NYPD Blue (1993–2005): Season 3, Episode 21 - Closing Time - full transcript

Sylvia confronts Sipowicz about her suspicions that he is going to late-night bars and drinking again, and the effect is everywhere. Lt. Fancy is forced to sent him home after Sipowicz ...

‐ Hi.
‐ Have a good walk?

[ Baby Cooing ]

[ Fussing ]
It's okay.

[ Turns On Faucet ]

‐ Look to tire myself out.
‐ This has gotta stop.

[ Sighs ]

you are drinking!

What are you talking about?
Don't insult me.

These late night walks.
You won't even get near me
'cause of some chest cold?

‐ You want me to get
the both of you sick?
‐ I have given you your time.

And if you don't want to talk
to me about Andy Jr., okay.

I will not stand here
while you lie to my face.
I'm not lying!

If I have a few drinks,
trying to deal with things,

I walk till I'm sober‐‐
I make sure I'm sober
coming home.

You are not sober
when you come home!

And having a few drinks
isn't not drinking.

I'm sober at home, at work.
I meet my responsibilities.

You're not meeting
your responsibilities!

Andy. God. Get out!

‐ What?
‐ Put some stuff in a suitcase
and get out until...

you are not
"not drinking" or you are
not "not lying" to me.

I don't want you here
if you can't even
acknowledge the problem.

I acknowledge some things.
Didn't I just acknowledge
a few drinks?

All the baby's
gonna hear me do is cry.

You're telling lies
inside of lies and you are
slapping me in the face.

I have never
laid a hand on you.

Great. You want me out
of here, Sylvia, I'm gone.

Just let me get a suitcase.

You mind if I touch the baby?

No, go ahead.

[ Clothes Rustling,
Bag Opening ]

I'm meeting
my responsibilities.

[ Phone Ringing ]

[ Ringing ]

[ Ringing ]
[ Groaning ]

15th Squad. Ah, no, no.
She's no longer with us.

Can I help you?
I'm looking for the lieutenant.

I wrote the name,
but I can't read it.

‐ I'm Lieutenant Fancy.
‐ That's it!

I'm Lucy Kinley from
the Borough. I'm your new P. A. A.

Well, it's good to meet you.
Is that West Indian?

You look just like somebody
I know from "Guyana‐Bissau."

Uh, no. There's your desk.

Oh! So I can see
everyone coming in.

Yeah. You'll meet the squad
as the day goes on.

Uh, you should also be aware,
there was a tragedy last week
involving one of our men,

Detective Sipowicz.

His son was murdered
while intervening in a holdup.


Take a minute to settle. Then
I'd like to get you started.

Are you familiar with
the monthly stats that
come into the Borough?

No. I don't know
how to do those.

Okay. Okay. A little later
I'll show you how.

For now, type out our roll call.
I scratched it out
for you there.

And then fax it to the Borough
when you're through.

‐ No problem.
Thank you, Detective.
‐ Lieutenant... Fancy.

‐ Last time. I promise.
‐ Okay.

Good morning.

Hi. I'm Bobby Simone.
This is Diane Russell.

I'm Lucy Kinley.
I'm you're new P.A.A.
How you doing?

I'll do better
with a P. A. A.
[ Chuckles ]

I been at the Borough
for the last year. I'm gonna
do the roll call now.

Then Lieutenant Fancy's gonna
teach me how to do the monthly
stats later in the day.

[ Russell ]
That's great.

[ Door Opens ]
[ Sighs ]

Hey, good morning, Andy.
How's it going?

Feel like
today's the day?

[ Flushes Urinal ]

We're getting same
pattern parole releases
from Connecticut,

New Jersey and
Pennsylvania about 9:30.

Boy, I'll tell you.
All these leaps forward,

Sons of bitches that
killed him gotta be
shaking in their boots.

Andy, we've run every skell
on the Lower East Side
through this house.

We're gonna keep
on doing it until
we turn these guys up.

I'd like to meet the asshole
that made these things.

[ Sighs ]
You through in here, or
you want to look for clues?

[ Bathroom Door Closes ]

Okay. A woman was treated
last night at an E. R....

for a knife wound she said
was accidental.

Now she wants to press charges
on her boyfriend
for attempted murder.

She's coming up?
Yeah. She's on
her way upstairs.

‐ Angela Bohi's her name.
‐ Yeah, I'm Angela Bohi.

I'm Detective Russell, Angela.

I got stabbed above the elbow.
Attempted murder.

‐ I'm up.
‐ I can take it, Andy.

The interview needs
a woman's touch?

‐ She got sexually assaulted
in the elbow?
‐ Why don't you work it with me?

Why don't we all talk
in the coffee room?

Why don't you have a seat?

The guy who stabbed me's
named Bobby Kupchak.

‐ It's a miracle I'm even alive.
‐ What's your relationship
with him?

Well, he's a violent jerk
I'm sick of even trying
to deal with.

You could pick him up at
Shea Stadium. He's got
a big job there selling beer.

‐ Slow down, Miss Bohi. Does
Bobby Kupchak live with you?
‐ [ Sighs ]

‐ [ Scoffs ] Sort of, yeah.
‐ What led up
to him stabbing you?

Okay. See, what led up
to it was we had a fight,

he took a knife,
and he tried to murder me.

Hey, we're here
to help you, Angela.
So let's lose the attitude.

[ Sighs, Clicks Tongue ]

He smacked my kid.

Which he got no business
even touching him, let alone
raising a hand in anger.

What's your boy's name?

This asshole smacks him
in the back of the head‐‐

Timothy told you
that Bobby hit him?

He hit him
yesterday morning.
I found out last night.

And last night was
when Bobby stabbed you?

[ Snorts ]

I brought home a chocolate cake,
right, because, you know,
I like cake.

Anyway, I was slicing it when
Timmy says he's afraid of being
home alone with Bobby mornings.

And when I ask him why,
he tells me Bobby hit him
for dropping his lunch box,

running out
to make the school bus.

In comes Mr. Asshole.
I send Timmy to his room
and ask Bobby where...

he gets balls big enough
to hit on a kid
ain't even his own blood...

in a place he don't pay
50 cents rent?

So I'm holding up the knife,
the butcher knife,
to defend myself and‐‐

‐ [ Snoring ]
‐ Hey, asshole!

‐ Cut it out, Angela.
‐ Am I boring you?
Because I almost died!

What? You threw
a soda can at me?
Yeah, that's what I did.

‐ You threw a soda can at me?
‐ Andy! Leave the room.
‐ You gonna hit me?

You never been hit
like I'll hit you!

‐ What's your name?
‐ You never been‐‐

Andy, get the hell
out of here!

[ Sighs ]

[ Chattering ]

Throws a soda can at me!
Cigarette ashes‐‐

All right. Thanks.

These Newark cops,
they think it's worth
the interview.

I'm gonna go talk
to these guys that did
the same pattern stickup.

You think I should
tell Andy maybe
you got something?

Maybe you should hold off
on that, James. You know,
spare yourself the abuse.

You're sure it's okay?
What are you?
A nurse or a detective?

How's that?
It's fine. Fine.

[ Sighs ]
Angela, that detective had
a personal tragedy.

I'm sorry it's made this
more difficult for you.

He snores in my face,
and then he says
he's gonna hit me?

I'm really sorry that happened.
You think I'm gonna
sit still for that?

Maybe his boss should know.
That's not gonna help with the
problem you came here to solve.

[ Sighs ] I also want you to
know I'm gonna give this case
number‐one priority.

Let me know where I can
pick up Bobby Kupchak,
and we're gonna go after him.

Didn't I say
he works at Shea Stadium?

I was talking about
the daytime, Angela.
And I'm telling you...

it's a day game today.

All right. We're gonna
go after him right away.

I'll be in touch with you
with any developments.

‐ Your phone number's
here on the 61, right?
‐ Yeah, right.

Okay, Angela. Uh‐‐
Why don't we go to
the stairs this other way?

Detective "Sipovich?"
I'm Lucy. I'm your new P. A. A.

‐ That's great.
‐ That's okay. I understand.

There's a priest here to
see you. Mr. "Kanak‐areedy?"

‐ Andrew.
‐ Sylvia sent you down here?

I'd like to speak somewhere

This is, uh, my workplace.
I work here.

I had hoped we could talk.

Let's go to an interview room.
That's like our confessional,

People confess
the sins they did.

My deepest sympathies
on the death of your son.

To answer your question,
Sylvia's very concerned.

But it was I
who suggested that I would
like to speak with you.

You should be talking to her.
She's who you should
take care of.

Andrew, before you
and Sylvia got married,

when you and I spoke
at our counseling session,

I felt that you were
a soul in struggle.

I got no interest
in what you got to say.

I know you're in pain
of what's happened,
and you're angry, but‐‐

Why in the hell should I pay
attention to you, huh?

You believe in God?
Where was God when my boy
got killed in that bar?

He was there.
Then he can kiss my ass.

How could he stand there
and that boy die?

We're not made
to understand God's
purposes, Andrew.

Was he trying to punish me?
All right, I deserve punishment.

But what about my first wife?
She did nothing but
keep care of him...

and take abuse from me!

And what about him, huh?
He tried to help someone.

He got his whole life
in front of him. And he was
as sweet as ever was born.

Don't you tell me that
I did something so bad
to do that to them!

‐ God is not in
the punishment business.
‐ [ Scoffing ]

And you're not
in the center of the world.

Your son's death is not
part of some equation.
It's a mystery.

Yeah. Well,
my job is working
on the mystery part.

Sylvia tells me
you're involved in
a 12‐step program.

Oh, I'm one of their
big success stories.

Try to accept again
the third step
of your program.

Turn your life over to God.
Be its witness and
part of its process.

You never had a son.

‐ God had a son.
‐ Well, I'm not God.

And I want you to go.

God is with you, Andrew.
Try to feel his love.

[ Door Opens, Closes ]

[ Fancy ] The Borough said
there's something wrong with
the roll call you faxed them.

You got that list that
I wrote out for you?
Right away.

Excuse me. Lieu.

I'm gonna go pick up this
stabbing victim's boyfriend.

‐ Um, I need someone for backup.
‐ Andy's not available?

‐ No. He's busy.
‐ So what was that
shouting about before?

In the coffee room?
Complainant got
a little excited.

You know, she was excited,
high‐strung. She tossed
a soda can at Andy.

It's all squared away now.

So what's Andy doing now that
he's unavailable for backup?

He's, uh‐‐ He's working
another aspect of the case.

All right. Take Greg.

Can I take somebody from
Anticrime? I hate to take
anyone off Andy J.'s task force.

Take Greg.

I, uh, I need you to help me
with this pickup.

[ Medavoy ]
Uh‐huh. Um, I‐I got‐‐

I'll be done
in a few seconds.
[ Russell ] Okay. Let me know.


[ Medavoy ]
I have to clear decks.

‐ Let's talk, Andy.
‐ Of course.

Let's go into my office.

What would be our topic?

I, uh... want you
to take some sick days.


Take some days, Andy.
Go home.

Russell's pissed off?
My attention wandered?
Can't say it to my face?

She wants the interview, what?
I'm supposed to stand there
the whole time at attention?

All Diane said about
the interview was the woman
was high‐strung.

Yeah, well. What's the point
if you're trash and you
can't act like it, huh?

As much as I feel for
what happened to your boy,

you make it so I can't
look the other way.

You're ruining morale. Everyone
in the squad's covering for you,
pulling your weight for you.

Tell them to cut it out.
I do my job.
Give me something to do.

Diane wouldn't say so, but
she's afraid to go on the street
with you. And she's right.

That's her problem.
That's her job. Don't be afraid
to go out on the street.

My kid's dead!

Andy, go home.

This is what you've
been waiting for, huh?

This is the day you've been
waiting for, isn't it, pal?

If I was looking to do you in,
I'd take your gun right now
and send you to the farm.

But I'm giving you a last chance
to fix this yourself, because
I respect you doing it before.

But the next time I see you,
you're sober and ready
to work, or you're through.

Brotherhood's got a meeting
today? You be up for a big award
at the Brotherhood meeting?

‐ Get out of here.
‐ They know about it, huh?
"We got Sipowicz?"

‐ Shut your mouth!
‐ We got Sipowicz!

‐ Shut your mouth!
‐ [ Breathing Heavily ]

You're embarrassing the job.
And you're embarrassing
your son's memory.

Please... go.

‐ May I help you?
‐ Gone for the day, minimum.

‐ All right, Detective.
‐ I need to talk to a detective.

Hey, what's up?
He sent me home.

Wait, wait.
How far did it go?

We were gonna fight.
Then we just agreed, no cards
on Martin Luther King Day.

‐ Go home, Andy.
‐ Are you gonna give me
a hard time too?

What's your big feast day?
I won't send you no card either.

Excuse me, Detective.
I think maybe you should
know this right away.

This woman says she knows
something about the men you're
looking for in this big case.

[ Scoffs ]
Why don't you put
an ad in the Post?

‐ You looking to talk
to a detective?
‐ Mm‐hmm.

‐ On that case
with the big reward?
‐ It's about these guys.

Okay, come on.

What's your name?
Deena Farnham.

It's right in here.

Have a seat.

What do you
got for us, Deena?

That one's name is Ray.
And he's Mitch.

Ray and Mitch, huh?

I mean, I knew they were
dirt‐ball type guys.

But I never thought,
like, killers.

I mean,
this Andrew Sipowicz, Jr.

You're a working girl.
You did these guys, huh?

So the day that kid got killed,
that night they're stoned,
and they're partying with me.

‐ Where's this?
‐ The Mohawk. I mean,
they were stoned.

Like on speed and liquor.
Then later, like the next day,

I'm back at my own place,
and I see on the TV...

about this
young guy getting killed
trying to stop a holdup.

And now I'm remembering
these guys.

All messed up and loaded,
saying how they messed up
some guy in a bar.

I mean, the guy
tried to be a hero,
and they really messed him up.

So now, a whole week goes by.
And these fliers, they're
all around...

with the sketches
of these guys from
the bar waitress's description.

And I know you've seen it
on TV too, with this big
reward number.

Wh‐What is it now?

65,000 there.

‐ And you don't reach out.
And now‐‐
‐ [ Snaps Fingers ]

Here you are.
I don't care about the money.

I mean, I care. Yeah,
I'd take it.

But I'd have
left it sit too.

Except they paged me
last night.

And now I'm scared
they're gonna kill me.

Off suspecting what I know.
That's what I figure.

And they figure,
just as well kill me.

Deena, why don't
you think that they're just
calling you to party again?

I just didn't get that feeling
from their voices.

[ Martinez ]
Where'd they call you from?

I don't know.
They said a pay phone.

So we're about 85%
here, right, Deena?

What do you mean?
And you know, ordinarily,
I would settle.

I'd figure 85%
for pretty good.

Andrew Sipowicz Jr.,
this kid‐‐ this is a cop's son.

This is a kid who tried
to save a woman's life.

No. You bring
it all, Deena. Or you're
gonna be taking a beating.

If I knew something...

and didn't say it till now,
what does that mean about jail?

Help us now, Deena.

The only way
we would jam you up is
if you killed him yourself.

[ Sighs ]
They left the Mohawk before me.

And it must've took a week...

remembering that they
had lost it or maybe that
they'd ever even had it.

[ Sighs ]

[ Velcro Tearing ]

They asked about it
last night.


that's how I know
they're gonna kill me.

That's a Hackensack shield.

I'm supposed to meet them
at Fourth and "D" at 2:00
to give it back.

‐ Forty minutes late.
‐ She says they're late
coming to party too.

‐ I'm afraid I'm gonna throw up.
‐ Don't.

[ Man On Police Radio ]
This is Morrisey. Two white
males just walked past our unit,

same side of the street,
headed toward the restaurant.

They fit her description.
Look like our guys.

[ Simone ]
Is that them?
[ Deena ] Yeah. Oh, my God.

Are you sure that's them?
I'm positive.

‐ All right, get down.
‐ [ Man ] What's going on, man?

Come on.
Move your ass. Hey!

I got someplace to be or
I'd kick your ass good for you,
you slant‐eyed piece of crap.

[ Police Radio Clicks ]
I'm coming out on foot
about 115 feet behind them.

‐ What, are they beating up
that guy? You got it?
‐ Stay here with her, James.

You want to go? I'll kick
your ass good for you.

I'll kick your ass.
Yo, yo, cop!


[ No Audible Dialogue ]

17 East Third Street.


Great job, Bobby.
Thanks, boss.

Yeah. Every witness
makes it a good shoot.

So I'm excused
from Lefrak City?

No. No, you gotta
see the shrink. Get
your gun to Ballistics.

‐ I know Andy went home.
‐ I sent him home.

I thought maybe
I'd go tell Sylvia.

Okay, go ahead.

You want someone to
drive you to Lefrak?

No. I'm good.
All right.

It's, uh, important
to let him know.

I will.

[ Sighs Deeply ]

Detective, the whole time...

I was in the lavatory,
I forgot it was unisex.

I sat there the whole time
without the door locked.

[ Laughing ]

[ Knocking On Door ]


Sylvia, the, uh,
the guys who murdered
Andy J. are dead.

Does Andy know?
We don't know
where Andy is.

I see.

Bobby wanted to tell you, but
after something like this,

they make you go
to Lefrak City to see
the Department doctors.

It was Bobby who got 'em?

Uh, we were set up to
take them. They drew down, and
Bobby had to shoot them both.

He's all right?

[ Sighs ]
[ Baby Crying ]


I'm glad they're dead.

[ Baby Fussing ]
How are you and Theo?

You know Andy's
out of the house.

‐ [ Crying ]
‐ I can't have him
here drinking.

I‐I agree with you.

I just hope that this will
help him turn the corner.

Uh, it's up to him.

I want to help him.
But I know I can't.

[ Crying ]
You're doing...
what you have to, Sylvia‐‐

looking out
for yourself and Theo.

But I‐I think you're right.
You know, these guys
goin' down...

can be Andy's excuse
for the day to stay drunk.

But if he wants to,
he'll turn the corner.

I hope he does.

I know.

[ Fussing ]

[ Male Announcer ]
We take you now,
live to the scene.

[ Female Reporter ]
A shoot‐out on the Lower
East Side of Manhattan today‐‐

[ Sighs ]
brought an end
to the week‐long manhunt‐‐

You want to pace it a little?
I'm not going anywhere.

Son of one of their own,
Andy Sipowicz‐‐
Two things you got to say to me:

"86" and "closing time."

Why don't you try
and keep a civil tongue
in your head, okay?

A robbery and sexual assault
in a bar in the 15th Precinct
of Manhattan...

where his father has served
as a detective for 14 years.

Today, the young man's
assailants lost their lives
after initiating a gunfight...

in the street with
precinct detectives who were
closing in for an arrest.

Now back to you in the studio.

Uh, I'm just checkin'
to say and confirm...

two skells were
involved in a homicide.

And they've been taken
down this afternoon?

Uh, that's all been established?
Correct perps and so forth?

What does it matter to you
who's calling? Father Christmas.

Um, has anybody‐‐

The cops involved know from
anyone there was appreciation?

Well, let them know that
there was appreciation.

Never mind who.
Rabbi Wolf.

[ Men Talking,
Indistinct ]

[ Man ] Bootsy Collins, Larry
Graham, Brothers Johnson.
[ Sighs ]

Look at the look on his face.
Don't even have a clue too.
[ Horn Honking ]

‐ Calls himself a bass player.
‐ [ Laughs ]

Who you listening to
supposed to be so funky?
Rick James.

Oh, Rick James!

I'm gonna have to
kick your ass. I thought
the lecture was gonna do it.

‐ Excuse you?
‐ I'm gonna have to ask you
to move it along.

‐ Why we gotta move it along?
‐ I want this corner clear.

‐ We ain't even doing nothing.
‐ I want you off this corner.

My son and I were
looking at this corner.

[ Imitating White Speech ]
Look, buddy. I can smell
the liquor on your breath.

So why don't you go pick
on somebody else, huh?
[ Laughs ]

What's your name, mouth?

‐ Supposed to be funny?
‐ Drunk‐ass cop,
you the funny one.

Why don't you go buy what
you was gonna buy so you can
get even drunker?

We ain't moving.
I don't say something
I'm not prepared to say.

You don't move,
I'm gonna move you.

‐ Let's go, y'all.
It ain't even worth it.
‐ Hold up. Hold up.

Move me. Come on, devil.
Move my black ass.

You don't think I'm gonna
move you? I'm gonna show
him what you do and don't.

Show me.

[ Roaring, Grunting ]

‐ [ Horn Beeping ]
‐ Yeah! How you like it?

How you like it, huh?
How you like it?

I'm okay. I'm okay.
Just stay away.
No, sir.

[ Kick Landing ]
[ Grunting ]

‐ I'm okay, son.
Stay away.
‐ You're not okay.

You okay now?

‐ Hey, who's that?
‐ Where your gun at, pig?

I got it.
Come on! Let's go,
let's go, let's go!

[ Gasping, Grumbling ]
Call a radio car. I'm a cop.

How is he?
One of the nurses is
talking about broken ribs.

But I don't know
what else is going on.

Job go over the air?
No. Off the books so far.

Hey, Bobby.

Those guys got his gun.

Doc, what's going on?

Well, neurologically
he's intact. He's got
two broken ribs.

‐ We fitted him for a belt
to protect them.
‐ [ Sipowicz ] Bobby.

Yeah, Andy.
I'm right over here.

Look, Doc, if Andy's name
gets on the books
for this, he's jammed.

I put my college dean's name
on the admitting form.

Tell Mr. Kramer
I hope he feels better.
Yeah, I appreciate it.

Hey, Bobby, I got a good idea on
the mutts that did this.

Me and my partner are gonna
go and try and snatch them up.
Hang on until I get Andy set up.

‐ And then I'll go
looking with you.
‐ All right.

How's it going?

Thanks for getting
those guys.

Either of them say
anything about Andy?

It was a gunfight in
the middle of the street.
Nobody said nothing.

You gave Shannon a pretty
good description, huh?

He thinks we can find
these guys who beat you.

They got my gun.

[ Sighs ]
I'm finished. I've made
a mess of everything.

You wouldn't let nobody
help you, Andy.

It threw me for a loop.

I felt the kid
was gonna be happy.

I could help him after
I never did nothing for him.

He got killed.
And you started drinking.

And you left Sylvia alone.
And the baby. Just like
you did Andy J.

So what are you gonna
do about that now?

I don't know what to do.

Do you want people
to help you, Andy?

Please help me. Yeah.

Hey, there's Greg.
Can you walk?

[ Softly ]

‐ Hey, Andy.
‐ Thanks for showing up.

Yeah. You need a chair?

No. I can‐‐ I can walk.

I want to get you back over
to the house and help Shannon
look for these guys.

Now, if we got lucky,
and you can make an I. D.‐‐

And we can get that gun back
before the boss came in‐‐

I don't know how else we're
gonna save your job, Andy.

[ Groaning ]
Let's go.

[ Grunts ]

You better not cost me my job.

If we're wrong, we'll get it
straight with your boss.

How long you been
working at the A&P?
Four years in June.

I figured I'd been
seeing you that long.
Got promoted, huh?

Restock clerk to produce.
Hey, Knowledge‐‐

[ Camera Clicks, Whirs ]

What lie you got going?
What you saying I did?

He'll talk to you. Wait'll
the detective gets back.

Find any of those guys?

Andy. Andy.
[ Groans ]

Hey. Andy.
[ Moans ]

Is this guy right?

‐ [ Groans ]
‐ Drink this.

[ Grunts ]
I lost my glasses.

Th‐They're right here.
Right in your coat, Andy.

‐ Is he right?
‐ [ Sighs ]

He was one of them.
He was the mouth.

I'm gonna go talk
to this guy.
Andy, stay right where you are.

[ Gasps, Grunts ]
[ Door Slams ]

Tough leaving things
in other people's hands.


You want me to take
those glasses, Andy?

[ Sighs ]

Yes, please.

Hey, boss.

What's going on?

Andy got beat up
last night out on
the street.

‐ How bad?
‐ Couple of busted ribs.

[ Locking Door ]
Who's in there?

The mutt in the pokey's
one of the three guys
who stomped him.

Andy I. D.'d him
off the photo.
Andy I. D.'d him off the photo?

‐ Wh‐Where's Andy?
‐ Upstairs in Medavoy's crib.

Diane says
Sylvia threw him out.


They stole his gun,
the guys who stomped him.

Does the one in there
know where the gun is?
I think probably he does.

What's his name?
Knowledge Islam.

[ Door Bangs Open ]

‐ That's my boss.
‐ What's this about?

Assault on a cop,
theft of his weapon.
Cop picked you out.

Crazy, drunk‐assed police.
He never showed us his badge.

‐ We figured he was some drunk
white guy looking for a fight.
‐ You done?

I took his gun in self‐defense.
Were we supposed to run...

and trust him not to shoot us
in the back after he instigates
the whole damn thing?

You done now?

I'm gonna make this simple.
You're looking at
five years in jail.

You take us to his gun,
you walk away.

[ Chuckles ]
Oh, damn! Do I look that

I take you to that gun,
you kick my ass
about four hours,

‐ and then lock me up anyway.
‐ We lock you up,
you go to trial.

You think we want it out
in court a cop's drunk, looking
for a fight, loses his gun?

So maybe I take you to the gun,
you dump me in the river.

‐ You know where
your mother's at?
‐ What's that supposed to mean?

You, me and your mother.
Three of us go for the gun;
you walk home with her.

[ Sighs ]
Okay. All right.

We'll go with my aunt.

I don't care if he's got a job.
An R. O. R. release won't
discourage this guy much...

from beating up
this woman or her kid.

Can't you make it 20,000?
We halfway owe this woman.
There was, um‐‐

a little excitement between her
and one of our detectives.

[ Sighs ]
Appreciate it.

That's the woman,
Andy was sawing wood
during her interview?


Hey, boss, how'd you do?

‐ I got it.
‐ So, now what?

[ Sighs ] Now I'm gonna
wash my hands. And then
I want to talk to Andy.

[ Gasping, Grunting ]
[ Door Opens ]

This is yours.

[ Murmuring ]
Do I get it back?

Think about something, Andy.

You come back to work
and you're still drinkin',

something like last night's
gonna happen again.

Or maybe you'll wind up dead.

Then Sylvia won't have
a husband, your baby
won't have a father,

and some guys'll spend the rest
of their lives in jail...

for something that
didn't have to be.

[ Sighs ]

What's left for you
on this job, Andy?

I could do good for people
if I could stop drinking.

The key for me is
not to drink no more.

Can you stop?
I want to stop.

I realize now he's gone.

You bent over backwards
to keep me on the job.

And I had a wrong mouth
and everything else.

Please, don't take my job.

Let me take some days,
come back and try.

All right.
Right now your work's
at home anyway, isn't it?

[ Suppressing Groan ]

Don't make me sorry.

I won't, boss. Thanks.

[ Door Opens ]

I'm taking the next set off
to get myself together
and be with Sylvia.

‐ That's good.
‐ Would you let the squad
know my appreciation?

‐ Yeah.
‐ What everyone did, and...

with me being such a sport.

And you especially.

I know
what you did for me.

Andy, out on the street
there, those were
good shootings.

What you did otherwise.

I gave you nowhere to go.

You're still set up with me.

So you want a ride?

I asked Shannon.

On the ride, I can ask him
to thank the uniform cops.

Could you give Sylvia
a call? Let her know
I'm gonna look pretty bad.

[ Grunts, Gasps ]

‐ Anything else?
‐ I gotta do the rest.

Hi, Andy.

Fourteen hours since I drank.

I apologize for what I done.

I love you and the baby.
If you take me back‐‐

We love you, Andy.
And we want you back.