Naked Attraction (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Rebecca and Dan - full transcript

Taking part are Rebecca, who's tired of having her heart broken by guys with bad boy images, and Dan - who thinks the only thing missing in his life is the love of a good man.

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Modern dating has become a complicated business online dating has been a complete nightmare. I've used tinder Facebook snapchat
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Not even work
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Status symbols online profiles and the clothes we wear can all get in the way of finding our perfect mate
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I can look at gang go get it. And then when it comes to be naked, I'm like
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okay, maybe not but what would happen if we were stripped of all the things that usually define us in this dating show we
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Go back to basics. Are you ready bring on and
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Start where a good date often ends
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00:00:42,670 --> 00:00:44,670
In a wet look
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Faced with six pieces. No, but I feel like I should've thought what do men and women really find physically attractive
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And could picking a partner based solely on their natural beauty
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help us find the one it's just
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Let's find out quite dating in Reverse. Who are you going to pick your date?
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Every naked body has something to offer and as someone who's swung both ways
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I'm well aware of the joys of Johnson and the loveliness of a lady garden. So I'm in the right place
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Inside each of these colored pods is a brave naked singleton
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But only one of them will be picked to go on a date, but who's doing the choosing?
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Am a waitress in a bar the love of my life is singing I think everywhere by sing at home sing
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Welcome to the shop a singing mellow for coffee shop
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Well, I'm always seeing these lovey-dovey sounds but I haven't got anyone to film about
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I've been single about two years but in between I've had on and off relationship
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nothing solid so just
00:02:03,819 --> 00:02:05,819
Friends of fellows. I
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Love spending time with my mum whenever I've got boy troubles. She gives me good advice
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There Matt at times that she rings me in tears because of some Ludd that's been a player
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She really deserves to find someone that's gonna be good for
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Its natural be making I'm quite happy with what my mother gave me
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I love a day in my apartment where there's no roommate and I can just be free and just have my naked day
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Later is right
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Rebecca welcome to the show how
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Are you I'm a bit nervous. I'm not gonna lie to you
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It's not every day. You see six naked guys. Now is it it's very
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Single I'm awful at finding the right guy for me
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I once dated a guy whom also dated four other girls at the same time
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You are really picking the wrong kind of guy than Rebecca, right? I really am so you have been dating them
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I've done tinder, but the pictures can be a bit misleading at times
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You're not always guaranteed to get what you see on your phone. Well on this show, you really do know what you're getting
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In front of you you have got six
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Naked guys. Okay, all of these guys have an attribute that you have said you find attractive
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We are going to reveal them to you bit by bit and you have to whittle them down from 6 to 1
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Purely based on who you find the most physically attractive, okay
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Can we please reveal the bottom half of the bodies?
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Hold on tie Rebecca. Hang on
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00:04:10,519 --> 00:04:12,519
First impressions
00:04:13,310 --> 00:04:15,909
Immediately. I'm actually joined yellow
00:04:16,310 --> 00:04:21,429
He's got a good-sized penis, which is get size is important. Yes
00:04:21,430 --> 00:04:28,359
I've been in a situation before where a guy treated me like an absolute princess and then when it came down to it he
00:04:28,639 --> 00:04:32,409
Had the tiniest penile. Yes, so it's quite a big thing
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You need you need sex for love fucking anything here that you see that you think yeah, I could work with that. I'm kinda onto
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00:04:41,599 --> 00:04:46,899
Actually, take a closer. Look. Yeah, come I don't wait. He's got inspect. Let's inspect the goods
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It's a little bit of the tinder thing from a distance. It looks better
00:04:53,000 --> 00:04:59,440
Okay, but I have to say he does have a fantastic pair of legs. He looks quite tall height in general
00:04:59,440 --> 00:05:02,859
That is quite important to me as I'm five foot eight. I'm quite tall
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How about blue, please? Looks like he's got a nice sized penis. He's got hair on his legs which and I'm not into the whole
00:05:11,750 --> 00:05:16,479
Completely shaved I mean on his legs or dishonest pubic area on his legs
00:05:16,550 --> 00:05:22,210
Have you guys that these are Rebecca seriously is apparently the new thing
00:05:22,940 --> 00:05:28,389
men shaving their legs also dubbed leg scaping does appear to be a growing trend a
00:05:28,789 --> 00:05:36,369
Survey reported that 33 percent of men admit to trimming their leg hair whilst 15 percent confess to shaving
00:05:36,650 --> 00:05:38,679
completely to get super smooth pins
00:05:39,199 --> 00:05:40,400
00:05:40,400 --> 00:05:44,440
52 percent of women like it when a man does a bit of leg scaping
00:05:44,479 --> 00:05:47,739
So is there anybody else here specifically that you want to look at? Yeah
00:05:49,220 --> 00:05:50,990
00:05:50,990 --> 00:05:54,639
It's that a piercing. I really hope so, Rebecca
00:05:55,940 --> 00:05:57,940
Is that a print that's a Prince Albert?
00:05:59,389 --> 00:06:05,258
Kind of watch the sweetest thing and there's a seam in this where she's giving him a blowjob and
00:06:05,389 --> 00:06:11,829
He has a Prince Albert and she actually gets caught at the back of her throat. Oh, it can't pointed me
00:06:13,460 --> 00:06:19,210
Come on back now the bomb fellows turn around, please leave them in
00:06:23,479 --> 00:06:27,399
Whose bomb do you think is just magnificent? Yes, Bob
00:06:28,100 --> 00:06:32,379
Would be orange he's got a great bun. Oh, it's working that
00:06:35,510 --> 00:06:37,510
Working well
00:06:38,780 --> 00:06:44,229
If that's someone's name then this isn't okay, it says babe, babe
00:06:45,979 --> 00:06:52,809
Okay, yeah, those got fun, he's got a great bow he really does that is a peach that's the right juicy bun
00:06:52,910 --> 00:06:57,789
Mmm, right turn background. Hey, you're gonna have to lose
00:06:58,340 --> 00:07:00,340
One guy out of these six
00:07:03,560 --> 00:07:09,760
Remember you've got to pick the guy but at this point you find the least physically attractive, okay
00:07:21,280 --> 00:07:23,280
Are you ready, Rebecca?
00:07:24,250 --> 00:07:26,250
I'd like to lose blue
00:07:27,370 --> 00:07:29,080
Why I
00:07:29,080 --> 00:07:35,970
Didn't think it would think that high is quite a big thing to me as I love to wear the heels. Let's reveal
00:07:35,970 --> 00:07:37,970
Who you saying goodbye to?
00:07:43,930 --> 00:07:48,720
Who's 20 he's a dancer from Glasgow, it's nice to see you
00:07:49,300 --> 00:07:52,409
He is gorgeous actually as you can see ya
00:07:54,250 --> 00:08:00,269
Exacto lady you're not so tall. You are lovely. Yes, so I'm afraid it's a goodbye
00:08:06,340 --> 00:08:10,649
Pretty girl but it's not for me. I'm quite sure so that's fair enough
00:08:10,930 --> 00:08:15,930
It was nice to have a few compliments couldn't really completely get a few compliments. At least it wasn't all bad
00:08:23,240 --> 00:08:30,699
Okay, Rebecca, you've got five guys remaining do you want to see a little bit more yeah
00:08:41,370 --> 00:08:43,370
That's why next back isn't it?
00:08:57,340 --> 00:08:59,340
To sound quite pleased with
00:08:59,920 --> 00:09:01,120
00:09:01,120 --> 00:09:03,660
He's got a nice body on him Vicki's quite
00:09:04,180 --> 00:09:06,840
Muscly he might be a bit of a ladies man as well
00:09:07,180 --> 00:09:13,560
Which is why I intend to kind of go for which is bad and that's probably a main reason I'm single
00:09:14,350 --> 00:09:19,799
When women ovulate research suggests that judgment about what makes a good partner becomes clouded
00:09:20,440 --> 00:09:27,780
Ovulate or induced hormones mean rebellious muscular looking men temporarily appear to be the best choice for a long-term partner
00:09:29,050 --> 00:09:31,229
How you feeling about red?
00:09:33,040 --> 00:09:38,099
I'm quite like in red. I mean he's not as rich not as mostly okay
00:09:38,920 --> 00:09:40,920
Now then we haven't talked about pink
00:09:41,680 --> 00:09:46,109
It's quite a slim guy, but he does have to hide with him as well there
00:09:46,110 --> 00:09:50,760
Is that his tight little nipple? I dated a guy with tiny lot
00:09:51,490 --> 00:09:57,000
you know, he really liked his nipples and he liked a lot of attention around them if it's fake a
00:09:57,610 --> 00:09:59,610
Licking my mum's gonna love it
00:10:01,330 --> 00:10:05,609
Do you like a pierced nipple? I do actually quite like a pierced nipple I
00:10:06,190 --> 00:10:10,830
Mean at one point I did want to get my nipple done it much a bit of a rock chick
00:10:10,830 --> 00:10:16,349
But luckily I didn't do it. So your boobs are intact. You're intact. We'll be finding out later. Okay
00:10:20,230 --> 00:10:22,230
00:10:22,360 --> 00:10:28,470
Thought maybe because he's got great legs it was a bit more athletic ah, she might be more rich it's a little bit more
00:10:29,260 --> 00:10:33,960
Rebecca you've got to make a decision on who you would like to say goodbye to
00:10:34,960 --> 00:10:36,960
00:10:47,150 --> 00:10:49,150
Would like to say goodbye to
00:10:49,280 --> 00:10:50,810
00:10:50,810 --> 00:10:52,810
why unfortunately
00:10:52,910 --> 00:10:57,999
Just a little bit too slim for me. Let's see who you are saying goodbye to
00:11:03,560 --> 00:11:08,140
This is Jordan, he's twice here's an actor from Swansea
00:11:10,220 --> 00:11:15,009
I'm so sorry, but it's a no on this occasion. No problem
00:11:17,990 --> 00:11:21,550
Annie's Welsh Andes why don't you like that? I love that well
00:11:22,820 --> 00:11:27,309
This is give me I think a little bit of confidence because I was quite conscious about my body
00:11:27,310 --> 00:11:33,429
But I won't worry about that so much now and maybe I can be more flirtatious and go food a bit more
00:11:39,430 --> 00:11:40,110
Coming up
00:11:40,110 --> 00:11:40,690
00:11:40,690 --> 00:11:46,679
Rebecca's turn to lay everything bare and decide which guy to take on that date and a brand new
00:11:46,750 --> 00:11:49,140
Singleton gets to pick a partner based on naked
00:11:49,690 --> 00:11:51,690
00:11:57,790 --> 00:11:58,839
00:11:58,839 --> 00:12:04,349
24-year old Rebecca whittled six potential dates down to four based on physical attraction alone
00:12:04,510 --> 00:12:09,150
She can only choose one guy to go on that date. So who will she lose next?
00:12:11,890 --> 00:12:17,159
Okay, Rebecca, it is time to now see the faces that belong to those bodies
00:12:17,710 --> 00:12:22,859
The thing is so this is the first time that they will get to see you. I know all right
00:12:41,930 --> 00:12:49,389
Are you surprised yes, I really quite like yellow music gorgeous boy he is and he's quite my tie. Oh
00:12:50,420 --> 00:12:52,420
And she's quite creaky. I
00:12:53,149 --> 00:12:59,708
Wouldn't I don't write I wouldn't read actually keeps eyebrow rosin at me. So I think that's okay
00:13:00,439 --> 00:13:07,359
So he's definitely making some moonshine his confidence and green and pleasantly surprised fair. Definitely
00:13:07,360 --> 00:13:09,969
He's got very kind eyes. Yeah good kissable air
00:13:13,100 --> 00:13:19,600
Kissing stimulates the same pleasure centers in our brain as heroin which is why it can be both euphoric and addictive
00:13:19,879 --> 00:13:26,019
but whilst kissing may seem like a key factor in attraction for Brits a new study has revealed that only
00:13:26,509 --> 00:13:30,369
46 percent of cultures across the world lock lips romantically
00:13:31,100 --> 00:13:33,250
Yellow, he's got lovely lips. Yeah
00:13:37,819 --> 00:13:39,819
Just to the side of it
00:13:45,620 --> 00:13:49,269
Right there definitely. Yeah the ladies man found
00:13:51,019 --> 00:13:57,429
Obviously mouths are very important lips are very important not just to do with kissing but I'm thinking oral sex. That's to be honest
00:13:57,430 --> 00:14:00,339
If you're talking about going down, it's more about the town
00:14:01,189 --> 00:14:06,819
Well, 75% of women can't orgasm from a penis alone. So the tongue can be essential
00:14:08,420 --> 00:14:10,420
00:14:10,670 --> 00:14:12,670
Really has and he knows it. Oh
00:14:14,120 --> 00:14:19,630
Okay, you've seen everything there is to see you need to lose somebody
00:14:36,160 --> 00:14:37,779
Who's it gonna be?
00:14:37,779 --> 00:14:39,779
rat I
00:14:39,940 --> 00:14:45,179
Don't know father stealing the cheeky tongue. I mean, yeah, that's great in the bedroom, but
00:14:46,420 --> 00:14:52,019
He does seem a little bit too cocky. So Rebecca, you're gonna say goodbye to Jordan
00:14:52,019 --> 00:14:55,318
He's a 23 year old warehouse worker from Gloucester
00:15:02,350 --> 00:15:06,449
She's attractive girl I did give her via Eisen or not
00:15:07,540 --> 00:15:11,370
She smiled a lot a few times. So take as a compliment
00:15:16,779 --> 00:15:21,298
Okay, Rebecca, this is around where you get to hear what they sound like
00:15:21,970 --> 00:15:25,259
So let's find out. Okay, let's start with green
00:15:25,259 --> 00:15:31,829
I want you to tell me Rebecca what you like most about your body and what you like least
00:15:32,859 --> 00:15:36,569
What I like most about my body is my arms because I'm quite strong
00:15:36,669 --> 00:15:42,839
the thing I hate most about my body is I would say I'm kind of packing a little bit weird right now because of
00:15:43,419 --> 00:15:45,449
Dumbness has great weekend deals
00:15:48,369 --> 00:15:51,149
All right, what did you think about the voice I am
00:15:51,819 --> 00:15:57,899
Really pleasantly surprised I love the Irish as I like it is Irish, isn't it? It's Jody
00:16:04,329 --> 00:16:09,358
Yellow pod, I like the most in my bar. They'll get pinched a lot and what you're not least
00:16:09,359 --> 00:16:14,699
The least is my legs because I think my legs are too big. Yeah voice
00:16:15,279 --> 00:16:16,689
00:16:16,689 --> 00:16:21,449
Gravelly tone to it. I don't know if that is because you is that last site? Yeah. No, they are the sexy voice
00:16:21,879 --> 00:16:25,379
Okay moving on to orange. Okay, I
00:16:26,799 --> 00:16:28,889
Quite like my penis because of his extradition
00:16:30,129 --> 00:16:37,769
Our family's fond of my toes. I like the confident voice. Yeah, which is a very attractive quality happening
00:16:38,559 --> 00:16:41,339
So Rebecca, you're gonna have to lose one
00:16:45,720 --> 00:16:47,720
It's really tough
00:16:53,250 --> 00:16:55,250
Would you like to lose
00:16:55,770 --> 00:17:00,590
Sorry, you're my kind of guy, but I'd like to lose yellow. Why?
00:17:01,100 --> 00:17:04,489
If the love bite thing, I mean I'd say it's who many assholes
00:17:05,400 --> 00:17:07,639
Also Rebecca, you're gonna say goodbye tomorrow
00:17:09,120 --> 00:17:11,390
He's 20. He's a student from
00:17:13,320 --> 00:17:15,320
00:17:15,570 --> 00:17:17,960
Mauro what is going on here?
00:17:24,150 --> 00:17:26,420
You my friend are gonna have to go
00:17:27,480 --> 00:17:29,480
Meet you nice
00:17:29,820 --> 00:17:34,009
I was happy I made it that far to be honest. I've got another one
00:17:35,010 --> 00:17:37,010
He had a scarf on he could've hit
00:17:37,530 --> 00:17:42,830
That is what's brilliant about this show. Yes, you see everything. There's no hiding. Yeah, absolutely
00:17:43,770 --> 00:17:47,509
I'm sure for better and probably not got the luck won't last like Bert
00:17:47,750 --> 00:17:51,950
Yeah, she's got two boys so you can beat the farmer side. Hopefully they satisfy
00:17:58,500 --> 00:18:04,520
Rebecca just two men remain and soon you're gonna get the chance to see them face to face
00:18:04,520 --> 00:18:08,359
But not before they get to see you totally naked. Yeah
00:18:10,560 --> 00:18:14,359
But at the same time being naked is not a big deal two things
00:18:14,910 --> 00:18:18,889
That is music to my ears get it off off you go see in a bit
00:18:19,710 --> 00:18:24,800
Based on physical attraction alone. Rebecca has whittled six men down to just two
00:18:25,710 --> 00:18:27,710
24-year old comedian Andrew and
00:18:28,080 --> 00:18:30,080
21 year-old project manager Sam
00:18:30,300 --> 00:18:35,539
But only one of them can go on that date to find out if there's chemistry when the clothes come on
00:18:36,600 --> 00:18:40,610
Andrew Sam, how'd you feel? I'm amazed I go this far
00:18:40,610 --> 00:18:47,240
I thought all of them had something over me yellow had a penis the size of my leg. Yeah, that didn't go unnoticed
00:18:47,910 --> 00:18:54,739
I was worried that when she saw him walk away and so as us again, I thought ish was gonna change his lonesome
00:18:57,780 --> 00:19:04,160
Well so far you guys have just seen Rebecca with a kiss on all of that is about to change
00:19:17,780 --> 00:19:21,399
Boys what do you think about Rebecca's body?
00:19:22,610 --> 00:19:25,390
Okay, and I'm just trying to think all right now
00:19:26,030 --> 00:19:27,169
00:19:27,169 --> 00:19:30,459
amazing like amazing figure out boobs are great and
00:19:31,520 --> 00:19:37,569
Fiercest I mean act up and start absolutely beautiful and just Vince there's nothing at all that I can see
00:19:38,539 --> 00:19:44,469
I'm still trying to pick majora. Yeah, I think everything is important. Everything is where it should be
00:19:44,470 --> 00:19:46,809
Everything is exactly how I'd love somebody to see
00:19:48,770 --> 00:19:53,259
Okay, it's decision time, who would you like to date
00:19:55,429 --> 00:20:02,529
You have Sam and you have Andrew you decide you can only take one
00:20:09,700 --> 00:20:11,700
Who is it gonna be?
00:20:13,180 --> 00:20:16,590
Personally I'm gonna pick he's going to be sad. Oh
00:20:20,620 --> 00:20:23,760
Sorry, you're gorgeous but you're gonna have to leave
00:20:26,830 --> 00:20:31,559
She seems like a really nice girl, she's always incredibly beautiful and just absolutely flawless
00:20:31,560 --> 00:20:36,690
The only bad thing that I can say about is that she has a core sense of judgment
00:20:38,200 --> 00:20:45,899
What I'm taking away from this experience is I saw a hot girl naked which is a massive massive
00:20:46,390 --> 00:20:48,390
00:21:00,940 --> 00:21:02,940
Naked now, there's no barriers left
00:21:04,960 --> 00:21:10,889
Next time you're gonna see each other. It's gonna be with your clothes on brushing change
00:21:12,280 --> 00:21:17,399
Absolutely. I hope you have a fantastic date. Have fun. Thank you very much
00:21:20,320 --> 00:21:23,249
He seems like a really nice guy, he's quite quirky
00:21:23,410 --> 00:21:28,440
He's got a better body than I probably would have thought by seeing him in a jacket or a coat
00:21:29,230 --> 00:21:32,309
Philly's got a big personality. So watch this thing
00:21:47,120 --> 00:21:50,050
I feel really underdressed comparison
00:21:52,820 --> 00:21:54,820
And I'm just staying with Muscovy jeans
00:21:55,340 --> 00:21:59,140
I'm just torn again. He didn't really make all that much of an effort
00:21:59,620 --> 00:22:03,160
You know girls love to get the Gladrags on you know, it's nice bar
00:22:06,110 --> 00:22:13,450
Did you think you could pick no, yeah, I didn't know you're quite cheeky though, that's polite really what was I to you
00:22:13,450 --> 00:22:15,450
Believe me to you
00:22:23,150 --> 00:22:29,950
I'm gonna confuse when you black had sex. How are you? Leave it in there you leave I leave it in. Yeah
00:22:30,530 --> 00:22:32,619
It's certainly a good facing off
00:22:40,100 --> 00:22:45,280
End the day went quite well fancier a little bit Cheers
00:22:54,420 --> 00:22:58,789
Hello nice to see you again, how are you? I'm good
00:23:02,280 --> 00:23:09,680
I think it went. Alright. Yeah, we had a lon just by you just there wasn't that huge?
00:23:12,660 --> 00:23:18,979
You're not my usual type of guy I'm honest I usually I just got no beds do you think you'll be seeing each other again?
00:23:20,370 --> 00:23:22,370
You never know
00:23:23,100 --> 00:23:26,270
Hmm we've had a laugh if nothing else
00:23:27,630 --> 00:23:29,630
In a live one. I
00:23:30,270 --> 00:23:34,160
Hate that way jail over opium. There you go
00:23:34,820 --> 00:23:39,590
You've got it tattooed on your ass. No. No, that's paid. Oh shit. Come on. Keep it
00:23:40,560 --> 00:23:47,179
Coming up twenty five-year-old damn meets six naked men before choosing a date based on the naked attraction
00:23:47,180 --> 00:23:49,879
I think it would definitely be very good. I think so
00:23:56,280 --> 00:23:59,660
Welcome back to make it attraction the dating show with balls
00:24:00,240 --> 00:24:05,120
Another six naked Singleton's are hoping to get a date, but who's doing the choosing?
00:24:08,910 --> 00:24:15,170
My name is tan. I'm from the northeast of England from Durham and I'm 25. I've got a good job in the city
00:24:15,750 --> 00:24:19,729
Left in France for a while. I lived in Brazil for a while then calc. You don't bitch
00:24:20,850 --> 00:24:22,850
Come here. I'll give you a kiss
00:24:26,240 --> 00:24:33,099
At the moment I've got everything down in my I've got good job got great friends keep healthy go to the gym
00:24:33,530 --> 00:24:35,920
There is just one part the jigsaw that's missing
00:24:36,500 --> 00:24:40,059
We all know that you're quite picky Daniel Ross in what sense?
00:24:42,920 --> 00:24:49,840
He knows if he wants and and that's something he's always been very consistent about it would just be fantastic to see him happy really
00:24:50,720 --> 00:24:52,750
I've been single for two years
00:24:53,600 --> 00:24:57,159
Ultimately, I want to meet someone who is gonna be my best friend
00:24:57,440 --> 00:25:02,559
someone who I'm gonna feel a hundred percent myself around whether I've got my clothes on or whether I'm naked I
00:25:03,290 --> 00:25:10,750
Think the naked body reveals more about someone than you think I'm ready now for mr. Right?
00:25:13,649 --> 00:25:20,569
Damn good to see you here. Could be here. How are you feeling though excited. Are you there? You get to choose of
00:25:21,179 --> 00:25:23,179
six skin men in a box
00:25:23,759 --> 00:25:26,479
Why do you want to meet a guy naked?
00:25:26,480 --> 00:25:27,029
00:25:27,029 --> 00:25:32,089
Know a lot of people can sort of get to know someone and who don't find physically attractive to start with and they can grow
00:25:32,090 --> 00:25:36,380
Into that where it's like instantly with me like if there's no physical attraction, then there's no point
00:25:36,380 --> 00:25:39,289
See that's interesting cuz I'm the sort of girl that you can laugh me into bed
00:25:39,289 --> 00:25:46,369
But you're saying no not. Are you ready to play the game? Let's go. Okay in front of you you have six
00:25:46,950 --> 00:25:52,250
Naked guys, each of them has an attribute that you have said that you find physically attractive
00:25:52,250 --> 00:25:56,659
We are going to reveal them to you bit by bit based on that
00:25:56,659 --> 00:26:00,528
You have to whittle them down from six to one. There you go
00:26:01,590 --> 00:26:03,299
Could we please?
00:26:03,299 --> 00:26:06,049
Reveal the bottom half of the bodies
00:26:08,340 --> 00:26:10,340
Are you ready?
00:26:16,780 --> 00:26:18,780
Five varieties yeah
00:26:24,190 --> 00:26:26,190
00:26:31,220 --> 00:26:37,209
I'm instantly Jornal red. So it's drawn to red why the size is good. It's not too big. It's not too small
00:26:37,340 --> 00:26:39,340
Yeah, it's pretty on the eye
00:26:39,650 --> 00:26:44,199
Well, we are coming to pink. Yeah, how do you feel about that penis?
00:26:44,200 --> 00:26:48,850
I think it would definitely be a big one. I think so
00:26:49,790 --> 00:26:55,659
research shows that the average gay man has a bigger penis than the average straight man a study of
00:26:56,300 --> 00:27:02,949
5,000 direct penises revealed homosexual men were an average 1/3 of an inch longer than their heterosexual counterparts
00:27:05,390 --> 00:27:10,119
Is a big penis important to you though Dan, it's not about the size
00:27:11,330 --> 00:27:17,380
It's what they do with it. It's so true. It's so true. Have you had a fella before where it's been too big? Yeah
00:27:17,750 --> 00:27:19,750
What happened broke up with him?
00:27:21,710 --> 00:27:24,880
It's over literally yet, so orange
00:27:25,760 --> 00:27:28,900
How do you feel about you know the penis and the balls?
00:27:28,900 --> 00:27:33,400
I think they could have been tidied up a little bit more like maybe a bit bit more
00:27:34,100 --> 00:27:37,390
Print but a house thing that needed blue
00:27:38,780 --> 00:27:44,019
Instantly not huge fan of the noir pubic hair if you shave a lot of it looks a bit young in a bit
00:27:44,480 --> 00:27:47,500
Yeah, so what have you got going on just a bit of bit trim?
00:27:47,500 --> 00:27:54,219
Just keep it in check nice and tidy grower or a shower. I think it's a sure nice tight ball sack though. Yeah
00:27:54,830 --> 00:28:00,250
Probably the nerves I got that before as well I Rick. Yeah what you mean? I get nervous like all sucks up
00:28:00,920 --> 00:28:02,920
Just sit you look at them or the other
00:28:04,640 --> 00:28:09,339
I think we really need to see the boys bums. Yeah fellas good as your moon
00:28:13,159 --> 00:28:15,159
Okay, okay
00:28:17,369 --> 00:28:21,679
Look at the way, they're all standing there all clenched and as I can see it
00:28:23,580 --> 00:28:25,580
Balloons doing something quite interesting
00:28:25,830 --> 00:28:30,769
Is he leaning forward? Was it just that we see as Willy honey? Dad? I think that's what it is. I think you can see
00:28:31,859 --> 00:28:37,189
It's not about sigh really is it so what kind of bum do the ideal boom?
00:28:37,190 --> 00:28:40,399
yeah is yellow it just it's like
00:28:41,039 --> 00:28:45,768
Two handfuls. It's like perfect beachy boom. Can you turn back round again, please boys
00:28:47,909 --> 00:28:50,118
So you have to make a decision
00:28:50,519 --> 00:28:57,469
Yeah, you need to lose somebody based on who you find least attractive so far. Have a good look
00:29:14,730 --> 00:29:22,579
It's gonna have to be blue why damn I just it's the head thing
00:29:23,850 --> 00:29:27,290
Yeah, right. You need to see who you're losing?
00:29:29,010 --> 00:29:31,010
This is Craig and
00:29:32,370 --> 00:29:35,120
Here's a web developer from preswick. Oh
00:29:37,650 --> 00:29:39,570
Yeah bit gutted
00:29:39,570 --> 00:29:43,280
Dan was saying that certainly from behind he was very much admiring your willy
00:29:44,490 --> 00:29:49,189
And the way it used to but on this occasion, it's a no date so big. Goodbye
00:29:52,320 --> 00:29:54,710
I'm kind of surprised that I was the first off
00:29:54,710 --> 00:30:01,010
I think it's really strange that he things the fact that he can see my penis from behind really attractive
00:30:02,010 --> 00:30:05,179
Do people really care about the size of my really that much?
00:30:09,750 --> 00:30:17,660
You've got five gorgeous fellas remaining it's time to reveal the middle part of the body
00:30:31,360 --> 00:30:33,360
Alright you got
00:30:44,380 --> 00:30:46,380
Pink's got really nice, buddy
00:30:46,480 --> 00:30:47,560
Massive arms as well
00:30:47,560 --> 00:30:54,570
What is it about arms that you like that is big and manly and nice up like a big arm around you
00:30:54,570 --> 00:30:59,759
You know big. Can you give us a bicep curl? There we go. It's a good'n nice arms gray arms
00:31:00,280 --> 00:31:04,560
Greens got a very strong posture there. He looks after himself doesn't he you can tell
00:31:05,380 --> 00:31:07,920
Totally. Yeah, what do you think about Green's tattoos?
00:31:07,920 --> 00:31:12,599
Not usually a massive fan of tattoos, but these guys have all got like really nice ones beautiful ones that suit them
00:31:12,910 --> 00:31:20,759
How about red? I think with red there's too much in the way of body hair going on there. Okay now
00:31:21,280 --> 00:31:23,609
Let's go and have a look at our lovely orange
00:31:24,340 --> 00:31:30,389
Not quite sure with that with the chest. It doesn't very toned and not enough to warrant a hairy chest
00:31:30,790 --> 00:31:35,609
okay, what I'm starting to think is the reason that you are single is because
00:31:39,970 --> 00:31:45,600
Let's look at yellow so you know, it's got a lovely smooth body cuz you've said you don't get the body hair. Yeah
00:31:46,240 --> 00:31:49,710
Nipples tell me about nipples cuz I think the crucial my nipples are
00:31:50,530 --> 00:31:55,560
Decent-sized didn't ever stick out as well, but do not like them sort of being played with no
00:31:55,560 --> 00:31:58,710
No, no. No, not at all nipples. Just don't do anything for me now
00:31:58,710 --> 00:32:03,299
Hold on so they won't even come out if I do know I could stand here for hours
00:32:03,300 --> 00:32:05,820
You could do that online. You could put me in minus 10 degrees
00:32:05,820 --> 00:32:11,309
You could put me wherever and they would not come out dams in the minority only 8% of young men
00:32:11,310 --> 00:32:17,700
don't enjoy having their nipples played with most men do and that's because nipples are structured exactly the same in both men and
00:32:17,830 --> 00:32:23,039
Women they have a similar number of nerve endings and male nipples even contain milk ducts
00:32:23,040 --> 00:32:31,019
Although usually inactive in rare cases an increase in the hormone prolactin can trigger lactation meaning a man could breastfeed
00:32:31,600 --> 00:32:34,800
You need to decide to lose one. Okay?
00:32:37,700 --> 00:32:39,700
00:32:50,490 --> 00:32:52,970
Think it's going to have to be
00:32:56,010 --> 00:32:57,240
00:32:57,240 --> 00:33:01,340
orange, oh and why it's the chest hair and
00:33:02,040 --> 00:33:08,239
Yeah, it's the body hair think so. Yeah was a bit too much to wish me. Let's see who you're missing out on Dan
00:33:09,600 --> 00:33:14,929
This is Marc. He's 24 and he is from stewartson near Glasgow
00:33:15,990 --> 00:33:18,380
Unfortunately, we're gonna say goodbye Jews
00:33:22,300 --> 00:33:26,020
If it kept men longer I see my face I think there would have been a different result
00:33:26,020 --> 00:33:30,369
But all right my hyung there's no chance for getting me a waxing or stuck to my heels
00:33:37,310 --> 00:33:43,330
Coming up it's Dan's turn to lay everything bare and decide which man to take on that date
00:33:50,180 --> 00:33:51,230
00:33:51,230 --> 00:33:56,380
25 year-old Dan whittled six men down to four based on physical attraction alone
00:33:56,630 --> 00:33:59,140
He can only choose one man to go on that date
00:33:59,140 --> 00:34:02,229
So who will he lose next so Dan?
00:34:02,720 --> 00:34:07,089
It's time now to see the faces that belong to the bodies
00:34:07,090 --> 00:34:12,069
But remember, it's the first time that these fellas get to see you as well
00:34:12,590 --> 00:34:15,549
Yeah, no, the tables are turned now me. Can we please?
00:34:16,070 --> 00:34:18,070
See the faces
00:34:36,169 --> 00:34:40,239
Yep, oh that was such definitely link over there
00:34:44,270 --> 00:34:50,919
Sedan based on their faces alone. Yep. Would you have approached any of these boys in a bar? Yes
00:34:52,429 --> 00:34:55,209
I think I would approach the Moreland bar actually with the faces
00:34:55,460 --> 00:35:02,500
Anybody here who's thrown you in terms of never expected that that that face on that body? I think red. I wasn't expecting
00:35:03,410 --> 00:35:04,460
00:35:04,460 --> 00:35:11,110
Mustache face. Yeah, what is it about faces down in particular that you are drawn to?
00:35:11,240 --> 00:35:14,260
It's all about good smile. It's good about the nice draw line
00:35:14,780 --> 00:35:19,749
Nice white straight teeth in the eyes the light open the smile. Well yellows eyes
00:35:20,570 --> 00:35:25,330
Straightaway eyes, very cheeky. Chappie is the neck tattoo a surprise to you. Yeah. It's a bit
00:35:25,330 --> 00:35:29,649
Actually, he's got really like young cute pretty face. I wouldn't have put with that Thai food, buddy
00:35:30,320 --> 00:35:32,320
Pink's very good-looking that as well
00:35:32,690 --> 00:35:36,970
Great smile on cracking my teeth eyes lay up big lips. Yeah
00:35:37,700 --> 00:35:39,290
00:35:39,290 --> 00:35:43,659
Not sure what that your piercings and now that we can see more. Can we just
00:35:44,390 --> 00:35:50,079
Clarify ginger pubes or strawberry blondes wage and work it out. I'm gonna go with ginger. You're going would you?
00:35:50,600 --> 00:35:51,860
disagree with that one
00:35:51,860 --> 00:35:58,299
No, no, I would like to have quite have a look at the the armpits Sunday morning when you're laying back in bed like that
00:36:00,490 --> 00:36:02,770
Go and do it again for me. Oh, wow, you see
00:36:03,350 --> 00:36:08,350
Dams desire to snuggle into a partner's pits maybe about sniffing out a suitable, mate
00:36:09,380 --> 00:36:16,959
scientists in America have discovered that gay armpits emit a different body odor two straight ones and in a blind body odor test they found
00:36:17,240 --> 00:36:21,520
Candidates were attracted to the smell of someone who matched their own sexual preference
00:36:23,779 --> 00:36:25,779
Green ah
00:36:26,599 --> 00:36:28,599
Hasn't got any Oh
00:36:29,930 --> 00:36:34,389
Not sure about that why is that slightly thrown you I'm not quite feminine
00:36:35,299 --> 00:36:40,359
Okay, is it the only thing you shave their armpits? You need to eliminate? Okay one boy
00:36:41,359 --> 00:36:43,359
based on physical attraction alone
00:36:44,210 --> 00:36:46,210
00:36:47,750 --> 00:36:49,750
Take a good look
00:37:02,390 --> 00:37:04,390
It's gonna have to be
00:37:05,450 --> 00:37:06,470
00:37:06,470 --> 00:37:12,730
Why are you losing red it was there it was the most part a minute. Unfortunately, this is mark he's 30
00:37:12,770 --> 00:37:16,059
Here's a sullen owner and he is from Chu just a dad
00:37:22,160 --> 00:37:23,279
00:37:23,279 --> 00:37:27,139
Was expected to go a bit before because he mentioned about body hair long white hair
00:37:27,140 --> 00:37:29,809
Hey, I do quite like the honesty from it
00:37:29,809 --> 00:37:32,479
It has made me realize that like I am an acquired taste
00:37:32,869 --> 00:37:37,489
and I'm not suitable for everybody which is which is fine because I everyone said it to me but
00:37:41,369 --> 00:37:45,288
Damn halfway through you've seen everything the boys have got to offer
00:37:45,839 --> 00:37:49,969
Now is the time that you hear them what kind of voice?
00:37:50,490 --> 00:37:56,209
Makes you melt an Irish accent. It's a lot of tough them own interview or that kind of accent
00:37:56,210 --> 00:38:01,639
You know like that pink. What do you like most about your body? It's putting my hands
00:38:01,700 --> 00:38:09,289
I like hands that I moisturize and no doubt in those can't be long got nothing clean. Very very important. What do you like least?
00:38:12,839 --> 00:38:15,229
It's gonna have to be my feet at the back it's a bit crusty
00:38:18,119 --> 00:38:22,308
It's D it's yeah matches him perfect yellow
00:38:22,619 --> 00:38:23,119
00:38:23,119 --> 00:38:24,450
I like most about my body is
00:38:24,450 --> 00:38:29,569
The fact I don't go to the gym and I have a decent physique or someone who is more of an Irish accent
00:38:30,240 --> 00:38:34,159
Irish and what do you like least of you when I roll a jiggle of a
00:38:36,329 --> 00:38:42,709
Career accent love that. Yeah, is that a game changer? Yeah, it's definitely and what about green?
00:38:42,960 --> 00:38:43,460
00:38:43,460 --> 00:38:49,099
I thought my body is my freckles both my mom and dad are both parents getting prickly and I've now carried that on through generation
00:38:50,099 --> 00:38:52,099
At least my birthmark
00:38:52,160 --> 00:38:57,529
I have a very large birthmark on the inside of my palm which can be quite unsightly to some people interesting. We never saw before
00:38:58,740 --> 00:39:03,229
It's not problem, you know around half of us are born with a birthmark of some sort or another
00:39:04,140 --> 00:39:08,180
All three of these boys are real contentment are one horse race here
00:39:11,160 --> 00:39:15,680
It's decided which ones to let go it's the hard thing
00:39:20,089 --> 00:39:22,089
00:39:23,430 --> 00:39:25,430
Think it's going to have to be
00:39:29,069 --> 00:39:31,069
Sorry yellow
00:39:31,349 --> 00:39:33,349
Goodbye to yellow
00:39:33,449 --> 00:39:36,619
Accent just wasn't enough to keep him in the game, unfortunately
00:39:37,739 --> 00:39:40,519
No, it's the tattoo. Sorry yellow
00:39:41,549 --> 00:39:49,369
You are waving. Goodbye to the gorgeous Cody. He's 22. He is a sales assistant from the Republic of Ireland later here
00:39:50,279 --> 00:39:52,140
coding dan
00:39:52,140 --> 00:39:56,869
Absolutely loves accents, but at the end of the day, you're gonna have to say goodbye
00:39:57,509 --> 00:39:59,509
Thanks. Yeah, I
00:40:01,499 --> 00:40:04,039
Didn't get pissed because of my neck tattoo
00:40:05,279 --> 00:40:12,829
And I was like expect and like some and tall dark gorgeous and any combinations like oh they didn't like what was enough for anything
00:40:17,579 --> 00:40:20,778
Your remaining two Romeo's await
00:40:21,329 --> 00:40:25,758
Wasn't an easy choice to make you are gonna be meeting them for the first time face to face
00:40:25,859 --> 00:40:33,649
But not before they get to see you naked as well. How'd you feel about that? Tony fair off you go get your tax off
00:40:34,469 --> 00:40:39,499
Based on physical attraction alone. Dan has whittled six men down to just two
00:40:40,170 --> 00:40:44,719
24-year old entrepreneur Sam and 33 year-old acting coach Marlon
00:40:44,729 --> 00:40:50,718
But only one of them can go on that date to find out if there's chemistry when the clothes come on will you expect him?
00:40:50,719 --> 00:40:52,719
To get this far no
00:40:52,890 --> 00:40:58,309
Why I for I'd be out in the second round just because I'm mine white. Y'all looking like me. You're gonna hate me
00:41:02,729 --> 00:41:04,229
I'll be okay with the second round
00:41:04,229 --> 00:41:07,458
However, I don't think I'll be okay with the first cuz I'm more of a grower than a shower
00:41:08,160 --> 00:41:11,389
It's you were worried about your penis. Yeah, that's why you weren't gonna be big enough
00:41:12,059 --> 00:41:17,329
This could go either way. Mmm a little bit nervous. I haven't been over sand
00:41:17,329 --> 00:41:21,468
I think uh, if a husband I think I'll go same colors. My beef green. Jealousy
00:41:23,400 --> 00:41:31,160
Oh, yeah, well this is it so far you've only seen Dan witnessed kiss on all of that is about to change
00:41:33,300 --> 00:41:35,390
Dan can you come and join us please?
00:41:39,100 --> 00:41:42,779
Hi you look amazing
00:41:46,480 --> 00:41:53,040
Follows first impressions good really good spin round you lurked in the bomb the bomb is
00:41:53,770 --> 00:41:56,520
Perfect. Oh, yeah, nice and smooth
00:41:57,250 --> 00:42:04,410
Marlon great legs really strong legs. I like a guy who works out on the lake. There's not many guys do the penis
00:42:04,410 --> 00:42:11,819
How did you feel about that? It looks good. It's a nice size just be clean. It's nice shave and everything. Yeah, that's great
00:42:11,820 --> 00:42:13,820
He looks great all together
00:42:14,050 --> 00:42:16,800
Damn, it, is that it is toe
00:42:18,010 --> 00:42:20,550
You can only go on a date with one of them. I
00:42:22,090 --> 00:42:25,319
Think I'm gonna have to go on a date with
00:42:36,410 --> 00:42:38,410
00:42:40,890 --> 00:42:46,579
You've done so well, are you gutted no cuz I got perfectly life. Why would I think a hug is in order at least?
00:42:50,580 --> 00:42:52,580
You need to me
00:42:53,640 --> 00:42:59,599
I'm not disappointed. I think it's a good story to tell your grandkids because they'll be able to watch on YouTube like 50 years five
00:43:00,300 --> 00:43:04,430
He said out of all the guys I had the best arms best biceps, which was nice which last hairs
00:43:04,430 --> 00:43:06,430
obviously the gym is paying off I
00:43:07,080 --> 00:43:10,370
Wasn't surprised when you said Sam was out. Yeah, I would've chosen Sam
00:43:21,150 --> 00:43:23,070
Dan are you happy with the selection?
00:43:23,070 --> 00:43:28,039
How can it not be at what point did you just know that Sam was right for you?
00:43:28,070 --> 00:43:31,250
it's been tough the whole way along but the face revealed with the cheeky wink and
00:43:31,710 --> 00:43:35,960
That was sort of sealed the deal. I think next time you see each other. It's gonna be fully clothed
00:43:35,960 --> 00:43:40,280
So pop your boxers back on enjoy yourselves on the day. See you later
00:43:45,349 --> 00:43:50,889
Some had the best body out of the bunch you had nice muscle tone. He wasn't Harry
00:43:51,500 --> 00:43:54,129
I'm really looking forward to the day when I get to know him some more now
00:44:04,820 --> 00:44:08,139
Done all right. Yeah. I'll see you
00:44:11,119 --> 00:44:16,358
Guys yes, Lucia, what did he start on the drinks as well? So I'm back atcha. Yeah in that
00:44:16,359 --> 00:44:21,309
Um just go fight actually drink. Do you know no, I'm gonna go for a motto that
00:44:21,890 --> 00:44:25,480
Wasn't for me that drink that very minimally so forgot on a night out
00:44:25,480 --> 00:44:30,849
I just have one so generally a drive there have a drive back again. Just cuz I'm really sees you in taxis
00:44:32,180 --> 00:44:33,680
00:44:33,680 --> 00:44:36,340
Why does choose me from just the bottom to the top?
00:44:36,790 --> 00:44:43,359
I guess you look like you probably worked out believe on that. I don't work out dude. Uh, I used to be a gymnast
00:44:43,390 --> 00:44:49,119
No, absolutely kept up really good must've attention from that's probably good. Yes, but back to the gym now I
00:44:49,670 --> 00:44:51,670
Could look at big do it
00:44:54,020 --> 00:44:55,190
00:44:55,190 --> 00:44:57,520
Had no expectations of how I was gonna be dressed or anything
00:44:57,520 --> 00:45:02,229
But he looked really cool and was dead chilled and I like that it's cool
00:45:02,500 --> 00:45:05,080
Would you've approached me in a bar who saw me now? I?
00:45:05,750 --> 00:45:07,839
don't really afford to in a bar I get approached a
00:45:09,200 --> 00:45:11,060
00:45:11,060 --> 00:45:17,169
That is completely why I expected his body matched his personality and I was really happy with his body
00:45:17,170 --> 00:45:23,200
So I'm asking really happy with his personality as well when it came to getting your clothes off and I saw your bomb
00:45:23,720 --> 00:45:27,970
It literally I set me off and I had I literally was in my head going microfiber microfiber
00:45:28,130 --> 00:45:30,280
Manufacturer manufactures are so scared of getting hard
00:45:36,730 --> 00:45:38,939
Let's get some air in there it gets marinade like oh
00:45:48,880 --> 00:45:50,880
Hello lo hello, how's it going? Yeah
00:45:51,370 --> 00:45:53,370
Good sit Oh God
00:45:53,890 --> 00:45:58,170
Response, thank your watch. What's this Jess? Oh you hate this gold chain
00:45:58,960 --> 00:46:02,490
But me enough to date went offer to my drinks. I had some nice food
00:46:03,580 --> 00:46:09,899
Got very drunk. Yeah. Well one of us got a you continue to drink like that one drink and who made the first move?
00:46:11,110 --> 00:46:15,029
Some I let in to give him a kiss and it's not like you pulled away that shall we say?
00:46:15,460 --> 00:46:18,330
Thanks to tango. One thing you did say to me was
00:46:19,420 --> 00:46:22,080
Yeah, and I did comment many noses. Yeah, yeah
00:46:22,870 --> 00:46:29,159
Today since our date we've been texting quite a lot and a mission or what's up as well. Yeah, just catching up
00:46:29,160 --> 00:46:31,160
How you doing? What's going on?
00:46:32,170 --> 00:46:34,170
00:46:35,710 --> 00:46:38,369
Well, they said anything
00:46:43,660 --> 00:46:47,220
Some slightly more close romance for you meet get married and
00:46:47,290 --> 00:46:53,909
Then hopefully fall in love the American and Ozzie versions of married at first sight on all for now. And
00:46:54,309 --> 00:46:56,669
best outfit on for a whole new set of first dates
00:46:56,670 --> 00:47:03,270
I'll be at the bar with Fred and a nice glass of red Wednesday night at 10:00 next to nice 8 out of 10 cats
00:47:03,970 --> 00:47:05,970
fancy, but a countdown