Naked Attraction (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Ray and Jimmy - full transcript

Ray from Swindon is fed up of dating bad boys and wants to find a nice guy. Australian Jimmy has been travelling the world for 8 years, he's now settling down in Bristol but is struggling to find someone to share his life with.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
This programme contains
explicit sexual references

and full frontal nudity from
the start and throughout.

Tonight, a stock trader,

a lifeguard and a taxi driver

are stripping bare to attract
the perfect partner.

Because we like to start
where a good date ends!


Oh, wow! Wow!


Oh, my God!

I'm spoilt for choice!

Can picking a partner based solely
on natural beauty...

This is mental. you find the one?

I can't stop smiling!

First impressions?
Kid in a candy shop!

When we're entirely unfiltered,

what do men and women really find

This person was born with a vagina,

but he identifies as a man.

Wow. OK.

Let's find out by dating in reverse.

Who do you want to take on that date

It's like the hardest decision.

I just want to take them all!

This is Naked Attraction.

Welcome to Naked Attraction,

the show that strips modern dating

Inside each of these six pods,

I've lined up a naked singleton.

Only one of them will be picked
to go on a date.

But who's doing the choosing?

I'm Ray, I'm 21 years old
and I'm from Swindon.

When I was younger, I was really
insecure about my body and my

Then I found Fitness, and it changed
my life.

I have to admit I've always had
a weakness for bad boys.

The younger, chubbier me would have
let guys walk all over me

cos my confidence was so low.

But now I'm more confident than ever
and I don't have time for that.

I want to find a guy who can tick
all the boxes and treat me right.

My friends always say I'm picky,
but I beg to differ.

Definitely not for me.

I don't care what she says. She is
very picky when it comes to men!

I know the mistakes I've made.
I'm not going back there.

And I'm ready to find someone I want
to spend my life with.

So, Ray, welcome to the show.

Thank you. I'm so excited to be

Just describe the perfect man to me.
What would he be like?

For two years, I've just been
playing with players.

Oh, no. Still stuck in the circle
of trying to find a nice boy.

That emotional connection, as well.
So I'm here to find a best friend.

A best friend that you can shag?
Basically! Yeah.

Why do you want to pick a date

I just like that there's nothing to
hide. That's the way it should be.

Are you ready to play the game? Yes.

In front of you, Ray,

you have got six coloured pods.

I can tell you that inside each of

is a gorgeous naked man
just for you.

Every single one of them has an

that you have said you find
physically attractive.

We're gonna reveal them bit by bit.

All you've got to do is whittle them
down from six to one

and you get to take one guy
on a date.

Lucky guy! Lucky him!

Are you ready to see the bottom half
of the bodies? I'm ready.

Here they come!


I'm so surprised!

What by?

How good they all look!


Who are you immediately drawn to?

Pink and Green.

Pink's working it. Let's go
and have a look at Pink.

Nice penis, but seems very cocky.

It's sort of grabby, definitely

He's a cocky one? Yeah. Moving on.


Yeah, he's standing quite naturally.
He's not overly confident. Yeah.

Just quite chillaxed.

Fan of a circumcised willy? Yes.

I don't like when there's too much

Tick? Tick.

A survey showed that 71% of women

actually prefer a man with foreskin

because it's more likely to make you

This is because the foreskin rolls
down to form a ridge during sex,

which rubs against the clitoris,
leading to more pleasure
for the female.

It's this process that some ribbed
condoms were designed to recreate.

OK. Where else? Orange.

Got a nice size. By the looks of it,
not too much pubic hair.

Yep. OK. Where else?

Blue. Hmm...

The feet are slightly putting me off
a little bit.

They look like a rugby player's
feet. They get a bit battered.

How do you feel about...
About his willy?

Not the prettiest of the bunch.

Sorry, Blue!

OK. Go to bed.

Now, this one's got more pubic hair
than I would like.

Compared to the others, he has got
quite a good size, actually.

But you'd want to cut back on some
of that hair.

Yeah. I think that would improve it
and make it look even bigger.

, on the smaller side,

but then again could be a grower,
not a shower!

You've really analysed this, Ray,
haven't you? Yeah.


It's time for you to make
a decision.

You're gonna have to lose a colour,
based on who you're least drawn to
at the moment.

It's a hard decision.

Ooh! I know!

The person I'm the least physically
attracted to

is blue.

Blue? Yeah. Why Blue for you?

It was the feet.

I just think it's something
I couldn't overlook.

Shall we find out who Blue is? Genty.

He is 26 and he's a bar manager
from Italy.

Genty, come and say hi. How are you?

What do you make of Ray?

Would you take her on a date?
Probably not.

She's not necessarily your kind of
girl? Yeah.

OK. Well, it's all worked out.

Take you and your knobbly feet out.
Bye, guys.

She said that I had not that good

which is something I can't change

and something I like about myself.

I do quite a lot of sports,
so I'm fine!

It's alright, Ray, cos we've got
five gorgeous boys left!

Yes, we do. Can we now see the
middle part of the bodies, please?

Oh, my God!


So who's catching your eye

I'm a bit of a sucker for Green.

He has perfect nipples, no hair.
Perfect body.

Amazing body. Yeah.

OK. Pink?

I mean, he's nice and toned.

Ooh. Good body.

Which would explain why
he's probably a bit cocky.

He's not got a lot of chest hair,
which is great, but he's still very

which is not what I'd usually go
for. You don't go for fair-haired
guys? No.

You're quite picky, Ray. Is that why
maybe you're single?

I am, aren't I? This is my downfall!


Let's go and look at Orange.
Yeah, OK.

Quite slender. He is.

Do you want him to spin round
so you can see his back?

He does come out at the hips a bit,
and come back in on his bum.

I like a guy that's got really nice
triangle proportions.

Right. The proportions are slightly

Blimey, Ray!

OK. Now.

You have really analysed these guys.
I have, haven't I?

But you have to lose one colour.

It's tough, because I kind of

that I would get rid of Pink
because of the cockiness.

I knew that's where I've been going

I think the colour I'm gonna have to
get rid of is Orange.

Orange? Yeah.

It's the proportions. It's not manly
enough for me.

Shall we find out who Orange is?

This is Josh. He's a 19-year-old
sales promoter from Southampton.

How are you? Your teeth are amazing!

Thanks very much. I've worked hard
on them!

So you're a fan of the gnashers!
And the hair, oh!

I can't look at you - I'm gutted!

So, Josh, you're gonna have to take
your perfect teeth through the exit
of despair!

Good luck, anyway!

He had the best teeth!

I didn't get chosen, so it wasn't
that great,

but I've never had sex with anyone

out of choice, because I've been
waiting for the one.

I don't think she's the one,
so I haven't really lost anything!

Including my virginity!

Coming up, Ray bares all
before choosing who to date.

That's his best flirty line.
Wow. That got me.

And a brand-new singleton gets to
pick a partner based on naked


Earlier, Ray whittled six potential
dates down to four,

based on naked attraction alone.

She can only choose one guy to go
on that date

so who will she lose next?

Seeing their faces has made me
change everything!

OK. We've got four men left.

Why is a gorgeous girl like you

I've always gone for the bad boys

and it's obviously not working for
me. I want a best friend, if that's

I think it is. OK, are you ready to
see their faces?

Yeah. Here we go. Oh!


Who are you drawn to?

Pink. Pink?

That's bad, isn't it?
Let's go and have a look at Pink.


Give us your best flirty face.

It's got player written all over it.
Really? Yeah.

Could you handle a lad? I don't
know. That's where I'm going wrong
the whole time!

Right. It's the perpetual woman's

You see a man like Pink, looks at
you across the bar...

And you think, "You're cocky, but
I'll have you." Yeah.

I know!

Studies have shown that women are
more drawn to cocky bad boys

when they're at their most fertile.

Their hormones activate a primal

to find a testosterone-laden mate

who's a strong, masculine,

And this can make even the most
rebellious risk-takers

more desirable.

Give us your best flirty face, Rad.

(Oh, my God!)

That's his best flirty face.
Oh, that got me(!)

Is he a player? No. Are you a fan
of long hair? No.

You can cut it, along with his
pubes! Yeah.

There are scissors available!

It's very quiet. Are you alright,

Shall we see what his flirty face is
like? Yeah. Give us your flirty

Not that!

Try your flirty face!

One more time!

That's more like, "Can I help you?"

He doesn't flirt a lot, so he's not
a player, which could be a good

Very good-looking. Very nice eyes.

Right. Green.

Do you like an older man? Yeah.

Go on. I'm a big sucker for Green.

Is he a player? No! Give us your
best flirty look.

There's nothing to pick on,
so I don't know what to do.

He's like Ken. Who's Ken?

Barbie and Ken. A Mediterranean Ken!

Made of plastic and perfect? Yeah.

But at least he's got a willy!

True. Ken hasn't. No.

OK. We've looked at everybody.

It's time to make a decision.

You've seen the flirty faces.
Who's got to go?

It's really hard, because seeing
their faces has made me change

Which colour?

It has to be red. Red!

Why Red?

It's the long hair.

Hey, Ray, this is Desi.

He is a 27-year-old taxi driver from

Desi. Hi! How are you? Nice to meet

What do you think of Ray?
Oh, she's lovely. Absolutely.

Oh, you're so nice! He's nice!

He's not a player!

He also can Siberian throat-sing.
Come on, let's have it.



Don't know whether to laugh or cry!

I've just got to play more.
Desi, you're a dude. Cheers. Out.

Thanks. See you!

There you go. You never know what
you're gonna get on this show! No!


Three lovely boys left.

Now, in this round, you get to hear
what they sound like.

OK, boys. We know that Ray is very,
very picky.

What is the favourite part of your
body that you'd pick out?

Who do you want to go to first?


I think that my abs
are the best part.

Where are you from, Green?

Italy. Can you imagine those sweet
nothings in your ear? Yeah! Melting!

Yes. Has it made you have a little
lady tingle?

Yeah. Lady tingle.

OK. Pink?

So, I quite like my legs. I've
always played rugby and football.

Where are you from, Pink?
Cardiff. Do you like him?

Yeah... You're not sure. It's still
the cockiness. I'm deterring
from it. OK.

Yellow? I get a few compliments
about my eyes.

I love a Welsh accent, yeah.

I think he was nervous earlier, but
he's chilled out, now. Cos he's been
standing in the box forthree hours!

Yeah, true! I would do that!

OK. So you've heard what
all the boys sound like. Yeah.

They've definitely given you
a few tingles.

Mm. It's time to make a decision,

Oh, this is hard!

This is gonna be a bit of a shock.

But I'm gonna lose Green.

Why? Green is "perfect Ken"!

He's too perfect!

I don't even have anything bad
to say.

This is the thing, Ray, is that you
need to have something bad to say
about your man! Yeah.

Otherwise you'd have nothing to talk

This gorgeous specimen is Salvatore.

He is 38, he's a stock trader,
from Italy.

Hello. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.

Have you ever been told that
you're too perfect, before? No.

No, honestly, no. Never.

Take yourself and your perfect body

Good luck! Thank you!

Oh, he's perfect!

She told me that I'm too perfect.

That's a big, big compliment for me!

But there was a limit!

You know?

And then there were two. Yeah.

Now's the time for you to get naked.

Feeling a bit freaked out,
or are you OK?

A bit, but I'm OK. I'll feel better
once I'm here.

OK. That'll be good. Yeah.

Right. Get yourself and your spanks.
Whip 'em off!

Based on naked attraction,

Ray has whittled six guys
down to two.

19-year-old club promoter, Dylan,

and 22-year-old biology student,

But only one can go on a date to
find out if there's still chemistry

when their clothes go on.

Congratulations, Dylan, Ioan. You've
obviously checked the competition.
Boys always look at each other.

Ioan, what do you make of Dylan?

Aye, he's a good-looking lad.

He's healthy competition.
Healthy competition!

What do you make of Ioan?

If I've lost, I've lost to the best

Good for you! What a boy!

Alright. It's time for you to see
Ray without anything.

OK. Come on in, Ray!

Wow! Hi, gorgeous!

Dylan's beside himself!

So much happiness!

Give us a spin. Let's have a look.

Ioan, what are you thinking?
Lovely curvy body. Lovely breasts.

A nice bum. OK.

What are you thinking about the

It's really neat. I'm not massively
a fan of when it's a bit "outy",

like a pack of ham!
Like a pack of ham?!

It definitely doesn't look like ham!

That is a plus point.

Ray. Yeah. It's time to make
a decision.

Now, this time, you're going for
the boy you want to date.

Oh... Do you want it now? Yeah.

So it's either Dylan or Ioan.

I'm gonna go with Dylan.

Ah, Dylan!

Ioan, fella. Have you lost to
the best man? Yeah, exactly.

Second place is not bad, huh?
It's very good.

I'm so sorry. Well done.

And thank you for taking part.
Thank you.

Get out!

I'm feeling disappointed she didn't
choose me.

But then at the end of the day,
she seems to like cocky Dylan
a lot more!

Dylan, Ray! Hi. Hello!

What do you think of Dylan?

I liked him from the beginning,
but I was trying to steer away from
the cocky boy,

cos that's what I always go for.

Next time you see each other,

it's gonna be with your clothes
back on

and that's when you can find out

whether you guys get on
and whether he is a player.

OK. Have an amazing date.

See you later! Thank you. Bye!

I'm looking forward to knowing what
he wears.

I'm really particular about the kind
of shoes a guy wears.

I'm hoping that he'll be a nice
sweetheart and soul

and I'll be able to tame him

and we can go out and have some fun
but he'll also be a nice cuddle

# I'm in love with the shape of you

# Push and pull like a magnet
to you. #

Hello. Hello. Are you alright?


What shoes are you wearing? They're
bright! They're new, actually.
Don't judge.

Bright red Adidas. Wow.

His trainers are minging!
They're disgusting.

They're typical lad.

She wasn't a huge fan of
my trainers, but you have to stand
out from the crowd.

When it was the last two, I knew you
were gonna pick me. Oh, did ya?

When you have eye contact
with someone for more than ten
seconds. You're sure ofyourself!

No, I thought... Eye contact!

'It was like when he walked in,
it was just so bolshie.'

Pelting loads of sentences at me.

I want to know more about what you
do and what your goals are
for the future.

I have a really good job.
I'm training to be a fireman.

So that's quite adulty and mature.

What about you? You haven't even
told me what you want to do
as a career.

You haven't even asked me!
You haven't asked what I do.

Do you feel you talk about yourself
a lot?

Yeah. Well, what do you want to do?

Other than me!
I'm ignoring that you said that.

I am a bit of a player.
She knows that.

I feel that if I make her realise
I'm cheeky, then she'll want
to kiss me.

When you were naked in there,
you were like ten out of ten.

I want to make a connection
with someone. Do you?

You're giving off body language as
if you're probably interested.
Can you read my mind?

'I've been massively put off.'

I do think he's attractive, but he's
everything I don't want in a person.

Like the cocky immaturity,
the laddish behaviour.

Basically, I just feel like you're
immature. You're a bit of a lad.

I know how it's gone, in a way.
I'm not a mug.

But if you want to go for another

I will go for another drink to see
how it goes.

I only came here for one thing.

I didn't find that, so I feel like
there's no point

going out with you for another
drink. Do you know what I mean?

I'm gutted in the aspect that we're
not gonna go have a snog.

I'm not gonna get a shag or anything
like that.

Pretty gutted. But it's no skin off
my tooth.

I brought it on myself.

Cos I said at the beginning I didn't
want a cocky guy, I didn't want
a player.

I didn't want a "lad". And I've
picked one!

Alright? Hello. How are you?

Not bad. Good. Long time no see.

You look good. Thank you. Charm on!

MAN: So, what happened
after the date?

Well, obviously we swapped numbers,
didn't we?

Yeah. Then I sent her a text

I was in the taxi on the way to the

so I turned round, it was my
decision, I turned round and said,

"Come over to the hotel. We'll chill
and watch a movie

"and like talk properly in a relaxed
environment where there's
no pressure."

Like, we had a laugh.

Be honest. What did you get up to?

What didn't we... What didn't we get
up to! Why are you saying that?

"What didn't we get up to?" God!
Getting straight to the point!

A bit of... Please don't do that!
How old are you, like ten?

Double it.

Oh, wow.

You were looking for a guy
that wasn't a player.

Describe to me what Dylan is
in your mind.

Everything I don't want
in a relationship.


Welcome back to Naked Attraction,

the dating show where you can find
l'amour au naturel.

That's French for love in the nude!

Behind me, I've got another six
singletons hoping to get a date.

But who's picking this time?

My name is Jimmy. I'm 26
and I'm from Australia.

Since I was 18, I've been

Now I'm settled in Bristol, I feel
like I'm ready to meet someone.

I think I'm a good catch
because I'm one of a kind.

I'm really friendly. I have a lot of
love to give.

I identify as pan-sexual, which
means that gender doesn't matter
to me.

Being pan-sexual, I am given a lot
of options when it comes to deciding
a partner.

At the end of the day, I just want
to be with one person

that I can see the world with.

Jimmy! Hello!

Hello! I mean, "Hello, Jimmy.
Hello, beard!" Ah. Yes!

Tell me, how long has it taken you
to grow this? It's been three years,

My longest relationship, actually!
Is it? Yeah.

So why are you single? I think I'm
single because I've been travelling
for the past eightyears.

I feel ready to meet someone
and have someone to travel with.

You're ready to date? Yeah.

You are pan-sexual. Yep.
Which basically means

you're attracted to all people.
Gender is irrelevant to you. Is that
right? That's right.

As I was exploring the world,
I was exploring my sexuality

and realised that I am really open
to everything.

Are you ready to play the game? Yes.

In front of you, you've got six
coloured pods.

Inside each of them is a singleton

who is completely and utterly naked.

Every single one of them has
an attribute

that you have told us you find
physically attractive.

We're gonna reveal them to you
bit by bit.

All you have to do, using naked

is just whittle those pods down
from six to one

and decide which person you would
like to take on a date.

OK. Let's reveal the bottom half
of the bodies, please.

Whoa! Ooh! Oh!

Got a nice mixture, here!

There's a real mixture, here!

So, where do you want to go to

This one, maybe? Green.
Let's have a look at Green.

What drew you to Green?

I was drawn to this because I fancy
gingers. Yes.

And the penis is a good size.

It's nothing too extreme.

Cos I'm versatile in the bedroom,

so I take it occasionally,
I give it. OK.

I don't like a big dick cos it's
painful. And I've learned
the hard way!

So how did you learn the hard way?

I've learned that if it doesn't fit
in your mouth, it probably won't fit
in your bum!

OK. I know it's... I learned from
that. I think you could have that
on a tee-shirt!

OK. Shall we have a look at Pink.

So, here we have a magnificent
vagina. Mm-hm.

I'm not really feeling the body

What about the snail trail?

It kind of looks a bit like mine,
to be honest.


Today, a full bush may be out of

but in Victorian times, it was

However, to stop the spread of pubic

women preferred to shave bare

and would wear a merkin,
aka a pubic wig,

in order to appear more attractive
to the opposite sex.

Ooh. Yellow.

Gosh! Wow! That's quite
intimidating, to be honest!

OK. So...

So, with that stance and with that

you feel a little bit intimidated?

Absolutely. OK.

Alright. Let's move on to Blue.

Got nice legs. Got some nice shape.

Nice little fanny. Could I just ask,
"What do you like to do with
a pretty vagina?"

I like doing all sorts of things.

Is oral sex your thing?
Yeah, definitely.

I love licking a vagina.

OK. Are you any good? Yes.

This is a bit of a tickle
in-between the legs.


So, Jimmy, are you a fan of bottoms?

Yes. That's where a lot of
the action happens in my life.
In Jimmy's world!

Yeah. OK.

So, team, can you please turn around
and show us your bums?

Ooh. Hello!


Wow. Very nice!

Are you drawn to any cheeks
in particular?

This cheeky little one.
Red, I think. Red.

Yep. OK.

Ooh, hello!

Gosh, Red is working it!
Somebody is ready!

I feel like he definitely does
bum squats.

Bum squat? What's a bum squat?

When you go like this in the gym
for about five hours. OK.

And then you get a bum like that!

So you'd be happy to holiday there?

Alright. Any other bottoms that
you'd like to have a look at?

This one's nice as well. Orange.

It's like peachy. It's very high,
very pert, isn't it?

It's perky. A bit of muscle in there
as well, I reckon.

OK. Jimmy,

just based on naked attraction,

which colour do you want to say
goodbye to?

It is time to make a decision.


I think I'm gonna have to say
goodbye to...


Pink? Yep.

Why Pink?

It's the hair. It reminds me
of a bit like me.

I'm looking at my snail trail
or something.

I feel like it would be like Velcro!

You could get sort of caught up.
I think that might be a hazard
in the bedroom.

Shall we see who Miss Pink is and
who you're saying goodbye to?

This is Leila.

She is a 21-year-old bartender
from Bristol!


Nice boobs!

I wish I'd seen those!

Too late now, isn't it?

Leila, thank you so much.
You're more than welcome.

We're gonna have to say goodbye.
That's OK.

Have fun on your date! Thank you!

He thought with his beard
and my pubic hair

that we'd be like two sides
of Velcro.

But I think it's rubbish.

We would have glided together
like silk.

So... Four guys, one girl remain.

It's time to have a look at the
middle part of the bodies. Yep.

Cor! Hello!


Very nice selection!


Where do you want to go, Jimmy?

Straight to the boobs. Yes!

Are you a boob man? I do like boobs.

Nipples get me excited. Do they?

Yeah. Mine are sensitive. If people
suck on them, I can get excited.

Can you? It would be nice to play
with. That you could nibble on.

Did you know 82% of women do like
a bit of nipple play,

whereas only 52% of men do.

OK. Where else would you like to go,

Um... Red.

That piercing. Oh, he's got
a belly one. Two.

It's very nice. What do those two
piercings tell you about this guy?

He might like a bit of nipple play

if he's gonna put something through
that. Yeah.

We've not talked about Yellow.

Looks like he works out, as well.

I like broad shoulders,
so that is nice.

He could push me... He could bench
press you. Bench press, yeah.
No problem at all.

Now, Green. Possibly too much hair
for you?

A little too much for my liking

but I still kind of go on with the
whole red-head.

Yes. Ginger.

It's good news for red-heads

as the gene that causes this fiery
hair colour

is also behind keeping those
youthful looks for longer.

A study found those with the ginger

look on average two years younger
than they actually are.

Alright. It is time for you
to make a decision, Jimmy.

So, based on what you've seen,

which colour are you gonna say
goodbye to?

OK. Gosh! Take a minute.


Uh, I think I'm gonna have to say...

goodbye to...



The willy is far too intimidating
for me, I've got to be honest.

Shall we find out who owns
that penis?

This is Shy, believe it or not!

He is a 22-year-old sports coach
from London.

Shy, come and join us.

Very handsome! Hello!

How are you?

It's alright!

Your willy is really big!

I tell you what, though. Not a bad
reason to be eliminated!

That is true, to be honest!

OK. Shy, I am so sorry, but we have
to say goodbye to you

and your magnificent willy!

Thanks a lot. Nice to meet you.
Enjoy. See ya. See you.

I literally can't believe I got
kicked off because my dick
was too big!

Coming up...

It's Jimmy's turn to bare all

before deciding who to date.

I think I'm gonna have to say...

..goodbye to...

Earlier, pan-sexual Jimmy whittled
six potential dates down to four

based on naked attraction alone.

He can only choose one person
to go on that date.

So, who will he lose next?

So, Jimmy, what kind of person are
you looking for?

I'm looking for someone that's a bit
cheeky, out-going like myself,

and up for a good time.

And someone that I can travel with

and if they're lucky enough I might
bring them back to Australia
to meet Mum.


Alright. You have got three boys
and one girl left.

This is a really, really important

because this is where you get to see
what they look like.

But don't forget, it's also when
they get to see what you look like.


This could be a bit of a shock
either way. Yep.

Let's do it! Can we see the faces,

Ooh! Hello!

Wow! Interesting!

What has surprised you?

This man surprised me a bit. Green.

Nice. Loving the 'tache.

I don't like beards. No beard. OK.
If they had a beard, I'd be like,

But the 'tache is OK.
Yeah, I'm digging 'taches.

So a junior beard is alright? Yeah!

So, Red? Very nice.

I don't mind hairless men.

You can shine it and sort of like

It's like a bowling ball!

OK. Now, Blue.

Beautiful! Can we talk about the

Yeah, I'm actually digging the hair.

I think she doesn't give a damn
about what people think about her,

which is similar to what vibes
I've got going on.

Good for you. Yeah.

OK. Orange?

It's like a little boy on a really
big body!

Jimmy, you're obviously a slight,
small guy.

So do you think you'd be able to
handle a much taller boy?

I think so. It's more whether
he could handle me, I think!

Ah. Does it work in the bedroom,

It depends how flexible you are! OK.

You can only take one person on
a date at the end of the day,

so at this point, just using naked

who would you like to say goodbye
to? Which colour?

Oh, this is...hard.

I think I'm gonna have to say
goodbye to...

..Red! Red?

Why Red?

It's not normally the type of guy
that I would go for. OK.

This is Dave. He is a
40-year-old lifeguard from

Dave, come and join us.

I can shine it.

It is smooth. As smooth as
I thought.

Are you a bit gutted? Just a little.

We're both sorry to say goodbye to
you, Dave, but unfortunately,
we have to do that.

Enjoy your date. Thank you very

He commented that I must do bum
squats, and he loved my bum.

And he's not wrong. I've been
working out quite a lot, recently.

You've got three sexy bods in pods

You've got two boys, one girl.

OK, now. You've seen what they've

But this is the round, Jimmy, where
you get to hear what they sound

Are voices important to you?
Absolutely, yeah.

And what about accents, cos
obviously you've got an accent.

Yeah. What accent do you like?

I love like a posh accent.

I don't like Welsh.

OK. I'm gonna ask them all a

Jimmy is proud of his body hair cos
it's given him a great deal
of confidence.

What part of your body has given you
confidence? Where do you want to

Blue. I would say it's my eyes.

Because they change colour depending
on what I have on my face.

And they're quite endearing,
as well.

Nice. Very nice.

OK. Lovely. But where are you from,

I'm from South Wales!

Ah! Is that a Welsh accent?
Oh, my gosh!

I didn't detect it as such.

Let's just put everything back into
that mouth! That is so funny!

But you have just said.
Let's go to Orange.

What part of your body gives you

My peachy bum, cos I get a lot of
compliments on it.

Ooh. Ah.

I think a European accent. Yeah.

Where are you from, Orange?

Poland. So, gorgeous Polish boy.

Hmm. OK. Green?

So mine is probably my lips.

I had them done, so they're a bit
more plump now.

Oh, really? You've had your lips

Yeah. Interesting. It gives you that
fuller smile.

I find that helps with my

Where are you from? From Manchester,

And then I lived in Huddersfield,

so it's kind of like Manchester
and Yorkshire. A bit of both.

Do you like a bit of northern,

Mm-hm. Yeah? Oh, really?

Alright. Well, listen.

You have seen what everybody has on

You've heard what they've got to

You have to make a decision, Jimmy.

Which colour are you going to lose?

I think I'm gonna have to say...

..Orange. Orange!

Now, you surprise me.

Why goodbye to Orange?

Probably the height difference might
be a bit problematic.

It looks as if he's almost double
my height!

So, Jimmy, this gorgeous specimen
here is Simon.

He is a 25-year-old hairdresser
from Poland.

Simon, come and say hello.

How you doing? Alright?

Pleased to meet you. Nice to meet

Oh, gorgeous boy.

Could you work with this?

Yeah, maybe a little trim!

We're so sorry, Simon. On this
occasion it's not gonna happen.

OK. See ya.

Being naked is something extremely
crazy that I did today.

But I think it's going to help me
feel more confident in future,

OK. Now, before you get to meet them
face to face,

it's time for these guys to see you
without your clothes on.

Get that beard off! Go on!

Based on naked attraction,

Jimmy has whittled six people down
to two.

23-year-old waiter Luke...

..and 28-year-old artist Femrah.

But only one of them can go on that

to find out if there's chemistry
when their clothes go on.

This is so completely exciting

because for the first time in Naked

we have a boy and a girl in the

How are you feeling, Femrah? I don't
know what to think, really.

I thought I'd be one of the first
couple off! Did you really?

Yeah. OK. So, Luke, how about you?
Were you expecting to get here?

I felt confident within myself,

And then when he said about the body
hair, I was like, "OK, I'm going

But I'm down to the last two.
Here you are. The last two.

Up until this point, you guys have
seen Jimmy with his clothes on.

Are you ready to see him
with everything off?

Oh, yes! Yes.

Now, now, Femrah!

OK. Are you ready? Mm-hm.

Jimmy, it's your time.

Here he is!

How are you? I'm good.

Here are your two potential dates,

Let's ask Luke first.

What are you making of Jimmy,
now he's got his clothes off.

He's very much my type to a T.

The hairier the better, for me.
Oh, really?

Femrah, can you handle the hair?

I really love your facial hair.
It's amazing.

A beautiful body. Thank you.

So, beautiful body. What do you like
about your body?

Well, I think I'm in shape.
I live a quite active lifestyle.

So I like that. Alright. Jimmy,

you are gonna have to make a

about who you now want to take on a

You have got Luke, or you have

It's time to make a decision.


I think I'm gonna have to go for...

..Luke. Luke!

OK, Femrah. I am so sorry. Thank you
so much for taking part.

You are a stunning girl, but on this
occasion, it's not gonna be a date
with Jimmy.

Thank you so much.

A furry hug!


I got down to the final two, but he
didn't like a Welsh accent.

It made me giggle, cos not all Welsh
accents are rough as guts, isn't it?

Hey, guys. Luke and Jimmy.

This is like Velcro!

Yes, we're stuck!

Similar height, actually.

Stand next to each other, guys.
Let's have a look.

You guys are kind of exactly the
same build,

exactly the same size.

Jimmy, you've got a bit of Luke.
Are you pleased?

Yeah. He looks like a bit of a

OK. Next time you see each other,

you'll have your clothes on!

Have a good time, boys. See you

Aw! Two peas in a hairy pod!

I'm really looking forward to the

I'm hoping that we have a connection

and maybe have some things in

It would be good to get to know him.

Hello! Nice to see you again!
How are you?

Nice to see you. How are you?
Yeah, not bad. Wicked.

Nice! Thank you!

What do you think to the outfit?

Yeah, it's good.

He dresses well, so I think I made
the right choice.

How are you feeling? Strangely more
nervous in clothes than I was out of
them! Really?

For real? Yeah.

He's definitely my type.

Maturity. He's got it all going on.

Going on!

So, what work do you do? I'm a
waiter. Are you? That's nice.

I've been a waiter my whole life
as well, pretty much.

Yeah, it's the best job to have.

I am warming to Luke. It'd be nice
to get to know him a bit more.

Yeah, I do fancy him quite a lot.

So, have you been travelling

I've basically gone to Thailand.

And that was fun. I just recently
went to Barcelona for the first
time, which was lovely.

Beautiful city. I've never been to

I keep going to these lovely cities

and I'm looking to meet someone now
that can be my travel buddy,
I guess.

'He wants to meet someone that he
can travel with'

and it's definitely something that
I'm actively looking for, as well.

Right. Let's go, cowboy.

I think the date so far is going
really well.

It's kind of just blossoming

He's taken me to G-A-Y.

The conversation is running really

We're finding out that we've got a
lot more in common than what we
thought originally.

It's like the more we find out about
each other, the more boxes it ticks

So it's all kind of working out
quite well.

The kiss was nice.

It just happened naturally
and effortlessly

which is what you kind of hope for
in a date.

Hello, Lukey! Hi!

How are you? Good. How are you?

Long time no see.

Not that long!

Just over a week. Is that all?

So I suppose this is probably date
number four.

Yeah. The next one now is Amsterdam.

Yeah. That'll be a good one,
I think.

The fact that we've spent so much
time together

and we still want to see each other

show that there is something brewing

There's still lots to learn about
each other.

The more I learn about you, the more
I realise we're fairly similar.

I didn't think I was gonna go on
there and actually meet someone

that you can have a connection with
and stuff.

But it seems we got lucky.

Definitely got lucky!

Would you like to test the power of
naked attraction?

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Subtitles by Ericsson