NYPD Blue (1993–2005): Season 2, Episode 15 - Bombs Away - full transcript

Simone and Sipowicz collide in their squad car with a Romanian immigrant who has a woman locked in the trunk of his car and later, their investigation shows him to be a possible terrorist and holding a wealthy family prisoner with pipe bombs. Meanwhile, the serial killer, George Putnam is shot by an unknown sniper. Simone begins to investigate the father of the killer's last victim, Mr. Rudman, and another member of a victim's support group... who all appear to be part of a secret vigilante group. Medavoy talks to Dana about his relationship with Donna if he's losing interest in her, but the crafty Dana takes advantage of the situation to try to break them up by playing on his mental neurosis as the cause of Donna's lack of trust in Medavoy. Also, Martinez keeps asking Lesniak to go out on a date with him.

Previously on NYPD Blue:

SIMONE: You'll find the
other half of this message...

...when you find the other half
of this couple.

Think Webster's back?

My daughter is dead.

I have a right to know...

...what you're working on.
SIMONE: Yes, you do, sir.

Whoever it is, I'll give you
$ 1 million to kill him.

I guess I was hoping that maybe
you'd be interested in seeing me again.

I don't think so.

- How are you?
- Harold Rutansky called me.

- No!
- You were spying on me?

No. Not spying.

Well, what do you call it, Gregory?
You followed me.

It is not your asthma or your rashes
or your food allergies.

It's your attitude, Gregory.

- What's wrong with my attitude?
- You won't enjoy your life.

So if you don't mind me saying,
I enjoy working with you.

No. I enjoy working with you too.

SIPOWICZ: Hands up!
SIMONE: Get up against the wall!

- I don't see the connection of my gun.
- It's a match, George.

We matched it to the Webster shootings
just like you knew we would.

We got you, George.

- I don't know what to do with myself.
- I know.

There's nothing I can do for her.

Since old lady Chen's gone,
that place has gone downhill.


Look at this. Look, there.
Another button's missing.

Andy, with that pattern, I don't think
anybody will notice a missing button.

Who made you the fashion police?


SIMONE: Come on, I gotta get back.
They're bringing Putnam in for a lineup.

Andy, watch it.

- Hey, damn it!
SIPOWICZ: Oh, man!

SIMONE: You all right?

Let's see if this guy's head's
in working order.


ILLIESCU: It's my fault. I was distracted.
I was thinking of my problems.

I failed to see the one-way sign.

You must have
some kind of problem, huh?

I am from Romania. Illiescu. Illiescu.

- That's your last name?
- You can say that, yes. Vartan Illiescu.

It doesn't seem to be too bad here.
Your lens is broken.

- I have $80 I can give to help fix the car.
- We don't want your money.


- You have something in the trunk here?
- Private. Vicious hunting dogs.

SIMONE: New York City detectives.
Understand? Open that trunk.

Stop that! You see, no problem.

Open the trunk!

SIMONE: Hey, get your ass over here!
Get over here.

ILLIESCU: Let me go. I have the right.
Please! You cannot! I have the...

Give me those frigging keys!

Please, I have the right!
You have no right! That is private!

Okay, ma'am. We're police.

SIMONE: Give me the other hand!
- I am not afraid. You wacko man!

- I spit on you!
SIPOWICZ: You all right? You all right?

I am Mrs. Lee.
I was afraid, but now I am angry.

- No-good wacko!
- What happened?

Who knows what he is trying to do?
He grabs me, puts me in trunk.

I am walking down the street.

SIMONE: Come on.
- Some city here!

Oh, boy! Some place this is!

Back seat, there's briefcase.
Very nice, real leather.

I would not handle that too roughly!


...call the bomb squad?


Get in there!

Don't wrinkle those shirts!

Call the bomb squad.

Bombs Away

Can we talk?

Gregory, we agreed not to fight at work.

I cannot believe
that one minor error in judgment...

...could prove fatal to our relationship.
- I'm going to my desk.

- Does it hurt you to talk to me?
- It hurts that you don't trust me.

- I made a mistake.
- Look, I need some time.

Would you back off
and give me that?

All right. All right.

There's no need
to get all vehement at me.

Mrs. Lee, you want to come with me?

I never saw him before.
I was just walking.

- Where were you going, Mrs. Lee?
- I was coming from bank...

...going to my sister's.

- Only block away.
- Yeah.

- Did you see him following you?
- No. He was leaning on a car.

When I go to walk past, he grabs me.

I tell him,
"Take money. Leave me alone."

- Did he say anything?
- He accused me. He say I follow him.

I do not understand him so well.
He speak foreign.

And puts me right in trunk.

After he picked you up at Union Square,
about how long did you drive around?

- Two hours, maybe more.
- Did he stop the car at any point?

Once he stop and waited.
Then he drove again.

Stop again.
I could hear airplanes.

Then he drives again
until he hits your car.

- And he never interfered with you?
- He puts me in the trunk!

But he didn't touch you sexually?

No. But who knows? Maybe later.
I think he's wacko! Do you think so?

Well, yeah, I think there's
a good chance that he is.

Now, you understand that this man
is not gonna get out of here?

You have nothing more
to fear from him.

I am not afraid of him.
He's a scumbag, wacko!

That's the spirit, Mrs. Lee.
Now, if you should remember anything...

...you just call me, all right?
Anytime, night or day.

- Here's my number. Okay?
- Yes. I will call.

- Here's my number. Okay?
- Yes. I will call.


They got me in segregation.

One hour of exercise every three days.
Anything you can do?

PUTNAM: You must be a celebrity here...

...you being the one I confessed to.
SIMONE: The biggest.

Hey, get this. Once I write the book...

...they want me to record it for
books on tape. My voice. Chilling, huh?

- You're gonna be a celebrity.
PUTNAM: We both are.

- Put him in the cage. I'll be back.
MARTINEZ: Yeah, okay.

Before Putnam graduated to serial killer,
he pulled a few stickup homicides.

- What are we looking at?
- Two homicides from seven years ago.

Witnesses spotted him on TV,
called in and said he was the guy.

His lawyer won't let him talk.
We got to do a lineup.

- You got the witnesses in?
- Yeah, we're ready.

Detective, Sgt. Augustino
just called up.

Arnold Rudman is downstairs,
says he wants to talk to you.

- Thanks.
- The last victim's father.

- Excuse me.
- Yeah. See you.

Mr. Rudman.

Hello, detective.

What can we do for you?

Well, I'm establishing a foundation.

The Alexandra Rudman Foundation,
to offer aid and assistance...

...to families who have lost
a family member to violent crime.

That's good, sir.

I'd like members of the police
to be involved in it.

Actually, you're the first person
I thought of.

This explains the goals and objectives.


I'm not really sure what department
policy would be on something like this.

Well, if you'd just read it.

Tell me, what's your opinion
of the trial?

I'm pretty sure the confession will hold.

I wish I could share your optimism.

I'll check policy on this after the trial
and get back to you.

One more thing, I heard Putnam
is being brought in for a lineup.

- Where'd you hear that?
- I have my sources.

I want to see him, detective.

I want another look
at the bastard who killed Alex.

I think I'm entitled to that.

Pick a number.


Everybody sit.

He had that smirk at the arraignment.

He enjoys this.

Detective Lesniak can show you out.

- Thanks, Adrienne.
LESNIAK: You're welcome.

- This is Mr. Belgrade.
- Hi.

This is a one-way mirror
behind the shade.

You can see in,
but they cannot see out.

When I raise the shade, tell me
the number of anyone you recognize.

- You ready?
- Yeah.

Number three.

SIMONE: Where do you
recognize him from, sir?

He's the man who shot my girlfriend.


Hi, Dana.

Yeah, it's Greg Medavoy.


I'm okay.

Listen, Dana,
I'd like to talk to you about...

No, no. Not on the phone.

I'd like to get your take...

...on a couple of things
going on between me and Donna.

- Greg?
- Hold on.

Got a minute?
We're putting him in the car.

Okay, I'll be right there.

Okay. Yeah.

All right. I'll see you in a while. Thanks.

SIMONE: I'll catch up with you guys.

- Mr. Rudman? You had your look.
- Yes. Thank you.


MARTINEZ: Get down! Get the door!
SIMONE: Get him back inside!

Sarge, we got a man shot!

- 15 Base to Central. Shots fired.
- Will I be okay?

Man shot. We need emergency
services and a bus, forthwith.


SERGEANT: This is Sgt. Augustino.
FANCY: What happened?

SERGEANT: We need the task force.
Putnam got shot right outside.

Be careful.
Shots came from across the street.

FANCY: You call EMS?
SERGEANT: They're on the way.

SIMONE: Sergeant, take care of this?
SERGEANT: Sure, detective.

Now we won't have to watch
that animal smirking...

...while some ACLU lawyer talks about
him not being responsible for his actions.

What do you know about this,
Mr. Rudman?


But I'd like to pin a medal
on whomever is responsible.

- Why did you stay after you saw him?
- Son of a bitch murdered my daughter.

I needed a little recovery time.

Look, it's a public building.
I had a valid reason for being here.

And as for my timing,
I guess I'd call it fortuitous.

I may want to talk to you
more about this.

You know where to find me.

You know what will come
from the press?

Why he was brought here
instead of running the lineup at Rikers?

Witnesses get intimidated up there.
Sometimes they're afraid to make an ID.

I'll let you explain that, huh?



First they come with guns.
Next they will come with bombs.

To annihilate fascist stronghold.

You ever have any
mental health problems, Illiescu?


See, I'm trying
to figure out if you're crazy.

You don't hear voices in your pillow?
Maybe see helicopters in the room?

- Anything like that?
- You don't have to insult me.

I am a man. Treat me like a man,
not like dog.

Why was that woman in your trunk?

You see a poor man on the street,
in winter, starving and no place to sleep.

You do nothing, he dies. Is that crime?

In America, that is no crime!

How about you get off the soapbox
and tell me what you do for a living.

I am a busboy. I pick up the dirty plates
of the rich pigs that you work for.

I work for the city of New York, asshole.

Now, why did you take that woman?

Yes, please. Call me asshole.

If I were rich, I would not even be here.
And you, you would call me sir!

Hey! You had explosives in your car.
You had a woman in the trunk.

Now, you are in looking at a lot of jail
if we don't stick to the topic here!

Explosives? Just fireworks.
Romanians celebrate with fireworks.

Independence of our country
from the Ottoman Empire.

The coronation of King Carol I,
many holidays.

I safely celebrate Romanian holiday,
but not the king.

Why were handcuffs
on the handle of your briefcase?

I handcuff device to my wrist
during transport to avoid theft.

You know what I think?
I think you're full of crap.

- Sipowicz. Is that right? Sipowicz?
- Right.

I think you don't think.

I think you are Polack.

That's right. I'm a Polack.

At times I've been deeply wounded
by unthinking remarks.

But somehow I find the strength
to go on.

Now, how about you telling me
about that woman in your trunk?

Sure, why not.
I meet her on the street.

We are talking. It becomes clear to me
she has thoughts of self-destruction.

She was gonna kill herself?

Yes. She was despondent
over the degradation of the masses.

- You met this woman before?
- No.

But we have shared in being oppressed
as newcomers to this country.

So I put her in trunk
to take her to hospital.

You see, I can't take chance that she
despairs and leaps out of car into traffic.

That would be horrible.

So I am en route to care facility when,
boom, I encounter you.

That's a great explanation, Illiescu.
You're a real human benefactor.

Yes, more people should be like me.

So I can go now, yes?

Shots came from the roof across the
street. It's accessible by four buildings.

The murder weapon
is an H & K 91, Pentax scope.

That's a very expensive piece there.

- Any prints?
- Wiped clean, not even a partial.

Look. You see this gun?
This has been around, man.

But that scope right there,
that's brand-new.

We got the manufacturer working off
the serial numbers...

...to trace it to a retailer.

- What about the canvass?
SIMONE: Nothing, so far.

- What about the canvass?
SIMONE: Nothing, so far.

One resident was on the roof
smoking a joint two hours before.

He says nobody was up there.
He didn't see anything.

Medavoy and Martinez
are checking adjacent buildings...

...the MTA and the cab companies.

The good news is 800 people
would like to see this scum dead.

You got anything I can tell Aiello?

I don't know
if this is something to tell Aiello...

...but when we first picked up Putnam,

...throws out this number
for me to whack him.

- I figure he's upset so I let it pass.
- And he was here when Putnam got hit.

He set up
a victim's assistance foundation.

It gives him a reason
to talk to the victims' families.

I got Mrs. Wilson out there right now.

- Yeah?
- Illiescu claims that he put the woman...

...in the trunk to prevent her from killing
herself. Massive act of compassion.

I talked to the DA, the warrant's
approved on his apartment.

- I'm on my way. Is it Putnam?
- Yeah.

FANCY: Have the bomb squad meet you.
- Yeah.

- Hey.
- Hey.

I heard you were there
when Putnam got shot.

Me and Greg were gonna
transport him to Rikers.

- I'm glad the perp was a good shot.
- I'm glad you're glad.

- James? You got anything on the scope?

Let me see my notes.

Shipped to the R&S Sportsman's Shop
in Yonkers.

The manager's checking records
to find out when it was sold.

I'm gonna see if I can get a description
on the buyer.

Good deal. All right.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

You were talking about the meetings
Rudman organized for the families.

He's been very helpful, supportive.

I think those meetings
have done us all a lot of good.

What happens at the meetings?

We talk about our children.

Our feelings now that they're gone.

Does anyone ever...?

Do you talk about retribution or revenge?

Not really.

- Only once in a while. It's only natural.
- Sure.

Who do you remember
talking about that?

Mr. Rudman, Mr. Sandquist.

They did most of the talking.

Mr. Sandquist was very outspoken.

His daughter was also killed by Putnam.


MEDAVO Y: How you doing, Dana?
DANA: How are you doing?

It must have been so frightening today,
that guy getting shot.

To tell you the truth,
I haven't thought about that.

I've got these other things on my mind.

Take off your coat.
I'll get you a glass of wine.

Yeah. You know, I'm helping Andy
to search an apartment.

A glass of water would be great.

So I guess you haven't talked to Donna?

- You guys aren't getting along?
- What did she say?

Nothing. But you called me.
I mean, you never call me.

- So I figured you guys had a fight.
- Yeah. She's very upset.

Oh, boy.


- She went out with this other guy.
- Let me guess.

Dentures, stitch line over the eye and
hemorrhoids from sitting on the bench?

Yeah. I mean,
she says he's just an old friend.

But I got very angry.
I guess I overreacted.

So she's made you feel like
it's your fault she's seeing another guy.

You know about her and hockey players.

No. No, I believe that, you know,
there was nothing to it...

...but I can't seem to talk to her now.

You know, if you could talk to her...

She'd never listen to me.

She knows how I feel.

- How you feel?
- I'll level, Gregory.

I'm very attracted to you.

Donna knows that.


I know you don't even notice me, but...

That's how I feel.

I'm sorry!

Look, this isn't your fault.

- I just shouldn't be here.
- Don't apologize.

I hate it when men apologize.

- What do you think?
SIPOWICZ: Yeah. Ha-ha.

- Who is that? Donald Trump?


- Bomb squad's here.
- Yeah.

Looks like a heavy reader, huh?
A couple of cookbooks for bombs...

...copies of The Mercenary Monthly.

Here, centerfold for this month,
frog with the top of his skull blown off.

See that little green-butted fly there.
That's a real nice touch, right?

How can people look at that stuff, huh?

Hey, Andy.

Here's a book
with a list of really wealthy people.

Names, addresses and travel routes.

Wait a minute.

Greg, help me move this bed out.

Oh, wow.

Half the Romanian
National Armory is in there.

Hey, guys! Step on it! Come on!

OFFICER: What did you find?
SIPOWICZ: Explosives in his wall.

This is our ball game from now on.

Well, go ahead. Take over, guys.

- Hear ticking?
SIPOWICZ: Medavoy, let's go.

- Hear ticking?
SIPOWICZ: Medavoy, let's go.

MEDAVO Y: Was there ticking?
- Evacuate the building.

- I didn't hear that.
- Medavoy, let's go!

Right, Andy?

Mr. Sandquist, I'm Detective Simone.

Thanks for coming in.

As I'm sure you know, George Putnam
was shot and killed this morning.

Yeah, I heard.

He was shot right outside
of the station house here.

The shooter got away clean.


No one's really broken up about it.

But the boss says we have
to ascertain the whereabouts...

...of anyone who might have
wanted him killed.

I told him that was
about half the population.

Anyway, I don't mean any disrespect.

That's okay.
You're just doing your job.

- Mm-hm. What were your whereabouts?
- I was at my place.

- Mm-hm. What were your whereabouts?
- I was at my place.

- Was anyone there with you? Your wife?
- No. She was at her dialysis clinic.

She still is.

Give her a 9:00 appointment,
she's lucky if she's in the chair by 1:00.

Tell you what, why don't you write
down the name of the clinic for me?

That way we don't have to bother her.

- So you're on your own, huh?
- At 9:00 I was watching TV.

- Did I say it happened at 9?
- I know I heard it somewhere.

- Watching TV.
- Yeah. Regis and Kathie Lee.

They had a chef on from
one of those fancy restaurants...

...talking about low-fat recipes...

...and Dick Van Patten.

Dick Van Patten, huh?

And after that, I read the paper.

Were you in the service?

The infantry. Two tours in Vietnam.

Yeah, I fired expert.

Does that mean I need a lawyer?

That will be up to you.

We're just gathering information here.

Why don't you make up your mind
on that? We'll take a break.

We've been out to your place, Illiescu.

So now you know
I am ordinary man, a worker.

Are you a communist?

Discredited and corrupt ideologies
do not interest me.

That's good.

Because if I thought you were some
kind of aggrieved Third World piss pot...

...I'd have to get the Anti-Terrorism
Task Force in on this.

I am a man who woke up
from the dream...

...the nightmare of America.

I saw the bombs you built, Mr. Illiescu.

- Yes?
- You're obviously an intelligent man...

...to be able to put all that together.
- Yet, here I am, just a busboy.

There's also a list of prominent people.

Addresses, contact numbers,
very thorough.

People who spend half a million dollars
on flowers for a marriage to a whore...

...they divorce in one year!
Diseased swine!

People who look past you
when you walk on the street!

Why are they on a list?

I'm cataloging atrocities
of the ruling class.

If justice ever comes to this country...

...they will be held accountable
for their actions.

But these are just dreams.

In actuality, I have done nothing.
So it is not serious.

You didn't harm Mrs. Lee.

I finished the bombs.
And I feel very satisfied, very good.

So I pick up woman.
Later I was going to party with her.

- Party with her?
- Of course.

Drink some wine, make a meal,
screw her. Good times.


You're a well-spoken man, Mr. Illiescu.
Can you write all this down yourself?

I'm educated. I can write it.
After I write it, I pay you fine and go.

I have $80 with me.
200 more at home. You can come.

I have $80 with me.
200 more at home. You can come.

Before I take money from you,
should we talk about anything else?

I get the feeling there's a little more
you want to tell me.

- No. That is everything.
- Make sure it is.

Otherwise I'll kick this thing to the FBI,
the CIA, and you and I...

...won't be talking man-to-man anymore.

- Anything off the canvass?
SIMONE: The canvass came up empty.

- Anything on the weapon?
- The serial number was filed off.

James tracked the scope
to a shop in Yonkers.

Rudman bought the scope,
but he didn't do the murder.

What about the Sandquist girl's father?
Like him?

Yes. He gave me a rehearsed alibi,
had a lawyer's card in his pocket.

- He was in the service, he knows rifles.
- Are you giving him a coffee break?

He was about to lawyer up. I don't want
to pressure him. I think he'll talk.

All right. Keep me posted.

Can I help you?

They told me I should talk to a detective.

- Regarding?
- It's about that shooting this morning.

You know, how that Webster guy
was killed over here.

Detective, this man has some
information on the Putnam shooting.

Come on in.

- Detective Simone.
- Walter Roach.

How you doing? Have a seat.

Oh, boy. Now I feel like an idiot.

What information
do you have, Mr. Roach?

- I gotta tell you?
- Yeah. I'd like you to.

Well, see, I'm a driver
for Speedway Cabs.

And our dispatcher
was saying how the police...

...were interested in suspicious fares
we picked up in the vicinity this morning.

And I remember this guy I picked up
right after 9:00 on 2nd Avenue.

- How he was sweated and worked up.
- What did he look like?

It's my mistake.

What's wrong?

- I think he's a cop.
- Why?

Because he's sitting right
in that room over there.

- That's the guy you picked up?
- Yeah.

- Come on.
- What?

SERGEANT: Right here.
- Here?

DONNA: I'll give this to the lieutenant.
SERGEANT: Right. You got it.


- Hi.

- Well, you can congratulate me.
DONNA: You got the job?

It looks very, very good.

Mr. Fineman, the vice president
of acquisitions, wants me back...

...for a final interview. They have to talk
to the other applicants, but he said...

...it's just a formality.

That's great.

Um, actually, that's not why I'm here.
I'm here about Greg.

- He called me.
- Uh-huh.

He's very upset about
what's happening in your relationship.

- He called you about that?
- Yeah.

Well, he felt since we're sisters,
I could talk to you.

You should try and be fair with this guy,
whatever you're up to with Harold.

I mean, I look at him, Donna,
and I see devastation in his face.

When did you look at him?

He came by. This isn't something
that we could talk about on the phone.

You know, Dana,
this has a very familiar ring to it.

Is this the thanks I get?

You're the one that's made a mess
of things. I'm just trying to help.

Do me a favor, Dana. Don't help.

If that's the way you want it.

Yeah. Well, that's good.

Yeah, all right. Well, they got you
traveling around. Come on back in. Later.

James just called from
a rifle range in Garden City.

A guy remembers Sandquist
coming in to sight his rifle.

FANCY: Is he bringing him in for an ID?
SIMONE: Better.

They got him on the security camera
tape. I'm going to talk to him now.

- Make up your mind?
- I don't know.

I think you want to talk.

I think that deep down you know...

...how important it is to help us
find out who did this.

You think I'd help you?

You think I'd help you?

You think the person
who did this should be punished?

Mr. Sandquist, I'd like to get into
a discussion with you about this here...

...but I can't talk with you...

...unless you decline legal counsel.


Okay, you decline legal counsel?


Tell me what you think.

I think whoever shot that slime
is a hero.

A hero? He was in custody.
He was on his way to jail.

Great system we got, isn't it?

My daughter's in the ground...

...and he gets free food and medical
for life. You call that justice?

Hey, I know what a scumbag
this guy was. I took him off the street.

I got a stake in this too.

Yeah, well, getting shot
is what he deserved.

Not parading around on TV, writing
books. Getting paid for what he did.

You don't think I'd like
the death penalty for this guy? I would.

But until that comes,
I work with the laws that we got.

I promise you, 99 percent of the people
in this city are glad he's dead.

You're probably right.
And I still have to find out who did it.

So let me tell you what I know,
Mr. Sandquist.

I know what you lied about
this morning.

You weren't home
watching Regis and Kathie Lee.

We have witnesses
that saw you leaving the scene.

We have tape of you sighting in
the murder weapon at a shooting range.

I also know that there are
other people that are involved with this.

Detective, I got no problem
with what I did.

And if I have to pay the price,
I'll pay it.

There is no reason you
should take the fall for this alone.

Listen to me. You want a confession?
I confess.

I killed him.
Now go ahead and lock me up.

- What did Rudman have to do with this?
- Nothing.

I know a jury is gonna
sympathize with you.

You're probably not gonna serve
a lot of time on this.

But the rifle scope that you used
was purchased by Arnold Rudman.

Now, I do not believe
in coincidences, Roy.

- I think that he gave you that scope.
- I bought it on the street.

I think Rudman got you the lawyer,
$ 1000 rifle...

...and we talked with
your wife's dialysis clinic.

Now, starting next week,
she's switching to a fancy...

...private hospital for her treatments.
Now, is Rudman paying for that too?

You want me
to write my confession now?


I see your perp's writing a statement.

Yeah. He put himself in on kidnapping
and possession of explosives.

So we're done with this guy?

I don't think so. He had a list
of names, addresses, schedules.

- He was in the process of something.
- You think he's got bombs out there?

This is good, yes? No FBI, no CIA.

I don't see anything about that briefcase
or why you were at the airport.

- Airport? Today?
- Our people saw you there, Vartan.

I did nothing at airport.
Ask who saw me.

What were you trying to do?

I'm not happy with that answer.

You cannot know what is in my mind.

I may have to spread your brains
around this room and look through them.

I cannot be detained
for what I plan.

Maybe so. Let's hear.

I am going to pretend that I trust you.

The pipe bombs
I would wire to the backs...

...of some swollen rat
capitalist family.

They have mercury switches
so that if the people move, boom.

Also, I would hook them to timer
so that if I do not return in time, boom.

And the briefcase bomb?

Briefcase I would handcuff
to wrist of head of household...

...take him to bank, he withdraws cash.
- Those are the people on the list?

From the list, I chose a family
who deserved to pay me.

Who are those people?

- This was only plan.
- What were you doing at the airport?

Checking super-saver to Bucharest
on Tarom Romanian Airline.

You stopped somewhere
before you went to the airport.

You were following somebody.

Have a vodka, Mr. Polack.

Time for the sad accordion music.

Yes, I already placed the bomb.

So now you do as I say,
or that rich bitch...

...her two brats
and their fat Jamaican lackey will die.

Yes, now I make demands.

- Where are these people, Illiescu?
- You will find body parts.

I want half a million dollars.
No, you make me mad. I want a million!

And I want a jet
to take me home to Romania!

And I want a jet
to take me home to Romania!

You're gonna want intensive care if you
don't tell me where to find those people!

You know how I wired those people.

The bombs are on their backs.

One move and they all die.
You better get started, Polack.

You think this is a joke?

You think you can beat me?
Securiatatea beat me, I don't talk.

Where are they?
Where are those people?

You can't hurt me in this country,
you evil dickless Polack.

You got your green card yet,
Illiescu, huh?

Because here's something
they don't teach in citizenship class.

- Call the bomb squad.
- They're ready to go. Where to?

We'll call the location in on the way.
They can meet us there.

MEDAVO Y: What about Illiescu?
- He's resting. He had a bad day.

Check in there.



...get them in here.

Please help us.

We're the police. Don't be afraid.

Okay, these men are experts.

They're gonna help us all
get out of here safely.


You come to beat me again?

I wanted to be sure you knew
the Loftus family is okay.

So if you were worrying
about murder charges, you can stop.

I don't care if they live or if they die.

The way they think about the poor...

...is the way Illiescu think
about the rich, garbage.

- You can tell your cellmate all about it.
- You think you are big hero now, yes?

Because beating me,
you have saved some rich people.

You only do that...
You could only beat me...

...because I am poor,
powerless immigrant...

...in the richest country in the world.
- You're wrong there.

This is America.

I'd have beat you, rich or poor.

Didn't you tell me
you don't have steno class tonight?

That's right.

Well, maybe we could go out to dinner.
Someplace nice where we could talk.

Why don't you try Dana?
She told me about your visit.

Donna, I just wanted
to talk to her about us.

And you don't think
that offends me, Gregory?

Look, I know it's all my fault.

I'm just trying to find a way
to turn things around.

Let me go, Gregory.

MARTINEZ: You heading out?

- You live out in Brooklyn, right?
- Park Slope.

I heard about this restaurant,
Peter Luger's?

- Great steaks.
- I thought maybe we could go there.

It's a long way for lunch.

I mean dinner. Like tonight.
Unless you got something going.

I don't think that's a good idea.

I sort of have a rule about not
getting involved with anyone on the job.

Because of Jimmy Abruzzo?

I don't think it works to socialize
with someone on the job.

- All right. Well, then I quit.
- Don't quit.

You mean, even if I quit,
it wouldn't work?


I'll see you in the morning?

I'll see you tomorrow.

Why are you here, Mr. Rudman?

- We're here to see Mr. Sandquist.
- Who's this?

Charles Emory, counsel for
the Alexandra Rudman Foundation...

...in which capacity,
he's representing Mr. Sandquist.

Mr. Sandquist has declined
legal counsel.

Has he confessed?

He's writing up his statement. But I have
some questions I'd like you to answer.

He has nothing to say to you.

- This guy's representing you?
- I have no need for an attorney.

Then you won't mind talking to me.

Of course not.

EMORY: Arnold...
- It's all right, Charles.

- I have nothing to hide.
- Right in here.


You bought a rifle scope at the R&S
Sportsman's Shop last month.


I purchased it as a birthday gift
for my brother.

He's an avid deer hunter.

He's an avid deer hunter.

Have you recovered it?

Recovered it?

It was stolen from my townhouse
with other articles a few weeks ago.

I filed a stolen property report
in the 18th Precinct.

A Sgt. Conroy, I believe.

Gotta give it to you, Mr. Rudman.

I don't know what you mean.

You decide Putnam should be executed...

...you buy yourself a little justice.

That's what I mean.

If you think you can browbeat me into a
half-assed guilty confession, detective...

...you are sadly mistaken.

I don't kid myself, Mr. Rudman. I got all
the confession I'm gonna get on this...

...from Sandquist.
- Then we have nothing left to discuss.

Except what if he changes his mind?
Then what?

What if he stops being angry
long enough to realize...

...that he got screwed twice?

First by Putnam and then by you.

And what if he decides that whatever
you paid him wasn't high enough?

And what if he decides that whatever
you paid him wasn't high enough?

The man's a time bomb.

He could blow up right in your face.
You prepared to live with that?

You can't imagine
what I live with, detective.

Maybe you think you got away
with murder once, you will again.

- You're crazy!
- You're the crazy one, Mr. Rudman.

You had one man killed. You sent
another man away to prison for it.

And what have you gained?

Your daughter's still dead.
You're still alone.

And if you haven't figured it out
that vengeance never gets you even...

...you will.

As far as I'm concerned...

...whoever it was
that killed that filthy bastard...

...he's a hero.

You're no hero, Mr. Rudman. No.

How it goes is, you lost your daughter,
you lost your dignity...

...and now you've lost your humanity.

Subtitles by
SDI Media Group