NYPD Blue (1993–2005): Season 4, Episode 11 - Alice Doesn't Fit Here Anymore - full transcript

Simone and Sipowicz investigate a story that a diamond dealer and his partner report that one of the dealer's sisters is missing with a bag of diamonds worth a million dollars, but the sister's boyfriend is actually responsible. Meanwhile, Martinez, Medavoy and Russell look for the assailant of Gina who badly slashed her face up while she was on her way to work, and Martinez cannot cope with this sudden turn of events. Simone and Kirkendall go out on their first date, while Russell cannot cope with the fact of being alone again.

‐ Morning.
‐ Hi.

Here's my 49 on Liery.
How thorough
is that, Diane?

It's the version you can
take the kids to. Why?
Who you lookin' to hurt?

Diane, Jimmy Liery died
at the hands of a crook
and a killer like he was.

From my point of view,
that's the end of the story.

I'm sorry that it
caused complications in your
personal life. You told me...

that your relationship
with Bobby was at
a difficult point.

I was wrong to think
we could steer around that.

I wanna get
to work.

Any permanent damage?
Not from this.

Take care, Diane.

‐ Mornin'.
‐ Oh, hi, Bobby.

‐ Andy.
‐ [ Sipowicz ]

‐ Boss change the chart?
‐ No. I'm off.

Um, I wanted to talk
to you about dinner.
What's up?

Uh, if we had to, would it
be okay eatin' at my place
instead of goin' out?


My ex‐husband is
bein' a jerk about whether
he'll take the boys.

‐ You don't have to talk me
into home cookin'.
‐ Well, the alternative is...

we could do it
another night.
No, no.

‐ This is‐‐ This is good.
‐ Okay.
I'll see you later.

We shoot for,
like, 7:00.

Just, uh, give me a call,
and let me know.

Hi, Diane.

How's it goin'?

[ Sighs ]

Give me a heads‐up
when it's gonna come to shots.
I'll make for the fish tank.

We need to talk
to a detective.

I'm Detective Simone.
This is Detective Sipowicz.
How's it goin'?

Mr. Kozler and I
are diamond dealers.
I'm Jerry Silverton.

His sister is missing with
a million, four in stones.

‐ Well, let's talk in here.
‐ All right. That's fine.
Thank you.

Right this way.

How long has your sister
been missing?

I last heard from Alice
two days ago.

Day following
my consigning the stones.

Your sister give any indication
she was worried, felt like
she was in danger?

Consigning diamonds‐‐ you've
done that with her in the past?

I've been doing business
with her brother for 15 years.
This was my favor to him.

Uh, we both agree,
the person responsible
for this is Fred Morgan.

My sister's been seeing him,
and he told Alice
he had a buyer.

Yesterday, he contacted
a dealer at the diamond exchange
up 47th Street who's a friend.

Offered to sell
exactly what I consigned.
They're meeting at 10:00.

If those are Hy's diamonds,
something terrible
has happened to Alice...

‐ because she wouldn't stand by.
She's honorable.
‐ Know what Morgan looks like?

Could you point him out to us?
Yes. I can.
I've seen him several times.

Tell her we're thinkin' of her.

‐ You guys got a minute?
Gina's at the Bellevue E. R.
‐ Our Gina?

‐ Yeah. She got attacked
on the street.
‐ What happened to her?

The cop said the E. R. doc told
him her life's not in danger.
She was slashed with a knife.

‐ Oh, my God.
‐ Yeah. There were no witnesses
at the scene.

Evidently, he dragged her
into a vacant building. Take
Diane. Get Gina's statement.

Yeah. Sure, boss.
All right.

Lieu, uh, these two guys‐‐
the taller one's sister
is missing...

with a jewelry consignment,
belongs to the other one.

Now both 'em like a guy for
takin' her off, maybe hurting
her. They set up a meetin'...

‐ in the diamond district
in about a half an hour.
‐ Yeah. All right.

‐ What's that?
‐ Gina the P. A. A.‐‐
she got attacked and slashed.

Oh, man. It serious?
She all right?

I don't know.
If you're going to do it,
you ought to get going.


That's probably
the last scheduling advice
we're gonna need from you.

She hasn't been stitched.
Resident wanted to wait for
the plastic surgeon.

Brought you some visitors.
[ Medavoy ]
Hey, Gina.

‐ [ Russell ]
How are you, Gina?
‐ A man attacked me.

He tried to rape me,
but I didn't let him.
He cut me with a knife.

‐ That's why they want
a specialist to stitch on me.
‐ You're gonna be fine, Gina.

Do you remember
what he looked like?

He was a‐‐
a big, strong white guy.
He must have been following me.

He... grabbed me,

and he dragged me into
this empty building, and
he started trying to rape me.

I was hitting him,
and he had this knife,
and he said...

that if I didn't stop
and let him do it,
that he was gonna stab me.

But I couldn't stop,
and he started cutting on me.

And I kept hitting him
and screaming, and‐‐
and finally he ran out.

Beat this guy's head in.
Uh, could you
give us, uh,

a little more
of a description,

‐ Uh, you said
he was tall, white.
‐ H‐He had bad liquor breath.

He looked at me
like he hated me.

Huh. Anything
about his clothes?

Uh, he had a‐‐ a blue jacket,
I think, a‐and a blue wool cap
pulled down over his head.

‐ You'd recognize him
if you saw him again.
‐ I‐I don't wanna see him.

I need to spend some time
with Gina now.
Yeah. Sure, Doc.

‐ We'll be back to see you soon.
‐ Doctors are gonna
take good care of ya.

That son of a bitch. She never
hurt a soul. I get my hands on
him, he's done. He's finished.

James, you wanna get
yourself off the case?
Hell no. I wanna catch this guy.

Then get a hold of
yourself. You keep talkin'
like that, you're off.

Okay. Okay. I'll watch it,
all right? Just don't let
the boss take me off this.

I‐I got a hold of myself,
all right? It's straightened
out. Don't worry. I'm fine.

[ Tapping ]

‐ Mornin', Gabe.
‐ What's goin' on, Jerry?

New York City Detectives.
We understand you have a meeting
this morning with a Fred Morgan.

Yeah. He should
be here any minute.
Is somethin' wrong?

‐ We need to talk to him.
‐ Well, what did he do?
Jerry, what's goin' on here?

We have some questions
that we have to put
to Mr. Morgan.

Now we're gonna be
standin' right over here.
Now when he comes in,

just try to act normal,
then step aside when
we move in to talk to him.

Look. Look, it's him.
[ Shouts ]
Where's my sister?

‐ Where is she,
you son of a bitch?
‐ [ Simone ] Unlock the door!

[ Simone ]
Hey. Hey. Hey!

Police! Stop!

Out the way! Out the way!
Move out the way!

Hey! Stop right there.
Hey, hey, hey, hey!

"Robert, Frank, David, 960."
[ Sipowicz Panting ]
Oh, that's great.

RFD‐960. All right? RFD‐960.
15th Squad to Central.
15th Squad to Central. Okay?

‐ Forget about it, Bobby.
‐ Well, what possessed you to
do that, Mr. Silverton? Idiot!

‐ Huh?
‐ [ Silverton ]
I lost control of myself.

How'd you do?

Missing woman's brother
spooked the guy.
Got away in a car.

‐ You get the plate?
‐ Yeah. It's registered
to an "Arthur... Boyd."

Lives here
in the precinct.
Boyd's on his way in.

The guy involved
with the sister‐‐
this, uh, Fred Morgan‐‐

B.C.I. shows him
takin' two collars
for grand larceny.

A half‐assed con man.
Most recent address,
Long Island.

Best case on the missing girl:
she's holed up waitin' for
Morgan. Otherwise, she's dead.

Yeah, this is probably Boyd‐‐
guy who owns the getaway car.

Mr. Boyd?
What do you want with me?

Come here. Take a seat.

Where were you
this morning?

‐ Yeah? Out?
‐ Out where?

Drivin' with a friend of mine.

‐ Who's your friend?
‐ Fred Morgan.

Where'd you and Fred go?

Just got some breakfast,
then home.
[ Chuckles ]

Well, Mr. Boyd, we got
a lot of witnesses that put
you and Fred somewheres else.

They're wrong.
They're all wrong.

Mr. Boyd,
your right move here...

is to tell us what you and Fred
Morgan were doin' this morning
and where we can find Fred now.

Otherwise, you are in
the way of a freight train,
you understand?

‐ You can be an accomplice to
a grand larceny, maybe worse.
‐ Wait.

Whoa. Whoa.
Fred was doin'
legitimate business.

What kinda business?
S‐Some diamond thing.

H‐He's been workin' on
this deal for the last month.
As far as I know, it's legit.

He was runnin'
from the cops this morning
in the diamond district,

and he hopped into your car,
and with the door open
you lay 50 feet of rubber‐‐

that's you knowin'
how legitimate
this whole thing was?

I‐I didn't know it was the cops.
He said someone was tryin'
to rip him off.

‐ I swear. I'm not his partner,
and I wasn't his wheel man.
‐ Who's he workin' with now?

‐ His girlfriend, Alice.
‐ And where's she at?

‐ She bailed out. He said
they weren't gettin' along.
‐ When's the last you saw her?

‐ Last week.
‐ Where's Fred now?

He hopped out
at a stop light.
I swear.

Art, tell us where
to find him, okay? Because
if he gets away, you go to jail.

Look. He's got an apartment
on Ludlow. I‐I can't help
you with the girl,

but if he's got
those diamonds stashed,
I could show you where.

‐ He's got a stash
in his apartment?
‐ I helped him to put it there.

He said it was for bein'
in the diamond business.

I'm gonna call
the D. A.'s office,
try to get a warrant.

If you got to know Fred,
h‐he's‐‐ he's got
a good heart.

Oh, I can't wait
to meet him.

‐I don't feel nothin' in there.
‐Yeah, well, maybe something may
have fallen behind the wall?

No. We‐‐ W‐We knocked
a hole from inside
where this closet was...

and‐‐ and fixed a ledge,
then we sealed the hole.

But he must have sealed up
this closet altogether.
There was a closet here?

[ Hollow Knocking ]
Was when I
worked on it.

‐ You got a hammer
and flashlight?
‐ We'll move this thing.

Come over here.

‐ [ Man ]
Hey, what are ya doin'?
‐ [ Sipowicz ] Shut up.

What the hell is that?

Pull it the way
over there.

Oh, my God.

‐ [ Sighs ]
‐ Oh, my God.

This bastard‐‐
he really had to work
to get her in there.

Yeah. Your friend's
got a real good heart.

Lieu, this is written up,
"attempted purse‐snatch,"

but the description fits
what Gina gave us:
"white male,

20s, medium build,
three weeks ago."

‐ Where?
‐ 200 block
of Third Street.

Good. That's close enough.
We oughta check that out.


So the M. E.'s early call
is that the woman was
strangled 48 hours ago.

He put her in that closet,
probably thought she wouldn't
be found for 20 years.

‐ And that was under the couch?
‐ Hmm. Still in the recorder,

plus he had a miniature mike
taped to the inside
of one of the couch legs.

[ Man ] My buyer's
having trouble with the money
transfer. Your consignor...

gets paid 10 times faster
if I go to him with the stones.

[ Woman ]
I don't like goin'
against my word.

[ Man ] I get so depressed
when you doubt me like this.
This is what does it.

[ Woman ]
I just want everything
to go right.

Well, then state the stones
are consigned to me...

till I can work this out‐‐
to reaffirm you have
faith in me.

Let a little time go by,
then state it, then
I'm gonna kiss you.

[ Woman Giggles ]
I consign these stones
freely to Fred Morgan.

Of your own free will.
[ Clicks Off ]

[ Sipowicz ]
About a minute later,
he croaks her.

‐Anything on Morgan's
last address?
‐He lived at his mother's house.

Neighbor said that, uh,
she's been at her sister's
in Philadelphia.

She's due back this afternoon.
We left a message
for the mother to come in.

‐ Has the girlfriend's brother
been notified?
‐ Comin' in from Staten Island.

Have him identify
the voices. And lean on
the perp's mother...

for where we can
look for this asshole.

[ Russell ]
All right.

Excuse me.
I'm a detective.

[ Russell ]
Excuse me.
I'm a detective.

There was an incident, took
place about three weeks ago,
across the street.

Happen to see anything?
I didn't see anything.

What was it‐‐ a robbery
or a killing or something?
More like an assault.

No, no. But I'm not surprised
though, 'cause a bad crowd
has moved in the neighborhood.

There was two men beating
a fellow right down there on
the corner just the other day.

They was all drunk. And‐‐
And‐‐ And before that,
there was, uh, some man...

wrestling around
with a woman across
the street over there.

‐ Yeah? How long ago was that?
‐ Oh, couple weeks or so.

‐ Can you describe
what they looked like?
‐ Uh, it was a‐‐

uh, a young, um‐‐
a white woman.

She had black hair.
The man, he was white too
and kinda bulky looking,

and, uh, he had
one of those, uh,
blue knit caps on.

He had gotten a hold of her and
was dragging her, and then...

two men came
and chased him away.

‐ Can you describe more
what he looked like? Uh‐‐
‐ He was just a big nothing.

I'd seen him before.
I think he lives right
across the street there.

‐ He lives
across the street?
‐ Yeah, I think so, in that‐‐

I‐I've seen him go in
that building there‐‐ the one
with all the trash out front.

‐ All right. Greg!
‐ All right. Thanks.

‐ Can I have your name?
‐ My name's Margaret McClurg,
and I live right here.

Okay. Thank you.
You've been very helpful.

What's up?

Got a location
on a suspect
across the street.

I don't know what to do
with you, James.

I'll just be backup.
I'll be okay.

‐ What?
You Jehovah's Witness?
‐ No. Police.

There a young white guy
living in this building‐‐

in his 20s, medium build,
wears a blue navy watch cap?

Yeah. And I hope you arrest him.
He's a hoodlum.

‐ Why do you say that, sir?
‐ He's got no business here.

That apartment there
is vacant, unoccupied.

He broke into
an empty apartment,
and he's living there.

He said, if I go to the police,
he'll break my neck
and kill Eddie.

‐ Who's Eddie?
‐ My little buddy.

‐ He's not in there now?
‐ No. I saw him go out.

I wouldn't be here
talkin' to you,
if he was in there.

‐ All right. Thank you very much
for all your help, sir.
‐ Don't say I told you anything.

No. We won't.
Thank you.

‐ You wanna sit on the place?
‐ [ Martinez ]

Um, I don't think
you oughta stay
with us, James.

‐ I'm against my better judgment
allowin' it up to now.
‐ I'm staying.

‐ I wanna catch this guy.
‐ That's a recipe for disaster.

And if I have to,
I'm callin' the boss.

‐ You're a real friend, Greg.
‐ James‐‐ James, wouldn't it be
more helpful being with Gina?

‐ What am I gonna do there?
‐ She's lying there,
feeling awful.

Yeah. All right.
I‐I guess you got a point.

Anything happens,
you know we're gonna
let you know.

‐ Yeah. All right. You'll let me
know if this is the guy?
‐ [ Medavoy ] Absolutely.

All right. You set up,
and I'll ride over there.

[ Man On Tape ]
Let a little time go by,

then state it,
then I'm gonna kiss you.

[ Woman Giggles ]
I consign these stones
freely to Fred Morgan.

Of your own free will.

‐ I love you so much.
I'm aroused.
‐ [ Woman Giggles ]

[ Silverton ]
Why are you so aroused?

‐ [ Morgan ]
Everything about you.
‐ Don't be too rough with me.

‐ You're getting too rough!
‐ All right.

That's enough,
Mr. Silverton.
[ Clicks Off ]

‐ That's your sister
and Fred Morgan.
‐ [ Quietly ] Yeah.

She's the sweetest person.

Tried to help him,
and he took advantage.
He's going to pay.

Let us take care of that.
We got a good line on
finding him, people comin' in.

Is it on that tape
that he kills her?

There's sounds of a struggle.

That's my sister.

And I got her the stones,
and he killed her for them.

[ Sobbing ]
He's gonna pay.
He's gonna pay.

Hi, James.
I didn't wanna wake you up.

Plastic surgeon
stitched me up.
I looked to talk to him.

He was, uh,
doin' another case.

I guess they keep
the good ones busy.
Hope he did a good job.

I'm sure he did.

He says I'm lacerated
on my face and
my upper body.

Don't worry
about nothin', Gina.
You're gonna be all right.

My sister came,
but she ran out crying.

They, uh‐‐
They give you pain medicine?

to stop worrying,

but I can't stop
thinking about it.

It hurts,
and I'm afraid
what I'm gonna look like.

You're gonna be fine.

I know we haven't
really got close enough
I can ask you this, but...

can you not go away,

Yeah. I'll stay
as long as you want.
All right?

I'm gonna sit
right here.

‐ Feel bad
sendin' James away.
‐ It was the right thing, Greg.

Ah, he winds up smacking
somebody, somethin' worse‐‐
That don't do no one any good.

You're right.
Glad your undercover's over?

Put the short skirt
away, huh?

How about
that old man, huh‐‐
with the rat?

Is this our guy?

Yeah, that's him.
Let's go.

Don't move
Put your hands up.
Aw! Bitch!

Keep 'em up.
I got every right
to live here.

Am I supposed
to freeze to death?
This is an illegal knife, pal.

They sell them
in the stores.
[ Russell ] Turn around.

What's this, huh?
Oh, a crack pipe.

I found that.
That's not mine.
Yeah. Not anymore.

This hand.
Let's go.

I won't go
in there no more.

Let's go.
Come on. Let me go.

I'm Grace Morgan.
Someone left this message
at my house.

Yeah, that was us.
Detective Simone.
This is Detective Sipowicz.

Come in and have a seat.
You got a lot of nerve,
talkin' to my neighbors.

I walk out,
every window shade
has a bent‐down slat.

We need to talk to you
about your son, Fred.
Come here. Sit down.

Sure. Wind blows
stink from the river,
you look for my son.

‐ You know where
your son is now, Grace?
‐ You can call me Mrs. Morgan.

You got nothin' to talk
to Fred about. And don't
pull any of your sick tricks.

I know how ya put
people in a corner.
Last situation,

Freddie had to say
he was guilty just to
ever see the light of day.

Mrs. Morgan,
your son has committed
a serious crime,

and he's gonna
have to face up
to his responsibilities.

Or didn't you teach him
that growin' up?

What's he supposed
to have done this time‐‐
stole the Crown Jewels?

He killed a person,
Mrs. Morgan.

You'll say any damn thing,
sons of bitches.

‐ [ Sucks Teeth ]
‐ Now where's he goin'?

Mrs. Morgan,
do you know
an Art Boyd?

He's a friend of Freddie's.
What are you
pressurin' him into?


What do they
got you here for?
How ya doin', Grace?

What's goin' on?
Have you got him
in some corner?

I'm sorry, Grace,
but Freddie killed that girl.

‐ Who‐‐ with the diamonds?
‐ Yeah.

No. She‐‐ She was in love
with him. She loaned him
those diamonds to sell.

He killed her, Grace. I‐‐
I saw the body hid
in his apartment.

Oh, my God.

‐ Oh, my God.
‐ [ Boyd ]
Fred needs help.

I would've given him
any money he wanted.

You're messin'
with people's minds.

Artie lived in my home,
and now you're...

makin' him lie like
Freddie had to lie.

‐ You lived in our home.
‐ I know. I know.

Oh, God. Oh, God,
how could this happen?

Better calm down, Mrs. Morgan.

Are you gonna hurt him?
Please don't hurt him.

If we have to hunt
your son down, yes,
he might get hurt.

If I say where he is,
w‐will ya treat him right?

We don't wanna have to use force
any more than you want us to.

because it's my fault.

No, Grace.

He's at a condominium
at Breezy Point,
my sister's.

You write down
the address here.

Are you sure the victim
was his responsibility?


Poor thing.

So who‐‐ who turned me in‐‐
that old fart with the rat?


I‐I'll stay outta
that building, okay?

God, it's, like, such
a big deal. Two of youse‐‐
two detectives.

Been drinkin', Harvey?

Yeah. So?
That's still legal,
isn't it?

‐ What else do you do
with your time?
‐ I work.

What kind of work?

‐ Advertising.
‐ You're an ad man?

‐ I distribute advertising.
‐ You mean you
hand out circulars.

‐ Yeah. That's what I said.
‐ Who do you work for?

Place on Broadway.
Give me a name.

The Pink Paradise Salon.
I work the street.

Drummin' up trade
for the porn industry.
It's not just porn.

‐ They got nude dancers too.
‐ They do any dancin'?

You got a job,
why are you squattin'
in that building?

I just been
in there a few weeks.
I got kicked outta my apartment.

I fell behind
on the rent, you know?

And blowin' your money on crack.
I don't smoke crack.
What do I want with crack?

How is it workin' around
those nude dancers?
They're inside. I'm outside.

You don't mix?
Money‐grubbers, they are.

Where were you this morning
around 9:30, 10:00?

‐ Anybody vouch for that?
‐ No. I was alone.

Who‐‐ Who you gonna show
that picture to?

‐ Girl in a hospital.
Somebody cut her face up.
‐ Whoa. Wait a minute.

You didn't‐‐
You never said
nothin' about that.

‐I thought this was trespassin'.
‐You were hoping
it was trespassin'.

If you're the one
who cut that girl, you can
do yourself some good...

by getting your story out.

Because maybe‐‐
maybe there were circumstances
that caused it to happen...

without you...
intending it to.

Did she lead you on?

‐ Whoa. I want a lawyer.
‐ You're requesting a lawyer?

Yeah. Yeah.
You're tryin' to frame me.
I want Matt Navarro, legal aid.

Yeah? He must've
gotten you a walk on one
of those other collars, huh?

I'm not talkin' no more.

[ Sighs ]

Hear that, boss?
Guy lawyered up.

If Gina picks this guy
out of a photo array,
I want Andy to talk to him.

‐ Yeah. Sure.
‐ [ Quietly ]

[ Medavoy ]
Sure. Bring in Andy.

What's goin' on?

There's been some developments.
We need Gina to take a look
at some photographs.

[ Medavoy ]
You up for that, Gina?
Do you think you have a suspect?

Gina, if you could I. D. someone
from those photos, uh,

our hope would be that we
could get a confession without
a trial or further contact.

You'd feel up to that, Gina?
It'd really assist in the case.

‐ All right.
‐ Good.


This third photo.
He a‐attacked me
and cut me.

All right.

He cut me all up.

All right, Gina.
Good for you.

I can understand what
you're saying, but, um,
that doesn't affect...

the situation we have here.

I'll call you back.

Hung himself,
this diamond crook.

‐ And made a lousy job of it.
‐ Yeah. Took an eight‐foot drop,
tore his head off.

You found the stones?

[ Snaps Fingers ]
This close.
Headin' for South America.

All right. Voucher 'em.
Call the owner.

‐ I'll contact
the mother for the I. D.
‐ Um, let Bobby handle that.

Greg and Diane
collared up on a skell,

and Gina picked the guy out
as her attacker.

He needs to be reinterviewed.
I don't want her to have
to I. D. this guy in person.

Brought you some coffee.

You like it
with cream and sugar?
Yeah. That's good.

That's a hell of a place
to lock anybody up.
Gotta go to the john?

Nah. I'm okay.
I'm Detective Sipowicz.
Have a seat.


So, uh‐‐
[ Clears Throat ]

this girl that
got her face cut‐‐
know anything about it?

Nothin'. She picked
my picture, she's wrong.
That's all I can say.

Waitin' for
a lawyer, huh?

This waives your right
to an attorney.
Wanna sign it?

Why would I do that?
Ah, maybe you wanna confess.

I'm not gonna confess.
I didn't do it.

‐ So the girl was mistaken
about you?
‐ Yeah.

Ow! Ooh!
Leave me alone.

I'm sorry. I, uh‐‐
[ Chuckles ]
Something came over me.

I, uh‐‐ [ Clears Throat ]
See, that girl used to work
right here in this office.

‐ She did?
‐ Yeah. I'm, uh‐‐

Uh, listen.
I‐I hope I didn't hurt ya.

Come on.
Come on.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]
You didn't do it, huh?

Um, that's the truth?
That's the truth.

Sorry. I don't know
why I did that.

Look. I'm not the one, okay?
You got the wrong guy.

I believe you.
I believe you. I don't‐‐
I don't want you to confess.

Don't sign this thing.

Just don't hit me, okay?
I won't hit you.

I said I was sorry.
Didn't I tell you I was sorry?

You want
another cigarette?


[ Sighs ]


[ Grunts ]
You cut this girl
just for fun,

didn't you, huh‐‐
you sick son of a bitch?

Get off of me!
You saw a pretty face,
you had to mess it up.

No. She was fightin'.
She went for my eyes.

Yeah. You were gonna rape her
and kill her!
She set me up. She wanted it.

She got me in there,
then she started
fightin' and screamin'.

You lyin' bastard!

‐ Ah!
‐ You cut her 'cause she
wouldn't have nothin' to do...

with a stinkin' turd like you
in a million years.
[ Moans ]

Now are you gonna give it up
to me, huh? Are you?
[ Moans ]

I'm gonna give it up.
I'm gonna give it up.

All right.

All right.

[ Panting, Whimpers ]

That asshole's ready to write.

[ Door Closes ]

So, uh, am I in the wrong
line of work, Andy?

You know, I should've
been a store clerk
or somethin'.

Cut it out, Medavoy.
Boss takes me off
of that guy.

Maybe he's right. I‐I‐‐
I don't intimidate a skell.

You think we're supposed
to be all one thing, huh?

You got a way
that works for you.
Some skells they, uh‐‐

they need somebody
to listen to 'em, or
they're lookin' for help.

‐ That works for you. Me‐‐
‐ [ Faucet Squeaks Off ]

I look like the kinda guy
who's gonna go nuts and jump
all over 'em, so I use that.

Our boss's job‐‐
put the right one of us
on the thing that needs doin'.

Yeah. Well, I‐I‐I‐‐ I feel
I would have gotten there.

It just happens I‐I‐‐
I got objections
to tunin' a guy up.

‐ Everyone's got his methods.
‐ God‐‐ God forbid, somethin'‐‐
somethin' happens in custody.

Don't think
I don't live with that
in the back of my mind.

God forbid, you ask yourself,
"Did‐‐ Did he only go 'cause‐‐
'cause he was gettin' hit?"

‐ That's an absolute,
accurate concern.
‐ So how do you deal with that?

Kelly had rules:
"Beat no one on spec."

"Know the guy's right
off witness statements
and physical evidence," plus...

"He don't confess,
your witnesses get beat
or killed for testifying."

Me, if I feel I gotta do it,
I hit 'em.

You're committin' a crime.

I'm committin' a crime.
And if I'm caught,

that boss that sent me in‐‐
his bottom line's gonna be,
"All I said was a reinterview."

And the people that want me
tunin' this guy up‐‐
if Gina was their family...

so she wouldn't
have to testify‐‐

they'll sit on my jury
at trial and they'll
vote to lock me up.

I better know all that
before I raise a hand.

‐ Who's this guy writin' for?
‐ Me.

[ Quietly ]

[ Door Closes ]

No. That's, uh, okay,
if you prefer to make
the I. D. tomorrow.

I'll pick you up
at 9:00 tomorrow.
All right, ma'am.

[ Handset Settles In Cradle ]

Worked out with your guy?

‐ He's writing it up.
Boy, Andy's scary.
‐ Yeah.

But it seems like he's able
to control it, like, down
to a 10th of a degree.

That's how you wanna do it.

Talk to me like I'm a stranger.
I like that.

So have a good dinner.

[ Sighs ]

You want me waitin' at my crib
until you decide to come over
for another soul‐search, Diane?

I did that the last 10 days.

Now how many ways you think
it's right to play this?

I'm not playin'.

I'll talk to you
tomorrow, hmm?

[ Knocks ]
I'm back.

Who beeped?
Oh, that was Greg.

Gina, that, uh, guy
you I. D.'d off the Polaroid?
He confessed.

So you don't have to worry
about bein' in contact with him.
That's a big relief.


The doctor stopped
while you were gone. Says
he's reasonably optimistic.

So that's great.

I'm afraid he's...
avoiding the truth‐‐ afraid
no one'll have to do with me.

‐ You put that outta your mind.
‐ That's my fear.

Listen to me. You know
what we have to do?
I got hurt.

I was reluctant to call
my parents, same like you.
They're afraid of hospitals.

See, but you gotta trust
your parents to show
their love for you.

They love their daughter
more than they're afraid.

Afraid if they'll be upset.

I don't wanna call
till morning.
Sure. That's fine.

You don't have to stay, James.
I want to.

It's not necessary.
It's all right.

So you just took
the short course on how
my ex‐husband operates.

Even bein' nice,
he's gotta try and
make you cry beforehand.

You mean, like not sayin'
yes about your boys
until right to the end.


‐ I'm glad that skell, attacked
Gina, gave ya a statement.
‐ Yeah.

Do they know how bad
it's gonna be?
No. Not yet.

‐ She got family with her?
‐ I'm not sure.

James Martinez
is over seein' her.

I could tell they had
a little something goin' on.

Oh, you pick up on
that kinda stuff, huh?

I do.
What'd you work today?

Um, homicide
off a jewelry theft.

Perp went and hung himself.

‐ They should popularize that
as an alternative to trial.
‐ [ Chuckles ]

This is sure fun.


I mean, dating is so hard‐‐
just gettin' it organized.

And then, uh, the guy almost
always turns out to be a jerk.

But I don't wanna quit.
I'm a... big romantic.

Well, you know,
that's good,

I mean, that you still
got that goin' on.

Well, didn't cost
anything, right?
Dreams are still free.

[ Chatter On TV, Indistinct ]

What's he doin'?

He's just lying there
lookin' like he told himself
a joke in his sleep.

[ Chuckles ]
Yeah, I've seen that.

Looks like he told it to himself
a couple times before too, and
he still thinks it's funny.

[ Chuckles ]

I'm worried
about this girl.
What girl?

She's not doin' good.

How do you tell?
It's like she's...

About a week or so ago,
Bobby says she seems better,

but it's like
it trailed off.

Does "better" mean
ready to do what Bobby wants?

He's not that way, Sylvia.
He loves her, but he's
concerned for her also.

Oh, there's another girl
with a problem.

Andy, do you think that
we could really afford
me stopping work?


I‐‐ I get a marshal's job
moonlighting. It won't
equal your income,

but we'd have
less expenses.

Yeah. We wouldn't need
a sitter for Theo or to budget
for my business clothes.

Don't you worry
about money.
Yeah. Right.

No. I'm‐‐ I'm saying
it's manageable. I mean,
I never been afraid of work.

We're‐‐ We're hip deep
in motions on
the Suarez case, and...

Theo just keeps floatin'
into my head.

I have to reconnect with what
I'm doing, just, kinda like
from a‐‐ a standing start.

But then I'll wind up thinking,
"I'm doing this...

"when I could be...
thinkin' about his dopey mug
without feeling guilty or...

at home holding him."

Does anybody have the right
to be that happy?

Him and you...

and me to help
where you could do it.

What's goin' on?

‐ Ginger ale.
‐ Yeah.

[ Liquid Pouring ]

You know
about Jimmy.
Yeah, I do.

That was somethin', huh?

[ Ice Cubes Clinking ]
That was awful.


With Jimmy,
you never knew
what was comin' next.

You know
what it was about?

Jimmy didn't tell me
what he was into.

I knew him a long time.
I never knew either.

I'll believe that
if you want me to.

You're the customer.

[ Door Opens ]
Did Jimmy talk about me?

[ Door Closes ]

He didn't need to say anything.
I could tell how fond he was.

Did he tell you
if he slept with me?

He didn't say.

If he drugged me?

No, babe.
That psycho snitch
didn't say.

But I'll tell ya how
he had circulation problems
off bein' diabetic,

and he did like to
add his little potions
to ladies' drinks.

Girls half‐knocked out
don't criticize
your performance.

Am I taking you wrong?

Are you lookin' to, uh,
find out if he drugged you,

or did you wanna score
some more fizzies?


Some girls like to get
somewhere without having
to say they wanna go.

I didn't know
whether you had fun
with Jimmy or not.

You think I wanted
that to happen‐‐
for him to do that to me?

My mistake.
You're lucky
I don't arrest you.

Oh‐ho, yeah.
Call the cops.

Tell 'em a wacko skirt in
Patrick's wants me arrested for
asking what she's doing here.

I just need
to call a friend.
I don't care who you call.

Make it quick,
and get outta here!

[ Coin Clinks
In Pay Phone ]
[ Tapping Keys ]

[ Chatter On TV,
Indistinct ]
[ Phone Rings ]

[ Ringing Continues ]
[ Sighs ]


All right.
I'll be right there.

Get out then.

I'll‐‐ I'll meet you
at, uh, that Sparta
or whatever that diner is.

Who was that?


‐ You were right.
‐ Yeah. Pin a rose on me.