NYPD Blue (1993–2005): Season 3, Episode 1 - E.R. - full transcript

Martinez is shot in the back during a scuffle and the doctor's report is possible that he may be paralyzed for life. But Martinez's assailant, a government witness in a relocation program, will probably go free and Simone contacts Benita Alden in the D.A.'s office to help put pressure on the D.A. to prosecute their protected witness. Meanwhile, Russell, on the road to recovery from her alcoholism, wants Sipowicz to let Simone know she's doing okay, but she is on the brink of falling off the wagon. Donna expresses to Simone that she has feelings for him, and Sylvia tells Sipowicz that she may be pregnant.


I was, uh, wondering if you
had a chance to talk to him.

I just got here.
But you still intend
to talk to him.

What'd I tell you
after the meeting?
I know. I was just...

worried maybe you'd
changed your mind.

[ Sighs ] I have no idea what
Bobby's attitude's gonna be.
That's up to him.

[ Alarm Chirps ]
I feel like a goofball
worrying about it.

You take it how it comes.
I know.

And don't be hovering around me
all day. You gotta let me
do this how I'm gonna do it.

Yeah. Andy, um,
I appreciate everything.

Well, you've shown me
a lot these last few months,

on and off the job.

You want to not go in together
in case he's up there,
you get a chance to talk?

Walk inside.

[ Phones Ringing ]
[ Background Chatter ]

So this is your
statement here?

‐ Right.
‐ This is how you got robbed?

That's what happened.

‐ Good morning.
‐ Hey.

You know, Detective,
I woke up on the wrong side
of the bed today,

and I think I'm gonna be doing
a disservice here to Mr. White.
What's going on?

Mr. White got robbed
last night.

He was driving down
South Street, 1:00 a. m.‐‐

How'd you put it?
Collecting your thoughts?

On South Street?

Yeah, just driving
down South Street
collecting his thoughts...

when he stops
for a stop light.

An assailant walks up,
demands his car,
his wallet and his pants.

His pants too? Hm!
I mentioned to Mr. White...

this pattern we've been
working on where the prostitute
gets into the car...

and points the john
to some romantic parking lot
off of South Street,

and then her hardworking pimp
shows up and sticks a gun
in his face;

how we got two detectives
on the street right now...

trying to put a stop to this
before somebody gets shot.

But he can't help us with that
because this case is unrelated.

This is a whole
separate phenomena here,
because, uh,

there's no prostitute involved,
right, Mr. White?

I told you what happened.
Mr. White told me
what happened,

so he can't be of help
on this pattern that
we've been working on...

where we got these two cops
out on the street
busting their ass.

I'm feeling kind of bad now,
'cause, uh, I thought Mr. White
might be lying to me.

Well, maybe being in
a strange police station,
he just can't remember right.

‐ Maybe he needs more
familiar surroundings.
‐ Could that be, Mr. White?

Try taking him over to his house
and talking it out with his wife
in the room.

See if maybe that
might jog his memory.

‐ No, I think we should do that.
‐ All right, all right.

All right.
[ Sighs ]

Good‐looking black girl, 5'2".

Where'd you pick her up?

13th and Second Avenue.

Did she give you a name?

[ Man ]
Hey, Sal! Wait up!

2.50. I figure the guy
must've thought I ordered
a muffin too.

Notice how they didn't
have the prices posted.

Two and a half bucks.
Coffee and no muffin.
We should've just walked out:

"Sorry, pal.
I work for a living."

That would've been even
more of an embarrassment.
Forget about it.

Where's this pimp
we're supposed to meet?

How reliable is his information
gonna be anyway is my concern.

‐ Is he just looking
to settle a score?
‐ Hey! You're the police?

The bar's over there. Hurry!
[ Medavoy ]
Wait, wait! What bar?

I called the 911 operator.
Something bad is happening.

We don't know
nothing about a 911 call.
What's going on in there?

Okay, I was upstairs.
We have a signal.
My husband, he buzzed me.

I call 911. I go out the
backstairs. Something bad is
happening‐‐ I think a robbery.

Okay, we're gonna check it out.
Stay right there.
Calm down.

Police! Put your hands
on the bar and don't move!
Do it now!

Whoa, whoa! It's all right.
I'm on the job.
It's taken care of.

Hands on the bar right now!
You're on what job?

Just check my I. D., all right?
Let me show you my shield.

Yeah, take it out slow.
You! What's going on?
You speak English?

All right?

Let me see it.
Let me see it!

What is this crap? I just
showed you the damn shield, man.
I tell you I'm on the job.

Why have you still got
your gun pointed at me,

Oh, I got it.
I'm black, so you can't
believe a word I say.

‐ Okay. Now, what's the story?
‐ [ Thudding ]


[ Indistinct Shouts ]

[ Grunting ]


‐ Aah!
‐ Damn it!

Hey, Greg! I've been shot!

I've been shot, man!

Oh, God.
Oh, my God.

15th Squad to Central.

My partner's been shot.

We're at 11th Street
and Second Avenue,
an alley in the back.

[ Woman On Radio,
Indistinct ]
Can you get up?

I don't know.
I've been hit.
Come on. Come on.

Come on.

[ Groaning ]
I'm taking you
to the hospital.


[ Clears Throat, Mutters ]

Hi, Bobby.
Hey, Donna.

Can I pour you a cup?

Coffee, right?

There you go.
Is that Fahrenheit
you're wearing?

Yeah, it is.
It's a great scent on you.

[ Laughs ]

‐ I'm just not used to folks
around here taking notice.
‐ Really?

Listen up.
James has been shot.

‐ Where are we going?
‐ The shooting was at
11th and Second Avenue.

Medavoy's taking him
to the hospital.
I'm on my way over there.

I want everybody
at the scene.

[ Siren Wailing ]

You're gonna be okay.
Wasn't what I thought
it would feel like.

Just stay calm!
My leg's killing me, Greg.
Hurry up, all right?

‐ [ Man ] Hey, hey!
‐ [ Medavoy ] Damn it!

Wait a minute. Wait in here.
Hey, Greg!
Where you going?

Damn it!

‐ 15th Squad to Central K.
‐ Son of a bitch!

1085 forthwith‐‐
Where the hell am I?

I don't even know what street
I'm on. What street am I on?
There we go. I got it.

I'm calling for another unit.
No, no. We'll be there
in two minutes.

Disregard that, Central.
Have them standing by
at the hospital.

Come on!
You're gonna be okay,

All I want is
a fightin' chance.

[ Siren Wailing ]

[ Horn Honking ]

Come on, Greg.

‐ Come on, Greg. Back it up.
‐ Wait a minute.
I'll back it up.

‐ [ Medavoy ] Oh!
‐ Hey!

What are you doing?
Oh, Greg!

I don't want to die, Greg.
Come on, partner.
We made it.

We're here.
Don't call my dad, Greg.
Don't call him, all right?

There's a man shot!

Come on!
Help! Help!
[ Groaning ]

[ Scattered Shouts ]
Down here! Down here!
Let's go! Let's go!

We're gonna lie you down,
Easy, easy, easy, easy!

Here you go.
All right. Let's get
that jacket off.

‐ Get his jacket.
‐ Get an I. V. running
in each arm.

Okay, Detective.
Where do you have pain?
I got a hell of a backache.

How many times do you
think you were hit?
Once, I think.

Here's the wound of entry‐‐
left flank,
just below the rib cage.

Okay, we gotta look for an exit.
Detective, we're gonna
roll you over, okay?

One, two, three.

How's it look, Doc?
Wait out there, please.

He never lost consciousness.
That's good, right?
No exit wound.

Is that good?
Let us do our job.
Wait outside.

Should I give blood?
Good. Give blood.

Sir, stand back.
Does this hurt?

How about this?

No. Be careful with
those scissors down there.
We're at mid‐thigh.

Don't get delusions
of grandeur.
B. P.'s 90 over 60.

Okay. Put in the Foley.
We're gonna catheterize your
bladder and look for bleeding.

‐ Okay, Detective?
‐ Okay.

Haah! Aah!
What's happening?
Is he okay?

You gotta wait outside.
Please, get him out.
What's goin' on?

[ Chattering ]

We need a further description
on these two black males.
Oh, yeah, yeah.

Both of them were
over six‐foot tall.

Um, the shooter,
he was more dark‐complected
than the other one.

‐ He was wearing a‐‐
a blue T‐shirt and jeans.
‐ Mm‐hmm.

The other one had a, um,
a yellow and black‐and‐white
check shirt on and tan pants.

Got it.
Can you safeguard this for me,

Yeah, sure thing.

No blood in the urine. You want
to get set up for a D. P. L.?
No. Get a CAT scan right away.

In your opinion,
you think I'm gonna live?

You're looking real good so far.
We need to locate the bullet,
then we're gonna go from there.

Do me a favor.
I don't want my name released,

I don't want my next of kin
notified till I know what's
happening. All right?

You're gonna be okay.
It'll be okay.

[ Siren Chirping ]

First I think it's
a straight‐out robbery,
you know?

Then your men come in,
and this pendejo
pulls a badge out.

How much money
did they get?

I don't know exactly.
You don't‐‐ How much?

Around 3,000.
Three thousand dollars?

Early morning, you're not
even open for business.
What's up here, Mr. Hernandez?

‐ "Up" how?
‐ "'‘Up' how?" Look, we want
to know who shot our friend.

Was this involved in bookmaking
or drugs or numbers? You better
not hold back on this, pal!

Guys, neighbors saw
one of the perps
climb in a Dumpster...

around the corner.
You stay right here.

[ Siren Chirping ]
[ Loudspeaker Chatter ]

[ Man ]
Over here!

You do what I say!
You understand me?

Answer up loud and clear,
or we start shooting!
[ Man ] Don't shoot! I hear you!

‐ Stick your hands up
in the air right now!
‐ I've been shot!

Come on!
Let me see your hands!
Get 'em up! Now stand up!

Got him.

I'm shot! I need a doctor!
[ Groaning ]

Where's your gun?
Oh, I need a doctor!

‐ One gun!
‐ [ Man ] Got ammo here.

I got the money.
Who's your partner?

I want a name and address now!
Come on, man. I feel like
I'm dying, man. Please!

Listen to me!
I don't want to hear
another word...

about how you feel
or what you need, all right?

Nobody's gonna help you now,
slick, huh?
So you better give up a name,

or you will die right here,
Bobby! Andy!

You better take this
somewhere else.

Come on.
Let's go for a ride.
[ Groaning ]

The guy's shield,
it looked legit.

We'll figure it out, Greg.
We thought
he was on a job.

‐ Detective?
‐ Hey, there. How's he doin'?

James is stable.
He's going to
the intensive care unit.

The bullet is buried in
the heavy muscle of his back,

so we'd rather not go in
and try to cut it out.

You're gonna leave
the bullet in?
The bullet's not the problem.

It bounced off
the second lumbar vertebrae
and chipped it.

James is feeling a little
numbness in his left leg,

so we're gonna watch for any
progression of loss of feeling.

Give us a minute to set him up
in his room, then you guys
can go and see him.

Thank you.
Oh, man.

Don't worry, Greg.

[ Chattering ]

[ Woman On P. A.,
Indistinct ]
Detective Medavoy.

Oh, hey, there‐‐ John, right?
I was so stunned. I heard
what happened. Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Hi, John.
Hi. Any word on
Detective Martinez?

Not yet.
They got him in intensive care.

Uh, fortunately, uh,
there's plenty of blood around,

you know, if it's needed.

So if you were thinking of
coming maybe down here to,

you know, give blood,
I wouldn't worry about it.

Uh, Detective,
on the side of caution,
I don't give blood,

even though I'm in a monogamous
relationship, and I get tested
every three months.

I didn't mean any offense.
I just meant‐‐
Well, you know.

[ Chuckles ]

Could you... give this
to Detective Martinez,

or just put it in his room?

I've had it since
I was a kid.

Whatever positive energy it has,
I figured Detective Martinez
could use more than me.

Oh, yeah, sure.

I'll get this to him.
Thanks, John.

[ Groaning ]
I need a doctor!

Get this thing out of me!
We got the shooter‐‐
Antonio Vargas.

He just gave it up in the car.
Greg, can you I.D.
this scumbag here?

Yeah. Yeah, that's him.
I bet you that's my bullet
in his ass too, huh?

That's enough. Come on. He's
the one that showed the shield?
No, we haven't got that guy yet.

But this one had
a nine‐millimeter with him
at the scene, right?

How's James doing?
Possible spinal damage.
It's up in the air.

[ Sipowicz ]
So, it was a robbery?

No. The bar was a numbers bank.
Now, the shooter's partner,
he set up the whole play.

This one said that he never
met him until last night.
Only got him by his first name.

‐ Nate.
‐ Yeah. One of his con,
lowlife running buddies...

tells him that this Nate
is looking for some backup
on a robbery.

So Antonio here goes to meet him
at the 79th Street Pool Hall,
takes the job.

‐ And that's all he knows,
‐ We're sure?

Believe me,
he gave up all he's got.

I ain't got no reason
to dick y'all around, man.
Shut up.

Just get me a doctor!
[ Grunts, Coughs ]

‐ What about
the other guy's shield?
‐ Figure it's fake or stolen‐‐

something to use
when he needs it.

So this one could get
the drop on us, huh?
I don't believe it.

We grabbed this one
with all the money.
This guy, Nate,

is supposed to call him
on his beeper.

That was the plan
if they got separated.
He hasn't beeped him yet?

No, we gotta wait on that.
I want him to call that guy
back as soon as he beeps.

‐ [ Medavoy ] Hey, here comes
a doctor. Get him in there.
‐ Come on, Antonio. Come here.

‐ Hey, Doc.
‐ Here, I'll take
you to see James.

[ Beeping ]
Is that you?

No, it's not me.
Come on. This way.
Show us where he is.

[ Knocking ]

Let's find a pay phone.

[ Woman On P. A.,
Indistinct ]

I want you to listen up.
Don't you say anything
that might tip this guy off.

Better do this right.
Look, man, I can
hardly think straight.

Well, you think about this:
You screw this up, and we all
get back in the car. All right?

Just take a deep breath.
Do it right.

Yo, Nate.

Yeah, I'm good.
I'm straight.
Where you at?

Ah, a pay phone. I don't know.
Outside some pizza place.

Where you at?
You want me to come up there
so we can whack this money up?

Yeah. All right.

I can do that
in 20 minutes. Yeah.

All right. Later.

Very good.

He's at the 79th Street Pool
Hall. Y'all gonna take me
to that doctor now, right?

We need Martinez to I. D. him.
The other one
I. D.'d me already!

We need both of them
to I. D. you, asshole.
We're not takin' no chances.

No, no, I confessed already.
I did it! I shot that cop!
Where'd that doctor go?

Come on, man! I've been shot!
Get me that doctor!

Oh, it's burning, man!

‐ How are you feeling, James?
‐ I'm down but not out.
‐ It's good to see you, James.

‐ Yeah, likewise.
‐ This piece of crap
look familiar?

Yeah, you got him.
That's the shooter.
What about the other guy?

Yeah, we're gonna
grab him up right now.

Who's this?
[ Sipowicz ]
He's all yours, Doc.

You want to remove
the handcuffs?
We'll get 'em off in a minute.

Here. Fellas, want to help
the doctor with this guy?
And stay with him.

‐ Get well soon, pal.
‐ I was aiming for
your monkey ass!

We'll be back to see you later,
all right? Chin up, man.

‐ You're looking good.
‐ Just got this weird feeling
in my leg though.

Listen, when the nurse comes by,
give her a little tickle
on the ass.

They love it
when you do that.

Man. The one day that
I have my .38 instead
of my nine‐millimeter.

I mean,
if I don't have to reload,
that scumbag is dead.

‐ You got him at least though.
‐ You should see all the cops
that came down here, James.

‐ Yeah?
‐ Yeah. Bosses too. I bet
the mayor comes by to see you.

‐ Yeah, I'm a real
role model, huh?
‐ Yeah.

Oh, geez, I almost forgot.

Uh, John wanted
you to have this.
John Kelly?

‐ Naw, "upstairs John,"
the gay guy‐‐ for good luck.
‐ Oh, yeah?

I didn't know he cared.
[ Chuckles ]

James, hi, I'm Dr. Kressell.

I'll be stopping in
over the next few days
to do some quick checks on you.

Do me a favor and describe
for me the sensation
in your left leg.

It's the damnedest thing,
Doc. There's a zone around here
where I don't feel anything,

and then right around it
it's like pins and needles.

‐ It's hard to explain.
‐ All right.

Uh, let me see you
wiggle your toes, okay?

Is that full mobility? I mean,
I can't tell. Does that look
like full mobility?

That's good. It's good.
No problem with
the right leg?

No, I‐‐ I don't think‐‐

I don't know though.
All right, all right.

We're gonna do
a series of pin pricks,

and I want you to tell me
if you feel any of them.
[ Sighs ]

Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

he's a tough kid.
Yeah, he is.

You don't figure
this Nate guy got wise
and took off, do you?

I think our guy
sold it pretty good.

Look, God willing, Martinez
don't take a turn for the worse,
we snatch this guy up‐‐

You want to have
supper tonight?
Yeah, sure. Thanks.

I was thinking maybe you
and Russell come over.
Me and Russell?

Yeah. She's been doing
good work on the squad
the last few months.

You disagree?

You know she's been
going to meetings?

No, I didn't.
[ Clears Throat ]

You know, she said
she wanted some time,
she needed some space.

I didn't want to talk to
her about that. So you been
helpin' her out, Andy?

I talk to her somewhat,
regards to the drinking.
You're supposed to do that.

So what do you think
about, uh, the dinner?

Um, yeah.
Yeah, I'd like to come.

Talk with Russell.
You work out the transportation.

Police! Everybody put your
hands on the tables. Hands
flat on the table! Back door!

‐ Show me some I. D.
‐ You too! Bobby.

Drop the stick, turn around,
put your hands flat
on the table.

Listen, guys,
I'm on the job here, all right?
What's with you?

I'm on the job here.
Check my I.D.
Shut your mouth!

He's got balls,
I'll give him that.
"Nathan Stackhouse."

Is this for real, man?
Corrections officer?

‐ I want to make a phone call.
‐ You work for Corrections?

That's right.
I work for Corrections.
Hey! Aah!

You want to stop
twisting my arm now?

Guard for 12 years at Rikers.

Twelve years.
Great job to look for guys
to help you with stickups.

I've got nothing to say
until the D. A. gets here.
Right‐‐ his buddy, the D. A.

You all can quit wasting
your time and your effort.

Prison guard,
noise like a subway station,

inmates flinging their crap
off the upper tiers.

This guy probably looks
the other way. He don't
want no confrontation.

Kisses up to the skells,
so if there's a breakout
he don't get took hostage.

You know,
you wouldn't last half a day
either side of the bars, bitch.

Take this.
[ Knocking, Door Opens ]

Step out, guys.
The D. A.'s taking over.

How's this guy
hooked up with you?

Would you wait in
the squad room, please,

[ Man ]
That's right, ma'am.

What the hell has this
Stackhouse got going?

Whatever it was,
Abrams isn't giving it up to me.

I know this guy who
was in there with Abrams.
He used to be a guard himself.

‐ Would he talk to you?
‐ Yeah. I think he's with the
inspector general's office.

That's the Department
of Corrections.
I'm telling you,

whatever play this hump
is making, Martinez better not
get moved down to second place.

Okay. Let me know.

‐ See how James is doing.
‐ That's who I'm calling.

Can I talk to you
for a minute?

Hi. Yeah, I'm trying to check
the status of a patient.

Um‐‐ [ Clears Throat ]
Listen, forget about
talking to Bobby.

‐ Just forget about it till
this whole thing is over.
‐ I talked to him.

‐ You talked to him?
‐ Yeah,
I invited him for dinner.

What did he say?
He said it was
a good idea.

Does he know
I'm gonna be there?

And he said,
"It sounds good"?
In those words.

What did you tell him?
Did you tell him I was going to
A. A. meetings? How did he react?

You want me to describe
his breathing pattern?

Yeah. Changes in his body
temperature. This is what
I need to know, Andy. Come on.

[ Footsteps ]

[ Clears Throat ]

Easy does it.
Mm‐hmm. I know.

Get back to me quick.
We can finish this up by
the end of the day. Okay, okay.

Inspector, this is need‐to‐know.
I don't think the detectives
should be here.

‐They're the arresting officers.
‐Then they should stay.
All right?

We're making Stackhouse
a witness.

‐ You're making him a witness?
‐ He'll testify
against the shooter.

‐ This guy's gotta do time.
‐ No time.
He's a material witness.

You've got two detectives
for witnesses.

The shooter's who
we need to convict.
He's the one I'm worrying about.

No, I want some answers.
Stackhouse knew the fix was in
since we picked him up.

You watch your language,
No one is fixing anything.

No? James Martinez is
lying in a hospital bed
with a bullet in him,

and you're dressing up
this scumbag for a walk.

Have you thought through
what this is gonna do
to cop morale?

Officer Stackhouse
is a crucial informant
on a series of cases...

that'll blow the roof off
the Corrections Department.
"Blow the roof off"? Jiminy!

It's easier to
get high on Rikers
than a Harlem street corner.

Corruption is so rampant,
it's putting the good C. O.'s
at risk.

Stackhouse is our shot
at cleaning that up.

You have got a cop
who is shot here.
Believe me,

if Stackhouse was the shooter,
this other thing
goes to second position.

But we got the shooter,
and my office has eight months
in this guy.

I know he's trouble,
but he's got a setup, and
we're just not ready to move.

He set up Martinez and Medavoy
to get shot. He used his shield
to get 'em to drop their guard.

He's gotta be at work
in two hours.

[ Phones Ringing ]
[ Background Chatter ]

He tried to get two cops killed,
and now he's gonna
go put on a uniform.

It's wrong, man.
You can't get more
wrong than this.

Where are they
taking him, Lieu?

Why don't you step
in my office, Greg?
How come he's not in handcuffs?

Just come talk to me.

[ Clears Throat ]
Hey, it's, uh, Hampton, right?

Bernie Hampton, I. G.'s office
at Corrections. Bobby Simone?
Yeah, good to see you again.

I was with the P. C.'s. This
is my partner, Andy Sipowicz.
How you doin'?

‐ This Stackhouse is helping
you guys clean up Rikers?
‐ Yeah, right.

This is making me sick.

Yeah, huh?
Come on over here.

All right, look.
I gotta tell you
off the record:

Have somebody sit
on Nate Stackhouse, and don't
let him out of your sight.

He's got relatives in Barbados
or Trinidad or some damn place.

It wouldn't surprise me
if the guy jumps on a plane
the first chance he gets.

‐ What about this
corruption case?
‐ Stackhouse has been...

jerking this D. A. around
for eight months.

He hasn't produced
one damn thing.
Abrams is calling it a big deal.

Abrams needs to
come back to reality.

He is hoping and praying
that this investigation turns
into something.

But he never should've
done business with this bum.

I know Stackhouse.
I worked on a tier
with him 10 years ago.

He was a malingerer then.
And now stickups.

I knew there was something
this prick was up to.

And you think he might
disappear now?

He's burning his candle
at five different ends,
so, yeah.

Maybe he's got sense enough
to know that his luck
is running out.

Look, I'm just telling you:

Sit on this guy,
'cause he might be gone.

We appreciate this, man.
Hey, take it easy.


I knew Abrams
was full of crap.


You believe in
the people's right to know?
Not generally, no.

How else do you put pressure
on a guy like Abrams?

[ Punching Keypad ]

[ Clears Throat ]

Yeah, it's Bobby Simone.
You on a deadline?

If you want me to,
I can tell your parents
in person what happened.

‐ I can bring 'em down here.
‐ No, not till I'm sure
what my status is.

You gotta tell 'em
at some point, James.

Right, so I don't want them
worrying on spec. They're gonna
be worrying enough already.

God knows what
my dad's gonna say.
He's already on me like, uh,

I should be getting married,
have kids,
a life outside the job.

My family's that way with me.
You just gotta
find the right person.


You ever think about kids?

Not really.

You know, I think I'd make
halfway decent father.

I mean, if I wasn't
partially paralyzed
or anything.

Can you believe
that second guy turned
out a correction officer?

Yeah, how about that?
Hey there.

Hey, Doc.
How you feeling?

‐ I don't know.
‐ Should I go?

No, no. Don't go.
Well, just in case
the squad needs me.

Okay, but not on my account.

Okay. Feel that?


‐ Feel this?
‐ No, I don't.
Doc, it's been six hours.

If it's gonna come back,
shouldn't it have
come back already?

Just a minute, James.
Feel that?

Yeah, I felt that one.

The hypesthesia
isn't progressing,
which is good.

I'll come back in about‐‐
about an hour, okay?
Okay, Doc.


[ Woman On P. A. ]
Dr. Venner.

You need to be
gettin' back?
I don't think.

I think they got
things under control.

Hey, how's James Martinez?
Possible spinal injury
from the bullet.

Your boss is looking to
make a material witness from one
of those scumbags got him shot.

What's the guy got for him?
Some crap about
corrupt prison guards.

Maybe it's a good case.
Abrams is a decent guy.

Maybe he's a decent guy
looking for a promotion.

I got your voice mail
about dinner with Bobby.
How does that sound?

Well, I wish that
you had asked me first.
I'm up to my neck in work.

Yeah, I was figuring
I'd pick up some carryout.

Andy, maybe it's not
about me cooking.

Maybe I just might not be
in the mood to have people over.
Sure. Okay.

I'm sorry.
No problem.
We'll do it another night.

I gotta go.

Sylvia, is something
the matter?

I just got some things
up in the air.

I'll see you later.


‐ Andy mentioned dinner.
‐ Yeah, he was
talking about that.

He, um, told me that you've
been going to these meetings?

They're going pretty well.

[ Clears Throat ]
I, um‐‐

‐ I had to get it straight
in my own head first.
‐ Yeah, sure.

You figure it's okay then,
us testing the waters?

‐ Yeah.
‐ That's good.

[ Ringing ]

15th. Yeah.

‐ Detective Simone, Benita Alden
is waiting downstairs.
‐ Thanks.

Hi, Benita.
Thanks for coming.

A man I never thought
I'd hear from again.

Listen, I can
put you out in front
on that shot cop.

First of all,
I'm not on that story.
I'm working the courts now.

And second, we need to
talk through what we didn't
talk through eight months ago.

No, we don't.

Then we don't have
anything else to talk about.

Benita, you took information
that I shared with you in bed,

and you passed it along
to another reporter.

You think that I did that?
That I crossed that line
that one time?

You know, I would hope that
you'd believe that I did it
out of dedication to my work.

Haven't you ever crossed
the line out of dedication
to your work, Bobby?

Look, I don't want to go
over all this, all right?

Geez, if you knew
how crazy I was for you,
you would've forgiven me.

You want to hear
about this cop?
Why are you telling me?

We collared these two perps, and
the D. A. just cut a sweetheart
deal with one of them.

Roy Abrams
signed off on that?
Roy Abrams drew it up.

Listen, you gotta
get to Abrams,
Benita, you know.

Call him before
the end of the day.
Who's the cop?

The next of kin
hasn't been notified yet.
Is he gonna die?

No. Look, Benita,
the cop's not the story here.
You gotta get to Abrams.

Yeah, I've got his beeper
number. Wait a second. Why‐‐
Why are you giving me this?

Why? Because I think that
it's an important thing
that needs to be told,

and I know that you're
good enough to nail it
and tell it right.

Is that the only reason?

I just thought that
here's a thing where both
of our interests coincide.

This guy right here, he's with
the Corrections Department.

Call him.

Tell him you talked to me.


Hey, Donna.

I guess no recent news
on James. I called
five minutes ago.

Yeah, I think he's
out of harm's way now.

Everything is so...



‐ May I ask you a question?
‐ Sure.

If I am 100% out of line,
I apologize beforehand.

But I have been thinking
about this for so many months,
and I was just thinking...

something could happen,
and I would've never
gotten it said.

What is it, Donna?

Would you be interested
in seeing me socially?

[ Sighs ]

I just dove off
the deep end.
No, n‐‐

I'm, um‐‐

I'm interested in somebody,

I see.

[ Laughs ]
I didn't mean to make you
feel uncomfortable.

Not at all.
I'm very flattered that
you would be interested.

I'd hope you'd keep me posted
if your situation changed.

I'm not expecting
any changes, Donna.

I understand.

‐ Hey.
‐ Hi.

‐ Excuse me.
‐ Sure.

Um, how'd it go
with the reporter?

Good. It went good.
You know, uh, I just had to
talk to her about something.

[ Clears Throat ]
Look, uh,
Oh, yeah?

tonight turns out to be
not good for Sylvia.

‐ Oh, okay.
‐ She's all piled under
with work.

‐ Sure. No problem, Andy.
‐ We'll do it another time, huh?

Sure. Good night.

[ Clears Throat ]

I gotta have dinner anyways.
[ Laughs ]
You know, me too.

[ Laughing ]

[ Phone Rings ]

So are you gonna see James?
Yeah, in a bit.

I want to report
a backstabbing.

A newspaper reporter calls
and wants to know why
I'm giving a free pass...

to a cop shooter for the sake
of a separate investigation
of the Corrections Department.

You people didn't
leave anything out.

‐ It didn't come
from this office.
‐ All right, Lieutenant.

You wanted Stackhouse charged?
He's charged: attempted murder.
You locked him up?

Five thousand man‐hours
worth of criminal investigation
down the toilet.

Well, maybe that's where it
belonged. See, I hear Stackhouse
was playing you like a fish.

Was it you, Detective?
Did you give it to her?

Maury, you got the respect
of every cop in this city.

What do you hear
about Martinez?
I'm going to see him now.

Good night.
Good night.

I'm gonna go home, have two
shots of scotch and consider
the bright vista of my career.

This is not coming back.
It's not coming back. It's‐‐
I still got the numbness.

James, don't you want
to call your parents?

I think it could help
to have your family with you.
No, I‐‐

I don't know how
I'm gonna tell 'em this.
They already lost my brother.

‐ [ Knocking ]
‐ Everybody decent?

Hi, Greg.

‐ How you doin'?
‐ What's cooking?

Hah, you know, there's some back
and forth on one of the perps‐‐
nature of the charges.

‐ It's not something
you should worry about.
‐ Mm‐hmm.

‐ They said the other guy's
gonna be okay, the other perp?
‐ Yeah, yeah. Hooray for him.

‐ James, I'm gonna go home.
‐ Yeah, I guess Maurice
is going crazy, huh?

‐ I'll stop by
in the morning. Okay?
‐ All right. Thanks, Adrianne.

Yeah, I'm gonna have
a good thought for you.
See you tomorrow.

So long, Adrianne.
So, huh?


‐ What, is the TV busted?
‐ Yeah, said they're
coming by to fix it.

The feeling is not
coming back, Greg.

No, huh?
No. I'm afraid here.

I'm afraid I'm gonna
wind up a cripple.
Hey, hey.

‐ I already lost my brother.
‐ Don't worry. You're good.
You're gonna be good.

Hey, how's it going in here?

Okay, I guess, Doc.
Listen, I just wanted to say...

I appreciate you
helping me out this morning.

It's our pleasure, Detective.
You take care of us
pretty good too.

Actually, Doc,
James does have some concerns.

‐ This isn't
my neurologist, Greg.
‐ Yeah, well‐‐

What are your concerns,

With my, uh,
feeling not being back,

When was your neurologist
in last?

He's supposed to
be by soon, I guess.
Listen, James,

I know you're worried,
but I want you to understand
that after trauma,

it is very hard
to monitor our own
nervous sensations precisely.

So don't worry.

All right. Here we go.

Hey, Doc.
How you doing?

Well, I'm concerned, naturally.
I'm getting more
and more worried.

Okay, well, I tell you what.
Let's do another test.
Yeah, yeah.

I‐‐ I felt that one!

How about here?
Yeah, I felt that one too.

Is that the area
I haven't felt anything in?

‐ Yeah, that's the area.
‐ That's a positive sign,
right, Doc?

Yeah, it doesn't get
much more positive
than that.

‐ It's the green Jell‐O.
I keep telling people.
‐ Yeah!

‐ I'll look in on you
in the morning.
‐ Okay, Doc.

And I'll see you
in about an hour.
I look forward to it.

How about that,
huh, James? Huh?

Hey, grab me the phone.
I want to call my folks.

Yeah. Yeah, right.
Now we're cooking, huh?

Here we go.
What's the number?

It's 723‐‐
Okay, wait.
Nine first.

[ Sighs ]

I think I could probably throw
something together tomorrow
night for Bobby and Diane.

Just let it wait.
[ Thunder Crashing ]

I'm sorry, Andy.
I was just out of sorts.

Don't worry about it.

Maury Abrams told me
you guys really did
a number on him.

Abrams knew he was wrong.
What he was trying
to do there?

He knew that was wrong.

Andy, I'm late.
[ Sighs ]

For what?

I'm late. My period.

You're late?

How late are you?

Two weeks.

Two weeks, huh?

That's late.

That is.

Geez, it was just
that one incident‐‐

our country weekend.

I think maybe
I'll take a test.

You gonna take it
right now?

Maybe in the morning.

Wait till
the morning maybe‐‐


[ Thunder Rumbling ]

Yeah, this was about all
you could do if you didn't
want to run with a gang.

How'd you learn
about 'em?

I was, like, 13,
and there was this old fighter
named Patsy Ferrara.

He taught me about 'em.
There's a lot of tough guys
that had birds.

[ Laughs ]

Go on.

Every once in a while
you realize how beautiful
they are.

[ Clicking Tongue ]

[ Thunder Continues ]
[ Distant Siren Wailing ]

[ Horn Blaring ]

I don't know.
I can't figure anything
that Sylvia could've cooked...

that would've turned out
as good as this.
[ Laughs ]

I'm glad it happened.

You know, Bobby, um,

I'm still a kid
being sober and clean.

Yeah, well,
I'm no adulthood expert myself.

You seem good,
Diane, really.

I mean, the last few months,
I‐‐ I watched you
all the time.

Oh, yeah.

I'm happy.
I am... real happy now.

That reporter that you,
um‐‐ [ Clears Throat ]
that you sicced on Abrams.

She didn't seem a hundred
percent focused on business.

You observed all that
just from being out there?
I'm a detective, huh?

Waiting for an answer.

We dated a few times.

Is that why you
gave her the story?

She's a cutthroat.

And I figured even if she did
owe somebody any favors
in the D. A.'s office,

she would've sold them out
in a heartbeat.

So I've got
a clear field here?

All clear.

You ready for me?

Yeah, I'm ready.