NYPD Blue (1993–2005): Season 3, Episode 12 - These Old Bones - full transcript

A strange woman walks into the precinct and gives Sipowicz and Medavoy some information about a disappearance that occurred eight years ago and where the body may be located. Meanwhile, domestic violence in Russell's parents apartment leads to tragedy when her drunken father is found murdered in their apartment and her brother, Doug, claims to have shot him in self defense. But Simone thinks otherwise and presses to get the truth about what really happened to her Russell's father and soon learns that Russell's simpleton mother in fact did the deed and Doug is trying to take the rap out of blind loyalty to the family.


Come on, Medavoy, huh?

While you're staying in
the crib, pull yourself together
before you come downstairs.

Otherwise it's like working
in a rooming house.

I checked out a one bedroom
over on Third Avenue.

The whole place is smaller
than this locker room.

Bathtub in the kitchen.
The guy wants 1,100 a month.

Yeah. Plus you're living
next door to a guy who
wears earrings in his tongue.

Compared to what's out there,
the crib's not bad.

Detective, this woman
has information about a murder.

Uh, here.
Why don't you come around here?

Have a seat here.
I'm Detective Sipowicz.

My husband killed somebody,
and you have to arrest him.

What's your name?
Chandra Esposito.

What's your husband's name?
Rickie Esposito.

He do that to your eye?
Yes. He smacked me around some.

Last night, I finally told him
that I wasn't gonna
take it anymore,

and he‐‐ he said if I'd try
and leave him,

he would, uh, kill me the way he
done that boy eight years ago.

He killed a kid
eight years ago?

Before we hooked up,
he lived over on 49th Street...

with, uh, Lanie Rivera
and her three kids.

Then last night,
he tells me that he,
uh, killed her boy, Sal.

He was how old eight years ago?

It sounded to me
like he was grown up.

You know, uh,
pretty much grown.

Is she still on 49th?

Um, 913 West 49th.

All right.
We'll look into that.

I think you ought to
look into a shelter.

No, I don't need a shelter.
Just arrest him,

or he's gonna kill me.

Good morning.
What's going on?

Just caught
an eight‐year‐old homicide.

‐ Eight years?
‐ Yeah. Unless somebody's
making up stories.

‐ Are you up?
‐ Uh, yeah, I'm up.

Hey, Bobby,
hold up a minute.

Detective Russell,
can I speak with you?


Hey, Andy, I'll come with you.
I wanna check out
that neighborhood.

Um, Diane,

there's been a shooting
at your parents' apartment.

A shooting?

Your father's been killed.


Your father's been killed.

I'm very sorry.

[ Gasps ]

Where's my mom?
Your mom's okay.

She's at the apartment.

But, Diane,
it looks like your brother
may have been involved.

Involved? How?
Apparently he did it, Diane.

I have to get over there.

Look, I need you to take care
of yourself, okay?

I can't let you work this.
Yeah, okay.

Now, Bobby's up.
I gotta get over there.

Take a minute.
Um, I'll fill him in,
and then he'll drive you, okay?

I gotta get over there.

My father's a D.O.A.
at Homicide.
What happened?

Boss'll fill you in.
I gotta go.

A neighbor called 911
and said the brother shot him.

Oh, man!
I don't want her driving alone.

I don't want her driving either,
but evidently,
that's what she wants to do.

‐ Diane!
‐ Are you catching the case,
or you taking care of Russell?

Okay. Okay.

Detective Russell.

Your mom's in the bedroom
with your brother.

I'm sorry for your loss.


What happened, Doug?
He came at me.

‐ I told him to back off
and he wouldn't.
‐ It was an accident, Diane.

So I shot him!
I'm only sorry I didn't
do it 10 years ago.

We'll get to the bottom of this
at the station house.

But for now,
you both have to be quiet.

‐ I don't want you to say
anything more to anyone.
‐ Is Dougie going to jail?

I don't know, Ma.
I don't know
what's gonna happen.


‐ Dougie, just take it easy,
all right?
‐ Yeah. Yeah, sure.

Get him covered up.

What do we got on this?
A neighbor called it in.

She told me she heard
some arguing, then a shot.

Is that her?

Just one?
Looks like one was enough.

Detective Russell's brother
gave me this weapon.

I unloaded it.

Uh, Shannon,
can you give us a second?

On the statements and so forth,
we can talk about it later on.

Yeah, Shannon.
I'll find you.

That's my .38.
You gave it to your brother?

No, of course not.
How did he get it?

I don't know. I'm gonna
take them down to the station
house and get Dougie a lawyer.

They're real confused
what happened.

Yeah, okay.
I'll talk to the neighbor.

Did she already
talk to Shannon?

Listen, get Doug
and your mom ready, okay?

I'm Detective Simone.
Maria Blair.

[ Simone ]
You, uh, call this in?
I heard this sound,

and I came over
to see what happened.

‐ I saw Doug with the gun.
‐ Did he say anything?

[ Maria ]
He said he did it.

These are really nice people.
This shouldn't be happening.

Boy, some of these buildings
have a lot of work in them.

What do they call
this part of town?

Hell's Kitchen.
Oh, I thought
they changed it.

I thought they changed it
to Clinton.

‐ [ Doorbell Ringing ]
‐ [ Woman On Speaker ]
Yeah? Who is it?

Is it the plumbers?
No, ma'am. We're New York City
Police detectives.

We'd like to speak
to a Mrs. Rivera.

That's me. Eh‐‐

‐ I'll be right down.
‐ Not much foliage, huh?

Boy, I bet in the summer
it gets pretty hot.

Yeah. Might be why they call it
Hell's Kitchen.

Mrs. Rivera?
Can we talk inside?

No, I prefer here.

What is it?
Did somebody get robbed?
'Cause I didn't see nothing.

No. We wanted to talk to you
about your son, Mrs. Rivera.

Do you know where he is?

Who is it?
The police detectives.

They wanna know about Salvador.
This is my daughter, Margie.

Sal don't live here no more.

‐ Do you know where he went,
‐ No.

We haven't seen him seven,
maybe eight years.

‐ Do you know a Rickie Esposito?
‐ Yeah.

Me and Rickie, we lived together
five or six years.

‐ Look, what is this about?
‐ This Rickie
is running around...

telling everybody
that he killed your son,
Mrs. Rivera.

‐ Rickie killed Sal?
‐ Oh, my God.

‐ That's crazy.
‐ Why don't you tell us
whatever you can remember...

about the last time
you talked to your son?

The last time I talked to Sal,

Rickie was going over
to do some work at
his ex‐wife's place...

and, uh, Sal went with him.

‐ I never seen him after that.
‐ Did you call the police?

Yeah, I called them once.
They said Sal's 19.

‐ Probably he just left.
‐ This ex‐wife, uh‐‐

The house that Rickie
and him were working on,
do you remember where she lived?

Lisa Gay.
She lives on Second and 14th,
across from the projects.

I got her address right here.
You go talk to her.

She'll tell you Rickie would
never do a thing like this.

Shame on you.
All right. Would you get
the address for us?

Yes, I can get it for you.

Let's go.
Shame on us?

The kid's gone eight years.
She barely even missed him.

Yeah. If he turns up dead,
she'll probably decide
we did it.

Mom, Detective Simone's
gonna sit you down
and get you a cup of coffee.

I'll be in
in a minute, okay?
Can't I go with Dougie?

No, Mom. You can't.
Mrs. Russell, right this way.

Thanks, Bobby.
Come on, Doug.

In here, Dougie.

All right. I have a call
in to John Tedesco.

I don't need a lawyer.
I just wanna
get this over with.

you're getting a lawyer.
Look, I shot him!

When did you take my gun?
The day he beat Mom
at the bar,

when you gave me the keys
to your apartment.

You've been carrying
the gun around?
Mom had it.

I gave it to her
for protection...

in case he started
beating her again.

So, today,
when he started in on me,

I went in the bedroom,
and I got it,
and I shot him.

Dougie, there had to be
physical violence.

You had to be
defending yourself.

You tell Tedesco you were
defending yourself.

You hear me?
Diane, look,
I don't need any lawyer!

How does that look?
Not so great, Lieu.

Diane's brother
confessed to the neighbor,

plus it turns out that one of
Diane's guns was involved.

‐ She tell you
how that happened?
‐ I don't think she knows.

Okay. You're gonna
have to notify I. A. B.

Yeah, okay.

He won't take a lawyer.

Could you talk to him,
explain why he has to?

I have to go talk to Shannon.

Shannon asked me to tell you
that he doesn't remember...

what your mom or your brother
were saying at the scene.

They were both confused,
and that's all he knows.

Did Doug tell you how he
laid hands on your weapon?

He just said he took it.
We're gonna have to
report this to I. A. B.

Was it secured?

It's an off‐duty weapon.
I had it in the back
of my dresser.

You didn't notice
it was missing?

I kept it around in case
of prowlers. I wasn't
checking on it every day.

You want me
to tell them that?
You know, right now,

I don't really care
about losing a week's pay.

A.D.A. Cohen
to see Detective Simone.

Uh, just a moment, please.

That's the riding D. A.

Could you hold off
on the neighbor's statement
just for a little?

If Dougie's gonna confess,
I want that to be
the first thing on paper.

I don't really have
the neighbor's statement yet.

I've gotta make...
burial arrangements.


I'm Bobby Simone.
Leo Cohen,
on the Russell homicide.

‐ I understand
you've got a collar.
‐ We've got someone in custody.

‐ You ready for me
to take a statement?
‐ Uh, no.

The, uh, suspect is the brother
of one of our detectives.

Detective Russell.

It was their father
who was shot.

My understanding is
Detective Russell's brother
is lawyered up.

Where are you on witnesses?
It's not clear.

It's not?
The officer on the scene...

said Mrs. Russell was kind
of confused, maybe in shock.

He couldn't really make out
what she was saying.

And he doesn't really recall
the son making any kind
of statements at all.

On what basis
was the son collared?

the neighbor came over
when she heard the shot,

uh, saw the brother
holding the murder weapon
in his hands.

That's all we got right now.
You're going on the record
with that?

I'm just saying that's
where the case is right now.

Detective Simone,
I'm sure you'll understand.

In light of your leak on
the Stackhouse investigation,

D.A. Abrams isn't president
of your fan club right now.

Oh, he's not president
of my fan club, huh?

My point, Detective‐‐
If I smell anything
inappropriate at all...

in your investigation‐‐
any vagueness in your report,

given this is another
officer's family,

my own feelings aside‐‐
I'm gonna have to
land hard on you.

And that would be
against your own feelings.

Don't call me till you
get your story straight.

That's the craziest thing
I ever heard.
Rickie didn't kill nobody.

That kid just took off.
All right. So,
where were they working?

Well, they laid some carpet
in there.

But mostly, they put in
this little patio.


How much does
a place like this go for,
if you don't mind my asking?

I pay 450,
but it's rent‐controlled.

‐ Oh, rent‐controlled, huh?
‐ So even after he divorces you,

this Rickie don't mind
coming around and doing
work around the house?

I told you
he's a good guy.
And this kid, Sal‐‐

‐ How come he was doing you
so many favors?
‐ Rickie told him to, I guess.

So you watched them
pour the concrete?

No. I was out of town
that weekend.

When I came home,
Rickie had surprised me
by doing the job.

Well, uh, I think we may have to
tear up this patio here.

‐ Oh, no, you're not.
‐ This is the last place
that we can put that kid.

I wanna know
what's underneath there.

You don't know
the boy's down there.

You want us
to get a warrant, ma'am?
Absolutely we can do that.

Thing is, if we do
find a body, it's gonna
look a lot better for you.

Better for me?
I haven't done anything.

Yeah? I certainly hope
the judge'll see it that way.

Look, Sal was a bad kid.
Nobody misses him.

Why you wanna go tearing up
my house looking for somebody
no one wants to find?

Well, Lisa, we got a dead body
growing in your garden.

We wanna dig it up.
We're just kind of
wacky that way.

‐ Hey, Doug.
‐ You here to take my statement?

You know, Doug,
I agree with your sister.

I think you should have a lawyer
with you before you
write any statements.

Look, I shot my father.

Having a lawyer
ain't gonna change that.

All right. Let's start
with an oral statement.
I shot my father.

Yeah. Could you go back
a little for me?

I went by before work.
I do it every day.

You'd have breakfast with 'em?
I have coffee.

So everyone was, uh,
sitting around
the table there?

[ Scoffs ]
Yeah. More or less.

Well, what happened, Doug?

He started going off on me...

about what a jerk I am,
a failure at work,

a general overall failure.

This was par for the course
in terms of your dad's
tone with you?

Pretty much.
But I just got sick of it,
you know?

I mean, finally, you just get
so sick of something.

So I went
and I got the gun‐‐
Your sister's off‐duty gun.

So, finally,
I got it in the bedroom,

came back, and I shot him.

Before you went into the
bedroom, what went down
between you and your dad?

Did your dad
raise a hand to you?

Doug, if you felt that
your life was in danger,

it is very important to make
that clear, all right?

I felt like I was in danger,
so I got the gun
and I shot him.

You came back into the
living room and shot him?

Was your dad advancing on you?
Look, man,
my dad deserved killing.

But was he advancing on you?

‐ You want me to write it down?
‐ No, I don't want you
to write it down.

I want you to think about
what you're saying.

I want you to think about it
and what your state of mind
was when this happened...

and how important it is
to make it clear
that you were frightened.

Then I'll come back
and, uh, we'll talk.

You're sure? All right.
Thanks for checking.

Crime Scene found a bullet
in the wall of the bedroom.

I checked it out with the M.E.
to see if maybe
there were two shots fired,

but he says there was just one,
so, apparently,
it went right through him.

Diane, you gotta let
somebody else take care of
this kind of stuff.

I'm fine.
Yeah, huh?

Don't tell me how
I'm feeling right now!

Bobby, don't make me go home.
Diane, just take it easy,

Where is he on the lawyer?
He don't want one.

That's ridiculous!
I let him talk to me a little
bit about what happened, and‐‐

Diane, it was‐‐

‐ How could you let him talk
to you without a lawyer?
‐ Diane, it was off the record.

Come here a second.

You gotta listen to me.
Somebody killed your father.

‐ You think a stranger did that?
‐ I want my brother
to have a lawyer.

Nobody is looking
to hurt your brother.
Do you understand that?

I'm not positive
that Doug did it.

And I don't know what the hell
went on in that apartment.

I need to talk
to your mother right now.
Off the record.


So they just found one bullet?

I guess that means
that your dad
was shot in the bedroom...

and must've collapsed
in the living room.

I guess.
Well, that doesn't fit
what Doug told me.

[ Knocking, Door Opens ]

Mrs. Russell, how you feeling?

Where's Dougie?
Can I see him?

Not just yet.
I have a few questions
that I need to ask you.

Diane says I'm not supposed
to talk to anyone.

‐ She said it would be okay.
‐ She said it was all right?

Yes, she did.

Mrs. Russell,
I need to ask you,

what happened this morning?

I don't remember very much.

It happened so fast.

But I don't think Dougie
meant to shoot anybody.

I think the gun just went off.
Where were you
when the gun went off?

We were in the bedroom.
So this all happened
in the bedroom?

Isn't that what Dougie said?
I would have to
check my notes.

But right now,
I'd like to hear
what you remember.

I don't remember anything.
I told you.

It all happened so fast,
it could've happened anywhere.

But you do recall it
happening in the bedroom?

Dougie remembers
better than I would.

Nobody's looking
to trap you here.

Nobody's looking to hurt you.
But you can hurt yourself.

You can hurt
other people in your family
by telling half‐truths.

I don't remember
exactly how it happened.

It was all so confusing.
I understand that.

I just know
Dougie didn't mean to do it.

Your husband and Doug,
they were arguing?

I don't think arguing so much
as Pete would tease
and hurt Dougie's feelings.

Would he do more
than just tease?

Would they ever get physical
with each other?

See, I'm thinking specifically
if Doug was afraid this morning.

I think he could've been.
You think he was afraid
for his life?

Could I see Diane?
I think Diane should be here.

Yeah, okay.
Okay, I'll get Diane.

She'll come in here
and she'll take care of you.

And then I'm gonna go back
and talk to your neighbor.

‐ Maria?
‐ Maria Blair, right.

Maria's a lovely girl.

I'll go get Diane.

‐ What color fish you got?
‐ They come in
all different colors.

There's nice yellow ones,
and they're different types.

This is Dr. Laura Schiller.

She's the anthropologist
from N. Y. U. that
the M.E. recommended.

You're the bone expert, huh?
That's me.

We've got some bones
we've been digging up
from under that patio.

‐ We need you to identify 'em.
‐ Do you suspect foul play?

Yeah, well, we always
suspect foul play.

It's kind of our job.

You recognize any of these?
Yeah, sure.

This is a pork chop.

Rib eye steak, ham bone.

And this looks like ribs.

‐ Those aren't human remains?
‐ Sorry, Detective.

What you have here is
the remains of a barbecue.

I told you that boy
was not under there.

‐ None of them are human bones?
‐ Those are animal bones.

It looks like
a garbage dump of some sort.

Did you used to dump
your garbage here?

That's where I used to
keep my cans before
Rickie built me this patio.

‐ You're gonna put it back,
aren't you?
‐ [ Groans ]

What the hell kind of
cadaver dog is this, huh?

He can't tell the difference
between a steak
and a human being?

There's a lot of bones here.
He got confused.

So what happens
when you pass a deli?
He finds bodies in there too?

Look, he's a dog.
Which is why I own fish.

Oh, now, this genius.
Now what? Come on.

Get the hell out.
He's always makin' a mess.

Hold on.
We got something. Good boy.
[ Barks ]

‐ It's a carpet.
‐ Something's rolled up
in a carpet.

[ Zeus Whining ]

[ Disgusted Sigh ]

[ Sipowicz ]
Hello, Sal.
[ Whines ]

[ Doorbell Rings ]

Oh. You're back?

I wanted to get some more
details from you,

Miss Blair,
about what happened
this morning.

I heard the shot,
I went over there,
I called 911.

That's really
all I have to say.
I'll tell you what.

Why don't you come in here
with me to the crime scene and‐‐

You know,
maybe you can help me
piece the sequence together.

‐ I'm not involved in this.
‐ I understand that.

You were just trying to help.
I gotta tell you,

you going towards
an apartment where
a gunshot had just gone off‐‐

I‐‐ I really admire
your courage,
your doing that.

Well, I gave my statement.

You know what
I had to ask you?

Who was it that opened
the door here for you?

‐ Doug did.
‐ When he opened the door,
he had the gun?

‐ I think so.
‐ And you weren't frightened?

Look, Doug's a really nice guy.

If he shot his dad,
I'm sure it was an accident.

Thanks for the opinion.

So he had the gun in his hand,
and you weren't frightened?

He said he'd shot his father.

I called 911, and that's all.

Did you, uh, dial 911
from the bedroom?

‐ I guess.
‐ You guess?

Could you come in here
for a minute, Miss Blair?

See, otherwise,
you would've had to
step over the body,

and you would've been
a couple of feet away...

from Mr. Russell
if you would have dialed
from right out here.

‐ Then I called from in there.
‐ Mrs. Russell was in
the bedroom?

‐ How was she acting?
Do you remember?
‐ She was very upset.

You know,
I don't remember exactly.
I don't like this attitude.

What's wrong with
my attitude, Miss Blair?
I'm investigating a homicide.

You're pushing at me.
You're treating me
like I'm a suspect.

Well, I gotta tell you,
that's what I do for a living.

Let me tell you
something else.

There's something very wrong
with all the stories that
I'm getting on this case.

Now, you could have
the best reason in the world.

If you are covering up
the truth,

that still makes you
an accomplice to a murder.

I am not an accomplice
to anything.

Well, that's how
you're coming off.


I heard the gunshot.

I came out into the hall,

and he was just
coming up the steps.


He opened the door
from the outside with his key,

and Mrs. Russell was there,
and the gun was on the floor.

She was in a panic.
She said she didn't know
how it happened.

Doug said he'd take care of it,

and he told me that we had
to tell everyone that he did it.

And you went along with that?
I've watched him 12 years
trying to help.

He helped my mom
when she was alive.

He was trying to help his mom.

I thought
he was making a mistake
by saying he'd done it.

But he asked me to help.
It's what I tried to do.

[ Sipowicz ]
So he's got the kid rolled up
in an old piece of carpet...

buried lengthwise in a hole.

Bones collapsed
on top of themselves.

‐Any luck on dental records?
‐No. We just started the search.

Plus there was some personalized
jewelry and a belt buckle.

Medavoy's got the sister
looking at the stuff right now.

[ Door Opens ]

Do you know about Diane?


I'm sorry about what happened.


You wanna take a walk?
No. I‐‐

I‐‐ I have to make arrangements.
Bobby's out
talking to a neighbor.

I need to be here
if something develops.

Are you working the case?
I have to be here, Andy.

You wanna look out for
your mother and your brother,

but you gotta make room
for yourself in this.

I know.
You need to get out of here.

Take a walk.
Go to a meeting.

Find a place to put
what's going on inside.

'Cause if you don't,
I guarantee you,

you may think you're
on top of this now,

but sooner or later,
you're gonna reach out
for that bottle.

I'm scared, Andy.

I want a drink real bad.

You wanna take a walk?

You'll come with me?

Yeah, this was Sal's stuff.

Is there a chance that Sal
could've sold the jewelry
or given it away?

I don't think so.
Can I take these with me?

Not yet.

As soon as we get a positive
I. D. on Sal's dental records,

then we'll release his effects.

Look, if Rickie said
he killed Sal,
that's probably what happened.

Why would Rickie
have killed Sal, Margie?

Because of somethin'
I told him.

Sal and me.
He was doin' it to me.

Your brother
was sexually abusing you?

He was sleeping with me.

How old were you?
When we started, maybe 11.

We was doin' it
for a long time.
Three years about.

And you told that to Rickie?

I didn't tell anybody
before because I didn't
want Sal to get in trouble.

Then I found out he was
screwing our little sister too.

I was just, "Forget about it."
I thought he was gonna lose it.

What did Rickie do?
He just said
he'd take care of it.

About a week later, Sal left.

I mean,
that's what we thought.

I guess that's
not what happened.

No. No, it isn't.
You gonna arrest Rickie?


I mean, I didn't want Sal
to get killed.

I was just mad at him
'cause he was two‐timing me.

I just told you.
With my sister.

By sleeping with your sister,
that was two‐timing?

Yeah. Sick, huh?

‐ [ Sipowicz ]
You gonna be okay?
‐ Yeah. Thanks, Andy.

I have to talk
to Bobby, okay?

I gotta go pick up
a perp with Medavoy.

Thanks, Andy.

Did you take a statement
from the neighbor?

How much did she see?

Doug wasn't even there when
the shooting happened, Diane.

The neighbor heard
the shot from inside
your parents' apartment.

She opens up her door,
she sees Doug
coming up the stairs.

It was your mom
who shot your dad.

[ Exhales Forcefully ]

I'm sorry.
[ Sighs ]

Your brother talked the neighbor
into going along
with saying he did it.

Look, I can get
your mom to flip.

If she goes, I think Doug'll
change his statement.

I have to do it.


Thanks. Will you square it
with Fancy?

Yeah. He never said
you couldn't talk
to your own mother.


[ Door Opens ]

Hi, Mom.

I sure would like
to see Dougie.

They've had me in here
for quite a while.

We're, uh, trying to get
to the bottom of this.

It takes time.
I don't know why.

‐ We told you what happened.
‐ What you told us wasn't true,
was it?

Why would you say that?

Detective Simone talked
to Maria across the hall, Mom.

She says Dougie
wasn't even there
when she heard that shot.

How would she know?
She didn't see it.

She says she saw Dougie
coming up the stairs...

after the shot went off
inside the apartment.

And then Doug and her came over,
saw what had happened‐‐

Well, that's not true.

Dougie is going to jail
for a very long time...

if you don't tell the truth
about what happened.

You can help Dougie.

That one time,
when your dad tore up that bar,

you fixed that right away.

This is different.


Mom, it's all right.

If we can just talk about
what actually happened,

I know we can
get through this.

I don't think we can.

Otherwise, it's gonna destroy
your life, it's gonna
destroy Dougie's life.

But it was Doug's idea.

What was Doug's idea?

It just happened so fast.

I don't even remember
picking up the gun.

And then your father
was lying there,

and Doug came in and said
he'd take care of it.

What happened, Mom?

You and Daddy had a fight.

I found a beer bottle
under... the bed.

What was that doing there?
He was gonna hit me with it.

He said he was gonna beat
my half a brain out of my head.

Oh, Mom.
[ Sobbing ]

You know, this has been an
interesting case for me today,
given my housing situation.

You think about it.
We've been in a lot
of different locations.

Finding that body
in the backyard
didn't make you think...

about getting back
to your wife, huh, Medavoy?

Yeah, I go back to my wife,
that'll be me someday.

Which makes you ponder,
you know, how many undiscovered
bodies there may be out there.

That, uh, Lisa Gay
said number 42 1/2.

You see any numbers anywhere?
I don't see anything.

Wanna try up here?
What's this?

[ Woman Shouting ]
Somebody's in there, Andy.

[ Woman ]
Stop it!
They're in trouble! Come on!

Stop it, please!

‐ [ Man ] I said shut up!
‐ Somebody help me, please!

Get her, Medavoy!
Pull her down!

‐ Rickie Esposito?
‐ [ Chandra ] That's him!

Rickie Esposito,
you're under arrest!
What for?

He was trying to kill me.
For that! Come on!

‐ Just try and stay calm, okay?
‐ [ Sipowicz ] Let's go.

Are you okay?

Detective Simone, my mother
would like to make a statement.

‐It's different
than I said this morning.
‐That's all right, Mrs. Russell,

as long as it's the truth.

[ Mrs. Russell ]
After I write down what
happened, can I see my son?

Sure, you can.

You sure you want your mom
to write all this down?

Yes. I'm gonna go
talk to my brother.

I'm gonna wash my face
and go talk to him.

Donna, is the coffee room open?

I don't know why
you're arresting me.
It was her idea.

She wanted to kill herself.
He was trying to murder me
like he did that Rivera kid.

‐ Shut up!
‐ Watch your mouth.

That Lisa Gay called
and said you all found
that man's bones!

I don't know what
she's talking about.
Shut up.

[ Door Slams ]
It's all right.

[ Door Opens ]

The truth, huh?
It never occurred to her
to say it.

I walk in.
It never occurs to me to ask.

I'm a detective.
I stood that beer bottle up,

and it never occurred to me
to‐‐ to push her...

that that's what went down.

Now I gotta go to my brother,
and it'll never occur
to Dougie that‐‐

that he should just
say what happened.

I guess we're all so crazy.

Come on.
Nobody's crazy.

[ Sobbing ]

Yeah, right.

You want me to go in there
and talk to Doug?

I have to.

That's 'cause you got
a world of guts
and you love your brother.

[ Door Opens ]
Hey, Di.

‐ What are you doing in there?
‐ There was a cop
sitting with me,

but he had to go
and do something.

What the hell did he put you
in the cage for?

I don't know.

[ Sighs ]

Mom's making a statement.

We know you
didn't shoot Daddy.
[ Scoffs ]

She's‐‐ She's just trying
to take the weight for me.

Maria told what happened.

He was coming at her
with a beer bottle.

With Dad's history of abuse,
there's a chance Mom
won't even go to jail.

[ Sighs ]

‐ I'm the one
responsible for this.
‐ No.

I did it, Di.
I did it.

I just didn't have the guts
to pull the trigger.

You gave Mom my gun
because Daddy was hurting her,

and you thought
she needed protection.

‐I thought you wanted the truth.
‐I'm talking about the truth.

I gave Mom the gun
to do what I wanted.

If she didn't have that gun,
is there any way
she would've done it?

I wanted him dead.

‐ Did you know I had the gun?
‐ No.

Then it's just me.

No, it's not.

I left you there
all those years.

And I have to live
with leaving you there,

and you have to live
with wanting him dead.

But, Dougie,
you didn't kill him.

You have to fight.

I want my brother.

I feel so sick.

I've never
been strong like you.

Come on.

Come out of there.

[ Sighs ]

I can't see Mom right now.

All right.
You go home and you do
what you need to do.

[ Door Opens ]


You cleared that homicide?

I'm gonna put this one up for
"America's Most Ancient Cases."

The guy admits he buried
the kid under the patio.

The rest of it was an accident.

He accidentally clobbered
the kid with a baseball bat.

And he was trying to kill
the current wife?

Yeah, that could count
against him too.

Some family, huh?

‐ It was her mom, huh?
‐ Yeah.

Diane actually
closed the case out.

‐ She got her mom to give it up.
‐ Good for her.

I got the D. A.
waiting for me out there.

Some guy named Cohen.

I wanna see if we can
defer arrest on Mrs. Russell.

But this guy's
in Abrams's pocket.

‐ Abrams owes you
so many favors.
‐ [ Chuckles ]

‐ I was just reading your
new perpetrator's statement.
‐ Mm‐hmm.

There's an extensive history
of spousal abuse,

and the husband was coming
at her with a beer bottle.

Yeah, that's all right here.
Looks like man two
or involuntary.

You really think that
the grand jury will indict?

I know we're gonna give them
the chance.

I'm wondering if we
could defer arrest until
you see if that happens.

Because the woman's related
to a detective in this squad?

No. Because
with the circumstances
of this homicide...

and the woman's
voluntary confession
and her age and history,

you got some leeway not to
put her in the system just now.

Look, with no witnesses,
we're not even sure
this was self‐defense.

‐ The weapon was recovered.
‐ An unbroken beer bottle.

Hey, we're talking about
whether this woman...

needs to be in the system
before the grand jury
gets the case.

And both of us know
that she can walk...

unless you're looking
to kiss your boss's ass.

Excuse me.

Tell your girlfriend
she can take her mother home.

[ Scoffs ]

Let's go.

What happens now?
Next week you'll go
before the grand jury,

and they'll decide
whether or not
they're gonna charge you.

Am I going to jail?
[ Car Alarm Chirps ]

We're gonna take that
one step at a time, Mom.

And Doug's
gonna be all right?

He's waiting for us
at his place.
Here you go, Mrs. Russell.

Thank you.

You work with
nice people, Diane.

Detective Simone isn't just
someone I work with, Mom.

We've been seeing each other.

‐ I'm in love with him.
‐ Good.

He seems like a good person.

He is.
Good night.

I'll call you
in a couple hours.


[ Engine Starts ]