NYPD Blue (1993–2005): Season 2, Episode 18 - Innuendo - full transcript

Simone and Sipowicz search for a killer following a shooting spree, which left several people dead and where a rookie cop's missed shot also killed a bystander. Meanwhile, Fancy's younger brother, Reginald, a policeman in the 8th precinct, has racial troubles with his commanding officer and Fancy intercedes on his behalf and his own boss, Captain Bass, covers for him. Sipowicz sees a doctor and discovers he has an enlarged prostate and Sylvia mistakenly thinks their lack of sexual activity over the past few weeks was because of the rape incident from her past that she told him about.

Previously on NYPD Blue:

Detective! Hello!

John? How's it going?

- John Irvin, Andy Sipowicz.
JOHN: Good to meet you.

Yeah, how's it going?

I'm temping until your
Miss Abandando returns.

My purse was stolen once
before in law school.

- Oh, yeah?
- And I was attacked.

You don't want to get too settled in.

No. I understand Miss Abandando
is expected back.

You probably don't want to be using
her clerical materials or so forth.

JOHN: Here are those files you wanted.
- Thank you.

SIPOWICZ: I had a stronger stream.
- What?

My stream was stronger.
Maybe I don't have to see this guy.

Pardon me.

You've had problems for a week,
right? Go see a doctor.

Hey, at my age, you get a pain for
every bad thought you ever had.

Can't run to the doctor every minute.

Was the last time you saw
a doctor when you got shot?

Haven't had a finger
up my ass since longer than that.

Which is how this guy's
gonna examine my prostrate.

JOHN: Here you go.
- Excuse me, are you writing a book?

- I'm sorry?
- You seem extremely...

...interested in our conversation.

I haven't heard a word
you were saying.

Hey, Andy. You and Bobby
got a shooting, Third and 12th.

Come on.

- Here you go, John.
JOHN: Thank you.

MAN ON RADIO: 10- 13. Officers shot!
Officers shot!

Couple of cops shot near
that shooting on Third Avenue!


Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Would you get out of the street?!

I'm Councilman Paul Manos.
There's a woman bleeding!

Our crime scene's a couple
of blocks down.

I called 911.
Cop cars keep passing by!

SIPOWICZ: All right.
MANOS: This woman's been shot!

- Why won't you help?
- I got this. All right!

SIMONE: Be around the corner.
- Yeah.

MANOS: I'm Councilman Paul Manos.
- Yeah, I heard.

A guy came in, shot and ran away.
I got a carry permit...

...but I didn't want to endanger anybody.
- Put that away.

- Help! Can't you see I've been shot?
SIMONE: Ma'am?

- Ma'am!
- Somebody help me!

It's okay. Come over here. We'll sit
and wait for the ambulance to come.

WOMAN 1: Oh, my God, am I gonna die?
SIMONE: I'm not gonna let that happen.

Here's the ambulance.
Everything's fine.

- Am I gonna be fine?
- It's fine.

- What happened?
- I don't know what happened.

SIMONE: Here are the guys from
the ambulance. Got her?

MEDIC: Yeah. Come on. Come sit down.
WOMAN 1: All right. All right.


WOMAN 2: Oh, my God!
- Get down! Get down!

OFFICER 1: Get those civilians
out of here! Move!

Anybody hit?

SIMONE: What do we got?
- Radio cars chased him in the garage.

He opened fire. Picked off
all our guys. We returned fire.

- We had him pinned down.
- Where is he now?

OFFICER 3: Officers coming out.
- We don't know. Clear them out!


REPORTER: Is there anybody dead?
MAN: We know of two dead.

That kid over there in the blue jacket
is a rookie, Officer Piccone.

He was in a deli. Hears a gunshot,
looks out, sees this guy staggering.

Piccone runs out,
sees the guy fall, right?

He sees the shooter. He's walking
with his weapon in his hand.

Piccone calls it in, closes in on
this guy walking up Third Avenue.

The shooter turns, sees him,
fires off a round.


Piccone's firing back. It's like
a running gun battle for a block.

- Jeez. Go ahead.
- Sector car responds.

Perp opens fire, hitting both officers.
But they were returning fire too.

Two more civilians go down.
If you ask me, we're lucky it's not more.

- What about the garage?
- The shooter runs in here.

A couple of blue and whites arrive. He
opens fire. Two more of ours go down.

They're returning fire.
They got him pinned.

- A standoff.
- What happened to the guy?

He disappears.

BASS: Look at all these cameras.
- How's the kid?

SIMONE: Piccone's a rookie.
He wasn't even on patrol today.

This kid's doing clerical work.
They got him going for sandwiches.

- Everybody on this, lieutenant.
- Yeah.

Come on, I'll show you over there.

Officer Piccone, I'm Captain Bass.

- Hey.
- What do we got?

Anna Pe?a: Waitress, 35 years old.
Around 11: 15 a white male walks in...

...puts a gun to her chest,
fires one shot, walks out. Not a word.

- Anybody ID the guy?
SIPOWICZ: Nobody knew him.

Coworkers said she's got a husband.
I found her address in her purse.

- I sent a uniform to pick him up.
- Any shell casings?

9 mm. Steel, not brass.

- Which is unusual.
- Gotta be the same guy.

We're picking up steel casings
on the sidewalk.

- Must've started here.
- Third Avenue's a battlefield.

- Four cops down, three civilians.
SIPOWICZ: Perp got away?

- Yeah.
- Owner of the place is Colombian.

- Off the bat, you gotta think drugs.
- Rough way to take care of business.

We got two blocks of chaos out there.

All right, anybody who saw anything,
get them into the house.

This woman's life could
have been saved.

I'm going to find out why
from the time I called 911...

...it took 25 minutes for help. I want
to know why several ambulances...

I told that clown to go
to the station house.

He's a politician.
He can't help himself.

I'm gonna find out about it.

Hey, excuse me.

Mm-mm. He didn't know a damn thing
about handling firearms, I'll tell you that.

Put two cops in the hospital.

He must've knew
something about what he was doing.

No, if you're shooting to hit a target,
you gotta have a two-handed grip.

- None of this.
- Guys.

Don't talk to each other about what you
saw. Wait till you sit with a detective.

- Excuse me!
- Yeah?

I'm Councilman Paul Manos.
I'm here to give my statement.

Just wait here, sir.
Somebody will be out to talk with you.

Julie Rojas? Come with me, please.

Here you go.

- Thanks a lot.

You gave them my weapon
for ballistics, huh?

Yeah, every cop who discharged a round,
just so we can figure out who did what.

- I should've put that guy down.
- It's not so easy when you're under fire.

I don't even think I hit him once.

Officer Piccone, right now we gotta
concentrate on finding this guy, all right?

Most people out there on Third Avenue,
once they hear gunshots...

...they're ducking inside
or on the ground.

If you can do any better here
on your description, man...

- White male.
- How old do you figure?

See, I never got a clean look at his face.
I was coming up behind him.


- Well, what color hair then?
- Kind of blondish, like I said.

His height, his build.
You said average.

Detective, the guy's walking
with the gun raised up...

...then he starts firing.
- I understand.

The only clear thing
in my mind is that gun.

Thank you.

Excuse me.

GRIFFIN: Hey, Arthur.
- Hey, Dick. How you doing? Come in.

You got a madhouse
on your hands, huh?

Yeah, something like that.
So, what's up?

I know you probably want
the kid to fend for himself...

...but just so you know, your brother got
himself jammed with his sergeant.

Jammed how?

They had a blow-up yesterday in
the squad. I don't know the particulars...

...but MacNamara may be
looking to hurt him.

- Reggie might have it coming.
- But you don't know the particulars.

I don't wanna see MacNamara
jammed up either with this thing.

You guys know each other, right?

- We went through the academy together.
- That's a good thing.

- Maybe you two can talk it through.
- Yeah, maybe.

I hate to distract you
with all you got going here...

...but if this thing escalates, it might
ripple through the whole precinct.

- Wouldn't be good for anybody.
- Okay, Dick. I'll look into it.

- Wouldn't be good for anybody.
- Okay, Dick. I'll look into it.

- Thanks for stopping down, okay?
- I had to go to the borough anyway.

I'll see you.

- You didn't see the gunman at all?
- No.

Sit down.

And you have no idea why somebody
would want to harm Miss Pe?a?

- Not at all. She's a lovely person.
- How long did she work for you?

Four months. Honestly, I didn't need her.
I hired her because of her husband.

- I'm a fan of his.
- Husband?

- That would be Javier Pe?a?
- He plays trumpet, jazz. He's very good.

While he makes himself known,
I give his wife work.

- Three days a week.
- Tell me...

...you thought of the possibility that this
thing was directed at you, Mr. Bellisario?

I'm sorry, what?

Maybe somebody was trying to get
at you, make trouble in your life.

By murdering a waitress? How do
you come to a thought like that?

Bellisario, the restaurant business,
you know, maybe you got enemies.

- I see.
- How long you been in business?

A strange man, white man,
walks into my place, shoots Anna Pe?a.

Goes out, shoots more people,
shoots police.

How is this about how
long have I been in business?

If I want to delve into
your business...

...if I want to talk to everybody
you ever served beans, I will do that.

Because all that which went
down today, started at Bellisario's.

- And you are point A.
- And I'm Colombian...

...so I must be in the drug business.
That's where we're going, right?

Being honest,
I can't remember the last time...

...I dealt with Colombians on a police
matter that drugs weren't involved.

Have a nice day.

Have a nice day.

What time's your
doctor's appointment?

I got all these interviews.
I can't get over there.

I called Narcotics
on that restaurant owner.

Anything there?

His brother took one collar
for possession.

I gotta talk
to that loudmouth councilman.

- I gotta go to the doctor.
- Mm-hm.

You know, you're losing
an hour a shift in the john.

- Here you go.
WOMAN: Thanks.

All right.

If this is the speed you operate at...

...I understand why that
waitress bled to death.

Sorry to hold you up, councilman.
We're taking people in turn.

That is what I heard
you said before, isn't it?

You hope no one got
preferential treatment.

I want your DD5's to reflect...

...I phoned in that 911.
- I'll make sure that gets in.

With the shooter still at large,
we're focusing on physical description.

Anything you might have seen him do
or heard this guy say.

White, average height,
about 5' 10".

- That's what everyone's saying.
- Did you get a look at his face?

- I didn't really. No.
- Searching your recollection...

...could he have muttered anything?
Done anything peculiar?

All I can give you is, he was
wearing faded blue jeans...

...unraveling at the cuffs,
with dirty, white Converse sneakers.

You got a pretty good look
from the ankles down.

Surprising what details
stick in the mind.


I gotta get back to my office.

Could you have been under
the table, councilman?

Is that why you happened
to notice the shooter's feet?

What kind of smart-ass
question is that?

We are just trying to situate
everyone in the restaurant, sir.

On the DD5's,
I'll note that you were on the floor.

- Lieutenant?
- Hey, Reggie.

How you been, man?

I've been getting along.
How about you?

I'm good.

You need to come over
and see your new nephew.

Yeah, I've been meaning to do that.

- So anything we need to talk about?
- Hey, you summoned me, remember?

All right then, I hear you're
in a jam with your sergeant.

Nothing I can't handle.
What, you got...

...somebody looking over my shoulder?
- What happened?

- It don't concern you.
- It does. I'm your brother.

Well, he told me to change a tire.

Four white cops standing around
and my black ass.

And MacNamara talks
to me like some field hand.

So you called him a
"red-faced donkey son of a bitch"?

- He was looking to piss me off.
- And you went for it.

Look, MacNamara's got a problem
with black police, bottom line.

I don't care what you did
to get where you're at...

...I got too much integrity to have
these fools talk any kind of way.

Me and MacNamara go back a ways.
If you're lucky...

...he might do me a good turn.
- Please, man.

- I don't need your bowing and shuffling.
- Quit being a knucklehead.

I do my job. If you're saying I gotta
get talked to like I'm picking cotton...

...for the privilege of keeping on with it,
no, man. Hell, no! I ain't with that!

You're willing to leave the
force over this?

I am not kissing any ass to stay on it.

- So you want me to stay out of it?
- I don't know. Is that in your nature?

Just stay clear of MacNamara until I've
had a chance to sit down with him.

- Am I dismissed?
- Yeah, Reggie, you're dismissed.


- Nasty scars.
- I had an accident at work.

- Bear down.
- Whoa, boy!

Try not to pull away,
it just takes me longer.

- Are you pitching a tent up there?
- Just another second.

- All right. You can stand up.
- What makes you think so?

Because of your age, I'll run a PSA test.
I felt no nodules or hard spots.

Because of your age, I'll run a PSA test.
I felt no nodules or hard spots.

And I have no suspicion of a tumor.
What you've got is a prostatitis.

- What am I gonna do about that?
- Give another urine sample.

Then you're gonna take ciprofloxin
for a month. Then you're gonna be fine.

- I've been abstaining on sex.
- No reason to.

If anything, sex in moderation
relieves your condition.

When you finish this medicine, I wanna
see you for a follow-up appointment.

Yeah, I'll circle that on my
calendar with a big happy-face.

Okay. You got a good
look at the shooter?

I was right there when
he shot that Spanish guy.

The Spanish man said something,
I couldn't hear what. And then, bam.

From the look on his face, it meant
nothing to him. He just went on his way.

- Can you describe him?
- Yeah. He's 5' 10", if that.

Medium build, call it 170 pounds.
His hair was sandy brown.

Not well kempt, fairly long.
He has a pale, angular face.

Kind of haunted look to it.
I'd put him early to mid 30s.

- Let's see. Thin lips, small nose.
- Are you sure about all this?

He passed right in front of me. Besides,
I make a habit of studying people.

Something I like to do.
Hundreds of people a day.

- I won't soon be forgetting this one.
- This is very good.

- I've been a help?
- Yeah.

- I want to put you with a police artist.
- Fine, fine.

Then you can help me?
I help you, you help me?

- Yeah, sure. You want a few dollars?
- I want you to help me warn people.

- Concerning what?
- I must warn mankind...

...as to the identity of the wicked
son of perdition, the beast.

- I know who he is.
- Oh, boy.

Hey, open your mind to this, all right?
Open your mind to my knowledge.

I have all knowledge going
back 236 trillion years.

Let me show you what I'm talking
about here. I want to show you.

Listen. Listen. I don't want to know
about the trillion years.

I don't want to know about
the son of perdition.

- I want to know if you saw the guy.
- Yeah, I saw him.

Can I use that description?
People's lives may be at stake.

You can use it. He looked
just like what I said.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

The shooter entered
Bellisario's at 8:45.

He fired one round into Anna Pe?a,
killing her.

Then walked out of the restaurant
and moved north, up Third Avenue.

300 feet from the restaurant...

...he shot a pedestrian
named David Casteneta in the chest.

Casteneta was DOA at the hospital.

The shot that killed Casteneta
was heard by Officer Piccone...

...who called it in
and began pursuit on foot.

Was Piccone able take the guy out
before the guy shoots again?

He was concerned about discharging
his weapon on a busy sidewalk.

AIELLO: Was he under the impression
the perp shared his concern?

FANCY: The shooter fires
on Piccone at this point.

- Officer Piccone returns fire.
- Missing the shooter.

Patrolman Evans and Byrne arrive
in a radio car at this point...

...and join in the exchange of fire.

Both patrolmen in the car are struck
and wounded, and a British tourist...

...an Amelia Rose, who's stable,
but didn't get a look at the perp.

Also, a 60-year-old female in a
grocery store was struck in the head.

She was DOA. According to ballistics,
the stray was a police round.

- We don't know yet which officer.
- Probably that rookie.

We got no idea who the perp is,
what his problem was?

- Racial? What? Anything?
FANCY: Not yet.


Detective Medavoy got a full
description from a vagrant.

It squares with our partials. But it's
much more detailed and complete.

We've made a sketch.

- But as you see...
- This going to TV?

Everywhere, including psychiatric
facilities on the chance he's under care.

As you know,
there can be confidentiality problems.

Oh, yeah. Confidentiality's more
important than a few dead citizens.

Where do we stand on this stink
about EMS response time?

That was Councilman Manos. I think
he's gonna be leaving that issue alone.

The media's already got it. Did we bypass
a dying waitress to get to wounded cops?

We're looking into the 911 call.
Also how he escaped from the garage.

Looks like he made it out
over the roof.

Which is worse,
letting him get away...

...or not nailing him
before he got in the garage?

I want you to cut two detectives loose.
Send them back down.

My first priority's gotta
be getting this guy identified.

- I'll get other manpower on the garage.
- All right, let's get it done.


...this is lousy timing, but I've got
a family problem I need to take care of.

- You've got a heavy situation here.
- My brother, he's on the job.

- You've got a heavy situation here.
- My brother, he's on the job.

He's got some problem
with his sergeant.

It's just about to go to paperwork.
I can be back inside two hours.

All right. I'll run it from here.

I appreciate it. I'm on a beeper
if anything breaks.

- Hey.
- How's it going?

- What's going on?
- Well, we finished the initial canvass.

Greg got a good description from a
homeless guy, so we're circulating that.

Hey, Bobby.

- Yeah?
FANCY: I'll be back in a little while.

- Run everything through Bass.
- Okay.

I want to talk to a detective.

Here's my restaurant guy.

JOHN: Detective Sipowicz.

What's going on, Mr. Bellisario?

Come on in.

- Here.
- My name is Bellisario.

Have you been able
to contact Javier Pe?a?

The uniform cop got no answer
at his place. We'll try again later.

I think you ought to go over.
Something might've happened.

Why do you think that?

He had an audition this morning. He never
showed up. An audition to play music.

It was important to him. He wouldn't
have missed it without calling.

All right. We'll go there ourselves.

I'd go with you, but I gotta
go back to my place.

- I'm expecting 100 kilos of cocaine.
- Be nice.

- You all right to take a ride over there?
- Yeah.

- So, what did this doctor say?
- Inflamed prostrate.

Can they help that?

Took my mind off it
a minute with that exam.

I cannot believe some people
do that for pleasure.


Hey! Asshole.

Here. Pe?a, first floor.


We better catch a break here
somewhere. I don't wanna go to bed...

...not knowing who we're dealing with.
- Cops came by here twice?

Somebody's gotta be here.

Andy. Andy, there's feet there.
Feet laid out on the floor!

- Who are you? What do you want?
SIPOWICZ: Police. Let us in.

- What are you buzzing me for?
- Police emergency! Let us in!

- What for? What's going on?
- You will let us in now! Come on!

He better be coming down here.



What the hell is this about?

- You all right?
- Clear!

Hey, what's wrong with you?
What is wrong with you?

- I didn't do anything.
SIPOWICZ: What is this?

- You connected to this? Answer me!
MAN: No!

- What happened?
MAN: I don't know.

Answer me!

Andy, we got steel shell casings there.
This is the same guy.

WOMAN: Somebody, help!
SIPOWICZ: Who is this?

- You seen this guy?
- I don't recognize him. I just moved in.

- Next door! Somebody's yelling for help!
- What?

SIMONE: I'm hearing it through
the wall, a woman's voice.

Take your camera, go back to your
apartment and sit there until we come.

SIMONE: Okay, watch out.

Somebody, help!

- Help me! Someone open the door!
- Okay!

- Thank God! Thank you, God.
- You all right, ma'am?

EUBANKS: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Just thank God.

- Looks clear in here.
- Come on, let's go sit down.

Go sit down.
Everything's all right.

Can I help you, sir?


Hey, Mac. How you been?

Making my way.

A day like this,
all those homicides in your precinct...

...wouldn't think you'd
have time to visit.

I wanted to see if there's a way
to smooth out this problem.

Reggie starting to sweat a little?
Came running to you, did he?

- No, he didn't, Mac.
- Who brought you into this?

Some of the other brothers?

- Strong-arm crap don't work with me.
- You know me better than that, Mac.

I want to fix this thing
if it can be fixed.

Come here.

I asked Reggie
to do something for me...

...he gives me mouth
in the middle of the station house.

- He knows he reacted wrong.
- I got a platoon to run.

- I take that disrespect off of no one.
- I wouldn't expect you to.

You know what I mean. They put you
in a position of authority yourself.

You do me a good turn here, I'd be
very grateful. I'll keep on top of him.

Plus, he's running around saying
it's some kind of a racial thing.

- You and me always got along, right?
- Right.

In this station,
I get along with anybody.

- Blacks, women...
- Mac, I'm asking you for a favor.

Reggie's got a problem
with white bosses.

- It's him who's in the wrong line of work.
- I don't think he is, Mac.

I'd like to keep him on the job.

Look, as far as I'm concerned,
he keeps his mouth under control...

...we don't have a problem.
- Good.

...we don't have a problem.
- Good.

This thing, I'm willing to let it slide.

- Okay. I won't forget.
- But I tell you...

...he pops off at me again...

...never mind the paperwork.
It's gonna be me and him...

...and the badges get set aside.
- Okay.

If I need Reggie to fix a tire,
he's gonna get on his knees and do that.

But you won't go out of turn
and ask him to fix a tire, right?

If it's somebody else's turn,
you don't call on Reggie.

- No. Why would I do that?
- Just so that's clear.


Hey, nice seeing you, Fancy.

Yeah, you take care of yourself, Mac.

SIMONE: Take a look at this man.
- Oh, yeah. That's definitely him.

- Steven Capers.
- I suppose I should recognize him.

- Living next to him for five years.
- Yeah, up until a few months ago.

- I liked him, but he was a troubled man.
- How could you tell that?

He muttered to himself,
more and more as time went on.

He talked to me more than anybody else,
but it was just neighbor chatter.

You know, when we'd run
into each other. "Hi, Mrs. Eubanks."

I'd say, "Hi, Steven. How are you?"
And then we'd talk a bit.

- You never had problems with him?
- No, but since he's been evicted...

...I've been seeing him outside
with a strange look, even when I'd pass.

- I mentioned it to Mr. Bernstein.
- This is the landlord.

- We're trying to get with him.
- He's out of town.

Did Steven ever have any words with
the people that took over his old place?

I don't think so.
Well, not that I'm aware of.

I do know that he was on disability
of some sort...

...and he lost his benefits recently.

- He was upset.
- So you did see him this morning?

Yeah, standing across the street,
but that wasn't unusual.

About 9:00, I heard this loud noise
next door. You know, like a gunshot.

So I peeked out the door and I saw
Steven. And he's holding a pistol.

He backed me into my apartment. I was
so flabbergasted I couldn't say a word.

He says, "Get in the closet,
Mrs. Eubanks. " He could've killed me.

- He must've liked you.
- Pays to be neighborly, I guess.


Sarge said we got another body
and an ID on the perp.

BASS: New DOA is the husband
of the waitress that got shot.

Simone and Sipowicz found him
when they went to make notification.

The perp barricaded the woman
in the next apartment in her closet.

Simone and Sipowicz heard her.
They got her in Interview One.

- What'd she say about the perp.
- He used to live in...

...the apartment where they found
the new DOA. They're getting details.

- So all hell broke loose while I was gone.
- We all got family.

I heard we got a witness
and an ID, is that right?

Yeah. Lt. Fancy
was just bringing me up to speed.

- Good.
- Yeah.

PICCONE: I'm here to see Martinez.
JOHN: He's right over there.

- You got a minute for me, detective?
- Sure. How's it going?

I wrote up a statement.

When I talked to Simone,
I couldn't get my thoughts together.

That was verbal, right?
Your interview with Detective Simone?


You gave him what you knew
in terms of looking for the guy?

- Right.
- I don't think you want...

...to make a written statement
until you talk to your delegate.

- All right.
- The way you discharged your weapon.

- Well, it looks like I didn't hit anybody.
- Uh-huh.

I hope I didn't hit anybody,
because I know I didn't hit the perp.

They're testing all the guns.

I'd hate to think that I hit a civilian.
It's bad enough to miss the guy.

You did your best out there. Anyway,
I'd trash your written statement for now.

- All right?
- Yeah.

- Okay. Thanks for the advice, detective.
- Anytime.


COSTAS: Hi, Andy.
- Hi.

I've got Thai food in the fridge.
Lemongrass soup.

That sounds great.

I heard you guys found another victim
connected with the street shooter.

SIPOWICZ: Yeah. We like a guy
in the homicides. Some headcase...

...from the apartment building
where two of the victims live.

What's that?

I, uh...

- I went to the doctor today.
- What for?

Turns out I got
an inflamed prostrate.

He gave me this medicine,
said it's nothing to worry about.

- Good.
- Yeah.

Actually, he gave me the okay
in the area of relations...

...which I've been concerned about.
- You had?

Like you haven't noticed?

No, I noticed that we
weren't having relations.

- I didn't think it was medical reasons.
- No?

What did you think? Because
of finding out about that incident...

...where the guy attacked you?
- Yeah.

No, it was this other thing.

- Well, I wish you'd told me.
- What am I gonna tell you about?

I'm peeing in two different directions?
I'm falling apart in all my systems?

Andy, we're gonna grow old together...

...and what's gonna happen
to our bodies will happen.

But let's always talk...

...so we don't misunderstand
each other.

Okay. It's a deal.

And this with my prostrate,
he says it's completely correctable.


He says this medicine's good.
He also said relations were good.

Well, have some soup
and we'll try a treatment.

- Good morning, detective.
- How's it going?

- Could I talk to you for just a minute?
- Yeah.

I just want to assure you,
in regard to your concerns yesterday...

...I would never eavesdrop
on a conversation.

I was having a medical problem,
maybe I overreacted.

We work in such proximity here.
Trust is very important.

I was having prostrate difficulties,
but I think I'm on a mend.

I'm glad.

Have I been mispronouncing
that word all these years?

- I always thought it was "prostate."
- No, it's "prostrate."

I'm Harry Bernstein. I'm looking
for Detective Simone or Sipowicz.

I'm Sipowicz. You the landlord
of that building on Second Avenue?

- Yeah.
- Come on in.

I got your messages off my machine.
This dead guy, wow!

That should give you some indication
how my luck was going.

- So you were out of town, huh?
- Yeah, I was in Atlantic City.

This is Harry Bernstein.
He owns that building.

- How's it going, Mr. Bernstein?
- Some horror story at my place.

I understand you're looking
for Steven Capers.

- Yeah, that's right.
- When he came to my place...

...he was a graduate student at NYU.
- No kidding.

All that deep thinking,
he must've blown a gasket...

...because by the time
I had to evict him...

...he was a total nutbar.
- We're looking to find this guy.

He started in your building,
now he's shooting people on the street.

- I wouldn't know where to look.
- What's up with the notebooks?

He had hundreds of these in the place.
He'd written on every page too.

I got them in a storage
room over there.

Out of curiosity. You know,
eavesdropping on an unsound mind.

- He ever ask for these back?
- No.

You haven't had any contact
with this guy recently?

Not since I kicked him out.
Mrs. Eubanks said she'd seen him.

I guess he had strong feelings
about that apartment...

...to go back and kill those people.
- I guess.

- Anything?
SIMONE: Nothing I can make out so far.

Look, Mr. Bernstein,
I want to talk to our boss about these...

...then we'll take a ride to your building.
I'll wanna see all of these.

Yeah, sure. Let me ask you,
the city's gonna pay...

...to replace the door
you guys busted, right?

You gotta make a claim
with the Corporation Council.

- How old do you plan to live to be?
- Perfect.

FANCY: Yeah?

- We're talking to the landlord.
- He give you anything?

The perp kept lots of notebooks. This
guy saved them. We'll go pick them up.

Okay. I gotta talk to this kid.

Ballistics came back with his gun.

- The stray that killed the woman?
- Yeah.

That's rough. All right, I'll let
you know about the notebooks.

- How you doing, Officer Piccone?
- Okay.

- You wanted to see me, lieutenant?
- Yeah, come on in.

How you doing?

Pretty bad night. To tell you
the truth, my mind wouldn't sleep.

You understand why I didn't
shoot at first, don't you?

Officer Piccone,
listen to what I'm gonna tell you.

- This is off the record.
- Off the record?

I'm not sure when you'll receive official
notification, but I wanted you to know.

The civilian who died, the bullet
they took from her in autopsy...

The civilian who died, the bullet
they took from her in autopsy...

...matches up to your weapon.

- Oh, man.
- I'm sure there's no criminal problem...

...but there will be an investigation.

- My weapon?
- PBA representation...

Who? Who was killed? You said "her."
A woman? The woman in that store?

That's right.

You should plan on this getting
to the press sooner rather than later.

I've seen cops who did exactly
the right thing and still got hung up.

- Let alone what I did.
- Just the magnitude...

...of what happened yesterday,
you need to be ready for media scrutiny.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Son, your life changed forever
when that guy fired that first shot.

You gotta deal with those changes.

And you have to decide if you ever
want to be in that position again.

- You think I should quit?
- That's not for me to say.

But maybe you should ask yourself, are
you doing what you should be doing?

I've wanted to be a cop
all my life! All right, so...

...I didn't do the right
thing this one time.

This job, it can do a lot
to you emotionally...

...and it's just a job.
There's other jobs.

You really believe that, lieutenant?

The notification will come
through your sergeant.


Let me ask you, these notebooks...

...I can get them back at some point?
- Want them back?

- Of course I want them.
- Wait, I gotta use the can.

- Now I can't stop going.
- You're making up for lost time.

The guy's a notorious killer.

Maybe this stuff turns out to be
worth something. I got a solid claim.

He's in arrears to me
for four months' rent.


That's this maniac.


- How's it going, Reggie?
- Did a 4 to 12 yesterday.

- MacNamara treated me okay.
- Good.

Did he make you lick
the shine off his shoes?

- He made me lick a little.
- I didn't ask you to see him.

No, you weren't stand up enough for
that. You told me to follow my nature.

No one asked you, but I know
you reached out to that guy.

- I came to say thanks.
- That's big of you, Reggie.

Now, here's some free advice.

Get enough self-respect so when
some fool talks to you like a nigger...

...you don't go nuts and jam yourself
to prove he isn't right.

You got funny ideas
about self-respect.

My idea is, when I hear an ass
out in the field braying...

...I don't feel any deep need
to start braying back.

From where you sit, Reggie, I could
never do anything right for you.

I don't expect that to change now.

If you and MacNamara train wreck,
maybe you should transfer out of there.

Maybe I should. I'll see how it goes.

When can I come check junior out?

Anytime. Lillian and the girls
want to see you too.

- How about this weekend? Saturday?
- Good.

- Maybe Sunday.
- Either way.

FANCY: You okay, Bobby?
- Yeah.

Bass already signed off on
your weapons discharge report.

- Did he make it a good shooting?
- Yeah, he made it a good shooting.

I heard you found a witness that
saw this guy run from the garage.

He split over the roof.

Got a tape of that
councilman's 911 call.

MANOS: He's been shot! Oh, God,
send an ambulance right now!

- A man 's been shot!
WOMAN: A man 's been shot?

MANOS: Yes, Just now! It's happening
right now! Right in front of me. Oh, God!

WOMAN: Where are you, sir?
MANOS: I'm Councilman Paul Manos.

No, where are you, sir?

MANOS: Bellisario 's. Corner of Third
Avenue and 10th. Send the police!

WOMAN: Third Avenue and 10th Street?
MANOS: He walked out with the gun!

- Send help right now!
WOMAN: I'm sending help, sir.

You said Bellisario 's at the corner
of Third Avenue and 10th Street?

MANOS: Yes! Yes!
WOMAN: Who is it that's been shot?

MANOS: I don 't know. A man.
WOMAN: Is it Just one person?

I think so.

- "A man's been shot"?
- From underneath the table.

- "A man's been shot"?
- From underneath the table.

He didn't see who the hell got shot.
The paramedics arrive...

...they see a pedestrian bleeding
further down the block...

...they think that's the job.

So that's what happened there.

Do you want to get any trauma
treatment on your shooting?

No, I'm all right.

Just gotta type this mess up.

Did you put this on my desk?

Yes, detective. I was looking up
something else and I noticed...

...that word we had talked about.
- Live and learn.

- Thought you might find it interesting.
- Oh, absolutely.

This way, if I'm ever on Jeopardy
and they ask about prostrate...

...some other idiot's gonna say "the
gland behind the nuts. " And I'll say:

"No, no, no, that means 'to lie face
down in a posture of submission.'

"No, no, no, that means 'to lie face
down in a posture of submission.'

My old friend PAA Irvin
told me that.

That other civilian aide we had,
all she did was gave us our messages.

But this guy,
he gives us definitions and everything.

I'm sorry. Was I inappropriate?

No. I'm just a little chatty.
I almost got murdered earlier.

- Hey.
- Hey.


...I was thinking, maybe I could
wash your car for a year...

...or something like that.
- Yeah, that'd be good.

The other guy, all the jams we were in,
that never came up.

Yeah, but I'm sure
he was always looking out for you.

Oh, yeah. Definitely.

- Bass sign off on the shooting?
- Yeah.

Because I'm prepared to nominate it
among my all-time favorites.

I'm gonna get some lunch.
You want something?

No, I'm good.

- Thanks.
- Anytime, partner.

Subtitles by
SDI Media Group