Naked Attraction (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Tracy and Matthew - full transcript

Choosing today is Tracy, a former topless glamour model who is looking for a man with a large penis, and phone salesman Matthew, who has a bit of a foot fetish.

Modern dating has become a complicated business dating online has been a nightmare check the whole tinder thing

It's not really worked out great for me

Status symbols online profiles and the clothes we wear can all get in the way of finding our perfect mate

I can look at a guy and go yes it and then when it comes to be naked, I'm like

Okay, maybe not but what would happen if we were stripped of all the things that usually define us?

In this dating show we go back to basics. Are you ready bring on and

Start wear a good date often ends


In a wet look

Faced with six pieces. No, but I felt like a civic stuff. What do men and women really find physically attractive Wow

And could picking a partner based solely on their natural beauty to help us find the one

Let's find out by dating in Reverse soon. Are you going to pick your date?

Every naked body has something to offer and as someone who's swung both ways are well aware of the joys of Johnson and

The loveliness of a lady garden so I'm in the right place

Inside each of these colored pods is a brave naked singer thing

But only one of them will be picked to go on a date, but who's doing the choosing?

My name is Tracy, I'm 28. I'm a mom of two in Buckinghamshire

I spend the majority of my time cooking cleaning tidying up if I do have a free moment

I love to write I find his own off into my own little world

I've been single for three years now since my ex fiance left, I don't have a love life already starts a relationship

But it's finding that right person. Who do you think I should go for them? Where am I missing out here?

I do you think you need someone make sure you have someone's got to understand you and your humor cause you're one

I'd like to see some Tracy with someone that's gonna accept her as she's at home. And then also love her wild side

Yeah, I think my if you had a gentleman it isn't a really look after you dress

Nice smell nice, and then they smack you on the ass when you're walking out the door


Think when you date, it's so superficial people on their best behavior. They dress up nice

So if you were to see them naked they have no barriers no masks

It's just them and you can actually judge them for who they are and it is such a brave thing to do so

Already have the utmost respect before I've even seen their balls

Tracy how you feeling? Really excited Thank You Smith, isn't it all little men in boxes?

So just explain to me why you're keen to choose a date naked

I think like trying to find someone for who they are. Anyway, you can find out. Is it seeing them naked?

And I'm really happy about that. I'm glad you said that

Are you ready to see some Johnson's ready?

In front of you you have got six

completely naked boys

Each of these guys has a physical attribute that you have said you find attractive

We are going to reveal them to you bit by bit. Oh, yes

Yes, your job is to whittle them down from six to one based purely on

physical attraction

Are you ready? Definitely ready? Can we see the bottom half of the bodies, please?

I didn't mean faced with six penises before in your life. No, but I feel like I should

So tell me where your eye is being drawn up, oh my oh my

That is a happy one, isn't it?

There's a grow out in the shower. Yeah, we a little bit worried that maybe that's as far as it's gonna get

That's what I'm saying. His hands are twitching. That means no like old baby. This is just the beginning. Yeah, okay

Who else do you want to look at? I'm gonna go here. Yeah. Well, there's a lot of foreskin going on there

Yeah, how do you feel about foreskin? Oh, I had an ex-boyfriend

you had a really long full skin every time he came it kind of like bubbled up and it was like

But I couldn't take it. Yeah. Okay pink. What kind of guy do you think this behind the Willie?

It's very caring. I think he would be good at cooking or gardening

Quite emotional and he looks like he cuddled me and buy me flowers

Turns out you really can judge a man by the size of his balls

Anthropologists in America have discovered that smaller testicles have lower testosterone levels

Which suppress a man's urge to mate and read channels his brain activity

Towards nurturing and childcare so small balls might mean a bigger better daddy

Orange you've got better eyes than me. I see the quads my sister Frances. So are you into that kind of thing there? Yeah

Yeah, like a well bit because because it's a stamina in the bedroom, isn't it? Yeah a good few hours

So yeah a few hours trace, you know

Now you're obviously drawn to a very large lady over there. They also drawn to this one big penis

Why is it important to you? I've had to your kids kind of you know, it changes down there

It's kinda like a jam jar. You don't know really has it is. Oh, yes it is

I think oh you've hit an angle is definitely in

Okay, you need to decide which guy based on physical attraction? Yeah, you would like to lose

You need to make a decision

The person I'm gonna have to lose is pink


Because I want to mother him. Okay. Well that's as good a reason as any let's see who you're missing out. Oh my goodness

This is Mark from stoke-on-trent, he's 27 and he's an administration assistant. Sorry. Let me to meet you

sniffing married

I'm nice, though

Yeah, I'm disappointed to be the first one off. I mean I didn't come looking for love. But now I really enjoyed it

It's strange that she could tell so much about me. Just some scene below the waist but she's quite right

I think I'm quite caring and I got cock hopefully as on

Right Tracy you've got five gorgeous boys remaining

Hey, this is where we reveal the middle part of the body


Wow, that's the game changer, isn't it?


Initial thoughts and Tracy Wow Wow. I am I'm I'm thinking Christmas right there, isn't it?

That's all your holidays. The tattoos is well, I love tattoos and

Tracy's not alone

according to one survey 80% of women dating online find tattoos attractive

male animals use visual signals to attract females

it's white peacocks have extravagant feathers and

Lions large Mane's and now study suggests that tattoos are one of the signals men use to compete for the attention of women

The shoulders that lovely I want to put fudge all over that

Green. Yes Wow

On his right shoulder one says family forever. Oh my god on my side

I have family lives forever. I'm impressed with this. This is nice we would match. Yes

Okay blue

Not what I was expecting. He's like my dad. Oh

Okay, it's like a little hairy bear and it's just emotes everywhere. We went on a holiday when we were children

We had you know, like they had the white marble floors. I walked to and I said to my mom, what is this?

It looks like somebody's that of a party pooper, but with pubic hair

Oh, my mom said, oh that's just your dad's hair. That just really made me think. Oh my god, not a good look

That's never a good thing

Tracy may not be keen but keeping your hair on may be the best way of getting a date a

68% of women surveyed prefer a man with a furry chest and that might be for good reason

Men with body hair are believed to have healthier skin and increase sex drive and even a higher IQ

Read I really wanted a you know pecs yeah. Yeah. I paid out great pet. Yeah

Okay, you have to make a decision. You're gonna have to lose one guide

So hard

Who would you like to say goodbye to I'm gonna have to be blue

Why it's like my dad too familiar. Yeah, let's see who you're gonna say goodbye to

This is Daniel, he is 35 he is a photographer from newcastle upon tyne

Look at you you are properly checking Tracy

Ugh, I'm so sorry Daniel

She was pretty no wouldn't I said no. Oh

No, I'm not super hot. I'm just your average guy

I'm just flying the flag for the dad bod

Coming up Tracey bravely bares all before choosing who to date

And a brand new singleton gets to pick a partner based on naked attractions

Earlier mum of two Tracey whittled six men down to four based on physical attraction alone

She can only choose one guy to go on that date. So he will she lose next Oh

Tracey for

Sexy hunks in front of you now. We are about to reveal the face

Oh, but remember, this is also the first time they get to see you know

Yeah, right. Can we please?

See the faces


What you think is everything

Everyone is so good-looking. You surprised I am a little yeah. Are you surprised by this guy green?

Yes, kind of kept me in mind of Daniel Craig slightly somehow good. I'm olive really Niall

People have got really nice smiles. Actually. I'm very pleased to that. No rotten tea. I'm such a tooth of foam. I

Need everything in line everything's straight everything white no trace

It's interesting women who like good teeth believe that guys are more trustworthy

Yeah, they're more intelligent and they will make you happier. Hmm, okay

Look at the men in front of you tell me which part you want to go to and have a closer look cool

Orion come on them. Oh

God, you're so perfectly real even nice ear shape if I get like a little handle you can like, you know



I think my mom would like you she definitely was she'd be like grandkids all over that one. I'm thinking blonde or ginger

Should we just say strawberry lon fringe


Gentlemen may prefer blondes but it seems women just aren't that attracted to fair hair in the opposite sex

The ideal date for a British woman is a brown haired man whilst a recent survey revealed one in three of us

Now think ginger man are sexy

How do you feel about?

This really well Green. I like a little bit of what you can tickle that on. The jawline jewels are so sexy man

They have been amazing


Think yellow who's got yih isn't all going on there as well their own eyes

I do like brown eyes could get lost in them. Couldn't you perfect

Okay trace for beautiful man. You have to lose one based purely on who you find least

Physically attractive in the same, okay

You need to make your decision

Who would you like say goodbye to

Right through sadly

I'll think about green why ginger pubes?

Tracy let's find out who you're saying goodbye to?

This is Brandon. He is 33. He's an Account Manager from London

Engine bollocks. I'm sorry. It's goodbye

She was very positive she was a really nice girl. She actually compared me to Daniel Craig. Let's be honest

He's a fit all the guy

But the end of the day she liked the other guys a little bit more than my ginger testicles

Get an air get in front of people's being fun. Actually. I prefer bin non close to having clothes

We've seen what the fellas look like

Now it's time to hear what they sound like

Right. Okay. What kind of voice would you like? I like kind of London accents or posh accents?

I think anything high-pitched or northern. I really just don't understand so looking at these fellas here

What kind of voice would you imagine each of them of God? If we start with red I

Would say quite so then he doesn't look nothing. So red. What do you like most about your body?

What do you like least? Well, I don't want my body. I let my Chuck knows right the jawline

like teeth

Did you understand the word tres yes a Geordie Shore, isn't it does it change anything for ya? Yeah. I'm really surprised

All right. Oh, okay. Let's move on to yellow. I think you've got a really deep smoky boy

Oh boy. Yeah. Okay. If you could tell me police what you like most about your body and what you like least

I'm all love. I'm very confident. So there's there's nothing you don't like about your body

No, I think you have to be confident in your body

Instinct if you there's a nice deep voices, aha, could you imagine that sort whispering in your ear come home with studio time?

You rush home for that wouldn't you?


Orange, I'm thinking maybe a Greek key

Italian e hey, Liddy

Maybe get my freak on tonight sense. Okay

Orange speak up. I

Found most like my shoulders and I definitely don't like my bits house

Hello boys, but I do I do and I hate my big toys is us that's really good. We can hang our feet together

All right

It's decision time again

You get to keep two, but you've got to wave goodbye to one

Remember that the - you keep get to see you naked next?


Who do you want to go with?

The one I have to lose is yellow

Why I have so many hang-ups and I think you're so perfect I would just be looking at you thinking

Oh God, Rodya love me. He's too good for me. I can't compete. Okay

This is Rhys. He's 28. He's a personal trainer. Of course

So Rhys

Tracy really really enjoyed those beautiful broad shoulders and the fact you've got amazing legs as well

I'm sorry. It is not a date for you

That's what it lasts for it so that's implicitly yourself

She gave me quite a few compromise

Say that she likes my legs still as my chest my arms. She's no idea or are you just too perfect?

Yeah, I take it


Just two boys


Now very soon you're gonna be meeting them face to face to make your final decision about who you're gonna date but not before

You have to get make it so they can tell you what they think of your body

Excited Oh massive him so nervous off you go when your knickers off

Based on physical attraction alone Tracy has whittled six men down to just two

Electrician mark for Middlesbrough and father of one Gary from London

But only one of them can go on that date to find out if there's chemistry when the clothes come on. Hello fellas

I'm just gonna touch on something because my eye is naturally drawn to

Those very very impressive willies only been checking each other's out

Gary what you think about marks? Yes, grace good come. Well exactly

Up until now. You've only seen Tracy with her clothes on all of that is about to change

My down may do so boys, how do you feel about Tracy's body?

Yes, lovely, really nice but exactly what I would go for. Yeah

Yeah, certainly wouldn't think she'd had any kids. It is incredible, isn't it? So what in particular?

Do you like the boobs stand out? I mean they look amazing. I mean they natural completely

Yeah, you garden John?

Three times really see they look so natural as well, which is really good


Mark we've not heard too much for you. What do you think about Tracy's body?

Bang boom big beautiful eyes. Nice smile. What do you think about the lady bits?

Yes, great assault in nature. It's nice. I think mine's like a beef sandwich. Hey person a Phoenix

Tracey you've heard them. You've seen them

You've got to pick one to go on a date with based on just raw Oh a physical attraction. Whoo

It's so hard

I think it has to be mark

You've got sweat on I'm sorry. It's not you going cool down young man

When I saw her by instantly fancy there for what you know what I actually would like to win a guy on a date

I mean her would have clicked and we would have hit it off

100% no doubt bad. I

Couldn't complete without my macro, but it was massive even when it was asleep

Okay, guys you are officially a naked a junctional cold

Yes, it's cool. Okay

Enjoy your date off you go get your kits on have some fun

I'm really happy that I chose mark. He seems like a really great guy. I

Don't understand a word that he says but I love the fact that you had tattoos. There's really nice eyes

it's the best way to date you actually see everything is that


Hi, oh my god

I think you've got some shots. Yes, I think because we saw each other naked

We kind of need that you're attracted to each other

That really helped because it kind of break the ice


Saw you on a night out. I've really been away from you

Because I'm not good at approaching guys. I pull you apart you ever say how would you tap me up do it now right now?

I don't date don't do it. No

Kids, it's really hard boys

One girl one boy. So my girls like the oldest

Soul if you want kids only

Talk about family and like the real connection. Oh really? Fantastic guys

You having a good night some really bad it is

- I mean like me have a keychain that's gone. Well, what there yeah has been good. Yeah, cheers to that

Nice hug

What happened whimper few more drinks and talk to each other know a little bit more it's just a really good evening. Good luck

Where do you think this relationships gonna go I'd like ownership or somewhere after see weapons

If you like imagine us being a couple

Coming up it's 24 year old Matthews turn to meet six naked girls before choosing a date

Welcome back to naked attraction the dating show that like some let it all hang out

Another six single turns are hoping to get a date, but who's doing the choosing?

My name is Matthew. I'm 24 years old and I'm from Croydon

I currently work in mobile phone sales and it lets me do what I do best and that's chat Matthew speaking

How may I help that? When I'm in my local salon? What time times of me up? I chat when i'm on my skates a

chat when i'm working out, so yeah when you're with me I talk I

Think I can talk to talk with girls

But all they want to do is chat online and I don't think that's for me

I'd rather meet someone in person the old-fashioned way. I want to see the real her and she can see the real me simple, right?

Finding the right girl out there - it's hard in it

It's hard, but I feel like you just need to have someone that is strong strong minded. Yes. Yes


Appreciates a man that likes to take care of himself

Mac he's a great guy. He's got a lot of love to give and I know he's ready to be in a relationship

He just needs a girl to take a chance

the reason I'm getting naked is because I feel they need to see the real me physical attraction is

Very important and I think this experience will help me to find my love


I'm ready for this. What are you looking for in a girl? I'm looking for someone that's gonna be fun

I look for someone that can take on a lot of like adventures with me already

I'm ready to see what they've got in store for me, but why pick somebody naked?

You get to see them for the real them you get to see them for who they are and what they are

And the thing is we're gonna see you naked as well, aren't we?

Are you nervous about that a little bit because I don't know what they're gonna say about my body

All right. Let's take a look at what take a look

In front of you you have got six

Completely naked women all of these girls have been picked because we know they have at least one attribute

That you've said you find attractive

We are going to reveal them to you bit by bit

You have got to whittle them down from six to one based purely on

Physical attraction. Okay. Let's reveal the bottom half of the bodies


Tell me where your eye is being drawn, I like him blue, you know, she's got cute little posed to her

She's confident about it. Yeah, she looks a bit naughty. She's gotten really nice bump I should


So you like that? Yeah, that's cute. Okay. What is it? You really like physically about women? I like feet


Yes, you've got six vaginas staring you in the face and you're saying you like feet you know

What feet is very important so lovely Tony? Yeah lovely toes your pedicure manicure

Hello Green. It's got a nice little toes. That's a nice little pedicure. Do you think? Yeah, that's cute

Tell me about red

slenderness of her legs really

Giving me that she's done her nose why she could have done our feet?

This is a real thing for you. Isn't it? Yeah something of a foot fetish going on here a little bit

It's a little bit. It's a sexual thing. Nice feet turns me on what you're gonna be doing with those feet

Nothing, you're not gonna be suckin the toes

Have you ever sucked a toe

Really yeah

Neurologists believe some of us may find feet attractive because the area of the brain that processes

Sensations in our toes is right beside the area that deals with feelings in our genitals

According to this theory all it takes is a little cross wiring to occur and feet suddenly become erotic

Okay, how do you feel about Pink's vagina? Yeah, it's very neat the way this is done like a little Brazilian, right? Yeah

It's cute. Basically she's trying to show that she's she's a mature woman

So by keeping some how some they like to keep a little truned us to show that they are mature as a person

How do you feel about a vulva that's completely naked. It looks tidy. It's very taut as well. There's no mess

Okay, Matthew, you've got to get rid of the girl you find least attractive at this stage, okay

Who would you like to say goodbye to

Right, you know why I just got to have nice feet, let's see who you missing out on

This is

Amber she's 19. She's a shop assistant from what but it was your feet that let you down

Thank you so much. I'm sorry. I

Was gonna do my toes last night, but then I ended up watching football instead

It's a lot more liberating being just naked people are looking at you as a dress or as a pair of shoes

They're looking at you as who you are and the things you can't change

So Matthew you have whittled down the girls from 6 to 5

We're now gonna reveal the middle part of the bodies. Okay, let's go for it

Look oh yeah

Is it fair to say you're a breast man

Very much, sir, in terms of size. What do you like? I like it perky, but not too big like double D's were looking at

Unsurprisingly one in three British men surveyed think breasts are the sexiest part of a woman's body

But sexual attraction to mammary glands is a uniquely human obsession

In fact, no other mammals develop full breasts unless they're feeding their offspring

Your eyes are getting drawn to blue they keep going to blue you haven't even looked across to this part of the room blue

Just making me I want to sit down man

What is it about blues boobs that you particularly drawn to they just look in my face

Crazy would you say they're real?

I'm not quite sure. They look bit perky looks perfect. Anyway, so it's working

What about green green, they're natural. You can tell they're really mattress. It's the way they're hanging

They're just they're in it. Like if she's gotten she's got a nice little shape to her. So ha no waste, okay

Drawn to yellow mind those perky nipples. Yeah big

spectacular nipple big enough wasn't mean

Okay, who else orange she's got nice little boobs was that a piss in there yeah, yeah, yeah

She's got bolt through a nipple. How do you feel about that that pisses on her?

I've got my tongue pierced on my nose pierced couldn't get my nipple done. No way. All right pink

Nipples very subtle. She's very subtle

Oh boy. This is gonna be so hard man

Matthew you've got five girls. You need to eliminate one of them

She's so hard man

Who's it gonna be?


Why they're smaller than Eric and I normally go for so size of bosoms, yeah, okay

Let's see how a missing Matthew

This is Anne, she's 31 from Brighton


Matthew at marginal poles, but in the end boobs for him do small. Thank you

It likes the big ones which is fine, I like my boobs, I think they're pretty cute

It's been a very interesting experience to hear about what the opposite sex think of your body

Coming up it's Matthew's turn to lay everything back and decide which girl to take on that date

Earlier Matthew whittled six potential dates down to four based on physical attraction alone

Four girls remain, but he can only date one

So Matthew we're about to reveal the all-important faces

to these amazing bodies

Remember, this is also the first time the girls are going to get to see you fix up. Look sharp. Ready ready?


Who are you drawn to?

Orange she's pulling me she's stunning speakers. I'm so important on a lady when you first meet someone. That's what you're drawn to

It's got really pretty eyes. I'm loving the hair up chips, but I look like a nice little flair to it

Okay, I like a girl with nice hair. What don't you like about her extensions or too much weave or whatever it is?

Why though what of course I can't?

Especially when you're making love or where you can you can do all that with their hair when they got the weaves that

It stops the glue. Yeah, and you can't really go any further

You have to go over like they Pat me like a good boy. So hair is really really important. Yeah

Studies have found the longer a woman's hair the more attractive she is perceived to be

But what men that love running their hands through a woman's hair might not realize is that one in three women now regularly use hair

Extensions, but 87% of them admit to keeping it a secret

anything else

Really dimples are very important. I like the cute, especially when they smile. Okay. It was all very nice. Thank you

Some people believe dimples are actually a genetic defect caused by shortened facial muscles, but yet they are cute other some dimples on cream

She's got a nice face her eyes. They're really bright beautiful. He has a desk or really really pretty eyes. What about pink?

She's got a nice facial structure. Maybe her lips could be a bit bigger. Maybe I'm just got a nice the dimples, right?

Yes, yeah

You've now met the girls and you've got to make a decision he put me in as such a bad particular here

Based on physical attraction alone. You have to lose someone

Who is it please I'm afraid I

Know I am really surprised by that

I am genuinely surprised by that I can't deal with extensions are too much weave or whatever it is

So Matthew, you decided to lose some last year's

She's 25 she's a blogger from Leicester

I'm so sorry Celeste, er, but thank you very much indeed

It's a shame

It was the extensions that did it guys dude normally like girls as longer had so that's why I put them in

I'm surprised by you Matthew

She could have taken the weave out

It's not even that sure that's the worst thing about it or even even deed to

That's my hair actually got a lot of compliments I am still smiling

So Matthew but girls have seen you you've seen them

This is your chance to actually hear them for the first time. So looking at these girls in front of you

Have you got any preconceived ideas about what they might sound like I?

Think green is probably Essex. So Green is

So Green is what you like most about your body and what you like about your body


Do you think about that Matthew surprised no

She's got really nice voice well-spoken. Yeah. Okay orange my favorite part

My body is my pubes because they're very symmetrical and I just love minute per person

My least favorite is one of my ear sticks out slightly more than the other one. What'd you think about the accent?

Soothing got nice tone Tobi's last time

Okay pink

I would have to say I like my bum the best and I certainly what car doing a lot of sports at the gym to

Get at less apparent in terms of what at least like

Probably my thighs. So if I have longer legs, that would be I do

Surprised lovely Scottish burr going on. Those. Are you trying to work out?

Do you like the accent? Yes, it's different it's different, okay?

You've heard yes the girls

To make a decision now

Remember the last two left are going to get to see you naked. Give me a few seconds

Based on everything you've seen and heard, who are you going to eliminate? Oh, I know what you did to

Put me at my misery gonna have to be orange. I'm afraid

Matthew you are losing Paige

She's 22. She's a travel agent from Bristol. Whew

Thank you forgive her I

Am absolutely gutted he didn't fit me and not gonna lie. He's so beautiful. I would love to see him Nicki kids. Yes

It's my so positive I've enjoyed every minute of it even if I didn't get the date

Matthew yes

Two gorgeous women remain and very shortly you're gonna actually meet them face to face

But not before they get to see you in the nerd. You know what that means off you go

Based on physical attraction alone. Matthew has whittled six women down to just two

25 year-old Events Manager Katy and

29 year-old burlesque dancer Molly

But only one of them can go on that date to find out if there's chemistry when the clothes come on

Katy Molly up until now you have only seen Matthew fully clothed

But all that girls is about to change


Don't worry about you Willie. Don't worry about you. Really I love that Molly's gonna come like sideways bars going on

Don't be subtle on you. Have a good look

Molly what's your like? They've got good broad shoulders nice those love is like a car obviously works out

Sexy shoulders to turn on they said no mention of the Willie

It's a good size teabag you should be proud. Yeah Katie son of shaved pubes I am I can't deal with any pubic hair

It's the such Tanner, you know when you get right in there kid, like getting mouthing. Not a good look Molly

Do you feel the same way and I don't really have a preference but I think ever men

Expect my man Ingram they should do the same. They should practice what they preach. I think it looks nice

It shows off the penis face. Thank you. So Matthew, what do you think about what the girls are saying? Yeah, I like it

What do you think about your body? Yeah, I just need to work on a bit more will be given Bella


Yeah, we're gonna have to make a decision based on everything you've seen

Based on what you've heard

Who would you like to date?

I'm gonna have to take

Take a

Molly I'm so sorry you got this far. Yeah. Thank you so much. I think a hug hug Shirley

Lovely to meet you, too

Thank You Mele

Nice you've made your choice

Next time you see each other you're gonna be fully clothed, which is probably a relief. Yes

Okay off you go and enjoy your date. I

Won yay, I'm hanging up then excited. It's gone. I spun curvy she's got nice legs. I'm very happy with ourselves

I always think that guys who want a skinny girls that real slim

But because I'm quite curvy that just makes me feel a hundred pounds better. I like that

I'm really excited to see what she looks like without gloves on. She looks like a nice girl

So, let's see what she's got in store for me

Thanks, babe what have you got to drink I've got a steep rocks or something about the house video? Yeah

Cheers it's us

Yeah, that's a good one. So, why did you my pit me?

Your legs Thanks

No, I just I alone they mesmerizing you fully today. Yes, I love your voice as well. See

I think he does definitely fancy me. I'm not that being me headed

Suppose I could make you before. I don't know what I feel like I've seen this on me. Maybe you see me any dreams


I'm a flirty girl and like once I've had a couple of drinks

I'm like, oh god like

literally like cringe, you know in a bar you

Know a bra. I didn't eat - I brought good titties

Something else you know that right am I fuck you?

Yeah, we've had a second day he's funny good banter I definitely sit - my wording on my date with him

I would never say somebody on it's gonna date and then what happened because I'd like to spend more time with him

I'd like to kind of get to know him as a person

I'll be honest. I think the date really went really well. I did think it was a good match. She's a nice girl

She's attractive. She's a character we get on really well had a few laughs had a few drinks and um, yeah, it was entertaining

It's a did you get a number. Yeah


Message sir. I called her a message sir. I called her

It's like she's left the planet. But today I'm gonna see her. It's gonna be back and where have you been hiding all this time?

Muffy I'm afraid okay, he's decided not to come today

Slit ha


How do you feel about the fact okay my god, I

Thought we clicked thought she liked me obviously sure that she didn't oh man I was I'm disappointing her mo

I'm real letting it all hang out. Once again next Monday at the later time of 1/2. Tanh and tomorrow night

The only thing that they're laying bare are their emotions


Either that or whippin something out at the dinner table is become a new feature the brand new series

First 8:00 tomorrow night at 10:00 max tit for tat takes on a whole new meaning in tattoo fixers on holiday