NYPD Blue (1993–2005): Season 4, Episode 13 - Tom and Geri - full transcript

Simone, Sipowicz, Medavoy and Martinez together conduct an investigation into the death of a worker at a construction site, where more than a building is being framed and try to sort out a feud between two different unions. Meanwhile, Geri reports to Sipowicz about finding a friend of hers who has hung himself and Fancy suggests that Russell and Kirkendall conduct the investigation, which reveals the man died from kinky sex... with Geri. But the dangerously disturbed, sex-obsessed Geri will not speak to anyone about the case except for Sipowicz whom she has an obsessive crush on. Martinez stays close to Gina while she is recovering and preparing to get her stitches from her horribly scared face removed and offers him to let her stay the night with him.


Hi, Bobby.

You got me through.

I'm glad you showed up.

Now I know what it was.

You'll get yourself
some help.


No one deserved waiting
how you had to, Bobby.

No one deserves
a lot that happens.

When Mary was sick,

I couldn't help her.

I'm glad enough
I was able to help you.

Here I am.

Andy, I need
to talk with you.
You'll get over it.

Please. I know
about something bad.

And I've heard all I'm
listening to about body juices
and rubber corsets.

A death. A dead man.
What do you
know about that?

He's a friend,
and I stopped by his
apartment this morning,

and he was hanging.

How'd you come
to stop by?
He's a friend.

I'm wondering, were you
worried about him, how you
happened to stop by?

Andy, we got a homicide
over at a construction site.
Hey, Geri.

D.O.A. off a fight at
a construction site, James.

‐ Couple of coalitions
were involved.
‐ Okay.

Hey, boss.
Geri just told me,

uh, a friend of hers
is dead at his apartment.

She found him hanging.
I don't know if you want her to
ride over there with somebody.

‐ No, I'm not going back there.
‐ I'd like you to talk to
Det. Kirkendall and Russell.

Give 'em what information
you have so they can
take a look at it.

I'd rather give it
to Detective Sipowicz.

No. Kirkendall and Russell's
how we're gonna do it.

All right.

Construction coalition, huh?

There's a solid bunch
of citizens.

Diane, Jill.

Uh, Geri found a friend of
hers dead in his apartment.

Um, can you talk
to her about it?

Don't put me
through this like a suspect,
all right, Lieutenant?

No one is treating you
like a suspect, Geri.

Antagonize me
like you have before,
and I won't cooperate.

I understand.

Geri, is your friend
there now?

His name is Tom Konigsberg,
and that's all I know about it.

If you give us Tom's address,
Diane and I can get over there.

[ Chuckles ] You're gonna
have a real good time
with me, aren't you?

Find him hanging.

Why don't you just write
the address for us, Geri?
Come on.

Gonna have a real
day at the beach.

Freeze a furry tit,
I'm out with one glove on.

Theo likes to sleep on it.
He thinks it's like
some teddy bear.

He was on it
this morning, huh?

Look, Andy. I'm sorry I didn't
spend more time on the phone
with you last night.

I was relieved you called.
Diane, she was
all stirred up.

I didn't want to be
away from her too long.

She, uh, got things
off her chest.
She's got things, you know.

I'm just hoping
she'll feel better now.
She looks better this morning.

Yeah, I'm optimistic.

What happened?

Two coalitions
went at it.
One D. O. A.,

four at the hospital,
the rest are cuffed.
You see any of it?

Black coalition shows up.
Name's None Forgotten.

Start twisting arms
for jobs.

Few minutes later,
here comes Bronx United.

Which is Puerto Rican.

Construction boss calls us
'cause he sees what's coming.

By the time we get here,
the shape directors are
already into it.

There's six or seven
set‐tos all around the yard.

Anybody see this guy get hit?
Too busy swinging hammers,
tossing bricks.

Got a wallet.

Emilio Lopez,
Shape Director, Bronx United.

Bulletproof vest.
Looks like Emilio figured...

that he'd have a pretty
bad day in front of him.

We got six guns.
Yeah, assorted pipes,
hammers, bats.

Donnybrook's like
a daily thing with these guys.

Bunch of phony hustlers.
How's it
make it phonies,

trying to persuade
these site bosses to
give jobs to minorities?

They're phonies
'cause their big
persuasion techniques...

is knocking people
around with ball bats,

and their preferred
job position‐‐

they don't actually have to
show up to do no work.

Not one honest guy
in the bunch, right, Andy?

Maybe I'm wrong, Martinez.
Maybe one of
these good folks...

is gonna leap up
and say he saw
a murder committed.

Listen, we're gonna need
transpo to get all these guys
back to the house.

‐ They need to be
‐ Sure.

All right.

Andy's missing a glove.

That accounts for his, uh,
piss‐poor attitude, right?

That, and he don't
like most people.

How's it going?

Well, 911 took
an anonymous call, said
someone hung theirselves.

M.E.'s on the way.
Landlady's downstairs.
Can you get her?

Yeah, sure.

Planned on
going to work today.

That's why this towel's
around the rope.

He didn't want ligature marks.

Oh, this is
just flabbergasting.

I'm Diane Russell.
This is Detective Kirkendall.
Millie Holden.

Millie, can you
I. D. this man?

Tom Konigsberg.
He's lived here
a year and a half.

What can you
tell us about him?

Well, I had no inkling
of this carrying‐on.

He worked steady.
He was a punctual rent‐payer.

Believe me, I never saw him
in dresses or any inkling
of this contraption.

He never even
played loud music.

Did anyone else have
a key to his apartment?

A girlfriend, I think.
She stayed here one or two
times a week.

Uh, her name was Geri.
Uh, she's, uh,
chunky build,

um, low to middle
30 years of age.

‐ Uh, Geri Turner.
‐ Good.

She had brownish‐red hair,

and she was
5'8" to 5'10".

Do you think
she did this to him?

We're gonna have to
look into that.
Thanks very much for your help.

Oh, listen, I don't have to
tell the family, do I?
No. No, we'll take care of that.

If it was my son,
I'd want someone should
lie to me how they found him.

Thank you.

[ Sighs ]
Maybe we ought to check
at the sex store,

see if they remember
this guy with anybody but Geri.

So you're really not looking
forward to going back to the
house to interview Geri, huh?

You got that right.

Slap me for saying
those boots look kinda cool.

[ Chattering ]

You guys, sit right there.

D.O.A. took one in the head.
Name's Emilio Lopez. He's the
number two guy for Bronx United.

Comes to work with
a bulletproof vest.

We got six ditched weapons,
but it's gonna be tough
to get the prints.

Yeah, this cold,
everybody's wearing gloves.

Half these guys got sheets,
plus they're in factions
against each other.

Who gets the most snouts
in the trough for no‐show jobs.

That's the contractor
over there. We're gonna
start with him.

You notify
the D. O. A.'s family?

She was taking the kids
to school. We left a message
with the neighbors.

‐ Yeah.
‐ Yo, can I get out of here?

Keep me posted.
What's your name?

‐ Ray Harvey.
‐ Where were you standing when
the shootin' happened, Ray?

I don't know.
That's why I want to get out.

You don't know where
you were standing?

‐ Did you hear the shots?
‐ Had my Walkman on. That's what
I'm trying to tell you all.

Where is it you gotta be?
Gotta take my sister
to the doctor.

‐What if you had a job to go to?
‐She wouldn't get to go.

‐ Can you be back here at 4:00?
‐ Yeah, I can be
back here by then.

All right. Write your name,
address and home phones.

Got any picture I. D.,
Mr. Harvey?

Some coffee, Mr. Deluca?

I'm nervous enough
as it is.

‐ Decaf?
‐ No.

Really something
that went on today, huh?

I go through crap with
these coalitions all the time.

They show up, no tools,
no skills worth a crap.

I don't hire them,
the site goes up for grabs.

I put up with
the B. S., the brawls.

But a killing?

You know Emilio Lopez?

No. I talked to him
for, like, two seconds
this morning.

Then Bluestone
got in his face.

Bluestone being from
this other coalition,
None Forgotten?

The black group, right.
Did Bluestone have
a weapon that you saw...

when he was
in Lopez's face?

‐ I don't know.
I went to my office.
‐ You went to your office.

Look, all I wanted was to
put up this senior center...

the sky falling in.

I put up with everything,
and still something
worse still happens.

All right, I'm gonna
say something here.

And probably it's gonna get
my head beat or something else.

I'm gonna say I have
a tape here which is
a surveillance tape of the site.

Maybe you people will see
something in conjunction
with your investigation...

to show
who did what.

And if that happens,
all I'm asking is...

not to be quoted
the source of that tape.

But I'm going this far
because this is murder.

And enough's enough.

[ Woman ]
Oh, my God! Oh, no!
[ Crying ]

Stick right here.

Oh, my God!
No, Emilio!
[ Speaking Spanish ]

Why don't you sit here
with James, Mrs. Lopez.
I'll get you some water.

Oh, my God!
Take it easy, all right?

Who did it?
Who killed Emilio?

We're looking into
how it happened.

He was an honest man.

He believed
what he was doing.
He was good.

Sir, you can't
go in there.

Dina! Dina! Dina.
[ Spanish ]

No! No. No.
Who killed Emilio?

I swear, we're gonna find
that out. I'm Joe Fernandez,
head of Bronx United.

‐You weren't at the site?
‐We've been tied up at the
office ever since the shooting.

Phone's been ringing
like there's no tomorrow.
[ Man ] Hey, Jose.

[ Spanish ]

My husband was an honest man,
and he's dead for trying
to do good.

‐ That's right, Dina.
‐ He was honest. He was
trying to get real jobs.

‐ You let it out, mijita.
You let it out.
‐ Hey, hey. Hey.

Over here.

‐ You take good care
of her, you hear?
‐ Talk a walk.

‐ And we had
three little kids.
‐ Try and take it easy.

What am I gonna do?
My God!

So, maybe a decent guy
got through the net into one
of these groups, huh, Andy?

Yeah, and maybe it
got him killed.

‐ Ladies.
‐ Detectives.
15th Squad.


We're investigating
an incident involving
one of your customers.

He recently bought
a pair of leather cuffs
here at your shop.

We sell an array of restraints.
You'll have to be more specific.

Black leather
wrist and ankle restraints.

Silver spiked collar
connected by chains.

‐ Uh‐huh.
‐ Ring a bell?

Those could be our
Beast‐master cuffs.

Those are the ones.

Do you recognize him?

Do I legally have to say?
What's your name?

Lori Gittman.
We're investigating
a felony, Lori.

You withhold information,
you're obstructing,
which is a felony too.

So I recognize him.

What about people he'd
frequent the shop with?

Got any pictures?

There's this heavy woman,
um, with dark red hair.

Usually came in with him.
Bought a lot of
dominatrix stuff.

And some pretty ballsy
lingerie for a woman of
her proportion.

‐ Did she die?
‐ No.

He's not with us anymore.

Do you remember anyone
other than the heavyset
woman being with him?

He'd come in by himself
sometimes, but when
he was with someone else,

it was always
with her.

Thanks a lot.

I think her name was Geri.


Have a seat, Mr. Fernandez.

This here's a $1,200 suit.
You want me to sit in
someone's coffee cake crumbs?

Maid's day off.

Hold my men, keep us all
from a day's pay.

Look at it
like a mourning period
for Emilio Lopez.

Emilio was solid
with the coalition.

Would've wanted us
we kept keeping on.

Both coalition officers,
you and him
must've been tight?

‐ Sure.
‐ Or not.

Don't speak bad of the dead.

‐ Suppose he was still around?
‐ Then probably be running
his mouth, preaching.

Aren't the coalitions for
the workers to speak up?

That's the political side,
what Lopez did.
I did the business part‐‐

getting people work,
food on the table.

‐ You tell me what's better.
‐ How about the no‐show jobs
and shakedowns?

How'd Lopez feel
about those?
Don't take your meaning.

Site bosses tighten you up
to keep trouble out.

Emilio want a piece
of that money, Joe?

I wasn't even
at the site, all right?

Is that a yes on wanting
some of your action, Joe?

Emilio wasn't down
for lining his pockets.
Big man of the people.

Lopez mention to you
he was starting
his own coalition?

I heard some of that talk.
Then from there...

he was gonna stand up
for the community,
then city politics.

Then next,
Herman Badillo.

Nothing worse than a guy
with dreams, huh, Joe?

Didn't like him,
and I didn't kill him.

Wasn't at the site.

[ Sighs ]
Maybe you two got
a hard‐on for me...

'cause I make six figures
and don't even have
a high school diploma.

That it?

Bye, Fernandez.
Let's go.

Uh, the shooting
was at 7:20, right?


You need some batteries
in here, Lieu.

Uh‐huh. That's the tube steak's
head of the None Forgotten.

‐ Bluestone.
‐ Yeah. Puts a bat
in his hand, but no gun.

Main fighting's on the right.
This guy's coming from
the opposite direction.

Isn't that that Ray Harvey guy
that Greg and James were
talking to here in the squad?

Ready to make arrests?

Maybe behind Bluestone
showing no piece,
you rule him out as a suspect.

Look to him for a push
who he thinks did it.

Sister Sun Ray‐‐
says she's got something
for you on this.

Yeah. What kind of
trouble is she in?

Took a policy collar.
Yeah, let's chat
with her first.

I always prefer getting
lied to by professionals.

What'd you get?

Geri's way into this
Bleecker Street hanging.

‐ She took the guy out?
‐ Guy croaked behind some kind
of autoerotic asphyxia,

but she was
definitely involved.

He's, uh‐‐
He's hanging from a hook,

cross‐dressed in women's
underwear, bound at
the ankles and wrist.

Minimum, he had to have
a wardrobe assistant, probably
a spotter to hang him up.

Geri's got
a key to his place.
Landlady says, uh,

she stays there
a couple times a week.
Salesgirl at the sex store...

this guys scores his toys at
puts him shopping with
Geri three or four times.

Oh, brother.
She give anything up
after we left?

She went upstairs to work.

All right, I'll call her
to come down.


So how'd you wind up with
this policy collar, Sister?

Young man going past
a speed limit,
'legedly holding some slips.

And he said they
belonged to you?
There's a numbers runner...

‐ with an enormous future.
‐ How about he's my grandnephew.

Drop him from the will.

So, our boss says you may be
able to help us on this
construction site homicide.

I'll tell you what
I believe, which is...

Ray Harvey put out
a high‐risk investment,

then lost his patience
and judgment,

wound up shooting
this Spanish Lopez
to death.

What kind of investments
we talking about here?

Ray loaned money to
Joe Fernandez.

Joe about to get his
ass kicked out of bossing
that workingman's coalition...

or this Spanish Lopez
was gonna split it up.

So, Ray got worried
he wasn't gonna get
his money back.

Which you come to know
all about, how?

Ray made a score off me.
He hit $18 on
the Brooklyn number.

Then he come to ask,
how should he invest that money.

'Cause the Sister,
she don't just book policy,
she's an investment adviser too.

Come for guidance.
"Who's worth credit, Sister?"

"What juice
they gonna stand?"

And you gave him Joe Fernandez
to loan money to?

No. I give him
Sam Bluestone,

which is creditworthy,
steady play and pay.

But Sam give Ray

which behind all that
trouble Joe had,

Spanish Lopez raising
that rebellion.

‐ That's how this
all come off.
‐ Ray kills Lopez.

‐ Now you on it, baby.
‐ No. We're not so sure
we're on it yet.

Last night, Sam Bluestone
come to hear...

that Spanish Lopez
is coming down to
a None Forgotten site.

Sam Bluestone heard
that Bronx United was coming
to a None Forgotten site,

‐ and he told
this to Ray Harvey.
‐ At my house.

And Bluestone, he heard
this from Joe Fernandez,
that Bronx United was coming?

I guess you'd be right.

So even though their bossin'
from rival coalitions,

these two guys,
they're tight, Sam and Joe?

Behind Sam vouching
for Joe's credit,

onliest way I'd take
a stand on that.

Which your stand would be
they are tight.

So, Ray is at your place
when Bluestone tells him...

that Bronx United is coming
on a bus and Emilio Lopez
is the one that's in charge?

Ray comes up in arms,
talking about,

"Don't pay his debt,
now he gonna take
jobs away too?"

But w‐w‐wait.
It's Joe Fernandez
that owes Ray money.

But in Ray's mind,
it's Spanish Lopez
keeps him from paying.

Ray said he got something
in his car for Lopez.

He gonna
take him down. .38.

I guess he
told the truth.

You see Ray afterwards?
He tell you what happened?

No. I see Sam
in the hall though
just now.

He took me aside,
said Ray did what he said.

Sam Bluestone says that
Ray killed Emilio Lopez?

Said he saw him do it.


This beef my grandnephew
put me in,

who's gonna
make that go away?

You stood a policy collar
before, haven't you, Sister?

I did when I had to.

'Cause giving up Ray Harvey,
that's a lot of cooperation
to beat a misdemeanor.

What makes the country go?

Believe a word she said,
the passing of Emilio Lopez...

got nothing to do
with coalitions fighting
over jobs...

or blacks versus
Puerto Ricans or none of
the other great issues.

A half‐assed shylock
worried over his loan...

murders the poor slob
who isn't even the one
who owes him the money?

Returns us to the large
uncertainty, did that
big blimp tell us the truth?

You think Bluestone's
gonna be of any help,
being that he knows the Sister?

He's got credibility
with me fitting in
the same room with her.

Yeah, we might as well
reach out to Bluestone,

see how he's gonna
try to move us around.

Let's... take another
minute quiet time.

[ Knocking ]

‐ Can I ask a favor, boss?
‐ Yeah, sure.

Gina's getting her stitches
out at 2:00. She asked
if I'd go with her.

All right,
um, give me a 28,
take a few hours lost time.

‐ Hey, I really appreciate it.
‐ So, um, how's Gina doing?

Oh, she has some
emotional concerns.

She's concerned no one's
gonna want to look at her.

Well, her asking you
to be with her...

gives you a good opportunity
to be supportive about that.

Absolutely. Uh, I'm worried
if I don't react well‐‐

I don't wanna
wince or pull back.

I'm sure your being there
is gonna be a help.

Yeah, just concentrate
on her. Uh, that's how
I'm thinking about it.

Yeah. So, you'll be
leaving around 1:00?

Yeah. Okay,
that's fine.

Okay. Thanks.
Hey, um,

tell Gina we're all
thinking about her.
All right.

Gotta go.

Hi, Geri.

Let's go into
the coffee room.

All right, if you think
that's appropriate.

[ Clears Throat ]
We found Tom.

‐ Was he hanging the way
I described him?
‐ Yeah. Uh‐huh.

Geri, uh, Tom was bound by
his wrists and ankles.

Was it you tied him up?

Why are you asking me that?
Because we wanna
know the answer.

‐Well, I'm not sure
I want to give it.
‐Have we given you any reason...

to feel this has to be
us against you, Geri?

We're trying to establish
as much information as we can.

Oh, please.
Oh, sure.

Geri, since we found
Tom dead, hanging the way
you described,

and I think Diane
mentioned bound at
the wrist and ankles‐‐

You're really having
a good time, aren't you?

And I mentioned
the landlady telling us about
your friendship with Tom,

and that you had
your own key.

Also, we traced some of
the sexual paraphernalia
from that room,

and the clerk at Mother's
identified you...

as having bought
the leather cuffs
we found on Tom.

I'm telling you all
that because I think you
should be more candid.


Geri, you don't want
embarrassment or confusion...

to wind up creating
an appearance of guilt.

Shut your hole.

Shut your
pretty‐girl hole up.

I want Andy Sipowicz.

We're really not
trying to hurt you.

Shut your pretty‐girl hole.

I want Andy Sipowicz,
or I'm gonna lawyer up.

So hard for you all
to think that a black man
would tell the truth.

Oh, God.
Yeah, that's it, Sammy.

That's what we keep
banging up against.

I didn't see what happened.
I talked to Lopez,

turned to
calm down my men,

here come a shot from
I don't know where,
down goes Lopez.

And we're telling you
that that story
is bogus, Bluestone.

Well, that's
the story I'm telling.

Are you friends
with Ray Harvey?

Yeah, he's second deputy.

‐ Friends with Joe Fernandez?
‐ Joe Fernandez wasn't there.

But you're tight with him,
right? Stood up with Ray Harvey
to get Joe a loan?

Oh. Oh, I can't believe
she talked to you.

Say what, Samuel?

Yeah. You can't believe
Sister Sun Ray
talked to us, right?

What she told us is Ray Harvey
whacked Emilio Lopez...

so your friend Joe
could keep his job...

running the Puerto Rican
version of the con game that
you pull with Forever Young.

‐ None Forgotten.
‐ My mistake.

Look, this kid lost his temper,
and that's all that happened.

He lost his temper.
That shouldn't cloud up
his whole life.

You're saying Ray Harvey
lost his temper? That's how
he came to shoot Emilio Lopez?

That's right.
He lost his temper
and took it out on this Lopez,

which we had
some disagreements, but I had
respect for Lopez's goals.

Yeah. You respected
Lopez's goals,

and you were stand‐up
for your good friend Ray.

All right, Sam, we're gonna
sit here and listen to you
walk us another time...

through the frame job
you and Sister Sun Ray
are doing on Ray Harvey.

Hey, Doc.

I'm going to take you in
to see Gina now.

You got all the bandages off
and so forth?

And the sutures are out,
so she may make a little bit
of a dramatic appearance.

Act natural, James.

Don't pretend you don't notice,
but try to be supportive.

Hi, James.

I've explained to Gina
that her facial
and other scars...

will be less and less
visible over time.

That's great.

She also wanted me to be
available for any questions
you might like to ask.

No, I don't have any.
I'm just so glad everything's
gonna be fine.

‐ I'm gonna have scars.
‐ Oh, I understand. Sure.

They're gonna be less,
but I'm gonna be scarred.

‐ Anyways, are we done?
‐ Yes.

‐ Thank you, Doctor.
‐ See you soon.

Thanks, Doc.

Yeah. Come on in.

What's it look like?

Got to a real bad place
about Diane and me.

I thought she'd feel
more comfortable
talking to you.

Feels like we think
she's a geek.

We're lording over
being prettier then her.

Says she gets
Andy to talk to
or she lawyers up.

She think Andy figures her
for Michelle Pfeiffer?

She's making herself
wrong in this.

And I don't know if she's
supposed to be. I'd hate to see
her get jammed up.

All right,
I'll talk to Andy.

Now I know how
Howdy Doody felt.

If it's a frame,
they're doing this guy
Ray up pretty good.

Hey, guys.
What's up, boss?

Uh, this isn't going to be
a pleasant conversation, Andy,

so I'm just gonna
say it to you.

‐ I gotta take a leak.
‐ No, don't do that.

What's going on?
Well, on that
auto‐asphyxia case,

um, Geri has demonstrated
real reluctance to talk
with Diane and Jill.

Yeah, and?
And, uh,

the fly in the ointment
on this is, um, specifically,
she wants to speak with you.

‐ I'm not gonna do that.
‐ Well, the difficulty here,
Andy, is, um,

either she speaks with you,
or she says she wants
a lawyer.

Get her a lawyer then.
We don't do that often enough.

Andy, Diane and Jill both
get the impression that
Geri's painted herself...

into a corner on
a manslaughter charge,
which really isn't appropriate.

She's gonna wind up throwing
a rubber garden animal at me,

or, uh, want us both
perched upside down
beside each other like bats.

Well, I wouldn't do that.
Yeah, you see,
this amuses you...

‐ 'cause you don't
attract psychotics.
‐ It doesn't amuse me.

I mean, it does, but I‐‐
I realize it's an awkward
situation for you.


[ Clears Throat ]
This construction homicide,

we're getting a perp
on a platter.

Might not be a frame. They
might've just played this guy
perfect to pull the job himself.

[ Sighs ]
Has she been

Yeah, yeah.
She don't got any weapons.

I'm not concerned
about weapons. I'm talking
about, like, rubber toads and‐‐

[ Sighs ]
I don't even know what
I'm talking about.

[ Chuckles ]

Hi, Andy.


I had a crush on you
because I thought you
were a fair person,

that you took people
as you found them.

So what's the situation with
this situation here, Geri?

The situation is
Tom's dead.

If you hung him,
that's a legal no‐no.

‐ That's not how it happens.
‐ He have to say please?

That's not how it happens.

His being on the hook
excites him.
It helps him get off.

Had a real launch today,
didn't he?

It helps with his
excitement and orgasms.

You want to tell me what, uh‐‐
what you did in that room?

Bound him and put on
his blindfold.

Did you put him on
that hook?

He's bound and blindfolded.

What, does he toss himself
across the room like a horseshoe
till he gets hooked on?

You can lean in
and hook yourself up
if you know where it is.

Geri, don't piss in my ear
and tell me it's raining.

Now, you're in that room.
You bound and blindfolded him,

‐ but you didn't
put him on that hook?
‐ Because I was in the bathroom.

Did you have your rubber
jumpsuit on? Must take you
a while to do your business.

[ Sighs ]

So he gets on the hook while
you're going to the bathroom,
is your version what happened?

I was crying, and I guess
I was in there a long time.

You're in the bathroom crying
while he gets on the hook?

Was he a self‐starter like that?
He'd done that before?

Have your eyes covered up
every time, some people can
take that as an insult.

People can get
their feelings hurt.

We knew each other
since high school.

You and Tom?

We met in New York again
last Easter.

One of the Crucifixion pageants?

I was at Rockefeller Center
in line to skate...

when we saw
each other.

We'd been in high school
in Saginaw and‐‐

I'd always thought maybe
we'd had crushes on each other.

But he had a stammer,
and he was really shy.

Turned out we did have crushes.
He said so when we started

And we got to be
friends here,

and he was nice to me.

He turned you out?

We read the free weeklies,
and, uh,

I was interested in getting
past sex restraints...

to be as good for him
as I could, 'cause
I'm not pretty.

And he seemed to like that
'cause he was really shy.

But then he got
into it so much that he
didn't even look at me.

He wanted to be
blindfolded and have,
like, private orgasms.

And it broke my heart.

Did you kill him, Geri?

I was just in there crying,
and he started without me,

which he was doing
more and more.

He didn't
like me anymore.

He told me
six weeks ago...

that he was
having other people in
to dominate him too.

I started
trying to be friendly
to you after that...

because you're blustery,

but in your heart,
I think you take people
as you find them.

And I thought maybe...

you could have
a crush on me.

The way you want to put
your statement, Geri,

so they realize
you were innocent...

is no tears or "he begun
seeing other people,"

let the D. A. start
looking at jealousy
or so forth.

You both liked
playing these games.

You were his spotter.
While you were in the crapper,

he jumps the gun,
you come out,
you find Tom dead.

End of story.

Sorry for your loss.

Come back
like I said, right?

Yeah, you kept
your word good, Ray.

That's Detectives Simone
and Sipowicz. Guys,
this is Ray Harvey.

‐ How's it going?
‐ O‐‐ Okay.

So, uh‐‐ So, I told you,
uh, this morning...

I was present at that
incident, but I wasn't,
like, no witness.

They just want to go over
the sequence with you.

I don't know
no sequence 'cause I didn't
see what went down.

So, we got that
established now.
Okay, Ray?

‐ Your position is
you don't know nothing?
‐ Exactly.

So how 'bout you listening to
what we know, so we can all stop
running through the grease here.

What's he talking about?
I showed back up here
on my own cause.

You showed back up, Ray,
'cause you didn't figure
your friends...

Sam and Madam Sunflower Seed
to put you in the middle
of this, right?

But that shows you
that life can be
full of surprises.

I think that's Sister Sun Ray.

The fat, black broad you hit
the number with, Ray, then you
ask her advice like Dean Witter?

Hit the number
turned into a crime now?

Huh? Four detectives?

Sister Sun Ray gave you up for
killing Emilio Lopez, Ray.

She said you killed him
protecting your loan
to his boss.

Hey. Hey. What you
coming at me with?

And Sam Bluestone,
your other bosom pal?

He backs the Sister too.

The both of 'em put you
whacking this guy.
Hey, hey, hey. This is sick.

See, now the question that
occurs to us here, Ray,

is being how this story
more or less got laid to us
all nice and neat‐‐

maybe you got a competing
version on how this man died.

I got nothing to say.

Nothing to say?
Present circumstances, Ray,

that translates,
"Let me bend over
and spread 'em real wide."

Are those people
framing you,
Sister Sun Ray and Sam?

‐ I'm not guilty!
‐ So they are framing you.

Tell 'em I never
figured 'em to do me
like this.

That's what you want us
to tell 'em, Ray?
How 'bout we tell them,

"I ain't being your patsy
no more. I'm saying what
really went down here."

You should put them in there
with me. They should
get jacked up too.

How would that work?
Were they in on this
with you, Ray?

Set me up from the jump.
Sister and Sam okay this guy
for me making the loan.

Next thing I know,
he ain't paying dick.
This is Joe Fernandez.

Now they all agitated.
Joe Fernandez short...

'cause Lopez taking
his action away
behind that coalition.

I wanna look out
for my money I loaned.

Lopez keep Fernandez
from paying.

Did they tell you
to kill this guy?

I was at the Sister's
last night.

Sam come by saying Lopez
be at the site tomorrow
shaping for jobs.

‐ Did they tell you to kill him?
‐ I was drunk!

They had me half‐crazy.

Wound him up like
the Energizer Bunny.

Ray, did Bluestone
give you the gun?
Or the Sister?

'Cause they tied you
like a Christmas package.

You ought to
return the favor.

‐ My gun.
‐ You sure you don't
wanna lie about that?

I swear to God I wish
I'd never won that money.

Brought me nothing
but worry and misery.

The perfect frame.
Makes me sick.

You think there was
some other reason they
wanted this Lopez dead...

past him queering
their union hustles?

Who knows? Maybe they
break out in hives being
around an honest man.

Such an easy patsy, though,
this poor dope Harvey.

I knew this bookmaker,
John Riley.

When somebody won big,
John'd make a big fuss
paying 'em off.

Give him a good cigar,
next day's racing form.
He'd say to me afterwards,

"I'm just letting 'em
hold the money a while."

Yeah, that's
the Sister and Ray.

It really used to
piss me off. It's like
it wasn't a fair fight.

Not like how it
is usually, huh?


I'll tell you,
I'm in for justice here.
So, you just trust me.

It's one of them.
Well, look who's a little
more speechifyin'.

You got a None Forgotten
in custody?

Who told you, Joe?
Your bed pals,
Sam and the Sister?

People gonna know how Emilio
died at a black man's hand.

There's gonna be employment
for boricuas or blood
will run at the sites.

Joe's gonna go to
the papers with this
phony race homicide,

try to scare up
some more no‐show jobs.

Hypocrite bastard.
You're like
Monday Night Wrestling.

Let me tell you something. When
you take this to the papers,
you know what you're gonna do?

You're gonna be pledging
some money to Lopez's widow.
That's already in the works.

Well, that's good 'cause
you're gonna draw a contract up
with one of our D. A.'s here,

a trust for his
widow and children.
Already in the works.

You're gonna write it
here, Joe. So it's all nice
and legal and binding...

before you walk out,
or this whole thing
is going...

to the D. A.'s office
on a conspiracy charge.

I'm happy to make
that commitment.

‐ Great.
‐ Let me hunt up a wonderful
attorney acquaintance of ours.

A Leo Cohen. Why don't you
sit down there, Joe.
Go on. Have a seat.

How's it going with you?

I was, um‐‐
I was wondering about
your after work plans.

There's nothing on my calendar.

Hmm. And, uh,
would that be for
the foreseeable future?

How is that
they say in your program?
One day at a time.

I can do it that way.

Andy Sipowicz. Yeah.

Could you, uh, just trot on
upstairs here for a moment?

Yeah. Thank you.
[ Handset Settles In Cradle ]

He's on his way up.

Boy, that was
just great.
Thanks, James.

Really. Yeah. Your mom
teach you your cooking?

My mom and my aunt.

I really enjoy spending
this time with you, Gina.

I could get into being
a man of leisure.

I really appreciated it.
Just as far as, um‐‐

You know, she changed
her commitment.
She's not coming back.

This is your roommate?

Said she made
another arrangement
for the new semester.

She's gonna be
picking up her stuff.

I've been upset on that.

Financially and‐‐

I know she was upset
about my appearance.
It disturbed her.

That's baloney.
No, she said so, James.

Well, the heck with her!
That's nonsense.

And financially,
you're coming back
to work.

If you need some tiding over,
that's no problem at all.

That's not necessary.
I got my confirmation savings.

It's mostly you being here.
It's helped me a lot.

It's my pleasure.

Anyways, I know you got
an 8:00‐to‐4:00.

Don't take this
as being forward,

but if you wanted some
company tonight, I could stay up
in your roommate's loft there.

If you'd like to stay,
I'd be happy for you to.

I'd like to.

But if you
sleep up in her loft,
I'd worry all night...

that you'd sit up
in a strange place
and smash your head.

Yeah. I suppose that
could occur. Sure.

And as far as me
sleeping up there,

I could always fib and say
I'm afraid of heights.

You don't gotta fib.

We could both stay in there.

That's where I was
hoping we'd come out.