NYPD Blue (1993–2005): Season 3, Episode 9 - Sorry, Wong Suspect - full transcript

Medavoy and his wife, Marie, split up once again and she comes down to the station to have some hard words with Donna, while he decides to crash there since he cannot afford a place to live...

Morning, Donna.

Extra pencils.

I'm gonna bunk here
for a while. Me and Marie‐‐

I‐I was gonna say spat‐‐
what we had.

Actually, it was more
of a full‐blown quarrel.

Greg, I‐I'm sorry
you have problems at home.
But we discussed‐‐

I'm not comfortable
with the subject.
Absolutely understood.

I have a suitcase on my person.
I was explaining what it was.

Good morning, Detective.
Good morning, Donna. Greg.

Hey, Bobby.

Oh, hey, Andy.
I'm sorry to hold you up
on that D.D.5.

I was startin' it last night
when World War III broke out.

Fancy's looking for it.
I know.

I'll finish it right away.
Me and Marie went at it
pretty good.

I'm gonna bivouac
in a crib upstairs.

Might be moving in with him.

‐ Why's that?
‐ Sylvia's got this test.

You know, they
take out some fluid?

Uh, I guess it's
pretty standard nowadays.

Yeah. It's very
run of the mill.

So she asked me this morning.
She said, "Do you want to go?"

Dope that I am,
I figure I got a choice.

Homicide in Chinatown.
Greg, I need that D.D.5.

‐ Yeah. Right away, Lieu.
‐ Okay.

So you said no?

Now she looks at me
like one of them snails,
leaves a trail on the cement?

So I'm following her
around the apartment, you know?
"Please, let me go.

Let me see some huge needle
get stuck in your belly
so I nearly pass out."

"Uh‐uh," she says.
"Not if you have to be begged."

‐ Go with her, Andy.
‐ Yeah. Now she says I can't.

She don't mean that.
Ah, it's like
talking to a skell.

You never know where you stand.
I gotta tell Medavoy
I got dibs on the upper bunk.

[ No Audible Dialogue,
No Audible Sound Effects ]


Hey, Doc.
Pretty good service there.

Yeah. Well, I was on
a coronary two blocks away.

German tourist facedown in his
wonton soup. Now I got a jumper
in Gramercy Park.

And somehow, I'm supposed to
make a 10:15 squash game on
the island.

Whew! That kind of stress,
they wonder why
you guys burn out.

‐ So what do we got here?
‐ Nineteen‐year‐old Asian girl.

Homicide stabbing.
Two wounds in the chest,

one right through the heart‐‐
time of death, sometime after

‐ All right, thanks.
‐ Yeah, see you guys.

‐ [ Simone ] How's it going?
‐ Victim's name is Katie Chow.

Lives here with her parents.
Works at their shop
around the corner.

T‐shirts, baseball caps,
tourist stuff.

Any weapon?
No. We haven't
found one so far.

E.S.U.'s comin' down.
Gonna do a search.

Any sign of
forced entry here?
No. Not at all.

Andy, what do
you think these are?

M.E. said
they're cat scratches.

The parents in there?

They got a nephew with them.
Speaks English pretty good.

[ Camera Whirring ]

All right, thanks.

Hey, kitty.
[ Meows ]

Are you the nephew?
Yes. I'm Lyle Chow.

Detective Sipowicz. I'm
Detective Simone. They don't
speak any English, huh?

Not much.
I can translate.

[ Speaking Chinese ]

Mr. and Mrs. Chow,
we're very sorry for your loss.

[ Speaking Chinese ]

When was the last time
they saw their daughter alive?

[ Chinese ]

[ Chinese ]

[ Continues ]

"I went to the bedroom
about 11:00, and Katie was...

in the living room
talking with Eddie Wong"‐‐
That's her boyfriend.

[ Woman Speaking Chinese ]

‐ What did she say?
‐ She said she never liked him.

Do they think that Eddie
might have had something
to do with her death?

[ Lyle Speaking Chinese ]

[ Chinese ]

They don't know.
They think he's no good.

‐ Too flashy.
‐ Well, this Eddie,
do they know...

where he lives or how we can
get in touch with him?

[ Chinese ]

Do you mind if we look around?
[ Lyle Speaking Chinese ]

If they could put a list
together of Katie's friends,

coworkers and so forth,
that'd be a big help.

‐ [ Siren Wailing ]
‐ [ Chattering ]

What do you got?

Is that Eddie?

This book is in Chinese.
It could be of help.

We're gonna take it
with us. Thanks.

How come all
these guys want to look
like Steven Seagal?

Yeah, come on through.

Hey, James.

That couple going
into the coffee room,
and this is the 61.

You want to work it
with Adrianne?

Yeah, all right.

Adrianne, uh, Lieu wants
you to help me with
this house robbery.



Hi. I'm Detective Martinez.

‐ Detective Lesniak.
‐ Hi.

Hereafter we can meet
you downstairs, all right?
[ Man ] That's no problem.

Were the both of you home
when the robbery occurred?

‐ I was at
my chess club meeting.
‐ I was reading.

And I heard
a knock at the door.

No one had buzzed,
so I was a little concerned.

I looked through the peephole‐‐

George had a second one
installed, so I could
see from my chair.

And I saw a man
holding a policeman's badge.

I asked who it was,
and he said,

"Police. I just need
to ask a few questions,"
or something like that.

As soon as the chain was
off the door, a black man
burst in and said,

"Tell me where the cash is
and you won't get hurt."

I was so scared.
I couldn't even talk.

And that's when he hit me.

Take your time,
Mrs. Donaldson. No rush.

If you don't want
to go through with this,
honey, that's okay too.

‐ Everything we lost
can be replaced.
‐ No, I'm okay.

You say you're okay. But
meanwhile you're distraught,
and you're going to pieces.

I don't know if we need
any more complications
like this.

I can do this.

All right. Fine.

[ Lesniak ] How would you
describe the man in terms
of height, build, clothing?

‐ Hey, Andy.
‐ Harold.

How are you doing?

You know Bobby Simone?
Hey, Bobby. You left
the P. C. office, huh?

Yeah, yeah.

So, Andy, how's married life
treating you, huh?

Not bad. I'm having a baby.

Oh, congratulations.
Hope the little baby
look like wife, huh?

‐ Yeah, you and me both.
‐ So what we got?

Got a 19‐year‐old girl
stabbed to death in Chinatown.

No record. Never been in
any kind of trouble before.

Last seen with her boyfriend,
who her parents don't like.
Name is Eddie Wong.

Why they hell boss
send me to Brooklyn?

Oh, the victim's
two friends live over here.

Found this in her, uh‐‐
Found this in her room.

We think
it looks like Chinese.

‐ I'll take a look.
‐ Andy, I think
that's her over there.

Listen, uh, if she speaks
English, let me talk to her...

and you guys could
talk to the other one.

Over by Sunset Park.
I drive. This guy
maniac behind wheel.

[ Chuckles ]
See you back at the house.

‐ Are you Stacey Foo?
‐ Yeah.
‐ Hi, how are you doing?

I'm Detective Simone.
Katie's dad called.
He said you'd be coming.

Can you, uh, think
of anyone who might've
wanted to hurt Katie?

[ Scoffs ]
No. No way.

You know this guy Eddie Wong?
Yeah. He used
to be her boyfriend.

Used to be?
He dumped her the day
before it happened.

So was Katie upset over that?
My God, she was,
like, devastated.

She thought they were
gonna get married.
Eddie might've said that...

so she would sleep with him,
or maybe she just assumed.

But she did think it.
So what did
you think of Eddie?


Do you think he might've
been involved in her death
in any way?

No. Even though he's in a gang
and everything, he was always
real nice when I saw him.

He's in a gang?
What's the name of the gang?
The Flying Dragons.

How am I gonna get
ahold of this guy, Eddie?
Do you know where he lives?

But I know he drives
a black Lexus.
The expensive one.

Okay. Thanks, Stacey.

If you think of anything else,
give me a call.

As soon as we've got some books
and mug shots put together
based on your description,

we'll bring them
to your apartment.

Help my wife
down the stairs?
No problem.

Honey, I'll be down
in a minute.
All right.

Could we talk somewhere,
just the two of us?

Yeah, sure.

So, uh, what's on your mind,
Mr. Donaldson?

I wasn't at
the chess club last night.

‐ Uh‐huh.
‐ I love my wife
as much as I ever did.

But we don't have a sexual
relationship any longer.

After the accident,
she stopped enjoying it.

So where were you
last night, Mr. Donaldson?

I meet a woman
every week at a hotel.

Why did you feel
you needed to tell me this?

There's a small chance
she could be involved.

What are you basing that on?
No concrete reason.
Just an impression I have.

The type of person that she is?
She's a prostitute.

She's not the most
reputable type,
I wouldn't think.

‐ And she knows something
about your home?
‐ I've told her some things.

Including your wife's a cripple?
You can't tell my wife.

‐ I would never hurt her,
‐ What's this woman's name?

Ellen Lewis.
I don't know if that's real.

‐ Where are we gonna find her?
‐ You can't tell Mary.

Don't worry.
I'm not gonna tell your wife.

I've got her phone number.
I'll give it to you.

We'll set it up.

Mine doesn't think
Eddie's involved.

She say he was in
the Flying Dragons?

But nobody cares,
'cause he was so cute.

You know, that was them
last year, that shooting
in the bowling alley.

Where they had 30 witnesses
and nobody saw nothing?

Be nice if we can get
Eddie to double up.
Keep dreaming.

Next to these guys,
the goombahs are loudmouths.

‐ Eddie Wong's address in diary.
Scumbag block.
‐ Let's go.

‐ Andy. I finished that five.
‐ Come on. We're gonna
hit an apartment.

[ No Audible Dialogue,
No Audible Sound Effects ]

Harold says
there's a fire escape
in the alley.

We'll go around back.
We got the front entrance.


You want some fish?


[ Men Chattering
In Foreign Language ]

[ Chinese ]
[ Continues In Chinese ]

[ Screams ]

‐ [ Chinese ]
‐ Get down on the ground!
Get down on the ground!

Show him how to get down.
Freeze! Back from the window!

‐ [ Chinese ]
‐ You tell him his ass is mine!

‐ [ Chinese ]
‐ You okay?

‐ Yeah.
‐ This guy speaks English.
I got the back.

Hey! Head up!
Head up! Head up!

Tell them to get
their heads up.
[ Chinese ]

‐ He's not here.
‐ I massage girl! No friend.

‐Miss, you keep your mouth shut.
Andy, you all right back there?
‐All clear!

Got a Tech‐9, a Glock and
a nine millimeter automatic.

And a half key of heroin
and a .38. Greg.

Call the radio cars for
transportation. Let them know
we got six to the house.

15th Squad to Central "K."
Got six coming into the house.

Need transport.
Miss, hey. Get up.
Get dressed. Dressed!

‐ [ Chinese ]
‐ Harold?

‐ Yeah?
‐ I want you to tell them...

that they just finished
taking shots at cops.

If they had any brains,
they'd cooperate.

You tell them they got until
we get back to the house...

to try and smarten up
and help themselves out.

[ Chinese ]

[ Woman ]
I dare any woman‐‐
[ Laughs ]

[ Audience Shouting ]
[ Man ]
Could I say something?

I want to challenge
anyone in this audience
with my ability.

[ Chattering Continues ]

[ Knocking On Door ]

‐ Code word is "bingo?"
‐ Yeah.

Who is it?
It's Ellen.

Hi. You must be Ray.

Yeah. Come on in.

Nice room.

Uh, I'm a little new
at this, Ellen.

I guess we should talk about,
you know, what we're gonna do,

and get the business part
out of the way.

Why don't you take
your clothes off, so
I know you're not a cop,

and you'll be
comfortable, and then
we'll talk all about it.

See, I'm‐I'm
getting comfortable.

So far, so good.
[ Zipper Opening ]

I, uh, think I should
know what I'm getting.

Yeah. Look, honey,

why don't you take
your clothes off so I know
you're not a cop?

And then we'll have
a real nice party.

A cop? Listen, George
just said you were
a nice, talented girl.

You know, a‐‐ You know,
a good friend of his.

If this is gonna get
complicated, I don't‐‐
Okay. All right. Okay. Okay.

How about
a half‐and‐half for 200?


Zip up, Ellen.
You're busted.

I knew you were a cop.
But you couldn't resist, right?

That heroin we found
in your apartment,

that kind of weight, gotta
take that to Federal court.

Mandatory minimum sentence
you're looking at is 10 years.

‐ It's not my apartment.
‐ That's right.
You were just visiting.

As soon as you realized
it was full of guns,
whores and drugs,

you were so shocked
you dove out the window.

See, we're giving you
a choice here, Jimmy.
You do the 10 years...

or you help us on these
homicides we're looking at.

I don't know anything about
the bowling alley, or the girl.

And I don't know Eddie Wong.
You tell us where
to find this Eddie...

and at the very least,
we get this put in state court.

You probably get 10 months
or maybe get a walk.

This is no testimony, Jimmy.
This is an address.

Nobody's gonna know
you did anything.

Ten years or 10 months.

A guy named Eddie.
Might be him.

Used to hang out
at the apartment.

‐ He run some games
at a place on Mott Street.
‐ Gambling?

Mah‐jongg, craps.
It starts about 9:00.

‐ What's he drive?
‐ Lexus. 400 coupe.

I'm looking
for Detective Medavoy.
I'm his wife.

Ah, he stepped out.
He should be back any moment.

I have to give him this.
I'll wait.

[ Dropping Bag ]

Miss Donna Abandando.

I don't need a nameplate
to know who you are.

The one Greg was
involved with. Bitch!

Uh, Mrs. Medavoy, I don't think
this the appropriate place.

Did you convince him
to move out again?

‐Would you like a cup of coffee?
‐Not from you.

[ Softly ]
Come with me anyway.

Mrs. Medavoy, whatever problems
you and Gregory are having
have nothing to do with me.

Gregory and I have
no personal relationship

I'm supposed to believe
that? After you stole him
once already?

I'm supposed to believe
someone who has no regard for
the sanctity of the family.

Is that what you
and your bag boy from
the grocery talked about?

The sanctity of the family?
The assistant manager!

And that was a completely
different situation.

I don't care to argue.
I'm sorry Gregory left.

But I had nothing
to do with that.

Did you ever consider
that an outsider might
not have caused this?

That something might actually
be wrong with your marriage?

Oh, yeah?

Why don't you do
a lovelorn column?
"Advice from a Whore."

Hey, Donna. Marie?

You took the wrong suitcase.
You took Janie's
ice skating stuff.

[ Sighs ]
Um, sorry.


I‐I'll talk to you later.


[ Simone ] So we got an address
on the gambling joint
that Wong runs.

‐ We're gonna hit it tonight.
‐ Wong's a Flying Dragon.

‐ May know about those
bowling alley homicides.
‐ He's got to.

You get a search warrant?
I'm gonna talk to Sylvia.

She's in taking a statement.

So you don't give much weight
to the girlfriends' statements?

‐ Where they don't think
he killed her?
‐ Still gotta look at the guy.

They hardly knew him.
[ Fancy ] What about the others
you picked up?

[ Simone ]
The shooter's being
booked on attempted murder.

The other three on
the guns and the narcotics.
We let the girls go.

Finish diary, Lieu.
Our D.0.A. all kinda upset
with this guy named Eddie Wong.

You know, about the breakup.
"Don't know if I can go on."

"Life not worth living ".
The whole nine yard.

‐ Think it could be a suicide?
‐ I don't know.

She sound pretty depressed.

Let's get
that warrant from Sylvia.

‐ You with us, Greg?
‐ [ Softly ] Yeah.


we're gonna need
a search warrant.

That guy we like in
the Chinatown homicide here.
Eddie Wong, 608 Mott Street.

So, 4:00, huh?

Your doctor's appointment.

Oh, yes. 4:00.

Sylvia, let me go with you.

Nah, Andy. Not with
your teeth clenched.

My sole point‐‐ this is
a professional procedure.

We can certainly hope.
The last thing
the doctor needs‐‐

He sticks a needle in you,
I'm standing there observing.

Besides which,
your privates are uncovered.

We understand
each other perfectly.

Great tie.

[ Sighs ]
Oh, boy.

How do you wanna
work the interview?
I'll go off you.

I'm gonna try and shake
her up, make this Donaldson
woman in bad shape.

‐ You been busted before.
Right, Ellen?
‐ Just once, maybe twice.

If you help us out,
this don't have to go
on your record.

‐ Help you out? How?
‐ How well do you know
George Donaldson?

‐ George Donaldson?
‐ We know he's one
of your regular johns.

I see him every once in a while.
I don't really know him.

You ever been in his apartment?

You know George's wife was
robbed a couple of days ago
when George was with you?

That's right. And the guy
who did it raped her.

And he also put
a bad beatin' on her.
She may not make it.

I'm sorry.
You're sorry, Ellen?

You know what we did while
you were sitting here just now?

We called your beeper company.
And we found out
who the bill goes to.

‐ Spenser McVeigh.
‐ Is he your pimp?

I don't have a pimp.
Lots of times we see girls...

who get information
on their johns and pass
it along to their pimps.

‐ [ Lesniak ] You ever do that?
‐ No.

I'm gonna say this once, Ellen.

If we find out this
Spenser did this, and you
was involved in the planning...

or anything like that,
to tell him where to go,

it's just like you were there.

You don't know
it was Spenser.

The guy who raped and
beat up Mrs. Donaldson
knew she was in a wheelchair.

‐ How do you think he knew that?
‐ If she dies, this turns
into second‐degree murder.

Eligible for
the death penalty.

I didn't do anything.
And I haven't seen George
since last week.

You think Spenser
knows anything?

We got people searching
his place right now.
If we get a call,

and they've found
some of the Donaldson's
property over there,

you could be facing
the death penalty,
so think about that.

Get in front of this now
and do yourself a favor.

Maybe we can
work something out.

Is Spenser gonna protect you?

Or is he gonna make
things better for himself,
saying it was your idea?

It wasn't my idea.

[ No Audible Dialogue,
No Audible Sound Effects ]

[ Chattering ]

♪ [ Humming ]

[ Speaking Chinese ]

[ Indistinct ]
[ Chinese ]

15th Squad advising.
Units at the back.
We're going in.

Everybody freeze!
Hands on the tables!

Against the wall!
Get your hands on the tables!

[ Simone ] Get the hands
where we can see them!
Don't worry about your money!

Against the wall!
Up against the wall!

Against the wall.
Against the wall.

‐ Andy, you see him?
‐ Not yet.

All right. We're looking
for Eddie Wong. Harold?

‐ Eddie!
[ Continues In Chinese ]
‐ [ Simone ] Eddie Wong!

‐ [ Harold ] Eddie! Eddie Wong!
‐ You know Eddie Wong?
‐ No.

‐ [ Harold Speaking Chinese ]
‐ Eddie Wong?

[ Harold Speaks Chinese ]
Got him!

What are you guys
bothering me for?
Shut up.

[ Harold
Speaking Chinese ]


Everybody clear?
Right here. About here.

[ Motor Whirs ]

[ Lesniak ]
If you could place her
in front of the window.

You'll be looking
through a one‐way glass.

So you don't have to worry
about anyone seeing you.

I'm just amazed you got
a suspect so quickly.

‐ We acted on a tip. All set?
‐ Yeah.

All right?
[ Gasps ]

You got her?

Do you recognize
anyone in the room?

Number three.

‐ Where do you
recognize him from?
‐ He's the man who robbed me.

Hold number three.

Excuse me a second,
will you?

Are you sure
Ellen is involved?
The guy is her pimp.

She said she gave him
the address, told him
you had cash in the house,

and your wife
was in the chair.

And he was just I.D.'d.
I'd say she was involved.

It'd be great if you
get him to plead guilty.
Well, we'd like that too.

If there's a trial,
some very painful information
will come out.

I'd hate to hurt
my wife like that.
We'll see what his lawyer says.

Even if it means
less jail time, I'd be
comfortable with that.

You're doing a lot
of dealing, considering
you're not the one...

that had a gun barrel
pointed at your face.

I'm doing it for her sake.
It's good she's got you
looking out for her.

You guys are jamming me up.
All right.

‐ I'll take a sleeping pill
so I don't lie awake.
‐ Your girlfriend died, Eddie.

‐You know, she was stabbed
to death.
‐It's got nothing to do with me.

‐ Sit down!
‐ Nothing to do with me.

Yeah. Well, we were
over at her parents' house.

‐ That's not what they think.
‐ They think you did it, Eddie.

Her parents hate me.
They think I'm a gangster.

‐ Where would they get
that impression?
‐ So what happened to her?

‐ I don't know.
‐ You were the last one seen
with her. You were arguing.

You're in a gang.
You got a criminal record.

‐ I would never hurt Katie.
‐ Well, Katie wound up dead.

If you're so upset, why aren't
you looking for who killed her?
Who's your hero, Eddie? O. J.?

You want to know what I think?
I think she killed herself.

‐ And why would she do that?
‐ I know she was
pretty upset when I left.

I told her I couldn't
see her anymore.

You got a pretty high
opinion of yourself.
Hey, listen.

It didn't make
any sense to me either.

I mean, she worked her
12 hours, came home, dinner,
television, that was it.

Me? Every night's
like Saturday night.

So I told her it wasn't
gonna work. And she said
she couldn't live without me.

You know, how all girls do.
But I swear, I didn't
think she was serious.

So you figured she killed
herself and the knife escaped?

If we check your place,
are we gonna find any knives
over there, Eddie?

Having a knife doesn't
mean I killed her.

I swear, I had nothing
to do with this.
You gotta let me go.

No, no, no. No good, Eddie.
You see, we got enough to charge
you for murder right now.

‐ You guys are gonna
get me killed.
‐ By who?

Whoever kills me,
you ain't gonna solve it.

‐ Why is that, Eddie?
‐ I didn't kill this girl,
all right?

I didn't kill anyone.
But I'm gonna wind up dead.

Over what?

Right now,
they're going over my place.

‐ Who is?
‐ The guys I work for!

Who am I kidding?
[ Scoffs ]

I'm dead right now.

My second guy ran off
with the books.

You been skimming a little?
The boys gonna find out?

You got something else for us
there, Eddie? Huh?

Because I am telling you,
we will hang you for this Katie.

I didn't touch her.
And I can't give up these guys!

Why, Eddie?
Because it's not honorable?

Well, you think about
the honor in this.

You think about being
in Rikers and having
several large convicts...

honor you by turning
your ass into chop suey.

Understand this, Eddie. We have
enough to charge you right now.
Her parents say it was you.

[ Sipowicz ]
On the other hand, if you
got something heavy enough,

you could be looking
at witness protection.

[ Simone ]
See, you got a good look
to you, Eddie.

Good personality,
obviously very high impact
with the ladies there.

Every night's a Saturday night.
There is no reason you can't
start again somewheres else.

There were some
homicides last year, Eddie.
Flying Dragon was involved.

I can't testify.
If I testify against
a Flying Dragon, I'm dead.

You could testify and
be long gone, assuming that
your story on the girl holds up.

I got nothing to do with her.

If that's true, Eddie, and
we make some cases off of you,

there's no reason why
next year you can't be...

in a basement somewheres else
taking your neighbor's
hard‐earned money.

The shooter from
the bowling alley
moved to Jersey.

Name's David Chin.

[ Slides Paper On Desk ]

Write it.

So, uh, you think this'll be
a temporary thing, Greg?

I don't know, James,
I don't even know
what I hope.

I figured you guys
were gettin' it together.

Yeah, well, a period
after we moved back in,
things were going good.

Then eventually,
we're bickering again.

We're back in a groove, like
salmon going back to spawn.

[ Sighs ]
Only we don't spawn,
of course.

Yeah. Sometimes I think that
the monks got the right idea.


You and Adrianne working
that house robbery together?

‐ Yeah.
‐ How are you gettin' along?

All right. You know.
I still gotta call her out
on that lesbian thing.

Her exact position there.
Except I never find
the right spot.

Just ask her man to man.
[ Chuckles ]

Things with this Anita were
going pretty good, you know.

Oh, your dietitian friend.
Yeah. I halfway figure,
why rock the boat?

But I still felt like
I could really develop
something strong with Adrianne.

You ever imagine having
feelings like that for someone?

[ Sighs ]

Hey, Greg. I hope you don't
think I'm out of line, but‐‐

In what regards?

I was wondering,
you know, what was it like,
bein' with Donna?

Imagine the best experience
you've ever had.


Now double it.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Door Opening ]

‐ How'd it go?
‐ Fine.

Not too much... discomfort?


When do they expect
to know something?

In about 10 days.
They said that I seem fine.

He has "next to
no index of concern."

Andy, we're having a boy.

You're confident on that?

When they do an amnio,
they also do an ultrasound.

See? That's his head.
And that's his arm.

And that's his penis.

It's kind of fuzzy.

Hey, how did they get
that picture?

Well, they put some
jelly on your stomach.

And then they pass some sort
of transmitter over it.

How did you think
they took it?

Oh, th‐that'd be preferable.
That method.

[ Sighs Deeply ]

All this science, it really
keeps you on your toes.

[ Chuckles ]

The D. A. says if this
Eddie Wong's cleared
on his girlfriend's death,

he'll get relocation
for testimony in
the bowling alley whack.

The address that Wong gave on
this guy that did the homicide
is out in East Orange.

So we're coordinating
with the Jersey state police.
Wong ready to I. D. the guy?

[ Harold ] Guys?
[ Sipowicz ]
That's the Chow girl's parents.

We're gonna talk to 'em more
on the suicide angle.

‐ I'll take 'em
to coffee room, okay?
‐ Yeah.

Lieu, the medical examiner
said those scratches
on their daughter's thigh,

he thought might
have come from a cat?

Those might be
hesitation marks.

Someone trying to get
the nerve to stab themselves.

He figured it out
during a squash game.

If it was a suicide,
where's the knife?

[ Harold Speaking Chinese ]


[ Hanging Up Phone ]

These are three more items
we realized were taken.

Our insurer says you
have to list them before
they'll honor our claim.

It's no problem. We can make
out a supplementary five.

‐ How are you feeling today?
‐ I'm upset.

Expect to feel that way
a lot, Mrs. Donaldson.

[ Lesniak ]
It's natural,
with what happened.

‐ My wife thinks we should move.
‐ I don't feel safe anymore.

I thought since we were coming
up here, you could explain to
her that's not necessary.

I don't feel safe.

I think the detectives
can explain there's
no reason not to feel safe.

The man has agreed
to a plea and is in jail.

He is in jail, Mr. Donaldson.
But your wife being
frightened is still real.

One way to think of it‐‐
Imagine your feelings if,
God forbid,

there was a murder
in the apartment.
[ Donaldson ] That's right.

That's absolutely right.
But there wasn't a murder.

And the man who did this is
in custody, and rent‐controlled
apartments don't fall off trees!

I don't know how many more
adjustments I got in me.

And how many more sacrifices!

If I'm going to
have to live this way,
I wish I'd died.

Detective Lesniak,
can you fill out this five
for Mrs. Donaldson?

Sure, James.
Mr. Donaldson, come here.

You know, maybe your wife
would feel more secure...

if she knew the neighborhood
wasn't going high crime,

or that the break‐in
came from your whore's pimp.

‐ That's not an alternative.
‐ You don't choose to make...

that information available, and
I'm not gonna sit in judgment.

You are judging me!
I'm telling you.
Don't make us your beards.

If you're too cheap to lose
your rent control to buy
your wife some peace of mind,

or whatever mind games
you want to run
because she let you down...

and got crippled,
that's your call!

Don't do it in this house.
Don't use me and my partner.

You follow?

Do what you want
on the street. When you're in
this building, act like a man.

Now, go back
with your wife.

This must be
a graduation picture.
[ Harold Speaking Chinese ]

"Sun Yat‐sen Middle School
Student of the Month."

Look, Harold.

We'd like you to ask
Mr. and Mrs. Chow,

with regards to
their daughter's breakup
with Eddie Wong,

how upset was
Katie about that?

[ Chinese ]

[ Chinese ]

She won't tell them anything.
She know they disapprove.

‐ So that means she was upset?
‐ [ Chinese ]

Now, Harold, I want you
to tell Mr. Chow that
if this was not a murder,

that we are spending a lot
of time and effort here...

when we could be out there
catching other criminals.

Let him know that neither him
or his wife will be in trouble
for not telling us before.

[ Chinese ]

[ Continues ]

‐ [ Chinese ]
‐ Huh?

[ Harold ]
Tell police not to look for
Eddie Wong no more.

‐ [ Chinese ]
‐ They try to be good parents.

Of course you did. Yes.

[ Chinese ]
[ Wife Whimpers ]

That's the knife
their daughter used
for the suicide.

[ Mr. Chow Continues
In Chinese ]
[ Mrs. Chow Crying ]

[ Harold ]
Tell the police not to look
anymore for Eddie Wong.

[ Crying, Speaking Chinese ]

Hey. James,
it's your case.

You need to sign
the supplemental five.

Thanks for filling that out.
You'll give it to the boss?

Yeah. Thanks, Adrianne.
Some jerk, huh?
That poor woman's husband?


I mean, I know it's gotta be
a tough adjustment for him too.

No, he wasn't bein'

He was saying one thing
and meaning something else.

Honey this, and that‐‐
and meanwhile he
was hurting her feelings.

Yeah. Anyway,
I enjoyed working with you.

See, I make that
another example, Adrianne.
The exact same thing.

I don't know what you mean.
Why reach out,
saying something like that,

and meanwhile
you think I'm a dope?
I don't think you're a dope.

That is so far off
what I think.

Tell Greg to tell me
you're gay. Then I hear
rumors you're not gay.

You should be
more straightforward.

I'm not sayin' be straight.
Be whatever you want.

I don't know what I am.
I said what I said
to discourage you.

Because I didn't think
we should go out.

So today, you're gay
or you're not?

[ Sighs ]
Once I said that,

I thought maybe, like,
I told, like, a true lie.

Because I never had a successful
relationship with a man.

But I went to a meeting‐‐
that G.0.A.L.?

The gay officers club?
The Gay Officer
Action League.

I didn't feel
comfortable there.

And now,
since the meeting,

I lie awake nights,

'cause what I think is,
probably I'm straight.

But I wind up
with men that hurt me.

It's my problem, James.
I just don't know
how to be happy.

Now that you
figured that out,

you took a vow
not to learn?

[ Chuckles ]

[ Door Opening ]

‐ Greg.
‐ Marie?

‐ Who's watching the kids?
‐ Connie, from down the block.

Greg, we can't let
this happen to us.

I think it has happened, Marie.
Me moving in here, that's
just acknowledging the fact.

No! No.

When you do "blank,"
I feel "blank."

Come on, Greg. When you do
"blank," I feel "blank."

Marie, to hell with
the marriage counselor! And
to hell with doing "blank."

When you do "blank,"
I feel "blank."

You're harping, Marie. And
that's what I can't stand.

The moment I walk
in from work, it's
a harping quality.

When you harp, I feel‐‐
I feel like moving out.

When you nag me constantly
and tell me how broke we are.

You're inside my mind all day,
remarking on my shortcomings.

Go for it, Greg!
When you coach me during
sex, it pisses me off!


Do whatever you want.

[ Panting ]
This is
a public area, Marie.

People could walk
in here any minute.

No more coaching.
Take me, Greg.

[ Moaning, Grunting ]

So, you worried
about your car?

Oh, my car will be fine.

I'm worried about you.

You're worried about me, huh?

I don't want to hurt you,
James, if it doesn't work out.

Adrianne, maybe
you spend so much time
worrying about other people,

you don't think much
of yourself.

So you figure only
a jerk would ask you out.

The kind of guy
that would raise his hand.

Well, I won't raise a hand.
And I like you plenty.

I'll tell you something else.
I don't care what Andy
and them say about my clothes,

‐ I got good taste.
‐ [ Laughs ]

I like it when you smile.

I like it a lot.

I'm gonna make you
smile all the time.

[ Sighs ]

Come on inside, James.
We'll have some coffee.

I thought you'd never ask.