derby.

Hello, Katie. Katie.

Ohh. I'm so sorry.

Are you little bit disappointed?
Is he your kind of chap?

Yes. I'm sorry.

Be very nice, yeah.

Thank you very much indeed.

Thank you very much. Thank you.
See you later, Katie. Bye.

It would have been nice to be picked

but he has a preference
for a bit more labia,

and unfortunately I couldn't
fulfil that requirement.

So, David, we are left
with five gorgeous women. Yeah.

Could we please reveal
the middle part of the girls?



Absolutely fantastic.

So... OK, let's head over...
BOTH: green.

The nipples are nice and pert
and pointing horizontally.

They've just got that good angle.
They're just there.

Got you. Yeah. So great boobs
on green. Mm-hm.

Let's move on to pink.

Do you like a pierced nipple?

Generally, no.

When you're on a nipple and you're
playing, it detracts from it.

You're eating something
soft and smooth,

a creme brulee
or something like that,

and there's a peanut in there.

It's almost as though
you're enjoying the texture

and then all of a sudden
you get the hardness.

You should be on Bake Off.

Moving on. Red.

I love the arms.

Slim, slender and look long.

To me, that actually is really sexy.

They're also much more fun
when it comes to tying up.

Tying up? This is news, David.
Tying up.

Are we talking about
just the old socks on the bedpost?

No, this is going a bit further.

This is using a Japanese rope tying
called shibari.

Shibari? Shibari rope tying.

It's a method
of tying up with ropes.

It's aesthetically pleasing
but it's also sensually pleasing.

It's so much fun.

Tying each other up in knots

is becoming increasingly popular
in the bedroom amongst Brits,

with two thirds of us giving it a go
behind closed doors.

As endorphins
are released during sex,

our pain threshold increases by 50%,

so kinky activities like biting,
binding, and spanking

become less painful
and more pleasurable.

Yellow. Got the fuller breasts. It's
actually quite nice in some ways

because you've got a focus on
the left one, which is the tattoo,

and the focus on the right one
which is the piercing.

Here's the other thing, it looks as
though yellow also has armpit hair.

Yes. OK. So do you like a woman
to be natural in that way?

No, I don't generally.

OK, OK. So you'd rather she shaved?
No, I suppose...

I... Personally, preference? Yeah.

Fair enough. So blue.

The abdomen, it's just, it's just,
it's toned and that's really nice.

You've got the prominent
tan lines there as well.

So I mean this lady spends
a lot of time outdoors. Yeah.

So, David, one colour
is going to have to go.

Who would you like
to say goodbye to?



..will say..., um, um...

Green? So why green?

It's just the breasts.
I mean the nipples are great.

My preference is for smaller,
rather than larger.

And I know that most guys
tend to go for larger.

David, you are saying farewell
to Jackie,

who is a 53-year-old
beauty entrepreneur from Kent.


I'm so sorry.
That's OK, don't worry.

Oh, but look at that hair.

Incredible hair.
Look at that, it is...

Looking at David, could he have been
your kind of man, do you think?

Not into the ropes.

On this occasion, you're not going
to be tied up on a date.

Thank you very much.
Very much indeed.

Thank you. Take care, Jackie.

That's stunning. Oh, wow.

He was talking about
these Japanese ropes that he'd used.

I was thinking, "Oh, my gosh!"

Coming up, David bares all
before choosing who to date.

Earlier, 50-year-old
audiologist David

whittled six women down to four

based on naked attraction alone.

He can only choose one person
to go on that date,

so who will he lose next?

David, remind us again,
why are you here?

I'm here to find a soulmate
for the next 20 years of my life.

Someone who is adventurous in
themselves, in the things they do.

On that note, you have...

..four stunning women remaining.

This is where we reveal
the women's faces.

So you'll get to see them for the
first time, but don't forget, David,

they also get to see you.


Yeah. OK. OK.

Are you ready?
Ready. Let's do it.

Let's reveal what the girls
look like, please.



I'm going to start to the left
and... OK and...

..go round. ..and move around.

Pink. The hair.

I do like dark hair and I do like
long, dark hair as well.

So that always does it for me.
Tick and tick!

Long-haired ladies are in luck,
as nearly double the amount of guys

find it sexier than shorter styles.

It's thought men see longer locks
as a sign of good health and genes -

desirable assets
in a potential partner.

OK. Red.

Wow. Love the colour of the hair.

It's got this curly body
shapeliness to it.

Very, very feminine.


Look at that hair. Isn't that great?

I like that confidence
and having the hair coloured

but shaved on the side.

The nose piercing as well,
that's no surprise.

I sort of feel as though we need to
talk about ears a bit, David,

because you are an audiologist.

I mean, do you look
at people's ears a lot?

She's got the hearing aid in.

Behind-the-ear hearing aid
with micro tube.

Did you spot that? Yeah.

But ears are not attractive
when it comes to...

I've been inside so many ears now

that I don't want to take my tongue
down there.

You know what's in there.

I know what's in there, so I like
to keep to the bit I can see.


I love the hair.

I mean, it's long, it's dark.

So, you like long, feminine hair.
I do, yeah.

That's really nice, and just the way
she's holding her body.

She's... confident? Yeah.

So drawn to blue as well? Yeah.
Drawn to...

Well... At the minute,
I'm drawn to all of them!

Four women.

I'm afraid it is time
for a decision.

One of them has to go.

This is so hard.

It is really hard,
cos they are all gorgeous.

I would say...




The hair is great.

I do prefer longer hair.

OK. This is Julie,
a 43-year-old artist

from Tyne and Wear.

Oh, I'm sorry. O-o-h!

Are you a little disappointed?

Absolutely thrilled to have
got this far, to be fair.

I really am. Thank you so much.

On this occasion,
it isn't going to be a date.

Thank you, Julie. Thank you.
You're gorgeous. Bye.

Goodbye, Julie.

I am a little bit disappointed.

I'm kind of a bit too much for him.

You know, my hair being so bright.

But, I mean, he sounded
like a nice chap.

OK, three ladies remaining.

Now, this is the round where you get
to hear what the women sound like.

Mm. My idea of feminine is soft...

..and subtle.

OK. Since his marriage ended,

David has discovered a wilder side.

What part of your body
shows a wild side?


My clit.

Obviously, I've got that pierced,

so that brings the wild side
out in me.

I like the voice.

Was that soft and feminine
enough for you?

Yeah. Red.

I would say the whole body,
not just one part of it.



Mmm. Bellissimo, eh?

What do you think?

Very, very nice indeed.


I think I'd probably
have to say my hair

because it's pretty uncontrollable.

I like that. That's very confident.

Yes. It's perhaps on a par...

With pink? ..with pink.


..David, it is time for a decision.

Whoever you lose now, the remaining
two will get to see you

with your clothes off very shortly.

Who are you going to lose?


I'm going to say pink.


Why pink?

It comes down
to this body language thing.

I just didn't quite feel...

The body language
was just saying to you,

"I don't feel that connection"?
Yeah. OK.

David, you are saying goodbye to

Tracy, who is a 43-year-old carer
from Coventry.

I'm sorry. It's OK. Oh!

You were working it, Tracy.

Do you fancy him?

Oh, darn it!

I know, too late my friend.

You gave it your best shot,

but it isn't going to be a date
with David tonight.

See you later. Bye-bye.
See you. Bye.

Confident girl. Confident!

Look at that confidence!

You kind of fancy her, don't you?

I do, actually.

He's made a big mistake.

I've got a very high sex drive.

I like being tied up,
I like the kinky side a bit.

My kind of man.

Just a shame I didn't get to
see what he's got.

Here are your two gorgeous girls!

HE SIGHS They are gorgeous.

Next time you see
these two stunning women...'s going to be
with your clothes off.

You know what you have to do, David.

Based on Naked Attraction, David has
whittled six women down to two.

48-year-old life model Tiziana...

..and 44-year-old
HR manager Rebecca.

But he can only choose one woman to
go on that date... find out if there's chemistry
when the clothes go on.

So, congratulations,
you've got to the final two.

I know, it's exciting!
Were you surprised?

Yes! Yes, very surprised.

I'm super happy.

Cannot believe I'm here.

Really? But you're
absolutely stunning.

Oh, thank you! I don't know.

She's got a stunning figure.

Beautiful proportions
and just that classic hourglass.

And, Tiziana,
if you look at Rebecca,

what do you think
is great about her?

Fantastic features.

Very like an actress.

So beautiful face?

Fantastic face, yeah. Yeah!

Now, last time we saw David,
it was with his clothes on.

Shall we see him with his kit off?
Yeah. Yes, definitely.

Come on, David,
the girls are waiting!

Hello! O-o-h! Here he is.

Hi! I like the sound of that!

But you sort of feel a bit
more confident with the clothes off.

You feel more comfortable.

Well, yeah, it's fairer
though, isn't it?

Because they've got their clothes
off I should have mine off.

Tiziana, what do you
admire about his body?

Er, I'd say fantastic feet.

Oh, wow! Somebody into feet.

Yeah, guys don't normally look
after their feet.

Rebecca, can you handle that penis?


Yes, not a problem.

Not a problem.

Nice tool. Nice tool? Yeah.

Now then, the decision
you have to make this time

is for the girl
you want to take on a date.

So it's Tiziana...

..or it is Rebecca.

Who's your girl?


I will say...


Tiziana! Oh!

OK, wow! Congratulations!

So, girls...

Rebecca! You can hug each other.

Yes. Yeah, we can.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Thank you so much for taking part.
Thank you. Bye.


I thought David had really nice eyes

and obviously a lot of life
about him.

Today has just reaffirmed the fact

that you've got one life
and you should live it.

Ciao, bella! Hey. Ciao, bella!

Ciao! Oh!

What was the clincher for you
in the end? Why Tiziania?

There was just a little glint
in the eye and the smile.

Do you find David attractive?

Yes, I find him... Yeah.

Next time you see each other, guys,

it's going to be
with your clothes back on.

Have an amazing time.
Great. Goodbye, ciao!

He's very attractive.

Fantastic, sparkling eyes.

I'm really excited
to see how this date will go.

I am feeling so excited.

Tiziana is just beautiful.

I'm really hoping she likes me.

Oh, wow!

Look at you, you are gorgeous. Ciao.

She is stunningly beautiful.

Thank you.

Love her voice.

And her eyes. I could just look
into those eyes forever.

When the boards came up, when we
had the first level... Mm.

It was clear, from a physical
attraction point of view,

who was in the lead. Oh.

And that was you. Oh, OK.

And then it just got...

..better and better.

Our date is going nicely, smoothly.

Conversation is easy.

The only Italian I know
is anything to do with music,

otherwise, I don't know any Italian.

You've found your teacher, maybe.


Can you recommend someone?

Yeah, maybe.

A beautiful, sexy-looking woman

who's also a very good
Italian teacher?

Yeah, maybe. maybe.

The face is fine. It's nice. But
he's not exactly my kind of person.

So, if I hold your hand... Oh.

No, don't do it. No. No.

Don't do it? It's too much.

VOICEOVER: I am just
a tactile person.

She's obviously not one -
she takes it very slowly.

David. Yes.

Long day. Long day.

Long day. Shall we go?

Shall we?

I'm starting to think
I'm not actually the person for her.

Ciao. Ciao.

Buongiorno! Hi! Ciao. Hello.

Come va? How are you?

I'm good. Oh. You good? Yes.

INTERVIEWER: How did the date go?

It was a fun thing,
very new experience.

But holding the hand, it's very
intimate for me. It's too intimate.

Sorry, David.

That's all right.

There was, I think, a lack of spark
or a lack of...


Maybe the expectations
were different.

His premise was,

"OK, I want to find the woman
for the next 20 years."

I was like, "Oh, I cannot
commit 20 years."

That's too much for me.

And, David, do you feel that you
picked the right person on the day?

I don't know. I have doubts on that.

Last week, I had a...

..message from Tracy.

The pink pod with the clit piercing.

I mean, we went on a date last week.

Yeah, and it was it was great.
Good fun!

You're looking at me.

Of course.

I'd still like to keep in contact.

Yeah, no obstacle. As friends.
As friends. Yeah.

Would you like to test
the power of Naked Attraction?

If you're single
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