Naked Attraction (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Sophie and Dom - full transcript

Gym addict Sophie is looking for a change from the usual body-builder types, who lack sparkle, while Dom seeks his perfect man to waltz him down the aisle.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
This programme contains
adult content

and full frontal nudity
from the start and throughout.

Ah, modern dating - the constant
swiping left and right,

the endless posing for a hot selfie.

But we have a more instinctive way
to find love.

Tonight, an engineer,
a flight attendant

and a builder are stripping bare
to attract the perfect partner.

Because we like to start
where a good date ends...

This is mental.

Oh, wow! Wow.


Oh, my God!

I'm so spoilt for choice.

Can picking a partner based
solely on natural beauty...

Could be a grower not a shower. you find the one?

If it doesn't fit in your mouth

it's probably not going to fit in
your bum. OK.

When we're entirely unfiltered,
what do men and women

really find attractive?

This person was born
with a vagina,

but he identifies as a man.

Wow, OK.

Let's find out
by dating in reverse.

Who do you want to
take on that date tonight?

It's like the hardest decision.

I just want to take them both!

This is Naked Attraction.

Welcome to Naked Attraction,

the show where dating's laid bare.

Inside each of these six pods,

I've lined up a brave,
naked singleton.

Only one of them will be picked
to go on a date,

but who is doing the choosing?

I'm Sophie, I'm 22.

If I was to describe myself
in three words,

it would be fun, bright and...

full of life.

Is that one word or three?

The gym is a massive
part of my life.

When I was younger, I was quite
insecure about my body,

now I'm feeling good about myself.

But there's also so much more
to me than just gym and sleep.

In my life I'm missing a guy.

I have had my heart broken.

A lot of the guys that I've been
with have been so absorbed in

themselves that
they've forgotten I exist.

I'm ready for love and romance,
butterflies -

just got to find somebody first.

Sophie! Hello. Hello,
welcome to Naked Attraction.

How are you? Very well, thank you.

Why is such a gorgeous girl
like you single?

I have typically gone
for the wrong sort of guy.


Big, body-building...

And underneath it all, there's a
lot of insecurities.

I need somebody who is
confident in themselves.

That's why you want to pick somebody
naked, as you're seeing
the real person.

Exactly. OK, are you
ready to play the game?

Let's go.

In front of you, you have six
coloured pods.

Inside each of those boxes

is a completely naked guy.

Every single one has an attribute
that you have said

you find physically attractive. OK.

We are gonna reveal them
bit by bit.

I want you to whittle
them down from six to one,

based on naked attraction.

Great. Let's have a look
at the bottom half of the bodies.


Ooh, nice.

Bit overwhelmed, to be honest.

Has that thrown you?
A little bit.


It's not everyday that
you get faced with six...

Ooh, that one's twitching.

..six twitchy Johnsons.

Are there any that you'd like
to go and have a closer look at?

You lead the way.

Green has really good legs.

Looks like he works out

and thinks about proportion
when he works out, as well.

Proportion's a big thing for me.
What do you think about the willy?

Willy looks good. Taken good care of
his proportion there, I'd say.


Now, Pink, I think that
he may have broken his wrist.

Yeah. Unless it's a fashion

How do you feel about him?
I like his balls, to be honest.

Do you? Yes. Why?

It looks nice, in my opinion.

Good plums, Pink!

Yes. What about Red?

Willy is on the shorter side,
for my liking.

Could be a grower.
Could be a grower,

but is length or
girth important to you, Sophie?

I haven't yet experienced too big.

Really? Yes!

Sophie you've not lived, love.

A new study has found that for only
a third of women,

size does matter,
as a longer than average penis

makes them more likely to orgasm,

and recent research
claims to know why.

Because the nerves of the clitoris
go much deeper into the vagina than

first thought, meaning the longer
the penis,

the more the nerves are stimulated,

and the more likely you are
to climax.

I like yellow. Calves, quads...
I like his willy, as well.

Good balls?

Good... Yeah, good balls.

All right. Orange?

I think I would like a bigger willy.

A bigger willy?
His plums are shaking!

Yes, possibly cold.

OK. Shall we have look at bums?

Boys, let's check out your peaches.

Some good bums on display.

Yeah! Which one are you drawn to,
straight away?


Blue's bum,
quite rounded, actually.

He's definitely twitching his
bum there. Doing a little bum dance.

Cheeky boy, I think.
Do you like cheeky boys?

Yes, I like cheeky boys.
Personality's a big thing.

You could have a
good time with this guy.

Exactly, totally.

OK. Red's bottom's quite nice.

OK, very smooth.
It is smooth, nice and rounded.

Yeah. Very pretty.

OK, boys, if you wouldn't mind
just turning back round.

Sophie, it's time
to make a decision.

Which colour are you prepared,

at the moment, to say goodbye to?


There are attractive things about
everyone here.

Let's say...



Why orange?

Combination of
muscle in legs and willy.

You prefer a guy who's a little bit
more beefed up?

Yes. And perhaps a little bit
more, with the willy? Yes.

Shall we see
who Mr Orange is?

This is Danny. He's 33, he's a DJ

and karaoke presenter
from the West Midlands.

Oh, wow! Hello. Danny,
come and say hello to Sophie.

Hello. Nice to meet you.

Danny. It wasn't meant to be
on the day, I'm afraid.

Danny, I'm so sorry - on this
occasion, it's not a date for you.

Nice to meet you. Ooh! Coming
in for a... Come on in. Mwah!

Is it a date for me?

Off you go. Thank you very much.
See you later!

Can tell he was
a very good kisser.

My body today didn't fit Sophie's
expectations but maybe there is

someone out there whose
expectations it does meet.

OK, this is where we're
gonna reveal

the middle part of the bodies.

Torsos, I would've thought,
for someone like you
are very, very important.

In the past, I've gone for
a particular physique.

Yeah. And, yes, I do naturally find
that more attractive now,

but I still need to...

Explore. Explore, and that's
my reason for being on here.

OK. If we can reveal the middle part
of the bodies, please.



Who are you drawn to straightaway?

Green. Shall we? Let's go.

There's years worth of work in that.

Says a lot, and hopefully
commitment in the gym

also shows commitment
outside as well.

You know that perfect V
that some guys have...

Yes. ..particularly
when they work out?

That shows the level
of a guy's testosterone.

The more sort of V shaped
they are... Oh, really?

And with a shlong like that,
I'd say so.


Let's look at red, actually.

What is it about
Red's physique, then?

Flat stomach, whether or not they
gym, you can appreciate

that at least must be the diet part
is there, anyway.

OK. Blue?

Little bit of a belly,
and a little bit too much hair.

But then, Sophie, if you're up
for sort of trying new things

and new people, then
maybe a tiny, tiny bit of a belly

shows a guy that enjoys himself.

Good point, and I do like my food.

OK, what about Pink?

Pink is slightly on the slimmer side
for my liking, I think.

It doesn't necessarily need
to be someone who is

body builder-esque, somebody who has
an interest in working out

would be important for me.

What about yellow?

definitely gyms.

He's not quite as tall
as everybody else.

No. Is height to important you?

Yeah. Women do like guys to be eight
inches taller than they are,

so for you, that would be
almost six foot.

Well, yes, but we've got to factor
in, I live in heels.

Shall we say six foot three?

Yeah. I don't know that yellow
is six foot three.

No. Well, based on what
we've seen, it is time

to make a decision. OK.

I think...

At this point, I will
need to say goodbye to...

Pink, please. Pink?

I don't detect any fitness involved,
and as a hobby interest,

I would want...
You'd want to share it.

Yeah, share it with.

This is Zach, he is a 21-year-old
administrator from Sheffield,

Sophie. Zach, come and join us.

Hello, Zach. Are you gutted?

Yeah. Why?

Have you seen her?

I know. We don't get girls
like that in Sheffield.


I'm afraid we're going to have
to say goodbye to you, Zach.

See you later, Zach.
See you later!

You have to wave goodbye to
those balls, Soph. Yeah!

She were looking for somebody to
share her fitness hobby with,

going to the gym, but the only
exercise I do is walking t'bar.

Coming up, Sophie bares all before
choosing who to date, and a

brand-new singleton gets to pick a
partner based on naked attraction.

First impressions?
Kid in a candy shop.

Earlier, recruitment
consultant Sophie...

Oh, nice! ..whittled six potential
dates down to four.

Based on naked attraction.

She can only choose one guy
to go on that date. OK...

So who will she lose next?

So, Sophie, what kind of dream
guy are you looking for?

In the past, I've gone for guys
on looks alone,

big, body building, muscle,
big physique,

but quite interested in the
personality side of things as well.

OK. Very interesting.

This is where you get
to see their faces,

but remember, they also
get to see you.

Make myself look a little
bit better!

Can we please see the faces?

That's a cheeky arched...

An arched eyebrow from blue. There's
an eyebrow there.


You've got a lovely big smile
on your face.

Who has made you smile?

On the basis that he did the arched
eyebrow, Blue.

Blue's a cheeky one. He's got
to be with a beard like that.

Let's go and have a look.

He's got happy eyes.

What is it about eyes that are
so important to you?

It's the warmth, it's the happiness.

It's all of that sort of stuff, like
smiling, smiling from the eyes.

You can sort of see the
personality, can't you? Mm-hm.

Our eyes can play a big role
in attracting someone,

but it's not just a wink
that can lure them in.

We all have a dark ring around the
iris, known as the limbal ring.

And some studies have shown that
the more prominent the ring,

the more attractive you are,

because it acts as a symbol of
health and reproductive fitness.

Green's got bright eyes.

Any man that gives you a wink like
that is certainly cheeky.

OK. Red or yellow? Where do you
want to go?

Red looks like he's going
to kill me.


Shall we go and have a look?

I think Red's got gorgeous eyes.

Now he does.

They sparkle. Cheeky sort of...

From over there, it's like daggers.

OK. Yellow?

This one can't stop smiling.

Yeah. He just wants to laugh,
to be honest.

Could he laugh you into bed, though,
do you think, Soph?

Yeah. Yeah. Oh, he could. Oh...

Well done, Yellow.


It is time to make a
decision, Sophie.

I'm going to have to say
goodbye to Red.


Why? Willy is on
the shorter side,

and was a little bit thrown
by the eyes.

"He looks like he wants to kill me."


This is Sam.

He's a 30-year-old engineer from
Hertfordshire. Nice to meet you.

Sam, I am so sorry.

I think it was just
the intense stare.

Have you had that before? Yeah.

People say I'm particularly

On this occasion, we're going
to have to say goodbye, Sam.

See you later. Thank you.

She said my eyes were a bit intense,
maybe off-putting.

Either pull you in or

turn you away.

You've got three very
different guys...

Yes. ..Left. Mm-hm.

So this is now when you get the
chance to hear their voices.

OK. Personality comes
in now as well.

Yeah. And that is a major
thing for me.

Shall we find out what
they sound like, then?


So, boys, Sophie is proud of
the body that she's built,

is there any part of your body that
you're particularly proud of?

OK, Green? Hi, Sophie.

I like my shoulders the best because
they make me look really broad,

and you know, make my waist
look a lot thinner.

Yes, it's always good.

What about Green's voice?

I think part of me
was expecting that.

Were you? Yeah. I wasn't.

What do you think Yellow's going
to sound like, first of all?

Deep voice. Deep voice on Yellow.

Let's hear. I like the shape of my

back because it's broad back
and the glutes as well.

I love that. Did you say glutes
as well?

Yeah, glutes. I like that, when
people say glutes rather than bum.

When they use the right terminology.

Soz! Bum!

Really deep voice.
Really deep voice.

I was expecting it. Blue could
go any which way.

Definitely, Blue could be anything.

Let's hear from Blue.

I'm very proud of my, um, glutes,

I think it's very nice and peachy.

There you go. What accent was that?

I'm from Leeds. Do you like
a northerner?

I do, yeah.

That has matched Blue's personality
up with his arched eyebrow.

OK. It's time to make
a decision, Sophie.

It's difficult. It's
difficult. Um...

I'm going to have to say goodbye

to . Yellow! Yeah.

Blue kind of threw a curveball into
the works...

Go on. ..based on voice,
accent, personality.

And Green's what I'd normally
go for.


So, Sophie, this is Matthew,
he is 33.

He's a model from London.


You nearly made it through to the
final round.

I almost did. But Blue pipped
in there.

He did. Thank you, Matthew.

Thank you. Thank you. Goodbye.

I did come really close.

If I had to flirt with her,
you know, deep eye contact,

I think she may have picked me.

You've got two completely different
examples of guys here. Mm-hm.

This is the moment you're going to
have to go and take that dress off

and reveal yourself
to these two. Yeah.

Green quite literally can't wait.


Off you go.

Based on naked attraction,

Sophie has whittled six guys
down to two.

30-year-old construction
worker, Bjorn

and 28-year-old restaurant
manager, Ed.

But only one can go on a date
to find out

if there's chemistry when
their clothes go on.

Boys, congratulations on
making it this far.

So, the final two?

Bjorn, how do you feel?

I'm just so happy. Most girls don't
like this physique, I find.

Well, Sophie loved it!

So, Ed, very different
kind of physique.

Were you expecting to get this far?

No, I wasn't. I thought I'd be out.

So, Ed if you can look at Bjorn,
what did you admire about his body?

Everything, really. His pecs,
his biceps, his...

Yeah. It's everything, isn't it?

Bjorn, looking at Ed,
what would Sophie go for?

She said she likes taller guys
and you're some good height.

Yeah. You've got the height
advantage over Bjorn.

Bjorn, you've got the physique.

OK, well, boys, up until now Sophie
has seen you naked,

but this is the moment where you get
so see her in all of her glory.

Are you excited? Yes.

OK, here she is.

Sophie, come in.

Feel free to look, Ed,
it's all right.

Now, I get to do the naked part.

Let's take it all in.

Unbelievable! Incredible!

Perfect! Right. Boys.

You're fabulous. You're toned,

you're in proportion everything's
there. Thank you.

Getting really excited already.
What do you make of Sophie?

Goddess. I think it's a work of art.

Oh, how lovely. Perfect. Thank you.

You need to make a decision.

You've got two completely different
guys here. Yeah.

Looks versus personality.

Is it going to be Bjorn?

And you can talk about abs and pecs
to your heart's content.

Or is it going to be Ed,
our northern cheeky chappie

that you can go and have a pint
and a pie with?



Wow, I thought you were going
to say Ed.

I think I was going to!

And then... Can still change
your mind.

So close, Ed.

Oh. It could have worked.

I know. It could have worked!

I thought I did have a chance.

I was a bit disappointed,

but today has given me a bit more of
a boost to my self-confidence.

Bjorn, congratulations!

Are you pleased, Bjorn?

I'm so happy right now.

How do you feel?

I'm pleased. I am pleased.

So the next time you see each other,

you guys are going to be fully
clothed. Clothed again.

Have a brilliant, brilliant date.

Off you go.

It was personality versus
physical appearance.

And as much as I do want to try
out other things,

it is about whether you are
attracted to somebody,

so I've gone for the
physical appearance!

# Can we go back?

# This is the moment

# Tonight is the night, we'll fight
till it's over

# So we put our hands up like
the ceiling can't hold us

# Like the ceiling can't hold us. #

Oh, hello. You look amazing.

You look good. Absolutely wonderful.

Bjorn is really hot.

He's muscly, big,

nice face, which is always a plus!

Why did you choose me? I couldn't
believe it.

My usual type is big, muscly,

But you must have loads of girls
looking at you.

Incredibly generous of you,
but I don't think so,

I'm not all that, am I?

You are. Really? Like, yeah.

Wow. That's so nice of you.

VOICEOVER: She's absolutely

Probably one of the hottest girls
I've been on a date with.

It will be a very good night.

Let's have a feel of the biceps.
Of my biceps?

That's impressive. Wow.

Yeah. That's incredible. I mean,
I want to get a lot bigger.

Well, my biceps are, um...

21 inches.

So far, everything seems to click.

Just seems to be heading
in the right direction.

I think you're absolutely beautiful.

Really? Incredible. Thank you.

Like, out of this world.

May I kiss you?

Yeah, go ahead.

Hello. Hey.

It's nice to see you. It's good
to see you.

You look incredible. Thank you.
You're welcome.

After the show, what happened then?

It did go slightly further,

um, than conversation.

I can let your imaginations
run wild with that.

And we saw each other a couple
of weeks after the show.

It was good, it was great,
it was great to see you.

What do you kind of think of, like,
where this is going to go?

I think you're wonderful.

We have lots in common, and I'd like
to see you again.

For me...

I really like you, like, in a friend
sort of way. Mm-hm.

Yeah. That's probably... Yeah.

That's cool. I totally fancy you,

but I totally understand everything
you've said.

I think I have been guilty
of being quite shallow.

I do need to try and open my mind

to other sorts of physical
appearance, I guess.

Welcome back to Naked Attraction,

the show that strips away all the
rules of modern dating.

Inside each of these six pods, I've
lined up a brave, naked singleton,

hoping to get a date.

But who is picking this time?

I'm Dom, I'm 25, and I'm
from Bournemouth.

When I was a teenager, I weighed
nearly 15 stone.

I had long, black hair.

I was a Goth.

It took a long time and hard work to
lose a lot of weight,

and I feel like I've found myself.

I'm a part-time model.

I work for a company that
specialises in weddings,

so I marry a woman at least
once a week.

I was the ugly duckling growing up,

so to now be paid to have
photos taken,

it is a massive confidence boost.

But I want a groom, not a bride.

I like trying new things and
new experiences.

I want to meet somebody who is
spontaneous and wants to travel

the world with me, basically.

My way of dating hasn't got
me anywhere,

so this is a completely new way of
doing it.

Dominic, hello.

Welcome to the show! Thank you. How
are you feeling, my love? I'm good.

I'm a little bit nervous. Are you?

But excited. Don't worry, because
we've got six gorgeous guys for you.

So what are you looking for in
a partner?

I want a proper relationship, where
you go on holiday, you get married,

and there is no end to it.

Oh, I love you for that!
That's the plan.

So, why do you want to pick
a guy naked?

Why not? Full package, see
before the date,

get the awkward bit out the way.

Are you prepared to get
your clothes off?

I'm a little bit nervous about it.

I'm not too body confident,

but it will be a step forward to
actually take my clothes off

and be like, this is what I look
like. This is who I am,

take it or leave it. Yes. OK. Are
you ready to play the game?

I'm more than ready. OK, I
bet you are.

All right.

In front of you, you have six
coloured pods.

Inside each of them is potentially
your groom to be.

He is completely naked.

Each of them has an attribute that
you have said you find physically

attractive. We're going to
reveal them bit by bit.

All you need to do, just using
naked attraction,

is whittle them down from six
to one.

Happy? Yeah, I can do that.

All right, now.

Are you ready?

Let's see the willy!
To see the willy.

Let's reveal the bottom half
of the bodies.

Here they come.

Have a good look. I am.

There they are. Gosh!

There they are!

Who are you drawn to immediately?

I'm quite drawn to the pink box.

Tell me why you're drawn to pink.

It's that. It's that.

He's quite big, he's giving a cheeky
little wave.

Shall we have a look? Yeah, let's
have a look. OK.

Gosh. Yeah. I'm quite a size queen.

Are you? Yeah, I do like a
big willy.

How big would you like to go?

I think eight, nine inches, with a
good girth.

I think that's quite nice.

That? Yeah!

I like... The bigger the better with
the willies.

Have you ever had that big? I've
never found one that I've said,

"That's too big." Really?

Yeah. The thing is, though, to
satisfy a guy during anal sex,

you only actually need two and a
half inches,

because that hits the male G spot.

I think there's a lot more you can
do than just sexual intercourse.

OK, so let's have a look at green.

The penis looks nice.

There's girth.

You can see that's going to be a
thick one.

Yeah. What about feet?

I actually quite like feet.

I'm not averse to running my tongue
up the soul of a foot,

maybe a bit of tongue in
between the toes.

You're a bit of a shrimper.

What's a shrimper? A shrimper is
somebody who likes to lick or suck

somebody's toes for
sexual gratification.

I guess I'm a bit of a shrimper.

You are definitely a shrimper,
my friend.

OK, so, red.

He's got an impressive dick again.

And what about tattoos?

I mean, his tattoos are telling me
that he likes to travel.

That's something that I'm
looking to do.

Oh, Dominic, we're going to find the
man for you.

Travel buddy potential.


, I like his thighs.

Got big, manly thighs.

Now, you are a size queen,

so are you happy with the fact that
yellow is not as big as, say, pink?

Who's to say he's not a grower?
Well, that's the thing.

That could be a grower, couldn't it?
You never know.

79% of men who consider themselves

How much a penis grows depends on
how stretchy the collagen fibres are

inside the shaft,

but a study showed that the average
penis only grows

by 1.5 inches when erect.

Blue, golly.

I'm really, really
attracted to blue.

That's as masculine as
anything, isn't it?

Like, the top of the thighs.

He's got big hands. I love
big hands.

Oh, yes. And, yeah, penis is

Yeah, I could definitely work
with blue. OK. Orange.

Orange? I'm not a fan of
circumcised penises.

Really? Too much. Yeah.

Why? Less to play with, I guess.

You need oils involved.

Yeah, got to work a bit harder.

OK, it is time for you to
make a decision.

Already? Already.

So, you have to decide which colour
you would like to lose

based on naked attraction.

Can I go and have another quick
look around? Yes, go on.

Do a cruise.

OK. What do you think?

It's going to be orange.


Why orange? Circumcised penis.

I'm not really a fan of them.

OK. Let's find out who orange is.

This is Nicolas.

He's 24.

He works in a golf club, and he's
originally from South Africa.

Come down, Nicolas.

Hello. Hi.

Are you a little bit gutted?

I mean, he's hot. He is hot.

I'm a little bit gutted as well,
to be honest.

Nicolas, I'm so sorry it's not a
date this time.

Thank you very much indeed.

Maybe next time. Thank you.

See you later. Cheers.

Oh, you're regretting your decision.

I am. He's got a really nice bum.

I thought he was
really good looking.

Gorgeous eyes.

I'm a little bit gutted that I went
out first. Terrible.

That was more difficult than I
thought, to be honest.

It gets a lot more tricky,
let me tell you.

Five men remain.

Let's reveal the next part of the
body, please.



First impressions?
Kid in a candy shop.

All really different. I'm not into a
really ripped six-pack.

They've got to look after

but I don't want somebody who is
going to be in the gym 24/7,

and ignoring me. So who are you
instantly drawn to?

Blue. OK.

Let's go and have a look at blue.

Dominic, the thing is, he does look
like he spends an awful lot of time

in the gym.

Thumbs up if you like pizza.

Yay! OK, he's double thumbs up.

Can you imagine him giving you a
massive cuddle?

A proper beast.

Yeah, I could. I could imagine that.

I am imagining it.

Red. I like his body, it's just the
fact it's not super defined.

Little tiny bit of a belly. You
could eat your pizza with him,

no problem at all. He's going to
come and have a pint with me.

OK. Pink. Pink. I think, judging by
the willy,

I thought he was going to be a bit
more of a...

A bit more ripped? Yeah.
Is that an Italian flag?

Jamaican, isn't it?

Is that not the gay flag?

Oh, OK, yeah. It's a rainbow
flag, isn't it?

OK. There we go. So just in case
you're not sure,

he's got it tattooed right
down his side.

At least I won't forget. Exactly.

You will never forget.

OK, it is time to make a
decision, Dominic.

OK. Which colour is it going to be?

It's hard.

It actually is really difficult.

Whenever you're ready.

The pink box.

Pink? But pink?

It's not all about the dick, is it?

So what was it in the end that put
you off pink?

Personally, it was the tattoo.
Very interesting.

It's all personal preference.

Of course. Dominic, let's find out
who your big, pink, gay,

out and proud friend is.

This is Craig.

He is 29.

He is a pharmacy dispenser
from Glasgow.

Hello, my love. Hello.

This is Dominic. Hiya. How are you?

Now, I have to say that Dominic
absolutely loved your penis.


Thank you. I'm sure you've been
told before.

Once or twice, maybe. Craig, thank
you very much, my love,

but it's not a date.

You can see it from there when he's
half a mile away!

You can still see it. I thought he
was gorgeous.

I absolutely loved his face.

The thing about my tattoo doesn't
bother me in the slightest.

I'm quite proud that I've got it.

It makes me me.

Coming up...

Dom bares all before
choosing who to date.

It's even more difficult when
they're looking at you!

Earlier, 25-year-old Dom whittled
six potential dates down to four,

based on naked attraction.

He can only choose one guy to go on
that date.

So who will he lose next?

Dominic, and then there were four.

What are you looking for in your
dream man?

I'm not enjoying being single,
because you see things online,

£129, go away for the weekend,
but you always need two people.

Well, of course you do. You want
someone to go with. Yeah. OK.

Let's reveal the faces, please.

Here we go, boys.

Shall we look into their eyes?
Come with me.

Come on, I'll hold your hand.

I think he's sexy. He's got a cheeky
smile. The jawline does it for me.

His eyebrows are maintained, but not
so much so that they're, like,

drawn on. So what is it about
eyebrows that are important, then?

I think they show a lot about how
much effort someone puts into

66% of men think a sculpted
eyebrow is a no-no.

And, looking at successful men
across history could explain why.

For example, in Ancient Greece,
monobrows were a sign of the most

intelligent and handsome people.

What about Red?

Red's cute. I like the redhead.

It does it for me. Unique, isn't it?

Yeah. Lovely face.

Yellow? He's handsome and sweet.

I think I might scare you a little

You look a bit innocent, like... I'd ruin you!


So you need a man to take you in
hand, basically?

Yes, but... Yeah.


Little bit of a sugar daddy.


He's really fit.
Looks after himself.

Now, he is obviously a little bit

Age is an advantage, if anything.

How old would you go? If you Googled
"man", that's gonna come up, isn't

it? Exactly! Like, that is a man.

OK. Have a good look at the boys.

Some of them are working it a bit
more than others.

But it is time to make a decision.

Which colour do you think you're
gonna have to lose?

It's even more difficult when
they're looking at you. I know.

It is time, Dominic.

I'm gonna lose...


Why yellow? Just because you look so
sweet and innocent.

I don't think you'll be able to keep
up with me.

OK, this is Josh, he's a 19-year-old
flight attendant from Crewe.

Hello! Hello. You all right? Sorry.

Do you think you'd ruin Josh?

I don't know. You do seem a bit
sweet and innocent, but...

I'm sure we could have
had a lovely date. Yeah.

I wish you the best of luck. Thank
you very much, and you.


Safe travels.


Work that bum! Nice little wiggle.

It was amazing. It was a great

It's not something you do
everyday, is it?

I wish him the very best of luck,

and I'm sure I'll find the right
one some time soon.

All right, we've got three gorgeous
boys in front of you.

Now's the time to find out what
they sound like.

What kind of voice do you like,

Personally, I hate my voice.
I think it's way too high-pitched.

Really camp. All right, so, Green,
Dominic is not a fan of his voice.

Is there any part of your body
that you'd quite like to change?

Yeah, it's my birthmark on my bum.

Where is it? That's like tiny,
if it's what I think it is.

Just looks like you've been
sitting down for too long. Yeah.

What do you think about his voice?

Geordie accent?
He sounds really friendly.

What about Red?

When I travelled to Indonesia I got
run over by a motorbike,

and the handle
went through my leg there.

OK. You like his voice?

Yeah. Scally, lads' lads.

Bit of rough. Yeah.
Red, are you a bit of rough?

Now and then, yeah.


All right. What do you think
Blue sounds like?

Blue, I'll be shocked if he doesn't
sound anything but... Yeah.

..stupidly deep. I think he's going
to be quite well spoken, though.

Like, educated voice.

OK, so, Blue... there any part of your body
that you're not so keen on,

and that you would change
if you could?

My feet. My feet are a bit big.

Skinny jeans, they look massive.

I was expecting quite posh.
That was... I was.

..little bit Essex, wasn't it?

OK, do you like his voice?

I'm not too much of a fan of the
Essex accent, to be honest.

OK. But it suits you, I think, cos
you've got a bit of a cheeky face.

OK, you've heard the boys.

You're gonna
have to make a decision.

Which colour do you think you'll
have to say goodbye to?

What's going on in your head?

I'm gonna lose...

Blue. Blue!


Big intake of breath.

Why? I think, for me,

you're more of a fantasy than
somebody I could actually date.

OK. This is Stephen, he's a
43-year-old builder from Essex.

Ooh, hello. Can I have a cuddle?

Oh, come on, what does he feel like?

Good. Just imagine, he could really
sort your plumbing out.

Ooh, I bet he could!


Any regrets, Stephen? No, I think
he's more suited to the other two.

Good luck on your date.
Thank you very much.

Nice to meet you. Stephen, thank you
so much for taking part.

No problem.
It's not a date this time.

No, that's OK. Goodbye. Bye!

Shall we just take a moment?


Being a fantasy, it's a big bonus,
but maybe I'm not so approachable.

So maybe I give over
the wrong impression.

Getting serious!
Two stunning boys remain.

Shortly, they get to see you without
your clothes on.

I'm not that body confident,
to be honest.

OK. But I want to do it, to maybe
even gain some confidence.

Off you go, through there.

We'll see you shortly, love.

Based on naked attraction, Dom has
whittled six guys down to two.

25-year-old health care assistant,

and 28-year-old marketing student,

But only one can go on a date

to find out if there's still
chemistry when their clothes go on.

Congratulations, boys.

So, have you checked each other out?


So, Tariq, what do you make of Rob's

Yeah, it's a really nice body.
He's got a nice bum.

OK, so very neatly put together.

Yeah. Rob, what do you make of

It's nice, I like the ginger hair.

Do you? Right, are you ready to see
him without his kit on?

Yeah. Can't wait, yeah. Yeah? You
looking forward to it? Yeah. Yes.

OK, let's bring him in, please.

Well, hello.

Hi, Dominic.


Hi, gorgeous.

Just please tell me, why are
you insecure about your body?

I don't like this bit.

There's too much loose skin.

Oh, there's nothing there, you're
dead skinny. Thank you.

You've got a nice chest as well.

I like guys who have tattoos.

What do your tattoos resemble, have
you done a lot of travelling?

Um, yeah. I've always got a tattoo
based on the destination where I've
gone. Ooh!

And Rob, what do you make
of Dominic's body?

Yeah, it's nice. I like the frame,
it's all in proportion.

Speaking of proportions...

Shall we just talk about...?

Good size, yeah. I like the fact
there's no hair.

Have people complimented you on it

They have, yeah.
It looks better hard.

OK. So, naked attraction has brought
you to this point, Dominic.

That it has! Yes.

But you can only have one man,
one date.

Now, this time I want you to choose
the person you want to date.

Take a good look at the boys.

Rob or Tariq?

It's time, you're gonna have to
tell me who you want to date.

If Tariq wants to come on one with
me... I'd love to. ..I'd like to go
on one with you.

Sweet. Aww!

Rob, I'm so, so sorry.

Rob's gorgeous. To be honest, it's
the red that I like.

Oh, really? So you love a redhead.

Yes. Rob, thank you so,
so much for taking part.

Take care. Good luck.

Bye, Rob.

I've enjoyed it because,
obviously, it's a total different
way of dating.

Getting naked today,

I feel like I'm not embarrassed with
my body any more.

You guys are together.

Nice to meet you, you all right?
Thank you.

Are you pleased with your decision?

Yeah, I'm really pleased. I like

Tariq, what do you think, are you

Yeah, he's gorgeous. Oh, thank you.

Boys, next time you see each other,
it's going to be with your clothes


So let's see how your date goes.

Have a lovely, lovely time.

Thank you.

Good luck!


I love that he loves travelling.

Fingers crossed, I might have found
my travel buddy.

I'm looking forward to the date.

He seems easy going. I think we'll
have a bit of banter tonight.

Hello. You all right? You turned up!

Nice to see you with your clothes

You look nice. Thank you, you too.

Pretty much matching outfits!

Tariq is obviously lovely.
I do think he's really attractive.

I'm glad you turned
up looking dapper.

Thank you. Yourself as well.

He seems nice, yeah. He's quite hot.

Do you want a drink? Yeah, I was
gonna get...

It's probably best. ..a Malbec wine.

If they have Malbec. Could find out.

Is that your drink then, wine?

Pardon? Is that your drink, wine?

Sometimes I drink it, yeah.

How do you pronounce your name, by
the way? Is it Tariq, or Tareeq?

Tariq, but most people call me Taz.

Do you prefer being called Dom or

Either. Literally,
whatever's easiest.

He's just seeming a little bit too
nice at the moment. I'm hoping it's

And he might loosen up a little bit.

So, what do you do for fun?

Um... I work a lot.

Just cos it's third year of uni,
there's just a lot of work to do,
still. Hmm.

Do you mind is I throw this out
there, do you want a shot?

A shot of...?

Tequila? I'm quite a wuss when I'm
having a shot.

Really? Yeah. Are you a lightweight?

No, I'm not a lightweight, I just
have a bad gag reflex when it comes
to alcohol, so...

Noted! Yeah...

The date seems really nice, we're
engaging in conversation.

I feel like there's a little bit of
chemistry there.

So far, I'm a little bit bored.

I'm a bit bored of the conversation.

Bit bored of him.
Shall we go and find someone a
little bit more lively?

Yeah. Yeah, let's go.

We'll have a drink somewhere a
bit more casual.

At the moment it's a bit of an

Chin, chin!

Chin, chin.

I'm trying to think of things
to ask you. Like...

The whole thing was easier naked!

Coming towards the end of the night
now, I'm not sure it'll go anywhere.

I feel that I'm, kind of, pushing
with the questions.

Tonight's been really nice.

There's a bit of a spark there.

I don't have butterflies,
I'm not excited.

I guess we could have another date.

Shall we call it a night? Yeah.

There's just something missing.
There's no click.

Hello. Hey, you all right?

Not bad, are you?
I'm very well, thank you.

Long time no see. I know, yeah.

It's been about a month or so?

I literally don't know what to say.

We spoke, we said we'd meet up,
didn't we?

Yeah. It didn't happen.

No. How did you find it?

It was quite fun.

It was a nice night, but I think,
cos you live quite far...

The distance wouldn't have bothered

like, I'd happily go any distance,

Yeah, the whole evening didn't flow
too great, I thought. Yeah.

It was quite formal.

I don't get why there wasn't a

I don't know what to say!

Oh, my God.

OFF-SCREEN: If you were to do it
again, would you pick Tariq?

You know the answer, don't you?

Yeah. No! If I could do it again,
I'd pick the blue box,

Steve, the big muscly daddy.

No romance, but...mates? Yeah.

Proper handshake as well,
there you go. Great. Yeah.

Subtitles by Ericsson