NYPD Blue (1993–2005): Season 4, Episode 22 - A Draining Experience - full transcript

Simone's continued involvement with the FBI sting against Joey Salvo jeopardizes his career when the men from Internal Affairs investigate him and suspend him from active duty. Meanwhile, Sipowicz and Russell investigate the gruesome murder of a young woman where a psychiatrist, named Dr. Wentzel, insists on implicating his patient's father for her murder. Martinez and Medavoy have a hard time over a haughty mugging victim who is a writer from a local magazine that wrote a bad story on the cops of New York City. Simone's involvement with the FBI reaches a cliff-hanging climax when in a secret meeting with Salvo, the mobster is hit by gunfire by an unseen assassin. Sipowitz, following Simone, comes on the scene and sees Simone standing over Salvo's dead body... and thinks Simone killed him!

How's it going?

We expect you'll be contacted
this morning by Sergeant
Martens's superior at I. A. B.

Lieutenant Shannon.

We want you to agree
to an interview.

If Lieutenant Shannon asks,

you acknowledge you know
Joey Salvo, but you refuse
to cooperate further.

You wanna see if
he takes that to Salvo?

‐ Is Shannon who
you're looking at?
‐ You do your part.

‐ We'll figure out where
the pieces fit together.
‐ Hey, asshole.

My interviewer yesterday
asked me about Salvo.

Sergeant Martens asked you?
Yes, that's right.

So Martens, knowing
about this operation,
he didn't go back to Salvo.

You don't pick that up
on your bug. So Martens is
off your worry list, right?

Shannon should be calling
at the beginning of the shift.

If he takes it
back to Salvo,
I'm done here.

Well, that'd be a big thing
for us, finding out who's
giving information to Salvo.

Yeah, so that you can say,
"I didn't actually say
you were done."

I'm tellin' you,
this guy bites, I'm done.

That's my lieutenant's copy‐‐

what I did
and who asked me.

He bites, I'm done.

You could use some rest.
I stayed up late making sure
I got everything right.


‐ You mind holding on to that?
‐ No.

If you want, I'll verify
the sequence and sign it.

You would do that?

I do what I can.

[ Rings ]

15th Squad.
This is Simone.

Yeah. How's it going there,

Good morning.
How's he doing?

I haven't talked to him
since yesterday.
Yeah, good.

What, you want me to put
a gun on him, make him tell me
what's going on?

We got a dump job. Homeless guy
called it in. A wallet and
driver's license by the D. O. A.

[ Shutter Clicking ]

[ Sighs ]
Christine Lakos.

What's that coming out
of her mouth?
You see that with strokes,

heart attacks?
You figure she felt one
coming on, so she ran in here?

‐ [ Shutter Clicking ]
‐ You found her?

I found her and called 911.
Lucky it was a free call,

'cause, uh, I don't
even have a quarter.

All right. What can
you tell me about
how she got here?

Mmm, maybe, uh,

a white car dumped her, uh,
8:00‐ish this morning.

What kind of white car?
Uh, maybe a Toyota.

Drove up and dumped her out.
Gone in the space
of two minutes.

The guy driving wasn't good
with a stick shift.

What's your name?
Moe. I live here.

Right now I'm gonna
buy some breakfast.

‐ Popped blood vessels
in her eyes.
‐ Smothered?

Wasn't robbed or raped.
We gotta figure out what that
was coming out of her mouth.

Mm‐hmm. And let's keep talking
like we're robots, okay, Andy?

Prove we're upset
about Bobby.
Don't open a mouth to me.

You think I'm not upset?
I'm upset.

We don't have to get
miserable with each other
'cause we're not able to help.

We don't have to
screw ourselves up here.


‐ Can I help you?
‐ Yes, I've been assaulted
and robbed.

I'm up, Gina.
I'm Detective Martinez.
Can I help you?

Yes. I‐I stopped to help someone
on one of your city's fair

and got robbed and stomped
for my troubles.

‐ I'm sorry that happened.
What's your name?
‐ John Highsmith.

Come on in. Greg.

This is John Highsmith.
He got robbed and stomped.

How do you do,
Mr. Highsmith?
Come on.

How badly did you get hurt,
Mr. Highsmith?

Why? Must I pass
some suffering test before
you'll act on my complaint?

Uh, we're‐we're taking
the complaint. It determines
how we write it up.

Every bone in my body
is broken.

Those kids sure didn't hurt
your smart mouth too much,
did they, Mr. Highsmith?

We understand you're upset.
Uh, it's not gonna help anything
taking a lousy attitude.

I was on my way
to the Public Theater.
About 50 feet ahead of me...

a young black man began
screaming that his friend
was having an epileptic fit.

As I hurried to help, the one
who was screaming suddenly
grabbed his hand back,

looking as if he'd
been bitten by the boy
who was having a seizure.

All right. And‐And the guy
who was bitten asked you
for something...

to put in his friend's mouth
to keep him from swallowing
his tongue?

I gave my wallet
to the one boy who
wasn't having a seizure.

Then the victim‐‐
the one on the ground‐‐
suddenly kicked me.

The other one struck me
on the back of the neck.

And as I lay there
on the ground,

they both kicked me
again and again.

Completely gratuitous.

Did you get a decent look
at these guys?

Punks. Teenagers.

Maybe learned
their stomping techniques
inside these walls.

‐ What?
‐ How do you intend
to proceed, gentlemen?

‐ What did you say
just a minute ago?
‐ Sorry. I've had a bad morning.

Not quite up to the
misrepresentation of my feelings
that would get you on board.

Here's where
I can be reached.

I absolutely intend
to press charges.

Greg, this is the magazine that
wrote we were like a third world
country's police force.

Yes, I was waiting
for this part.

Oh, yes. Huh.

I don't read your magazine,
but our local papers
did excerpts,

‐ shorten the words up.
‐ Mmm. Proud proletarian

We better be extra careful
if we collar these guys.

‐ Protect their rights.
‐ So do I forget about
retrieving my wallet?

Oh, not at all,
Mr. Highsmith.

Uh, we'll try and stop
the beatings and

long enough to see
if we can track it down.

I'll be interested
to see if you do.


[ Chattering ]

[ Knocks ]

John Shannon.
How's it going,

How about
you and I get this thing
straightened away, huh?

I'm for that.

I've been through your file.
You're not a wrong cop.

You ran a plate
without authorization.
Came up no hits,

covered, issued
to another agency.

Were you, uh‐‐
you keeping up
your computer skills?

I got nothin' past what I told
Sergeant Martens.

Hmm. Which was nothing.

The loan‐out agency's the F.B.I.
The operation's on a halfway
hooked‐up, stickup guy,

Joe Salvo‐‐
first collar's in the 27
when he was 17.

‐ You found all that out, huh?
‐ Yeah. Where you grew up‐‐

‐ You know Joe Salvo, Bobby?
‐ Yeah, I do.

Was Salvo worried someone had
him up? Asked you, old times,
would you run that plate?

I knew Joe Salvo growing up.

I got nothin' to say
to the rest of it.

Pretty innocent request,
asking you to run a plate
for him.

Maybe he told you it was about
romance. No one's to say you
knew what his act was anymore.

‐ I got nothin' more to say.
‐ No matter how much
that hurts you?

I'm from the street too,

I can respect how
you feel, but this ain't
the street no more.

You wanna show me
some respect, Lieutenant?

Don't hustle me
like I'm a skell.

All right, you're done.

D.O.A. got suffocated. Plus
there's some foreign kind of
foam coming out of her mouth.

M.E.'s checking it out
for poison.
Oh. Ah.

Can I help you, sir?
Uh, no. In just a moment.

I'm fighting off
a migraine.

[ Clears Throat ]
D. M. V. shows the victim,
uh, owning a white Celica.

Matches the car
she was dumped from.

Who gave you that?
Homeless guy.

[ Sipowicz ] Uh, only other
thing he said was‐‐
[ Groans ]

the, uh‐‐
the driver was a male.

Wasn't used to driving
a stick.

We'll reach out to
the D. O. A.'s next of kin,
talk to her neighbors.

Christine Lakos, dump job,
homicide, 26.

‐ Wanna work it with them?
‐ Sure.


‐ May I help you, sir?
‐ I'm just a little nauseous.
I'll be with you in a minute.

Fighting off a migraine.

How's it going there, guys?

‐ Hi.
‐ How's it going with you?

Half a chance,
maybe this thing'll let up.

‐ Is that right, Bobby?
‐ Yeah. Maybe these people
just got what they wanted.

[ Sipowicz ]
Maybe these people did, huh?

‐ Maybe these people
are the C. I. A.?
‐ Busted.

So if these people
got what they want,
maybe we get...

a copious rundown
what the hell
has been goin' on.

I actually made some notes.

My name is Herbert Wentzel.
I'm a physician.

And I need to speak to
a detective in confidence.

‐ Detective, this is
Dr. Herbert Wentzel.
‐ We'll manage.

Detective Simone.
How can I help you?

I'm a psychiatrist.
I'm concerned about a patient,
Christina Lakos.


I believe Miss Lakos is gravely
at risk by her own hand
or from a loved one.

Unless I'm certain
a crime's intended or
actually has taken place,

I can't disclose
the basis of my concerns.

How would you suggest we act
on those, uh, concerns?

What I can tell you
is that she missed
her last appointment.

I would talk to
her loved ones.
I believe this is...

the sister's phone number
and also her father's.

He lives in
a different place?
I would talk to both of them.

Ask her whereabouts?
Form impressions of them
based on your conversations...

to see if she was
really at risk.

Thanks for the heads‐up.

It wasn't a happy mission.

Maybe it'll turn out
she blew the appointment
to, uh, go shopping.

I'm not sanguine that
that'll be the outcome.

D.O.A.'s shrink.

Got reason to believe
she's in danger.

Tell him there's
a reason to believe
she's suffocated dead...

with some kind of foam
coming out of her mouth?

I didn't wanna give that up
to him yet.

‐Was he on the ear when you were
running the case for the boss?
‐Could've been.

'Cause he was laying that
doctor‐patient privilege stuff
on pretty thick.

Sayin' we oughta be looking at
the D. O. A.'s loved ones.

Which he says he don't know
she's dead yet.

‐ I'm calling her parents.
Want me to hang up?
‐ We wanna be looking at 'em.

I'll let the boss know
we're going out.

Actual detective work.
I like this.

Drain cleaner.
Poor girl.

I hope she was suffocated
before they poured that
into her.

M.E. says
that's how it went.

‐ [ Knocking ]
‐ [ Man ]

New York City detectives.
Mr. Albert Lakos?
What's it about?

‐ Can we talk inside?
‐ [ Lock Clicks ]

I'm Detective Sipowicz.
This is Detectives Simone
and Russell.

‐ We have some questions about
your daughter Christine.
‐ Come.

‐ Is she sick?
‐ When did you see Christine
last, Mr. Lakos?

About a week. She talk to
the mother every morning.
Is that by telephone?

On the telephone.
Did you talk to your daughter
this morning?

[ Speaking Greek ]
Not this morning.

Christine missed
a doctor's appointment
this morning.

Uh, psychiatrist.
Six‐figure income.
Spend money for that, huh?

‐ What do you do
for a living, sir?
‐ Plumber.

My back's hurt.

Did you and your daughter
have some kind of dispute?

You said that she only
talks to her mother.

Well, how a daughter
and mother talk.

She comes for dinner.
I see her then.

Get out if you don't say
what you are doing.

We're sorry
to have to tell you this,
Mr. and Mrs. Lakos.

Christine was involved
in a violent incident
this morning.

[ Mr. Lakos ]
Oh, my God.
She was found dead.

[ Gasps ]
Oh, my God.

[ Cries, Speaks Greek ]
[ Cries ]

[ Mr. Lakos ]
Who hurt her?
We're trying to find out.

Who hurt my child?

[ Greek ]

Is my other child alive?
[ Mrs. Lakos Crying ]

‐We're going to talk to her now.
‐[ Simone ]
We're sure she is.

We're gonna to have to ask you
not to contact your daughter
until we've spoken to her.

Why don't I stay here?

We're sorry for
your loss, sir.

Who hurt my child?

[ Greek ]

[ Laughing ] Playin'
basketball's a crime now,
the way them guys swooped on us.

‐You ever hear of school, Jamal?
‐Oh! So you guys must be
the truant officers.

‐ Yeah, we're truant officers.
‐ Or was it them guys
that picked us up?

Those were cops from
Special Frauds, Jamal.

And you and Warren are collars
for the same crap they
popped you for twice already.

Yo, I thought they was
health cops. You know, pop my
boy Warren for being epileptic.

[ Laughing ]
Youthful offender.

‐ You think you're Superman,
right, Jamal?
‐ A real nice cape...

his first stretch at Rikers
once he's bent over
and busted open.

[ Laughing ]

[ Shutter Clicks ]

‐ Hey, he can't do that
without our permission.
‐ Hey, Warren, permission this.

Very grateful.

‐ How's it going,
Mr. Highsmith?
‐ [ Medavoy ] We can talk here.

‐ Right there, sir.
‐ [ Coughs ]

We've, uh, contacted
our Special Frauds unit,

described your complaint.

They picked two kids up
work that hustle
in that general area.

I see.
We had 'em brought over. They're
locked up down the hall there.

‐ Well, shall we see
if I identify them?
‐ We can't really do that.

These kids are pretty wise.
They won't agree to a lineup.

And if we even ask,
they'll lawyer up.

Being they're minors,
we're not even allowed to keep
their photographs on file.

Have you brought me here
to expose me to your scalding
constitutional ironies?

Our point more was
to let you know we happen
to got photos of these kids.

You picking 'em out
isn't gonna send them
to prison or anything,

but if we know it's them,
at least we can try
and get your wallet back.

Well, yes. Yes, I would
like to get it back.

Certain personal effects.

Any money left,
maybe you could buy
a self‐improvement tape,

Bein' Nicer So Other People
Don't Wanna Hit You
With a Brick.

[ Chuckles ]
Are you going to show me
the pictures?

Look through these.

These are the two.

Are those they?

‐ Are those the two
you have in custody?
‐ Yes, those are they.

Go spread some cheer
elsewhere, Mr. Highsmith.

We'll let you know if
we get your wallet back.

‐ Hey, boss.
‐ Hey, um, that psychiatrist
is waiting for you upstairs.

Yeah, we'll need to talk
further with him.

Hard to like
the D. O. A.'s old man
for being involved.

Where this doctor
was pointing you?
The father was pretty torn up.

Anything off
the D. O. A.'s sister?

Some kind of buyer
at a department store.
She was gone,

but we'll try again.
Russell was with the parents...

so we could keep
the sister's notification fresh,
but we told her to come back.

Diane's already upstairs.

You know she drives
like a maniac?

I got your message.
Is there news?

Why don't we talk
in here, Doc?

You were clocked
going 87 miles an hour
coming back here.

You can have a seat
right here.

This is quite a consignment
of man and woman power.

Well, Doctor,
you were right that
Miss Lakos was in danger.

We found her body
a little while ago.
Oh, no.

This type of situation,
department likes to use as much
man and woman power as they can.

This is what I was afraid of.
I was literally getting sick
over this possibility.

[ Simone ] Well,
knowing something has happened
to Miss Lakos, Doctor,

would you mind telling us
a little more about
why you were so worried?

Absolutely. This takes
the ethical gloves off
to a much greater extent.

This was a deeply depressed
26‐year‐old female with
a history of family abuse.

‐ Abusive how?
‐ Incestuous contact
with the male parent...

over a protracted period,
strongly repressed.

I hate to use a lot
of professional jargon,

but there's a nexus
between depth of repression
and degree of depression.

‐ She was suicidal?
‐ We'd identified and were
addressing these cathexes...

in an increasingly
positive fashion.

But she absolutely had
the capacity to kill herself.

And how do you think
she'd have done that?

to the extent
her self‐hatred was generated
by her childhood experiences,

she would feel enormous anger
towards her father.

She might detail her grievances
in a letter that she would
certain would be found.

Her father's a plumber.
You think she might
swallow drain cleaner?

Oh, that's remarkable.

Is that what she did?
That is heartbreaking
and remarkable.

As far as
the medical examiner can tell,

the biggest remarkable thing
about that was her doing that...

after she suffocated herself.

The drain cleaner was
introduced postmortem?

Someone did the introductions
after they croaked her.

‐ Not much latent content
in that, is there?
‐ What did you say, Doctor?

If someone were
to be guilty of a crime
in a moment of passion,

and then be filled
with self‐recrimination
and regrets,

there wouldn't be a much more
dramatic way to point
the authorities to himself...

as the crime's perpetrator
than putting drain cleaner
down his daughter's throat.

You're saying
her father did the murder.
And since he was a plumber,

what he did afterwards
with the drain cleaner, that
was a way of him confessing?

Under these circumstances,
I think the canons of my
profession would not preclude...

my saying that I think
the finger of suspicion
points to Christine's father.

‐ So that would be a yes?
‐ [ Sighs ]

‐ [ Phone Ringing ]
‐ [ Siren Wailing In Distance ]

Thanks for coming in,
Doctor. We'll let you know
what develops.

‐ You must promise to do that.
‐ Go on. Get out of here.

Yeah, we promise.

You all right?
It's bad.
[ Grunts ]

Detective, you're under
suspension. I need your gun,
your shield and your I. D.

What are the charges?

You'll be served
with the charges before
the trial commissioner.

You got a second gun
on your 10 card.

Yeah, the second gun
is in my locker.

I'm gonna go get it with him.

What happened?
I did what they wanted.

I don't know, Bobby.
I don't know.

‐ What are they doin' to you?
‐ I'm suspended, Andy.


I didn't do nothin' wrong.

I'll tell you what, boss.
I'm gonna tell you something
right now.

This had to be what
they wanted and where
they were going all along.

[ Panting ]

Now they got me sat down.

They're gonna be comin' back
at me with somethin' more.

[ Sighs ]

[ Slams ]

[ Chattering ]

So you want to take it?
Set up a feminine rapport?

How about we see how it
lays out with her, Andy?

‐ Yeah. Excuse me
for trying to have a plan.
‐ Andy, stop it.

Excuse me. Detectives.
We're looking for Anna Lakos.

May I help you?

Miss Lakos?

I'm Detective Russell. This is
Detective Sipowicz. Is there
some place we could talk?

What's it about?
Have you been in touch
with your parents?

‐ No.
‐ Could we talk somewhere
more private?

Please. Just tell me.

I'm sorry to have
to tell you this,
but your sister, Christine,

was the victim of a homicide
this morning.

[ Crying ]

Do that someplace else.
Can I get you some water?

[ Crying Continues ]

What happened?
[ Russell ]
Miss Lakos,

you haven't spoken
with your parents in
the last four or five hours?

‐ No.
‐ We notified them
this morning.

We thought by now
they would have contacted you.

Did you tell them
not to?
More or less but‐‐

If you told them not to,
they wouldn't.

Who hurt her?
It's not clear right now.

[ Crying Continues ]
Did she have any enemies?

Somebody she didn't
get along with? A boyfriend
or something like that?

My sister was raped
six months ago.

She hadn't had
a boyfriend since.

Was her attacker caught?

She didn't bring charges
because she didn't want
our father...

to find out
what had happened.

Did she know her attacker?
Could he have done this
to her too?

It was someone
she worked with.
He moved to Seattle.

I have to be with my parents.
I don't‐‐ I don't think my dad
can live through this.

Did she talk to you
about seeing a psychiatrist?

A‐A little.
She was hurt so badly
by what had happened.

[ Russell ] Emotionally?
Yeah. It had just torn up
her feelings about herself.

I don't know if a doctor
could've done her any good.

I'm sorry. I can't help you.
I have to go be with my family.

You've been a lot of help.
We're so sorry for your loss.

Hey, Gina.

Detective, I don't know what
they're saying, but I know
you wouldn't do anything wrong.

‐ Thanks. Where's the boss?
‐ In the lavatory.

And those F.B.I. sons of bitches
are in the coffee room.

‐ Hey, guys.
‐ Hey.

‐ Anything we can do, Bobby?
‐ It's gotta sort
itself out, Greg.

As far as that goes, they gotta
sort theirselves out.

'Cause there's no chance
in the world this is anything
but a hummer beef.

So where are you
with those juveniles?

The victim made a photo I.D.
that's inadmissible.

These kids are too smart
to stand in a lineup.

We'll let 'em go. Cool 'em out
a little more before we try
for the guy's wallet.


F.B.I.'s in there.

The other shoe, huh?
Yeah. You want me
to bring 'em in here?

Uh‐uh. Let 'em
make their play.

‐ I can't believe
they suspended you.
‐ Yeah.

And if you pissed in my ear, you
would tell me it was raining.
The guy that suspended me,

‐ that's the same guy you're
looking at for being wrong.
‐ I know.

‐ What the hell does that mean?
‐ We're not a hundred percent

You're not‐‐
You're not sure?

That Shannon could
move against you so fast...

makes us wonder if Salvo's
got a second hook.

Oh, man. Oh, man.

You are getting your job back.
I promised you that.

You see, this is
on the street now.

If I get my job back,

people out there
are always gonna wonder
did I cut a deal.

Was he a wrong guy
and did he just rat somebody out
to save his ass?

When you get back on the job,
believe me, we'll do some
spin control for you.

Just shut up, man!

[ Breathes Deeply ]
You shut up.


As long as it's fallen
like this‐‐

you suspended,
Salvo's I. A. B. hook...

telling him
you're a stand‐up guy‐‐

we figure you could snuggle up
with Joe now pretty good.

[ Laughs ]

Yeah, that's what
I figured you'd figure.

Your call, of course.

Y'all wanna play like this,
man, we gotta appear
before a magistrate.

[ Laughing ]
[ Martinez ]
Keep running it, Jamal.

We'll take a look at
how many years you've been 15.
Yo, go ahead.

Check my
birth certificate, man.
Yeah. Where's it going anyway?

We ain't do nothin' wrong.

Maybe you're not too keen
on having your certificate
looked at too, huh, Warren?

All we're looking for is a
little cooperation, if you guys
would stop stylin' for a minute.

‐ Well, let's hear it.
‐ A guy we know lost his wallet.

We're not looking
to jam anyone for that,
put anything in evidence.

All we want is an idea
where you guys would guess‐‐

[ Yawns ]
if someone like that
did lose a wallet,

where would we go
to look for it?

Yo, I don't what
y'all talkin' about.

When the guy lose it?

around the Public Theater.

Gave it up to a guy
stopping his friend's seizure.

Guy whose wallet it was
forgot to ask for it back.

There's an open building around
the corner on Fourth Street.
It has an empty basement.

We could look there.
Guy might still have
his personal effects.

Might‐‐ Might be down there.

Yeah, well, you know,
nobody put a gun
to my head, right?

Yeah, sure.

Same place as before.


‐ Get my second gun back?
‐ Yeah. Yeah, I'll get it back.

Look, Lieu, uh,
you don't wanna hear me
tell 'em what's going on,

you ought to walk away.

Do what you feel is right.

Who brought you back?

F.B.I. scumbags.

So me and Diane,
we're out at dinner.

This guy Joey Salvo sends
over a bottle of wine.
The stickup guy?

Which me and him
know each other
growing up.

Turns out the F. B. I.
has him up.

They asked me to cooperate
if Salvo tries to reach out.

Job says what?
Do what the F.B.I. wants.

So Salvo reaches out
for a pedigree on a plate.
I run the plate.

Boom. Here comes
Martens from I. A. B.
"Why did you run the plate?"

But it don't bother me,
'cause I know the job's
got my back.

‐ Oh, yeah.
‐ Come to find out
the job is looking...

with F. B. I., does Salvo
have a hook at the Rat Squad?

But they can't tell the Rat
Squad to back off of me. That
would tip Salvo that he's up.

So Bobby gets
suspended instead.

Where do these
F.B.I. pricks get the balls
to call you back in?

They wanted to let me know‐‐
since I'm out on my ass anyway‐‐

they think that my best
next move would be to turn
the sheets down with Salvo.

Oh. They were taking you there
all the time, Bobby.

They knew if you had any choice,
you wouldn't go as far
as they wanted with Salvo.

Two of you went over
the ins and outs of this thing
pretty thoroughly, huh?

They said I could tell
one person, Andy.

[ Clears Throat ]
You done letting 'em tell you
what you can and can't do now?

But I'm not done letting 'em
think they can.

‐ [ Footsteps Approaching ]
‐ [ Sipowicz ] What the hell
do you want, Martens?

[ Clears Throat ]
I'm suspended.

[ Sipowicz ]
You're suspended?
Is that right?

Yeah. They said someone's
wrong in our unit.

They don't wanna tip him
he's hot.

I get suspended so
the wrong guy drops his guard.

‐ 'Cause they know I'm right.
‐ Where is justice, huh?

You can tell me who
they're looking at.

It's a tough situation.
I don't think I can help.

Well, don't your heart bleed?

‐ You wanna see if that's yours?
‐ [ Highsmith ]

Yes. Yes, it's mine.

Hank, could you release
those punks in the pokey?

Family photos, you see.

Still a big money wad
in there when we found it,
but we took that.

There were nine dollars
in my wallet, Detective,

which I am sure were taken
by those young thieves.

Wanna sign this?

Appreciative as I am,

I do not believe that
any of today's events
refute our article's concerns...

about coercion of suspects
or selective application
of the laws.

There goes my night's sleep.
That big vocabulary,
Mr. Highsmith,

there's gotta be
"good‐bye" in there.

Quite right.

[ Chattering ]

Uh‐oh. I think I feel
another one comin' on.

‐ [ Grunting ]
‐ [ Jamal ] Oh, damn, man!
He bit my finger! Oh, man!

Excuse me, mister,
you got somethin'? Can you
help a brother out? Please!

‐ Hank, get 'em outta here.
‐ [ Laughing ]

All right, come on.
Let's go. Come on.

Move it. Move it.
[ Laughing Continues ]


Is that on?
I'm not gonna wear it.

I'm gonna be transmitting
all over the place.

I gonna have them give me
a body recorder.

What you gotta do, stop
lettin' 'em move you around.
Yeah, okay.

If this is their game,
Bobby, you're screwed.
You make it so there is no game.

We gotta put stink on
the operation. We have got
to initiate preemptive stink.

Like how, Andy?
How do we initiate that?
You collar this asshole.

Big picture in the paper‐‐
You and Salvo at arraignment.

Now you showed you're straight.
You're no use to Salvo,
the bureau, the Rat Squad,

or the job making
you go undercover.

You're useless for nothing
but us goin' back to work.

Andy, if they know
that I'm against them,

anything that I do,
they'll try to turn it around.

How they gonna turn that?
You're putting bracelets
on Salvo.

How? Suppose they put out
that I set up the collar,

and then I ask money for Salvo
to drop the charges?

No, Andy. They gotta think
that I'm cooperating with them.

I worked this prick Salvo
on the Robbery Squad.

This is a genuine badass.
Thanks for the tip, Andy.

I watched this guy take out
a kid with a baseball bat
when we were 15.

Citibank stickup‐‐
three guys from his crew‐‐
they showed up dead.

The pie don't need
to get cut up so small.
This is Salvo.

[ Knocking ]
I know it is.

‐ The shrink's back?
‐ They got you wearing a Kel?

I'm not wearing a Kel.
I'm gonna wear a Nagra.

Yeah, that's the choices
they left him, what kind
of rat equipment to use.

Sit down.

What a grim environment
to have to work in every day.

Yeah, thanks for
the big concern.

What developments
with Christine?
Past being murdered?

It doesn't elude me
you're both taking
provocative tones.

What can you tell us
about treating Christine...

for her emotional problems
about having been raped?

Since the person who attacked
Christine has moved to another
part of the country,

I'd suggest what's
more pertinent to
your homicide investigation...

is the incest issues
with her father‐‐
the rape reexposed‐‐

as I've already brought
to your attention.

You sure wanna put
prison stripes on
this girl's father,

don't you, Dr. Wentzel?
My wants have nothing
to do with it.

You wouldn't have had
any "wants" going on with
Christine, would ya, Doc?

Good day.

[ Huffs ]
I'm going to file charges
for what you just did.

Maybe we'll share a cell.
What in heaven's name
is going on here?

This girl's father
didn't kill her.

You think not?
Yeah, we think not.

And if he didn't, then with
the drain cleaner and such...

getting forced into her
after she's already dead‐‐

everything but
"A Plumber Did This" gettin'
painted on her forehead‐‐

that leads us to think
maybe somebody's framin' him.

And then here comes you,
checking in six and seven
times an hour,

lest we forget
we should be liking this guy
for killing her.

I checked in initially
to inform you of my misgivings,

‐ and subsequently
at your request.
‐ [ Russell ] Doctor,

everything we've heard,
this girl and her father
adored each other.

Compounding her sense
of betrayal on recovering
the incest.

You know, I'm‐‐

I'm groveling to
make you understand...

what any competent practitioner
would‐would recognize instantly.

‐ Yeah? Why?
‐ I'm gonna leave, Detective,

and then neither of us
will have to account
for my behavior.

[ Mutters ]
This is ludicrous.

I'm not even gonna ask
for an attorney. That's
how ludicrous this is.

How did you try
to help Christine, Doc?

Oh, as if you've
any real interest.

This young lady felt
profoundly defiled.

I'll disclose to you that
this young lady was a virgin,

and one felt deep sympathy
for what she experienced.

She had been raised
a certain way.

Very strong family values,
very loving family.

Genuine belief
in the country.

America's promise.
Do you see?

Very touching.

I came from an idealistic
raising myself.

Very loving, affectionate,
deeply moral person.

‐ This is you?
‐ Naturally, I‐‐

[ Sighs ]
I was responsive to
Christine's upbringing and‐‐

and her qualities of character.

I'm not a great believer
in coincidence, but...

Miss Lakos came to see me
nine days exactly...

after my mother passed.

And when she was finally
able to discuss it,

the sexual assault
that, uh, she reported
by her fellow worker...

happened to have occurred
two days after
my mother's passing.

That's some coincidence.
Oh, you can imagine
one's reaction.

In so many ways...

the age in which
she had to live...

flaunted or made irrelevant.

And in that sense, deeply,

deeply defiled
her values as well,
and sense of herself,

just as Christine
had felt defiled.

[ Russell ]
This is your mom?

Some of that fueled my efforts
to treat Christine.

[ Voice Cracking ]
But I obviously was
no good at it,

so the cleansing technique,
so forth‐‐

[ Bangs ]
What are you,
a hundred percent nut job?

‐ Andy‐‐
‐ Was this one of your cleansing
techniques, killing this girl?

‐ My God, you're a sick man.
‐ I'm a sick man?

What is
a cleansing technique, hmm?

Is it pouring drain cleaner
down her throat?

Or is that a framing technique
after the cleansing technique?

What in heaven's name
is going on here?

It's obvious you're under
a lot of strain, Doctor.

‐ What in heaven's name
is going on here?
‐ My guess, sick twitch you are,

this girl reminded you
of Mom's great qualities.

And you wanted to do whatever
"cleansing techniques" got your
chubby going with your old lady.

And when Christine
wouldn't let you,
you croaked her!

‐ You think you're
a psychiatrist.
‐ No, I'm a Polack detective...

knows you get away with murder,

you leave the crime scene
and you go about your life.

It's you‐‐
you intelligent types.
You always gotta provide...

an alternate suspect,
like this poor girl's father.

And you lead us by the nose
to their door.

[ Hits Table ]
You declined a lawyer
in front of a witness, Doc.

And you ain't leavin' this room
until you give it up.

Now, do you wanna
save yourself some
aches and pains here?

[ Knocking ]
[ Door Opens ]

Did he go?

[ Lock Clicks ]

You talk about crazy.

They still didn't bring
the Nagra yet?

Is it on?

Let you act like a man,
then they try to
turn you into some boy.

Who said that?
Some skell.

Oh, man, I feel like
a windup toy.

You'll beat 'em,

You'll play 'em and beat 'em,
and they'll never even know.


Now it's just details,

Lock the door
to the squad room.

[ Siren Wailing In Distance ]

[ Both Moaning ]

[ Moaning Continues ]

[ Chattering ]

[ Phone Ringing ]

[ Moaning Continues ]

Hey, you got
some hell of a job.

[ Scoffs ]

Put your ass on the line
every day, people throwin' shots
at you left and right.

Then your bosses do that.

Yeah, anyways, I put you
in that jackpot, Bobby.

Why don't you let me
look out for you now?

Yeah, well, it's not like
I'm buried in job offers,
you know, so‐‐

Oh, you got no job offer.

You got a job,
all right?

All right.
I appreciate that, Joe.

You know, from time to time,
we may "technically"
violate some laws‐‐

[ Gunshots ]

[ Tires Squealing ]

‐ You all right?
‐ Andy.

Get outta here!
What happened?

I made a left on Mulberry
and this is what I saw.

What did you do?

Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.

‐ They got no game now.
Get out!
‐ What did you do?

‐ I'll tell 'em what I saw.
‐ You get out!

I know what I did.
[ Siren Wailing ]

‐ They're comin'.
Will you get outta here?
‐ Andy, get outta here!

You better lose that tape.

[ Siren Continues ]

[ Siren Stops ]

Don't move.