Naked Attraction (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Aina and Mal - full transcript

Aina is looking for an adventurous man, while bisexual Mal is curious to see if she'll be drawn to a man or a woman when both options are laid bare before her.

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Modern dating has become a complicated business dating online has been her nightmare. I checked the whole tinder thing

It's not really works have that great for me

The status symbols online profiles and the clothes we wear can all get in the way of finding our perfect mate

I can look at gang go get it. And I mean it comes to be naked. I'm like

Okay, maybe not but what would happen if we were stripped of all the things that usually define us?

In this dating show we go back to basics. Are you ready bring on and

Start with good date often Inez


It's in a wet look

Faced with six pieces now. I feel like I should have done what do men and women really find physically attractive Wow

and could picking a partner based solely on their natural beauty via girl help us find

Let's find out like dating in Reverse, who are you going to pick for your date?

Every naked body is a wonderful thing and as someone who's loved men and women I fully appreciate the bits that bone and bounce on

Both sexes, so I'm in the right place

Inside each of these colored pods is a brave naked singleton

One of them will be picked to go on a date, but who's doing the Tuesday?

I'm Ina, I'm 32 years old and I'm from London

Music producer and I love anything with a beat

I've got a bit of a wild side. I am a party animal self-confessed

And I think that's had some

Implications on my ability to find a partner to settle down with I think some men are intimidated by it

What are you looking for best mate who is also really good in bet?

She likes to have a really good time

I think it's good to have something I can keep up with that, you know strong women need a strong man


Don't want to change my lifestyle in the sense that I want to stop partying

But I just kind of want to turn things down a bit get a bit more balanced

Getting naked to find a day it's probably one of the weirdest things I've ever signed myself up to do

But you're single you do want to find someone so why not?

Ina welcome to the show

I'm slightly nervous. Definitely excited. I've got all these colors

Lies behind it's exactly so why do you want to choose a date naked?

I think when guys are fully clothed they have sort of different styles to remain that

I think sometimes they can hide behind and I'm kind of just interested to just see

Them in their birthday suit as they are and that's the beauty of course of this show as well not hiding anything

Nothing is hidden. So before you make your selection for your date, you're gonna have to get naked as well

How's you feel about that? I'm a little bit scared

I'm not gonna lie

But that's actually what drives me to do it because I just think well if it frightens you then go for it, okay

Behind those colored pods you have got six

completely naked men

Each of these guys have an attribute that you have said you find physically attractive

We are going to reveal them to you bit by bobbly bit

You will have to look them down from 6 to 1

You ready to go? All right. Can we please?


The bottom half of the bodies

It's almost as if you don't see six penises every day

Why to stop ina

There is an elephant in the room

The elephant man

Well, nice Willie a nice form. No nice shape. That's a very large appendage

Yeah, you think so. Do you not think so. It's pretty big. Is that something you're interested Arthur Lang? I'm deaf

I think more girth and length

Because because too much leg is painful

Out of those were the preference

82% of women surveyed would choose girth over length and that's because of the way the vagina is designed

Most of the pleasure nerve endings are in the first couple of inches. So more girth means more pressure and more sexual pleasure

Obviously, I mean there's so much going on here, let's discuss the leg because are you surprised by that it wasn't expecting it it doesn't

Bother you that there's a whole

Story going on right there. Who's okay, what other willies are you drawn to?

Greene sure the closer look oh

My gosh did he just do that? I don't want big balls. Maybe not to honey the bells

Okay, let's look at yellow I

Like circumsized Williams. Can we talk about the pews? No, I'll show you thing. I don't know why guys do it

I just think I didn't even I don't do it myself

So so how much have you got I might do the sides a bit

Yeah, I know if they get a bit out of control. I mean I used to wax and all that. I just saw afterwards

I just thought alright. It doesn't define who I am and then it's painful. Okay

I think we really need to see the boys thumbs. Yeah. Okay. Fellas. Can you please turn around show us your buns?

Who's got the best fun it's got the right kind of proportion. It's kind of juicy

It's nice

Women have been attracted to a farm bum for centuries

Scientists believe cave women picked mates with muscular buttocks because they were the mark of a strong hunter who could provide for his family

But a meaty bum also suggests a man capable of impressive pelvic thrusts implying he's likely to procreate

Successfully today, I think yellow and pink. They've got the meat thing going on squish squish factor

Got to get the squish factor, right? Yeah

Okay, fellas, could you please turn back round

Okay. I know you're gonna have to lose a guy

Any of them go really


Think I'm gonna say goodbye to yellow

Weii 'no

Something in the stance. This isn't quite

Not strong that strong stance. Okay. Well ina, let's see who you saying goodbye to okay

This is Muhammad, he's a computer science student from Newcastle

There is a great bottom, but on this occasion, it's not I'm sorry, it's fine. Thank you. Goodbye

So when I finally saw the picture I was like whoa, so yeah, I would have liked to in that day I

Was like a confidence boost

It's definitely a good experience is something

Completely different from what I'm used to and I'm gonna be shaking my ball around all the time now

Ina you've got five gorgeous men remaining

Are you ready to see some more? I am let's reveal the middle part of the body

Okay, I guess oranges is killing it with the the ABS and the pecs for sure this is the perfect

Chest really I guess

Well, nearly a quarter of women surveyed would Cheers a doubt bowled over JimBob? So how do you feel about greens torso?

I wouldn't normally go for that squidgy vibe too comfortable maybe a little bit. Yeah, okay

Who else would you like to have a look at red not that into the pecs he has nice nipples. They're not too big

They're not too small and it quite flickable

Well, it depends if they are happy with what about your own nipples

Is that an important part to you? Sexually definitely my nipples are like the way

I know you have to say goodbye to one of these fellas

Who would you like to

I am going to say goodbye to mr. Green

Tell me why I've come back to the stance thing

You know, it's quite cool in a way I guess cuz he seems like he kind of isn't that bothered

About are you losing?

This is Maxwell, he's 24. He's a trainee

Zookeeper from Liverpool. Hello, my love. How are you?

So I absolutely loved your bouncy balls, but on this occasion, it's a no

Stripping a lays off. I'm fair and all

Maybe we give good wingers. I won't do it again. If you could look again. Well, actually, she's not my type

So it's a win-win the bow, really?

Coming up ina bravely bares all before choosing who to date

And a brand new singleton gets to pick a date based on naked attraction. This is fantastic

Earlier music producer ina whittled six men down to four based on physical attraction alone

She can only choose one guy to go on that date. So who will she lose next?

Ok ina four boys remain yes

Let's reveal the faces


Blue is kind of cuter than I thought he would be like in his face. Yeah, I like the piercings and yeah, okay

That's a bit young Oh

Does that bother you no?

Well studies suggest that women who date younger men are actually more likely to have happier relationships, but moving on. Yes

red, I would normally go for slightly fuller lips, but then I've


Have had some great kisses with guys that don't have full lips. What's kind of kiss really piss you off

Too much tongue action, like happy to kind of jump the tongue down. Yeah

Okay. Well, I think we need to have a look at pink. Yeah, he has quite intense eyes

No in a good way definitely orange

He's very pretty

Like very kind of very symmetrical

women are most attracted to men with more symmetrical faces and that might be because they'll make a better mate a

Study has shown there's a direct link between handsome symmetrical faces and good quality sperm

You're gonna have to make a decision one of them has to go

Think really really carefully though

Who are you saying goodbye to I'm gonna say goodbye to


Why I'm aegis so you just feel that blue is too young for you, all right you are saying goodbye to

Jamal he is 24. He's a dance teacher

Weld, you know well ina absolutely loved your cheeky face, mm-hmm, but on this occasion Jamal is not a date bye okay, okay

As they progressed I started getting comfortable my body I would definitely try and make a date him again

Yeah, and I would definitely tell people, you know, try it as well

She was definitely my kind of girl. I've been up with girls just like that. She had a curly hair a nice body

That's dance. He loves music. Oh

That's what I want

All right, you have seen everything they've got to offer this is where you get to hear them speak excellent

Fellas want you to tell me the thing you like most about your body and the thing you like least

Read most bit. I like about my body is my ass. Oh

It's quite juicy

They from it basically

Is juicy and

What do you like least about your body? I would say pretty got the hair my buddy

What do you think about his voice the lad? Okay


my buddy

I like most is actually my amputated leg because every day reminds me of that obstacles are just really opportunities in disguise

What you might least

Say it's over the classroom

So remind them not to let your friends buy you a drink continue to hurt a superpower in Thailand

What do you make of mr. Pink's voice? I like it. It's a cute accent

Orange, what do you like most about your body? Do you like my abdominals?

And what do you like least toenails

How do you feel about mr. Oranges voice it's not what I was expecting do the accent right? Well you've got three

hunky fellas in front of you

Gotta tell me how you're gonna say goodbye to I wouldn't say goodbye to orange orange

Too much of that going we better meet who you're saying goodbye to it's Shen page 27 from London designer

Nice to meet you

Shan ina apps that you loved your entire body, but it is a no date for you

Picking a date based on the nude form is quite interesting it advocate being without clothes you were born this way

This was certainly an empowering experience

So Einar

Mm-hmm. You've got two guys remaining. Yeah

You are about to meet them for the first time face to face but not before

They get to see you naked and tell you what they think about your body. It's gotta be done

Okay, pop your kicks off. I will see you in a bit

Based on physical attraction alone ina has whittled six men down to just two

25 year-old dance teacher Rob and

32 year old artist Matty

But only one of them can go on that date to find out if there's chemistry when the clothes come on

Rob Marty, how are you? Both feeling? I'm like quite surprised actually because obviously, you know, I'm not like, you know that she's inviting cheesegrater

Okay, and how about you Matty I made up to be here yeah feeling Z great

Let's have a look each other assess each other's bodies pretty like we'd like to act like Ivy's penis would you know?

Might say anything of Rob's that you'd like

You know what wooden miners are the leg

Okay up until now you've only seen ina with her clothes on

But all of that is about to change

Now the owners out here what do you think about this stunning go I'm going to start with you first Nancy

Absolutely, beautiful

perfect curves

I love the hips the

Breasts and the hair as well a big hair month and are you a fan of it? Like a sort of full a bush?

Um, I don't have any preferences if it's too full on, you know

It's kind of coming all the way around the back. Does it go all the way around the back? Well, it doesn't slow

Okay, what about for you there? It looks styled. It's nice. It's very presentable when you go down. There's quite presentable we um

We love you poke like boobs there by one point

Compliments on them and I just like

Sonic oh you have

I'm surprised that your boat that you're recording can do what you want with your own body

And I think if you can be proud of it, then that says a lot about the person you are

Alright, so you have to make a decision

Who would you like to date?

Do you have messy and you have robbed

You can only take one

Are you going for

To get to runner-up I can't really mine really lucky enough. She saw past my figure because I'm in shape shape of an orange

Everything about it was beautiful head to toes you sorta go I would go for any day

Peter a couple

Looked fantastic. Oh you guys go. Why did you pick Matty?

He's got it

Next time you see each other it's gonna be with your kid on. Yeah. Yeah, they're dressed to impress

So go and enjoy your date have a fantastic time. See you later guys. Thank you

I'm happy with my choice. I think Matty has a great body

beautiful eyes and

He's definitely up for a laugh which is important to me. I

Won. I got picked by a very beautiful girl definitely amazing experience. We're all blessed to have these body so wants to be shy about

Funny I know who I'd say this but I am looking forward to seeing him with his clothes on


Look amazing. Thank you. Yeah. Thank you very much

So why what we do, uh

Big me you seem like you up for laughs like you had a sense of humor

But you also seem quite deep like when I look in your eyes and it feels like there's a lot there

And I was a really really lovely girl. Yeah FL good connection

That lot to explore I haven't even asked you about what happened. Ah

Lost my leg in 2008 beside develop car fossils, which compress the artery over many years and that's it

Eventually, they ask you collapsed. If I do any exercise on this calf, then I couldn't lose this leg to sitting there with him

I felt open. No, I think he's great

So the question is when are we seeing each other again?

When are we seeing each other again?

Oh again, are you doing really good things?

What's been happening since your date

And we met up quite a few times

Been out in a party been up partying eating lots eating lots

Like fellow foodies very serious about food

Yeah, and I think fine at least we both knew what to expect

More than time

Gentleman never tell sir shouldn't go into details

Thank You attraction work for you, obviously there's a physical attraction there, but I think it's it's

Unusual that there'd be so much more as well like so much compatibility like personality-wise. Yeah, it's great

Um, I'm happy, you know, hopefully we'll keep getting along and just get closer

Coming up 24 year-old

Bisexual male meets naked guys and girls before choosing a date based on naked attraction forever

Welcome back to naked attraction the dating show that likes to let it all hang out

Another six naked Singleton's are hoping to get a date, but who's doing the choosing?

I'm mal. I'm 24 and I'm from Guildford. I'm a lingerie designer and a trained masseuse

I've been single for about three years now. I'm attracted to both men and women

Having so much to choose from it does make things harder

Guys, originally seen me as a little bit of a fantasy girls are a little bit harder to crack

Most of them are so high-maintenance

You know, it's cheesy I'm trying

We all are

Mouse beautiful anybody would be lucky to have her I have no idea what she's single to be honest

We've naked attraction. I'm wanting to find just someone I can experiment with and just have fun

Be it a boy or a go

So you like boys and girls, yeah, I'm very open-minded do that put it there lady

So do you prefer men or do you prefer women Jenny Lee do you lean on the side of?

men because there is an actual joystick to ride I

Love it. Why is physical attraction so important to you?

It's so essential in relationships that you have to be got. Um, really fancy that person. Yeah. Are you ready to take a look? Okay

You have got six completely naked boys and girls behind these coloured pots

Each of them has an attribute that you have said that you find physically attractive

We are going to reveal them to you bit by bit

What you have to do is Whittle them down from six to one based purely on physical attraction

Please reveal the bottom half of the bodies

First impressions, please. This is fantastic. Yes

You don't know whether it's a sort of coach the boys or whatever girls

Who are you immediately drawn to the red box has that tiny little tattoo intrigues me? Should we gonna have a look? Yeah

It's like a cute little UFO fee what kind of vagina do you like?

I've pretty open to all sorts be it

My labia hanging out or tight or neatly like tied up in a little bun. It's fine

It doesn't matter. Yeah

Where else would you like to go mouth feel? We should do one may order fillet it up. Believe me force

He looks a little bit nervous

There's a lot of pubic hair. There isn't now I'm quite surprised

I'm not seeing Tarzan swing through there. If I was to see that after a third date it would surprise me

Have you got any disasters pubic hair stories anymore?

What was a boy or a girl? No?

Okay, how do you feel about yellow? I've never actually had a guy on this race before

No, no be completely honest about it. How do you feel

It's definitely the biggest up the lot and do you like a Big Willy? I prefer average and I'm only 5 foot free

It's gonna break me. Well, the average flaccid penis is 3.6 inches, although many men think it's bigger

Have you had a situation when you've been with the guy when you're like I don't know what to do with that

Yes, he was very swanky

He took me to a hotel and everything, but when push came to shove, I was like that ain't coming near me intimidating ferry

Ok, let's talk about the girls over here


She has got an absolutely gorgeous beautiful shape

It's very Botticelli and can definitely imagine that being in the National Portrait Gallery lying across with a couple of Cupid's

Alright green in terms of a vagina. I've never seen one like that. You can't see a lot of it

She can see the hurt. This one is very open and I like that she does like to shave though

And do you think that if you're completely shaved it's better when you're having sex


Not really because you can have the friction actually enhance your sexual experience

Friction isn't the only benefit of pubes scientists believe that pheromones invisible chemicals

We all produce cling to pubic hair and release a scent that subconsciously increases arousal in potential partners

Bombs, oh please everybody please. Would you mind turn around and let's shake that booty

Are you after now?

For girls, I do definitely like a Kirby bum

But the boys if it's a bit too big I'm like are you going Kim Kardashian on me? Yeah

So who would you say? He's got the best bum?

Probably pink. How'd you feel about the fact that that is one hell of a hairy crack?

That is very hairy, but I'm not into that kind of stuff. So I would ignore it and just focus on the financial area

Oh stuff we're talking about are you saying what getting your nose in there? Well, that's the trend nowadays. It's

Can you turn back round, please boys and girls that means you yellow and it might take you some time with that very heavy appendage

You have to make a decision. I need you to lose the person that you are least attracted to at this stage

Who would you like to say goodbye to

My sincerest apologies, but it's going to be blue

Why mouth?

Person, it's just a bit too curvy for me. Let's see who you're actually saying goodbye to

this is

She's a health worker from London. Hello my love. Hello

Wow, absolutely

Loved your classical beautiful shape. Thank you. But on this occasion

It's a no date. Goodbye

When I have sex I like to have the lights off

so this was a real test for me and I did it and I'm in a box and she was talking about my badge and

You'd have to say badge, okay

Is the most gorgeous face

This is the thing. We're here to celebrate beauty and we come in all forms and shapes and sizes. So this is good

It's good

Okay, mal five

Beautiful bodies remain in the next round. We are going to reveal the middle part of the body

So what is it that you are looking for in the perfect?

Also, I probably prefer on the verge of skinny slender in men in women

I do really prefer

quite hefty

Chest do you what's happen being honest? They're fun to play with okay

Are you ready to see the middle part of the bodies bring it on?



Which side are you drawn to this lovely lady over here in green I

am attracted to the tattoos with green they are

Absolutely stunning anything about the tips

I've never seen a pair of nipples where the areolas are so faded into the skin. It's fascinating

Anybody asks that you want to go and have a closer look at I would say pink back to the hair again

It's not Tarzan crazy hair true. So good smattering of body hair going on there

Yeah, how do you feel about the moles?

Because there's sort of very few moles on his legs and then there's tons going on around his arms and his and his boobs

I like it. I could play connect the dots with him

dating someone with moles might be more than a bit of fun a

Study has discovered that people with over 100 moles on their body have a delayed aging process

Making them appear up to seven years younger

Yellow is very slender. He's got more of a runner's physique, which I will admit

I do like you've seen it all now and you're gonna have to make a decision. I'm afraid

You're gonna have to make a decision I think I'm gonna have to go with yellow

Why it would be too intimidating when you say it would be too intimidating mal, what are we talking about please penis

Let's find out who you guys say goodbye to

this is


Here's a model from London hello

Wow, absolutely

Loved your slender frame, but in the end, I'm afraid it was your willy. That was maybe a little bit too big Reuben

I'm sorry, man. It's just too intimidating

My penis was too big for her if she got to know me didn't hear that

I'm the kind of smooth gentlest person there is so that wouldn't really be much of an issue

It's nice to know that I'm definitely prepared down there, but it was anything that was the user that'd be even better

Coming up its mouths turn to lay everything bare and decide which girl or boy to take on that date

Earlier bisexual male with with six potential dates down to four based on physical attraction alone

Two guys and two girls remain, but she can only date one

We have got four lovely bodies left, can we please see the faces?


Surprises, yes, but I'm very happy with hahaha

Mouth study suggests. It only takes a tenth of a second to judge a face. So where'd you want to go? Orange? Oh, okay

You were definite about that. This one seems to have a character first off that grin

Mm-hmm, I reckon he's quite cheeky

Absolutely. He just turned to the side for me, please

Lovely store Roman nose going on there. Hmm nose is important

I've had bad experiences with someone on tinder lied about their nose. It was all front profile and and when I saw him

Massive so totally cheated by the tinder picture which you don't get on this show exactly. You can see whatever you want to see

Hello pink pink. It's been very lucky in the Jean la Surrey pink very handsome

I'm gonna say he has a slight Jesus vibe about him. He's got really pronounced collarbones. Do you like that?

It's actually called a clavicle and I adore it. I stand corrected

Did you go look at the girl's clavicle? Yeah. Oh

Come on, that's a clavicle. Oh, definitely. That's very nice. Really differentiate that red

Very pleased with herself, right?

Hello rain

Is there a clavicle? No, but her face really makes up for that

Green has absolutely gorgeous eyes. No dazzling

Okay, come back to the middle

You have seen everything the girls have got to offer

Everything the boys have got to offer. Let me know who you would like to lose or decisions. That'll be home

All of them are gorgeous they really are

Somebody has to leave I

Made my decision

Who are you saying goodbye to sorry orange?

Why it's just not some agentic attraction there so mal, this is Martin

He's the state agent from London hello cheeky

Thank you a little bit of charm, but too late of the day it is no date for you right now mark, I'm afraid goodbye

To be honest they expected to win. Yeah. Bye sir ID. She is really good-looking by didn't like her legs anyway, so

they will be naked every day of my life if I thought

You've got three people remaining interestingly two girls. Well boy

This is the round where you get to hear them speak

Have you got any kind of notion of what you think?

They're gonna sound like miss green I can imagine a fun accents green

Let's hear what you like most about your body and what you like least

Okay, the thing I like most is my tattoos and release is my legs

What do you think about miss brains voice Oh a little bit more timid, but I like them. How do you feel about pink?

I would hope pink over here

I'd have quite an original accents maybe Kentish slightly Australian a little bit more twanging

Kentish Australian twang yes, mr. Pink

tell us the things I like the most in my body's mire because

The people called me Jesus the things I liked least is my legs. So you're Italian. Yes

He's Italian

in a survey of over 10,000 people

Italian ranked as a sixth most dateable accent and which came first the British accent, of course

And what would you say about misread the last girlfriend that I had quite similar in spunky attitudes?

And she had a lower voice

Okay, read the thing

I like most about my body is probably my legs. The thing I like least is

Probably on my boobs

Did it remind you at all of your ex? Yes

Very good tones

Okay, so you're one very confused woman right now, aren't you? All right. It's that time again mal

You're gonna have to make a decision on who to lose but remember choose really really carefully because the remaining two

Will get to see you naked

This is tough

Put me out my misery

Mr. Pink

Why I'm sorry, but the Jesus look doesn't really do it for me, this is Lorenzo

He is 31. He's a waiter from of course, Italy. You are very handsome

This is very beautiful the osseous is very beautiful and I'm feeling very very sad now

Man unfortunately, she like also the woman

Somehow just two girls remain you will be meeting them for the first time face to face soon

But not before they get to see you

Naked it's time to get those hot pants off lady off you go

Based on physical attraction alone. Mal has whittled six dates down to just two

24 year-old psychology student Rebecca and 32 year old singer Laura

But only one of them can go on that date to find out if there's chemistry when the clothes come on

Two girls remaining we expecting that. No, not at all

Especially when she said that she liked men the phrase while she enjoys a joystick. Here we are

Joystick free. Have you got any idea what you think Mao is gonna look like with her kit off

I think she's gonna be quite curvy heaps on their pubes. I think she'll have pubes that they'll be very well groomed

Should we find out?


So far you have only seen mal with her clothes on all of that girl's is about to change

Out you come

Looking at my issue what you expected? Yeah, definitely nice neat vagina. I know it sounds weird actually see

Well, we had money on the fact that she'd have pubes. Yeah. No, she's she's kind of exactly how I imagined actually

Yeah, great legs. I love how petite you are and like similar height. I love small girls

And you've got a lovely bum very neat pick a package. Well, how do you feel about your own body?

I do have my dislikes which are

My boobs why I just filled in this like a bit too much. That's exactly how I feel about mine

You have got two

Stunning women in front of you. You can only date one

Hmm, you're going to have to make a decision and this time

You're gonna have to pick the girl. You want to go on the date with can you feel that pull?

Who's the girl you want to date I feel like I want to go on a date

Rebecca Oh

Gobsmacked because I'm up against Laura. She's absolutely beautiful

I'm so sorry

I'd like to think that I could have won it if I didn't like her ex

She doesn't have any negatives to say about me, which is just a massive confidence boost for me. I

Definitely feel like I've achieved something massive here. I want to know who this ex-girlfriend is. It sounds hot

Why did you pick gorgeous, Rebecca Valora

Because I feel we'd have more in common and as gorgeous as Laura was

She did remind me of my ex so much

Rebecca things really cool. Please. Have a fantastic date. See you later girls

I'm very happy with who I pick she's absolutely stunning has a great smile. And yeah, those eyes are to die for

It's nice to be judged on like knee completely stripped back and not the clothes. I wear and the jokes I make I

Just hope that it'll turn out all okay. She seems awesome

Exactly but I like what I see

I do you think that seen each other naked makes it a lot more interesting when you go on your first date. I

Wasn't so insecure that she was looking at every body part because she's already looked at everybody part judge my boobs

I've never seen the pair of boobs like that. I'm just thinking

Reebok standards from the girls eyes

Jonah gets Tila. Yeah. Yeah

Let's do this he doesn't so yeah, you have to help you out. Yeah


Mel is a gorgeous girl. She's absolutely beautiful and she's got a really good personality. She's so funny. I'm glad I picked you


So good, how you doing? I'm all right. Looking good

After a date wimps and instantly we do I had a great time the day after the day we went all around the museums in

London and you're really clever on you. I think we got really well, didn't we?

Yeah, definitely. Would you like to see each other again? Definitely see each other again? No doubt romantic


Really thought that it might make detraction this is definitely open my horizons

I used to really care about what people thought about me about the way I looked

We've all got a naked body at the end of the day. No one's perfect

You know, it might as well embrace it and enjoy it. Absolutely

Covering up all those Sun inspired shockers ephors new tattoo fixes on holiday starts tomorrow at 9 o'clock

Followed by two episodes of brand new wasted about the lives of four 20-somethings and one spirit guide Sean Bean

Starting tomorrow at 10:00 and hear Hotel guide Gordon. Ramsay's about to enter hotel hell