Naked Attraction (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - Cathy and Adam - full transcript

Gym addict Sophie is looking for a change from the usual body-builder type she normally dates. Dom seeks the perfect man to sweep him off his feet and whisk him down the aisle.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
This programme contains adult
content and full frontal nudity
from the start and throughout.

Let's face it, when looking for
love, we've all been caught out
by filters and exaggeratedprofiles.

But we have a more
instinctive way to find love.

Tonight, a roofer,
a photography student

and a circus performer are stripping
bare to attract the perfect partner,

because we like to start
where a good date ends...


This is mental.


Oh, my God!

I'm so spoilt for choice.

Can picking a partner based
solely on natural beauty...

Could be a grower, not a shower. you find the one?

If it doesn't fit in your mouth,

it's probably not going
to fit in your bum. OK.

When we're entirely unfiltered,

what do men and women
really find attractive?

This person was born with a vagina,
but he identifies as a man.

Wow, OK.

Let's find out by dating in reverse.

Who do you want to take on
that date tonight?

It's, like, the hardest decision.

I just want to pick them both!

This is Naked Attraction.

Welcome to Naked Attraction,

the dating show that goes
the full monty to find love.

Inside each of these six pods,
I've lined up a naked singleton.

Only one of them will be
picked to go on a date.

But who is doing the choosing?

My name's Cathy, I'm 43,
I'm an admin clerk

and I'm from Hertfordshire.

My friends would describe me as...

A Mad Hatter, you've got
such a great personality.

You're a livewire.

I am 43 now, so I really do
think it's about time

that I met the right one.

I've always gone for people older,

but I'm thinking these days
maybe somebody younger than me.

I think I really need to
start settling down, get married,

have a child.

I've sailed and seen the world
and now I find myself with no man,

no kids and I just want
my happy ending.

So, Cathy, welcome to the show.

How are you feeling?
I'm fine, thank you very much.

OK, so you're 43 now? Yep.

You want a child by the age of...?

OK, so you've got three,
four years to play with. Yep.

You hear that, boys?
The clock is ticking.

OK. Why do you want to choose
a date naked, though?

I just think that this is
the next thing.

OK. The next best modern thing.

In ten years' time
this is going to be the norm.

So you're ahead of the curve
on this? Yeah. All right.

Ready to play the game? Yep.

In front of you here
we have six coloured pods,

inside each of them is a naked man
waiting just for you.

Every single one has an attribute
that you have said

that you find physically attractive.

We are going to reveal them
bit by bit to you.

All you have to do is whittle them
down from six to one

based on naked attraction alone. OK.

Shall we start? Yeah, let's go.

Please can we see the
bottom half of the bodies?

It makes me giggle.

Oh, wow! Wow.


Who's taking your breath away
the most there, Cathy?

That one that keeps moving.
The blue? Yeah.

What is it about blue
that you are drawn to?

He's got nice thighs.

Would you say a mature man?

Yeah, he's got grey pubes.

That didn't go unnoticed.
So, do you mind grey pubes?

No, I don't really like grey pubes.
Oh, you're not into grey pubes. No.

Have you come across a lot
of grey pubes in your life?

Erm... Probably about three blokes.

Didn't really do it for you? No.

How do you feel about
green's physique?

Harmless. Why's he harmless?

I think it's because he hasn't got
any pubes on his balls.

Cos you can still see... Green,
could you just lift up your willy

and can we just have a look
at your balls?

Yeah, I like his balls.

So you're happy with them now?
Yeah, there's two balls there.

What do you mean there's two balls?

Well, sometimes
there's just like a brown line

and if it wasn't for the line,

you wouldn't be able to
tell that there's two balls.

All men have this brown line.

As babies develop in the womb
they all have genital flaps,

regardless of gender.

On girls they grow to form
the lips of the vagina,

while on boys they fuse together
to form a line

that can be seen from
the penis to the bum,

which is called the scrotal raphe.

So, happy with those balls? Yep.

Lovely. What about pink?

I actually like his willy.

Mm. It's a bit crooked.
But what gets me is

he seems to have hair everywhere
except the willy and the balls.

So he's sort of gone the wrong way
round? Yep, wrong way round.

All right. Let's have a look at
red. How do you feel about it?


Yeah, I don't like it when men wax.

OK. What about yellow?
I mean, yellow's got the full bush.

Do you find that attractive?

We're talking about pubes.

We are.

Or are you...? I'm just going
to think about that one.

Do you want to have a look at their
bums? Oh, yeah, let's do bums.

So, boys, would you mind
spinning round for us, please,

so we can see those bums?


Any taking your fancy, Cathy?

Green and...

Orange? Orange, yes.

You could break open a beer
bottle with that, couldn't you?

Yellow's bum?
Yeah, I like a little bum. OK.

He's got a lot of hair coming down,
so I like long hair.

Ooh. Yeah. Interesting.
A lot to play with.

Quick look at orange.

Yes, I like orange's as well.
My bum's like that!

Yeah, I like it.
Oh, thank you very much.

So, boys, can you turn back round?

So, Cathy,
based on naked attraction alone,

you need to decide on the guy
that you want to lose, OK?

It is time to make a decision.

I'm going to go for...


Why pink? I can't get
over the fact that

there's just hair
the opposite way round. Yeah.

Maybe if he had, like, lots of hair
around his balls and willy as well,

maybe I would not
think of him straightaway.

So let's see, Cathy,
who you're sending home. Right.

This is Matthew, he's 50,

he's a technical sales
consultant from Surrey.

Matthew, come and join us. Oh!
Come down here.

Hello. Hello. Hello, my love.
How are you?

I'm very good, thank you.
You get a hug. How are you feeling?

Disappointed, of course.
She's beautiful. I'm sorry.

Matthew, I'm so sorry, it's not
a date for you tonight with Cathy.

No, it's not. That's all right.
Thank you so much.

Thank you very much.
Goodnight. Goodnight. Bye.

I do trim down below

because I've found that
some women quite like that.

I was disappointed to be
here so early, though.

Round one, "bzzt, uh-uh", pie!


So, Cathy... Yes. You obviously
want to find your dream man. Yes.

Are you ready to see a bit more?

OK, can we reveal, please,
the middle part of the body?


Very different shapes.

Slightly throwing you?

I'm more shocked about the torsos
than I am about their willies.

Well, I mean, I can understand why.

Cos that one just seems longer
than normal. OK.

But, still, very fine shape,
I'd say, this chap. Yep.

Yes, and I liked his bottom as well.

What about yellow?

Yeah, everything's in proportion
with him.

Now, then, blue.

This is a bull of a man.
I think he'd look after me.

Do you like a tan, Cathy?

Yeah, it's lovely, isn't it?

Women have coveted a tan for years,

with almost 80% claiming
sun-kissed skin

makes them feel more attractive.

Recent research has found that men
are now tanning more than women,

with 25% of guys using sunbeds,
compared to only 20% of ladies.

So, who, at this stage,
would you like to send home? OK.

Which colour?


Green. Green. Yeah.

Why green?

Green is weird,
it makes me think of a giraffe,

the whole body. I wouldn't,

I wouldn't look at green
and think of a giraffe.

I did, I did originally. OK.
That's my first thought

and I tried to dismiss that thought.

So, shall we find out
who you're losing?

This is Miles, he's 27,

he's a personal assistant
from Essex.

Miles, come down and join us.

Nice to meet you. It's really weird
because you're not a giraffe.

No, I'm not a giraffe, no.

I'm so sorry, but that is not a date
for you on this occasion,

but thank you very much for doing
it. Yeah, thank you very much.

Bye-bye, all the best.
Look at that lovely tan. Yep.

She thought I had a torso
sort of the length of a giraffe.

Never really had that before,

but I'll take that as somewhat of a
compliment, I guess, it's long.

Coming up...

Cathy bares all
before choosing who to date.

I like all three.

And a brand-new singleton
gets to pick a date

based on naked attraction.

This is amazing.

Earlier, 43-year-old Cathy
whittled six down to four

based on naked attraction.

Oh, wow! Wow.

She can only go on a date with one
of them, so who will she lose next?


Cathy, why do you think
that you're still single?

I think I'm still single

because I've always
put my hands in the hands of fate.

I'm now 43 years old,

and I think it's time for me
to settle down

cos if I don't have children,
I think I might regret it.

OK, so now this is the round where
it's time to put a face to the body.

Can we please see the faces?


Some big smiles going on.
How important are teeth to you?

Teeth aren't important to me, no.

Really? You don't mind manky pegs?
Don't mind, no.

Let's have a look at the teeth,
then. Show us the pegs.

Yeah, decent teeth.
Fine, like your teeth.

All right. Oh. Hello, yellow.

Yeah, no, they're fine.

I know it's a little bit crooked
there but I'm sure mine is.

Well, it sort of matches
a little bit, doesn't it?

Yeah, we've got matching teeth.

Hello, blue. Hello, blue. Oh, hello.

Let's see those teeth.

Yeah, they're fine.

They certainly shine out
in the tan as well, don't they?

They're very, very good teeth.

Orange, perfect.

Yeah, he has got perfect teeth,
hasn't he?

OK, who is time to say goodbye to?

Before you make your decision,

tell me what's going on
in your head.

In my head,
I'm feeling overdressed.

Don't worry - we're going to
rectify that very, very soon.

But what are you thinking
about these boys, what's going on?

I'm finding red very mysterious,

I'm finding yellow
very relationship material. Right.

I'm finding blue very good fun,
I don't know why.

Orange, lovely teeth but...

And I liked his bum but, no,
I think I'm going to go...

I don't want orange any more.

Oh, right.


I keep thinking of his bum
but that's just not enough for me.

You are saying goodbye to Liam.

He is a 30-year-old roofer
from Epsom.

Come and join us, Liam.

Say hello to Cathy.
Hello. Hi, Liam. Mwah!

The good news, Liam, is that Cathy
did enjoy your penis and your bum.

It's not enough, though.

Can I slap it? Will that be enough?
Will I be forgiven?

Yeah, you can slap it if you want.

Yes. A bit better.

that's a good consolation prize.

Liam, I'm sorry,
it's not a date for you this time.

I'm quite a competitive person,
so I'd like to have won anyway,

but when I got to the final four
and I see the bloke next to me

in the blue pod -
he was just a hulk of a man.

Standing next to him, I felt like a
short, fat, podgy, little Asian boy.

You have got three guys left. Mm-hm.
You've seen what they look like,

but this is where you get to hear
what they sound like.

Do you like an accent?

I used to like the Leeds accent.

You know when they miss out
their words

and they go, "I'm going to
catch bus in minute."

What accent was that? Leeds.

LEEDS ACCENT: I'm going to
catch bus.

Yeah, that sounds good. Like that?
Like that, love.

Right, so you like a Northern?

Right, I'm going
to ask the question.

When it comes to imperfections,

is there any part of your body
that you've grown to like?

Who do you want to ask first?
I think we'll go with blue.

Blue, let's hear it. Hiya, Cathy.

Yeah, when I was younger,
I had a birth mark

and I was very embarrassed about it,

and then I went over to California
doing personal training

and what with the sun,
you can't even see it now.

Oh, bless.

What do you think about the voice?
Nice, deep voice.

Yeah, it must be a nice voice
cos it wasn't off-putting,

cos I was listening
to what you were saying.

Good, this is good. Yellow?

I didn't use to like
my slender build

because I felt like
it made me less athletic

and less good at sport
until I discovered that my agility

and my nimbleness
is perfect for fire dancing.

Yeah. No, I like his voice
and his accent. Yeah, lovely.


I'm off to catch bus.

Oh, is it? Oh, bless.

My imperfection is
I've got a scar on my lip.

I was born with a cleft lip

and I've had lots of operations to
sort of put my face back together.

But I'm actually
really proud of it now

because it's like a badge of honour.

Yeah, it's really important to me.
Of course, definitely. Yeah.

Ooh, put a smile on your face.

I like all three.

But you do have to make a decision.

So who are you going to send home?
Which colour?

I think I'm going to go with...

Why red?

Well, when it came to, like,
the willy and the balls... Yeah.

..I feel there's not enough hair.

Yeah, there's not enough hair.

So I think the pubes
have let you down, red.

Yeah, and it's not just the pubes.

Also the tummy
was a bit wide as well. Oh, right.

So let's meet
who you're going to be sending home.

This is Ian.

He is a 46-year-old artist
from Manchester.

Ian, come and join us.

Hello, I'm sorry.
It's the perfect age.

Are you gutted?

She's stunning.

I'm really, really sorry
but - this time - really close

but not close enough, thank you.

Bless you, bye-bye. Bye.

Yeah, I'm a bit disappointed.
She was really pretty

but she wasn't keen
on the pubic hair.

Hey, what can you do?

You have two COMPLETELY different
guys in front of you. Yeah.

You are about to meet them
face-to-face for the first time

but not before, Cathy, they get
to see you - and it's only fair...

Yeah, totally. ..without
your kit on. Are you ready?

Yeah, yeah. I need to be liberated,
it's hot in here.

OK, liberate yourself, off you go.

See you in a minute, boys.

Based on naked attraction, Cathy has
whittled six men down to just two.

24-year-old circus performer Cassius

and 62-year-old taxi driver Andy.

But only one of them
can go on a date

to find out if there's chemistry
when the clothes go on.

OK. So, boys, here we are.

You've made it to the final two,

And I've got to tell you,

in the whole time that
I've been doing Naked Attraction,

we've never had two more
completely different bodies

than you guys.

I mean, what would you say are the
good points of each others' bodies?

I feel like it's clear that Andy's
worked really hard on his physique

and his tone, and he could probably
bench press me with no trouble.

Thank you, Cassius.
With just one arm.

And so, Andy, looking at Cassius,

what would you say
the positives are?

I think he's brilliant.
He's a circus performer

and he's, you know, a million times
more nimble than me. Yeah.

Well, up until now, guys, you've
only seen Cathy fully clothed.

Are you ready to see her
with nothing on? I am.

Cathy, come on in.


Hi, boys.


Hello, gorgeous. Hiya.

What a body.

Thank God I've taken my clothes off.
Thank God for that. Dress off.

Very comfortable. Yeah,
I feel like I'm at home now. Yeah.

Boys, what do you think?

Well, she's looking dynamic,
you know.

I think she looks wonderful.
Good to meet you. And you.

Now, what do you like
about your own body?

I failed my driving test so, because
of that, I have very strong arms

because I've had to carry
my shopping for the last 30 years.

Amazing. Wow. That's not bad at all.

Wow. OK, so we need
to make decision,

you have seen everything...
What, now? ..there is to see.

There's only one guy
that you can take on a date.

Andy here, clearly works out.
You loved his physique. Yeah.

Weren't so keen
on the grey pubic hair. No.

Cassius - you loved Cassius's bum.

And you love the fact
that he is lithe

and obviously very, very athletic
because he's a fire dancer. Mm.

So, are we going to go for Cassius,

or are we going for Andy?

Who's it going to be?

I'm going to go for...

..Andy. Andy. Yeah.

Cassius, I'm so sorry.
That's all right.

We're going to have to say goodbye
to you, but have you enjoyed it?

I have. Andy's a great guy
and I think you'll have a good time.

Is he? Is he? Thanks, Cassius.
Thank you, Cassius.

I feel a little disappointed

but she's probably better off
with Andy, to be honest.

I don't plan on having children
in the next four years.

Andy, Cathy, come on -
you are now...

Hello! Hello, my love.
..officially a couple.

Now listen, guys, the next time
you two see each other,

it's going to be
with your clothes on.

I know that's going to upset you.
Off you go.

Right. Come on. Come on, Cathy. Oh!

Oh, look. Light as a feather.
Bye, darling.

Thank you, Anna. Bye!

I think that you can tell that
he's just come here to have fun.

I am hoping that I can turn
that around and turn it into love.

She's everything
that I envisioned a date to be.

You know, she's pretty,
she's bubbly, and a nice arse.

Hi, Andy. Cathy.

Hello, my love.
How are you doing? You OK? Yeah.

Wow. You look smashing.
So do you.

I was blown away with her,
with her looks and beauty.

I'm on the gin,
they've got a love potion

that I was tempted to get for you
but I thought... All right.

I really liked what he was wearing.

It shows that he cares
about his appearance.

Well, cheers, Andy.


Well, is this all mine? Cheers.

'I really like Cathy.'

No word of a lie,
I've only just met the lady,

but I think there is definitely
a connection there.

And when I saw you, when the thing
lifted up, I thought,

"Wow, what a great lady, with a lot
of gumption, and a lot of spirit."

What did you think of me in the...?

I felt that I was punching
above my weight. Yeah?

Yeah, totally. I thought you were
going to be, like,

"I'm only here for fun, I'm..."

No. No, actually. No, I'm not.
I was actually...

You know, coming on a date
to meet someone that, er...

you know,
perhaps we'd have a relationship.

Oh, my God, it's going so much
better than I could ever have hoped.

I think the love potion says it all.

I'm ready to take things further
if you are.

Definitely am.

And thank you for getting the bill.
My pleasure. So let me... Mwah! return take you
for a drink now.

Definitely, let's do it.

# Turn it up,
it's your favourite song

# Dance, dance, dance
to the distortion

# Turn it up, keep it on repeat

# Stumbling around
like a wasted zombie... #

Oh, my God,
I'm totally enjoying myself.

I keep expecting there
to be a hurdle

but he's just reassured me
that we're both on the same level.

Do you want to get a taxi
back to the hotel?

I was going to say that.
Shall we just go to the hotel.

Let's do it. Come on. OK then.

And then, tomorrow,
who knows what's going to happen?

But I've got a funny feeling we'll
be having coffee in bed together.

# And on and on and on

# Cos we're all chained
to the rhythm. #

INTERVIEWER: What's happened
since the first date?

Well, I thought we were getting on,
and he is a lovely person

and I certainly don't regret
choosing him out of the other five,

but each time I sort of, like,
organised doing something with him,

he just made every excuse under
the sun to make things difficult.

So what are you going to say to him
when you see him now?

I'm going to make out
that everything's really fine.

Hey, Cath. Oh, hiya, how are you?

What have you been up to then?
Work, work, work. Yeah, yeah.

Oh, yeah, and being stood up.

No, what do you mean "stood up"?

What it is, I'll be honest.

I left it with you,
I come down to see you, didn't I?

Yeah, and that was all great.

Yeah, and then all of a sudden,
out the blue,

you text me this timetable thing.

No, no, no, I didn't.
Well, you did.

Oh, my God.
Are you really that stupid?

"I'm leaving my brother's now.

"I'll be back to pick you up
at 2 o'clock."

No, I didn't say that. Yes, you did.
No, I did not. Yes, you did.

Well, I don't know, that's what you
sent me... No, you sent this.

I didn't send that. YOU have sent
this, this is from you...


It's a lie, Andy. No, it's not.
Yes, it is a lie. No, it's not,

Yes, it is. It's not.
Yes, it is. No, it's not.

You are a liar.

# I hate you so much right now... #

Have you got any last words
that you want to say to each other?

Well, you was nice meeting
you and you're good on a date

but I'm sorry
it just didn't work out.

You're such a hypocrite, how can you
say it was nice? Here you go again.

It was nice at the time,
but it just didn't work out

is just what I'm saying.
You're such an idiot.

OK, say what you want.

Welcome back to Naked Attraction,

the dating show that peels off all
the layers of modern dating.

Behind me I've got another six
singletons hoping to get a date,

but who's picking this time?

I am Adam, I'm 25
and I live in London.

I would describe myself as carefree,

and my nick-name is Jesus

because I look like Jesus.

I live in a church.

Imagine me having a cup of tea
standing on the balcony

and someone will look up

and there's just Jesus looking down
as they come into their communion.

I've been single for about two
and a half years.

I do meet women but it never usually
develops into anything.

Adam is probably
a traditional romantic.

I've never actually
been on a formal date

so it's just accidental meetings.

My sort of traditional approach
for going up to women

and talking to them
has had varying levels of success.

The rest of the world they're all
glued to their smartphones

and dating apps
and maybe he needs to get with that.

I am a technophobe.

Look at your phone, mate.

Dating apps are how everybody
meets nowadays.

I'm not getting a new phone, man.

I sort of stick to what I know
which is like writing letters or

calling people.

I find it quite hard to connect with
a woman who's always,

you know, selfieing.

I want to get naked because it cuts
all the bullshit out of everything.

You're physically attracted to
each other and then see if you

like each other on top of that.

Adam, welcome to the show.

Let me get this straight.

You have never been on a date,
is that right?

I have never been on a date, no.

I've always met people accidentally
and then spent some time with them.

Old school.
Yeah, yeah.

So what are you looking for?

I want to find a strong,
independent woman,

not this sort of selfie-taking,
Instagrammy doll.

OK, so strong, confident and doesn't
feel the need to conform.

You're in the perfect place. OK.

Let me
explain the rules of the game.

In front of you you have six
coloured pods.

Inside each of them you have got
a gorgeous totally naked woman.

They all have an attribute that you

have said you find physically
attractive. OK.

We're going to reveal
them bit by bit.

You have to whittle them
down from six to one

and you can only take one on a date.

OK. All right we are going to reveal

the bottom half of the bodies first.

Take a deep breath.

This is amazing. This is...

How do you feel?

You've got six vaginas staring
you in the face.

Unbelievably weird but...
I'm really enjoying it.

Are there any vulvas that you
are particularly drawn to?

Blue over here. Blue.

Yeah, I'm loving the tats.

Do you find tattoos sexy, Adam?

tells you a lot about the person,

what they've
got like on their body forever.

Oh. So, what kind of woman would
you say this is?

Adventurous, exciting,
not conforming, always having fun.

And is that important to you?

Yeah, big time, big time you know.
OK, good.

You've got to be able to
share a giggle.

Where else would you like to go?

I'd like to go to green.

To green, come on then,
lead the way.

Now is that
because of the tattoos again, Adam?

Yeah, yeah. It's exciting, you know,

and we've got a very different vibe

This is much sort of more delicate.

Maybe blue's a little bit more rock
and roll.

Yeah. Green seems a little bit more
delicate. Yeah.

That's what I'm thinking, that's
what I'm getting from the tat.

OK. So looking at Green's vagina.

Tidy, well kept, well looked after.
It looks great.

Fair enough.

Absolutely lovely stance here.

What, pink?

Got attitude you know.

The sort of angular, it's lovely.

How do you feel about the pubes?

It's very tidy, well kept,
looking after it.

When it comes to pubic hair,
what do you like?

I like pubic hair,
it feels womanly. It's exciting.

Did you know that 50% of all
women under 30 remove

all of their pubic hair?

Wow. Oh, yeah.

Only 4% of men like women with
a hairy bush.

Is that right?

Yeah. You're bucking the trend
especially for a 25-year-old guy.

Excellent, I'm glad. Yes.

It should be more, there should be
more, it's a great thing.

So you're non-conformist.
Exactly. Natural.

This is good.
OK, not talked about red.

This one's looking too nice.

Is that because she's one of the few
that doesn't have tattoos?

Yeah. Fair enough, fair enough.
Are bums important to you?

Yes. I am definitely a bum man.

Are you? Yes.

You're an ass man.
Girls let's see those tushies.

Wow, absolutely lovely.

I'm drawn to yellow.
Absolutely lovely form to it.

OK, orange.

Hello. Lovely little form.

I tell you she's got amazing legs,

Beautiful, isn't it?

Yeah, all right. OK, girls, can you
spin back round, please.

Adam, it's time to make a decision.

Which colour you think you're going
to say goodbye to?

I don't want to get rid of anyone.


OK, I've put some thought into it.

I'm going to go with red.

Why red?

Feels really nice. Too nice.

Do you like girls feisty?

Yeah, you've got to be able
to have a bit of a push

and pull thing going on, haven't

Keep you in line a little
bit I think, Adam.

Exactly, otherwise
I just sort of go off on one.

OK. This is Lauren.

She is a 22-year-old photography
student from Bristol. Hello.

Nice to meet you, hello.
It's good to meet you, hello.

You look absolutely gorgeous,
Lauren. Thank you.

I love your hair.

Thank you and I do have tattoos.
Oh, my God. Wow!

I'm so sorry Lauren,
thank you for taking part.

It's lovely to meet both of you.

Oh, no.

Yeah, I know, I know.

He didn't think I had any tattoos
and that's just madness

because I've got a whole back piece.

If only he had let it come up
a little higher.

OK, Adam, let's reveal the middle
part of the bodies.


So much to take in.


OK, what are you thinking?

I'm a big collar bone man.

Are you? Yeah. OK, why?

Very sensual because it's like,
the hard part of a soft body.

Quite strong but it feels
delicate at the same time.

OK, any collar bone that you're
finding particularly beautiful?

Lovely collar bone there.

Oh, on blue? Very straight.

Yes. Very impressive.

You're very drawn to blue.
Yes, I have been actually.

Now, tell me about the boobs.

Lovely size.
Absolutely lovely breasts.

OK, so, yellow...
This one's pierced.

Oh, yeah.

I definitely could not do that,
do you know what I mean?

A very sensitive part of the body.

Do you know the earliest recorded
nipple piercing on a woman is

Queen Isabella of Bavaria
in the 14th century.


Queen Isabella called her breasts

her little 'apples of paradise'

and celebrated them by piercing them

with jewels and linking them

with strands of pearls.

Today nipple studs are a millennial
must-have with some piercing

studios reporting a 70% increase
in people asking for them

over the last decade.

Orange - belly button pierced.
Tell me about belly buttons.

Mine's an outy.

Oh, you've got an outy one?

I've got a cheeky little outy,
it's like a little tongue.

Let's have a look.
There she is.

Oh, yeah, check that out! Cute.

Oh it's so sweet.

We used to draw faces on it
when I was a child

so like do two little eyes,
that would be the nose.

It is almost like a little
micro-willy though, isn't it?

Look at that. Look at that.
It is, yeah.

So, are we loving orange's
belly button?

It's like a sort of sad face.

It is, actually, isn't it, with
the chin pierced?


All right,
it's time Adam to make a decision.

And I'm going to have to say Orange.

I didn't enjoy the sad face.

So the sad belly button.

Yeah, I mean a very specific
reason, isn't it?

Look she's absolutely...
Let's find out who Orange is.

Who she is.


This is Judy, she's a 32-year-old
student from Hampshire.


I've never heard my belly button be
described as sad before.

It was hilarious.

Thank you so much for taking part,

It was nice to meet you,
see you later.

Apparently I had a sad-looking belly
button and he wasn't impressed.

Anyway I wanted a guy with eyes
and thighs,

this guy had stick legs,
I'm so glad I didn't get the date.

Coming up.

It's Adam's turn to lay
everything bare

and decide which girl to
take on that on that date.

I don't know what on earth
I'm going to do now though!

Earlier, 25-year-old Adam...

And I'm going to have to say orange.

..whittled six potential dates down
to four based on naked attraction.

He can only choose one girl to go on
that date, so who will he lose next?

Adam, so, you have never been on a

I have never been on a date, no.
What's that all about?

I don't know, really. I sort of...
It never happened that way.

I've never had a smartphone
and I don't know how to

use, like, any of the apps to do
that. OK. So I've never been on...

On any of those dating sites.

All right. We have got four
beautiful girls left.

We are about to see their faces.

Remember, they also get to see
you for the first time.

Yes, yes. Do your hair,
lick your eyebrows. OK.

I'm ready. Can we please reveal the

This is so weird now that
everyone can see me.

When you first look at a girl, what
is it that sort of draws you

to them? There's a huge
amount in the eyes, isn't it?

Because that is how you share
stuff, isn't it?

Whatever's being talked or done,
that's what's actually going on.

So it's the non-verbal
communication, the body language

of actually understanding what's
going on in each other's eyes.

Yeah. I'm a deep kind of kind.

You are. Anybody giving you any
tingles downstairs?

I'm getting eyes from blue
over here. Blue.

Fiery over here, actually, it's all
kicking off. Really?

Very distinctive eyes. Here we are,
this is what I am, boom.

It's quite a look, isn't it? Yeah.
Very cool.

She's not really giving you
much of a smile, though, is she?

Yeah, it's all in the eyes, that's
why. Quite a lot of attitude.

OK, where else would you like to go?

OK, come on, then.
Lovely little smile.

Eyebrows important?

Yeah, I mean, eyebrows are eyebrows,
not like drawn on,

just, like, natural, boof,
here we are.

So you prefer quite a natural girl,
by the sounds of things. Yeah, yeah.

Let's go
and look at the other two girls.

More cheekiness, this is great.
Yeah, she's definitely a cheeky one.

I sort of just want to talk to her,
but I can't do that.

You can't yet.
That's not how it works, is it?

What kind of conversation do you
think you'd get with pink?

Oh, naughty, I think a naughty
conversation it felt like just then.

OK. And green.

I'm still getting, like, this
delicate feeling from the tattoos

and things like this.
Oh, she's disagreeing with me there.

Now, obviously green has got braces.
Would that worry you at all?

No. OK.

So, do you know, 50% of people
having braces fitted are now adults?

Braces for adults have never been
more popular and that might be

because over a third of people said
they would avoid a second date

if someone had bad teeth.

And not only do people with pearly
whites get that second date,

they're also viewed as happier,
healthier and more intelligent.


You've seen
everything there is to see.

It is time to make a decision, Adam.

I don't know
what on earth I'm going to do.

Why do you keep doing this to me?
I know, it's hard.

I'm going to lose green.


I wasn't feeling it,
I wasn't feeling the energies.

Can you really feel that chemistry?

Yeah, there's something
that's going on there.

Yeah, it's all about that vibe.
Fair enough.

This is Chelsea, she's a 20-year-old
bar maid from Doncaster.

Hi. Hello.
Are you a little bit disappointed?

Yeah. Is he fit?

Yeah. It's not a date this time. No.
Goodbye. See you later, Chelsea.

He did say he couldn't feel
the energy from us

like he could the other girls.

He must have thought I was sweet
and innocent. I'm not.

Far from it.

Right, this is the round where you
get to hear the girls.

Going to me much easier to tell
personality from somebody

talking, do you know what I mean?

Yeah. Adam likes a girl who
is confident

and doesn't feel
the need to conform.

Is there a part of your body that
you feel proud that it's different?

Blue? I really love my pale skin,

I think it really
shows off my tattoos.

I think that's true, actually.
And it is, it's really nice.

And you like the voice?
Yeah, I did, actually.

OK, yellow.

Definitely my nipple piercings,
really proud of them,.

Did it hurt? Yeah, it hurt.
And you like the voice?

I wasn't listening to the voice,

I was thinking about the nipple
piercings. I bet you were. Pink?

I have a lot of moles.

I used to hate them when I was
younger, but now I quite like them.
Where is that accent from?

Pink, where are you from?

I was born in Texas,
but I've been here for nine years.

Where in the UK do you live?

Wow, that's quite a mixed
bag of an accent, isn't it?

Yeah, it is, actually,
it was super cool.

All right. It's time,
having now heard the girls.

No, it's not.

I think you could work with all
three, couldn't you, really?

Absolutely. Is that an option?


Who would you like to lose?

Super hard. That is hard.

OK. Oh, no, I think I'm going to
have to go with yellow.

Why yellow?

I just felt more of a vibe
chatting with these two.

OK. This is Kim, she is a
19-year-old pharmacy advisor

from Yeovil. Hello. Nice to meet

Good to meet you.
Do you know what, Kim, I'm

so sorry that on this occasion it's
not a date with Adam.

It isn't. Thank you so much for
taking part.

See you later, Kim. Thank you.

I think we just didn't connect
at all,

which I didn't feel either,
so it's all OK.

You've got two gorgeous ladies left
that you have to choose from.

Very soon you're going to be
meeting them face-to-face,

but not before they get to see you
without your kit on.

Are you ready? Get your vest off.

Based on naked attraction, Adam has
whittled six women down to just two.

23-year-old health care
assistant Kymberlynn

and 22-year-old retail assistant
Hannah. But only one of them can go

on that date to find out if there's
chemistry when their clothes go on.

Girls, you've made it to the final

How are you feeling, Kymberlynn?

Fantastic, I'm actually
a little bit surprised.

OK, Hannah, what about you?
Yeah, I'm really excited,

but I didn't think I'd make
it to the final either.

Kymberlynn, what do you make
of Hannah as competition?

She's stunning as well.
Like, there's not a shyness,

but you could tell, like,
she could kick your butt.


So, Hannah, what would you make of

She's got a lovely figure,
lovely bum,

lovely boobs and she's just
a really nice girl.

OK, Adam has had
the privilege of seeing you girls

without your clothes on. Now
you're going to get to see him

in the buff. Are you ready?

BOTH: Yes. Adam, in you come.

How are you, Adam? Naked.

You certainly are naked.
And the girls are naked as well.

Kymberlynn, what do you make of

Nice. I need to see the bum,
though, is that all right?

Oh, of course, yeah.
Oh, it's a cute little bum.

It's very little, isn't it?
Yeah. Very firm, you can tell.

Hannah, willy, keen?

Yeah, it's a good size.
I like the hair.

OK, Adam. Yes.

You've got two gorgeous women here.
Kymberlynn or Hannah?

You're going to have to tell me
who you want to date.


I'm going to go for...


Hannah, I'm so sorry. It's not going
to happen between you and Adam.

Thank you, bye. Oh, bye.
See you later.

Oh, look at that amazing tattoo,
come on! Yes.

I loved it because it's definitely
going to make a big difference to
how I approach my dating,

because I'm going to feel a lot more
confident in my body and wanting to

wear more revealing clothes
and just show it off, really.

Guys, congratulations,
Kymberlynn and Adam. Yay!

Hello. I'm a little bit
sweaty, sorry. No, you're good,
you're good. Hello. Hiya.

This is potentially your new
girlfriend, how are you feeling?
Yeah, I'm excited.

Next time you guys see each other,
you're going to be fully clothed.

Have an amazing date
and I'll speak to you later.

Excellent. Bye! Good luck.

I'm very happy with my choice.

I am very much looking
forward to the date.

I've never been on one.
It will be really fun.

Hi. Hello, stranger,
how are you doing?

Good, how are you? Hello.

'She looks great. She's dressed
with a lot of attitude.'

I'm loving it.

We're going to sit here
and have a date now.

This is your first date? Yeah.

So, out of everybody,
why did you pick me?

I found you quite fun.

With like looks or winks
or tongue pokings.

That's good, I like that.

It's fantastic.
Honestly, it's so sweet.

Cheers. Cheers.

There you go.

Cos he's never been
on a date before,

I expected a bit, like,

but he seems lovely.

So since you don't, like,
have a smartphone,

how have you, like,
started dating people?

Sort of accidentally...

I know what you mean.

I certainly, like...
A friend of a friend,

Like, you see this person
and you think, "OK." Yeah.

'It's very chilled, having a little
chat, getting on really well.'

I think it's a win.

We've decided to continue the date
and go for a few more drinks.

Hopefully, it goes really well.

I think we're both vibing -
I think that's fair to say.

I'm, like, so happy
that I've met him.

What's happened since?

Er, not too much has happened
since in terms of seeing Kymberlynn.

I haven't really seen her.

Hiya. How are you doing?




I want to ask...

Like, you didn't text me
for about a month.

I didn't, no. No.

You didn't text us either.

I did.

No, you didn't.

I did. Oh. no.

I've not had... Like, genuinely
not had any texts from you,

which is really intense.

I have a new phone -
can I check my phone?

Of course. Good, OK.

I sent you literally
about six texts.

It's not... If you block my number,

that kind of thing happens
where it won't go through.

I promise you
I haven't blocked your number,

I absolutely promise you.

I feel like you're not happy
at all about this.

No, I'm not, actually. I'm really
actually really pissed off.

We slept together, yeah? Yeah.

You acted as if you liked me, fair?

I did. Yeah, I did.

Just future reference,
don't ever build somebody up

to think they have a chance with you
if you're just going to F-off

and do whatever you want
and just ignore the person.

Like, it's horrible.

I feel like a little bit of that's
slightly harsh in terms of...

It's not. I look like an idiot now
because I'm upset and you're not.

Yeah, maybe I've got some lessons
to learn and some things to change.


And some technology
to learn how to use.

Subtitles by Ericsson