NYPD Blue (1993–2005): Season 4, Episode 20 - Emission Impossible - full transcript

Five Ecuadorians are found murdered at a small nightclub in an apparent robbery gone bad. Sipowicz, Simone, and Martinez work on the case where a tip from a waiter at the club leads them to...

[ Chattering ]

Hey, Vince.
Hi. Two men,
one woman, dead.

Five wounded.
They're the only
English talkers.

‐ Club president
and a waiter.
‐ What do they say went down?

Best I got are that two guys
stuck the whole party up,
some reason started shooting.

Why don't you start us
with the president, Vince?

[ Sighs ]
I'm gonna
try and urinate.

Can you put some blankets
over these people?

These detectives
are taking over,
Mr. Ibarra.

Want you to tell 'em again
what happened.
[ Whispers ] I'm out.

We're, uh‐‐
We're sorry about all this.

Thank you.
The club was dancing.

Enjoying ourselves.

Two men walk in with guns,
start yelling. Move here,
move there, stand still.

Then they robbed the bar,
and robbing everybody.
Then he start shooting.

Just one guy
was doing the shooting?

‐ These were Hispanics?
‐ Whites... talking English.

Maybe 30 years old or so.

Dirty clothes,
needing a shave.

One was blond.
The one who shoot the people
had brown hair.

Was everybody cooperating?
Why do you think
the shooting started?

‐ He just start shooting.
‐ Any drug dealers
at the party?

If we knew, no.
It would not be allowed.

‐ You the waiter?
‐ Hector Villanueva.

How long you been
working here?

About three months,
just when they have a party.

You ever see
these holdup people before?

No, I've never
seen 'em.

You guys want some coffee?
[ Simone ] Yeah.


Let's take the Spanish speakers
into the house. Let Martinez
and them do the interviews.

This waiter
knows something.

[ Sighs ]
Going home, fellas.
Got to get to market.

How you been feeling,
I told you.

I have generalized
coronary artery disease,

abnormal on
the thallium stress test.

And now I'm experiencing
difficulty urinating.

Coronary system failing.
Urinary system failing.

Now he's at the phase
you ask him how he feels,
he tells you.

Ask him
did he see the shooting.

‐ [ Martinez Speaks Spanish ]
‐ [ Speaks Spanish ]

[ Continues Speaking Spanish ]

Yeah. No.

What do you mean "no"?
I know what "no" is.

No in Spanish is "no."
He didn't say "no."

He said he went on the floor
and didn't see what happened.

Sounded like he told you
everything about those guys.

Yeah, he told me,
and I'm holding back.

[ Speaking Spanish ]

‐ What‐What was that, James?
‐ Ah, he said he wasn't looking.

[ Slaps Paper, Pen ]

[ Simone ]

[ Exhales ]
I got your beep.

I‐I had a little
temperature spike.

I mean, I‐I'm sure
we're probably early.

So, you'll be, uh,
testing yourself
subsequently during the day...

to‐to‐to let me know
if it's a go?

Uh, here's
the specimen jar.

And, uh, magazines.
Oh, fine.

Anyway, uh, have a good shift.
I'll‐I'll keep you posted.

[ Sighs ]
Yeah. You too.

[ Chattering ]

The officer downstairs
said talk to a detective.

Um, this woman needs to speak
with a detective.

Detective Russell,
how do you do?

Carla Odell.
Sexto Escobar.

Let's find some sanctuary.

[ Chattering ]

That lip looks fresh.

My husband, Zeke,
was drunk last night.

But I'm here
for my daughter, Rosie.
How can I help?

She's 12.
Zeke's her stepfather.

I was making breakfast,
crying over last night.

Rosie saw me upset,
so she got upset.

Says Zeke hurt her too.

Said he made her
come into bed with him.

Did she explain what she meant?

He made her have sex with him!

She said he put
his penis into her.

She said
this happened last night?

The first time
was a while ago.

Then again
three months ago.

And then last night.
[ Crying ]

Oh, he fooled me so good!

All he ever talked about was
wanting a child with me.

Where's Rosie now, Carla?

She's at my mother's,
sick in bed since she told me.

I'm gonna need to talk to Rosie
and to Zeke.

He's over to O. T. B.
or a bar.

I have a pager for him.

Does he know you're here?

He was gone
before Rosie told me.

He wouldn't think
I'd come in
over a beating.

All right.
Give me Zeke's pager
and where your mom lives.

I put her
in the way of this.

[ Fancy ]
Well, as long as you did this
in triplicate, you're okay.


Any progress?

Andy and me, we like the waiter
for knowing something. We sent
him home from the crime scene.

We're gonna bring him in
this afternoon.


Joey Salvo,
he, uh, left it
in my mailbox this morning.

You gonna meet him?
Well, that's what
they want me to do, right?

The F.B.I. and the job.

Chief of "D"
said cooperate.

Then that's what I'm gonna do.

[ Chattering ]

Morning, Diane.

Multiple homicides at
that Spanish club, huh?

What's that?
Complainant says her husband's
beating her...

and sexually
abusing her daughter
from an earlier relationship.

I'm gonna talk to the daughter,
then try to find the husband.

All right,
handle it as an assault
till you substantiate the rape.

Then we'll give it
to Special Victims.
[ Russell ] All right.

‐ Greg's got no Spanish.
Work it with him.
‐ Sure.

Can I help you?

I need to talk to someone.
In what regard?

Um, all these people here.
You'll probably want to see
the detectives down the hall.

This way.

Someone's been boosting quarters
from the coffee can
in my locker.

Is that right?
Yeah. I started noticing
several weeks ago.

I‐I‐I counted 'em
last night.

And today,
there's $3.75 fewer quarters.

Greg, could you
work one with me?
Yeah, sure.

What's in your jacket?

Oh, uh,
that's a specimen jar.

Yeah, they just want to test,
uh, if I've got several
infectious diseases.

What's up, Hector?
Something, uh, come back to you?

We were gonna invite you in
in a little while anyways.

[ Sighs ]
I might've said something
to some‐‐ somebody.

I wasn't involved. I just
might've said something.

What'd you say?

Maybe something
like there's a party
with a lot of people.

But nothing about people
getting shot. No way in hell
he should've done that.

Who would that be,
shouldn't have done
what they did?

Hector, give us the names
of the guys you talked to.

Guys that gave you a piece
for the information, how they
could stick the place up.

I'm not a part of this.
You've got to understand.

You can't pull me in on this,
or I can't say nothing.
[ Sniffles ]

I only came here
'cause it is wrong.

And those were my people
was killed.

Nobody was supposed
to be killed.
They told you that?

I don't know nothing about
what it was supposed to be.

You gonna tell me
where these guys are?

Maybe I could.
Maybe they'd just try
to throw it off on me,

and say that I was
a part of it, because
maybe I said something.

But I wasn't in on it.

Hector, we'll catch
these assholes,

and they will put you
in the middle of this,
'cause that's how assholes are.

You coming here before
you had to, that tells us
you're not that bad a guy.

But you don't cooperate,
it don't matter
what kind of guy you are,

we are gonna look
to get you executed.

Help us here, Hector,
and we'll try to
keep you out of it.

Jimmy and Frankie
were their names.

Gotta have their
last names.
I don't know them.

[ Simone ]
Where do they hang?
One of those scummy motels.

The Rutherford.
Down by Houston Street.

Now I'm out of this, right?
Why wouldn't you
be out of it?

All you did was
set up some murders.

We get these guys,
you keep cooperating,
you're gonna be all right.

This is the kind of place
I always figured they'd
find me dead in.

What are you
checking your watch for?

[ Buzzer Buzzes ]

I gotta meet someone in a while.
Half an hour, I'm good.

[ Buzzer Buzzes ]
Can I be trusted
with who you're meeting?

It's stupid.
I'm not supposed to say.

‐ [ Buzzer Buzzes ]
‐ Yes, Officers.

‐ What's your name?
‐ Hilton. Oh, go ahead.
Make five or six Hilton jokes.

Couple of white guys,
around 30, one brown hair,
one blond, bad‐asses.

Uh, maybe they go
by the names of
Jimmy and Frankie.

Left this morning.
Beer cans all over the floor,
pizza boxes.

These are them.

J. James, F. Franklin.
They checked in
nine days ago.

‐ You cleaned the room yet?
‐ Yes, we did.

Of course you did.
It's probably the only room
in this rathole you did clean.

‐ So, where do you
keep the trash?
‐ Dumpster out back.

They failed to take
the garbage out,

we'd have lost the opportunity
to crawl around a Dumpster,

sifting every type of
filth up to botulism.

Andy, I don't know
if I can do it with you.

‐ Oh, you can't, huh?
‐ I gotta do this thing.

I mean, by the time
the E. S. U. guys get here with
the garbage suits and all that‐‐

Absolutely right.
Don't give it another thought.

‐ You do what you gotta do.
I'll rummage the Dumpster.
‐ Okay.

That's okay?
I got your permission?

Andy, I told you I had to go
before we even knew
about the garbage.

Is that a guilty
conscience speaking?

‐ And I know you're gonna
take that weight off of me.
‐ Don't hold your breath.

[ Groaning ]

This is Detective Russell,

She wants to talk to you.

Rosie, I'm Diane,
and this is Greg.

Hi, Rosie.


I'm in the kitchen
with Grandma.


Rosie, your mom says
after Zeke hit her,

you told her something
about what he did to you.

Could you tell us
about that?

I don't feel good.

Does it bother you,
talking about
what you told your mom?


Is that because he did
something bad to you?

I hate him.
I want him to leave forever.

He hits my mom,
and he hates me.

How does he show
he hates you?

[ Groans ]

Rosie. Rosie,
we know this is
upsetting for you.

But for us
to do something...

about what's happening between
your mom and Zeke and you,
we need your cooperation.

Honey, I know how you feel.

Let us help you.

[ Sighs ]

He put his thing in me,
and I'm sick.

[ Sniffling ]

I don't feel good.
I want to go to the bathroom.

You go ahead, honey.
[ Crying ]

There's no question in my mind,
uh, this isn't her just looking
to help her mother's story.

No. Sh‐Sh‐She don't
come across
plottin' like that.

What people turn sex into.

[ Rosie ] Mom!
[ Woman ]
Help! Carla!

What is it, Ma?
[ Woman ]
She's sick!

[ Carla ]
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, baby.

[ Greg ]
My God, what's going on?

All right.
It just came out of me.

‐ What happened?
W‐Was she pregnant?
‐ Call an ambulance.

My God.
[ Carla ]
It's gonna be okay.

‐ Greg, call an ambulance.
‐ Yeah. All right.

Uh, 15th Squad
to Central K.

Uh, uh, have an ambulance
respond to 26 28th Avenue.

[ Clears Throat ]

Just throw 'em
on the desk here, guys.

‐ [ Sipowicz ] Thanks.
‐ No problem.

Got these out of
the motel Dumpster
those two skells stayed at.

All Spanish people I. D.'s.
Yeah, they gotta be
from that stickup.

A receipt for takeout
delivered to the room
they were in.

It was in the same bag
with the rest of
the stolen I. D.'s.

Plus, these idiots,
they send flowers
to their moms.

I got one of
the moms coming in
behind a phony story.

Pretty impressive work, Andy.

Hey, I finished with
the stickup witnesses, Andy.

The ones that didn't have their
heads down made the, uh,
brown‐haired guy the shooter.

One of 'em's mother's
coming in.

Yeah. Probably, uh,
want to wash up before
you talk to her, hmm?

What? You figure
you'd smell like petunias,
Martinez, huh?

Rummaging around
in some scummy Dumpster?

Where's Bobby?
[ Sighs, Clears Throat ]

He had to take some lost time.
Otherwise, he was
desperate to stay.

Joseph Salvo.

Appreciate you coming,
What's up?

I just want to say beforehand,
if you can't do this,
it's no problem whatsoever.

So, please,
don't take it wrong.

We're both 21.
[ Chuckles ]
Yeah, just barely.

I got a plate number
I'd like you to
run for me, Bobby,

which I know is
an awkward request.

I'm not gonna ask you why,

because I'm not supposed
to be running plates for
civilians no matter what.

I understand 100%.

And, uh, I'm not
gonna insult you
by offering you anything,

but I would like to give you
a case of what is called
single malt scotch whiskey,

which‐‐ well, they tell me
it's a really expensive type.

But I'm telling you,
it's lost on me anyway,
'cause I drink tequila shooters.

It happens that I enjoy
a drink of scotch.

I'd like you to have that,
despite what you said‐‐
and with no connections.

If I did this,
I wouldn't want it
to be a habit, Joey.

Make this scotch a habit,
you'd never show up for work.

I'm talking about
running the plate.

If you're willing to do this,
I would absolutely
not make it a habit.

And I'd deeply
appreciate it.

So, it's in the trunk, huh?
The scotch?

Plate number's in marker
on the outside of the case...

"Product of Scotland."

You want to walk away from
your car for a few minutes?

Know what it does, being got
to the hospital off a lie?

Sorry for
the confusion, Zeke.

Tell a man a loved one's been in
a traffic accident, so she can
charge him with assault.

Yeah, you were
so much in anguish...

you showed up two hours late
with half a load on.

Okay, Greg.
I got lost.

You're a lying prick.

What's wrong
with Rosie anyway?

Shut your mouth, Zeke.

Doctor said it was
some kind of appendix problem.

Josh, stow Zeke
in the pokey?


[ Clears Throat ]
Lieu, uh, that's
the complainant's boyfriend.

Thinks he's in just
for the assault on her.

Doctor confirmed
a miscarriage?
[ Medavoy ] Fetus was 14 weeks.

Prospective mother's in shock.
You should've seen
what she went through.

Bloody hemorrhaging,
terrible pain and cramps.

We got her preliminary
before she lost the baby.

I don't want to ask her
for any more right now.
Go with what you got.

I'd like to take the squad,
line 'em up,

and take turns
on this guy with
a Louisville Slugger.

Uh, we'll probably just start
with a conversation.

No, of course.

I'm Mrs. Mary Mosler.
I was informed to come in.

I'm Detective Sipowicz.

You left me a message.
Mm‐hmm. Come here.
Have a seat.

‐ This is Mrs. Mosler.
Detective Simone.
‐ How do you do?

What's it about?
Why'd you want to see me?

‐ Well, your name's come up
in an investigation.
‐ How can that be?

We're looking at
a florist named O'Hara.

They got records showing
a delivery of flowers
to you this morning.

Was that delivery made?
Yeah. They were
from my son, Jimmy.

Is something wrong?

We're checking this florist,
O'Hara's, records. Uh, where‐
where's this Jimmy live?

Oh, dear.
I‐I don't know his address.

H‐He's in a kind of period
now, you know. He‐He's just
sort of temporary.

Would you call that

W‐We're at a point here,
Mrs. Mosler,

where we need pretty
specific cooperation...

in terms of
who's cooperating in this
investigation and who isn't.

This florist, O'Hara,
he's had dealings with
a person named Frankie.

His last name might be
Lankersheim. Are you familiar
with that person?

Yeah, I‐I‐I do think
I met him once.
I can't say as I liked him.

‐ How often does your son
stay in touch with you?
‐ What has this florist done?

‐ I‐I don't see the connection.
‐ So, you prefer
not to cooperate?

Well‐‐ Did Jimmy buy
these flowers with a‐‐
with a stolen credit card?

Are he and O'Hara
in some kind of ring?

Mrs. Mosler, the best course
for you right here...

is to think real hard
where Jimmy might be staying at.

Jimmy does have a kind of
girlfriend, Terry.

He stays with her sometimes.
She drinks.

What can you do?
I'm just his mother.

Do you know her last name
or where she might live?

‐ Oh, I have a phone number.
‐ We appreciate your help.

[ Scoffs ]
Oh, I hope Jimmy's all right.

I got a funny feeling
when I got those flowers,
something might be going wrong.

Jimmy never gave me flowers
in his whole life.

Zeke, ask yourself what
a jury's gonna think about
a guy who's done what you have,

gives no indication
of remorse.

You listen to me.

I love my family.

I would never do anything
to hurt Carla or Rosie.

Lying scumbag.
You beat your wife
plain as day.

I want my own children,
all right?

Which Carla won't let
that happen till she says
I'm... straightened out.

That's a frustration,
all right?

And maybe I reacted on
Carla in the wrong way.

You admit
you struck Carla?

I might have, uh,
acted in somewhat, uh,
anger and frustration.

Mm‐hmm. And part of
that frustration
was wanting kids.

I want my own family,
and take care of them.
That's right.

Did you get Rosie pregnant
because Carla
wouldn't give you that?

Pregnant, Zeke.

That's right.

Is that what she's
in the hospital for?

‐ She's in the hospital
for appendicitis.
‐ So the baby's all right?

I want to know the truth
about your relationship
with Rosie, Zeke.

'Cause she's not
my real daughter,
she could have that baby.

It wouldn't be illegal.
Not your real daughter?

Like that makes a difference,
you sick piece of garbage?

I think we ought to give Zeke
a few minutes to himself, Greg.

You think about telling us
the truth. We'll decide
if we can work this out.

[ Sighs ]

Greg, get past
your hard‐on about this guy,
or I don't want you in there.

Sorry. Uh, I apologize.

I‐I‐I'm bringing
personal baggage, uh,
reference to pregnancy just now.

And I am about a mother
being beaten, and a father
getting over on his daughter.

So are we gonna
play personal baggage...

or move this asshole
off his proud
paternal feelings?

Uh, w‐we're gonna move him.
Point taken.
[ Chuckles ]

All right.

[ Sighs ]

You sure you got
the right Jimmy Mosler?

I'm not gonna tell you
the computer's
never been wrong.

[ Zeke ]
When am I gonna
get outta here?

That guy committed a crime
in there, huh?

Yeah. We get those

Come on.
We'll talk about your possible
mistaken identity in here.

Sit down.

Give us your
whereabouts 2:30
this morning, Jimmy.

Bed with my girlfriend.
That Terry,
where we just picked you up?

‐ Right.
‐ Is she gonna back you
being in bed with her, Jimmy?

'Cause we're
gonna make Terry understand
that if she is lying here,

that's gonna put her
right in the middle
of a capital offense.

Who I was with last night?
[ Sipowicz ]
Last night, yeah.

That isn't Terry.
That's another one.

Oh, yeah.
What's her name?

One‐night stand.
We didn't get to names.
Wham, bam. Thank you, ma'am.

Yeah, I never got
her name from her.

Well, you see, my thinking here,
Jimmy, is your only
quick pop last night...

‐ was shooting up
the Ecuador Club.
‐ No, I was getting laid.

Eyewitnesses put you there
sticking up that club at 2:30
last night, Jimmy,

and killing three people!

Plus, we took
a garbage bag filled
with the victims' wallets...

out of a Dumpster at
that outhouse motel
that you were staying at...

till you checked out
this morning
with your partner, Jimmy.

All the evidence
is landed on you like a safe.

I am innocent of shooting
a single person in that place!

Jimmy, we got evidence
right down to the flowers...

that you sent your mom
off of one of them
dead people's credit cards.

It wasn't me that shot 'em.
I never shot my gun.
Who then? Frankie?

Frankie went out of orbit.
What happened?
Was he on dope?

First off,
these were foreign people.

They couldn't even understand
what we were telling them
to do. It was all screwed up.

It's hell to rob
that many people.
You can't watch 'em all.

You can't control 'em.
You're completely stressed out.
They couldn't do nothing right.

And with Frankie‐‐
He had been doing blow,

and a group of 'em,
three different times, couldn't
comply with what he's saying.

And finally he just goes nuts,
starts spraying bullets. We
didn't even get all the money!

Well, you both must've been
so frustrated afterward.

Look, Jimmy,
we can work with the D. A....

to get you some consideration
on these murder charges, if
you give us where Frankie's at.

I'll give him to you
on a silver platter,
only I don't know.

He called me from a bar
just before you showed up.

I didn't want to talk 'cause
my girlfriend was in the room.
What bar was it?

He didn't say.
[ Simone ]
He gonna be calling again?

I don't know.

I said I'd call him back.

You mean you got the number?

Yeah, I wrote it down.

Try providing
the information we're seekin'
as quick as possible, Jimmy!

'Cause you got
a very irritable personality.

[ Jimmy ]
Here's something.

Frankie's got my gun.
I gave it to him.
He threw his away.

See, now, that could be of help.
We appreciate that.

Yeah. Thanks.

Go and try and hunt
up Frankie now.

Okay. Good luck.

Detective Medavoy
and I are just back
from the hospital, Zeke.

There were some developments.

What developed?

Appendicitis wasn't
the right diagnosis.
Rosie had a baby.

‐ You're kidding.
‐ Mmm.

She had a baby?
[ Medavoy ]

It's real small.
It's in an incubator,
but it's alive.

‐ What kind?
‐ It's a boy.

I wouldn't spend much time
denying you're the father,

Small as it is,
it looks like you.
It has your eyes.

[ Sighs ]
It's a boy, huh?
[ Russell ] Yeah.

Is Rosie okay?

Naturally, she was in
a lot of pain.

Is‐Is she gonna be
all right?
She'll survive.

But the doctor said,
psychologically, she's facing
a lifetime of troubles.

I swear to God,
I'd never hurt her.

I'll do what I can
to support her emotions.

Zeke, if having a baby
was all you really wanted,
Carla wasn't cooperating,

your job's to bring that
across to an impartial jury.

Family has always been
the most important thing.

That's what you've
got to bring across...

where other people
might see sexual abuse
of a 12‐year‐old.

You've got to take
responsibility to make
your further point.

Otherwise, the jury's thinking,

"What kind of a father
doesn't stand up
and take responsibility?

One that's half‐assed."

Will I ever
get to see the baby?

Don't count on the judge
doing you any favors...

without some kind of
written explanation
of your actions.

I want to explain
why I did what I did.

The judge needs to see that.

Ball's in your court.

‐ It's a boy, huh?
‐ Yeah.

What do you want?

[ Phone Rings ]
It's all right.


‐ Frankie Lankersheim?
‐ Yeah.

[ Woman ]

It's Sonja.

‐ Sonja who?
‐ That doesn't say much for the
other night at the Rutherford.

I've been calling
every bar we went to.

It's over, Frankie.
[ Martinez ]
Hands behind your back.

‐ [ Frankie ]
Let go of me!
‐ Take it easy, Frankie.

Come on. Let go of me!

‐ [ Martinez ]
Hold still.
‐ Gun here!

Hey, what are you doing
to this guy, huh?

We're the police.
You wanna come
to the station?

‐ No, I got nothing
to do with it.
‐ Up and out.

Take care, Frankie.
You remember Sonja
from the other night?

‐ Hey, Greg.
‐ Pick up the second shooter?

Andy and Bobby
are gonna move him.

Sick bastard's writing,
uh, molested his stepchild.

Yeah, someone's
definitely stealing
from my coffee can, James.

So you were telling me.

No beeps from Abby, huh?

James, I hope to God
when the time comes,
I'm not gonna fire blanks.

How you gonna
fire blanks, Greg?
You already got two kids.

I'm saying regards
to performance on demand.

I feel like a moron
not thinking to do
a‐a trial run,

but now I'm afraid,
suppose I do,
and Abby beeps soon after.

So I'm sitting here
left with my doubts.

Hey, Greg, you still know
how to ride a bike, right?

That weapon was purchased
from a Harris Blake...

outside the New York City
Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Not by me,
but by Jimmy Mosler.

I was holding it for him
for his protection.

So what was this, Frankie?
Some kind of hate crime?

'Cause that's the way
this whole thing
is shapin' up.

That's wrong as hell! I didn't
shoot nobody, and I got nothing
against any Latinos.

They got something
against you, Frankie.

Everybody in that club says
that you pulled that trigger
and not Jimmy.

Yeah? Well,
who do you think
a jury is gonna believe?

Me or a bunch of foreigners
who can't even speak English?

Uh, no offense, man.

As far as that goes,
Frankie, Jimmy rolled.

He made you
the shooter too.

Says you're a psycho,
can't control himself.

No. Jimmy
didn't say nothing.

He's my boy.
He's stand‐up all the way.
Well, what do you think it was?

Divine inspiration
that took us to that bar
where we found you, Frankie?

That was your boy,
Jimmy, giving you up!

That make sense to you,
Captain Thought Process?



I wrote it like an apology
hoping Carla and Rosie
would get to see it too.

You need to sign that now,
Zeke, so it's official.

You think you could
get copies to 'em?

Can't do nothing
till it's got a signature.

I don't think I can sign
this confession...

till I get to see
Rosie and my baby.

Guy rapes a 12‐year‐old,
starts dictating terms.

‐ Should I tell him
about the photos?
‐ What type of photos?

You got pictures
of Rosie and the baby?

I wouldn't
show him nothing.

I'm gonna sign this,
all right?

I'm gonna sign
this confession now.

I got remorse on‐‐
on hittin' Carla
and on gettin' Rosie pregnant,

and I'm not dictating
no terms.

Can I see my kid?

Rosie miscarried,

What's that
supposed to mean?
That last time you raped her?

That made her miscarry
from the time you raped
and got her pregnant before.

You lied to me.

One more word,
you sick son of a bitch,

you're gonna get
what you really deserve.

[ Locks Clicking ]

[ Inaudible ]

What are you
so introverted about?

I'm getting involved
in something. I don't know
if it's the right thing.

This is connected
with you evading
that Dumpster search?

How come you're not
supposed to talk about it?

[ Sighs ]

Well, this was
a nice, informative chat.
Are you leaving?

No, I'm gonna stick around
a few minutes.

[ Sighs ]

When you taking
that earring out?

Can I finish my fives here?

I'm gonna tell you something now
off undercover experience
on the Robbery Squad.

Guys' attire after work,
many of these guys retain
their undercover clothing.

Instead of what,
Andy? Going naked?

I'm saying they would continue
wearing that clothing,

and my opinion was,
they enjoyed it.

I don't know. Sometimes
I like wearing an earring.

You do?

You gonna wear that tomorrow?

Nah, distracts some people.

Just the ones
with common sense.

What you're so secretive about,
if I can help, let me know.

Thanks, Andy.

Yeah. Good night.

Hey, still got to
write up your five?

No, Diane was nice enough.
She did that.

But, uh, being on call
anyhow, James,

waitin' for Abby to ovulate,
I'm gonna stake out my locker.
I see.

I prefer a confrontation
to free‐floating suspicion.

If it's, uh,
a cleaning person,
some misguided civilian aide,

then it's addressed
and disposed of.

Yeah. I just hope it's not
the boss doubling back.

[ Chuckles ]

Yeah. Anyways, I hope
everything gets taken care of
for you, Greg,

and Abby, and, you know,
your coffee can.

[ Sighs ]
You pay a toll
for ongoing uncertainty.

Hey, you done here?
Yes. Want me to
run something for you?

No, that's all right.
I've got an access code.

[ Typing ]

[ Typing ]

All right. Good night.

Did you get what you need?
Guess so.

♪ [ Whistling ]

♪ [ Humming ]

[ Pager Beeping ]

It's all right.
It's all right.
I'm in the squad.

[ Breathing Heavily ]

[ Opens Drawer ]

Hi, Abby.
I‐It's Greg.

Uh, do I take it,
it's time?

Good. Fine.
Uh, let me get
right started on my end,

and, then, uh,
hopefully I'll see you
at the gynecologist's.

Uh, magazine's right here,
and my specimen cup.

All right then.

I have to ask you to leave.

I need to do something in here.
Yeah, I'll come back
in a little while.

No, no. Don't do that.
Uh, I'd, uh, like you
not to come back tonight.


I'm sorry if I seem abrupt.

[ Lock Clicks ]

‐ Oh, my God, Medavoy!
‐ So, it was you, Vince.

You scared
the daylights out of me!

Stealing quarters
from my coffee can.
What is wrong with you?

I saw you open up your locker
three weeks ago.
Combination stuck with me.

Oh, oh. Well, that explains it
then. You knew the combination,
so you gotta break in.

‐ I'm so humiliated.
‐ You oughta be.

I don't know
can we live on our pension,
if they make me retire.

This past month,
the mornings after work,

I go to the markets,
a‐and I shoplift
vegetables and‐and fruit.

You're concerned over
your heart condition.
I‐I‐I understand that.

Please don't report me,

I've taken $23.75.
I'll make every penny good.

I‐I‐I'm not
gonna report you.

But‐But you need your
health addressed,
and you need some counseling.

I'm gonna take your advice.
I'm gonna consent
to the bypass,

‐and I'm gonna seek counseling
regards to my retirement.
‐I think that's a good approach.

Why don't you go back in
and finish your business?

I don't want to see you in here
for the next 10 minutes, Vince.

I want you out there in
the squad room thinking about
what we've discussed.

I really apologize.

Please excuse me now.

[ Lock Clicks ]

[ Simone ]
How's it goin'?
How'd you do?

[ Scoffs ]
You must've given me
the wrong plate number, Joey.

I don't think so.
The plate comes up "no hit."

Don't register.

That's the right plate.

Can I have that back?

Appreciate the help, Bobby.

What? For telling you
a plate don't exist?

Hey, Bobby, I think we both know
"no hit" could also mean
covered license plate, right?

Car's being used
in an investigation?
Yeah, that could be too.

I appreciate what you did,
and I appreciate how you did it.

All right, Joey.
One for old times, huh?

Enjoy the scotch.
Maybe we get some
new times going, huh?

Hi, Greg.

I think there's
a pretty good amount
of semen in there.

That's great.

Uh, the doctor'd be
better able to compare,

but i‐it seems like
there's a pretty good amount.

‐ Hey, Greg.
‐ Hello, Abby.

Greg did fine.

Yeah. I thought of a pun
on the way over‐‐

Emission accomplished.
[ Chuckles ]


Come here.
[ Kisses ]

I pray our baby will be
as sweet as you,
and gentle, and good.

We are so honored
that you'll be his father.

Thank you very much,
Abby. Kathy.

We gotta get in.

The baton's been passed.