Naked Attraction (2016–…): Season 3, Episode 3 - Leah & Ryan - full transcript

Bisexual 30-year-old fashion designer Leah is looking to settle down but keeps scaring her dates off. Ryan is hoping to find love, despite being born with the life limiting disorder cystic fibrosis.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Let's face it, shall we? When it
comes to looking for love we've

all been caught out by fancy filters
and exaggerated online profiles.

But we have a more instinctive
way to find love.

This programme contains strong
language, adult content and

full frontal nudity
from the start and throughout.

Tonight, a psychology student, a
financial investigator and

a community worker are stripping
bare to attract the perfect partner.

All right, all right, all right.

Because we like to start
where a good date ends...


It's a penis and it's in my face.


Hell, yeah!

What? I know.

Can picking a partner based solely
on natural beauty...

Give me a little wiggle.

Oh, blimey. you find the one?

Do you look at that and think,

"I want to get the helmet on and
I want to explore?"

When we're entirely unfiltered...

What do you do with a guiche
piercing? I think you just lick it.

..what do men and women really
find attractive?

I'm actually still a virgin.

We're looking for a third partner.

This is a Naked Attraction first.

Let's find out by dating in reverse.

You're going to have to say
goodbye to one of them.


Can I keep them all, now?

Not on this show.

This is Naked Attraction.

Welcome to Naked Attraction,
the king of dating shows,

where the crown jewels are
always on display.

In each of these six pods, I've
lined up a brave, naked singleton.

Only one of them will be picked
to go on a date,

but who's doing the choosing?

I'm Leah, I'm 30 years old and
I'm from London.

I love tattoos and I like to have a
really edgy look.

Anything that's out there and in
your face is all up my street.

As a bold, driven person,
I see what I want and I get it.

Except when it comes to

I'm attracted to men and women,
but I seem to scare them off.

I think people find my hard
exterior quite intimidating.

People think I'm a bitch or I'm
going to bite their head off

or something. And I'm not!

Inside, I'm really soft,
I'm really mushy,

and I like nothing more than being
a little housewife.

My pride and joy is my adorable,
little fur son Kush.

He's my baby.

I can't wait to meet somebody who

can come and make us into a
little cute family.

Me, you and the dog.

Let's cuddle.

Leah, Hello! I'm here!

Welcome to the show.
Is this Kush?

This is Kush the pup.

What can you see?
Can you see more naked people?

So what are you looking for? I take
it that you are looking for a human.

I am looking for a human.
I like boys, I like girls, I like

Ha! I love that.

Does Kush help you?
Kush does help me.

He finds if somebody's nice or
if they're nasty.

So you've got the strong
confident exterior.

Do you think that people are getting

slightly the wrong impression
of who you are? They do.

The first impression that they get
is that she might be a bit

bitchy, and actually I love meeting
new people and I am dying

to meet someone. OK.
Shall we get started?

Let's get started.
Kush, you ready, sweetie?

Are you ready, baby? Are you ready?
Who's a good boy!

Here we go, darling.

You have got six coloured pods
in front of you.

Yep. Inside each of them is a
naked person.

OK. Each of them has an attribute

that you've told us you find

We are gonna reveal them to you,
bit by bit,

and all you've got to do is whittle
them down from six to one,

and then that final person is
going to be your date.

How're you feeling? You OK?
I'm ready, I'm ready.

OK. Can we reveal the bottom half of
the bodies, please?

Ooh, ooh, ooh.


Exciting stuff.

Sniff 'em out, sniff 'em out.

Ooh, I'm liking - can we have a
nose? Yeah, where d'you wanna go?

Let's go to red first.
Come on, Kushy.

Come on, come and have a little
stroll with us. Let's go to red.

How d'you feel about the pierced

I've never been with someone with a
willy piercing before.

Nice ball-to-willy ratio.

I think everything in life
should have a balance.

Quite right So I find, if you've got
nice balls and a nice willy on top,

I'm a happy girl.
Where shall we go, Kush-Kush?

Let's have a look at the ladies.

Ooh, I'm liking pink, give me a
little dance.

I like, I like, I like.

Kush, how do you feel about pink?
Ooh, there was a bit of a growl

Did you hear that? I heard that!

Talk to me about girls.

Do you enjoy oral sex?

Oh, I love oral sex being
given to me.

I do enjoy giving oral sex as well.

Do you think that that's a vagina
that you would be interested in

pleasuring? In pleasuring?
Possibly, yes.

OK. I wouldn't turn it down.

Lovely. With men,
it can become a bit tedious.

Let it go, hurry up and come.

Let's go to blue.

Blue What about blue, Kush-Kush?
Does he like blue?

He does like blue, doesn't he?

He loves blue. There's a really
good, ooh... That's a great

chemistry, brilliant, there.

What about his penis?
Not bad.

Perfectly, a penis would be,
like, a coke bottle.

Ha-ha. Fizzy...

What, like a two-litre family one?

No, no, no, no, the miniature.

I mean...
It's got good girth, you know.

Ooh, yeah. Not too big.

Oh, yeah, I mean,
and you're a slip of a thing.

Come on!
Come to yellow. I like yellow.

She's got a nice split.

A nice split?
A nice split.

Loving that.
And she's really neat and tidy.

Very neat and tidy, yep.

Green's very strong and sturdy,
I like green.

I'm not intimidated by a
lot of people,

so a man that's very manly
intimidates me.

It makes me be able to be a woman.

What d'you think about green,
Kush-Kush? Oh, yeah.
He's doing a bit of a jump, I th


I say, he's giving you a little
bit of a twitch there. He is.

And he's doing a total ball twerk.

Kush, you are transfixed by green.

Orange, hi, orange.


Oh, a little tiny tuft of pubes.
See, I like that.

It's super sweet. And I like her

Is it a Harry Potter tattoo?
Thumbs up. Brilliant.

Orange has got really cute feet.

I've got a thing with toes.

Tell me what it is about toes.

I slept with this guy, brilliant,
sex was amazing,

and then you just see these toes.
They were like claws.

Ugh. Scratching you in the bed, it's
not... Oh, no, no, no!

Kush has got the claws, you don't
need any other claws. No.

A lot of people keep their socks on,
right, in bed.

We've all been there.

However, if you keep your socks on,

you are 30 per cent
more likely to come.

What? I know.

Keeping those tootsies toasty
in bed could help you orgasm.

Warming your feet causes
the blood vessels to dilate,

which can improve blood flow
around the body.

Scientists suspect that faster flow
down below can then help you

climax easier.

And, with only 18% of women able to
orgasm during penetration,

perhaps there's even more reason
to pop your socks on.

Kush is now resting.
He's resting.

He's done a good job, though.

So it is time to make a decision.

Which colour do you think you're
going to say goodbye to?



I think it's gonna have to be...

Red! Why red?

I don't think I'm ready for the
piercing yet.

Sorry. So shall we find out who
lovely red is?

This is Adam, a 27-year-old

financial investigator from

Come and say hi to Leah.

Hi. Hi.

That's all right, no worries.

I am just not ready for
the piercing yet.

Yeah? As much as I think I'm a bad
bitch, I ain't ready yet.

You know when you have a wee and
stuff, does it just like fire out in

Like, that way, that way and that
way. Oh, my God, how awesome.

I normally sit down and wee,
I'll be honest with you.

Adam, I'm afraid you're going to
have to take you and your

spraying cock off through there.

No worries, good luck.
Have a good one.

She said she didn't like the

50% of girls like it,
50% of girls don't.

It's not for everyone.

You have five gorgeous people

OK, can we reveal, please,
the middle part of the bods?

Oh, nice.


Great variety.

Really good variety.

Wow! I've kind of gone
straight to yellow.

Her shape is really nice. Her hips.

Are you a boob girl, Leah?
I love boobs.

I love my boobs, I love your boobs,

I love your boobs, I love your boobs
Yeah. (I like your boobs.)

Yeah, well there's a lot going on.

I love a bit of nipple play.

Like them to be flicked,
twinged, bit, nibbled.

All of the above.

So, yellow,
can you do with flicked, nibbled?

That's what I like to see.

Let's go and look at orange.

Ooh, orange,
I didn't notice they were pierced.

Nice. Yeah. Something about her
seems very tough.

She'd finish me, I think.

Well, shall we have a look at blue?

Not a bad body, not a bad physique.

OK. Pink, I love pink.

I love her ink.

Can you cope with bigger boobs?

I can cope with bigger boobs.

They're just heavier,
but there's more to play with.

Why not? Yeah, exactly.

So, Leah,
you do have to make a decision. Oh!

OK. Yeah...

You need to lose the person you find
least physically attractive.

I'm gonna have to lose orange.


I just think our personalities
might clash.

How she's built, she, yeah,
might intimidate me a little.

She might be too strong for you?

Yep, not a bad thing -
strong women rule.


So, Leah,
this gorgeous girl is Jamie Lee,

and she is a 21-year-old sales
assistant from Hastings.

Gorgeous! Oh,
you're lovely, look at you.

Loving Harry.

Always. I know, I did that myself.

Did you? She does tattoos!

I made the wrong decision! Ha ha!

However, it's not going to be
love at this stage. Thank you,

Jamie Lee. Lovely to meet you.

Thank you. Thank you. See you later.

She's gorgeous.

Standing there naked was liberating,
to say the least.

She was a beautiful girl, but yeah,
we probably would have clashed.

Coming up: Leah bares all before
choosing who to date.

I'm not sure, erm...

And a brand new singleton
gets to pick a partner

based on naked attraction.


Earlier, fashion designer Leah
whittled six potential dates

down to four,
based solely on naked attraction.

She can only choose one person
to go on that date,

so who will she lose next?

So, Leah.

Remind us, what are you looking for?

I am looking for someone to come
and join in my family

with me and Kush, my dog.

Someone who can handle me as well.
So, are you ready?

I'm ready, let's do it.

Can we see the bods in the pods
and their faces, please? Ahhh!

Hi, guys!


Ah! Mm.

WHISPERING: Can we go and look at
green's beard? Yeah, shall we?

Can we touch the beard? Is the beard
all right to be touched?

Oh, the beard's nice.

Have a feel of it.
Oh, look at that.

OK, we like the beard.

I think a bit of facial hair
on a man makes a man manly. Yeah.

What else are you liking?

I kind of find you can find how much
of a freak they are with their eyes.

His eyes make him seem
quite innocent.

But are you a freak? Only
in the bedroom. No boundaries.

Pink looks like a freak.


I like trouble, though.

She just seems very confident
in her pose,

she's kind of like dead middle.

I find people don't do that to me
very often because I'm the one

that's normally quite, like,
you know, so...

So she's holding your gaze.
Yes, she is. Impressive.

Researchers now claim to know the
magic number for how long

you should hold eye contact
when attracting a stranger.

A very precise 3.2 seconds.

Hold it too long, and you can seem
creepy, but too little,

and you can appear shifty.

So, when making eyes with a
potential partner,

be careful how long you look for.

What about yellow?

Very cute face.
I want to go in the park with her,

and just walk all day in the park,
me, you and Kush.

Blue's giving me a bit of...

I think blue might be a bit of a
freak. The eyebrows went.

He's giving me the eyebrows.
Freaky eyebrows.

I like his lips. He's got nice lips.

Oh, yeah, beautiful.
Beautiful big kissable lips.

Yeah, really nice. Great teeth.

OK then, Leah, time for a decision.

Which colour do you think
you're going to say goodbye to?

It's going to hurt my heart!

I have to say goodbye to green.

Green? Why?

Cos green's
not staring me down enough.

I feel like I maybe
intimidate green.

So, Leah, this is Jay, who is
a 24-year-old chef from London,

and he is staring you down now.
He is!

Come on, Jay. Sorry!

Hi, Jay.

Jay, I mean, I want to know,
just how freaky are you? Very.

Could you handle this...
this package?

OK, well, I'm afraid it's not
going to be a date. Goodbye.


I liked the fact that she had a dog,
cos I've got a pet snake

and a goldfish, so our pets
could have been chilling together.

I can't stop...
She was so beautiful!

Three stunners remaining, Leah.

Now, you're going to get to hear
what they sound like.

So, guys,
Leah likes to show off her tattoos.

What part of your body do you like
to flaunt, and why?

Can we go to the yellow pod first?

My bum.
Because it's big, and round.

Oh, nice bum! That is a great bum.

What do you think of the voice?
Not too bad.

Bit soft. And I'm very loud.

Yep. She is loud.

Let's go to pink next.

I like to flaunt my boobs most,
and when I'm really feeling lazy

in a pub I can rest a pint in there
and still drink.

Brilliant! I like pink's voice.

Very confident,
very straightforward,

no second-guessing pink.

Yeah. OK. Blue.

Definitely my teeth, cos I've got
a beautiful smile, innit, so...

You do.

His voice is nice.
Bit more quiet than I expected.


It's time to make a decision.

Which colour are you
going to say goodbye to?

I'm going to have to say bye... yellow. Yellow!

I kind of feel like
she's a little bit innocent.

Absolutely fair enough.

You are saying goodbye to Roxanne,

a 23-year-old student
from Darlington.

Hello, Roxanne!

Hello, gorgeous.

Are you a little bit gutted?

Nah, you move on, don't you?

There you go. You go, girl.

I love that. Thank you.
Thank you, Roxanne. Thanks!

See you later. Great bum.

Love the bum.

It was one of the
best experiences of my life.

I feel great.

I'm definitely not innocent.

She got that wrong.

You are left with two gorgeous ones.

The next time these guys see you,

it's without... My clothes!
..your clothes on.

All right, well, love, listen,
take that banana crop top off,

see you later.

Based on naked attraction,

30-year-old Leah has whittled
six down to two.

29-year-old community worker

and 30-year-old customer
service manager Greg.

But only one can go on a date to
find out if there's chemistry

when the clothes go on.

Emmy-Lou, Greg, well done,
you've made it to the final two!

Greg, were you expecting that?

Ah, no, no.
Definitely, I wasn't.

Emmy-Lou, how about you?

To be honest, no.

I thought the other contestants
had better bodies than I did.

You've got a gorgeous body, and
it's what people find attractive.

Exactly. But check out Greg.

What are you thinking about this?
I'm nervous.

He's got a banging body!

She's a goddess as well, like.
Come on. OK.

Up until this point, you've seen
Leah with her clothes on.

All that is about to change.

Shall we get her in?

Yep, why not? Yeah, please.

Come on out, Leah.

Ooh, wow.

Hey, gorgeous!

You look sensational. Thank you.

Meet Emmy-Lou. Hi! Hi!

Meet Greg. Hello.

What do you think of
Leah's amazing body?

She is stunning. I like her boobs.
Her boobs are beautiful. Thank you.

And I love the tattoos, obviously.

Your boobs are amazing.

Everything ticks all the boxes.

And, uh,
does the vagina tick the box?

Yes. Oh, yeah.
I wish I could make it dance.

But I haven't
mastered that trick yet.

I think we all wish
we could make it dance.

That would be incredible television!

Well, it is time, Leah, for you to

who is going to be your date.

Ahh! You have Emmy-Lou
and you have Greg.

Who would you like to take
on a date tonight?

Oooh, I'm not sure!

I'm going to pick...

..Greg. Greg.

Emmy-Lou! You are a bit gutted,
aren't you?

I'm really gutted.

From the moment I heard your voice,
and then I heard your dog.

I was just like,
this woman sounds like my dream.

I'm so sorry, Emmy-Lou.

And you're an amazing girl.
You are. Thank you so much.

Thank you.

See you later, Emmy-Lou. Bye!

Thank you, darling.

Really gutted.

She was ticking all my boxes.

I might have fallen in love
a little bit, but... Oh, well!

Greg, Leah - you guys are a couple!


Oh, my God!

You look fab together,
I've gotta say.

I tell you what, Greg, can you
handle this one? Definitely.

Can she handle me?
Not intimidated?

Ooh! He said, can I handle him?

I like that. This is good.

The next time you see each other,
the clothes will be back on,

and you're going on a date.

Please have loads of fun.

See you later, guys.

Thank you. Thank you. Bye!

I feel ecstatic right now, like
seriously, I wasn't expecting it.

The freakiness, I like that.

Cos I'm freaky as well!

I chose Greg
because his teeth was amazing,

he had lovely kissable lips,
and his body was very muscular.

Kush, of course, loved him, and I've
got to go with my dog's opinion.

It's very important!

Hello. Ah, nice to meet you.

You too.

Do you know what? You've come in,
and instantly I've got, like,

really warm. Yeah, so, that's good.
Take it off.

Beautiful eyes,
he's got lovely lips

and I hope I get to try them out

What's your background? So, my mum's
St Lucian and my dad's Jamaican.

What?! Don't tell me...

Nah! I was born in St Lucia as well.

Oh, my gosh!
The family's going to love you.

That is crazy, though.
That's crazy.

Do you like sports?
I love sports. I love football.

And what team do you support?

Arsenal. Are you a Gooner?
Oh, my God, he's a Gooner!

Unbelievable how much me and Greg
actually have in common.

It's like it's destiny.


So, I like to be at home naked,
that's me.

Ah, tell me about it.
It's the way forward, right?

Are you like one of those girls,

you go out
and they have no panties on?

WHISPERS: I've got no panties
on now.

Oh, shit! Goddamn!

The dates' going really good
right now.

I do fancy Leah.

I want to settle down, though,
to be honest,
I feel like I'm getting old.

Settle down don't mean
we have to stop having fun.

Exactly, it's just finding
the right person,

someone where you have that
connection and chemistry.

I'm feeling giddy.
I feel like I'm 15 all over again.

I've got the butterflies, guys,
I'm feeling it!

Your lips and your eyes
are killing me. Oh, my God.

What, you want my lips or something?

I do. Go on.

Mm. You like them, do you?

I do like them very much.

Should we get out of here now?

Shall we go? Yeah, come on.

I believe we will, like,
hang out a bit more.

Obviously we click,
and the chemistry is there,
so, yeah, it's good.

Oh, shit!

The date went amazing.

Kind of want to be
his little housewife.

I'm really looking forward to seeing
where this will end up, 100%.

Leah, what happened after the date?

We spent the night together.

Kush loved him, I loved him,
he loved me,

everything was kind of great.
We were talking every day.

It was really sweet for a while.

And then Greg got a bit distant.

Left me and Kush.

Hello, there. You all right?

I'm good, thanks. You? Yeah, good.

Don't touch.

Oh, don't... OK. Oh, my God.

Yeah, we're not friends
any more. No?

Mm-mm. OK. Cool.

So Greg, what went wrong for you?

I normally date girls that are
more, like, a bit thick, thicker.

So, that was the only issue.

When was you going to be, like,
"Leah, stop falling for me,

"I don't like you like that?"

Rip off the Band Aid, man,

just get it over and done with,
like... Kssh!

Leah, are you gutted?

I am, you know.
But, like, what can you do?

I'll still be friends with you
if you want to.

Bon voyage. Don't come back.

Welcome back to Naked Attraction.

The dating show with more bangers
than Bonfire Night.

Inside each of these six pods,
I've lined up a naked singleton.

Only one of them will be picked
to go on a date,

but who's picking this time?

My name's Ryan, I'm 24, and I'm a
martial arts instructor from Hull.

I absolutely love my martial arts.

Well, I'm definitely a lover.

I'm really not a fighter.

When I was growing up,
my parents were told that I probably

wouldn't see 16, due to my

I have cystic fibrosis.

It's a genetic lung condition
that also affects your pancreas
and other parts of the body.

Life expectancy now
is around about 40, 42.

Living with the illness does make me
want to live life to the full.

I've been single for about
four years now,

and I'm ready for a committed

I just want someone to spend the
rest of my life with, ha.

Ryan, Hello, welcome to the show.

Hi. How are you?
Are you a little bit nervous?

No, I'm, I'm more excited now,
all the nerves have sort of turned

into a bit of adrenaline, so, yeah.

But, why do you want to
pick a girl naked?

Because I have a, a tube in my
stomach. I've got plenty of scars.

Yeah. And, uh, this is just a great
opportunity to, sort of,

get it out of the way
and over and done with.

You are now determined, aren't you,
to live life to the max?

Definitely. I've got kind of, not a
bucket list,

it's more of a "fuck it" list.

Like, "Do you want to get naked
on TV?"

Yeah, fuck it, go on, let's do it.
Why not?

I might not be the finest specimen,
but I'm a unique specimen,

and that's also just as good. OK.

Are you ready to play the game? I'm
ready. Let's do it.

In front of you,
you have got six coloured pods.

Inside each of them is a gorgeous,
totally naked woman just for you.


Each of them has a physical
attribute that you've told us

that you find attractive. Cool.

We are going to reveal them to you,
bit by bit, and all you have

to do, Ryan, is just whittle them
down from six to one.

OK? Yeah, let's go.

So, can we please reveal the bottom
half of the bodies?

Here we go.





I'm speechless. Yeah.

You have got six magnificent vaginas
staring right at you.

Where would you like to go
and look first?

Probably green.

She's got fantastic, like, stance,
her legs are great.

A very - tidy vagina.

Do you like legs? Are you a leg man?

Er, I'm a fan of, like, either way.

I've got, like, quite strong legs
myself, very skinny legs.

You are quite a slight fella.

Is that to do with the condition
that you have? Yeah.

Being with cystic fibrosis,
I don't digest fat as well.

The pancreas doesn't produce
the enzyme.

So you just excrete the fat, do you?
Yeah, pretty much.

Just goes straight through. So that
keeps you very, very slender. Yeah.

Cystic fibrosis affects more
than 10,000 people in the UK.

One main symptom is the build-up of
mucus around the body,

blocking up the lungs,
digestive system

and tubes within the sexual organs.

This incurable,

life-limiting condition is genetic,

inherited when both parents pass

on the defective gene.

So, unless you're born with it,

you'll never have it.

OK. Shall we go to pink?

Yeah. No pubic hair, that's
all good.

So, do you like a girl to be shaved?

If it's what makes them feel more
comfortable, then I'm happy,

I'm easy-going. But in terms of oral
sex, what do you prefer?

I'd probably say trimmed.

If they've got a '70s bush,
I don't mind, but that's not
really my preference.

All right, lovely. Red.

Nice vagina? Yeah, very nice.

Landing strip's very creative as
well, so that's good.

Again, strong legs. Yep.

But, the others, like,
have shown a bit more personality.

It might be just the stance.

Maybe a little less confident.
Yeah, possibly, yeah. OK.

Again, a very neat and tidy vagina.

Do you prefer it that way?
Again, I'm quite easy-going.

Who am I to judge, like,
I'm not the best-looking, so...

Aah! You're doing yourself down.

She's tapping the feet.

She's either nervous or she's quite
playful. Ooh, OK.

LAUGHTER I think she's playful.

Right, blue.

Just to explain with blue,

the reason we've got the stool there
is because she has MS,

so she just needs to be able to
support herself as well.

Very slim figure.
It's a great figure.

Would you err towards somebody
that is a little bit more slender?

I'd say so, yeah, but only because
I knew this one girl,

she started a relationship with a
guy who was a lot thinner than her.

Yeah? And it made her feel, like,
really uncomfortable.

Right. And I just don't want to put
a lass through that.

Do you know, Ryan,
you are such a lovely positive guy.

It sounds like I'm trying to say the
right thing all the time,
but it just comes out


You're a gentleman. I try. OK.

Now, orange.

The stance is a very strong stance.
It's good. Yeah.

Little bit more curvy. Yeah.
Again, I'm, ah, very easy-going.

OK. But Ryan, you have seen
everything the girls have to offer

in this first round, and one of
these girls is going to have to go.

See, I didn't think it would
be this difficult.

It's going to be... Red?

Why red? It might be just the

So the other girls may be
a bit more confident?

Yeah, possibly, yeah. OK.

You are saying goodbye to Claire,

a 19-year-old psychology student

from Morley.


I know. What have you done?

I am confident, but, oh, well.

So I'm ever so sorry.
No, it's all right.

But it's not going to be a
date tonight. Don't worry about it.

Bring it in. Have a good night.
See you. Thank you, Claire.

His positivity was, like,
really nice,

and his outlook on life kind of
matched mine, but, oh, well.

You still have five girls remaining.
Now, are you a boob fan?

More of a boob than an arse man.

So, shall we see, please, the middle
parts of the girls' bodies?



Who do you want to go to, Ryan?

I'll probably go orange.

Great figure,
good boob-to-nipple ratio.

OK, so that's important to you,
is it?

You don't like nipples too big?
Yeah, exactly.

Weirdly, or too small. But there's
no such thing as a bad boob.

In an ideal world,
what would your girl look like?

I tend to go for the sort
of sweet-looking girl, like,

typical rom-com.

Dimples, big eyes, like, yeah.
Sort of sweet demeanour.

Are you always sort of out dating?

Not necessarily.

I think I'm not a sexy guy.

Would you like to be a sexy guy?
Love to be.

Chris Hemsworth? Nah.

So, how many girls have
you had sex with?

I'd say five.

Not loads of experience.

So, looking forward to maybe
having a bit more.

Yeah, exactly. OK, fantastic.

Have we got a rom-com
beauty with blue?

Yeah, very slim figure,
and I really love the tattoos.

I think that's a snake,
on her wrist.

Well, let's have a look.
I don't mind snakes.

You're open to a snake. Yeah,
it's just big spiders I don't do.

Have you got any spider tattoos,
blue? Right, you're OK.

I'm safe. You're OK
with the spiders.

Let's have a look at yellow.

Yeah, very nice.
Happy with the boob-to-nipple ratio?

Yeah, definitely. OK.

Pink, Ryan. Mm.
Great figure, very slim waist.

And smaller boobs. A nice handful.
Very nice.

OK. You do have to say goodbye to
one of the girls.

It's time to make a decision.

I'm going to say... Orange.

Why orange? I was first drawn to
orange. Yeah.

But, all the other girls seem to
have, like, piercings or tattoos.

Orange seems a bit of a blank canvas

and I like to get to know a bit more
about the personality, so...

So, you think maybe orange just,
no idea at all.

Exactly, I'm clueless. OK.

This is Amy Kate, a 21-year-old
sales assistant

from Aberdeen.

Sorry. Don't be sorry.

So, Ryan couldn't really tell what
kind of girl you were.

So it's not going to be a date.
No, it's OK. Thank you. See you.
Goodbye, my love.

He felt that I was just
a bit too bland,

but obviously I'm more than
meets the eye.

It would have been nice to know him,

but unfortunately it's just not
meant to be.

Coming up,

Ryan bares all before choosing
who to date. Ah.

Earlier, martial arts instructor
Ryan whittled six women down

to four,
based on naked attraction alone.

He can only choose one girl
to go on that date.

So who will he lose next?

Ryan, just remind us again,
why are you here?

I've got cystic fibrosis.
I've got plenty of scars


And I just think this is a great way
to just get everything out the way

I guess it's easier, isn't it,
than going on a date fully-clothed,

and then having to say to somebody,
"By the way, this is what I've got."


Are you ready to see what the
girls look like?

Let's do it.

Can we reveal the girls' faces,


Who is drawing you in?

I'd probably say blue.
Go on, then.

Very cool hair.
And a great smile as well.

Now, obviously, we've got all those
lip spikes, the lip piercings.

Are you a little bit intimidated by
that? Because you're a good boy.
A little bit, yea


Imagine if she was going down on
you, I mean, that's a hazard.
Yeah - it'd be quite painful.

Ha-ha. Do they get in the way? No?
I'm relieved.

OK, so, yellow...

Lovely dimples, great smile.

What is it about dimples?

It's - if I can see the dimples,
it means they're smiling,

which means I'm doing
something right, so.

Aah! Oh, you've made her blush,
Ryan, I think.

OK, so, green. Wow.

Great smile.

Was that a tongue piercing, as well?
Oh, that's cool.

I had a friend,
she had a piercing there,
and she could squirt juice from it.

That was - it was quite cool.

Can you squirt juice?
You can squirt juice?

You're a squirter.

So, talk to me a little bit
about eyes, Ryan.

What do you look for?

Big eyes are very expressive.

The way you can sort of tell what
you're thinking,

because I don't pick up subtle
things at all.

Big eyes aren't just useful for
picking up signals.

When we're born, our eyes
are 70% of their adult size,

making them seem large in relation
to the rest of the body.

As a result, people who still have
big eyes in adulthood are

perceived as more youthful,
and therefore more fertile.

Attractive qualities in a
potential partner.

I can see her starring in a rom-com.

Immaculate grooming.

D'you think that could be a bit
high-maintenance for you, Ryan?

I think I could handle it.

I think she's amazing.

You are going to have to say goodbye
to one of these girls.

Who's going to have to go?


Don't have the foggiest, ha!

Erm, I'll probably go...

Why blue?

I think it is just the
rom-com side of it.

I mean, she could definitely
star in a film, but,
sort of sweet-looking girl that...

She's made it a little bit too edgy
for you? Yeah. OK.

This is Ann, and she is
a 33-year-old supporting artist

from London.

Hello, my love.

Do you think that maybe you're a
bit too edgy for Ryan?

I mean, would you eat him alive?

I would actually be very gentle.

Well, I'm so, so sorry -
it's not going to be a date.

He actually helped me out the pod.

That just showed how kind he was in
his heart, you know.

He was a really, really sweet guy.

You have three beautiful rom-com
girls remaining. Yeah.

In this round, we're going to get to
hear what the girls sound like.


Girls, Ryan is really proud of the
scars on his body,

because they tell a story.

What story does your body tell,
and why?

Who do you want to go to, Ryan?

My cat tattoos on my
calves - my babies.

Little cat tattoos, amazing!

I'm very open to cats.

It's a nice voice.
Very, uh, confident-sounding.

Thank you.
Now, pink.

I'd say, probably my stomach,

because last year I lost about five
stone, so now it's a lot smaller.

It's fantastic, yeah.
It's a very lovely voice.

It's not too confident,
but a nice, nice level, yeah.


My C-section scar.

I had a baby boy not long ago.

Nice voice?

And a great story to tell as well.
Yeah, fantastic.

She's definitely got an accent. I'm
finding it really difficult to place

Stoke. Stoke? OK, Ryan.

One girl has to go.

Which colour is it going to be?

Er... pink.

Why pink?

I think I'd be a bad influence,
because I burn-off calories

around three times quicker than
the average person.

I eat upwards of about 5,000, 6,000
calories a day.

Wow. OK.

You are saying farewell to Harriet,

who is a 21-year-old administrator
from Bristol.

Check you out.

Five stone, in a year?


So, you kind of don't really want to
be with a fella that's eating

6,000 calories a day.

No, no, that's a bad influence.

It's not going to be a date.

He's lovely, but calories are
something I need to watch,

so perhaps not for me.

Here we are, Ryan.


Two lovely ladies remain.

Up until now, they've seen you
with your clothes on.

All of that is about to change.

Go and get that black belt off.

Based on naked attraction,

Ryan has whittled six girls down to
two - 27-year-old customer

service assistant Kayleigh,
and 20-year-old waitress Jess.

But he can only choose one girl
to go on that date,

to find out if there's chemistry
when the clothes go on.

Here you are, the final two.

Kayleigh and Jess.

I'm so excited, like.
Are you?

Like, yeah, I can't control it.

I'm quite surprised that I'm here,

because he said he was a boob man,
and I'm not very well-endowed.

But, he did say that he
likes small boobs.

Jess, check out Kayleigh.

What do you admire about her?

Like, all her tattoos.

So you're liking the body art.

She's got banging knockers,
for a start.

I love those. OK.

Up until this point, you have seen
Ryan with his clothes on.

Are you ready to see him
in the buff?

Yes. Yes.


Hello, love. You sort of look more
comfortable without your clothes on
than in your clot


what are you liking about Ryan?

He's well-proportioned, good height.

I'm very interested to know more
about that tattoo as well.
Looks sort of karate-related.

Yeah. Yeah.

It's a nice dick.


I like your height, your eyes,
they're, like, beautiful.

I'm just gonna say that.

I think he's put himself down
a little bit.

He's got a lovely body.

I 100% agree with Kayleigh.

How d'you like the, uh, scars and
tattoos? Like, uh, I've got

the tube in so it's covering a lot
of them, but I find a lot of people

are always really self-conscious
about scars, and that's the last

thing I think you should be, cos it
shows what you've come through.

Exactly. Yeah.

OK, so, Ryan...

It is time to make a decision.

You have got Kayleigh,
and you have got Jess.



Which girl are you going to date?


Yeah. So close

Could you see yourself on a date
with him? I could, actually, to be

I really could.

Thank you so much, my darling.

Thank you.

I'm a bit gutted, really.

I really wanted the date.

I actually really fancied him.

Kayleigh and Ryan, you are a couple.

Next time you see each other,
it's going to be with your clothes

back on, so let's see whether there
is chemistry there then.

Thank you.
See you later.

Kayleigh had happy eyes,
very expressive,

she had the dimples,
she's really good-looking.

I'm really happy.

He's got really gorgeous eyes,
and a cheeky smile.

I love a cheeky smile. So I'm really
looking forward to going out with

How you doing?
All good.

And you? She's stunning.

I'm very smitten,
so I'll have to play it cool.


So, what's your karate tattoo?

Yeah, I got that when I got my
first black belt.

So, can you show me, like,
some karate moves, then?

Have you heard of the unbendable
arm? No.

If I put my arm like that,
slowly pulling it down...

What the hell? I'm putting all my
weight into it now.

What the hell? How did you do that?
You just open your hand.

Stretch it out,
it engages the muscles.

That's all you do? Yep. It's always,
like, the little things.
That's what she said.

I'm surprised by how much
chemistry we've got.

He's just my kind of guy.

It's just nice and easy, and, yeah,
she's, she's really cute.

I'm comfortable talking to beautiful
women, as you can see.


But, I tend to sort of, even,
friendzone myself, quite a bit.

I don't like the word "friendzoned",

because that's usually people that
think they deserve a relationship.

Oh, my God, you're so perfect,
I'm so glad you said that.
I hate the word "friendzoned".

Like, it's just guys feeling sorry
for themselves, most of the time.

I would love to hang out with
Kayleigh a bit more,

but unfortunately, I'm getting the
tube removed today,

so I had to cut the date short.

I'm really gutted I have to leave
now, but, uh, I'm gonna have to go.

So, yeah.

This has been really awesome.
I'm so glad you picked me.

Ah, definitely.
I couldn't not.

I'm really happy.
He is definitely boyfriend material.

I don't know why he hasn't been
snatched up.

It's been a really nice day.

Hey. It's good to see you again.

Yeah, it's definitely good to
see you again.

You look really good.
Thank you.

As do you.
How did the date go?

Yeah, I had a really lovely time, I
just wish it was a little bit
longer, if anything


Yeah, I'm, ah, now tubeless.

I knew I shouldn't have
worn the tight shirt.

There we go.

There's literally a little button.
Yeah, yeah.

Feeds me for the night, and then,
yeah, few extra calories.

Is it easier than the tube?

So much easier.

Do you think there'll be a
date number two?

Yeah, I'd like a,
I'd like a second date.

Phew, thank God for that.


Yeah, I think you're sweet, and, uh,
I'd like to get to know you more.
So we'll just see wha

t happens

Mm, yeah.
I picked well, hey.

There we go.

Just a little bit, ha!

Would you like to test the power
of naked attraction?

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