NYPD Blue (1993–2005): Season 4, Episode 21 - Is Paris Burning? - full transcript

An inebriated Vince Gotelli is arrested after "hijacking" a city bus and having it wrecked. Fancy meets with the bus driver's boss to work out an arrangement about their investigation and suggests that Gotelli take some medical treatment. But it takes a forced intervention by Martinez, Medavoy, and Russell to convince Gotelli to get medical and psychiatric help in which Gotelli decides to throw in his badge for good. Meanwhile, Simone's continuing help with the FBI makes his life miserable when the men from Internal Affairs investigate him for the government license plate number on Salvo's car that he ran and is frustrated when he cannot tell them, not even Sipowicz, about what he's doing. Elsewhere, Sipowicz and Simone investigate the beating and murder of a woman in her apartment and deal with the emotionally sensate superintendent of the building whom they think he knows more than he's telling them.

‐ Morning, James.
‐ We're around the corner.

‐ What do we got?
‐ Uh, hijacked bus. Perp's in
the wind.

‐ Anybody hurt?
‐ Uh, nobody hurt, nobody

‐ Well, that's good anyway.
‐ Any word on the, uh, Abby

Yeah, still watchful waitin'.

All's I can tell you, James, if
she's not pregnant,
explanation's elsewhere.

I gave a good supply of sperm.

What in the world happened here?

‐ This one tells it best.
‐ This one?

‐ Mrs. Prows, this is Detective
‐ How do you do?

‐ I think this may have been my
‐ Really?

The driver had to go to
the lavatory for a minute...

and after he got off the bus,
I said to the man beside me...

that when I'm late, my cat
does his business on the carpet.

And he asked me where
I live and I told him...

and he just went to the front
of the bus
and got in the driver's seat
and away we went.

Uh, did he have liquor on his
seemed like he might have been
on drugs?

Well, he did have liquor
on his breath.

When we were sitting next to
each other,
he was singing to himself‐
Italian serenades.

But he was very quiet and

What did he look like?

He was tall and lumbering,
with white hair...

and like he could
lose 30 pounds.

All right, thanks for your help,
Mrs. Prows.

He was driving fine until he
to take a shortcut to my street.

One of the passengers said
he'd seen the guy that stole
the bus...

‐ drinking a few days ago at
the, uh, Alibi Lounge.
‐ [ Medavoy ] Oh, yeah?

Mother of God!
Look what he did to my bus!

Sir, please. The driver.
Sector car picked him up.

‐ What's you name, sir?
‐ John O'Neil. What in the hell
could have been in his mind?

‐ It's wedged in pretty good.
‐ If you could try to collect
yourself, John...

uh, then we could take your
what occurred.

Can't even take a piss in this

I'm with you there. Many's the
that I've regretted my small
bladder capacity.

Uh, I gotta call my dispatcher.

Yeah, fine, go ahead.
Then we'll get your account.

Be fair to yourself, Greg.
This guy gets back to you...

you tell him you do
have a big semen output.

So the bus driver
gave a description?

All right. All right.
Don't come in.

Go back to that bar the witness
talked about seeing him at.

See if they can put a name to
the guy.
All right.

‐ Hey.
‐ Good morning.

911. What, am I fired?

I.A.B. flagged you for
running that license plate.

Oh. So, do I explain
to the Rat Squad...

or, uh, send 'em to
these F.B.I. guys or what?

‐ F.B.I. doesn't want that.
He'll walk you through it.
‐ You're gonna explain to
I. A. B.?

‐ Morning.
‐ Agents Kriegel and Kazmaier.

I remember.
What's going on?

Your Internal Affairs Bureau is
going to talk
to you about the plate you ran
for Joe Salvo.

My boss says you don't want to
tell I. A. B. it
was your request, which I got
no problem with.

‐ Who is gonna tell 'em?
‐ We don't want you to
cooperate with I. A. B.

‐ Tends to piss 'em off.
‐ They think Salvo has a hook
in I. A. B.

We'll give you one piece of bad
for each of your I. A. B.

and we'll I. D. the bought agent
off which piece Salvo winds up

Meanwhile, where am I
for running the plate?

That will all be made right.

You string out I. A. B.,
I'm off the street.

I told you, your position will
be made totally right.

Boss, no one can make that

Bobby, right now,
you're in the middle of things.

Yeah, which is a lot of
double‐talk for
“bite the pillow and take your

Gotta talk to my boss.



W‐Was this thing
with Salvo ever real?

They say on their bugs he keeps
“our guy.” “Our guy this,” “Our
guy says.”

How does that put the guy
in with I. A. B.?

Kriegel wouldn't quote why,
but he said they're sure about

So I get sat down?

Not if they come up with
Salvo's man
off your first interview.

Well, if you can't trust your
with these guys, who can you


‐ Anyone you tell about this,
you didn't do any favor.
‐ I'm telling her.

If they make her for knowing,
be jammed just to get her out
of the way.

I'm telling Russell or I'm gonna
tell the truth up and down.

And let 'em suspend me for
impeding their investigation.

‐ Well, I wouldn't tell anyone
‐ [ Phone Rings ]

I'm sorry about this.

Boss, I wish you would have
stood up for me better.

‐ What could I have done?
‐ Yeah. That's what I can't
figure out.

‐ [ Sighs ]
‐ Why'd the boss beep you?

The Rat Squad's gonna land on me
for doing Salvo that solid.

But you can tell I.A.B.
the F.B.I. asked you to do that.

‐ No?
‐ Diane, you start going off

it's only gonna prove Fancy's
not wanting me to tell you.

‐ How's it going?
‐ How's it going?

‐ How's it going, Andy?
‐ Assault‐rape, First Avenue
and Eighth.

‐ Good morning.
‐ How's it going?

Diane, you want to meet Greg
and James
at the Alibi Lounge?

[ Russell ]


Do me a favor. Don't turn my
station off
and then not say nothing on the

‐ What are you talking about?
‐ Last while, I put on music,
you turn it off...

then the whole ride,
you're looking out the window.


[ Engine Starts ]

Put on the radio.

Or instead of keeping me in the
dark for what's
getting to be an insulting
period of time...

‐ you could tell me what the
hell is going on.
‐ I can't, Andy.

Is it domestic problems? You'll
be shocked,
but I'm acquainted with those.

‐ Andy, please, you got to let
me up here.
‐ Sure. Consider yourself up.

♪ [ Radio: Instrumental ]

‐ Fifteenth Squad detectives.
‐ What's going on, fellas?

We're looking for someone
who frequents this bar.

Yeah. White hair, over six feet
uh, somewhat heavyset.

Yo, Vince.
Some guys from your squad.

‐ Oh, boy.
‐ What's going on, gentlemen?

‐ Hey, Vince.
‐ How's it going, Vince?

I picked up my vegetables, and
now I'm
having a little libation before
I go home.

Well, I'd invite you to join
me, but then
you'd get jammed, uh, drinking
on duty.

Then you'd have to call your
which would have been me in the
old days...

but now you'd have to call
you know what I mean, Martinez?

That's right, Vince.
But let's talk anyways.

Leon, uh, give the boys some
beverages of their choosing,

‐ We're not having nothing.
‐ [ Martinez ] Hey, Vince.

‐ Did you do a little joyridin'
last night?
‐ In what sense?

In the sense of, uh, stealing a
and caving the sides in...

‐ navigating an alley where it
didn't fit?
‐ I'd ask for my delegate...

except my delegate is
questioning me
and trying to jam me up.

Nobody's looking
to jam you up, Vince.

No. No, uh, element of

for borrowing those quarters
from your coffee can?

Why don't you just tell us what
Vince, and we'll see what we
can do about it.

‐ What are you, an open‐heart
‐ [ Russell ] Hi.

‐ Hey, Diane.
‐ How you doing, Vince?

Oh. You the, uh,
final matador, Russell?

Drive the final lance in the

Just talking to Vince
about the bus incident.

‐ Oh.
‐ My father drove buses 27

Is that right?
My uncle drove.

My father drove 27 years...

then keeled over dead
of a heart attack.

Thank God not behind the wheel.

We ought to go to the house,

You want to talk about last

An unnamed person tried to give
four passengers door‐to‐door

‐ Why don't we go in, Vince?
‐ No.

‐ No. I'm gonna drink more.
‐ No.



Come on.
Come on.

All right.
I'm not under arrest.

We're just gonna
talk some stuff over.

Okay, Vince.

‐ What do we got?
‐ Rob‐assault.

Victim's Sonja Hudson. They
took her
to Bellevue. She was pretty
well beat up.

How do you know it's a robbery?

‐ The place is all ransacked.
‐ [ Door Opens ]

‐ [ Door Closes ]
‐ I got Mr. Peepers.

All right,
I got the crime scene.

Come on, I saw you.
Open the door.

‐ [ Knocking ]
‐ Hey.

‐ I didn't see anything.
‐ No, huh?

‐ No.
‐ Open the door. We'll chat
about what you didn't see.

‐ I don't have to do that.
‐ You have to unless you want
your door broken down.

‐ Talk to me through the crack.
‐ [ Sighs ]

‐ A violent crime was committed
on your neighbor.
‐ You don't have to tell me.

I don't have to tell you, huh?
But you didn't see nothing.

I've seen police coming and
going, and
I've‐ and I've seen Sonja taken
out on a gurney.

I think you've seen a lot more
than that.
Now open this damn door.

‐ No.
‐ Where's your building super?

‐ I'm the super.
‐ You're the super?

Open this door
before I knock it down.

‐ What's your name?
‐ Steven Cameron.

‐ Steven, you're coming to the
station house.
‐ You can't make me.

Don't tell me I can't make you.

Now come with me
to the station house.

All right.
Just, um, be right there.

‐ The guy saw a lot.
‐ He said that?

More or less. Let's go.
Come on, Steven. Let's go.

‐ I'm coming on my own volition,
and I‐I can leave when I want.
‐ Sure.

I‐I know I am entitled to a

Why do you think you need one?

Because I‐ I‐I don't
intend to‐ to let you...

badger me into‐ into doing
against my better interests.

Why is that? Because you
committed a crime? Huh? Is that

What do you like,
Steven or Steve?

That depends on‐
on who I'm talking to.

Steve all right from me?

Yeah. You know,
I mean, if you prefer.

Steve, we'll be
on a lot better footing...

you let me
ask my own questions.

Sure, 'cause you're
the tough cop, right?

Did you commit a crime?


Steve, if you're saying
that you're a witness‐

Steve, you know it's your
to come forward as a citizen...

Stevie boy, Stevie,
hey, huh, Stevie boy?

That's an interesting thing you
do there,
Steve. You must be a real big
hit at parties.

You're not gonna make me help
with something could get me

or badly injured
or badly beaten, so‐

But you were a witness.

Yeah, but don't put‐
don't‐ don't put‐

Don't put words
in my mouth 'cause‐

We're not gonna put words
in your mouth, Steve...

and we're not gonna put a fist
in your mouth
and knock you across the room...

and have you spittin'
your teeth out like Chiclets.

‐ We're not gonna do that.
‐ When we were in our locker
just now, Steve...

my partner says to me, uh, “I
this super really wants to

He's just a little afraid.”

It's no crime
in being afraid, Steve.

Especially if you've seen
that shakes you up inside.

But now‐now I have two‐
my two new friends, right?

So, I don't‐ I don't have to
be afraid no more.

'Cause the rapist, the one at

once I tell you who he is...

no‐ no chance
he don't go to jail.

Right? Wind up back out on
the streets looking to hurt me.


I mean, there's no chance,
right, good buddies?

Gary Wilder.

[ Sighs ]

The other building
I'm the super at.

‐ Hey, Gina.
‐ Hey.

Let's talk in the coffee room,

Sure. Make it as public
as you can.

‐ I'll be in in just a second.
‐ Yeah, while you run me down
for Fancy, right, Medavoy?

Let's just get some coffee now,
Vince, all right?

What's that?

Vince Gotelli in a huge jackpot.

He's who stole the bus?

Driver steps off to piss,
Vince has had a few...

I guess upset with
his health problems...

decides he'll give the
door‐to‐door service.

‐ Who knows about it?
‐ Nobody, boss.

Did Telli show his shield
to get on?

Driver made no mention of that.

[ Medavoy ]
We gotta bring I. A. B. in?

Let me have the driver's name.
I'll see where it stands with
his supervisor.

He's two months short
of 30 years, boss.

‐ I don't need you telling me
that, Greg.
‐ Excuse me. Point taken.

Is he sober enough
to give a statement?

‐ We'll walk him through that.
‐ All right, take it, but don't
file it.

I have a clean record.

We put you through our
computer, Gary,
so we know that's true.

Plus, if we didn't know it,
that's the 17th time you told

I'd like to know why someone
knocked out with
a migraine can be dragged out
of his bed...

‐ without even knowing why
you want to talk to him.
‐ Ever happen with you, Gary...

right off meeting someone,
you feel like he's a lying sack
of crap?

You see any radio cars outside
your building this morning?

You mean police cars?

Police cars, right.

I heard sirens. I was lying in
my bed
with the shades drawn.

‐ Knocked out by your migraine?
‐ There was a robbery across
the street.

Like I said, I‐
I didn't see anything.

Our thought was more you did it.

‐ Well, you're wrong.
‐ If you did do it, Gary...

which your photo's been picked
by several different

‐ you're in a better way than
you deserve.
‐ Woman's gonna recover.

You plead to the robbery,
probably do three years.

I had a migraine, so I didn't
do anything.
Now I want a lawyer.

Didn't have a migraine,
you'd have done it?

Hope that didn't make
your headache worse.

‐ Twitch super's in 3?
‐ Yeah. I'll put a photo array

One thing I don't want, he
throws up
on my shoes off his nervousness.

‐ Hey.
‐ Hi.

What's Gotelli doing in?

‐ Uh, he hijacked that bus.
‐ What?

‐ Yeah.
‐ Oh, man.

‐ The Rat Squad's got it yet?
‐ Greg says Fancy's trying to
head that off.

Maybe him and Vince
go further back.

We gotta do something, Bobby.
I. A. B. will hang you out.

If they see it's us doing
they'll hang you out too.

‐ I gotta do this photo array.
‐ I'm gonna take a pee.

You know, when you grabbed
my wrist this morning, it hurt.

Trained detective.

You don't have his‐his picture,
and now‐now you do have his

What does that mean,
he's in the building?

I know this comes natural to
Steve, try to relax.

How's it going?

Best day of my life.

All right, tell us if you
recognize anyone,
and if so, from where?

‐ Wilder's not in there.
‐ It's just us chickens in
here, Steve...

but don't say a name until
you see a picture you recognize.

That's Gary Wilder.

Past being a tenant in one
of the buildings that you're a
super at...

where do you recognize
that man from?

Running from the apartment
where Sonja
Hudson was robbed and‐and raped
and beaten.

[ Sighs ]

Are you gonna arrest him?

We're gonna work on that right

I'm not walking out of this
unless you put him under arrest!

So you could become like
a station house mascot?

Oh, oh, you're already showing
you don't care what happens to

‐ That's not true, Steve.
‐ Cameron, what you just did
took balls.

And I respect you for it.

We'll talk to the D. A. now.

Cohen's riding. I saw him about
10 minutes ago heading for the
third floor.

Yeah. Good.

‐ What's that about?
‐ You got a minute for us,

‐ Yeah, sure.
‐ The, uh, coffee room's tied
up, Bobby.

Well, all the interview rooms
are tied up then.

Well, maybe you can take it

‐ Sure.
‐ Okay.

You got a minute, Cohen? Being
no one else chooses to converse
with me.

What's going on, Detective?

I'm the last person
to ask about that.

[ Clears Throat ] We got a
to the immediate aftermath...

picked the guy's photo out
for a robbery‐sexual assault.

Can you get the suspect
to stand in a lineup?

Lawyered up.
Very strong I. D. from the

He's a super. The perp's a
at one of his other buildings.

‐ Could the witness have made
I. D. off some kind of grudge?
‐ No. No. This‐

This guy didn't want to
get involved at all.

He's scared out of his mind the
will make bail and clean his

All right,
we'll file on the guy.

Victim's on life support,
but they think she's going out.

Can you get a high bail set off
the likelihood that the charge
goes to murder?

I won't be at arraignment,
but, uh, I'll enter a note in
the file.

‐ What's the collar's name?
‐ Gary Wilder.

‐ I'm gonna go lock him up.
‐ All right.

Uh, I'm worried this mope
could get hurt.

Would I piss you off asking you
to, uh,
put the high bail note in the

and call the arraigning D. A.?

If every fascist looked out for
and witnesses as well as you
do, Sipowicz...

Bill of Rights issues would be
a lot more complicated.

Hey, this day's going bad

If I were you, I wouldn't be
making any wisecracks.

[ Chuckles ]

For the record, Detective...

have you been given your rights
and told that this

concerns your use
of department files...

to obtain information about a
on loan to another government


Could you move closer
or raise your voice?

Yes, I understand.

you ran a covered plate.

What's the question?

Are you prepared to discuss the
or reasons why you ran the

‐ No.
‐ And why is that?

I ran the plate. I put in my
access number.
I didn't try to hide what I was

I'm asking what your intention
or purpose was in doing that.

Find out who the plate
was issued to.

[ Clicks Off ]

[ Sighs ]

Are you gonna sit here
jerking me off?

[ Scoffs ]

You know, Martens...

I hope every day goes by...

I learn something from someone.

You told me something
maybe 18 months ago.

‐ Definitely was my lesson for
that day.
‐ Which was what?

“Everything's a situation.”

I thought we had a relationship,
given the givens.

I don't disagree with you.

Which is why I'm reminding you
of the lesson you told me.

How everything's a situation.

Meaning you're in a situation
right now...

you can't explain running that

[ Sighs ]

That's not gonna be good
enough for my bosses, Simone.

I'll have to go after you.

You do what you gotta do.

[ Sighs ]

Let me know if this is how's
it's gonna be.
I'll bring some books over.

‐ You want the cover charge
‐ Yeah, that's what I meant.

[ Phone Rings ]

Yeah. Yeah, how's it going?

Uh, no, I'm working.

I can't do that, Joe.

Joe, how'd you get my phone?

That right?
I'm gettin' forgetful.

Yeah, good.

Uh‐huh. Take care.

‐ How'd Salvo get your phone?
‐ I gave him the number.

You did?

Showing me his long reach.

‐ Let's go in separate.
‐ Okay.

I'm gonna have to beep
this nervous little twerp...

and if I'm lucky enough
to find him...

I'm gonna be standing
in three inches of piss.

I don't want to hear how
fell through the cracks, Cohen.

You do what you say
or you don't.

Oh, yeah. Yeah. Bring up the
that you put in his file.

That'll have a real happy
for the both of us.

I want to know
what the hell's going on.

‐ Andy, I told you, I can't‐
‐ You told me dick.

Now these guys
are pulling your 61s.

‐ That's my name on them things
‐ Could I talk to you a minute?

‐ Get a lawyer.
‐ Think he needs a lawyer?

‐ Off the record?
‐ Sure.

[ Sipowicz ]
Kiss my male organ.

‐ This will be off the record.
‐ Yeah. All right.

In case you wanted to know,
that rape‐assault?
Woman's dead. The perp made

How did they give this guy
makable bail?

How you gonna talk with this
He's looking to hang you by
your thumbs.

Strange things occur.

‐ Sorry about all that.
‐ Sure.

Do you think we eat kids
for breakfast?

I think humiliating the cop is
part of
what you guys do to try to
soften him up.

Shows what's in store for him
if he don't start helping

Is that what you wanted to
tell me off the record?

That plate you ran was covered
'cause it was part of an F. B. I.

‐ And?
‐ And when we asked the agency
about it...

‐ they can't release that
‐ I can't release it either.

You can't either
because you don't know...

or because you're in a situation
you can't talk about?

Is that what you were
trying to tell me yesterday?

If I was in a situation, I
guess I'd be
jamming myself up answering
your question.

Yeah, but you'd like to
if you could, hmm?

You're getting caught in the
aren't you, Simone?

I'd like not to have you people
going through
my 61s like I was some kind of

I'd like not to have Andy
up to get screwed...

just because he's my partner.

My office is gonna hang you out.

They'll find a mistake in your

or trip you up on some
integrity test in the street.

But that's not you.

I know what the F.B.I. is doing.
I know they're looking at Joe

‐ Now why don't they want my
office to know that?
‐ Ask the F.B.I.

It ain't even in your mouth,
huh, Simone?

Hook's right in your belly.

I'm gonna work my shift.

Don't answer his beeper. Don't
any of the other four numbers
he gave me...

till I thought he was never
leaving the station house.

But his beeper,
that was 24 hours.

That he sleeps with next to his
So I got that number.

And I‐I always got
contact with him.

And now‐ now he don't answer,
and this asshole's on the

‐ Get those files off there!
‐ Easy, Andy.

‐That's a working detective's
you asshole cheese‐eater!
‐Take it easy, Andy.

How am I supposed to take it
easy, huh?
There's rats all over this

this guy's in trouble, and I
don't know
what the hell is going on!

‐ Control your man, Lieutenant.
‐ Don't tell me how to run my

‐ What are letting happen here,
‐ [ Fancy ] That's enough.

We gotta go look for this
super, and I don't
know if we're gonna like what
we find.

‐ This is the rape‐assault?
‐ Now it's a rape‐homicide,
and maybe still counting.

‐ We're going over to his
‐ We'll want to be alert.

Does anyone on the Rat Squad
follow us,
catch us for running red lights.

‐ Are you Lieutenant Fancy?
‐ Yeah. What do you need?

I'm Lou Garvey,
John O'Neil's boss.

Oh, yeah.
We can talk in here.

‐ How we doing on that bus?
‐ Well, um, we've got some
preliminary pieces put together.

Um, riders' statements
and so forth.

I thought you and I should talk
before we went much further.

‐ Appreciate that consideration.
‐ Yeah. We've spoken with the

Except for the idiot
that hijacked the bus.

Yeah, except for that idiot,

How's it add up for my guy?

Well, let me put it this way,

I could put a lot of manpower
on this case,
possibly find a perpetrator.

But whoever it is
prosecutes that case...

has to involve the facts coming
that your man made an
unauthorized stop.

Failed to safeguard his bus.

Now, I don't know how it lays
at the Transportation

but on my job, officer gets
boss gets strung up too.

‐ I hear you.
‐ Other thing that concerns me,
the more gets made of this...

I think the city's looking at
kind of lawsuit from those


I hear you there too.

As far as you know,
has the press gotten ahold of

[ Chuckles ]
No. I got that bus towed fast.

I'm just thinking if low‐key
isn't a better way to go.


Lieutenant, uh...

I'm not opening your eyes none
if I tell you that, uh...

there's some real bad guys
out on our streets.

It's not a shock to me,
Lou, no.

With that element circulating
and, uh...

thank God, no harm was done
with this bus prank...

your people got better things
than to go after it like a
nuclear attack.

I think we're on the same page,

Tell 'em they don't need to get
any hernias tracking this thing

Well, okay.
It's good to meet you, Lou.

Any new developments,
I'll keep you apprised.

Any new developments,
keep 'em to yourself.

[ Chuckles ]

‐ Did you just ring my buzzer?
‐ Yeah, we needed to get in.

‐ Did you see the super?
‐ Last I saw him was about
three hours ago.

‐ He was taking garbage to the
‐ He's not here.

We ought to look in the
She said he went down there
three hours ago.

Yeah, I heard her. I'm gonna go
see this asshole Wilder's

‐ We'll go there, then we'll
check the basement.
‐ You check the basement.

I'll check his place.
I don't need your help.

We're all gettin' to be
real lone wolfs.

Thanks for your help.

[ Water Running ]

You murdering son of a bitch!

‐ I found him that way.
‐ You found him?

You found him? You found him?
You found him?

‐ I ought to do that to you!
I ought to blow your head off!
‐ Help!

‐ Help me! Help me!
‐ You shut up! You shut your
mouth or I'll kill you!

‐ Don't do it, Andy!
‐ He killed that little guy!

‐ He cut him into pieces!
‐ Don't do it.

[ Groaning ]

‐ You shut up too.
‐ [ Groaning ]

‐ I was beaten.
‐ No. What happened to you...

is that you cut that poor guy
into 27 pieces,
and now you're a collar.

‐ I was beaten.
‐ You weren't beaten enough.

‐ [ Simone ] So here he is,
‐ This is Gary Wilder...

the guy you were
supposed to keep inside.

And now he's come out
and he murdered that super...

who was only trying to
do the right thing.

‐ I'm beaten, and I didn't
‐ You keep your mouth shut!

‐ I didn't confess anything!
‐ Get in there!

Sit down!

‐ I'm sorry this happened.
‐ Cut him into 27 pieces after.

‐ You want to see the pictures?
‐ I'll be seeing the pictures.

Gary Wilder, out on bail
for a rape‐homicide.

‐ Rape‐assault at the time.
‐ You got a pair of balls,

‐ I'm not making any brief for
myself or my office.
‐ He's just letting you know...

it was a rape‐assault when they
this scumbag walk behind a
$2,000 bond.

‐ $20,000 bail.
‐ Yeah, but you're not making
no brief for yourself.

‐ I came here to apologize.
‐ Not to do no damage control.

I don't have to be here.
I'm not riding today.

Well, why don't you get
the D. A. who is riding...

and we'll see can we get this
arraigned for killing that poor

and putting the pieces
of his body into garbage bags.

‐ I didn't confess.
‐ Hey, shut up...

or I am gonna knock your teeth
through your throat!

[ Cohen ]
Your wife's riding.

I didn't think she'd care
much for working on this.

I thought under the
I'd cover for her.

Pin a rose on you.

Let me know when he's booked.
I'll walk the papers through

Why don't you go in the coffee
Vince? I'll be with you in just
a second.


Psst. Hey, if you're their boss,
I was beaten.

Probably not enough.

I.A.B.'s interviewing
Martinez and Medavoy.

‐ That's about me?
‐ Martinez and Medavoy are
talking to them?

‐ It was an official request.
‐ I didn't realize it was

They're subject to discipline
if they don't.

‐ Who's carrying the bag of
‐ Cut it out, Andy.

‐ [ Medavoy ] Meaning what,
‐ Split it 15 pieces each?

Andy, I was in there because
I'm suspended if I don't...

‐ and James was in as my
‐ And Greg didn't say dick...

which I told him not to, if you
have to ask,
and he didn't.

Look, that's what they want.
Don't let it happen.

‐ Huh. That Little Dutch Boy.
‐ Andy.

Oh, man.

We're making an official request
to talk to you, Detective.

Refusal results in disciplinary

Me having the right
to counsel how I do...

I'll peruse the yellow pages
for a lawyer
and I'll get in touch.

‐ Same for you, Detective.
‐ Well, I want to use Andy's
when he's done.

Might be a little delay.

‐ What's that about, Bob?
‐ It's about him getting screwed
and the job don't help him‐

‐ Don't do that.
‐ They need him to take his
screwing privately...

‐ and he's gonna go along with
‐ You want to put this guy in
the system?

Meaning you want me
out of your way?

Nice working with you.

Anyways, I hope it all works


You know, I think you should
the night with your mom.

Tell me you don't want to be
with me.
Don't tell me where to go.

I don't want to be with you.

I got to figure this thing out.

How do you feel, Vince?

Terrible, long‐term
and immediately.

I know about your health
Is that what you mean by

Long‐term coronary artery

Plus I'm hungover,
and I'm humiliated for what I

wedging that bus in the alley.

Here's where things stand.

The driver's supervisor
this case probably isn't gonna

‐ Meaning he knows a cop's
‐ Whatever the reason...

I don't think he's gonna
push us to get a clearance.

Oh, Lieu. Hey. Oh, my God.
You don't know how grateful I

‐ Vince‐
‐ I hope that don't mean his
driver's gonna get jammed up.

Vince, will you let me speak my

I'm sorry.
I'm‐I'm just so relieved.

You gotta retire.

Oh, boy.

I know you're just
two months short of 30 years.

Oh, I mean, I retire now,
it's a whole different pension

Your heart disease. It's a
disability. You'll get

The money isn't taxable.

‐ On the numbers, it's a better
‐ I hate admitting I'm sick.

But you are sick, Vince.
And you're out of choices.

‐ Maybe that's why you stole
that bus.
‐ You want me off this job?

I don't, Vince, no.

But we both know it's time.

I need your papers in.

‐ Today?
‐ Yeah.

I hate for it to end,
especially like this.
I did a decent job.

‐ Now people are gonna think
I'm a bad person.
‐ No. No, they won't.

You want to feel that people
take circumstances into

but you're never sure they do.

Lieu, would you excuse me?

‐ I just need a minute.
‐ Yeah. Sure.

[ Sobs ]